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I don’t care how old you are your best

days are still ahead your best days are

still ahead as your days increase

so shall your strength be this goes

opposite of the way the world tells us

and that’s why it’s a promise

and God wants us to lay hold of it then

time to Jesus is attacking the enemy

your peace

attacks the enemy because he wants you

to be sad discouraged

depressed don’t accept it

amen I said don’t accept it keep on

moving Keep On Walking keep on coming to

church the answer

is found in the name of Jesus

hi this is Joseph Prince thanks for

tuning in I just want you to know that

you are able to watch this sermon for

free today because because of the

support of Our Gospel Partners so to all

our partners thank you for making a

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leave a comment to share what you have

received and how you have been touched

by today’s sermon be blessed as you feed

on God’s word today

give Jesus all the praise and all the

worship and all the glory

he is the Healer

amen he is the Healer and um you know I

was just fascinated by the idea just

yesterday I was praying and I was just


as I Was preparing for the message that

you know the Lord from what I know

the last miracle he did before he was


was actually the one who came to arrest

him there was a group of them

brandishing their staves and swords you

know to come to arrest Jesus in The

Garden of Gethsemane

they were sent to arrest him and Jesus

says why you bring weapons and all that

I was with you in the temple I never

resisted you and now you bring you know

and then I remember that uh


had a sword somewhere

he’s been watching some Chinese kung fu

shows and out came his sword

and then he went for the guys I believe

he was really going to decapitate the

guy’s head

I’m in the moment of passion and love

for the Lord


he actually want to cut off the guy’s

head so the guy must have duck like this

for his his year to be sliced off right

I don’t think he was trying to like this

he was doing like this and the guy not I

mean not I mean sort of

put his head sideways like this and then

slice off the last miracle Jesus did was

to pick up that ear

and put it back

on the one who came to arrest him can

you imagine that guy he’s probably the

only one left behind without the sword

after that

the only one he left in the garden

thinking what happened

why am I arresting this man

no more blood completely healed

and for the rest of his life

even when you grow old you cannot hear

from here but here perfect

you always remember what the Lord did

amen but it fascinated me also that

after he rose from the dead Jesus never


the kind of Miracles of

healing and deliverance

there was the miraculous catch of the

fish but not healing

or deliverance and as the Lord

why because the law says after I’m

reason from the dead

I have authorized my church

he said this all power is given unto me

and the word there’s the authority in

heaven and on Earth it was disciples go

ye therefore notice that therefore is

there because all authority is in Jesus

go ye therefore that means I’m now

authorizing you

to preach the gospel in and not just the

Christian Gospel but in um Mark’s

account Mark chapter 16 he says and this

sign shall follow them that believe

in my name they shall cast out devils in

my name they shall lay hands on the sick

and the sick shall recover

see so he’s authorized us if we don’t

pray for the sick

the sick remain sick

a hoping wishing is not going to cut it


praying pleading to God when God has

authorized us imagine

if you see a traffic police

okay and he’s calling his



let’s Command Center saying that what

shall I do there’s a treat on a family

ahead of me

he’ll be out of a job

amen use your Authority

amen lift up your hand you’ve been

authorized I don’t care how big you are

how small you were

it’s got nothing to do with your flesh

it’s not nothing to do with who you are

it is whose you are

and who you represent

so he must lift up his hand and say stop

amen so you see the nonsense going on in

the world

especially in your family or people that

you care for

use your Authority

in the name of Jesus I believe like like

um you know it’s interesting that people

don’t want to talk about

um demons anymore

they say that this person has a mental

issue look

if someone

says that he is another person and there

are two person in One personality one


all right I’ll say it’s a spiritual


call it what you want

okay one guy says I’m Paul and that way

I said I’m Peter

you’re gonna have two in one

one of them must be cussed out

are you listening you have the same

dream every night you have the same

dream every night

amen obviously there is a spirit trying

to torment you and by the way their

nature is always the torment to hurt to

destroy Jesus says to still kill and

destroy but Jesus says I am come that

you might have life

and have it more abundantly are you

listening people

amen so we are on this uh trajectory

here I see what the Lord is doing this

part of the season in our church he’s

teaching us he wants us to live long

he wants us to walk healthy

amen he wants us to prosper in our souls

to be holy

beautiful in our character

you know that there is a test recently

even you know for me to to see character

that is lacking in this world today

especially in believers to be like Jesus

amen Jesus is amazing he’s kind he is

he’s kind by his firm


he is lowly and yet no one there presume

on him even the disciples when they talk

about uh you know who is going to be the

greatest they’re not even talk to him

and they say that there you know no one

is a hero to his valet that means the

valet back in those days it’s like a guy

who helps you uh Soldier up your harness

up your horse and and Soldier you up

your your armor and and that kind of

thing he sees you day in and day out so

it’s hard to be a hero to your ballet

but then to his disciples there are

times they dare not ask him questions

they live day in and day out and they

had that all about him they had that

admiration for him

amen he drew them

he was a man who commanded

loyalty and respect

to fishermen Harbin fisherman

washing their Nets by the seaside and he

says follow me

they left everything and followed him

can you imagine

what was that in his voice

in his person that he would say follow

me and they left everything and follow

him that’s why I don’t like shows that


Jesus because no actor can really

portray Jesus

so I get a bit better watching shows

that try to portray Jesus

whether it’s a modern Jesus

or cool Jesus

is never as cool as the Jesus I see in

the spirit

that’s painted by the Holy Spirit on my

on the canvas of my spirit when I read

the word of God I see him

amen Majestic

princely like The Cedars of Lebanon

Hallelujah an incoming actor try to act

I spoil everything

and he thinks he’s been cool you know

it’s not cool at all okay that’s my my

personal belief okay so I just want to

share that with you but

I feel that

we need to have this admiration for

The Godly character of our Lord Jesus


amen we need to have this kindness and

truthfulness in our family relationships

it’s easier for us to be kind to

strangers than we are with our family

because we know that they will always

love us we know that they’ll always be

there all right which is not true we

know that you know we come back they’ll

be there to affirm us or provide food

for us or whatever it is so we tend to

like you know let our gut down amen and

before you know it you are more rude to

them you don’t use uh courtesies anymore

and the marriage breaks down the the

relationship with the children breaks

down because of our language

so you I pray that you have a hunger and

thirst for

this by the way uh teaching on holiness

practical holiness

the Holiness of Jesus is not something

you know holier than thou

all right it’s not the kind of Holiness

it’s not self-righteous Holiness no it’s

a beautiful Holiness people are

attracted to him

Sinners are attracted to him


I pray that you will want to be like


we need men especially in these last

days so it’s like Jesus

can you imagine a man

all right who is not affected by his


he is the thermostat he sets

the tone and the atmosphere of his


instead of man who are thermometers

whatever the surrounding is they blend

amen for fear of what men think of them

for fear of not getting enough likes on

their social media

for fear so they they conform to the


young people

I know there’s a rebellious trick that

God has put that God has allowed which

is not Disobedience which is not evil

there’s a rebellion against what is bad

what is evil what is Injustice

when you see people being uh like like

people being bullied or child

trafficking there must be an anger in

you in this this kind of Christianity

where Christians are gentle but they’re

not firm that’s not Jesus

Jesus overturned Money Changes table

because they were taking advantage of

the people

amen taking advantage of the poor so he

must be angry the Bible says be angry

and don’t sin

now some of you are saying oh I know I

don’t know first supreme that’s why I

always follow that Bible

that verse is my favorite verse

hey man no no no it says be angry but in

your anger sin not

so Christians who have no anger just


it’s not it’s not being conformed to the

image of Jesus

all right I want to be like Jesus

you want to be like Jesus

one true Holiness not pseudo-holiness

and all the people said amen okay praise

the Lord what shall I preach

yeah so the the thing about this is

always when I come up and write the

spirit of God is of course right

speaking and anointing me and many times

I find that I don’t finish the sermon

that I have prepared

but you don’t have to worry about the

sermon you prepare because it’s more

important what the spirit is saying

okay then what Joseph Prince has


another good amen

how y’all doing


you’re blessed by the sermon last week

not too heavy

you like the part where I said that when

you see your friends or your loved ones

flirting in your workplace and all that

go and tell them

before it gets too late right didn’t I

tell you that

and then and you know sometimes we have

standards in our church and we we have

people who come against us and why why

is it that you all have this thing where

is it in the Bible that you cannot stand

a girl home

bro the Bible says make no probation for

the flesh

we advise our our leaders after Care

Group after a session whatever in church

and all that don’t send the opposite sex

back home one on one

Bridget Pastor Prince


all right so you know you say that I’m

not I I absolutely have pure thoughts

towards her that’s how it starts

there’s not not how it would end

don’t trust your flesh

Joseph Prince will not trust his flesh

to be counseling a girl behind closed

doors no no no no no there’s no telling

what she’ll do to me

amen so I don’t know I’m just kidding


I don’t trust my flesh

if I say something on on social media

whatever that that implies that this

this little post here is going to be a

bit more suggestive and all that Bang

because why I don’t trust my flesh

I will unsubscribe or I won’t you know

because it’s it’s dangerous guys you

must start here

without all our leaders are told no

Counseling of the opposite sex behind

closed doors

a man you need to send people home send

them all home

make sure the last one is the guy

or a 95 year old granny



that’s why we practice in our church

all right I have been told that this is

uh ancient Pastor Prince you know why

why do this why do that well this is the

reason because you never know when the

flash takes over don’t trust your flesh

if you are dating amen keep it beautiful

for the wedding night

opening presents before the day is

really lousy if you give a lousy feeling

when the day comes

When Christmas Comes oh

open read my present you know it’s like

everyone is opening a present but you

are you know what I’m saying

you don’t understand okay but I

understand Pastor Prince

you’re so cute

okay are you with me so far

all right can you please start preaching

Pastor Prince I appreciate amen this is

what the spirit of God would have me say

to you amen that someone I preached was

on Sunday that’s all right Pastor Prince

uh that sermon has been preached some

time back never had the released that

someone was preached actually towards

the end of last year but I’ve never

shown it even to my pastors

until the Lord says now

then I share it

okay so it is the Lord

there’s a word in season

amen praise the Lord now

I want you to see this verse it says as

thy days

let’s all say it as thy day so shall thy

strength be say it again to each other

as thy days so shall thy strength be

now this goes opposite of the way the

world tells us

you know when you go to a doctor and you

tell them and have you noticed recently

when you go to a doctor right they’ll

tell you of this problem you know it’s

part of aging

don’t put up your hands anyone

right and anything you you know you say

it’s part of aging it’s part of aging so

it’s very normal

amen though for the world is normal as

you progress in your days

so shall your infirmities

be more as your days increase they also

increase that’s the norm of the world

but this promise in the Bible and that’s

why it’s a promise

and God wants us to lay hold of it as

your days increase notice the word days

plural as your days increase so

shall your strength be

you gotta repent

you got to change your mind about the

way you think

your best days are yet ahead

I don’t care how old you are your best

days are still ahead


your best days are still ahead

praise the Lord so shall your strength


so shall your strength be

there is a Japanese man by the name of


I’m sorry but the last one is something

like that okay and uh the first part of

shigiyaki okay anyways it’s a doctor and

his father is a CL a Christian

is a Methodist pastor

he just passed away a few years ago at

the age of 105.

so when us

all right about his secret he says every

morning olive oil

before I heard about him our pastors we

learned this in Israel

in was it


we learn about it already

olive oil okay he says olive oil he

swears by olive oil another thing

use your stairs

we all use Leaf right

you just go up the stairs even in his oh

you go up the stairs he says he got the

stairs two steps at one time try one

first okay



and if you read

online and all that they won’t tell you

that he will tell you it’s his faith

but it is faith

in God’s word reading God’s word every

day that gives this man his health

he’s a Christian they won’t even tell

you he’s a Christian and that’s the the

main part that’s not been shared out

there in the world because the world

don’t want to acknowledge that


I have a Korean friend

who just went back to South Korea and uh

before he went he told me his mother his

grandmother is uh nearing uh I think 800

and 100 and still reading the Bible

still going to church always telling him

make sure you go to church

so I told him next time you go back you

ask her that I asked what’s the secret

is it okay so he came back after the

holidays and he says my grandmother says

uh read the Bible

and drink plenty of water

you know this lady he said her her mind

her wits and all that is very sharp no

Alzheimer nothing

you know they say it’s very normal for

your right guys they say that your

prostate enlarges your brain shrinks

don’t accept it

amen I said don’t accept it

amen as your days so shall your strength



so this is amazing promise but let’s

look at the context I believe in context

maybe we can learn some things so God

wants your spiritual strength to

increase God wants your physical

strength to increase

amen God wants your moral strength

that you’re you’re a person that people

look at they want to be like you

amen not just your physical health and

strength come on Amen more importantly

is the beauty of the inside

you look at some ladies right there are

certain age maybe in 70s and there’s the

beauty of that that goes beyond age

goes beyond makeup

and that’s the thing that can never grow

old that part

it will continue to grow in Christ

amen and it’s true Everything the Bible

says don’t do if you do you grow old

faster you get angry

always get angry you grow old faster

amen you’re happy happy merry heart

you you’ll stay young

a married heart does good like medicine

amen the Bible says in Proverbs 17 22 a

merry heart does good like medicine do

it medicine there is the the word market

there shall be life and health to all

their flesh God’s word that what their

life and health is marpay

Health to all their flesh Market it’s

medicine medicine to and it’s good


notice but a broken Spirit causes


now you know you’ll find that in the

scientific world

but I’ll tell you this this is the

wisdom of God it’s telling you you can

eat well you can drink lots of milk and

all that

right but if your spirit is broken

so Proverbs 15 says Mary heart makes a

cheerful countenance but by sorrow of

the heart the spirit is broken

see sorrow of the heart the spirit is


and a broken Spirit drives the bones see

you can’t just say oh you know we preach

on the spiritual part

you know we’re not talking about

physical pain you cannot separate the


sometimes for study purposes we tell you

you are a spirit made in the image of

God you have a mind you have a soul and

you live in this house called body

amen and one day you will leave this

body behind if Jesus tarries and then

you step out of it but the real you

still will be encased somewhere

Heaven or Hell

that’s why the Bible says that hell was

prepared for the devil and his angels

but for those who reject the Savior

reject his sacrifice for them reject the

love of God they’ll join the devil in a

place of Eternal fire

that’s in the Bible

so a broken Spirit dries the bones and

what breaks this what what what causes

us the spirit to be broken

sorrow of the heart Proverbs

you say well these are all Old Testament

verses no no they’re all for us today

this is the wisdom of God come on you

want a new testament first I’ll give it

to you right now second Corinthians 7

for sadness as intended by God produces

a repentance that leads to Salvation

leaving no regret but worldly sadness

brings about death

there’s only one sadness God says you

are permitted to have it is when you’re

corrected you feel sad there’s a pure

sadness because you have been corrected

you have been rebuked you don’t like it

you feel sad but it’s a sadness that

leads to changing of Mind in certain

areas of your life amen which you will

never regret

changing your mind about that area

all right but

worldly sadness Works death it produces

death New King James Version Godly

sorrow sorry uh Godly sort of work of

repentance but worldly sorrow work of

death produces death new King James is

producers death

so do you think this death is

spiritual death I submit no because why

once you’re safe you’re eternally saved

and it cannot be be

undone just because you are sad

so what death is this

think about it

worldly sadness produces death that’s

why the devil always makes people sad

you know the the during the morning act

that Jesus traversed the entire Sea of

Galilee to deliver him day and night you

know by the way if you’re sitting down I

mean you’re over here in Capernaum we’ve

we’ve we’ve been there before you can

actually see gadara on the other side

Kursi where the most demonized man was

and he was screamed he was shout Jesus

and his disciples as they were here as

Jesus was teaching or many many people

just turn around hear him shouting

screaming cutting himself

crying weeping

there’s a part of him that’s still


that he’s been taken over by another


something is happening

in the world today

we need to come back to spiritual things


and the only answer is Jesus one word

from Jesus in Hebrew let go all the

demons left

jump into all the pigs the pigs say no

way I’ll kill myself they jump into the

water so

being suicidal

being depressed

mental health issues is no joke

but why is it that with so much more


for today’s generation

so much more conveniences everything is

at the tip of our smartphone why is it

that more entertainment why is it

there’s more increase of

mental health issues


thank God you know medicine

helps reduce the

the symptoms it helped reduce the


but the answer

is found in the name of Jesus

demons bow to the name of Jesus the

Bible says at the name of Jesus every

knee bows

are you listening people


worthy sadness brings about death a

merry heart does good like medicine

so be happy

you know best of all where where you try

to make yourself happy all the time find

every excuse to be happy joke Laugh


at home

find things to laugh about

remember when you dated your wife you

made her laugh so much

amen and then you got her

okay and then she cried all the rest


you made her cry

no Pastor Prince no girl No Cry okay

that’s a song huh


by the way I’m reminded of a man called

Norman Cousins all right like cousins

like cousins or his name is cousins with

an S Norman Cousins you can find him

Wikipedia not now

okay this Norman Cousins in um sometime

back 1964 he was diagnosed he’s a


who later on came an altar to write

about you know uh the method by which he

obtained healing

right but what he said was this he was

diagnosed with a crippling

connective tissue disease which gets

worse and worse until you die

and they call it uh Anki losing


trying my best

you know he did this professor

he checked himself into a place where he

has a lot of funny videos back then

they use videos

and he has tapings of it and it’s all


and he has a lot he took a lot of

vitamin C

and laugh and laugh every day

by the way you can see this on his uh

Wikipedia on Norman Cousins the doctors

gave him one in 500 chance to live

he took a lot of vitamin C and laugh and

laugh and laugh and laugh his way right

into healing

right into healing

amen there’s the world we have something

better rejoice in the Lord it says Paul

writes like this Paul says in

Philippians chapter 3 finally my

brethren rejoice in the Lord for me to

write the same things to you is not

tedious but for you it is safe you know

when it passes your pastors stand up

here and preach to you and say well I’ve

heard it before but for them it’s not

tedious but for you it is safe

it’s for you you know it’s not for them

you know

for them sometimes it feels tedious I’m

sure they have heard of this before but

I’ll say it’s not tedious why I love you

God loves you and for you it is safe


praise the Lord

for me to write the same things to you

is not two years before you it is safe

and then we have uh something very


we have

a story that tells us something you know

and this is something that is very

personal because I was very touching God

showed this to me let’s go to uh this

story in Matthew 15 which is one of the

things that people don’t understand what

happened here then Jesus went out from

there and departed to the region of tire

and side and say tire and sidon

now this area of Tire let me show you a

tire all right Jesus went out from there

tire is near the the coast can you see

that the area of caesarea coastal area

caesarea and sidon so the Sea of Galilee

to Tire now the Bible says Jesus when

now you must know where Jesus was he was

at the Sea of Galilee most likely


and he and his disciples went all the

way up the hilly terrain and all that

all the way to tire it is 39 miles

it will take probably more than a day


and that is talking about good workers

up the terrain down the terrain Jesus

can do it

in more than one day of course other

people three days


but it’s a long walk it’s one of the

walks where nothing notable happened

no Miracle is recorded from the time

Jesus left the Sea of Galilee all the

way to tire

and Taya is an area where it’s known for

you know uh the uh for his evil

practices and people down there Muslim

are Gentiles Jesus came close there why

someone says well because you need time

to be alone with disciples he can be

alone on a mountain somewhere

he’s done it before he’s gone to a

mountain by himself privately and prayed

there are many places around the Sea of

Galilee as well

but he went all the way there and we

know there’s no miracle that happened in

the journey along the journey that’s

recorded for us in other words Jesus

went there for one purpose

for one person

and this is the person that’s going to

the story Behold a woman of Canaan came

from that region and cried out to him

saying have mercy on me O Lord son of

David my daughter is severely demon

possessed but he answered not a word no

that’s strange

she came to Jesus and said my daughter

is tormented

okay the manifestation is the mind I

know her mind is not straight

and the devil is always after the mind

he’s not after your good looks he’s

after your mind

it’s not after your muscles Lawrence

it’s after your mind

yeah I once uh with together with Pastor


was casting a demon out of a woman when

a man’s voice out of the throat spoke

out a man’s voice spoke out of this

woman and you know what he said to me

I won her mind very angry Lee

I want her mind

I won her mind the devil wants your mind

they say you find your mind getting

astray my first message this year was

about the mind

got your mind and by the way a lot of

books out there secular books on mine

that’s not your is going to help you

these things are spiritual you need a

stronger spiritual power to overcome it

your mind is the battlefield

amen oh man time is catching up oh

I’ll come to you next service I think

okay send her away for she cries after

us he didn’t answer her what why what if

she came how did she come to Jesus

and what did she came with go back verse

22 she says have mercy on me O Lord son

of David my daughter is severely

demon-possessed now she came in pretense

she is not she is a Canaanite woman

she’s not a Jew and don’t forget what

Jesus said when he first came he came to

the lordship of the House of Israel

Matthew 10 just 10 5 verses before five

chapters before this Jesus says to his

disciples don’t go to the way of

Gentiles do not enter the seat of

Samaritans but go rather to the lost

sheep of the House of Israel now if

somebody says all the words of Jesus we

see must apply today can you apply this

so must read in terms of the gospels yes

a lot of it applies to us today but you

still must read it in the context

are you listening now all the episodes

are written for us today

but some of it is prophetic but the

future some is for the time now some is

for us many is for us but there are

moments like this it’s not for us

anymore because after Jesus died

the gospel the good news is not just for

the lordship of the House of Israel

it’s for all the world going to all the

world and preach the gospel Jesus told

Nicodemus for God’s Soul love the world


but go rather to the lordship of the

house no go back to Matthew 15 and and

uh she showed she came in pretend so

Jesus says these disciples came and urge

him saying send her away for she cries

out after us and many times uh uh the

Disciples of Jesus they are

less compassionate less patient than the


don’t be discouraged looking at

Christians don’t judge Christianity by

the Christians

judge Christianity by our Christ

I know we should be good examples I know

we should let our light shine I know


okay but we are not perfect we’ll be the

first one to tell you that

so don’t don’t be discouraged with

Christianity just because of Christians

many times they are more impatient or

that I guarantee you the master their

Master is all together lovely

participation then but then Pastor

brings how come he didn’t answer the

word because she came in pretense if you

come in pretense it’s hard to love you

because if I love you when you are

pretending you will never feel loved

because you came in pretense and I love

you or you date someone and it’s all

pretense right but you never know that

you’re loved until you drop down the God

and let the person see you as you really

are be yourself and then when a person

loves you you are loved

okay so Jesus was bringing her to the

place don’t forget he traveled all the

way just for her

because why no miracles happen along the

way many times and Jesus on his way

there a lot of things happen he will

heal a lot of Miracles along the way but

in this this long distance 39 miles he

never did one Miracle so what was the

purpose just for that one woman

all right so the sub-centered away she

cries up after rest but he answered and

said I was not sent except to the

lordship of the House of Israel that’s

his first coming it’s for the lordship

of the House of Israel okay and after he

died it’s for the world you got it

then she came and worshiped him now she

said she dropped down the she dropped

the word son of David Son of David is a

phrase only to be used by Jewish people

at that time when you say son of David

is a Messianic term that Jewish people

use so she came saying at first what son

of David right pretended to be a Jew

but she’s not she’s a gentile and now

she dropped the son of David drop the

pretend said Lord

help me

now watch all right

you thought okay she got to break

through but the next word he answered

and said it’s not good to take the

children’s bread

and throw it to the little dogs no stop

here and say wow

see it become even more nasty it’s not

in those days right Gentiles are known

as dogs

to the nation of Israel


they’re outside the kingdom

yep just like God’s people are sheep

amen Gentiles non-jews are dogs

but Jesus actually used a diminutive a

diminutive term when Jesus says

afterwards but he answered and said it’s

not good to take the children’s bread

and throw it to the little dogs

it is a very tender term puppies

it’s not right to take the children’s

bread and throw it to the puppies

because they are not conversing as what

Jew and Gentile the covenants with the

Jew first

and then he says this it’s not right to

take the children’s bread from the table

master’s table and give it to the

puppies he’s giving a picture of what

giving her a loophole

before the time

before the Gentiles can enjoy salvation

and forgiveness of sins and miracles and

blessings from God after Jesus died and

rose again he gave her a loophole even

though it wasn’t time

it make her come into the house not as

someone can sit on the table but as a

little puppy love a dog

you know puppies don’t have to do

anything you know deal with somersault

don’t ever cook for you and all that

right don’t have to make sausage you

know that

a hot dog

all right they just

they just be themselves

some people just give pleasure and their

love just by being themselves

flowers are the same just Bloom tomorrow

die they just give

you know you give flowers because they

just they don’t have to act they don’t

have to demonstrate just be themselves


so puppies are adorable

amen so Jesus gave her a loophole so

what she said then she said yes Lord

even the little dogs eat the crumbs

which fall from their masters table so

the children’s bread then she was asking

for what


Jesus did not say it’s not right to take

healing and give it he did not say that

he used the word children’s bread

now today you and I we are no more

gentiles we are sitting at the table

pass the bread please pass the butter


pass the olive oil

so what’s the children’s bread she’s

asking for healing or Deliverance for

her daughter right


and Jesus calls it children’s bread

this is very interesting why because

this is one incident by the way look at

Jesus respond

she actually said Lord even the little

dogs eat the crumbs which fall from the

master’s table I should read you this

first she says even the little puppies

eat the crumb because Jesus opened a

scenario for her he gave her that image

so she says even the little crumbs right

puppies eat it

and what’s Jesus respond

oh woman great is your faith you’ve got

me you got me I was testing you you got


Faith always unveils the person of Jesus

you got me you know my heart I came all

the way here actually just for you

but I had to bring you to a place where

you are real

no pretense

and then you will feel loved by me

I don’t know if whether you told her or

not that he came all the way there but

we know

based on the journey right look at the

journey again on the map It’s a Long Way

39 miles


now what is interesting is this

I’m not close to this

there’s so much more

I want to share


praise God are you with me so far

you know the Lord wants you to be real

because if you’re not getting an answer

you’re praying really just prayers

same old prayer you heard someone pray

when he wants you to pray from your


speak to him from your heart

be real


prayer become exciting when you are

really talking to him the burdens

and whatever there is in your heart you

speak from your heart you tell him your

fears you don’t pray prayers like you

heard someone pray try to pray Pastor

Lawrence’s prayer or the kind of thing

you know

that’s not the kind of thing that God is

looking for he wants realness

amen your friendship you don’t just talk

about Good Times right you talk about

times in your bed say Lord today I just

feel lousy alone well I don’t know why

everything seems to be working against


then losses I’m walking something behind

the scene for you for your good amen you

must tell him be open with him talk to

him say Lord I don’t feel like praying

for this person in fact I feel like

laying hands real fast with great

velocity across his face

how dare you say that my son no

that’s a kind of language because you’re

walking with the Lord

and for those of you who are geological

isn’t this confessing your sins

telling the law or you feel

in other words there’s nothing that

shocks him he knows everything he knows

From Galilee night I mean 39 miles away

he knew that woman is there crying


so here we have this area of Science by

the way Thai is very interesting tire is

a grand city but full of wickedness it’s

like Sodom and Gomorrah later on Jesus

if the mighty works that are done in you

are done entire

Tire would have remained to this day

Matthew 11. so

tire was destroyed by Alexander the


if do you know that tire actually the

real tie is an island you see the the

Coast Tire

if you look at ancient map there’s

another tire in the sea

just across it

and an old map will show a Causeway to

the Island the island is now destroyed

you know who destroyed the island you

know who built the causeway Alexander

the Great he came down this way and then

they boasted they said no one can

conquer us no one can defeat us we are

Mighty we are strong

Alexander the Great got really angry all

right started building a Causeway to the


led a siege that lasted for seven months

and then he attacked

it’s a prophecy in Ezekiel 26 the tire

would fall the tire of the pot the

island fell

until today visitors entire the this

part of Tire you can actually look at

the causeway some of the the some of the

remains that left the stones that fell

off of the causeway the Alexander build

but it is actually in the tribal area of

sure show them the map Asher see the

tribal area of Asha

can you see Asha these are the 12 tribes

of Israel and the allotted territories


now why am i showing you this

because I want to show you something in


all right look up here

there’s a prophecy by Jacob in uh uh

Genesis 49 verse 1 Jacob says 49 verse 1

Jacob called his sons and said gather

together then I may tell you what shall

befall you in the last days

so it’s a prophecy he gathered all his

12 sons together and says come come

together all right I’m gonna tell you

what’s gonna happen to you in the last

days and the last days can include the

time of Jesus birth all the way to the

second coming of Jesus

because last days it’s not just end

times the way we think of it it can mean

that but last days also can mean for

example I quote uh Hebrews chapter 1

verse 2 verse one and two uh God who at

sundry times and in diverse manners

speak in time past unto the fathers by

the prophets

has in these last days spoken unto us by

his son

so last days of what last days of the

age of the law

right God spoke to us

the writer of Hebrews says in these last

days through his son

he spoke to prophets and all that but

now in the last days

he spoke to his son through his son now

last days means what last days of the

age of law

the new day of Grace has begun

through Jesus Christ are you with me so

far so someone must see the context so

um some time ago I preached a sermon

called the blessings of Jacob on the 12

tribes many because I received a

revelation from the Lord

that I can see the stories of the Bible

in the Prophecies of Father Jacob

all the way from the first book of the

Bible Genesis Genesis 49 when he

prophesied right Jesus had not yet come

amen he prophesied

even the events of Jesus the gospels

even and I was so excited I preached to

you all right


you don’t remember


I love you still

praise God okay so in the last days look

at this I give a few samples okay drop

down to Asher

Brett from Asha shall be rich and he

shall yield Royal deities before that is


a troop shall Trump upon him and he

shall Triumph at last

or King James says a troop shall

overcome him get get the charity of get

you see get show them the map of get

g-a-d get get is on this side the green

one light green can you see it’s on the

other side the Sea of Galilee goes all

the way to the Bottom of the Sea of

Galilee that’s God from where you get

the word

so the man who was the most

demon-possessed person that Jesus has

the demons out Jesus crossed the lake of

Galilee he is from the tribe of dead

are you with me so far and it’s almost

like like


almost listen almost 2 000 years before

Jesus came in the flesh prophesied over

his sons the territory and all that that

this is what happened is what happened

is what happened I used to wonder what

is it all about until the Lord began to

show me years ago and I preached the

blessings on the 12 tribes but even when

I pushed back then I didn’t have the

full revelation of which Stripes fit the

story of Jesus you all know by by the

way Old Testament unveiled Jesus

it’s like a it’s like a you know a


a page that you pass to your son and say

can you find this can you find that

hidden stuff you know

we find Jesus in all these places all

right so go back to the prophecy get

gadara the area

from GED

all right tell me if this story means

something a troop shall overcome him

shall attack him what’s the name of the


Legion that’s the name of a troop

a Roman troop Legion


legion a troop will overcome him but at


he will Triumph

but we know he Triumph by not triumphing

by his own efforts

he Triumph through the Lord

this is the way he Triumph he sat down

at Jesus feet cloth

in his right mind

spend time with Jesus that’s attacking

the enemy

your peace

attacks the enemy because he wants you

you to be sad



depressed he makes you think of bad bad

things and and the whole day be alert to

your thoughts the Bible says whatever

things are true virtuous if it’s

praiseworthy think on these things don’t

think of things and you know we go

through all this kind of nonsense

rich on the road love this guy not happy

stop it

your health is at stake

your peace of mind amen

and they’re very Wicked and I tell you

all of a sudden right you don’t even

follow ladies tonight come on one lady

come up scantily clap

they’re trying to get our children our



so watch out for this area you got

something against uh social media no

nothing against social media

I’m against people who are addicted to

social media looking at people’s life

with no purpose

you want something to look at social

media know what you want go to that come



freely go in

come out free don’t get the bondage

you ever had I want to look at social

media to see uh or get the facts about

something right and before you see

something else oh interesting down here

and then you travel all the way then

finally you come back what was I looking

for oh I was looking for this none of

you experienced that so

none of you have been robbed of time

maybe it’s just me

okay know what you want go for it

extricate yourself


okay so that’s get and then nephtali

naphtali is a deer let loose he uses

beautiful words sounds Evangelistic the

word Evangel is evangelist good news

beautiful words


you know why naftali is the whole area

there of the lake of Galilee the Sea of

Galilee Galilee is actually under the

tribe of naftali

San pasius

but the area around the Capernaum is in

naftali right the Sea of Galilee is in

naftali and just let you know that uh

the Disciples of Jesus nearly all of

them are from naphtali

when Jesus went up okay the Angels came

by them they were looking up looking up

then the angel came by came by and said

looking at Juana no he didn’t say that

if they look up

the angel says

the same Jesus you see go up will come

back again

in the same way so this idea the coming

of Jesus very popular now will come

spiritually the coming of Jesus is at

your spiritual in ad70 that is nothing

right compared to scripture

the scripture has nothing to say to that

because the Bible says the same Jesus

went bodily up

will come again bodily

the same way the same manner you saw him

go up he’s coming down again

right the angel said that remember that

but what did Angel call the call the

disciples they’re looking up you men of


they are men of jealously many of them

are from naphthalis some of them are

from Zebulon okay one of them is from

Judah guess who

his name says Judas

Judah from Judah a town in Judah called

hariot he is Judas if ish is man

literally Judas ish carry on Judah the

man from


you know it’s curious City a city in

Judah it’s a city it means City

compared to

kampung people

City people

like Singapore

got more

tactics law

okay I just show you so isn’t a prophecy

of disciples

in the ministry of Jesus


drop down one more Joseph is a fruitful

bowel a fruitful bowel bio well I shared

this before his branches run over the

wall when you find that the branch run

over the wall the wall is always the

wall of partition separating at that

time the Jew from the Gentile

but Jesus sat down at the well

isn’t this interesting

right and mentioned that the well was

was the well-off Jacob who prophesied

all this

and he prophesied of the Heavenly Joseph

to come

and the story of Joseph typified Jesus

in so many ways illustrate the life of


all the way like no other character

so the Heavenly Joseph in John force sat


amen and a and a gentile woman came to


His blessings even when he’s tired will

reach even over the wall of partition

isn’t it beautiful he’s a he’s fruitful

while he’s tired we know he’s tired

because of John 4. it’s a picture of

Jesus as well

he’s a fruitful Bible well

even when he’s tired

He blesses

and why is past the Prince why is Jesus

fired he is God what no as he came as

man talking about that time when he came

as man as a man it was a long journey by

the way he transversed all the way again

and I love the verse before that he says

he must need to go through Samaria for

that one woman

so G is not always looking for crowds he

goes for the one

you’re not facing a crowd you are a face

to him

he loves you


okay we’ll bring this to a close

how many clothes does a ring one two


okay this is extra time okay because

it’s goalless so extra time

all right okay so I’ve shed on get I’ve

shed on naphtali before I think many

years ago when I had the Revelation and

uh you won’t find this uh in many of the

Bible commentaries and all that because

because uh it is something that I felt

like that when the Lord opened my eyes I

was so excited I love to see Jesus in

the Old Testament even in the prophecies

and the blessings of Father Jacob over

his sons

do you agree

but from that time when I shared I

didn’t share on Asher because I didn’t

understand Brett from Asha shall be rich

what does that mean so let’s look at the

tribe of Asher the territory again it

covers Tire inside and can you see that

Jesus went there that’s Thai I can see

tire there

right it’s a tribe of Asher does it

allude to anything that Jesus did in

Asha in the the area of tire

let’s look at Matthew 15 again show them

the verse

Jesus when

departed there and went to the region of

tire and sidon

and what happened it’s not right to take

the children’s bread what was the

prophecy of Asha go back to Asha

bread from Asher shall be rich

healing bread

even the crumb

s the devil out of the girl

I’m telling you some of you are saying I

I only have small piece of bread when I

did the communion and all that I’m

telling a small crime would drive the

cancer out of your body in Jesus name if

you discern correctly if you discern is

the Lord’s body amen I mean back then I

didn’t see this

so you can see it is a recent revelation

and I want to share with you Canada

bread from Asha shall be rich and the

story of tire and sidon in Asher the

only one that Jesus in Asher in in

Thailand sidon talks about the

children’s bread

and she respond with the children even

have the crumbs

the puppies have the crumbs rather

they fall from the master’s table

are you with me so far

one more

yes one more

you asked for it huh


I’ll do it real fast okay real fast okay

there are two Prophecies of the Twelve

Tribes one is the father Jacob which we

write just now another one is is Moses

before he died

all right so Moses one says this of

Asher and of Usher he said let Usher be

blessed with children let him be

acceptable to his Brethren new King

James says favorable to his Brethren let

him dip his food in oil oil is mentioned

your shoes shall be iron and brass and

as thy days so shall thy strength be now

we see something isn’t the blessing of



why did I talk about a merry heart

because Asha means happy

the blessing of Happiness the blessing

of Asha is the blessing of happiness

this was going to happen when you are

happy your bread will be fat

nourishing not empty bread

amen and of Happiness he said let

happiness be blessed with children let

me know the story of of the woman he’s

talking about the involving what a child

let Usher be blessed with children in

other words you won’t lose your child

let him be acceptable or in the new King

James favorable to his Brethren let him

dip his food in oil that means your walk

is a walk in the spirit

and your shoes shall be iron and brushed

you know when when they climb the the

Himalayas or the snow thick mountains

and all that they have spikes under

their their boots all right of iron

even some brass that means is is it it

won’t be found underneath those


they are strong strong to conquer iron

is very strong

iron destroys the rest like the Bible

says and you much and it’s Luke 10 19

Jesus says behold I give you authority

to tread upon serpents and scorpions and

over all the power of the enemy trample

I give you authority to trample

Christian go forward you don’t go

forward nothing gets trampled they keep

on coming to you and bothering their run

up they keep on coming molesting you and

they run off they molest your mind they

they disturb you then they run off hey

keep on moving Keep On Walking keep on

coming to church amen keep on moving as

you move your shoes are iron and Brass

you’ll crush them under your feet all

right I give you authority to trample on

serpents and scorpions and over all the

power of the enemy and nothing but they

fight back nothing shall by any means

hurt you

didn’t just says nothing will hurt you

you’ll be sufficient nothing shall by

any means

hurt you you’re listening

huh oh you go back to the prophecy again

Deuteronomy and as thy day so shall thy

strength be so natural truth you can see

some natural truth that you know there

are different layers


don’t be lazy walk

walk a lot

and as your days

increase what more


your workplace is here your building is

here and your car park here is all full


you get a chance to walk

walk walk and as thy day so shall thy

strength be

yeah I see a little uh insight into this

okay that’s not the main thing the

spiritual truth is the main thing I

understand that I understand that


if you see you see like you don’t see

you don’t see okay

as like this or shall die strength I

want to close with this real fast

there’s a story of Elijah

and then he was sent

to a place called Tire show them real


show them ill the word of Lord came to

him saying arise go to zare pathway she

belongs to sidon area of tire and


at that time Jezebel was ruling


her husband it happened and you know

what God says glow to her

Jezebel’s Hometown sidon

can’t believe that

and what happened down there because of

time see I commanded a widow there to

provide for you it’s a time of famine

it’s a time of famine and God sent

Elijah there

a woman there will provide for you but

when he came down there the woman was

picking up sticks and then Elijah says


do you have anything in your house he

says oh no give me some water to drink

oh no this guy’s asking for food

I only have a a handful real quick a

handful all right bring me a little

water she says and she was going he

called to her and said bring me a muscle

of bread in your hand say a masala bread

okay drop down what her response was


drop down

I only have a handful of fly I don’t

have bread only a handful of flour flies

where you get bread right a handful of a

little oil

I’m gathering a couple of sticks that

may go in and prepare for myself and my

son that with me die

and the man of God said do not fear go

and do as you have said but make me a

small cake from it first and bring it to

me go back to verse 11 again

all right what do you say bring me a

muscle of bread he just asked for a

muscle of bread those who have years to


the word muscle is crumb

Elijah says give me a crumb of bread

where did this story happen

in the territory of Asha

his bread shall be



you know this thing when God revealed

this kind of thing to me I’m so excited

in my study I can hardly contain myself

it’s all dovetailing

when I push this like many many years

ago and I preached the blessings of

Jacob and all that I I didn’t see it but

Asha in all this

Korea loves you all know

oh Hallelujah

amen so a lot of I only have a handful a

little oil

you told me 33 say what go back to

Jerome it says let him dip his feet in

oil so we have bread then we have oil

obviously it’s olive oil a picture of

the Holy Spirit

and now the woman says I only have a

small amount of flour to make bread and

very little oil to my son and I can eat

me die

so the man of God being the man of God

being the man of God said let me eat


sometimes the ways of God the world

makes a mockery of like the tithe and

the giving and all that I’ll tell you

one thing you can never never outgive


whatever you give to the Lord okay

no of course I’m not talking about the

abuse and the nonsense that’s going on

you know in the you know the kind of

prosperity right to enrich themselves

there’s a right way God’s way is the

Generous Heart

becomes a Bountiful

amen there are those who scatter and yet


you can never outgive God

the man of God says give me a cake first

don’t don’t be afraid make me a small

cake for thus says the Lord God the bin

of Flesh will not be used up nor shall

the job oil run dry until the day the

Lord sends rain on the Earth

she went away and did according to the

word of Elijah and she and he in the

house all ate and for many days

her son ate she ate Elijah ate her son

ate she ate Elijah ate all three years

of the family in day eight they threw

the oil they ate drink olive oil they

ate Hallelujah and the bean flour was

not used up nor did a job oil run dry no

Amazon no red mark no special things you

can order online the bin of oil or flour

never used up the jar of oil never run

dry according to the word of the Lord

which he spoke by Elijah

and where did the story happen where did

this story happen

in the territory of Asia the blessing of

Asha is oil mentioned yes is bread

mentioned yes

one more thing it’s a it’s a child


let Usher be blessed with children both

stories have a child

one is a daughter one’s a son

I think God is saying be happy

I’m going to bless your children

even they appear dead I’ll raise them

amen they they seem to have little

compared to the people of the world the

children of the world they don’t have

much knowledge they seem to be uh held

back and all that but little becomes

much with the blessing of the Lord

hey Matt you might say well well you

know God’s fought for this woman to

provide for Elijah I have commanded a

woman there to provide for you when he

met the woman he thought maybe a rich

rich woman right amen with a big house

and all that take care of him saw a

woman sweeping

looking for sticks

and saying sorry yeah

going to die idea

imagine that I’ve commanded this woman

to provide for you Elijah

but the way God does it is that everyone

gets blessed everyone gets blessed and I

love it because many years after this

Jesus in his hometown of Nazareth he’ll

illustrate that he says that you know

there were many lepers in the days of


boom last one okay

tell you many videos were in the Israel

in the Days of Elijah when the heaven

was shot up three years six months and

there was a Great Famine to none of them

was Elijah sent except the zare path and

he purposes it in the region of sidon

the hometown of the wicked Jezebel

to a woman who was obedo

you know when when God gives you a

chance to give he’s honoring you

is seeing a harvest for you for you you

see your eye why why all this on me want

to find somebody else find Pastor Mark

amen is an honor for you

he loves you that’s why he travels all

the way From Galilee 39 miles just for

that woman

even though at first he didn’t want to

answer because of her pretense

it’s all the way there because he loves


amen so when he said this

think about it he mentioned in the

region of sidon and they mentioned

Elisha Elijah’s successor and the next

one he says Elisha many lepers were in

Israel in the time of Elisha but none of

them was cleansed except Naaman the

Gentile the Syrian oh that made them

very angry because both illustrations

were on non-jews

I feel something else you know

how close is this

you’re very bad huh okay

you know both of them has got to do with


and wealth

if you want okay provision provision all

right the word wealth is a bit nasty for

some people really so probation

probation and health watch this all

right the woman of zelipe what did you

get provision

neyman what did he get healing they were

angry at this message back then and they

are still angry at this message

Grace brought these two Provisions to

people who don’t deserve it


amen look at the response Jesus says

none of them were healed except Naaman

the Syria and he mentioned that all

those interesting God when they heard

this thing they were filled with wrath

and Rose up and Trust Jesus out of the

city and they led him to the brow of the

hero they led him to the brother of the

hill on which their city was built that

they might throw him down over the cliff

about to throw him down and he did this


that’s the end of the message okay

praise the Lord you walk right in their

midst amen so praise the name come on

give Jesus a praise


now some of you need to go go ahead all


go go into all the world and preach the

good news to the poor

you got the blessing of Asher amen stand

to your feet I want to bless you with

the blessings of Asher amen be happy

be happy

especially rejoice in the Lord Norman

Cousins God got a candid camera videos

to laugh at but we got someone better

amen rejoicing in the Lord amen among

our loved ones learn to laugh again

learn to laugh with your wife with your


don’t talk about serious things all the

time and for goodness sake don’t talk

about politics all the time

learn to laugh learn to joke with each

other learn to laugh at her jokes even

though it’s puny and little

it’s a little flower amen learn to laugh

at your children’s jokes amen don’t

think you’re so you know when your

morals and quiet and by the way if you

meet Christians and they are professors

of Theology and all that whatever you

know the tests that they are walking

with the Lord they are truly holy is

there’s a joy

there’s a happy heart

the blessing of Asher will be there

and health will be there amen don’t

forget to laugh amen a new commandment I

give you today


laugh and laughs them all lift your

hands all across this place amen

we are being serious folks I’m serious

I’m serious

you’ll keep your life

it’s a safeguard

rejoice in the Lord

rejoice in the losi’s beauty in a world

that people that we trust people that we

look up to are failing

their feet of clay hey what else is new

Abraham failed

David philp we turn our eyes from all

this and look on Jesus

the one who never fail is all together

lovely he died on the cross for our sins

why why did he come all the way further

than 39 miles all the way from Heaven

why did he come because God loves you

why did he he bought that that hell

pains and sins in his own body

because he loves you

why is it of all the people your heart


tenderized soften

see the beauty of the Cross when many of

your friends and others didn’t and you

accepted Jesus because God loves you

why is it today you’re enjoying the

blessed life

enjoying the riches of God’s word

you have every reason to rejoice in the



this coming week

the Lord bless you with the blessings of


out of you out of your family will come

bread that is Rich that will fit the

multitudes that are lost

your deep your feet in oil you and your

children you will walk in the spirit

throughout this week

your shoes shall be iron and bronze you

overcome all the powers of darkness and

don’t be afraid nothing shall by any


from them nothing shall by any means

hurt you

and I pronounce a blessing not just for

those who are advancing in years even

those who are young

as your days

the blessings of Asha so as your days

Advance as your as your days increase so

shall your

strength in Jesus name and all the

people said


if you want Jesus To Be A Savior and

Lord prayed his prayer say Jesus

I confess you

as my Lord and Savior

you died for my sins

and rose from the dead

without my sins

Jesus Christ is my Lord

amen praise the Lord God bless you

amen I hope you enjoyed today’s episode

but don’t go just yet if you like to

receive prayer share your testimony or

find out more about gospel partner just

click the link on this screen if not

I’ll see you in the next episode