good morning well

it’s morning here y’all

hello hello hello

how are you

it’s Friday

what is happening in your life and in

your world

tell me what you are tuning in from hey

cousin how are you

it is morning in Los Angeles where I am

but it is afternoon and other places of

the world Leslie I cannot wait until


and it says Sarah hey girl how are you

um how’s your week been

what’s been happening in your week

I can tell you

that this week has been interesting

it has been empowering exciting

it has been stressful

um Oh Glory triggers that’s it I enjoy

that message woman evolve is in the

building what’s up woman evolve

how are you

I am

coming on

how things are evolving pun intended

with one minute Bob if you have not

joined the woman evolved fast

I want you to consider going to this is whether you are

coming to the conference or not

um I want to invite you to join me to


for the event for the families

communities ideas purpose healing

connected to it and if you go to

40 day fast you can sign up each day

you’re going to receive a scripture

you’re going to receive a song and a

prayer point for the 40-day fast hey


hello how are you I’m good how are you I

am good tell me about your life oh man

you know I’m spending my summer by the

beach so I’m out here we enjoy on the

beach it’s going well the sun and the

sand and the water the water the water

is just blessing my body

I’m pinning the comment uh about the

40-day fast if you’re watching at woman 40 day fast so that you can

sign up and join us we start tomorrow

and it’ll be 40 days we’ll be ending

right before September 14th

um so that we

are as spiritually edified focused in

tune with the Holy Spirit as possible

when we walk into this moment Dr Nita I

am so glad you’re joining me because I

think before like you’re coming to woman

evolve you have your book coming out the

Garden within and so I think before we

even like talk about conference I want

to know for a moment can you walk us



meditation a focus and practice

that would bring us into alignment with

our bodies and our Spirits so that we

can be like tapped into where we need to

be in order to just receive what God has

for us in this life in this day in this

past like can you take a moment and just

help us to align with the Holy Spirit

and God’s presence that is ever perfect

sometimes we think we’re only

experiencing the presence of God when we

are at church listening to worship that

he’s always present and yet we’re not

always aware of his presence so can you

walk us through something yes absolutely

and I love that you said that he is

always present but my prayers always got

Let Your Presence be more palpable to me

that I that I sense it that I feel it

because a lot of times we’re like well

it’s not in how you feel but God God

wants us to feel him he wants us to fill

his presence and so I think that that’s

fine so I would just everybody wherever

you are just kind of sit up straight

just imagine that your your spine is

straight your shoulders are down looking

kind of Straight Ahead that your head if

your eyes were open you’d be looking

straight ahead and then just close your

eyes place your hand over your heart

and feel it beating

there’s only one part of our body that

the Creator designed for us to be aware

of 24 7.

I feel my stomach when I’m hungry I

notice my head when it hurts but my

heart is beating all the time why I

because the Creator wanted us to have

attention on our heart that’s where God

wants to walk and talk with us we’re

he wants us to hear his voice your heart

is the holy of holies in the temple that

you are

so I just want you to feel your heart

beating now imagine yourself

inside your heart imagine that’s you

you’re in there and you’re you’re

needing God there

God say

I love you

hear God’s saying I miss you

hear God said I always want to be with


hear God’s sake I am present

fear God say your distressed does not

scare me away

for this moment we are aware of his

presence in your heart

I want to encourage each person to just


to God what is it that you need

God I need you

God I need connection

God I need hope

God I need a joy

let them know what you need

and then let’s take two good breaths

we’re gonna breathe in for four and out

for eight breathe into your nose one two


four and out for eight


six five


three two one one more into four



four and out for eight seven

six five four

three two one we did that quickly but I

want you to always know that you can

meet him in the holy of holies in the

temple that is you and that’s your heart

thank you friends thank you you know one

of the things I was just thinking this

morning about

woman evolve conference and why I’m so

excited about it and part of the reason

why I’m so excited about conference is

because I recognize that this is going

to be an atmosphere that is grounding

that is

um in a world where we’re often feeling

pulled in a thousand different

directions and we feel like you know

gosh I’m stressed here and I need to do

this I need to do that sometimes you

just need to be grounded again in the

truth of God’s presence and the truth of

your identity and the truth of whether

or not I should be stressed about this

or not about this like am I supposed to

be aiming for perfection in the first

place is there space for me to get it

wrong and I love that this is not just

an event about preaching to you

preaching at you but being with you and

helping you to be with yourself and I

feel like what’s going to be so powerful

is that though we’re going to be in a

large room that this large room is still

going to be intimate because it is going

to intentionally create opportunity for

you to be with yourself to be with your

thoughts to be with your dreams to be

with your fears in the presence of God

in a way that doesn’t


feel like it’s going to hurt you or harm

you because I don’t know doctor

sometimes I feel like being with myself

feels like a threat that if I really

dive into who I am that I’m going to be

afraid of what I see I’m going to be

ashamed of who I’ve become I’m going to

be challenged to stretch in a way that

I’m already being stretched and so

um I’m afraid to take these moments of

meditation of intentional tapping in

with myself because I’m afraid of the

demand that I associate coming with that

but the truth is that there’s peace

there there’s affirmation there’s love

there’s comfort and all we need

sometimes is a break from it all so that

we can tap in in a way that empowers us

to move forward yeah 100 I’m so excited

about the conference because of the

space that you have been cultivating

that is women of all over these last

several years and God always shows up

all always exceed what we have hoped for

dream for prayed for and the fact that

the room is so big excites me because

that means that’s going to show up big

yeah he’s going to show up big because

what however much space we make for God

he swells the sun he sweats to fill it

and so the intimate moments that we’ve

had on tour in conferences it’s going to

feel like that but we also can’t imagine

what it will feel like at this level

yeah this number of people being

vulnerable together this number of

people being connected you know I always

say that relationship is one of our best

forms and most overlooked form of

self-care being with other people other

relational care self-care so forty

thousand women in a room with one


in an atmosphere cultivated by the

vision God gave you and the fasting and

the prayer that’s going to be happening

between now and that 40 days of that

is going to be an issue to be in the

room we have 18

000 women who are signed up to fast and

pray 18 000 women signed up to fast and

pray about what God

Globe Life field in Arlington Texas 18

000 and each day we’re not just praying

our own prayers like of course we’re

going to add whatever the holy spirit

gives us but we are praying with

intention about specific prayer points

for this conference and I know that that

is really all of us praying collectively

about the presence of God in that space

is going to be powerful I’m excited

about the way that women are going to

draw closer to God because right now

more than anything we need a real

relationship with Jesus we need real

connection with Jesus and this is what I

love about it this is what I love eating

about what you just did we make it

simple I think in a world where can

often feel like religion is complicated

how do I pray how do I tap into how do I

worship how do I do this like we are

going to make this so simple for you

that literally the only thing you have

to do is show up that’s it you show up

God’s presence is there the teachers are

there your sister are beside you like

all you have to do is get in the room

because God has already orchestrated

everything you need for that room to be

safe enough for you to open up be

transformed be changed be loved be

healed be delivered and then set free to

go back into your world empowered by who

you became as a result of 100 and

empowered being the key that is going to

be the outcome right we know what the

Bible says about fasting and prayer

there’s a certain type of power yeah

that only comes by fasting and praying

and some of that’s demon chasing power

so we’re gonna be Spirit heart mind body

you know you know I feel about therapy

you know I feel about us taking care of

our hearts our and our minds and our

bodies but I never give up on the power

of God that’s still my foundation and so

for us to come into that room being in

that room with one another that’s going

to activate something in our bodies

which moves down past our minds into our

hearts but then that power that only

comes from fasting and praying oh good

lord it’s going to be explosive you know

the healing at the same time so many

people have asked me are we going to

live stream are we going to live stream

and we went back and forth back and

forth about this and we intentionally

decided not to live stream we decided

that this is something for some reason

maybe next year will be different and in

the past years we have live streamed but

God specifically told me this is about

what happens in the room now if you

can’t be in the room eventually we’re

going to release the content like we’re

not going to gatekeep it we’re going to

make sure that people have access to it

but God told me as it relates to this

moment that this is about being in the

room something is going to happen in

this room and I don’t know what it’s

going to be but I know that it’s going

to be in the room and there is something

that God is protecting there is

something that God is curating

concentrating there’s something that’s

being constant concentrated in this room

that I know was going to be so powerful

for those who are able to make it I just

heard a sound

as you were speaking that that I can’t

even describe but I know that there’s

going to be a moment during the

conference when I hear it you’re going

to see me coming you’re going to see my

face I’m gonna be like this was it

there’s a sound it’s a sound I can’t

describe it it’s a sound there’s praise

in it there’s music in it but there’s

wind in it it’s a sound and I can hear

it coming I can’t wait


there’s gonna be a moment there’s gonna

be a moment when the sound hits you

might you gonna turn around and look at

me that was it we’re going to know

because there’s this moment when I’m

preaching there’s this moment when we’re

on tour where we know we have entered

into the gates like we have entered into

something that is beyond us and the Holy

Spirit just has to flow there is a

there’s the oh okay I wish I could

explain it but there is just an

anointing a glory a tangible it’s almost

this is what it feels like it has to be

similar to what Moses felt when he was

on the mountain it feels like God has

made himself it is God has made himself

visible that there is no longer any

barricade between us and Jesus like he’s

in the room not only is he in the room

but someone has touched the Hem of the

Guard His Garment maybe it’s what the

woman with the issue of blood felt when

she said immediately her flow of blood

stop there is a moment where you know

we’re we’re in Miracle Zone we’re in

breakthrough Zone we’re in

chain-breaking territory like we’re in

like we’re not just praying for we’re

not just hoping for it we’re in there

and anything we ask in this environment

if we say cancer be gone if we say

depression you have to go if we say

Suicidal Thoughts get out of here if we

said generational curse you are broken

anything we ask in this Zone we know it

can happen and that’s why our hearts

have to be pure that’s why we have to

fast that’s why we have to make sure

that Nothing Stops the flow of Glory

that is assigned to this moment

it could be forty thousand women or it

could be four women when Glory has

decided to show up no one can stand in

the way and there is a glory that is

waiting for us that it it may hit nobody

could be speaking it may start from the

lobby and enter into the audience or

Auditorium and then start from backstage

and overflow but baby when I tell you

it don’t matter schedule don’t matter

speaker don’t matter flow doesn’t matter

when we tap into that Glory it’s going

to be undeniable and I cannot wait to

lift my arms and worship and bow down at

the feet of Jesus when I know that he’s

in the room in a time where they say

that we can’t gather and the time when

they say people are turning away from

God I was thinking there’s a song and

it’s going to be on the fastest called

let your power Fall by zacardi Cortez

and James Fortune and it’s like let your

power Fall when your name is called

prove the doubt is wrong that you’re

still Mighty and strong come on this is

so enforced by the holy ghost that God

is still Mighty and strong and that

women who are taking care of their

mental health and who are building their

businesses know that at the foundation

of it all if the glory isn’t on it then

it doesn’t matter this is going to be a

sign for this generation for the Earth

that God is still doing Miracles and

there are still people who want to be a

part of what God is doing in the earth

and we don’t mind being inconvenient and

we don’t I’m coming from South Africa or

coming down the street we don’t mind

sacrificing to get into the room and

that is what’s going to happen and we’re

supposed to be talking but I just felt

something right there so you go ahead do

your thing you go ahead you know what

the veil is being ripped open

there was that moment of Jesus on the

cross and he said into your hands I

commit my spirit as this fast is

happening women are going to be

committing into God’s hands things that

they have been suffering things they’ve

been trying to fix things they’ve been

trying to figure out things they’ve been

waiting and Jesus cried out what he was

so confused why have you forsaken me but

then he said you know what I’m giving it

to you

during this fast women are going to have

that moment now I’m just going to give

it to you and the veil is going to be

ripped open and where there has been

barriers there will be access where the

doors have been closed there will be

opening where the sickness has persisted

there will be healing where broken

relationships have been repetitive there

will be love and connection everything

is going it’s

it’s going to be ripped wide open okay

so let me say this I know that um I know

I promised you that

okay I’m okay I moved some stuff around

we good

let’s talk about for a moment what’s

going to happen when God’s presence

God’s glory comes into the room but


intergenerationally because we have

generational figures from our


to Ella’s age who were going to be in

that room every generation will be

represented it’s not just a conference

for younger women it’s not just a

conference for older women it’s not just

a conference for professionals it’s not

just a conference for entrepreneurs like

this is the conference for every type of

woman white girls black girls Spanish

girls Asian girls all a mix of them in

between this is a conference for

everyone to come together when the power

of God Falls in that type of

intergenerational no barriers existing

room like what do you think is going to

happen repair repair repair

repair there’s so many risks that happen

with every generation because culture

especially now in this technological age

that we’re in culture moves and develops

faster than the generations can keep up

so In Our Lifetime we’ll see three major

shifts of culture and so it puts a

certain distance between grandmothers

and and daughters grandchildren and

greater because even though we might

only be 30 years apart in age it can

feel like a hundred years because the

world changes so much faster and so it

causes these Rifts but repair repair

repair repair

it’s God’s going to bring it closer so

the generations don’t feel so far apart

and that he’s that generational

blessings that are sometimes lost in the

rift are going to flow they’re gonna

flow straight down repair repair repair

the misunderstandings yeah the the

language that’s different the life

experiences that are different that the

enemy’s been able to use the abuses and

the trauma that we’ve inherited not only

emotionally and spiritually but

physically in our bodies have separated

the generations but repair repair

there is a power

there’s a power in generational praise

being passed on and generational trauma

is the enemy of generational praise we

are supposed to pass on a praise we’re

supposed to tell the Next Generation

about his Psalm I believe it’s 142 that

says that one generation will tell the

Next Generation about his glory but

generational trauma undermines the

passing of generational praise but we

are going to restore the passing of the


that I’m just thinking about even when

Israel passed through the Jordan River

and God told them to take those stones

so that you can tell the generations

what I did for you and when we as women

are not able to share our testimony

we’re not protecting our business we are

prohibiting a praise we are prohibiting

an assurance that God will never leave

you nor forsake you and I know it for

myself and so one of the things that I

really wanted to do in planning and

executing this environment that will be

conducive to vulnerability and conduce

it to Healing is to create a space where

we can have those conversations that we

aren’t always able to have one-on-one so

it’s almost like we get to be uh you

know your your test dummies for a while

you just bring your mom you just bring

your sister you just bring your friends

you come alone and you allow us to work

through what you haven’t been able to

work through one-on-one and um so we’re

going to be talking about what

vulnerability looks like and I was

thinking this morning okay I’m gonna say

this then I might really let you go

maybe I don’t know

um I was thinking this morning how

you know there are so many different

conferences that have specific focuses

like this is for entrepreneurs this is

for single mothers this is for mothers

and because we have a room this size it

is not a niche event that speaks

specifically to one part of a woman it

is created to to really serve the core

of who a woman is so that everything

that she does flows from a whole healthy

spiritually connected core because when

your core is Right everything else has

the ability to move and function and so

I’m also excited about serving the core

of who you are as a woman I’ve got a lot

of questions about whether or not men

can come as long as they are prepared

for estrogen because we are now holding

back because men are in the room okay

you can come and as many times as women

have had to enter into male dominated

spheres I actually welcome you coming to

an environment where we are dominating

what’s happening in that room but I also

think it is important that men

understand the plight of Womanhood that

men understand exactly what women are

facing and what they’re going through

we’re going to have a men’s panel

because we got some questions about what

you all care about what you don’t care

about who you are how you can engage how

you can make room for us so yes you can

come but baby let me tell you it is

woman evolve okay and we coming in to be


that that’s that on that that’s that on

that and you’re right because we do live

in a male dominated space all the time

and so we’re used to that so yeah come

on and be used to what’s going on here

come on and hear and hear us differently

hear us differently hear us in a space

where we are safe and not hiding and not

faking come and hear us hear the real

vulnerable truth so that the

misconceptions can fall because women in

in my generation your generation it’s

been difficult we have more and more

options but that has translated into

more and more demands and the balance is

difficult and many of us are overwhelmed

and so yeah come hear the truth the

other thing is that we get to be The

Echoes a lot of times when we are in

male dominated spaces

um you know can chop down to like this

is just one woman’s experience but when

you hear other women saying Noah really

is hard to to be the only woman in the

corporate space it really is hard to

handle all of the things that I’m doing

outside of the home and then come into

the home and not be able to communicate

what I need like there’s going to be an

opportunity for you to also Echo so

we’ll definitely make sure even if your

man’s ain’t coming we’ll make sure that

you have Clips you can be like I guess

other people saying what I’m saying let

me know just let me post this clip yeah

and tag him

we’ll also say before we go

um if you are on the fence about timing

because you don’t have anyone to come

with I have seen a a comment from

someone who says I’ve never gone to a

woman evolve event by Sarah Jakes

Roberts and felt alone I’ve never gone

to a woman evolve event and not left

with a friend there’s no way that you

will come into that space and leave on

your own we are intentional about

creating Solo Traveler lounges so that

you have somewhere to hang out so that

you are able to connect with other

people who are traveling so well some of

you are coming solo y’all don’t care

y’all love it y’all wanted to come solo

and hope nobody sees you there okay so

I’m not talking about you

coming and you’ve got reservations I

just want you to know that we’re

thinking about you we’re thinking about

ways to make this easier

um for you the dates are September 14th

through the 16th we’re talking about the

woman evolve conference it is in

Arlington Texas at Globe Life Field it

is a three-day event and

um just enough time for you to come in

and be resurrected and transformed

friend any closing words about what I’m

evolve before we go

I love what you said about encouraging

women to come as individuals and know

that they’ll lead them as part of a

community more deeply rooted than

they’ve ever been that it will just be

the beginning for many women this will

be the beginning this is their first

woman evolved event I want you to know

it will be the beginning of something

that will not end because we will all be

transformed into space and this is what

it’s like to be in the body and we often

think we talk about the body of Christ

but that that’s not a male thing

we exemplify body when we’re in the room

together women of all it exemplifies the

body strength flowing from Woman to

Woman Insight flowing from woman to

woman love flowing from Woman to Woman

it’s an incredible experience I’m so

grateful to God to be a part of the

woman of all family and I want everybody

to be a part of the family so yeah come

leave it all in the field

yeah we need you uh I saw someone asked

what time does it start we start at 7 00

p.m on September 14th so

um if you fly in you know barring no you

know travel craziness you know if you’re

flying in that morning you should be

good secondly I would say if you’re

looking for hotels you can go to click on the

link that says travel and accommodations

we have discounted room blocks at hotels

all throughout DFW and I will say friend

you’ve been in DFW something y’all need

to know about DFW even if something says

that it’s 20 25 minutes away it really

is 20 25 minutes away like traffic is

like there will probably be some traffic

coming into the venue but Dallas is very

predictable when it comes to traffic

it’s very easy to get somewhere leave

early so that you make sure that you’re

not all stressed and flustered but don’t

let the hotels deter you

um or a distance from the hotel Detroit

you from being in this space because I’m

telling you

um the more you are willing to be

inconvenienced the more sacrifice you

put into this the more investment you’re

going to receive from God as a result of

your sacrifice so it will so far exceed

the sacrifice it won’t even feel like it

was a sacrifice yeah yeah and then

Friday the conference schedule again

woman uh we start

Thursday at seven I think we start

Friday at 10 if you go on there the

conference schedule is there so you can

plan everything around your trip I love

you I cannot wait for what God is going

to do in this space together I’m going

to get you to come on and get more of

the people who are joining us and

creating this environment to be a part

of sharing with you what God has laid on

their heart as it relates to their role

at conference I’m going to continue to

unpack what God is showing me I can’t

wait to fast with you we are 18 000

strong on this 40 day fast so if you are

coming or not coming but you want to

pray into what God is doing make sure

you join us on the fast and that is at 40 day fast that’s 4-0

day fast and thank you thank you very

much love you guys love you