Bill Johnson teaches on faith and God’s priority of trust. Bold faith stands on the shoulders of quiet trust. Faith is not complicated or hard; as believers it is our nature to believe. Our faith comes from a confident trust in who God is. While the enemy works to draw us into fear so that we would forget God’s goodness, reminding ourselves of who God is keeps us in peace and trust, even in difficult circumstances. ‘Bold faith stands on the shoulders of quiet trust’ is a phrase that Bill Johnson came out of a season of difficulty with. After praying and contending for breakthrough, he realized that quiet trust is the foundation of our faith. Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: 2 Corinthians 3 Hebrews 11 Luke 1 Matthew 6: 33 1 John 3: 2 2 Corinthians 4 Psalm 23: 4 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on January 29, 2017. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Faith #Trust

bold Faith stands on the shoulders of

quiet trust all God was looking for for

me was just to hold the course and trust

him that was it I was looking for great

demonstrations of faith I was looking

for great demonstrations of breakthrough

and the only thing I the only thing I

had was to be quiet and just cultivate



trust yeah

thanks thanks sure good to see you good

morning good

morning I just got back from Taiwan it


wonderful I I let all our Taiwanese

friends that are here I let them know

Friday night that it I left it in good

order I didn’t break anything country is

still running it’s all still good had

such a wonderful time we have so many

good friends all

over all over Asia actually I was in

China a couple weeks ago and Korea came

home and then went to uh Taiwan just cuz

I didn’t have anything else to do

so but sure had a good time lot God’s

just doing so much all over that part of


world um do you know what you do you

know what the correct term is for

gluten-free sugarless vegan



compost yes

amen amen I

scientific study was

done that proved that women who add a

few extra pounds live longer than the

men who mention


that’s very reliable

study being cremated is my last hope for

a smoking hot

body that’s just gross isn’t



oh if you see me eating a salad in a

restaurant I have been

kidnapped and I’m trying to Signal

you oh think that’s funny I it’s more

funny when my wife is here

cuz she she she does this she

goes she just closes her eyes and shakes


head when she’s upset at me I hear my

full name it’s Bill Johnson it’s not

just bill that’s just I hear my last

name too so actually it’s not what she’s

upset she doesn’t get upset at

me but my My love language is to tease

so I yeah sorry sorry about that one

more two elderly couples were enjoying

friendly conversation when one of the

men asked the other Fred how was the

memory Clinic you went to last month

outstanding Fred said they taught us all

the latest psychological techniques

visualization Association Etc it was

great that’s amazing he said what was

the name of the clinic Frank went blank

he thought and thought but couldn’t

remember then a smile broke across his

face and he asked what do you call that

flower with a long stem in thorns and he

responds you mean a rose says yes that’s

it Fred turned to his wife and said Rose


was what was the name of that memory

CL that’s pretty

pitiful that’s just plain pitiful all


open your Bibles to uh Second

Corinthians chapter

3 2 Corinthians 3 we’re going to read a

few verses out of chapter 3 and then u a

few more out of uh chapter

4 but let me give you a context I want

to talk to you about the way of

faith and uh

you know faith faith is supposed to be

normal for a Believer why we’re called


amen it’s actually it’s actually in our

nature in Christ to believe the one

who’s perfectly

faithful the spirit of God took up Res

residence in

us and he exudes confidence in the

father and all of our

relationship with the Holy Spirit leads

to Faith leads to confidence in God

unfortunately we have images of hype we

have images of control we have images of

so many other things that have nothing

to do with faith but I want to talk to

you about pure and simple Faith it’s

vital and it has to be important to us

because faith is one of the two

absolutes that heaven anticipates in the

heart of every believer the two

absolutes are love and faith we know

that there’s faith hope and love and

love is the greatest of these but then

we also know in Hebrews 11 it says that

without faith it’s impossible to please

him I I know there’s a part of of life

where we we don’t have to do anything to

please God he actually just Delights in

us who we are as we Are Made In His

Image I get that but we can’t discount

the fact that Faith pleases him there’s

something about our response to who he

is that brings great pleasure to his own

heart I some some of the stories that

move me the most in the New Testament

are where where you have Jesus with a

centurion who demonstrates a level of

faith that no one in all of Israel

demonstrated the sarap phenician woman

who wanted her daughter healed and

delivered and uh and Jesus was

explaining to her that he had minister

to the Jew first and not the Gentile and

she Rose above that into a place of

faith and he was stunned and I don’t

know what you do with this but but to

for God to be in

awe of you is

amazing to for him to stop in his tracks


go wow I’m impressed it was so moved by

the offering of Mary who poured out the

ointment years worth of of of income to

purchase this ointment poured it out

over him he was so stunned by the act

the act that he announced that this will

be spoken of forever this this story of

this offering of this sacrifice will

actually be on record and talked about

for all of

eternity and so it’s it’s it should

matter to us that there’s actually

things that we can do that really that

really touch his heart in unique ways

it’s not uh it’s not Christian

calisthenics it’s not perform ing so

that he’ll love us we can’t cause him to

love us any more than he loves us but

there is this element of bringing

pleasure to the heart of God that is uh

is so special and and I just bless the

children and and don’t ever feel bad if

you have a child in here that cries I

don’t I don’t mind it’s part of life in

fact I I was reading earlier uh earlier

that de Moody had a meeting once where

the only people who could come to the

meeting were moms with babies in their

arms they so it was a I’m sure it was

crazy but it was it was God showed up

and and Chris got gray hair in that

meeting just totally went white yeah


right yeah don’t honestly don’t ever

feel feel

bad faith is

um faith is actually the most normal

response to the discovery of who he is

because all it is is a confidence in his

nature in his

word and so unbelief Creeps in where

we’re unsure

yes if you don’t have questions in life

you’re intellectually brain

dead we’re supposed to have questions

it’s vital to have

questions but questions that are raised

in the atmosphere of trust lead to


questions that arise in the attitude of

mistrust lead to

unbelief you see Zacharias the father of

John the Baptist when the angel showed

up and announced the great news that his

wife was going to give him a son he said

how can I know this is for sure and


says you

know I’m Gabriel I stand in the presence

of God you know like that should be

enough evidence but

um the Lord made Zachariah silent for

nine months probably so he wouldn’t mess

up the

miracle because many miracles are

aborted by what we

say so here’s this question that really

held God Hostage to an


questions are normal for the believer

because you can’t develop qu uh trust


questions you have to have mystery or

you can’t develop a life of trust

right there’s no need for trust if

there’s no mystery if there’s no

questions it’s actually essential that

you live in the middle of things that

you can’t control you can’t explain some

things you don’t like some things you’re

overwhelmed by that are beyond anything

you know you could ever earn or deserve

and you live in the middle of this

mystery and that’s where trust is

cultivated so without those elements you

can’t cannot possibly develop a life

life of trust that he is looking for

from each of his own faith pleases

him if you look at me with uh first uh

excuse me 2 Corinthians chapter 3 we’re

going to jump into the middle of subject

because I don’t want to I actually don’t

want to deal with the broad subject

that’s being talked about it’ll take too

much time for for this morning’s

session but I do want to he’s he’s

dealing with the fact that there’s a

veil over the eyes of the Jews to the

reality of Christ all right so we’re

going to jump into the middle of that

but the principle that applies there

also applies for us verse 14 their minds


blinded for until this day the same Veil

remains unlifted in the reading of the

Old Testament because the veil is taken

away in Christ but even to this day when

Moses is read a veil lies on their heart

nevertheless when one turns to the Lord

the veil is taken away okay now listen

to that last verse because this provides

uh an insight for us on the life of

faith faith has to matter to us because

this is our whole life is bringing

pleasure to the heart of the Lord and

our dreams are fulfilled when we

fulfilled his dreams in the same way

that Joseph’s dreams were fulfilled when

he fulfilled the pharaoh’s dreams and

it’s just the life we’ve been called to

it’s it’s what’s called seeking first

the kingdom and all these things will be

ated there’s this this domino effect and

whenever we reverse the order we lose

both all right verse 16 again

nevertheless when one turns to the Lord

the veil is taken away that’s

fascinating because you would think that

the veil would be a removed so a person

could turn to the

Lord but the the point that’s being made

here and also in chapter 4 is that

there’s a veil of deception that Lies

Over The Eyes of people they’re diluted

about who God is about what he has said

what he has promised there’s this realm

of deception that exists over the minds

of people in chapter 4 it says he has

blinded their

minds blinded their minds the

implication is Minds

see so he’s blinded their minds to

reality to truth and yet it says when


believe the veil is lifted the veil

isn’t lifted so they can believe why

because Faith doesn’t come from the Mind

faith comes from the

heart so no matter the level of

deception that exists over a person

there’s always enough Holy Spirit

activity there’s already there’s always

enough going on in the spirit of a

person to yield to the Lord so that

deception is removed the point is faith

comes first first understanding comes

second faith comes first understanding

come second we know that in HEB Hebrews

11 it says by faith we understand the

worlds were made out of nothing by faith

we understand Faith came first why

because the Lord is looking for people

who yield who surrender from

here not just

here he’s not asking us to adopt his

principles he’s not urging us to embrace

bibl ibal principles so we have a


life he’s urging us to embrace the


one the

Lord yielding see faith is a result of

surrender not

striving you don’t work yourself into

faith and one of the biggest enemies of

a life of faith is

busyness it’s not the busyness is wrong

it’s just without that place of of quiet

Ang anchoring the soul in who God is and

what he has said we become easily

persuaded and swayed by popular opinion

public opinion by the movement of the

day and that anchor of the soul that

just finds its rest in the nature of God

and the word of God that’s where that

element of trust gets developed in the

middle of craziness and

Chaos this verse goes on it says uh

verse 16 it says nevertheless when one

turns to the Lord the veil is taken away

verse 17 now the Lord is the spirit

that’s interesting statement the Lord is

the spirit the holy spirit is the

Lord the holy spirit is the Lord and

where the spirit of the Lord is there is

liberty another way to put that is

wherever the holy spirit is Lord Liberty

is the

evidence the evidence of the presence of

God not just in the room I mean no he

can be in the room but you I can resist

him and not yield to him right so it’s

not just the presence of the Lord in

this sense it’s the presence of the Lord

in this sense that he has had his his

impact of lordship over my perception

over my thinking over my heart there’s a

place of tenderness and yielded this see

my my life’s goal is to be tender enough

to the Lord that he can touch me with

his fingerprint and leave his imprint on

my heart I want to be that tender that

soft and tender to his that any breath

moves me any Breath of God moves my

thinking moves my

actions we really do play to the

audience of one we really do live to the

audience of one to bring pleasure to

one and the moment I lose that is when I

I I become very frustrated with him in

fact the way I like to put it is that if

God is your servant you will constantly

be frustrated he will never measure

up but if you are his servant you will

always stand in

amazement being overwhelmed by how good

he really is there’s a shift in

posture and if I fail to make that shift

in posture I will think I have a

contract to make demands of

God instead of realizing he gave himself

to me as the

contractor so that together we would co-

labor to see his purposes carried out fa

Faith really is the result of being

overwhelmingly confident that he is who

he says he is it’s

normal so where the spirit of the Lord

is there is Liberty that statement we

use a lot I like it I like it because

it’s it just speaks so much of the

Kingdom but it’s given to us in this

context of blinded

Minds being released from deception in

seeing that Liberty is actually seeing

what we’re supposed to be

seeing that Liberty why is it important


see I’m glad you

asked why why is it important why why is

perception so important well OB there’s

obvious reasons but let me tell you the

ultimate reason the ultimate reason this

whole chapter is actually about

encountering the glory in fact we should

read this next verse this will help it

to make more sense it’s real wordy but

let’s work through it together Verse 18

but we all with unveiled face in other

words the deceptions been lifted

beholding as in a mirror the glory of

the Lord interesting way to put things

I’m seeing the glory of the Lord

but it’s like I’m looking in a

mirror what does that say about what’s

happening to you hope you’re getting it

we are being transformed into the same

image from glory to glory just as by the

spirit of the Lord so where the holy

spirit is Lord he lifts the veil so that

we can see him more clearly but what

happens as a result beholding the glory

of the Lord is the most transformational

encounter a person can and will ever

have when the Bible say says when you

see him you will be like him that is

true but the principle is also in the

present tense as you see him you will be


him many people wait to see some image

where Jesus you

know Tada shows up in in in almost in

the flesh or so that we see him in in

Vision form instead of realizing any

time we consider who he is and what he

has said and we quiet our heart that’s

we just look in his Direction there is

an imprint taking place in our lives of

who he is everything gets re-calibrated

our thoughts get recalibrated our values

our decisions our priorities in life all

this stuff gets recalibrated the more

the more I become confident and aware

that he truly is with me not just as a

promise that I that I haven’t realized

personally by experience but as a

promise that I live in I live in the

experience of the abiding presence of

Christ in that context Faith becomes

more and more normal and I become

changed into His Image so the whole

point is is that beholding him changes

us you know you sometimes with with way

things are emphasized in the church and

and by us it it would it would almost

appear that it’s by our hard labor that

we’re changed and I I believe I do

believe in hard labor and I do believe

in in really repr representing the Lord

with great Zeal fervency laying my life

down to see him use my

labors but there there is nothing so

transformational as beholding him those

things are important because I’ve beheld

him in other words I don’t do these

things to obtain favor I already have

the favor I do them because I have favor

in other words what are you going to do

with what God has given

you you know if we hold a little baby

and look at that little child and that

child doesn’t have to do anything in

fact what it does do is quite offensive

and yet we have such favor on that child

we just love that you know I A friend of

mine just had just had a baby here just

recently and uh and their statement was

I I didn’t know I I didn’t know I could

love anything as much as I love this

baby how many that’s absolutely

true there’s nothing like

it and so that baby doesn’t have to do

anything for me to love it anymore than

I do do but if that baby’s still laying

in the crib when it’s 21 you know you

might want to light the mattress on fire

see if you can get some motivation going

because there’s got to be some activity

that comes from the love that you’ve

displayed poor example but you got my

point all right chapter

4 yeah don’t light the mattress on fire

bad illustration I have to be careful

now my my third gr sense of humor just

bites me once in a while all

right chapter 4 down in verse uh three

says even if our gospel is veiled it is

veiled to those who are perishing whose

Minds the God of this age has blinded

who do not believe lest the light of the

Gospel of the glory of Christ who is the

image of God should shine on them that’s

just reaffirming verse 16 of the

previous chapter now I want you to jump

over to verse 13

since we have the same Spirit of Faith

according to what is written I believed

and therefore I spoke we also believe

and therefore speak that statement I

believed therefore I spoke Paul is

quoting an Old Testament passage here so

what he’s doing is he’s

taking a a a principle that was

established first in the Old Testament

that made it through the cross unchanged

and remains in the New Testament we’ve

we’ve looked at this before some things

ended at the cross animal sacrifice some

things were changed by the cross the

nature of the Sabbath uh Jubilee Jubilee

is every year for a Believer it was

every 50 years for Israel so some things

were changed at the cross and some

things made it through the cross

unchanged and this principle is one of

them I believed therefore I spoke say

that with me I believed therefore I

spoke now I’m sure you’ve run into

horror stories of people who have tried

to get their way by confessing whatever

they want and announcing the power of

their confession you know there’s a

natural power in the confession of a

person you don’t even have to be born

again if you say the right things over

time it will have effect on you but the

real power that we’re interested in is

the power of God and that is released

when we say what he is

saying discovering what he is saying is

the vital part of our life Jesus set the

establ or established the the model for

us the standard for us he said I only

say What I Hear My Father say so all the

words that came out of his mouth were

words he actually heard from the father

and so when we partner with the heavenly

father to declare what he is saying all

of Heaven Waits to ride on that which

came from the heart of the Father the

way I describe it my personal conviction

is the Angelic realm uh it’s going to

sound a little strange but they can they

can smell the frag fragance of the

throne room when you say something that

originated in the heart of the

father I I come to that analogy uh this

way we know that Satan is called

Beelzebub the Lord of the Flies flies

are attracted to what death

Decay I had a freezer die

once out in a

shed it was hell on Earth and it was it

was it were oh it was bad it was just so

bad it was so bad I don’t know how flies

got in there but there were more than

mankind could count inside this freezer

we didn’t empty the freezer we just took

the whole thing to the dump just and all

the other freezers that were there just

ran away they

just I embellished a little on that

part so if Satan is likened unto uh be

the Lord of the Flies flies are

attracted by fragrance of decay

then the Angelic realm it would seem to

me would be attracted by life the Breath

of Heaven the very things that God

speaks and according to Psalms 103

Angels carry out the voice of his word

there’s something that when we declare

what God is saying they are attracted to

that they might

enforce it’s true it is true it’s it’s

just learning to partner with God the

way that he wants to be partnered with

and so here we have this statement I

believe therefore I spoke and then he

responds he says we also believe and


speak you know if if we could if we

could just learn

truth and lay aside every bad example

we’ve ever seen we do a lot

better but often times there

are there are touchy reactions to

phrases to words to mov movements to

whatever because in our mind we have the

worst possible example of that

idea and there are many things that have

been rejected by the church I remember

uh years ago a Wonder one of the most

amazing men I’ve ever met said stay away

from the prophetic because it’s caused

so much shipwreck well he had

experienced a number of tragic things

and and his reaction was stay away from

that because it it has caused so much

damage in the church

and uh and I I I had so much respect and

and do this man’s in heaven now but so

much respect for this

man and uh but but strangely his word

excited me for the

prophetic it made it encouraged me

because I thought well if the devil

works that hard to counterfeit something

because it has that much power then then

the real must be all that much more

valuable you know you don’t ever you

don’t ever hear of a counterfeit ring

being busted and who counterfeited

pennies you know I mean it’s not worth

the effort you know they’re only going

to counterfeit something of value and so

whenever I see the enemy trying to

distort a reality distort a truth that

actually encourages me it motivates me

and so and so what what his warning did

do is it enabled me to take extra steps

of caution and spe not caution in a

sense of fear but caution in the sense

of walking as a team I remember with

team and a number of other with Chris a

number of others uh in Weaverville but

just partnering together to make sure

that we did this right stay accountable

together as we as we go places where we

don’t know anyone who’s ever gone there

before it’s certainly people have

traveled there for years but we didn’t

know they weren’t close to us so we had

to like explorers see if we could find

something and so we’d keep each other

accountable make sure that we are

seeking first the kingdom and not our

own Attention our own Glory our own

title or position or whatever and some

sometimes that’s what you do is you just

make that partn parip together you to

say you know what this way of faith is

important to me and I realize I can make

it about what I get I can make it about

you know how God uses me I can make it

about Ministry instead of relationship

watch me if you see that correct me the

slap of a friend is a very valuable

thing but don’t change the

pursuit don’t change the pursuit oh I

did it wrong and then you quit no that’s

stupid if you were responding to

something that God said to do find

responding to something that he said

pleases him this lifestyle of Faith then

what we do is we walk together the slap

of a Friend helps us to walk correctly

impurity but after the

authentic so here’s this issue called I

believe therefore I spoke I this

fascinates me because I I’ve

experimented with it through the years

and still I life for me is just one huge

experiment but I I remember um being

with Randy Clark in Colorado several

years ago and I had been running an

experiment for a while there and anytime

I was in a meeting if I if I said it the

beginning and the Lord would always

prompt me he’d remind me if I said at

the beginning it is normal for tumors to

disappear in the presence of the Lord if

I said that at the beginning of the

meeting at the end we would check and I

remember this one meeting in uh Randy

and I dialoging on this subject and uh

in in Denver and by the end of the

meeting there were nine people that had

tors either completely disappear or were

uh significantly diminished and

diminishing nine people and yet what

I’ve noticed is if I don’t say that

chances are very high it won’t

happen now is it the power of my speech

no no it’s just me cooperating with what

he’s saying and then his breath is added

where his Angelic realm enforced the

very thing declared so what are you

saying about your life sometimes our

need need for sympathy from friends when

we’re in the middle of the

problem sometimes we find greater

comfort from the sympathy of friends

than we do in the comfort of trust and

confidence in

God and we’ll actually talk talk down I

I believe in transparency I believe you

know I’m hurting I’m I need help having

people you know I I get that and I think

that’s vital and that’s important so

don’t misunderstand me but but there’s

an there’s another element to this a

feeding off the sympathy of friends that

sometimes becomes more valuable to us

than the place of confidence in

God I was in uh I was in New Zealand in

this last August and uh I I do a

particular conference there every year

and I I think it’s been about 12 years

I’ve been gr every year for 12

years and I was there this time with

Michael Maiden who’s a just a wonderful

wonderful friend and a wonderful man of

God I I really want to have him here at

some point he’s a great prophet he’s

he’s ministered so deeply to me through


years and um anyway I was I was in this

conf conference and it was the last

night and and he got up at the end and

he called me up and he began to prophesy

over me and I you know I’ve had a lot of

good words through the years and I I I

treasure them I record them I if there’s

a video I I I get it downloaded into my

iPad so I can sit in my living room and

just watch I had a real rough SP this

last year where I was really really sick

some of you might remember that one and

I couldn’t eat I couldn’t drink water I

couldn’t do anything I was I was a I was

in a in a rough rough

place and uh Michael Maiden called me

out he brought me up he says he said he

said Pastor Bill he says God won’t leave

me alone on this and he said I wouldn’t

do this otherwise and then he began to

bring this word and this is what he

shared he

said he said you’ve had a three and a

half year period of time of an un un

usual assault on your family and I don’t

know how many of you might know this but

my daughter was within a day within 24

hours of death you’re two years ago this

month my mom within three days the exact

same within 24 hours almost lost I was

overseas and uh that was that’s rough

news to get while you’re you’re uh

somewhere else you

know and then Brian went through through

his rough rough thing and um

just each seems like each family member

went through something unusually weird

and strange now you have to understand I

I really do not live devil focused at


I I I know he exists but you know he’s

not he’s not worthy of my

conversation I I only I only talk about

him long enough to get the Crosshair

settled on his forehead you know that’s

it’s just it’s the only the only purpose

for bringing him up is so that I can

pull the trigger I mean I mean honestly

that’s he he he just he annoys me he

annoys me so much I refuse to give him

credit for anything

yeah she reminds me what sa was little

she you heard her growling on Halloween

she hears this growling she turns around

Sor standing in front of this hollyw


Halloween display in a drugstore and

she’s growling at the witch you know

that’s That’s The Way We R our kids I


growl so Michael anyway called me out

and and uh and began to prophesy over me

and he said you’ve been under this three

and a half year period of of assault and

he says it has ended and then he went on

and he

said what annoyed the now Michael would

have no way of knowing

this would he wouldn’t know about what’s

happened in the family either but he he

would have no way of knowing this he

said what annoyed the enemy the most

is that in the midst of your your

darkest deepest moments you just laid on

your bed and gave thanks to God for his

goodness and that’s

true that’s true there was an unusual


see he walks with

us though I walk through the valley of

the shadow of death there are measures

of his presence that you can only find

there there are measures of his presence

you can only find there walking through

that’s where you find him and it was

such a Grace in that moment and I I

remember just laying in my bed or in my

recliner and just unable to really

function for a a season and just

reviewing promises reviewing reading

through the word just refreshing myself

in God’s goodness giving giving him

thanks for such an amazing family a

church family my natural family and just

taking grabbing your moment to just

celebrate his kindness and his goodness

it does something to just settle settle

the fear things you know it’s it’s like

well I came out of the whole deal I’ve

told you this before but I repeat I came

out of the whole deal realizing it was

all about

trust bold Faith stands on the shoulders

of quiet trust all God was looking for

for me was just to hold the course and

trust him that was it I was looking for

great demon ations of faith I was

looking for great demonstrations of

breakthrough and the only thing I the

only thing I had was to be quiet and

just cultivate

trust Brian my son says it best he says

if all you’re left with is God consider

that a

gift that’s the truth that’s the truth

discovering him in those moments is

everything so what what what is he

looking for for you and me every one of

us have issues things that are going on

positive some are challenges some are

horrible but we all got stuff and in the

middle of that to maintain a real quiet

spirit in the presence of the Lord where

trust is constantly cultivated the great

bold Faith all those things they’ll take

their place but just maintain the

absolute confidence that God is who he

says he is and that he is good and that

his promises will endure over any

situation and somehow maintaining that


thing has a domino effect on the rest of

life I love bold faith I I was I was

raised in a house hearing the stories of

Smith Wigglesworth and all these people

in my f family’s history and I loved

seeing different friends of mine Through

The Years Mario Mel and others that

exhibited such bold faith and that’s

always been my ambition is to live with

and demonstrate bold faith and it

happens but I found out what God is

interested in he’s interested in that

quiet trust that just does not move

regardless of circumstances does not

fall into question regardless of

surroundings so father I pray that I

pray that for us as a as a family that

you would you would once again release

Grace once a let again you would release

that Grace that gift over our lives that

quiet trust would become so deep and

bring about such a profound

stability that nothing could challenge

our thinking our affection our

confidence in

you thank you

Lord thanks so much whenever we come

together there’s

always high chances that we have when we

have this many people in a room that we

have folks here who just simply don’t

know the

Lord and the most important thing that

could happen today would be for anyone

here who is not certain about their

relationship with

Christ to pray a very simple prayer of

faith it’s a prayer of surrender it’s a

prayer of yielded it’s acknowledging who

he is it’s surrendering to his lordship

it’s it’s

his his ability to rule over our lives

goodness in such a gracious

manner causing us to become everything

he created us to become but it comes in

that point of

surrender and what I want to ask is if

there’s anyone here that would just say

Bill I don’t want to leave this building

I don’t want to leave this property

until I

know that I’m am right with god Till I

know I’ve been forgiven of

sin if that’s you I want you just to put

a hand up right where you are I want to

just to acknowledge you just real

quickly let our eyes meet right here yep

wonderful amen anyone else real

quickly is there any anyone else all

right all right go ahead and

stand we’re going to have a a Ministry

team if you would come on up here I’ve

got friends over here that would I would

love to have I I I trust them and I’d

love to have them come and pray for you

so just come on down here and uh yeah

bless this one I she comes so wonderful

to have

people yeah right over here to my right

anyone else who who would like to we’re

going to have a team down here to pray

for you miracles in your body whatever

is needed we got a team ready to go but

specifically over here to my right we

have What’s called the freedom banner

and people are there ready to pray with

you to meet the Lord Jesus to know what

it is to be born again Ministry team

come quickly uh we want to give uh a

chance for people to receive prayer and

uh and get their miracle