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Have you been there?

You’re on holiday,
but you’re not on holiday.

Your mind is not
on holiday.

You know, it takes
a long time for

your mind to calm down

because you’re
so used to,

you’re addicted to busyness!

I’m going to give you a
word from the Lord:

I just had this rising up:

‘Kill hurry before hurry kills you.’

What is God telling the people,

when He says: “Keep the Sabbath.”

He’s telling them to rest!

Something happens to
us physically when

we learn to slow down

one day out of seven.
Do what’s restful for you.

Many a times,
screen time is not restful.

You can be busy but inside,
you are at peace.

Your body will thank you,

your mind will thank you,

and your heart will thank you.

“Praise the Lord! Good to see all
of you at church. We have quite a

number of testimonies to share
with you. So, are you ready for

the good news? Praise the Lord!
All right. So, the first

testimony comes to us from a
sister from Singapore. And she

writes that, ‘I’m a Singaporean,
living in England for the past 25

years. Some years ago, I went
through a divorce. During that

period, my brother, who’s living
in Australia, would download

Pastor Prince’s sermons and send
them to me on USB sticks. Right,

some of us don’t have, I used to
use the USB drive or USB sticks,

right?’ So, listening to Pastor
Prince speak about God’s grace

and favour gave me hope. The Lord
sent help and brought people into

my life and the lives of my
children. It was because of God’s

faithfulness and love for me that
I was able to raise my children

here in England. A few years
back, I was diagnosed with a

brain tumour. I was transferred
to the nearest hospital that had

a neurology department. I felt
cold, afraid, alone, sad, and

confused. I missed my children
and wondered if I would ever see

them again. I was deeply
discouraged and absolutely

terrified. The doctor saw me
immediately, and I was told that

I needed emergency surgery. I was
also informed that I could lose

the vision in my right eye during
the surgery. On the day before my

surgery, I was woken up by a
hospital worker. We got chatting,

and she told me that she was from
overseas. She asked me if I would

like to watch TV. I politely said
yes but only really wanted to go

back to sleep. So she was very
polite, but she actually wanted

to go back to sleep. I closed my
eyes, but I could hear her

talking to me, telling me that
none of the channels were working

except for one. Guess which one?
With my eyes shut, I heard a

voice coming from the TV, a voice
I had heard many, many times over

the years, that I was so familiar
with. It was Pastor Prince

speaking on my hospital TV. I
opened my eyes stunned, and the

lady said to me, ‘You should
listen to this man preach. My

daughter listens to him all the
time. God healed her from stomach

cancer. Have you heard of this
preacher?’ I laughed and said,

‘Yes,’ and told her that this
preacher is from the same country

that I come from. Hearing Pastor
Prince’s voice, seeing his face

on TV, and hearing a woman from
overseas speak about him just

made my day. It gave me hope
again. I knew then that the Lord

had not forgotten me and He was
with me. And as He’s always done,

He sent people into my life to
aid me and to give me courage. I

went for my surgery the next day,
and it was very successful. And

now I live to tell of His
goodness with perfect vision in

my right eye. What a beautiful
and glorious testimony. Praise

the Lord and this is those
encouraged as you heard Pastor

from a distance, praise the Lord,
hallelujah.” “All right, and for

those of you who were in church
last week or even attended the

online service, you will know
that Pastor Prince ministered,

right? We have a strong healing
anointing last Sunday, and we

heard many of you share your
testimonies live here at the

church service. And the
testimonies have all come in. And

today we’re going to share with
you four of these testimonies.

The first one comes to us from a
sister from Singapore. She writes

that, ‘I had been experiencing
shoulder pain for a very long

time. Despite taking oral
medication and using medicated

plasters—go ahead, right, for
those of us who do use

that—nothing helped. On Sunday,
the 25th of June, I tuned in to

New Creation Online. Those of you
watching online, say Hallelujah.

Praise the Lord. Those are those
of you here because you’re not

watching online. Okay, when
Pastor Prince asked those who had

pain in their bodies to place
their hands on the afflicted

area, I immediately crossed my
arms and rested them on my

shoulders and rested my hands on
the shoulders. Then, as Pastor

Prince prayed for the condition,
I stood in faith and believed

that all the symptoms that I was
experiencing were lies from the

enemy. I took authority and
confessed that I have perfect

health because of Jesus’s
finished work on the cross. Even

though I was seated in front of
my TV, I could feel my body

trembling. After that, the pain
in my shoulders completely

disappeared. Thank you, God. And
thank you, Pastor Prince. Praise

the Lord. Praise the Lord! Thy
sister received healing while

watching online in front of a TV.
You can receive healing even as

you’re watching online. Amen.
Praise the Lord. But for those of

you who came, you’re not
shortchanged, because you get to

experience the anointing of the
Lord in this corporate anointing.

Praise God.'” “Next, another
testimony comes to us from a

sister also from Singapore. And
she writes that, ‘I experienced a

slipped disc several months ago,
and although I have since

recovered, I remain cautious
about making sudden movements

that could strain my lower back.
Whenever I feel a slight dull

pain in that area, I become
anxious, feeling or fearing a

relapse of my slip disc. On
Saturday, the 24th of June, I

started experiencing adult pain
in my lower back. The next day

during the church service, Pastor
Prince encouraged the

congregation to place their hands
on any part of their bodies that

had pain. Without hesitation, I
put my hand on my lower back

where the pain was. After Pastor
Prince rebuked the pain and

prayed over it, I decided to step
out in faith and move my body in

ways that would typically cause
pain. Miraculously, I did not

experience any pain throughout
the entire day on Sunday. The

pain was completely gone. Praise
the Lord, hallelujah!” “Next

testimony is also from a sister
from Singapore. She writes that,

’12 years ago, the Lord delivered
me from stage four cancer after

going through multiple sessions
of chemotherapy, which left me

with unexplained chronic fatigue,
even years after the treatment

had ended. The fatigue I
experienced for the past 12 years

caused me a lot of physical and
mental distress. I was not able

to carry out my daily duties or
care for my children and family

without experiencing extreme
tiredness that does not go away

with sleep or rest. So sad. There
were many times when I sat at a

bus stop or bench with my young
children afraid if I would be

able to make it home with them
given the extreme fatigue I was

experiencing. My doctor had no
explanation for it and told me

that I should just be glad that
I’m still alive. While very, very

comforting. However, being under
Pastor Prince’s ministry has

taught me otherwise. I’m not
willing to settle for just being

alive and that because of Jesus’s
finished work at the cross, I

shall be able to experience
complete restoration in my body.

That is faith speaking, Amen.
I’ve been waiting for my chronic

fatigue condition to be called
out each time Pastor Prince led

the congregation with anointed
healing sessions. I want to

receive instant and total healing
for the pain in my right knee.

So, during one of those sessions,
I strongly believe that I shall

be able to experience the same
for my issue of chronic fatigue

as well. Finally, on Sunday, the
25th of June, Pastor Prince

called out the condition of
chronic fatigue. I knew that it

was for me and trusted God that I
shall be healed from this

long-term affliction. It has been
close to a week now, and I’ve

never been able to accomplish as
much as I can now in a day for

the last 12 years without
experiencing symptoms of fatigue.

What a typical person could do in
a day, I could achieve as well

and, in fact, much more. I’m
thankful for what the Lord has

done for me. Indeed, those who
trust in the Lord shall never be

put to shame. Thank you, Pastor
Prince, for these anointed

healing sessions and constantly
reminding us of our true

inheritance in Christ. God bless
you and our church. Praise the

Lord for His wonderful testimony.
And those of you suffering from

chronic fatigue, wake up!
Hallelujah! Praise Hello, whoa.”

“Alright, the last testimony
comes to us from a sister from

Singapore. On Saturday, the 24th
of June, my dad experienced a

sudden acute pain in his chest.
Since it was late at night, he

refused to go to the hospital and
thought that he would get better

after resting. I prayed for my
dad, but I was worried and unable

to sleep. So, I listened to the
audio of Pastor Prince’s healing

scriptures to fall asleep. The
following day, I attended the

first service at New Creation
Church, just like all of you

here. That day, Pastor Prince
ministered healing and the first

condition he called out and
prayed for was chest pain and

clearance of artery blockages. In
my spirit, I knew that God had

orchestrated this for my dad, and
I immediately received the

healing for him after the
service. When I returned home, my

family told me that my dad had
gone to the emergency unit in the

morning as the chest pain had
worsened. He was admitted for

further tests, and I was very
worried. But I knew and believed

that my dad was completely
healed. I watched the Church

Online Service after that, or I
suppose you went to attend in

person and then watched online
after that, wow. I claimed

healing for my dad and partook of
the Holy Communion. That evening,

when I visited my dad in the
hospital, he looked very lively

compared to the previous day. He
told me that his chest pain had

subsided, and there was almost no
pain. The doctor said that the

examinations and blood tests
revealed no signs of a heart

attack or artery blockage, and
his heart was very healthy.

Hallelujah! The following day,
the doctor discharged my dad as

they could not find any issues
with his heart and could not

determine the cause of his chest
pain. I truly believe that God

has completely healed my dad when
Pastor Prince prayed for this

condition during the service.
Praise the Lord! Thank You,

Jesus, for healing my Dad. Thank
you, Pastor Prince, for being the

Holy Spirit ministering His
healing and preaching the True

Word of God. Praise the Lord,
church, for all these awesome,

awesome testimonies. Right now,
are you ready for the preaching

of the Word? Let us welcome
Pastor Prince!”

We gotta watch out for this
spirit of consumerism. The new

god of the modern world is
consumerism. Online, we gotta

consume, gotta consume, gotta
consume. Why are you not here in

church today? I’m busy shopping
online. Consumerism, everything

is consumerism, amen. And the
whole idea of making you addicted

to social media, to give you that
buzz and all that, is so that

advertisers can promote the
spirit of consumerism, all right,

and get you hooked, amen. You
know, studies–and these are

proven studies, all right,
authentic, proper studies done.

More than one study have shown
that it has the same effect–

social media has the same effect
as gambling. When once in awhile

you get the, “Wow!” You know,
you’re so happy, you know? You

got that prize or whatever, that
lucky number came in, but you do

not know how much money you spent
to get only a small portion back.

But the same thing for social
media. You get the like. You get

the feedback. You put out the
post and you see how many people

like it. You look at how
many–that gives you a buzz,

amen. It releases your endorphin,
the feel-good chemical in your

body. Every time you get a–the
comment, wow, endorphin. And then

it makes you come back again, the
same as gambling.

“Preach it,

Pastor Prince! Preach it!” Amen?
Yeah, I understand. Look,

endorphins are not bad. God put
the chemicals there, right? But

too much endorphin being released
makes you addicted. You want

more, and more, and more, and
more. And they know they got you.

They are after your children. Get
them young and they will be fixed

for life. They’ll be addicted. So
the spirit of consumerism.

“Pastor, what’s your sermon

So we have forgotten to

be thankful, amen? Like a mother
one time, back in those days when

they used to write letters, the
mother received a letter from her

daughter who was abroad in the

The family looked at

her. She was reading the letter
and she saw that her face was

shocked as she read this letter
from her daughter saying that,

“Mother, are you seated? Can you
just sit down as I share with you

this. I’m pregnant. Didn’t mean
to. It just happened. And I have

also decided, my boyfriend and I,
that I will stop studies. He will

go to work. P.S., none of the
above is true. I just failed my

science.” All of a sudden it’s
okay you failed science, you

know? I’m summarizing something
that happened– The whole thing

is perspective. Perspective helps
you to be grateful. Like I said,

you know, we live in a
society–and I’m not just

referring to our country, I’m
referring to all countries

actually now–that you deserve
it. You are worth it. So when you

don’t get what you deserve or you
see other people getting what you

think you deserve, you get very
jealous. You get very angry. You

get very resentful, all right?
That’s what FOMO does also. You

know, FOMO. You look at other
people having fun and all that.

Number one, how come I wasn’t
invited? How come I wasn’t there

and all that? In the first place,
you’re not supposed to get so

much information. You’re supposed
to live life wonderfully, amen?

Life is more than just
consume–if you are addicted to

consumerism, something is wrong,
you know? You’re addict–it’s

still an addiction. See, we’re
all made to worship. In

worshipping the true God, we are
free from every bondage, amen.

But when you are not worshipping
the true God, you are a slave and

a bondage to anything that comes
along. Like they say, if you

don’t believe in God, you’ll
believe–you’ll fall for

anything, amen. ‘Cause God is the
true one that sets you free

because He created you free. If
He wants you in bondage, all

right, He won’t create you free.
Can I have a good amen? So the

mother who received that one,
right, all of a sudden– If you

had just written a letter, “I
failed my science,” right? So the

daughter knows how to put things
in perspective, and all of a

sudden you are grateful, amen?
You are grateful. You ever had a

dream that you committed a crime?
And the dream is so real. You

lost your family, you lost your
children, and you are doing time

in prison. It’s so real. Ever?
And you think to yourself, “I’ll

never go to church again.” And
it’s many years I’m in prison

now, and it felt so real, then
you wake up. And then,

“Hallelujah!” amen? You feel
grateful? Maybe the dream is from

God. Or you find yourself doing
something immoral, lying,

cheating, whatever it is. Then
you wake up and you realize you

didn’t do it. Do you realize why
God wants you to be moral? There

should be moral power in your
life. You see, there was a time

people looked up to leaders with
moral power, with beauty like

Jesus, the beauty of–the moral
beauty and excellence of our Lord

Jesus. They looked for leaders
who were honest not only when

people are looking, not
people-pleaser, people with

convictions, strong men. We still
need strong men today. We need

men to be men. And then one more
principle, and this is the thing

that I feel like we are missing
out again, and that’s why I tried

to demonstrate that this year. It
so happens this is my sabbatical

year. And I had other sabbatical
years. “When you say sabbatical

year, what do you mean, Pastor
Prince?” That every seventh year

is your sabbatical year in the
Bible, all right? For the farmer,

it’s the year where they don’t
actually toil the ground, and

plant, and all that. God says,
“I’ll give you enough blessing on

the sixth year, it will last for
three years.” But instead still,

people, you know, the Israelis,
would just go out there and still

plant, and still do all that kind
of thing. They disobeyed God, and

God promised. In fact, not just
God says, “I’ll give you

blessings,” God says, “I’ll
command my blessing upon your

crop.” It will bring forth crop
for three years. It will–you eat

whatever is growing by itself.
And God has promised to bless the

land if they rest in the seventh
year. So my seventh year of

ministry, I didn’t do it. Seventh
year, I didn’t do it. Many years,

I didn’t do it. I tell myself,
“Young,” you know? “Just do it,

the church is growing,” and all
that. Finally, the seventh cycle

happened again this year and my
pastors are the one that told me,

“Pastor, go for it,” okay? Israel
did not observe the seventh year.

See what happened in 2 Chronicles
36. It says, “Those who escaped

from the sword.” So
Nebuchadnezzar came with all the

Babylonian’s armies, all right,
destroyed Jerusalem. They burnt

down the temple. That’s the
Temple of Solomon, by the way.

They burnt it down. They took all
the gold and silver and destroyed

all the other vessels, all right?
And those who remained, those who

were not killed, the Bible says,
“Those who escaped from the sword

he,” Nebuchadnezzar, “carried
away to Babylon, where they

became servants to him and his
sons until the rule of the

kingdom of Persia, to fulfill the
word of the LORD by the mouth of

Jeremiah, until the land had
enjoyed her Sabbaths.” As long as

she lay desolate she kept
Sabbath, to fulfill seventy

years.” In other words, all the
Sabbath debt that was not paid.

When you think about it, what is
God telling the farmer? “I want

you to rest the whole year.” On
the seventh year of your

ministry, or career, or whatever
for us today, God says, “Rest,

this is your sabbatical year.”
You know what I’m saying? For us,

that’s how we apply it. But is it
important to God? See how

important it is? The whole nation
went into bondage because they

didn’t observe Sabbath. Not just
that, they committed idolatry.

But actually, Sabbath–not
keeping the Sabbath, for them was

the reason why– the main reason
why they went into idolatry. When

you don’t have enough rest–in
fact, when you are restless and

you are not restful, that’s the
time you are more susceptible to

temptation. Whether it’s to
pornography, whether it’s to

overeating or drinking, problems
with drinking alcohol and all

that, all this happens when a
person is tired, when a person is

spent. Many pastors gotta watch
it after they preach a sermon,

all right? That’s the time they
are most vulnerable. They think,

“Praise God, man. You know, God
preached through me today. I

mean, the Holy Spirit preached
through me today. I felt the

anointing, hallelujah.” You gotta
be careful after that. Find a

place to give God the praise and
the glory, all right? Kneel down,

give God all the praise, and the
glory, and all the honor. Very

quickly, if you’re wondering why
I go toilet, it’s not always for

the reason for going toilet. My
toilet here, one of the things I

do is that, inside there–these
are things very personal I don’t

like to share, but I kneel down
and I raise my hands, and I give

Him who deserves it all the
worship and the praise because He

is the one that released the
Word. He is the one that healed

the people. He is the one that
blessed. He is the one that

provided the anointing. He is the
one, and I get to preach for Him.

Therefore, none–I don’t take one
inch, one pinch of the glory. But

I don’t know why it helps me to
just kneel down, okay? Lock the

door, people think I’m doing my
business, amen. It’s the greatest

business, my Father’s business,
amen? Give Him all the praise,

all the glory, all the honor,
amen? It

helps, you know, your

perspective on life when you
realize that everything you do is

not for me, my money, more money,
more money. It’s for me, and my

family, and me. More money, more
money, me and my family, and more

money, more money. Don’t live
life like that. Life is more than

that. Life is about kairos
moments with the Lord, kairos

moments with your loved ones. If
you have young kids, they grow up

very fast. Very, very fast. You
don’t enjoy the moment, the now,

now is the kairos time. The Bible
says, literally in the Greek,

“Now is the favored time.” It’s
the kairos time, the accepted

time. Enjoy now. And all the
people said? Are you with me so

far? Amen. So we’ve forgotten
Sabbath. We don’t honor the Lord

anymore. We don’t go to church.
There was a time–the Puritans,

by the way, who founded America,
all right, the Puritans came on

Mayflower boat and majority of
them are Puritans, Christians,

amen? And the primary reason why
they left England then, because

England was no more observing a
day of rest, Sabbath, no more a

day of rest. That was the primary
beef they had against England.

And England is no more observing
it, so they want to go to a land

where they can observe it, amen.
America was–America was founded

on these beliefs. And for many
years until the 1960s, America

actually shut down their
businesses. And one guy

actually–an author actually said
that he was a young boy in the

1960s when he looked at New York
City and it was deserted. When he

grew older, he said that he saw
the same scene only after 9/11.

And for us, of course, COVID. But
he says that during that time,

it’s deserted, why? Families are
all in church. In fact, they have

something called blue laws in
America where they actually made

it compulsory for businesses to
shut down until the 1960s. It was

eased and then erased later on,
but look at the result: the

spike, the raise, the number of
people with heart troubles and

all that kind of thing.

years ago, there was a guy called

Friedman, all right? Doctor–he’s
a cardiologist. He and his

partner, Rosenman, both of them,
Friedman and Rosenman, what do

you think they are? Jews, very
good, Jewish cardiologists. He

discovered this. If you ever hear
the term “Type-A personality,”

you know what’s type-A
personality? All right, it’s a

personality where you are very
competitive, result-oriented. You

are motivated by a hurry
sickness. You rush, rush, rush,

and you are very short-tempered.
You are very irritable, amen? You

don’t care for people wasting
time. You never want to waste

time. You are hyper. You are very
competitive. Sounds like

Singaporeans. That’s type-A
personality. He was the one that

coined it. He and his partner
coined that phrase. You know why?

Because one day–he’s a
cardiologist, practicing one in

this clinic, and what happened
is–this was probably during the

’40s or ’50s. And what happened
is that his waiting room, the

chairs was–it was time for them
to upholster the chairs. And the

guy in charge of all the
stairs–chairs and all that, they

came to collect it, and this man
remarked to Mr. Friedman. He says

that, “I noticed something about
your chairs, Doctor. They are all

frazzled and worn out at the
edge.” It’s all worn out at the

edge. Not at the back, at the
edge where your thigh is. That

means what? People are sitting on
the edge, holding their chair. So

at first it meant nothing to him,
but then he observed quite a

number of chairs of his patients
who have heart problems. They

have–they sit on the edge. Now
all of you pull back, ha ha. And

then when he looked out the
window–and in those days, right,

it’s on the ground floor and all
that. I mean, America is large

and their–you know, their car
park is all out there. He looked

at his patients’ cars besides his
medical staff’s. His medical

staff all, all right, can park
nose in, but all his patients

park nose out for a quick
getaway. He cannot afford to

waste time. No Singaporean does
this. So in other words, you park

reverse. You are ready to go. You
know what I’m saying? In

Singapore, right, I know one
thing. If it’s red light, you

wait for the green light, you
better be alert and ready because

if the red light turns green
light, you don’t move fast, the

guy behind turn red. That is a
formula I have learnt. You only

have about three seconds. Only
three seconds. Move fast, all

right? You cannot afford to
breathe. You cannot afford

to–look at it carefully, then
move. Now they even have–their

eyes, they can see, right,
sideways, slanted. They got a

slated eye because they look at
the other side, whether it’s red,

how fast it turns green. They are
counting. They’re not happy. In

some modern countries, they let
you know to calm you down, all

right? So recently, a dear
brother shared with me about

someone he loves who has passed
on because of heart attack, but

this dear brother was telling me
that the entire family would

never expect this man to pass on
with heart attack. Because why?

He eats care–he’s very careful
about what he eats. He eats

healthily. He has low
cholesterol. Never admitted to

hospital. He’s very healthy. The
last person the family and all

the relatives thought would pass
on would be him. He exercises

every day. He’s fanatical about
fitness, but died of heart attack

just like that. But one thing
this brother shared with me and

all the families all agreed is
this: he has this. He cannot even

wait for the lift to come down.
Profan–you know, words come out

that are terrible. He’s very
irritable. He’s always hurrying.

He’s very bad-tempered. And this
came from the members of the

family, but they are glad he got
saved. And that brought me back

to this type-A temperament.
Type-A temperament are people who

are like that. Very competitive,
result-oriented, very hurried,

very irritable.

They see slowing
down as a weakness. But actually,

I like what the U.S. Marines say.
You know, they have this saying,

“Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.
Fast is deadly.”

Slow is smooth,

smooth is fast. So I tell Justin,
you see, don’t rush. Have you

noticed your kids, they rush
really fast? It’s because they

play games a lot compared to us
and their games require speed, so

they bring that into their
studies, all right, and they make

careless mistakes. They know the
answer, but they make–why? Too

fast. Their–you know, everything
is working fast. So we are

teaching him how to slow down,
and I always tell him, “Slow is

what? Smooth.” You ask him, you
say, “Slow is what?” He will tell

you, “Smooth. Ah yeah, oh yeah,
smooth, yeah.” Slow down to go

fast. Slow down. It’s a Sabbath
principle. Something happens, all

right, to us physically when we
learn to slow down one day out of

seven. Now, for the Jewish
people, it is on Saturday, all

right? For us, the Lord rose on
the Lord’s Day, on Sunday, so

Sabbath for us is on Sunday, but
I’m not just referring to the

physical Sabbath. I’m referring
to spiritual Sabbath. “He that is

entered–” Give them verse 10 of
Hebrews 4. It says that

those–“He that is entered into
God’s rest, he also has ceased

from his own works, as God did
from his.” If you think about it,

even salvation, the greatest
gift, is a finished work. We

enter into His rest actually. We
enter into a finished work.

Christ did everything. He died on
the cross for your sins. He was

raised from the dead. God
accomplished everything. When

Jesus said, “It is finished,”
it’s truly finished. And Jesus

rose on a Sunday. That’s why we
celebrate Sunday to Sunday, the

Lord’s Day. It’s meant to be in
the house of God. “So what,

Pastor Prince? Must I just stay
at home and do nothing? That’s my

Sunday?” No, if you are a
desk-bound kind of job, all

right, you have a desk-bound job,
Sunday might actually mean you

walk around in the neighborhood
or whatever, because you– that

for you is restful. Remember the
man at the pool of Bethesda?

Remember the guy? Jesus healed
him on the Sabbath, and it’s

amazing how many people Jesus
healed on the Sabbath. And

Jesus–show ’em that portion,
just a bit of it. Jesus said to

the man after He healed him, when
He healed him, “Rise, take up

your bed and walk.” Now, he’s
been on the bed for a long time,

so you can say that actually if
Sabbath is just resting and doing

nothing, the guy was resting,
doing nothing for 38 years,

right? So Jesus says, “Rise, take
up your bed and walk.” Walking

for him, now he’s healed–he
cannot walk and all. Now he’s


For him, that’s restful.
So do what’s restful for you. Do

what’s restful for you. “But
Pastor Prince, my restfulness is

watching drama.” Sometimes, you
know, at the end of it, if you

find you are tired, it’s not
restful. Many times screen time

is not restful, hmm? And that has
studies behind it as well. It’s

not restful. You go to sleep
looking at your–at night,

looking at your phone, the blue
light, it’s not gonna help you

rest. You won’t have a sweet
sleep. So, “Immediately,” the

Bible says, “the man was made
well, took up his bed, and

walked. And that day was the
Sabbath.” Why did the Holy Spirit

mention that day was the Sabbath?
Because he was carrying his bed,

which he’s not supposed to,
right, based on their law. That’s

why we’re not under law, but
under grace. “But Sabbath is

under law, Pastor Prince.” It was
mentioned in the law, but it was

there in the beginning. Let’s go
to Genesis chapter 2, verse 2,

and I’ll show it. “On the seventh
day God ended His work.” This was

way before Moses was even an
idea, before Mount Sinai. God

ended His work on the seventh
day. That’s why number seven has

got to do with completion or
perfection. God ended everything,

okay? “Which He had done, and He
rested on the seventh day from

all His work which He had done.
Then God blessed the seventh day

and sanctified it, because in it
He rested from all His work which

God had created and made.” “God
blessed the seventh day and

sanctified it.” Folks, there’s a
Bible interpretation–a law of

Bible interpretation called the
law of first mention, and this is

the first time the word “holy” is
mentioned, in the word

“sanctified.” It’s the same word.
We use “sanctified,” “holy”

differently, right? But in the
Hebrew, it’s the same word,

“kadesh,” or “kadosh.” Kadesh,
like the Holy of Holies is called

Kadesh Ho-Kadashim, right? Okay,
so kadesh. People say, “This is

holiness. That’s holiness.” What
is holiness? Holiness is rest,

because the first mention of
holiness is rest. In other words,

every time you see someone
unholy, it proceeded from a place

of unrest. He’s not working out
of rest. He’s not serving out of

rest. I hope I’m preaching out of
rest, amen. You can do things

outwardly, no one can tell, but
it’s not out of rest. Just like

God made you the–in His image,
and the Bible says, “Know you not

that you are the temple of God?”
You, spirit, soul, and body,

you’re the temple of God. Look at
the temple of God in the Old

Testament, amen? There is the
holy place, there is the Holy of

Holies, and outside is the outer
court. Outer court, you get sun,

natural sun. So the people of the
world are those in the outer

court. They get natural sun,
natural light, whatever science

discovers, all right? And science
will never contradict the Bible.

True science will never
contradict the Bible. In fact,

the Bible is there way, way, way,
way–one scientist, one great

scientist said this, the one who
created the rocket, he actually

said this. He said that, “When we
discovered the truth about–of

this, you know, this discovery
they are looking for in science,

when we found out, we found out
the Bible was there all the

while.” The Bible’s conclusion is
there already. So natural light.

Then we go into the holy place,
the church. The lampstand is

here. No more sunlight, but it’s
light from the lampstand, the

church, where the Word of–the
Holy Spirit dwells. We receive

light the world doesn’t even
know. We see things the world

doesn’t even know, amen. So
theirs is limited, but God in His

mercy does let them have some
light. Like medicine is a product

of that natural light. It’s still
from God, amen. We step into the

Holy of Holies, there’s no more
menorah, no more natural sun.

What is it? Shekinah glory, the
brightest of all light. And like

what Saul says when he was
knocked down from his high horse

on the Road to Damascus, he says,
“I saw a light beyond the sun.”

Can you imagine that? Jesus
appeared to him in a light beyond

the sun. No movie can follow
close, right? A light beyond the

sun. That’s the Holy of Holies.
It’s not dark like you think it

is. When God’s presence is there,
it’s brighter than the sun, okay?

“So what are you saying, Pastor
Prince?” You are made in the

temple–you are the temple of
God, the Bible says, right? So

outer court, window. Look at your
neighbor, outer court. Some got

nice roofs, some no roof,
some–you know? Amen, outer

court, right? This is your outer
court. It’s in touch with the

world out there, okay? Now, you
are not the outer court. Step

inside, you have the soul. Just
like in the holy place there are

three furniture items, all right,
in your soul, also three. What is

it? Your will, your conscience,
right, all that can come out of

your mind, your intuition, okay?
Intuition is tied even closer

because one furniture is very
close to the spirit, which is the

altar of incense. So intuition is
actually in the spirit realm as

well as soul realm. Then you step
deeper, your spirit. This the

world knows nothing of. They do
not even know dead spiritually.

The part of you that when you say
you are born again is that spirit

comes alive. God is a Spirit. God
made you a spirit being. Then God

breathed into you His breath and
you became a living soul. Where

did God breathe into? God made a
man out of clay. That’s your

body. So you are not your body.
You are living in a body. One

day, you leave this house behind.
If Jesus comes, you will still

have a brand new body. The Bible
says glorified body, but you will

still live in a body forever. And
Singaporeans, you can eat in that

body. Just thought you would like
to know that, amen? Jesus ate in

His glorified body, and our
bodies will be like His body, the

Bible says. Are you with me so
far? So in the outer court, they

are slaying, flaying. They were
arranging the animal parts, the

head, the innards, and all that
upon the altar. Very busy. The

priests are all cutting, washing,
cleaning, and praying, and laying

hands, and talking, and very
busy, busy, busy, busy outer

court. But in the holy place,
there’s quietness, but there’s

revelation. The light menorah,
the lampstand, is shining. That’s

your mind. So outwardly you are
busy. You can be busy, but your

mind is enlightened with the Word
of God. But deep down, who you

really are, your spirit, the
source of all activity, the

source of all power, the supply
of–the connection between heaven

and earth is through your spirit.
God doesn’t drop things like

that… God drops things for the
believer through His Spirit and

it goes out, amen? Even when I
lay hands on the sick, God

doesn’t heal people, bang, like
that… He heals people through

the power of the Holy Spirit out.
Always remember this, okay, the

way God made you. So in the Holy
of Holies, you step into the Holy

of Holies, which in those days
only the high priest can go in

once a year, your Holy of Holies
is perfect stillness, quiet. We

are so scared of quietness. We’re
so scared of stillness. It’s a

generation of noise, noise,
noise. When I went to a place of

nature, I was telling my wife and
Justin the other day, I told my

daughter also, I said that I felt
like a country boy–not a country

boy, a city boy going to the
country. Everything is fresh. Air

is so oxygenated. The trees are
luscious, green all around me,

and the water is there. The sound
is beautiful. And I had a cold

turkey reaction. I longed for a
shopping mall. I had to find a

shopping mall. And I’m breathing
fresh air all the time, no smoke,

nothing, no carbon monoxide,
nothing, and I’m not used to it.

I came so close to crawling,
crawling all the way to my rented

car, and then put the exhaust
near my nose, and then switch on

the car and then… I’m revived.
Now I’m normal. That’s what

happens to city folk. It took me
also more than–I was telling

some of the pastors, it took me
more than one week plus in this

beautiful place to quieten down.
‘Cause why? My mind is at, “I

wonder if the pastors handled
this case or not. I wonder if

this has been done or not. I
wonder, do they know how to do

that? I wonder if this has been
done. I wonder if that has been

done. What about this? What about
that? What about this? What about

that?” I gotta stop myself, you
know? I do the Singaporean thing.

While I’m driving, not even
hungry, I just finished my lunch,

I’m thinking, “Better plan for
dinner.” I cannot enjoy the

scenery. I cannot enjoy where I
am because my mind–have you been

there? you’re on holiday but
you’re not on holiday. Your mind

is not on holiday. You know, it
takes a long time for your mind

to calm down because you are so
used– you are addicted to

busyness. I’m gonna give you a
Word from the Lord. I just had

this rising up. Kill hurry before
hurry kills you.

What are you

doing anyway? Who are you making
money for? What’s your purpose?

Yeah, of course. You know when
you’re alone, right? You know,

whenever you want to share
personal things or private

things, right, with your friend
and all that, make sure that

there are no solo people around
you. Because I tell you what, I’m

a solo guy. In every restaurant I
go to, they’re always surprised.

“One? One seat? One person?” One.
You always get the lousiest

places. They put you in one
corner somewhere, right? But I

get a chance to listen to a lot
of things, a lot. I don’t mean

to, but these ears cannot switch
off, leh? If I don’t like what

I’m hearing, sometimes I’ll just
put on my, you know, AirPod, and

just listen to a sermon or
whatever, but I’ve been listening

to sermons in between towns and
all that, driving, driving. I’ve

been listening to a lot of
sermons, so sometimes I just

wanna eat, you know, without
these things, and I can hear a

lot of things. It’s sad. I’ll
tell you this, even holidaymakers

do not know how to. They’re
living their life with this–the

phone. Here I’m enjoying–I’m
reading the history of this place

and all that, and I hear, “Hey,
hey!” I thought, “Oh, these are

people who really love nature,
history, and all that,” praise

God. Like, “Hey, hey, hey!” Next
thing you know… Can you take

this photo for us? And after
that, you know, they’re happy,

all right? It’s like a tick off
on their what to do, and they go

to the next place. They hardly
take time to read what was put

down there. They hardly take time
to admire the structure or

whatever. I’m thinking to myself,
“What has happened to us? Might

as well stay at home, and Google,
and see the photos.” To keep the

photos never to see it again,
most of the time, or not see it

so frequently. When you are
there, enjoy the moment. Now is

the accepted time. I’m bringing
this to a close, okay? “Hurry up,

lah. You’ve been–Yes, I’ve been
waiting for that.”

Because of

you, slow is smooth, smooth is
fast, fast is deadly, bro. This

hurry-sickness is killing people.

So Dr. Friedman came up with

this, type-A temperament. It’s
hard to point out that this

definitely will result. We’re not
saying that, neither is he, but

from there came this type-A
temperament, which I think make a

lot of our workforce. Type-B are
those who are relaxed. They’re

very relaxed. They’re very chill,
amen. “Pastor, if I shut–” you

know, and I think personally you
should focus on Sunday being a

rest day. For us pastors, we work
hard on Sunday, right? So our

Monday is our rest day for most
of us, most pastors, amen. But at

least you should find one day you
rest. And your children should do

no homework during that day. Just
like the Jewish people, they

prepare a tuition, all right?
They prepare. The Bible says even

your animals rest. Read
carefully. Later on, it was put

into the Ten Commandments,
Sabbath. But what is God telling

the people when He says, “Keep
the Sabbath”? He’s telling you,

“Rest.” So that is physical, yes.
What is really spiritual is, “He

that has entered into His rest.”
And the Bible says that–back to

Hebrews 4, bringing this to a
close, “Let us labour therefore

to enter into that rest, lest any
man fall after the same example

of unbelief,” like the children
of Israel in the wilderness. Let

us labour. It’s an oxymoron.
Labour–an oxymoron means a

contradiction of terms, like
“cruel kindness,” amen? “Making

haste slowly,” or something like
that. All right, these are things

that is contraction. “Let us
labour to enter the rest.” You

gotta work at resting, entering
that place of rest. It’s gotta be

inside the Holy of Holies where
everything is quiet, but then

outside is busy. You can be busy,
but inside you are at peace. If

you don’t have that, your outside
is busy, your inside is busy,

your mind is busy. God bless you,
that is the type-A temperament.

Not a good future. So everything
God says, right, in the Bible is

all for our good, amen? Do
nothing, nothing will happen.

Then Jesus says, “Look at the
lily of the field. Look at the

lily. Look at the lily. How–”
look at these three words, “How

they grow.” He didn’t say, “Look
at the lily of the–how beautiful

it looks.” It doesn’t say, “Look
at the lily of the field, all

right? Behold the lily of the
field, how they are arrayed, how

they are clothed.” It doesn’t say
that. It says, “How they grow.”

Even Solomon in all his glory was
not arrayed like one of these.

How they grow. “They toil not,
neither do they spin.” They toil

not, neither do they spin.

“You’re just jealous, Pastor

Prince.” True, but my head is
still big, Lawrence. Okay, so,

“They toil not, neither do they
spin.” They don’t worry.

Basically what the Lord says,
it’s not gym okay? It’s they

don’t worry. Worry is mental
toil. Worry. It took me more than

a week to quieten down here.

Well, I was saying just now,

Sunday is a special day for God’s
people to come together. It’s

there in the New Testament, amen.
And something good happens every

time God’s people come together
on Sunday. They are placed in one

accord, a place–you come
together in one place, in one

accord. Watching online
is–doesn’t really cut it. In

this verse, they’re all together
in one place, in one place, in

one accord, okay? In church,
present. You cannot for some

reason, we understand. That’s why
we have online, all right? But

that’s God’s way. Every Sunday,
from Sunday to Sunday, okay? Some

people say, “You’re just a Sunday
Christian.” Yes, Sunday also.

Yes, amen, enter into rest and
the rest of your week will be

blessed. I believe that. Your
body will thank you. You know, in

the Ten Commandments, read
carefully. No one should work,

“Not even your maids,” is
mentioned there.

You need to do

something about that. “Nor your
animals.” In some places, right,

in America, they don’t collect
their eggs, huh, the chicken.

They let the chicken be, you
know, on the Sabbath, and the

chicken the following day give
better eggs. When you don’t watch

all that, you suffer. Do you
suffer financially in terms of

profitability and all that? No,
Chick-Fil-A–you know Chick-Fil-A

in America? Ever since they
started this many years ago,

they’ve just been growing and
become one of the notable names

in the fast food culture. They
are closed on Sunday. Their staff

are better motivated. They rest,
replenish, and become better

servers. There’s one–I’ll close
with this. “Close, lah. Hurry up,


I gotta rush, you know, for
my car.” By the way, I choose a

car that’s near, near, near, near
the exit.

What was I saying?

Hurry up! Okay, ha ha ha.

is a huge store on Ninth Avenue

in New York City that doesn’t
open on Sunday. It’s the largest

camera–non-chain camera/video
store in the world–second,

second, second largest. The first
one is in–Yodobashi something

in–store in Tokyo. That’s the
largest, but this one is called

B&H Photo Video store. It’s the
largest in America, largest in

the world, second to the one in
Tokyo, and it’s estimated about

9,000 people pass its doors every
day. But on Sunday, they close.

Why? It’s run by Hasidic Jews.
And even online, you can look at

their online on Saturday, but you
cannot buy. No checkout on

Saturday. They close shop at 1
p.m. Friday and close for 24

hours. Hmm. “Well, Pastor, how to
do business.” Ask them, they are

the largest, amen? Again, I
remind you, it’s not the outward

that is so much. But if you can
work towards that, I think it’s

gonna be great to have one day of
rest out of seven. Your body will

thank you. Your mind will thank
you. Your heart will thank you.

And I’m doing my best to hurry up
to bring this to a close. Every

head bowed, every eye closed.
Come on, give Jesus the praise

and the glory. All right, hardly
started my sermon, okay, but I

believe that what the Holy Spirit
wants said has been said. And I

pray right now that as you rest
your mind, rest your heart right

now, take some time, okay, to
just pray this prayer from your

heart, okay? Tell the Lord,
“Father, I so want to enter Your

rest, and I know Your Word says
it’s only by faith. Unbelief will

not do it, so thank You, Father.
I believe that all the work is

finished. I don’t have to worry
about my children. They will turn

out all right. All the work has
been finished. In Your estimation

of time, You have gone ahead,
produced the end result

successfully, prosperously, and
You have come back in my time

zone and said, ‘Have faith.’ So I
enter into Your rest, Lord,

seeing the finished product. I
enter into Your rest, Lord,

concerning my marriage. IT seems
to be dwindling. It seems to be

like we’re always quarreling, but
I see the finished product that

out of this valley will come the
beautiful mountain of intimate

bliss, your prosperity on our
marriage. I see the finished

product. I see this friend that
You have given me for life

becoming my best friend in
marriage. I thank You, Father, I

see the finished product, even
for my career. It might seem like

it’s going downward now, in a
downward spiral. Financially, I’m

struggling, but I thank You I see
the finished product. Just like

You’ve been calling my attention
to the lilies of the field and

the birds of the air, I have
confidence, Father, that You have

supplied for me and I enter into
Your rest. And I receive Your

peace right now.” Tell the Lord,
“I receive Your peace that passes

understanding, in Jesus’ name,
amen.” If you have never made

Jesus your personal Lord and
Savior, pray this prayer with me

right now, okay? Say, “Heavenly
Father, Heavenly Father, I accept

Jesus Christ as my Savior and
Lord. I believe Christ died for

my sins and He was raised from
the dead for my justification.

Jesus Christ is my Lord and my
Savior. Thank You, Father, amen.”

All your sins are forgiven. You
are now a brand new creation.

That spirit has come alive, amen,
in communion with God. Stand to

your feet. Lift your hands all
across this place. The Lord bless

you, all of you, and your
families throughout this week.

The blessing of Father Abraham
rests on you. The Lord bless you

with the blessings of Deuteronomy
28, you and your loved ones. The

Lord make His face to shine on
you, keep you, preserve you,

protect you and your families
from every disease, from every

harm and danger, and from all the
power of the evil one throughout

this week. The Lord lift up His
countenance on you and your loved

ones and grant to you and your
families His shalom wholeness and

peace in the name of the Lord
Jesus Christ. And all the people

said, “Amen.” God bless you.
We’ll see you again.

I hope you enjoyed today’s
episode, but don’t go just yet!

If you’d like to receive prayer,
share your testimony, or find out

more about Gospel Partner, just
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not, I’ll see you in the next