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I’m getting something right now a


and I want to see I want to say it the

way I see it because it’s it’s getting


you you have God God has given you

the ability

to prophesy your way out of a situation

that you feel like

you feel like there are no options I

feel I gotta I got I gotta be obedient I

got let me just stay in that for a


it’s in you the scripture says in

Ephesians 3 and 20 now unto him who is

able to do in exceedingly abundantly far

above above all that you ask or think

watch this according we don’t read that

part according to the power that works

in you

put that up there real quick I got I

gotta I gotta honor this prophecy

now unto him who’s able to do

Ephesians 3 20. exceeding

abundantly above all that we as or think


so you feel Limited

and and you don’t even really know what

to ask

and you can’t think your way

to the other side

of this juncture I need to say that


and that let me just put that in

layman’s terms you feel stuck

it’s called stuck

but the promise is that

God’s going to give you something Beyond


I don’t know who this is if this is your

word just stand up and just put your

hands up like you’re getting ready to

receive something I just gotta I told

you it was a journey

and you feel stuck and it feels like

it’s beyond you

it feels like it’s beyond you

and the spirit of God told me to tell


right there backed up by that scripture

that God is getting ready to give you


to make a way out of no way it looks

like no way because you can’t think it

and you don’t even know what to ask for

you feel out of sorts and you feel very


God says

by my spirit not by your own might not

by your own power but by my spirit I’m

gonna do it and it is exceeding

abundantly above all that you know to

ask or imagine

but it’s gonna happen according to the

power that’s in you so father according

to that verse even God is our hands are

cupped up like this I pray in the name

of Jesus that you would open heaven

right now over this room and God I thank

you that what you have placed in them

will be activated right now and that

wisdom and breakthrough and resources

and Revelation and everything that is

needed will be theirs in Jesus name amen

amen amen come on grab it grab it take

it grab it grab it grab it grab it grab

it grab it grab it Hallelujah


that’s from Heaven not in my notes I’ve

never even seen that before that’s for

you that’s fresh bread on Sunday morning

do me a favor if you receive it open

your mouth crap your hands and bless

your kids

thank you God thank you God I’m not out

of options I’m not on my last leg

greater are you who are in US



more more more

wisdom more power more Revelation more

breakthroughs more patience more stress

more more more more

I came that you might have life


and that you might have it


abundantly in the Greek super abundant

super abundant I came that you might

have life not death and have it more

more oh God God is getting ready to take

the lid off of your life I feel the Holy

Ghost I wish I had about 500 people in

the house and outside of the house that

would allow this word

to free them









behold I do a new thing

shall you not know it says God behold I

do a new thing you thought that you were

breaking down no you were being teamed

up for a breakthrough

aha let’s go let’s go


we honor you Holy Spirit we trust you

Holy Spirit

you are our God

you are a keeper

you are our teacher

you are a source Hallelujah

Hallelujah and you will be with us


Hallelujah you will guide us forever you

will hold our hands


and when the time comes you will receive

us into Glory

who do I have in heaven but you

and there’s none on the earth that I

desire besides you that’s psalm 73.