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never free till you no longer have a

need to impress people

we don’t need to live to impress one

another we need to learn how to be free

to be ourselves

I do what I do because I’ve seen God’s

power transform my own life and he will

do it for you the key to everything is

found in God’s word

I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that God

can heal you everywhere you hurt


is there anybody here who ever has any

stress in your life some people put up

both hands


the world is not going to change

I want you to listen the world is not

going to change I prayed for years for

God to change my circumstances and then

I found out it was actually me he wanted

to change


would you be willing to change If your

circumstances never changed

because you see it’s not really our

circumstances that upset us it’s the way

we react to our circumstances

that upset us I’m gonna tell this half

of the congregation that

because we

we think well if I just didn’t have this


but see then you wouldn’t be in the


because Jesus said in the world you will

have tribulation

cheer up

I’ve overcome the world

and so

we really need to get it through our

heads that just praying for our

circumstances to go away is not the

answer we need to pray that God will

change us it’s interesting Paul never


you you can’t find a place where Paul

prayed for people’s bad circumstance to

go away

which I find interesting because that’s

what we do all the time

God changed the circumstance change this


but what Paul prayed for the people was

that they would handle whatever came

with good temper

I’ve never had anybody come to the Altar

and ask me to pray for them to

have a better attitude toward their

circumstances they always want their

circumstance to go away

I think it’s important that I camp here

for a minute and we get this because

it is a big deception that we have in

life that I just want my circumstance to


or I want my spouse to change I want my

kids to change

we always want everybody else to change

but God wants to change us

it’s his goal for us we are predestined

and predestined doesn’t mean it’s going

to happen no matter what you do it means

that God has already predetermined his


but how we respond

is important we’re partners with God and

he has a part and we have a part and no

matter how much he does his part if we

don’t do our part We’re Not Gonna

have what he wants for our lives

and so he has already predetermined that

we are to be transformed into the image

of Jesus Christ that’s his goal for us

that we all become like


and so really more than we need our

circumstances to change we need the

willing to be changed

to be whatever God wants us to be

and I like to teach on spiritual

maturity I intend to teach quite a bit

on that this year and I believe that

spiritual maturity is coming to the

place where you no longer are always

telling God what you want

but you start asking him what he wants



you know if you have kids you you raise

your kids you take care of your kids and

they reach a certain point where you

really you don’t want to spend the whole

rest of your life doing for them you’d

like them to do for you


my kids are all really good I’m I’m

proud of them you know they

every one of our children would help us

in any way that they possibly could and

and they do a lot and that that means a

lot to me and they don’t just come when

they want something they come because

they love us and God wants us to be that

way he doesn’t want to he wants us to

seek his face not just his hand

that’s a big transition in your life

when you reach that point I remember

when God taught me that what a big

transition that was for me that I didn’t

have to seek his hand all the time not

just what can you do for me but to just

seek him for who he is because I love




matter of fact when God was teaching me

this he challenged me he said I don’t

want you to ask me for another thing

except me until I give you permission to


and I’d start to say

well God will you do um

it was life-changing so I want to say


I like to teach on spiritual material

I’ve been thinking a lot lately like

what’s the simplest way I can explain

what it is

and I think it’s coming to the point

where you no longer and it’s not that

you can’t ask God for what you want but

but that that’s not your main theme in


and we’re all that way we first come to

Christ and to be honest he

he does a lot for us to establish

relationship with us and to show us that

he loves us but he wants us to come to

the point where we’re not just telling

him what we want

we need to ask God every day God what

can I do for you today

hi I’ll use me today Lord how can I make

somebody else happy today

what can I do for somebody else say what

do I have that I can bless somebody else


today we need to be others minded

not just self-minded and self-centered

all the time

I’ll tell you a secret you can’t be

selfish and happy

so in teaching on stress I have to tell

you first of all that

you can’t just pray all the time for

your circumstances to change you have to

want God to change you and I really

wonder sometimes how many people want

God to change them

because I’m going to tell you another

little secret you really can’t change

without some suffering

don’t worry I won’t stay there long


but it’s true and you say well wait a

minute I thought Jesus did all the

suffering I’m not talking about getting

on the cross like he did but you know

anytime you tell your flesh no your

flesh is going to suffer

I don’t care if it’s even just don’t eat

the piece of cake

your flesh is not going to like it so

in order to grow up to mature

spiritually in Christ which should be

our number one goal

that should be everybody’s number one

goal is to grow up and mature

see we are his ambassadors in the Earth

and I love what II Corinthians 5 20 says

and in the Amplified Bible I love it

that we are Christ’s personal


that he is making his appeal to the

world through us


do you know that for some people you’re

the only Jesus they’ll see

and part of our problem


is just to go into church but then not

leaving and acting like what we should

be acting like

Christianity don’t need to just stay in


come on we got to get it out there

where the people are

and you’re all preachers whether you

know it or not and you don’t

you don’t have to

preach like I’m preaching but you preach

with your life

most of the people that need Jesus are

not going to come into church to find


but they’re where you work they’re where

you go to school they’re where you

grocery shop

they’re everywhere and believe me people

are desperate

for somebody to love them

I mean we live in a desperate world and

things are so crazy out there people

don’t they don’t have anything to hang

their Hope on

and we need to start doing random acts

of kindness be nice to people you don’t

even know for no reason except that’s

just how you are


and really listen to the Holy Spirit

when you’re out about what you might do

for somebody else I I just feel led to

tell you this story

I went to a coffee shop one day

and uh

I wanted to pour over and they didn’t do

pour overs there

and she said let me make you a French

press I said I don’t like French presses

they’re usually too strong she said

we’ve got a new press and

she said I’ll tell you

it is so good let me make it for you if

you don’t like it you don’t have to pay

for it I’ll make anything else you want

so sure no she made it and it was just

absolutely great and in the process of

talking to her

and let me just say she wasn’t like me

at all her hair was about four different


and she had

piercings and tattoos everywhere

you know we we need to learn

that we can be nice to in fellowship

with people that aren’t like us

and then


quit being so snooty religious


sometimes the more

radical people are it’s just a signal

sign that they’re looking for love

and um

she said yeah I really want to get one

of these she said I’m

saving up my money because the

I’ve got one of them at home and they’re

just nice because all you really need is

hot water


you put your coffee in them in the hot

water and you press it through and you

got a great cup of coffee wherever

you’re at so she said

yeah I want to get one of these as soon

as I get enough money saved well I left

and I got about yay far down the mall

and the Holy Spirit said

buyer one

and I’m thinking now God

I don’t know this girl

she is going to think I am stupid

besides the way that that the way the

world is today I thought I don’t know

she might think I’m hitting on her or



well I’m just telling you the truth what

I thought I thought

but anyway

you know I don’t always like it when God

tells me to do things for people I don’t

know but he does it anyway

and so I by now I know enough it’s not

going to do any good to disobey him

because I’ll be miserable all day so I

went back and I waited for her to

hopefully be as alone as she could be

you know if you’re going to be a fool

you’d like to be in front of as few

people as possible

so I

called her over and I said

listen I said I I want to buy you one of

those coffee pots I thought it was like

110 or something oh no no no you can’t

do that I said yeah I want to do it for

you I just I I feel like it’s something

that I’m

supposed to do and so


gave her the money to buy the coffee pot

and she was crying and just so blessed

and so on and so forth well God’s not

finished so

I go ahead and I’m doing my shopping and

lo and behold

I go to the bathroom upstairs in another



and I’m coming out of the bathroom and

she’s coming in and hits me almost right

in the face

and she says to me now listen

she says why are you the kindest person

in the whole world

I said well I’ll tell you what I said

I’m a Christian and God has been so good

to me

and if I can be good to anybody else I

want to do it she said well

she said tell you the truth I’ve been

pretty mad at the man upstairs for a

long time because my mother died with

cancer but after this I might have to

rethink it


now I’m not telling you that to brag on

myself I’m just giving you an example of

the effect

that you can have on people

If instead of just going to church and

then spending the rest of the week

asking God for everything you want

if you’ll ask him what you can do for


come on does anybody understanding me in

here today

I’m a little off course from where I’m

supposed to be going but

I feel like this is important

you know I don’t know how much time we

have left

people always ask me what do you think

is going to happen in the world I don’t


I mean Jesus has been coming back as

long as I’ve been in the church so

I don’t

I don’t know when he’s coming but one

thing’s for sure Bible says it’s going

to be like it was the days of Silence

Gomorrah and I think we passed that up a

long time ago


I mean the thing is going on in our

world today are crazy

and so I think we all better be ready

for Jesus to come anytime

amen because

the Bible says all over the place that

we should watch and pray and be ready

and stay awake and be alert

not be sleepy Christians and

I just want to say again I think church

is wonderful but so many people think


church is all there is well I go to


well I can go sit in the garage all

night and that won’t make me a car


so just because you come here every

Sunday or every Saturday and Sunday

my question is what are you doing when

you go out there

that’s the big question what are you

doing when you go out there amen

and that’s the big question for all of


what are we doing when we go out there

so I’ll just tell you your circumstance

or some of your circumstances will

change you may get out of debt you may

get a raise you may get

some of the things you want but you know

I hope this isn’t discouraging but

you’re going to have

very few times in life that you’re not

going to have some kind of an issue

are a problem


it’s not the refrigerator it’s the stove

it’s not the stove it’s the furnace if

it’s not the furnace it’s the kid if

it’s not the kid it’s the husband if you


come on you know what I mean

and so

we have to learn how to react

differently to things

and you can you can learn how to react

differently to things I know

because nobody could have been worse

than me

and having a bad reaction to

uncomfortable circumstances

I mean we just are addicted to comfort


when you go to India and you tell them

how you got depressed because your air

conditioner went out for two hours

they’re not very impressed


so we’re kind of spoiled

and we don’t take any kind of discomfort

too easy

and boy the world we live in today you

better toughen up a little bit you ain’t

gonna make it

because it is stressful


so the first thing you got to do is be

willing to change and trust me God will

change you if you really want to change

how can you have less stress in your


simplify simplify simplify

let me just ask a question how many of

you are complicated people

thank you

I mean I’ve I’ve learned thank God this

has been many years ago but

I mean I’ll never forget when

Dave and I went to church and this is

actually before I was Spirit-filled and

we went to church and I I loved God

I didn’t know much

but I love the Lord and we were in the

young couples group and played

volleyball and all the different things

you do and

I can remember on a Sunday after church

saying to our little group of friends

hey why next Sunday why don’t you come

on over to the house after

church and we’ll just throw some hot

dogs on the grill and

I’ll get some potato chips and potato

salad and

Buddhist fellowship and play some games

now you know that sounds doable don’t it

but you think I could leave it alone


the hot dogs had to become steaks that I

couldn’t afford

and then we had to plant flowers so

everything would look pretty

had to paint the lawn chairs because

wanted them fixed of course you had to

clean the whole house

by the time the people got there I

didn’t even like them


probably didn’t like most of them when I

invited them

come on

I was exhausted when everybody left

I’m getting ready to make a statement

you need to hear it you’re never free

until you no longer have a need to

impress people


never free till you no longer have a

need to impress people

we don’t need to live to impress one

another we need to learn how to be free

to be ourselves

simplify simplify simplify

things are so complicated I remember the

leper in India

when I was in the leper colony

ministering to the lepers

he wanted me to see his home

and he took me to his home that he was

so proud of and so excited about and it

was a

a hole dug out of the side of a hill

it was I don’t know maybe eight feet

long and

I don’t know maybe as deep as from here

to the edge of the stage it was all dirt

dirt walls dirt floor he had a hammock

in there and over in the corner he had a

few Bennett beat up dishes and he was so

proud of his home

honestly and truly I have found as I’ve

traveled around the world that people

who have less are happier than people

who have more


and you know they’re happy because they

don’t know what they’re missing

we see what somebody else has and then

no matter what we have we’re not happy

unless we can have what they have if

what they have is a little more than

what we have let’s stop being so



you got a nice car

got 47 000 miles on it

who cares if it’s seven years old

do you really need to go in debt that

you can’t afford to go into to buy

another new car just


now you might use some of that money to

help somebody else well bless God I’m

gonna work all week and give all my

money away

well then just go ahead and be miserable


seven ways to simplify your life

number one clean out the Clutter

get yourself what I call a giveaway box

I keep one going all the time

and every time you run across something

you’re not using

throw it in the Box

take it to the Goodwill

I take a bunch of stuff to my office

because we got 500 employees there’s

always somebody that wants it

you know pruning is necessary for growth

we prune trees but the word pruning only

means to cut back

that’s all it means to trim away or to

cut back

and we cannot grow as Believers unless

we allow God to prune us

and you’re not going to grow in peace

unless you learn how to prune some of

the stuff you’ve got way too much of

clutter makes you miserable the neater

your surroundings are the more peaceful

you feel what value do you put on peace

I want you to ask yourself what value do

you put on peace

when you decide you want peace bad

enough you’ll have it

but you won’t have it without making

some changes

God has a great life cooking for you and

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thank you

well we’ve been talking about trusting

God today are you trusting God for

physical healing if you need one if

you’re struggling with sickness you’ve

probably experienced the enemy

bombarding your thoughts with negativity

thoughts like you’re never going to get

well one of the best ways to stop the

lies that the enemy is to focus on God’s

word and what he says about healing when

I battle battle breast cancer years ago

I meditated on scriptures like Romans 8

28 I believe all things work together

for are good in Isaiah 53 5 by his

stripes we are healed I want you to

realize today that even though you’re

maybe going through a tough time that

God really really loves you you’re

special to him and he does have a good

plan for your life put your trust in him

and don’t be afraid now I’d like to pray

for you

father in the name of Jesus I pray for

everybody who’s sick who’s hurting in

their body who has pain

who has had a bad report from the doctor

and we know that you are a miracle

working God

and you give us Grace to deal with

whatever we need to deal with in our


so I pray that you would give great

guidance for any kind of medical help

that they may need

what doctor to go to what kind of

medication to take and if that’s not

going to be the answer then I pray that

you would just miraculously heal and

supernaturally touch people and we thank

you Lord for giving us the grace that we

need to do whatever we need to do in

life in Jesus name amen

all right I’d like to send you a free

book a copy of a booklet called the

healing word and it’s just full of

scriptures about healing and so if you

use the information on your screen you

can get this book as a free gift God

bless you

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problem but what if you were able to see

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them and respond to them the way he

teaches us in his word

Joyce Meyer wants to show you how in her

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