Bill Johnson teaches on the church’s need for a theology of blessing. Understanding the purpose of blessing and stewarding it well is what positions us to be salt in culture and a godly influence in our neighborhoods and cities. Many in the church shy away from talking about blessing or wealth, not realizing that a theology of blessing is key to impacting and discipling nations. Take whatever is in your hand, whether it be wealth, favor, or gifting, and surrender it to the Lord to let Him use. This is the sixth sermon in Bill Johnson’s series, The Beauty of Wisdom. Watch the series here:    • The Beauty of Wisdom Series | Bill Jo…   Subscribe for weekly videos: Connect with Bill Johnson Ministries: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Mailing List: Additional Resources:… The Beauty of Wisdom Series is available for purchase here:… Scripture References: 2 Chronicles 9 Isaiah 61 Luke 9 Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Blessing #Wealth

and the way you Steward what God has

given you I don’t care if it’s a musical

gift I don’t care if you’re a writer if

you’re a mechanic if you’re a doctor if

you raise children well it doesn’t

matter what you you’re a singer I don’t

care what it is that you do but that

which God has given you to do doing that

well with Excellence with creativity and

integrity that prophesies something into

culture and society that actually makes

you an influence over multiple cities


I believe that God is doing something

significant in many places around the

world one of them is reading why would

God do something significant in writing

a place of only 90 000 people in the

city limits whenever architect is going

to build a significant building he

builds a model and I believe that the

Lord is doing something in the small

that he wants to prophesy into the large

he wants to create

systems and and cultural uh

phenomenon if you will that can be

translated transported to other places

so I believe that’s what the Lord is

doing one of my great Ambitions in life

is to be in a city that loves God well

and uh and we’re we’re working at them

the heart of the Lord is for a

transformation of culture and Society

it’s a phrase that we use a lot so I

hope it doesn’t get old because it’s not

going to stop

um our desire is you know what do we do

after we get everybody saved

we we already know there’s still


all you have to do is visit any one of

the many churches good churches here in

Reading as long as we have people

involved in the church there will be


and the the issue the Mandate on us

right now is to discover the way Heaven

functions bring that reality here and

learn what that culture is like

emulate it in this environment and I

believe that’s what the Lord is helping

us with

God is after

changing how people think

how people view reality

the ambition of this particular series

is to stir up a passion and a value for

divine wisdom

wisdom is divine reasoning it is

actually thinking from God’s perspective

it’s not just the ability to solve

riddles it’s not just that we can

explain complicated things it’s

literally how God thinks about a

situation to see it from Divine

perspective and I believe that the Lord

is releasing a Grace it almost feels

like wave after wave after wave in

recent months wave after wave of a

wisdom and a Grace to to enable us to

learn how to do life in a very practical

transferable way and I I believe that

the Lord is raising up people to serve

much more effectively

I love it when I see people promoted I I

don’t want to say it wouldn’t be fun to

have many of you promoted to a place of

maybe the CEO of your corporation or the

manager of the restaurant or the

principal of the school all of that’s

fine I celebrate every bit of that but

that’s never my ambition the ambition is

to enable every person to serve well and

if you come into promotion through

service then don’t forget how you got

there because that way of serving is

actually what enables you to continue to

be effective your position of authority

is never about building a legacy around

you it is always the favor and the

authority that God gives to affect

people around you in other words you’re

there for their benefit we’ll look at

that a little bit more in a moment but

you are in those positions of authority

and influence so that you can serve well

and serve effectively I just have this

dream of seeing people promoted honestly

brought up the ladder politically in

Educational Systems business whatever

but maintaining the humility of heart

that makes it possible that regardless

of the position to still serve

effectively I think that the higher you

go the more importance humility is the

the lower you have to intentionally

become in who you look to help who you

look to serve who you look to to uh to

take a piece of your life and feed

somebody else with it like it becomes

more and more important to become

intentional in serving because you

become further and further removed from

the kinds of needs that you’re equipped

to serve does that make sense and so I I

really feel like there’s a mandate on on

the house and really on the body of

Christ for this because the Lord is

doing such a incredible transformational


we have a

we have a theology

that is good but it’s it’s falls short a

Theology of generosity

I want to talk to you today about

Theology of blessing I made reference to

it in our leaders Advance here a few

weeks ago I want to talk to you about

that today a Theology of blessing

if we don’t have a Theology of blessing

we are cursing the poor by wanting them

to prosper

I’ve been exposed through the years

especially in early years through some

discipleship training and stuff on the

importance of generosity absolute number

one economic lesson there is as far as

I’m concerned is generosity

I was exposed to the kind of Lifestyle

where you forsake everything to follow

Jesus and I’m a hundred percent in that

but as you read the scripture you find

that Jesus tells his own disciples who

left everything he said you will receive

a hundred times as much in this life and

so in other words it’s only half the

equation we have to know how to give

everything so that we know how to

Steward well once he pours back into our


there’s a responsibility of learning

stewardship in management

sometimes it is easier to give than it

is to manage

my bent in life is giving I I love to

give I always have I just remember as a

as a young child I I just I just I love

to just give stuff away it was just

always fun for me and it’s never stopped

being fun it’s always been recreational


I feel so strong in this particular area

that I’ve been talking in our school

I’ve been talking to leaders when I

travel I’ve been talking a lot about

this subject because I feel like we have

no right

to expect to disciple Nations if we

don’t understand the law of blessing if

we don’t understand what it is to live

in the realm of blessing without

building a materialistic Empire

I don’t like what has been taught and

that is the money in your bank account

the possessions you own are evidence of

your spirituality that’s that’s a lie I

hate that I despise that I don’t like it

but I equally don’t like that poverty is

a sign of spirituality when you react to

error you almost always create another

error and this whole issue of going

without as being the illustration of of

a Pure Life a Sanctified life listen

it’s just it’s absolutely not true it’s

absolutely not true so I feel like we’ve

got some things that we have to deal

with to know how to properly uh disciple

Nations if we don’t get the stewardship

of blessing down

that we’re we’re not qualified to

actually disciple cities into places

where God can bring great abundance and

blessing so here’s the challenge you

with me

five of you that’s really all I need is

five um I’m I’m very happy to work with


we have certain parts of our our of our

faith we understand well

the generosity issue we know that that’s

important I

I uh Ben and I have we’ve been married

40 Years thank you Jesus

uh we’ve been married 40 years we’ve

never we’ve never given as low as 20

percent of our income we have always

positioned ourselves to try to be

extreme to give away prized possessions

to give away things that were valuable

to us that we saved up for whatever it

might be told onto everything Loosely

but what I have found is I’ve actually

in recent years have had to learn to

discipline myself not to give as strange

as that sounds because sometimes I have

found it was easier to give something

away than to manage it well and to

Steward it well and what I believe is

happening in this next season is the

Lord is going to teach us how to manage

what he gives to us

all right here’s here’s a question this

is not a trick question so I’m not

trying to trick you

can you love people more than God


the answer is yes

you obviously I caught you off guard you

still thought I was tricking you

can you love people more than God yes

that’s why the Lord says we love him

first all right you can love people more

than God

does that give us the right to abuse or

be indifferent or hateful towards people

so that we can protect our love for God

you’re doing well

you’re doing well some of you are a

little nervous in answering me but but

those of you that were courageous you

did good all right yes it’s true you can

love God more than people we have to put

God first but then he goes so far as to

say is listen your love for God has to

be demonstrated in your love for people

or your love for God Isn’t legitimate

can you love possessions more than God

yes is it possible that unless I know

how to Steward well material things that

have been put into my charge that I can

never fully accurately display my

passion my love for God

I didn’t expect you to be as zealous in

your answer it’s all right

I believe that the Lord has has called

us to learn how to do life in a

practical way as unto the Lord Israel

had an advantage over the church Israel

is a nation culturally knew that work

was worship

we tend to think we gather together

Sunday morning whenever our meetings are

we have wonderful worship teams they get

up and lead in music and that’s worship

it is and I don’t ever want to change

that I’m so thrilled with what’s


but they had they had a concept that

extended worship beyond the hour or so

that we spend together with hands raised

singing songs declaring God’s greatness

as vital as that is they understood that

worship was actually the expression of

life it was the expression of our life

that put worth in him

it is the expression of worth and so

work was literally as unto the Lord

whatever your hands find to do do that

as unto the Lord and so what happens

when work becomes worship is we we

finally become successful in erasing the

line that separates secular from sacred

and we desperately need to succeed at

that we’ve done much better in recent

years to put equal value on the nurse

equal value on the dentist equal value

on the housewife on the mechanic equal

value to those who have been called to

stand behind pulpits and do more

official types of ministry that every

believer is a minister under the Lord

and to people

and if we can get this thing down where

we where we learn that work is an

expression of worship we will

successfully erase that line that

separates the two that still exists in

our hearts and minds of many

why is this important probably for a lot

of reasons one I just described the

racing the line but the second would be

fire always falls on sacrifice

can you imagine this many people

infiltrating this city giving an

offering hour by hour under God the work

that they do mechanic fixing that car

the this is this is such a big deal that

it says they took headbands and aprons

off of the Apostle Paul they took them

to the demonized and they were delivered

and the people that were sick were

healed what were the aprons and

headbands for it’s what Paul wore when

he built tents


it was Sanctified labor

that actually brought healing and

deliverance what do you think it means

in the prophets when it says and and he

turned their uh plowshares into swords

it’s a prophetic picture of the plow

becoming a military instrument and

bringing about eternal change

and it is the Lord that is wanting to

take the gifting of every person in this

room and put it into a place where it

becomes an expression of worship then

what happens that worship draws the

presence into the work environment and

we get rid of this line that separates

the two if we succeed with separating

sacred secular work we will also become

successful in erasing the line that

separates us from them

it’s the Us and Them concept that makes

people a project

instead of the actual Target of

affection and love so the Lord is

calling us into this expression that I

believe is the result of divine wisdom

Solomon created a prototype for how

communities do life I feel like we could

do this series for about 100 more weeks

to be honest we won’t because I don’t

want to kill people but I I this thing

is so huge that I know we will come back

to it there are insights and wisdom on

how to do life that are applied to

finances or applied to every aspect of

life relationships uh work uh the way we

respect ourselves how we deal with

self-concept all these things are dealt

with in this concept of wisdom we talk

here a lot about honor culture of Honor

it’s a huge part of how we do life we

love to look for ways to give honor

where it’s due did you know that honor

is actually just one of the expressions

of Excellence

wisdom is seen in three primary ways

Excellence creativity and integrity

as you go through the Book of Proverbs

you will see these three themes

constantly stick up their head as

Solomon is trying to teach this is how

you do life this is how you navigate Day

by Day stuff this is how you become

successful here’s the strange thing

about wisdom is he says wisdom is to be

desired more than rubies how do I know

if I have actually valued wisdom above

wealth the only way I can know is if I

paid a price for it

the only way I can know is if I have

actually made a commitment to something

that cost me

here’s the Bible is filled with these

paradoxes he says all right it’s just

better that you be poor and wise

then you’d be rich and stupid

except I think he said foolish

stupid’s a good word though

wise and poor

and then after he does that he

establishes the fact if you’re wise you

will attract great resources and income

so it’s like you make the choice for

wisdom instead of wealth and what does

he reward you with

it’s in the book

it’s like Jesus told his disciples you

have to forsake everything to follow me

they said all right we’re in

and then he tells them and I’m going to

add a hundred times as much into your


as what you gave up

I don’t know if that sounds funny to you

to me it sounds funny Jesus is saying I

watch out for this money thing because

it’ll kill you

and he says all right hands off and then

he says and I’m going to give you 100

times more of what’s going to kill you

why because going without is what trains

Us in trust and the issue is not what

you have the issue is how much will it

take to remove trust from your life

how much is too much it’s whatever

replaces trust that’s how much is too

much for one person it’s a hundred

dollars for another it’s ten million

dollars it doesn’t matter

what’s important is the Lord does not

want anything else to be trusted other

than him



all right

let’s open our Bibles

and go with me to Second Chronicles

chapter nine

as we

as we um

the open here I want to mention one part

of our theology that we happen to have

down pretty good besides generosity

we know the value of humility

do you remember the verse that says

humble yourself under the mighty hand of

God he will exalt you in due time

we love it when people humble themselves

under the mighty hand of God we’re not

as happy with them when God exalts them

do you remember the verse seek first the

kingdom of God and all these things will

be added to you and we love it when

people seek first the kingdom we’re not

as happy with them when all things are

added to them

is there anybody in here

the point I’m trying to make is is there

has to be a theology that covers the

other half of the process

and without

understanding what the purpose of

blessing and the purpose of increase

then we either make the error of moving

into building materialist materialistic


or we never learn the difference between

seed and bread

the Bible says God provides seed to the

sower and bread to the eater

we know that if if we were

corn farmers

when you go to harvest the corn you have

to keep some of the Corn

from being sold and eaten so that you

can take the kernels of corn and plant

them for next year’s crop

it’s a metaphor for giving that when we

give we’re seeding

fields for future Harvest so generosity

today I’m experiencing a bounty in my

life today that I planted seeds for

decades ago

so we have seed for food or excuse me

seed for planting and we have bread for

food I mean you know it’s foolish

to eat your seed

because that’s tomorrow’s crop

generosity is that seed is foolish to

eat the seed it’s foolish to eat what

God provided for me to give away

because then I am robbing myself of

future blessing but it’s equally foolish

to plant your bread

I don’t know how many of you have had

that experience before but because I’ve

had to learn

how to manage things in my life and

actually hold to things not in the sense

of building a materialistic Kingdom but

to hold them to Steward them well I’ve

actually had to learn how not to give

when I felt prompted when I not felt

prompted by the Lord but I had the idea

I mean you know sometimes you just have

good ideas but they’re not God ah they

got to do this yeah you go ahead plant

the bread it just won’t grow

I I did you go to Second Chronicles nine

yes good hold on to it

don’t quit be patient I’ll get there

every uh July a miracle happens I have a


it’s a great sign and a wonder and it’s

great great fun for me and for my family

for my birthday I buy gifts for my

children their spouses and my grandkids

and it’s amazing my whole family loves

my birthday

so it’s a great great thing

we uh we we have a wonderful time

together we we meet at the house and

there are gifts piled up I remember this

last July it was actually as about May

or might have been early part of June I

heard two of my grandchildren talking

I was eavesdropping and one of them said

to the other what are you going to ask

papa for his birthday

and I thought man that’s the coolest

thing ever I’m I’m right under Christmas

I’ll never pass it up but I’m at least

in the neighborhood you know there’s

Christmas and then there’s Papa’s

birthday it’s awesome

I I I love it so much it’s it’s so much

fun and and it is fun it’s just fun it’s

funny it’s you know it’s just what we

really like to do

but behind the scenes

I only get one crack at displaying what

he’s like and so this is how I’ve chosen

to try to display a father that is more

generous than you can imagine

he he thinks about giving and investing

and pouring into people’s life it’s not

about money it’s not about material

things it’s literally about giving

sometimes I I’ll take I’ll I’ll write

out prophetic words for each grandchild

and uh and and invest in that way as

well as as giving a gift I can’t say

they’re quite as happy but you know I

get my point across or I get to prophesy

Destiny and

but the point is is that

we have the privilege of displaying to

this world what he’s like

and I believe

that that wisdom of God is to be

displayed through creativity creative

ways to do life

it’s to be done through excellence

generosity is a part of Excellence honor

is a part of Excellence that whole thing

of feeding and pouring into other people

it’s just what Excellence looks like

it’s how you actually measure


it’s excellence


creativity excellence

I believe that as we learn these areas

of responsibility the Lord is going to

be releasing to us greater open doors to


how people think I have to be really

honest with you that’s what I want I

want to I want to influence how people

think I’ve never made that a secret

I want to influence how people think I

don’t like people to think from a

problem towards God I want people to

think from God towards a problem

I don’t want people to think

in a sense that they are impressed by

the size of an issue I want them to

think from the size of God towards that

issue I want them to think from the

Covenant and the accomplishment of Jesus

at Calvary towards any assignment

they’ve been given otherwise we’re

always playing ketchup I I want to

influence that in culture and Society

that’s my heartbeat

when I give the gifts let me just give

an illustration I’ll pick on Brian here

for a minute

which is perfectly okay isn’t it son yes

Brian over yeah I I’m asking him in

front of you what can he say you know

all of my kids are ridiculously generous

so it’s it’s very very fun to watch

they’re hard of generosity and love for


so so thankful for them

Brian and Jan are in charge of the whole

worship Community the worship Ministry

Bethel Music all of that they uh serve

us well in these areas

let’s say for my birthday

I was going to have a custom guitar made

for Brian

and I found this custom guitar maker and

I knew the color I knew the size I knew

everything that Brian liked in the

guitar I’ve been watching for years and

I go to this custom guitar making I said

listen I want you to make the guitar of


for my son of sons I want you to make

this guitar for me and I tell them

everything to do and he makes this

guitar and when it comes time for the

birthdays I present an equally

significant gift to each one of my

children and I bring out this guitar

that was designed made by this customer

and I gave it to Brian


that happened on Saturday afternoon with

families together Sunday morning what am

I going to be looking for when he’s

leading worship I’m looking for my


let’s be honest I I want to see that how

many of you have given a shirt to

somebody and you keep oh I haven’t seen

him wear that shirt so

so I I’m looking to see and I’m down

here worshiping Brian comes up and he’s

got a different guitar and I’m thinking

I probably just need to

you know change the strings or get

something set up and maybe have them fix


worshiping along

another week goes by and I’m looking as

Brian gets up and go hey keep praying he

uh where is uh that that guitar I had

made for you

and he says oh awesome guitar so I gave

it to a friend


on one hand impressed by generosity on

the other I probably am not going to

have another guitar made



because I didn’t give it to him a seat I

gave it to him as bread

I’m trying to illustrate I believe how

the father looks at what he releases to

us and there are times I have given away

what he gave to me for my enjoyment did

you know there’s three tithes in the Old

Testament and the third tithe was not to

be spent on others it was actually the

money was saved up and something was

bought to enjoy in the presence of the

Lord maybe it was a big meal for the

entire family and they would spend all

that money for this meal and they would

eat in the presence of the Lord

something to be enjoyed with God

the Lord actually put it into his law

certainly puts it into Grace

that we learn how to take what he

supplies for us whether it’s favor in a

business opportunity whether it’s an

automobile that he just provides for you

out of nowhere where here you are with

something that God has supplied can you

enjoy it or do you have to apologize for

God’s blessing everywhere you go

I think the world listen in the in the

religious circles you almost have to

apologize in the world

it’s not that way

so I think we’ve got to make some

adjustments here does that make sense

all right finally let’s come to this

we’re going to read the Bible

yeah yeah Second Chronicles chapter nine

all right you guys doing all right

I do hope so okay

verse 2.

this is about the Queen of Sheba that

came to see

Solomon she came to test him with


verse one it says verse two Solomon

answered all her questions there was

nothing so difficult for Solomon that he

could not explain it to her

when the Queen of Sheba had seen the

wisdom of Solomon the house that he

built the food on his table the seating

of his servants the service of his

waiters and their apparel his cup

bearers and their apparel his entryway

by which he went up to the house of the

Lord there was no more spirit in her

I know I’ve talked about verse 4 in the


just for the sake of those who have

joined us today

let me mention it again because this

concept is one of my favorite in the

story of Solomon

each of the things that as mentioned the

plates the apparel dress the stairway

the all these things that are mentioned

in this little list here all of them are

mundane everyday items that wisdom


and I believe that every person in this

room because of divine wisdom given to

us is a gift of God’s grace to every

believer he has equipped you and

equipped me to display creativity on the

mundane parts of life

where you don’t have to invent the next

iPhone the Lord is looking for people

that can take what exists

at A Creative Touch to it and it causes

the Queen of Sheba to become silent

and I believe the world is to become

silent again because the people of God

have tapped into a Divine reasoning that

helps to sort things out of the

Practical the simple parts of life you

and I have been given this privilege to

serve Humanity with Divine wisdom and

this list is has always Touched Me

Through The Years verse 5. then she said

to the king it was a true report which I

heard in my own land about your words

and your wisdom however I did not

believe their words until I came and saw

with my own eyes and indeed the half of

the greatness of your wisdom was not

told me you exceed the fame of which I

heard happy are your men happy are these

sir your servants who stand continually

before you and hear your wisdom

blessed be the Lord your God who

delighted in you setting you on his

throne to be king for the Lord your God

because your God has loved Israel to

establish them forever therefore he made

you King over them to do righteousness

and Justice jump over to verse 20 the

last half of the verse silver was not

accounted as anything in the days of

Solomon verse 22 we’ll wrap it up with

this so King Solomon surpassed all the

kings of the Earth in wisdom and in


I believe that the challenge what’s on

our plate right now in not just this

season in the sense of this Christmas

season but in this next four five six

year period of time

is the Lord wants us to give attention

to stewardship of three Realms of Life

his resources

its favor and its Authority if we can

learn to Steward these three Realms


he will continuously put you and me in

places to influence to be salt

to flavor life for a community to flavor

life for the State of California or

wherever it is you are from to become a

flavor to become that which draws out

the the Excellence and the Brilliance

and the beauty that God has already

established in every Community

represented in this room there are


traits given to every city to every

state every nation on the planet that

just need to be enhanced by getting a

little salt on it and that’s what you

and I get to do we are not the origin

everything everything we are not the

creator of everything we are not the

answer to everything but we get to add

flavor and draw the significance that

God has already instilled and created

and put into society that’s your job

that’s my job and I believe the

stewardship of these three Realms is

critical resources how can you Steward

resources well first of all it’s

generosity but secondly is it possible

for you to have a home that the way you

keep the house the way you got the house

the way that you Steward that home

prophesies to neighbors I don’t I don’t

mean because we throw money throwing

money at stuff isn’t the isn’t what

makes something excellent you know gold

toilet seats are not excellent

listen there are parts of the world

where they have obscene wealth and they

think that a gold toilet seat is is

excellent that’s stupidity

now I’m serious it’s stupidious not

using it’s not using Beauty unto a


I believe that things are to become

beautiful I believe things are supposed

to be excellent I think the beauty the

the time that our team puts in music are

people that jagu decorates buildings and

the stuff that goes on around is people

giving attention to detail the things

that you get printed that are put in

your hands more and more are taking on

the flavor of design and intentionality

of showing Excellence why because this

is what we are called to this stuff


Beauty for Ashes beauty Beauty was the

reward of the Lord touching life with

beauty taking broken things making them

whole letting them prophesy his Nature

by him restoring something

come on this is this is the heart of the

Lord and we’ll deal with this another

time because there’s not time today but

in Isaiah 61 it talks about broken

people that he turns Beauty for Ashes

and then he takes these beautiful ones

these ones who live with intentional

purpose and design and he releases them

to rebuild cities I wonder what kind of

city they’re going to rebuild it’s one

that’s intentional it has Beauty it has

excellence and that is the heart of God

it’s not this thing get people saved so

that Jesus can return and rescue us from

the devil that’s been the mindset for

for for decades that that we just get

rescued because sin is so bad and the

devil is so bad well guess what sin is

bad and the devil is horrible but Jesus

is so far greater it’s not a competition

and the gospel is an answer it is a

solution God cares how cities are run he

cares about your business more than you

do he cares about your family life he’s

the great restorer my goodness we’ve

seen him restore lost watches how much

more is he going to restore a lost

family member

he’s the he’s the god who’s been

prophesying his nature into our hearts

for years and years and years because a

community is forming that actually

believe God has solutions for every

problem that a city and a nation faces

that is the reformer’s Pledge if you

will that is the reformer’s Mandate is

that we Embrace a lifestyle of wisdom

that says I don’t know what the answer

is but I know someone who knows the

answer and I’m going to be a part of

that reformational influence that brings

healing and the rebuilding of a city

until Jesus is seen in the beauty the

Splendor the order the way a city

functions and runs this is your

privilege this is my privilege what does

this passage say about psalm it says

that the Queen of Sheba actually

prophesies over psalmist very


it says in verse 8 it says blessed be

the Lord your God who delighted in you

setting you on his throne to be king for

the Lord your God

because your God has loved Israel

to establish them forever

therefore he made you King over them to

do justice and righteousness

there’s two parts of the three that I’ve

addressed resources Authority and favor

this passage deals with two parts favor

and Authority why has God given

authority to anybody

Authority is to do justice justice means

I will speak on behalf of those who have

no voice

I believe that Justice is going to

become more and more important for us in

the years to come it’s going to be much

more vital that we give attention not

only to the voice of The Unborn the poor

have very little voice in shaping how

things are done

and throwing money at a problem is

seldom the answer to the problem there’s

a shift on the inside poverty starts in


and it’s not it’s it’s never making

people a project it’s just saying come

with me I want to show you how to

succeed in this part of life I have a

friend who actually buys run-down homes

and he rebuilds them he brings a family

that’s locked into poverty brings them

into the home and mentors them arranges

a year or two long mentoring program

where they live in that home they learn

to Steward the home they learn to to

channel the resources he gives them then

after a period of time he sells them

that home at a ridiculously reduced and

cheap rate so they can afford it and he

mentors them out of the cycle of poverty

into a lifestyle where they succeed they

get broken out of that thing they’ve got

all new appliances all new everything

what’s the point the point is is if

material things are evil then we are

cursing the poor by wanting them out of

their cycle of poverty so the answer is

not having nothing the answer is

learning how to Steward what we have in

a way that actually brings glory to God

for that to succeed well the jealousy

thing has to be shot in the head that

issue of jealousy because Proverbs says

the way you handled another person’s

possessions actually determines what you

can have on your own

which means next time you rent a car

take care of it as though your own

because the way you handle another

person’s possession so let’s take that a

step farther so you need a promotion at

work and your friend gets it you’ve just

been given another man’s possession

it’s a testimony what do you do with

that testimony if you celebrate it

you’re becoming qualified for your own

promotion if you’re jealous of it you’ve

just just disqualified yourself for the

very thing you’ve been asking for

I believe the Lord frequently we pray

for things I believe is is most common

way of answering our big prayers is by

giving us the seed to the answer

the Lord oftentimes chooses to give us

the acorn instead of the oak tree we

prayed for

why because in caring for the acorn that

process develops the character in me to

contain the answer what’s it once it’s

given without the answer actually

destroying me

a couple years ago uh when the first

year the last year that our first year

school of ministry met here inside the

sanctuary when I walked into the room I

felt the Lord tell me that somebody had

prayed for 500 that morning so I when it

was my turn to get up and teach I I just

started by saying somebody this morning

asked the Lord for 500 who was it and

there’s a lady right down here she said

I did I said you asked for 500 this

morning she said I did this morning so I

said well come up here and I didn’t have

500 but I had a 50. so I gave her the 50

I said it’s not 500 but I said there is

500 in the 50.

in the same way there’s an oak tree in

an acorn and there are unlimited number

of acorns in the oak tree


and so I gave her the money not knowing

what would happen just knowing that that

was as much as I was told

I heard two weeks later she went to the

store that evening grocery store and

there’s a young family there that

couldn’t afford all the groceries they

had she pulled the 50 out and she helped

pay for their groceries

thinking there goes the fifty dollars

well the Bible says when you give to the

poor you lend to the Lord in his

interest rates are incredible incredible

talk about talk about good interest


you want to do banking with Jesus but

trust me you want to do banking with

Jesus she drives home and when she gets

home somebody drives up with 500 for her

now I love that story I’m also glad it

doesn’t happen that way that fast every

day or we would reduce God to a slot

machine where we put 50 in and get 500

out about every 20 minutes right

but it’s a beautiful story where you and

I have asked the Lord for certain things

what does he do he gives us a seed now I

want to end with a quick

synopsis of a parable that we will study

more in full later it’s in Luke 19 and

I’ll just give it to you quickly

Jesus was answering the thoughts of his

disciples okay so picture this Jesus is

with the guys and he perceives they got

some stuff going on in their head that’s

not right and he wants to bring a little

adjustment to their thinking as he

frequently did they were thinking the

kingdom of God was going to appear

immediately what does that mean it

didn’t mean the return of Christ he was


that was half joke not a very good half

but it was a half joke

he was there they were expecting Jesus

to become the ruler of the earth he had

already proven that he could manage

things quite well all right so they are

all vying for position you remember the

conversations we want to sit at your

right hand we want to sit at your left

so they are thinking Jesus is about to

become king of the whole earth we are

getting positions so this stuff’s going

on their head and they think it’s going

to happen at any minute so Jesus it says

in Luke 19 in response to what they were

thinking taught them a parable and here

was the parable the parable was he says

there’s a landowner he’s got ten

servants he gives each of the landowners

a minor a minor was a sum of money let’s

just say a thousand dollars so he gives

ten of his servants a thousand dollars

each and then he says I’m going away for

a while when I come back to Spring me

the prophets so the landowner goes away

when he comes back he meets with all of

his servants and the Bible says the

first one comes to him and says see

master your thousand dollars has earned

for you ten thousand more

and the master says well done good and

faithful servant

interesting Next Step he says I want you

to become the governor over 10 cities

what were they thinking before the


they were thinking that Jesus was going

to become ruler of the earth cities and


what did Jesus do he said it doesn’t

happen that way it happens by you

correctly stewarding what’s been put

into your hands

they’re thinking influencing cities

Jesus says no it doesn’t happen that way

it’s not going to just suddenly come

where you have rulership over the Earth

this is the way it comes what’s put in

your hands

and the way you Steward what God has

given you I don’t care if it’s a musical

gift I don’t care if you’re a writer if

you’re a mechanic if you’re a doctor if

you raise children well it doesn’t

matter what you you’re a singer I don’t

care what it is that you do but that

which God has given you to do doing that

well with Excellence with creativity and

integrity that prophesies something into

culture and society that actually makes

you an influence over multiple cities

I I thought that was pretty good news



hears the Cry of the heart of every


a true Cry of the heart is not for

dominance it is not for control it is

not for position and title and fame

those things are nauseating counterfeits

of the real thing

the real thing is that with

righteousness and Justice in a person’s

life we’re able to influence life and

create an environment of presence an

environment of Holy Spirit inspired

structure if you will an order that

people thrive in honor I I despise when

I see people want us to teach on honor

so that they’ll be treated differently

it’s not for that honor is the

atmosphere in which the people become

their best the people of God become

their best the people of the city become

their best it’s the environment that

just enables things to grow to their

full potential and this is what the Lord

is raising up inside of you and inside

of me is a system if you will of wisdom

of values of Integrity knowing how to

Steward these things that God has given

us why

it creates an atmosphere

where people just become mindful of the

Lord do you understand what happened on

the day of Pentecost a group of people

that crucified Jesus are standing there

asking what must we do to be saved what


there was an atmospheric shift over a

city that changed how people thought

they were removed from deception and

cloudy influence to clear thinking

that’s what we want I want you to stand



the um

the passage we read I did this first

service too I’d never bothered to really

explain but

my intentions were good

the passage that we read basically said

Solomon was favored of the Lord because

of his love for Israel

so I want you to think about this how

many of you realize you have increasing

favor in your life how many of you

you’re aware of it you’re actually aware

of it happening all right why is it

there well first of all it says of

Solomon the Lord delighted in Solomon so

first of all what God gives you is

because of his own pleasure in you

can you say I received that for myself

thank you Jesus I receive that God

Delights in me that makes me extra happy

all right but then he takes it to the

next step and he says God’s Delight in

you and the favor that he gave you was

because of his love for Israel that’s

fascinating that means god forced favor

and Authority on a person’s life for the

sake of the people they know

what does that mean by implication it

means that favor if it ends with me it

never reached its purpose or potential

the favor that was given to me has to be

passed on to someone else for it to

reach its potential

there are sometimes where the Lord if I

if I were to do this with dollars just

to illustrate it I would give somebody

money and say listen find somebody to

give this to there are times where God

actually pours something into you that’s

not for you it’s for the sake of someone

else that’s what favor and Authority is

Authority is never to build your legacy

favors never to build your Empire it is

to be used for the sake of others

all right


so let’s pray father

thanks thanks for

for giving us assignments that are just

way bigger than we are

and we look to you with uh an unusual

awareness of our need for your voice

your heartbeat your wisdom we need

wisdom so much I pray for that Grace to

help us to know when you put seed in our

hands and when you’ve put bread that’s

to be enjoyed

how to enjoy what you put in our life as

an act of worship to you

I pray that you would help us to create

a real Theology of blessing

that that doesn’t allow

for materialism

but instead celebrates the purpose of

all that you do I pray for this that the

name of Jesus would be held in highest