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Success is Not an end it is actually a

journey and every Venture in every

Endeavor ask God for wisdom it’s a

wisdom that gives success in every area

of your life don’t be Hasty take your

time especially in the major decisions

of Life what to embark on you need a

specific Direction God can speak to you

take your time to consult the people

that love you that God has surrounded

you with God is more willing to give you

wisdom than you want it he cares for you

and he cares for what you’re going


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hello Church what a privilege to once

again bring you God’s word his word in

season for you during this time so

whatever you’re going through right now

God knows all about you even like you

feel like I’m a face in a crowd does God

give me personal attention yes Jesus

said your father numbers the hairs on

your head

that is very intimate uh detailed

concern amen he cares for you and he

cares for what you’re going through

that’s love and we cannot fathom this

kind of love because our love is very

general we love a person because of what

they do for us uh not because of

unconditional love many times amen we

are learning to walk in unconditional

love but God’s love for you is

unconditional he pays attention to every

detail in your life fear not little

flock and when he said that there were

many around him who are people who are

out of fellowship with God people who

are not walking with God besides his

disciples who are learning to walk with

God but nonetheless he said to all of


your father who cares for the birds of

the air he knows what you’re going

through he numbers the hands on your

head know you not that you have more

value than all the birds of the air whom

God fits amen whom God takes care of

then he says behold the Lilies of the


all the grass of the field which today

is and tomorrow is cast into the oven it

is all dried up when the sun comes out

during the the season of Summer

but yet he says your father cares for

this temporal grass how much more will

he care for you amen then he says did

the even Solomon who was the richest man

in history he says that even Solomon in

all his glory was not arrayed like one

of these flowers one of this grass amen

then he says it got so close the grass

of the field which day is and tomorrow

is cast into the oven how much more will

he clothe you think about that he

Compares Solomon with the grass and said

that the glory of the grass

that God gives to it is greater than the

glory of Solomon but then he goes on to

say but God cares for you more than the

grass which is greater than Solomon’s

glory amen so how much more will God

care for you praise the Lord I believe

that we are going through a season where

we are seeing things happen all over the

world that that is shouting out like

shortage amen recession

and yet God’s people are worried they

are anxious they are troubled by what

they are saying that goes to show that

we are spending lots of our time on

social media we are watching the news we

are hearing the reports of the world

instead of spending time in the word of

God and the word of God is the only

place where you can find Faith the Bible

says faith comes by hearing and hearing

by the word of God you cannot find Faith

anywhere else you know if faith comes by

hearing the word and the word of God

then fear comes by hearing and hearing

the word of man

amen and the fear the that fear brings

us land that fear will cause bad things

to happen in fact uh in the Book of Job

it says the thing which I greatly feared

has come upon me so fear has no part in

in the in the child of God’s life amen

and for you God doesn’t want to be

afraid that’s why every time an angel

appears to a servant of God a child of

God is always the first word from the

Angel’s mouth is fear not and Jesus

favorite expression is always talking to

his disciples especially fear not it is

I Be not Afraid and is always his

refrain amen time and time again don’t

be afraid so how how can we not be

afraid seeing what is happening all over

the world we can by listening to God’s

word you know if you are depressed if

you are you are anxious you are worried

amen you wake up in the middle of the

night and you are thinking about what is

to come and and it’s a foreboding uh uh

kind of fears that is closing in upon

you in in the hours of Darkness

especially then you’re experiencing

depression the only way out of that is

to hear your way out of it

and faith comes by hearing hearing the

word of God and and that word of God we

have established in another sermon that

uh we have shown you that faith comes by

hearing hearing by the word of God but

the preceding verses tells us how shall

they hear without a preacher so find a

preacher whose word you know is Gospel

centered is Jesus centered and is Grace

centered because that’s a new covenant

word amen and as you listen to it you’ll

find yourself of a sudden Faith Springs

Eternal amen Health Springs speedily

amen you’ll find that that that fear

that fear will just you look for it like

the Bible says you you look for your

enemy and you will find him no more all

of a sudden he’s gone without focusing

on it you know the way you you get rid

of darkness in a room is not by cursing

the darkness by scolding the darkness

but by switching on the light amen

listen to God’s word amen listen to

anointed preaching of God’s word you

know I’ve made my my sermons uh

thousands of them for all this uh 15

years of sermon Amen on Grace Center

Jesus centered uh sermons available


as for all those who are gospel partners

and all those who subscribe to amen and uh download

that that Joseph Prince app you’ll find

thousands of sermons there for every

need of your life and time and time

again we are receiving so many

testimonies of people whose lives are

transformed marriages turn around and

our bodies are healed Supernatural

breakthroughs in the area of finances

and a great restoration especially in

the area of uh seeing God as who he is

for the very first time a god of love

amen so you cannot have all these

Visions from God you cannot have all

this perspective and wisdom without

hearing anointed messages amen and

that’s where faith comes in the context

of a Preacher preaching the word amen if

we look at the the Bible uh the word of

God and we we look at the richest man

the wealthiest man in history and we

have established that we are not into

love of money we are not into wealthy

I’ve been just being wealthy because you

can be wealthy and still be a poor man

amen wealthy finances and accumulation

of of possessions and yet be a poor man

why you don’t have God you don’t have a

a blessed family you don’t have

successful relationships you know people

talk behind your back and you just leave

it plenty of of money because like uh

the one who beats another person when he

ends his life with more possession wins

no my friend that’s that’s that’s the

greatest way to lose in life a man to

enjoy life you know it is important for

us to really first and foremost know who

God is Not Who We Are you know people

say you gotta know who you’re who you

are that’s the beginning of knowledge no

it’s knowing who the Lord is the god who

loves us and in finding him we find

ourselves like the Bible says as Jesus

is so are we in this world when we look

at the wealthiest man in the Bible

Solomon amen we find that when he was a

young man he had a big pair of shoes to

fill his father David had passed on and

uh God appeared to him in his dream and

God said ask what I shall give you and

this is what Solomon said give to your

servant and understanding heart to judge

your people that I may discern between

Good and Evil

for who is able to judge these great

people of yours the speech plays the

Lord that Solomon had asked this thing

the speech pleased the Lord this remark

here tells us that God is pleased with

people asking wisdom from him amen the

Lord is the same yesterday today and

forever and that speech will still

please him today when you ask God for

wisdom the Bible says if any of you lack


us of God I think a lot of people don’t

ask of God because they don’t see

themselves lacking wisdom they think

they know I know I know I know what to

do I know I know leave me alone but the

Bible says that those who like wisdom

they will ask God for it amen and the

Bible says God will give it with no

doubt don’t let there be no doubt that

God will give it he goes on to say that

but let him ask in faith nothing

wavering for he that waverif is like a

wave of the sea driven with the wind and

toss in the context of if any of you ask

God for wisdom God will definitely give

it don’t doubt it amen this one prayer

he will answer and what does wisdom give

you God’s wisdom amen not the wisdom of

the world the Bible is very clear in

James he says there’s a wisdom from

above and there’s a wisdom that is

sensual that is uh that is uh fleshly

but the Bible says the wisdom from above

is pure Peaceable gentle easy to being

treated this is the wisdom from God and

it’s a wisdom that gives success in your

life in every area of your life the

Bible says in Proverbs chapter 3 it

talks about wisdom having two hands so

wisdom here personally fight as a woman

with two hands and it says Length of

days is in her right hand in her left

hand reaches an honor notice right hand

is always the the hand of prominence

most people use their right hand okay so

a length of this is in her right hand

that’s a priority would you agree that

Health wholeness amen peace and

Longevity it’s a priority amen not not

riches riches is in a left hand but

notice what he gives but wisdom gives in

the right hand uh Length of days in her

left hand our reaches and honor her ways

are ways of pleasantness

ways of pleasure in Hebrew which means

it is uh pleasurable and all her paths

are peace Shalom so first of all wisdom

gives you Length of days that is Health

then after that it gives you riches it

gives you honor esteem amen the ways of

the ways of pleasure so it gives you

pleasure and all her paths are Shalom he

gives you Shalom peace praise the Lord

it comes by embracing wisdom just like

it goes on to say later on Embrace

wisdom and we Embrace wisdom what

happened when you embrace your wife her

both her hands are behind you supporting

you right amen so you have all the

blessings of the hand but you don’t go

for riches on one hand or for the health

on the other hand you go for wisdom the

wisdom of God and the Bible says that

the law is so pleased with the wisdom uh

with the wisdom requests of Solomon that

God gave him and God says I’ll give you

what you didn’t ask for

God said to him because you have asked

this thing and have not asked long life

for yourself nor have us reaches for

yourself nor have asked the life of your

enemies but you have asked for yourself

understanding to discern Justice God

says behold I have done according to

your word see I have given you a wise

and understanding heart so that there

has not been anyone like you before

before you nor shall any like you arise

after you and I’ve also given you what

you have not asked both riches and honor

can you see that it’s like Proverbs

chapter 3 we write just now reaches an

honor in in the left hand amen so God

says I’ve given you what you have not

asked both riches and honor which come

to wisdom so that there shall not be

anyone like you among the Kings all your


so if you walk in my ways to keep my

statutes and my Commandments as your

father David walk then I will lengthen

your days now notice this one comes with

a a uh Proviso okay it comes with a

condition notice we have established

that God says I’ll I’ll give you what

you have not asked he actually asked for

wisdom he didn’t ask for riches and

honor but with wisdom come reaches and

honor so God says I have given

all right I’ve given what both riches

and honor that’s the left hand right

that’s the left hand we write just now

but notice the right hand has not been

given yet God says I have given you so

riches and honor has been given that

same night that uh when God appeared to

him in the dream amen and God asked what

I shall give you that same night he

asked God for wisdom God gave him

already riches and honor amen that was

the beginning of it praise God but

notice that God did not give him the

right hand yet the right hand comes with

a requirement amen a condition so if you

walk in my waist to keep my statutes and

my Commandments as your father David

walked then I will lengthen your days

notice the length of this comes health

and length of days comes with the right

hand unfortunately we know that Solomon

didn’t live long Solomon actually began

well he prospered and became the

wealthiest man not just King the

wealthiest man in history now if you

look at his wealth in terms of today’s

assessment he’ll be the first trillion


in history

okay because all the uh measures and the

amount and all that’s specifically

mentioned in the Bible that came into

his kingdom okay he’ll be the first

trillion air now he had reaches an honor

but he didn’t leave a a long life notice

why because he deviated from God’s

Commandments he deviated from God’s word

and God says that if you keep my

Commandments I’ll lengthen your day so

that came with a condition amen if you

keep my Commandments which Solomon did

not later on he married many many wives

many uh foreign wives and with the wives

came all their their Idols in the

exhaust and and Bible says the heart of

uh Solomon remember Solomon actually

asked God give me an understanding heart

by the way in the Hebrew the word

understanding heart is actually a

hearing heart that heart let on his

wives because of his love for his wives

all his foreign wives the wives turned

his heart away from god notice that’s

where all starts his blessing all start

with his heart amen he asked God for

this therefore give to your servant and

understanding heart that word

understanding is the word hearing

hearing heart Amen to judge your people

that are made designed between good and

evil so he actually asked God for wisdom

but wisdom in the sense that and

understanding our hearing heart the

Hebrew word shama is used here a sharing

heart even in the Septuagint the Greek

version of this verse it says uh the

word there is actually hearing hearing

amen so that’s what a Solomon deviated

from and later on in his life and he

actually started worshiping Idols

started to move away from worshiping God

the true God you got up Abraham Isaac

and Jacob and he moved away that tells

us something people that wisdom is a


and is our Lord Jesus Christ if you look

at First Corinthians 1 30 the Bible

tells us of him are you in Christ Jesus

who of God is made unto us wisdom and

righteousness and sanctification that’s

Holiness and Redemption

of him means it is not of your doing or

your works of him means it is of God’s

doing that you are in Christ Jesus and

Christ Jesus is made unto you unto us

all unto you he can say Christ has made

unto me wisdom amen before I counsel

someone I always uh you know just say

this under my breath I make a confession

of Faith Christ is made unto me wisdom

Christ is my wisdom just like I said

Jesus is my righteousness amen Jesus is

my wisdom so that’s what Solomon did

um um later on his life he rebelled

against God how by deviating away from

the Lord and the Lord is his wisdom so

wisdom is not something that is always

in your head in your heart and it’s

there forever no you can lose that

wisdom why because wisdom is a person

when you turn away from the person of

the Lord amen you turn away from wisdom

something that’s very shocking for me to

see how Solomon you know so wise and the

Bible says he was wiser

then all the wise men of the East and

God gave Solomon wisdom and exceedingly

great understanding and lushness of

heart like the sand on the seashore

and then Solomon’s wisdom excelled the

wisdom of all the men of the East and

all the wisdom of Egypt for he was wiser

than all men than Ethan the astral

height and Haman and alcohol and Darda

if you study these people most of them

are the people during the time of his

father David and they were the wisest

man then in fact they were all in

worship Temple worship amen you’ll find

Psalms by Ethan the Ezra height Haman

also was a worship leader and a cow

called which means the dance and all

these people were the wise men of

Solomon’s day and his Fame was in all

the surrounding Nations see the Bible

says he spoke 3 000 Proverbs and his

songs were 1005. imagine you’re a you’re

a songwriter and you have written 1005

songs amen so his wisdom is uh manifold

it is Diversified in many many areas

amen when God gives you wisdom it’s not

just to make money

amen though riches and honor has been

promised by God by the way it reaches

and honor are things that God does not

want us to have he will not be giving it

to Solomon he won’t be saying that in

the left hand of wisdom our riches and

honor okay just a Sidetrack a little bit

to talk about you know how people can

preach and share that riches would

destroy you it’s true friend if your

ambition in life is just to be rich

you’ll be pierced through with many

Sorrows the Bible says that amen we

don’t have an ambition to be rich in

this area of being being Hasty to be

rich or wanting to be rich as your

ambition in life that reaches the area

just one area money but God want to give

you riches and honor includes money as

well amen but in every area of your life

you are prospering your relationships

with your spouse with your children with

everyone around you amen praise the Lord

and that’s God’s desire for all of us

that’s why he put all this

um all this wisdom into Solomon amen the

Solomon can put them all in the Book of

Proverbs and the Book of Proverbs is

divided into 31 chapters why

well I believe that you know God wants

us to hear

um for that particular day it is uh the

fifth of November let’s say the 5th of

December or the 10th of December right

we can actually go to

um the the 10th chapter and start

reading on the 10th chapter and you’ll

find that every month that that 10th day

the 10th chapter will speak differently

to you

all the verses there you you look for

that verse that that sort of leap out at

you the verse is sort of sort of arrests

you amen and say look at me study me

that’s the verse for you for that day it

lights up it’s like the oremen to meme

of the priests in the temple the the

word that lights up that’s the word of

God’s direction God’s wisdom amen so he

studied uh the corresponding day in 31

days in a given month all right most

months have 31 days and if not you just

read twice amen or you can

you want amen but particularly if you do

that I believe God designed it for

Modern Men who live in 31 days in a

month amen for them to study and find

wisdom for that particular every day you

can find wisdom for that specific day

praise God you can share your children

these truths as well and uh just read to

them the particular chapter and ask them

all right I’m gonna read this chapter to

you that’s what I did with Justin as

well and then you’re going to tell me

which one speaks to you is very

interesting exercise amen you’ll find

that later on he’ll tell me that one

speaks to me yeah this one speaks to me

I find this one speaks to me yeah ask

him why does it speak to you amen you’ll

find that the same chapter next month

will speak differently amen different

verse will speak to you so is it amazing

that God has ordained this way for us

and another way you receive wisdom is by

meditating on God’s word

amen of the word that you receive When

You Reach like for example you’re

hearing this sermon right now take what

speaks to you that Patriot expect and

meditate on it take the verse that

speaks to you amen that that sort of

lights up to you and meditate on that

verse memorize that verse and start to

meditate on it you know Solomon asked

God for wisdom and uh for a hearing

heart as well amen and also he says that

I made discern that’s not a river of

wisdom there are many rivers that’s that

in the Hebrew there’s the word hakam for

wisdom and sometimes uh in the English

Bible they don’t differentiate all right

they’ll say wisdom for quite a few

things but the main word for wisdom is

hakam but there’s not a river of wisdom

from God called uh Bin and then there’s

also Mada and then there’s also

mother is the same uh there’s there’s uh

there’s alsocial amen if you look at

what uh Solomon asked God he asked God

for an understanding heart to judge your

people and to work down there judge your

people all right is that it’s a good

judgment in other words it’s like story

of the two mothers that came claiming

that the baby is is hers right and he

wants to arrive at the righteous

decision amen and and really uh uh a

gift of the mother the rightful mother

that child so this is how he judges his

people not not in his negative sense to

condemn people okay but he hasn’t got

for a for a hearing heart to judge your

people no this is unselfish in fact

early on he says to God if you uh read

the first part in his prayer he says

that I I’m like a child

at that time he was a young man but yet

he says I’m like a child I do not know

how to come in or how to go out you see

God gives wisdom to people who are

humble not people who are proud in fact

you never ask God for wisdom you don’t

even want to read The Book of Proverbs

if you think that I can do it

I’ve got it under control

all right I I don’t have to read The

Book of Proverbs I don’t have to listen

to anointed sermons I don’t have to ask

God for wisdom it takes humble people to

ask God for wisdom as for me every day I

need the wisdom of God every day amen I

need God to give me a supply mean the

understanding and the knowledge and the

know-how amen after all these years that

I’ve lived amen I still feel like I’m a

child when it comes to the things of God

when it comes to even preaching and

teaching and all that I still ask God

for wisdom and I’m so desperate amen

when I ask God there’s a sense of I

really need because if God doesn’t speak

to me God doesn’t give me his wisdom

what can I give you

amen so whatever area of feel or

occupation you’re in or Ministry that

you’re in ask God for wisdom God has a

wisdom for success in that area

now notice the Bible says that the

speech please the Lord that Solomon had

asked this thing if you keep on reading

this is the very first thing that

Solomon did it’s a sign that he has

received wisdom all right in verse 15

then Solomon awoke and indeed it had

been a dream and it came to Jerusalem

and stood before the Ark of the Covenant

of the Lord notice the very first thing

he did was stand before the Ark of the

child of the Lord he offered up burnt

offerings offered peace offerings and

made a feast for all his servants notice

the very first thing right that he did

when he woke up after he has received

wisdom from God after he has received a

hearing heart amen the very first thing

was to seek God’s presence to seek the

Lord Jesus Christ and that’s why wise

men will always seek him just like the

wise men from the East came to seek the

baby Jesus today wise men were still

sick Jesus amen are you seeking the Lord

amen especially seeking the Lord for

wisdom amen so the very first sign that

someone has received wisdom is that he

cherished the person of our Lord Jesus

Christ he valued the the presence of our

Lord Jesus and he will come to the Lord

Jesus anyone coming to the Lord Jesus is

a sign that he has received wisdom amen

so we know that the act of the Covenant

is a picture of our Lord Jesus Christ

right I’ve said before that the even the

structure and that furniture the being

overlaid with gold that’s his deity

because the goal is always a symbol a

type of deity Divinity and then the it

overlays the wood acacia wood which is

Incorruptible wood that is his Humanity

then we have The Mercy Seat that’s the

work of Jesus on the cross where the

blood is sprinkled and God says when I

see the blood I will pass over you right

and and God says there I’ll meet with

you there I’ll talk with you where above

the mercy seat and that’s the holiest

place so that that place that is the

holy holiest place of all that’s where

the ark is placed in the holy of holies

the holiest place of all the greatest

Holiness right at the heart of Holiness

is Mercy amen so Grace is the greatest

Holiness sermon you can ever preach

friend because Mercy Seat is found where

directly in the center of the holy of

holies the holy years of all and it is

the work of our Lord Jesus Christ at the

cross amen so the goal and the wood

speaks of his deity and his Humanity the

mercy seats speaks of his work at

Calvary amen and the blood is shed on

The Mercy Seat and that’s where God says

our commune with you and I’ll talk with

you praise God so a sign that someone

has received wisdom the very first thing

is that he was seek the Lord’s presence

amen so right after he received wisdom

he sought Jesus Christ Our Lord Jesus

amen which is the Ark of the Covenant is

a type of the realities are Lord Jesus

so the sign today that someone has

received wisdom is that he’s always

focused on Jesus and he comes to Jesus

with every need amen and he always talks

about Jesus praise the Lord that’s a

sign that someone has received wisdom

amen praise the Lord that’s how you

gauge it number two

another sign that someone has received

wisdom is that he becomes even more

humble you know in this chapter this

chapter three when he asked God for

wisdom it’s in chapter three but notice

what happens in chapter four I used to

read chapter four and I didn’t

understand why all of a sudden it became

like uh chapter 3 was uh kind of like uh

interesting to read how a young man you

know had a dream from God and all that

but uh in chapter four it was more

administrative notice chapter four The

the very next chapter it says so King

Solomon was King over all Israel

and these were his officials Azariah the

son of zedok the priest Ali Horath and

ahiya the sons of shisha scribes

Jehoshaphat the son of ahilu the

recorder banaya the son of jehoiada over

the Army zedok and abiata the priests

Azaria the son of Nathan over the

offices zabut the son of Nathan the

priest and the King’s friend and ahisha

over the household and adoniram the son

of over the labor force the reason took

time to read all this is that you can

sense like it’s just like you know at on

a superficial reading it shows like you

know Administration who is in charge of

what all right who is placed over which

department in his kingdom

but there is a reason and a purpose for

all this all right nothing is without

significance in the word of God every

Nuance every turn every chapter every


has a meaning

amen it will seek God for the wisdom of

it so I used to read this and think why

is all of a sudden God talk about

Administration and all that no God is

telling me I’m still continuing what

happens to a man after he receives

wisdom first of all he values the person

of my son

number two he becomes humble and he

surrounds himself with people that he

can tap into their advice into their

counsel into their wisdom and that’s why

it says here and this were his officials

verse two Azariah the son of zedok the

priest so

right after he received wisdom he begins

to value and prioritize the person of

our Lord Jesus Christ amen worshiping

him as Central in his life

number two

result of receiving wisdom is that he

became humble now we say just now we

showed you that Solomon’s wisdom

excelled the wisdom of all the men of

the East and all the wisdom of Egypt

then he goes on to say he was why is it

an all man then Ethan and all the rest

these are the wisest men at that time

during the time of his father David

especially and yet the Bible says he was

wiser than all men

so we see that Solomon’s wisdom the

wisdom that God gave him Excel the

wisdom of all the men of the East so you

can think of all the famous men in

history from the East the wisest men at

that time and the Bible says Solomon’s

wisdom Excel demo

all the wisdom of Egypt Egypt being a

type of the world all the wisdom you can

find in this world today Solomon’s

wisdom which is wisdom of God given to

him excels them all he was wiser than

all men

amen and all this man here now is

refrained by name to people who are the

wisest man during the time of his father

David amen and yet he excelled them all

so this wisdom is is uh preeminent it’s

it’s uh Superior

against all the wisdom he can find in

the world and anyone else as wise so

friend ask God for wisdom wisdom is not

intellect it can involve intellect and

many times it does but the wisdom is a

wisdom from God it comes as a flow in

fact you will find the holy spirit is

involved when you are filled with the

spirit you are filled with wisdom and

here you find that Solomon’s wisdom

excelled them all yet when he receives

wisdom from God the very next chapter

tells us he surrounded himself

just think of it here surrounded himself

with people who would give him advice

despite people in positions to give him

advice the very first person is Azariah

the priest and why why would he need a

priest I mean doesn’t he have direct

contact with God after all God appeared

to him in a dream directly

God appeared to him God spoke to him

directly why would he need a priest and

yet he was humble now this speaks to me

today that all of us need a a pastor we

need leaders pastors or you know care

leaders people who are we we esteem and

respect as people who heal God Amen not

that they are in a position of authority

over us no but it was you know feeding

us a position of responsibility of Grace

over us amen as they hear from God

translating our life and whatever they

need to affirm or even correct or warn

in our lives is because it is a

direction from the Lord and we trust

them especially in the ability to hear

God and that’s why they are in our lives

amen but many times you find that when

people think that they are wise they are

smart they don’t ask

um you know any of their leaders for

advice amen they they just you know run

rough shot into the situation and only

to find that uh being Hasty of spirit

like the book of prophets tells us

is to exalt Folly of the exalt

foolishness don’t be Hasty take your

time especially in the major decisions

of Life what to embark on this financial

uh plan that someone gave you to for you

to invest in is it really is it really

good is it really from God and many

times you look at your your leaders

okay and you start thinking well what do

they know about financial Acumen you

know what what you know about financial

intelligence and they’re not in this

field and but then they’re in a field

that covers all this they’re in the

field of hearing God Amen and God has a

work to say about all these areas amen

his wisdom surpass all these people in

all these areas amen they can confirm

even they’re not knowledgeable about

that area I see I’ve seen it time and

time again as they seek the Lord they

they receive from the Lord the word

that’s needed for that situation

personally I find that and I say this to

the glory of God I find that many times

I’m not knowledgeable I’m not uh

experienced in some of the areas that

people from to me with uh for Council

for help in the area of their uh concern

but it’s an expertise it’s a skill uh a

skill set that I don’t possess myself

but then God gives me a word and that

word is what sustains them that word is

what brings them out friend you need to

have spiritual leaders around you care

leaders or sell group leaders or and

they they function as people who hear

God for you and even if they don’t have

the word right now there’s no need to

rush into something every time someone

tells you to rush into something make

that decision right now sign on that

dotted line you know and and uh there’s

a there’s a push to do something just

stop for a while and tell yourself

here that is Hasty of spirit exalts

foolishness exalts Folly amen it’s never

God’s way the Bible says hey that

believer shall not make taste amen relax

amen breathe

amen take your time to consult the

people that love you that God has

surrounded you with

ask them to hear God ask them to pray

about this especially your spouse amen

there are people who are The Undertaker

Financial Venture payment or investment

or whatever without even Consulting

their wife and I know of cases like this

in fact a lot of marriage failures have

come especially in the area of finances

not handled properly and

they don’t they don’t tell their wife

about using their their money their

money is not his money it’s their money

okay to invest in something that they

feel their wife have no knowledge about

and I always like to say that men are

like that you know sometimes they will

go to a a financial conference to listen

to advice

all right that uh and they pay for it

like like uh 200 for the conference or

whatever it is and they pay for it just

to hear the same advice for free at home

from their wives amen and your wives uh

they might not know everything about

your finances financial side of things

and all that but they have this uh

intuition God has given women this

special gift of intuition amen and

that’s where God speaks to us

that’s where they are sensitive and they

can confirm something that God is

speaking into your spirit amen that’s

why uh Eve was hanging around the the

tree of knowledge of Good and Evil

because she was intuitive and the devil

knew that and the devil started speaking

to her of course she heard the wrong

voice and she obeyed the wrong voice but

the thing is this nonetheless doesn’t

change the fact that the devil knew who

to approach amen because of the

intuition of that woman that God has

given her so just check with your wife

make sure she has a peace before you do

anything no one day and night we have

this agreement if she doesn’t feel feel

the peace I won’t do it even like my my

decision to go without salary right from

the church was something I had to bounce

off her and have her pray amen but uh

until she comes back to me and and tell

me she’s okay with it all right then we

are in agreement I will not embark on it

right we must be in agreement the Bible

says how can two walk together except

they’ll be a great so like I said there

are guys who you know they just want to

get into this funny Financial investment

thing using their money right their

wife’s money as well okay and then later

on you know just to come up with um with

with all this uh coming back on them

um with no profit you know and and they

have lost thousands of dollars and and

uh then they explain to their wife and

still there’s this hastiness to be rich

you know always looking for the next fat

that comes along and friend the Bible

tells you that if you are Hasty to be

rich you do not know that poverty is on

its way to you that’s what the Bible

says the man who is Hasty to be rich he

has an evil eye and does not considered

poverty is coming all right property

will come so just be just be aware of

this God doesn’t want us to be Hasty to

be rich

or Hasty just in life in anything in

decision making all right take your time

take your time and hear the the voice of

God he said God speaks to me direct

friend I just established that from

Roman stand that even the faith that

comes by hearing is a hearing through

the voice of a Preacher the word of God

through the voice of a Preacher amen how

shall they hear without a preacher but

we say we can hear without a preacher

God speaks to me direct well not

according to the Bible the Bible says

how shall they hear without a preacher

okay when when we know God can speak to

anybody and at times he does all right

but it’s the exception and not the rule

the rule is that he speaks to you

clearly to the voice of your preacher

amen and many times it confirms what you

have already in your spirit because you

hear God but the thing is this God God

is like God gives you

um a sense on the inside that is to be


and God Wants You humble God wants you

teachable he doesn’t want Pride to come

in so he will give you a sensing uh

intuitive uh feel inside but he knows

that you’ll be looking for confirmation

and God wants to confirm to you the

intuition to the voice of people that

are number one his people amen who have

the Holy Spirit in them and who love you

who have been placed in a position of

responsibility over you okay so check

with that and let’s continue reading

that portion and it says uh he also

appointed alioreth and ahija the sons of

shisha Stripes teachers

now he wrote a thousand and five songs

all right he he has he has many Proverbs

and Bible says thousands and why would a

man like that need scribes and a scribe

in those days but if you keep on reading

it says Jehoshaphat as well the recorder

why do you need a recorder scribes and

Recorders in those days they they write

down events that happen so later on they

can tell the king and remind the king

especially in his later years or what

transpired what happened we learned a

lot from history

okay unfortunately some things that

people learn from history they learn

from history

that they learn nothing from history

okay when history is actually there to

tell you going by this route has proven

fatal in times past okay so instead of

that we don’t learn from history just

remember histories is made of his story

and then go to the right one and you

you’ll find wisdom just in that

particular hour of need you need a

specific Direction God can speak to you

amen we have some sensing in your heart

that God is speaking to you confirm it

with someone that you trust amen someone

who is filled with God’s spirit as well

because if you have the Holy Spirit they

also have the Holy Spirit and together

you can come and pray and ask the Lord

and then you have a confirmation

especially in the areas of a major you

know decisions of life amen make sure

that you hear God for it all right

Jehoshaphat the recorder again the

recorder in those days today we have we

have uh recordings right we record down

and all my sermons like I said just now

uh I speak for myself because I know

myself best amen all my sermons on Jose

Prince app is all available down to the

years amen thousands of sermons is

available so why because there was a

recorder amen it has been recorded in

those days they record manually amen the

word of God the Book of Proverbs

so he has a recorder amen again the

scribes and Recorders is to remind him

but why why did it reminder I mean he

has the most brilliant mind God has

given him wisdom his memory is near

Perfect Memory why would he need someone

to remind him and that’s a sign that

someone has received wisdom amen they

surround themselves with advices they

surround themselves with people the

priests amen they surround themselves

with recorders to remind him you don’t

take for granted all these things just

because you have received the wisdom of

God in fact all this demonstrates that

you have received God’s wisdom amen

praise the Lord and not only that banaya

the son of Yehuda over the Army right

the priest you can also say that why why

be concerned about areas of Warfare when

God has given me peace in my in my

kingdom in fact the Bible says uh

Solomon never went to war

during his Reign it was peaceful it was

a golden era of Israel

all right and for the Kingdom so he

never went to war yet you find that he

appointed banaya over the Army why

that’s wisdom amen during times of Peace

when you have you have an army amen

that’s a guarantee for your outward

peace amen is a sign to all the nations

around the world not to attack amen and

banaya we know from other places in the

Bible that this is a mighty warrior of

God especially during the time of David

and zero and the priests again this

plural now just now he had a priest

which is the pastor right and uh now he

has preached all the spiritual uh

overseers the spiritual people that God

has placed in his life so friend

a sign that you receive wisdom from God

is that you surround yourself with

people who can speak into your life and

sometimes it is corrective sometimes

when they speak to you right it’s not


for example from The Book of Proverbs it

says poverty and shame will come to him

who disdains correction

but he who regards a rebuke will be


you know today we have a generation of

people uh don’t correct me don’t tell me

what I did wrong you know I I don’t want

to hear it and I know what to do in fact

uh the younger they are the more they

know what to do you know our children

even especially and and they they

believe they know what to do and and

increase us because we look at them and

we we know that there’s a better way of

doing that there’s a better way of doing

this but yet they they they want to go

on their own way and usually they fall

flat on their face it’s the same thing

even for adults many times you know the

rebuke comes and the Bible says open

review is better than Secret Love from

Book of Proverbs again open review is

better than someone saying they love you

secretly oh God God wants you if you

love someone you see them going down the

wrong path correct them that is someone

who loves you amen someone is not up for

your money someone is not just out to to

benefit themselves they care for you

surround yourself people like that and

when they see you going on the wrong

path they’ll tell you look bro I love

you enough to tell you this is not the

way to go it’s not the way to do it amen

and time and time again we see in our

counseling and all that

um uh families

break down because of of the father you

know all of a sudden going on the wrong

path amen it might start with a little

flirtation and then later on became an

affair all because no one came in when

they saw the thing happening they saw

them flirting you know no one came and

said bro what you’re doing you’re you’re

saying those kind of things to a girl

who is not even your your wife come on

what’s happening bro I can see it amen

you need people like this in church you

need people to tell you straight amen

because they love you amen or you see

someone you know and and they are

investing in a business that is not

moral that is not right and I’m speaking

from experience here I know of families

that break down because the husband want

to become rich quickly and they feel

like they are they’re in for a good deal

even though the wife says no the wife

doesn’t feel peaceful about it and the

Bible says clearly in the Book of

Proverbs he that gathers by labor shall

increase amen but no I don’t want to

label away I just want the easy way I

know I can make money by this whatever

fat that comes friend the Bible says

blessed is the man who walks not in the

Council of the ungodly notice the

ungodly they have counsel

it’s not that they don’t have counsel

but the Bible says what blessed is the

man who walks not in the counsel of the

ungodly they’ll tell you how to spend

your money how to invest your money but

if there are people who are not filled

with God’s spirit and you don’t bear

witness we all even even they are

Christians telling you do that but you

feel like there’s a check in your spirit

check with someone who doesn’t have a

private interests Amen in this Venture

ask someone who can be neutral who can

ask the Lord for you so that together

you can confirm that this is of God

someone you respect like we establish

just now all right surround yourself

people like this your Care Group Leaders

your pastors amen before you make a

major decision let’s play one that

involves a lot of money or change of

location or change of career amen it’s

important you listen and listen to the

wisdom of God in them amen but friend

don’t walk in the Council of the ungodly

and the Bible says instead Walk In The

Word of God Amen if whether you find the

word of God you find the word of God

from the Bible you find the word of God

the Rama word the word in the in

your spirit in your heart to be

confirmed by all those that God has

placed in in responsibility over you in

shepherding over you amen praise the

Lord and the Bible says the result of

the same chapter that starts with uh

blessed is a man who walks not encounter

than Godly ends with whatever he doeth

shall prosper so don’t walk in the

council then Godly or meditate on God’s

word amen day and night and you will

prosper your life will not wither and

whatever you do prospers amen

so the wisdom that we’re talking about

is a wisdom from God my friend is a

wisdom from God remember Joseph the

Bible tells us that uh when Joseph was a

slave in Egypt and uh he was thrown into

prison because of false accusation and

in prison he he interpreted a buttless

dream and he reminded Butler when you

are released don’t forget to mention me

all right I’m still I’m still in prison

mentioned I I mentioned a good word

about me so that I can be released from

this place because I’m thrown here uh

because of a lie and um but that Butler

forgot uh Joseph but God never forgot


praise the Lord and God will never

forget you amen so the Bible says at the

end of two full years

Pharaoh had a dream

and he had two dreams in one night the

first Dream he saw

um seven cows they were good looking and

and Plum fat cows healthy cows and uh

the Bible says that this house came out

of the river right and they were healthy

looking Plum then all of a sudden seven

other cows came out and they were ugly

and they were gaunt and they were so

scrawny and this this uh thin cronic

house ate up the seventh house

okay you know dreams usually is symbolic

and they don’t make natural sense okay

then he slept again and then uh he had

another dream and this time he dreamed

of seven years of corn of wheat right

um and and and from one one stock came

seven Hits and The Seven hits were Plum

right they were Plumbing it’s full of

wheat amen and full of Colonel so uh

that means it’s a healthy Harvest and

then he had uh he saw another seven uh


ugly blighted withered

um hate seven hates of green they were

with it blasted by the East Wind the

Bible says and then this seven you know

uh with it

um hates Ada the plum hates

so he slept and he was thinking

when he woke up what is this dream all


and and again the butler that that

Joseph interpreted for uh was summoned

and when the butler was before Pharaoh

he says it’s my fault you know um not to

mention this earlier but there was a

young Hebrew and he he interpreted my

dream correctly he all came to pass so

they got Joseph at a prison and Joseph

had the dream and this what Joseph said

and the dream was repeated to Pharaoh

twice because the thing is established

by God and God will shortly bring it to

pass you know I have a special thing

that you know down through the years I

would dream sometimes not all my dreams

are of God most of them are not okay but

there have been times that God will give

me dreams and it was a Dream from God

usually it will happen twice

all right the dream was repeated the

Pharaoh twice Joseph said because the

thing is established by God and God will

shortly bring it to pass

now therefore let Pharaoh select a

Discerning and wise man and set him over

the land of Egypt do you remember that

uh Joseph earlier on in his life he had

dreams from God but he was not able to

interpret many of us in the place where

we feel like something significant about

a dream a prophecy or something that God

spoke to us but we are not able to

really interpret it or or you know make

sense of it in a way that we can


so what what is happening here there’s a

difference even King Nebuchadnezzar the

most powerful Kingdom at that time right

the king of Babylon he had a dream from

God but he was not able to interpret he

had to have

um Daniel come in to interpret the dream

he had to have God’s men to come in to

interpret the dream so the ability to

interpret is something from God uniquely

from God to dream a dream can be for any

man and they don’t have to be filled

with God’s spirit they can just be you

know having that dream and and uh just

dream but they’re not able to interpret

so there’s a difference at one time

Joseph was not able to interpret he had

a dream and he was not able to interpret

it and uh he just told his brothers I

saw you all bowing before me and all

that but he was not able to interpret it

okay but later on he was able to

interpret dreams what was the difference

the difference was this

the ability to interpret came after he

said no to uh Potiphar’s wife with all

her seductions right he said no and

there’s something about this there’s

something about about about walking with

God and not sinning the Bible says for

example whoever commits adultery

destroys his soul all right his soul

here is not just uh your your life but

also it can mean life but also soul is

the realm of the mind and the emotions

the more you indulge in fleshly lusts

you’re into pawn and you’re into

adultery or whatever let me tell you

this your mind cannot think straight

you’re not able to make good decisions I

find many a times people were involved

in in fleshly lust they become more and


ignorant they become more and more

unintelligent they become in other words


okay the Bible says stupid to do all

these things whoever does these things

right destroys his soul so his soul was

okay but he destroys it so the ability

notice the ability to interpret any man

can have a dream from God God can give a

man a dream even though he’s not a

Believer and yet the ability to

interpret it is only for those who will

walk with God Amen so we find that

Joseph said no to the fleshly lust amen

and after that he was able to interpret

even though he was in prison all right

that came to pass I thought there’s a

important note for us to take uh account

off and uh over here you find that

Joseph said about the two dreams they

are actually one dream and he told

pharaoh and that means uh the the fat

cows and all that and the fat uh ears of

the grain right signify seven years of

plenty all right there’ll be seven years

of plenty their Harvest will bring forth

plentifully there’ll be a bumper crop

and uh for seven years it’s gonna be

just a wave of the wave of Bumper Crop

after that will come right seven cows

crony and ugly and they will eat up the

cows in other words there’ll be seven

years of famine right now prophetically

speaking we are in a famine we’re in the

recession and it’s Global so we’re in a


and God has wisdom for us here and the

Famine of Joseph was such that all the

seven years of plenty was forgotten but

then God never gives a dream without

giving us wisdom to apply it in our

lives and God gives wisdom to who in the

case of Nebuchadnezzar God did not give

it to him God gave it to his man Daniel

the man of the hour amen God gave him

wisdom and then he was able to interpret

the dream and prepare uh King

Nebuchadnezzar for what was to come okay

in fact even establishing his identity

as someone that God raised him for such

a time as the time that Daniel was in

and to know what he should do okay so

every time God gives a dream to an

unbeliever only a Believer a man who is

filled with God’s spirit is able to

interpret it and then that gives you a

connection there at the same time during

famine God’s people always rise to the

top and God will give them the wisdom

and the word for That season for that

time and this is what happened as well

when Joseph gave the interpretation to

Pharaoh Joseph says prepare yourself all

right let I don’t do this you know in a

way Joseph was not recommending himself

yet he was right he said let Pharaoh

select a Discerning and wise man and set

him over the land of Egypt let Pharaoh

do this and let him appoint officers

over the land to collect one-fifth

that’s 20 of the produce of the land of

Egypt in the seven plentiful years and

let them gather all the food of those

good years that are coming and store up

grain okay so here the wisdom was to

appoint a Discerning and wise man and

set him over the land of Egypt

now Joseph wasn’t saying I I recommend

myself for the job okay I volunteered no

he says let Pharaoh select a Discerning

and wise man and this what the Pharaoh

should do and sure that

during the seven years of plan t

set aside with every Harbor set aside 20

set aside 20 live off the rest amen sell

off the rest but store up the 20 percent

so this is what uh Joseph advised

pharaoh and look for a wise Discerning

man that you can put in charge of this

notice the pharaoh’s response

so the advice was good in the eyes of

pharaoh and in the eyes of all his

servants and Pharaoh said to his

servants can we find such a one as this

a man in home is the spirit of God


a man who is wise and discerning here

Pharaoh says something quite prophetic

right we know that it’s prophetic

because he designed correctly he says

can we find such one as this pointing to

Joseph A man in home is a spirit of God

it goes to show that a Discerning and

wise man is a man in whom God’s spirit

dwells then Pharaoh said to Joseph

inasmuch as God has shown you all this

there is no one as Discerning and wise

as you

and it goes on to say you shall be over

my house and all my people shall be root

according to your word only in regard to

throne will I be greater than you

wow just in a short while Joseph who was

brought out from prison is now the most

powerful man

besides Pharaoh okay Pharaoh says only

in the throne will I be greater than you

so he’s he’s the number two man in the

whole realm of that Kingdom and and the

Kingdom of Egypt at that time was the

most powerful Kingdom at that time so

with the wisdom of God he rose through

the ranks and friend that’s where you

find God’s wisdom will Propel you into a

place of promotion I’m not talking about

uh for Pride you know for proud reasons

and all that would to God that we stop

praying just for a job and pray for a

position a position of influence that we

can impact many lives for our Lord Jesus

amen but just pray for a job don’t just

pray for you know something uh um that

you just want to live by but pray that

you may be an influence to many people

remember later on Joseph said to his

brothers that God sent me here to save

many people Amen to save many many lives

amen so he realized he has a greater

call than just fulfilling a job so

friend that that’s that’s you and I as

well but I want to point to you this

this thing in closing Joe have

recommended a man who is Discerning and


that’s why he advised pharaoh now

Pharaoh says well who can who can find a

better man than you a man in home is

God’s spirit and a Discerning and wise

man and he became he was promoted this

word Discerning in the Hebrew is the

word bin

and the word wise is the word hakam

now why am i showing you this because

it’s very interesting that uh this word

bin was also used in the prayer of

Solomon that I may discern okay he says

bin it’s the same word in the Hebrew

that I may discern Discerning man wise

hakam hakam but also remember that uh

there is a a translation of the Old

Testament in Greek your Old Testament is

actually in Hebrew translation in Hebrew

and your New Testament is written in

Greek right but there’s Old Testament

um translation of Greek which is a

septogen version if you look at the

septogen version it says where it says a

Discerning and wise man the word been

for Discerning is the word fronimos

and the word hakam for wise is the word

sunnetos now fronimos is very

interesting because fronimos means

someone who is a sharp you’re right in

his discernment someone who is very

Discerning someone who is able to look

at the true nature of things and and

there’s a he’s a sagacious person a

person who is recognized for his

Prudence he’s able to see things before

it happens a man Discerning fronimos

very interesting word and hakam why is

hakam in the Hebrew the Greek is sunetto

sunettos means literally someone who is

able to take two and two to bring it

together to find the solution amen he’s

able to put two and two together and

conclude and this is what uh um Solomon

had also when the two women came to him

right claiming that the baby is is hers

he was able to put two things together

and come up with the right answer the

right mother actually so here this word

so is interesting because we find this

word this is an adjective form sunetos

but in its verb form is found here in

Joshua 1 8. in Joshua 1 8 again just

like uh Solomon

um Joshua is about to fill up a big pair

of shoes Moses has died and gone on to

be with the Lord and he’s gonna uh fill

up Moses shoes right I mean and he want

to be intimidated by that but the very

first instruction God gave him was this

this book the law will not depart from

his mouth because it don’t let this book

The Lord depart from your mouth what

does that mean marker on it memorize it

and matter on it you shall meditate in

it then like and the word meditate is

the word which is a matter of it

meditate you know when you are like

you’re talking to yourself you’re

thinking of you’re planning something

you talk to yourself right that is God’s

way of meditation and then meditation is

not emptying your mind meditation is

filling your mind with God’s word with

substance amen of power substance of

Grace amen you meditate on it day and

night I mean God says the result will be

for then you will make your way

prosperous and then you will have good

success now this word good success

in the Hebrew is the word sakhel

but in the Greek

it is the word tsunami no it sounds like

sunnetos because it’s the same word

actually sunitos is the adjective in the

Greek and tsunami is the verb so in

other words when you meditate on God’s

word day and night you you’ll make your

way prosperous and you will have good


amen how do you get tsunami just like uh

Joseph right he had tsunami he has

sunnetos amen putting two and two

together he’s able to discern he’s able

to put even literally the two dreams as

one and he’s able to see the answer that

comes from sunettos is it one of the

rivers of God’s wisdom that God releases

into your life when you have sunnetos

again is the adjective and the in the

verb form it is tsunami so here you have

tsunami good success very interesting

word sakhel uh because you find David

behave himself in a circle way when he

says David behaves behave himself wisely

all right that is sakal amen

praise the Lord amen so how do you have

tsunami in your life how do you have

this uh sex hell in your life how do you

have this this wisdom to put two and two


when others are not able to even

reconcile them and see the solution God

Says by meditating on his word day and

night another way of meditating of

course is also to hear sermons amen day

and night you know if the devil is

bombarding you with uh depressive

thoughts and dark thoughts and negative

thoughts uh all day long you’ll not be

well this this is gonna kill you and

this is what happened to so and so

that’s what happened to so and so and

you don’t you don’t keep your mind how

do you do that if the devil is

bombarding you 24 hours okay a day 24 7


let me tell you this it’s time for you

to meditate on God’s word listen to

God’s word day and night and we’re not

listening to God’s word meditate on what

you have you have listened to Medicine

Gods will moderate under your breath

because the devil is not playing Fair

he’s bombarding you all the day and

night you need American God’s word day

and night praise God this is one of the

greatest Pleasures in my own personal

life uh I’ve done this for many years

take a verse to meditate on you know

when wake up in the middle of night and

I don’t care whether it’s because I ate

the wrong kind of food or too much

coffee or or the devil is trying to to

disturb my sleep but if I wake up in the

middle of night one of the things I

always do is always to meditate meditate

on God’s word oh I pray in the spirit I

don’t stay up there and worry about not

having enough sleep and what’s going to

happen in the day you know many times in

the in the in the dark moments of the

night you find your thoughts going

history you’ll find your thoughts

getting very dark

just like the darkness around you but

friend there’s a time you need to focus

on God’s word you need to make your mind

focus on God’s word and start muttering

it amen mentoring helps to control your

mind to focus on something you know

people don’t know how the focus nowadays

they have so many distractions all

around them and meditating on God’s word

will make you focus focus on that one

verse focus on the word in that verse

amen it will help your concentration

which is the key to success in life

which is sadly lacking in today’s

generation in today’s world because they

are so full uh in so many directions and

there’s a lot of distractions out there

so friend meditation will give you what

amen the ability to

to put two and two together and see the

wisdom of God in it it’s one of the

branches of God’s wisdom I want to close

with this work you’ll make your way

prosperous Amen in the Hebrew is the

word saliak and in the in the Greek the

word here is you are da o you are Dao is

used in third John two beloved I wish

above all things that you prosper and be

in health even as your souls Prosper

right the word Prosper there is the word

okay same same over here in Hebrew it is

very interesting this is what Salia is

used also when in the Old Testament it

says the the spirit of God Came Upon

Samson and Samson did this exploit the

spirit of God came on Samson another

occasion and he did this he did that all

right the word there for coming upon

Samson is the word the spirit of God

Salia on Samson later on the spirit of

God saliac unsolved also David when

David was anointed by by Samuel the

prophet the Bible says fear of the Lord

Came Upon David but what Came Upon David

is the word the spirit of the Lord David

what does that mean success and the Holy

Spirit are together whatever areas of

life you’re going to be successful in

you’re going to be prosperous in amen

you can trust the holy spirit will bring

you there amen he the Holy Spirit coming

on you is

the Hebrew word all right he was he will

prosper your way

amen even your marriage in your

relationships with your friends with

your colleagues and people around you he

was Suddenly at those relationship amen

he was your parenting with your children

he was your your business life he was

Salia every area of your life

especially Amen in the area of Soul

because as your soul prospers

so you are in health and then you

prosper outwardly that’s what John 2

tells us amen so I pray in Jesus name

that you become that Discerning and wise

man that you have become that man that

has the hakam that has the bin or in the

in the Greek that has the sunnetos as

well as also uh the one who has the

fronimos amen someone who is wise and

Discerning someone who is able to flow

with what God is doing in this occasion

and remember that when God gives a dream

God gives a prophecy whatever is to

prosper his people amen there’s a verse

in the Bible in the book of Ezra it says

that God’s people prospered through the

prophesying of haggai and Zechariah so

these two prophets was race amen and

prophesying is today like hearing a

sermon being preached to you amen he

will prosper you he will Sally at you

amen just like the people of God

prospered because the prophet sign of

the prophets in those days amen I pray

that you will be a Discerning and wise

man a man who prospers in his way

something interesting about the word

prosperous also in the Greek is actually

the prosperous Journey so that tells us

prosperity or or success amen is not

an end it is actually a journey amen

while you are journeying to the End Amen

you are prospering in your way praise

the Lord

so my friends

ask God for wisdom in every Venture in

every Endeavor ask God for wisdom you

know I ask God for wisdom every day

because every day I see my need I see my

legs you know I need God I need his

wisdom desperately amen may you also

find yourself every day in that place

that place of being humble being

teachable and asking God for wisdom amen

God is more willing to give you wisdom

than you want it and then number two

right once you know that you value the

person of Jesus all of a sudden you see

my goodness Jesus is what all this thing

is all about I I want to love him more I

want to worship him more I want to know

him more I mean that’s a sign that

you’ve received wisdom also then Jesus

becomes Central in your life every

sermon you hear you want to hear Jesus

in that sermon amen then another result

of knowing that you have received wisdom

is this all of a sudden you are willing

to hear advice advice from people

who are spiritual people that are

flowing with God Amen especially your

leaders in your local church amen you

start listening you start bouncing off

them if God is directing you if it’s God

again you can bounce off them and hear

the same thing it’s like like a word of

confirmation amen you will surround

yourself with people that are

like-minded people who have the Holy

Spirit just like you have and you will

bounce off them especially in the areas

of major decisions in your life amen

have them pray together with you like

the book of Acts the Bible says time and

time again being let go they went to

their own company being let go they went

to the always together together and they

prayed in one Accord notice the

togetherness togetherness in the early

church and that’s how they operate in

wisdom that’s why great grace was upon

them all and with great power they give

witness to the resurrection of the Lord

Jesus praise the Lord

Hallelujah father in Jesus name I thank

you for everyone that’s hearing this

word right now father I pray father God

that you were raised Discerning and wise

men and women

out of this sermon Lord I pray father in

Jesus name you have raised a whole new

generation of Joseph’s Daniels and

Solomon’s father with a good ending

father hallelujah amen praise the Lord

and father I pray that you will fill

them Father with your hakam with your

bin with your uh foreign

fill them with every branch of your

wisdom that they will operate not with

fleshly wisdom not with uh uh uh human

logic but with the wisdom of God I pray

you prosper them Lord and all that they

undertake May their lives make a turn

right now because as they receive your

wisdom father

I pray to continue Lord to walk with you

and to continue that wisdom Lord not as

Solomon did Lord but as Jesus did Lord

to the end of his life the author and

finisher of faith and and prosper their

Journey Prosper all the way until we see

you Lord Jesus face to face in Jesus

name I ask amen

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode but

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