Bill Johnson teaches from Malachi on God’s desire for your simple and genuine devotion. God is not asking you for great acts of faith, He simply wants your “Yes” to Him. Offerings of your time, resources, or even faith are not pleasing to Him unless they come from your heart. Bill Johnson challenges listeners to return to the simplicity of devotion to Christ, giving all to Him. The blueprint for the transformation of cities and nations is found in the lives of those who have said “yes” and live simply in daily, genuine devotion to Jesus. Subscribe for weekly videos: Connect with Bill Johnson Ministries: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Mailing List: Additional Resources:… Scripture References: Malachi 1-4 Amos 9 1 Peter 4: 17 Revelation 2: 4 Proverbs 18: 9 Hebrews 13: 15-16 Ephesians 6: 12 Luke 10: 19 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on January 26, 2020. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Simple #Faith

he’s not always looking for the noble

things he’s looking for the simple

things that illustrate transform life

anybody can psych themselves up to give

a big gift anyone can psych themselves

up to have a conversation with somebody

about Jesus but it’s the ongoing daily

life that leaks Jesus is what moves


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morning um one announcement we forgot to

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with people man I am I just am so all

right open your Bibles to the Book of

Malachi and we will we’ll try to move on

from where we were a week ago Mal

Malachi now I can’t say it right Malachi

I think it’s probably 30 35 years ago

first heard somebody introduce Malachi

as Malachi the Italian Prophet so I that

gem has stayed with me all these years

so I want to do

uh create somewhat of a

context uh if every one of you were here

last week I would still create this

context just as a reminder so that we

can build on it for today but also

knowing that there are many just so


that uh some of you were here some were

not the Book of Malachi is a book of

Correction and a a book of

Promise what’s important for us in

studying the Old Testament is we need to

learn prophetic language so to speak we

need to we need to learn uh how

meaningful Old Testament scripture is to

the New Testament Church I remind you

that the early church the Old Testament

is all they had until letters and

Epistles were written to them but what

they had was the Old Testament Romans 15

says that these things referring to the

Old Testament these things were written

for our instruction it’s actually New

Testament material but you have to know

how to translate or interpret what’s

being said because of so much prophetic

language which we’ll we’ll take a stab

at some of it this morning one of the

things that um becomes clear in the Book

of Malachi is he’s he’s addressing

sacrifices now let me let me uh let me

clarify something we have parts of the

Old Testament that ended at the

cross we have some parts of the new of

the Old Testament that made it through

the cross but made it through

changed and then we have parts of the

Old Testament that make it through the

cross completely unchanged and it’s

wisdom to recognize that difference and

I’ll illustrate it what ended at the

cross animal

sacrifices once Jesus came the Lamb of

God once he was sacrificed for our sin

there is no longer any need for

sacrifice so that ended at the cross

what was changed by the cross well one

of the things changed is the Year of

Jubilee in the Old Testament the Year of

Jubilee was every 50 years slaves were

were released people were released from

debt when Jesus came he announced that

this is the favorable year of the Lord

he was announcing that this is the Year

of Jubilee which means the cross changed

a every 50-year period of time to an

everyday period of time for the New

Testament believer so it was it was

supercharged through the cross what made

it through the cross

unchanged um davidic worship for one the

worship that David experienced I

personally believe the lord gave him a

glimpse into the New Testament

experience and let him model it in an

Old Testament context it was where

people had Direct access the priests had

Direct access to the presence of the

Lord they would Minister to him in song

with Thanksgiving praise they would

offer themselves in

worship Amos chapter 9 prophesied that

that reality Old Testament worship

called The Tabernacle of David would

become a new testament reality

acts 15 quoted that passage saying this

is it so the point I’m trying to make is

that kind of worship the coming before

the presence of the Lord to minister to

him was an Old Testament experience that

is unchanged in the new wisdom is

looking at these Old Testament

scriptures I love the Old Testament I I

whenever I’m reading through the Minor

Prophets and I get to Malachi just to be

honest my heart leaps because it speaks

to me so much I I mentioned to you last

week I like I like like some of the

scriptures that are kind of in-your-face

kind of scriptures you know I I like my

Mexican food extremely hot I wanted to

growl at me when I bring the fork up to

my mouth I like my coffee extremely

strong to where you can walk on it

without faith it’s so strong that’s how

I like it and I like the scripture to

growl at me as I open the book I I want

it to confront stuff in me that needs to

change honestly I don’t shy from those

but to read it in a new testament cont

context when the Lord brings judgment on

the people of God it’s not a judgment of

condemnation if you don’t understand

that you’ll misread the entire Old

Testament the Judgment of God on the

people of God is always

discipline let’s take one concept

here in Peter he says I think it’s Peter

I didn’t look it up he says that the

Judgment of God must begin with the

household of


why because if God’s judgment starts

with the world with the unbeliever it


damnation if it starts with a church it

brings us into Purity where Jesus is

more accurately represented which

becomes the invitation for the Nations

to come to

Christ there’s cause and effect when his

discipline on my life helps me to

represent Jesus more accurately then

there’s a domino effect on the impact of

Nations yes the word of correction that

is brought

to the

malians that was sudden inspiration

wasn’t very good we’ll try again next

service see if we can do

better the the message that came to the

priests and to Israel in uh in the Book

of Malachi was to correct them for their

um correct them for their

complacency in their

offerings they were they let’s say you

have 100 sheep and this is Old Testament

times you have 100 sheep and you’ve got

one that’s hobbled and crippled up blind

in one eye and uh could die any moment

and they would give that as an offering

to the Lord and God says try giving that

to a political leader you’re trying to

impress see what happens and sometimes

what happens in the church is we we give

enough to ease our conscience but not

enough to transform our

life sacrifice is to position us for


transformation and it’s supposed to be

the ongoing standard for How We Do

life so they gave out of complacency

they gave out of routine they had lost

the reason for what they were doing and

they were giving to God substandard


now this isn’t about I mean money is a

part of it because because we give to

the Lord this is about your life it’s

it’s the entirety of who I am it’s my

time it’s my gifts it’s my callings it’s

my it’s everything I have it’s the money

in my bank it’s it’s anything it’s all

of me is a continuous ongoing offering

that he would be glorified that’s the

whole point and if this were put into a

new testament context there no doubt

would be the ephes or excuse me the the

Revelation 2 passage you’ve left your

first love and the way they got back to

their first love was to repeat the works

they used to do there’s something about

reactivating acts of devotion that

rekindles the fire in the

soul last week I brought up a passage

out of Proverbs

18:9 very sober verse for me it has been

for a number of years in this verse he

says the slothful in his work is brother

to him who destroys the slothful is

related to the destroyer of the work the

slothful in work is related to the one

who destroys the actual

work so let’s create three groups of

people here the passionate faithful

worker the lazy or slothful worker and

the opponent to the work

the two people in of those three the two

groups that are most like each other are

the slothful the complacent and the

opponent let’s translate

it we have the passionate first Lov

believer maintaining First Love Devotion

to Jesus regardless of

Seasons Seasons don’t determine how my

heart burns for him circumstances do not

have the authority to temper the fire in

my soul for

him in fact I’d probably say more people

have lost the fire for God in blessing

than they ever did in

trial so here we have the passionate

believer first love we have the

complacent believer and we have the

opponent to the

gospel the two that are most alike the

complacent and the

opponent it’s my personal conviction the

complacent believer legitimizes the

opponent to the

gospel the complacent believer

legitimizes can I say

fuels the work of the person who’s

opposed to the

gospel routine is not a negative or a

bad thing disciplines are important in

our life but I don’t like losing the

reason why I do something sometimes my

obedience there’s no emotion to it it’s

literally just raw I offer myself to you

I’m going to do what you said to

do both faith and obedience are measured


activity both faith and obedience are


or uh measured by activity by by what we


it’s the reason Jesus said to the church

at Ephesus return to your first love do

the works you did at first there’s

something about demonstrations of

obedience but we never have to lose the

reason why we keep in front of us that

the offering is whether it’s a money

gift or it’s you helping uh somebody in

the front of the grocery store that has

no food the point is is that whatever

you’re doing we never lose the reason

why we’re not trying to ease our

conscience we’re positioning oursel in

in a in a place to cause the offering to

release power to transform the

world fire always falls on sacrifice you

can’t give him something that he won’t

bless so here’s what I want you to see

we’re going to do uh we’re skip about

five or six verses we’ll read uh

randomly and I want you just to follow

along in your Bibles how many of you

have your Bibles let me see them say

this with me I love my Bible love oh oh

man I do all right Malachi CH

1 let’s just go right to verse 5 and

what you’re going to do see over these

five or six verses is you’ll see a theme

all right verse five your eyes shall see

and you shall say the Lord is magnified

beyond the border of Israel the Lord is

magnified beyond the border of Israel go

to verse

11 for from the rising of the sun even

to its going down my name shall be great

among the Gentiles that’s unbelievers in

every place incense shall be offered to

my name and to Pure offering for my name

shall be great among the Nations so his

name is great among the unbeliever he’s

great among the Nations go down to verse

14 cursed be the deceiver who has in his

flock a male and takes a vow but sacrifi

sacrifices to the Lord what is blemished

for I am a great king say says the Lord

of hosts and my name is to be feared

among the

Nations if you’re not getting it by

now how we give ourselves to the Lord

with absolute Reckless abandon affects

what nations see of the reality of

Jesus when I when I made a statement

that the complacent legitimize the

opponent that’s it complain any

half-hearted attempt to walk with

Jesus actually does more to undermine

the concept of his nature the revelation

of his nature than supported wow why

because he’s a great king and a great

king like this all good gifts come from

him all of life flows from him he

sustains everything through the word of


power he is the source of everything

that is right and good in the

world to walk down a grocery store and

to see vegetables

fruit fill the bins and to not

think of blessing coming from his hand

is an injustice it’s an injustice to get

a promotion at work to be able to

breathe without fighting for air to be

able to walk down a street where it’s

safe all these things are just simple

blessings of the Lord and to live in a

world that is so filled and abundant

with his Blessing and for him to go

unnoticed is a great severe


and the offering of lame

offerings is a

confrontation to that that has crept

into the hearts of God’s people that

they could try to just do routine and

not truly put themselves on the altar as

a continuous

offering the outcome of this well let me

just read a couple more verses and then

I’ll give you the outcome all right so

verse 14 it says my name is to be feared

among the Nations go to verse 12 of

chapter 3

verse 12 of chapter 3 says all nations

will call you blessed you will be a

delightful land says the Lord of hosts

so here’s the journey it concludes with

all the nations will call you blessed

what is this a part of the Lord is

describing what it is for us to go

through the discipline of the Lord now

the discipline of the Lord

um it’s his refinement process that goes

on in your life and mine all the time

the word of God do you read your Bibles

it’s a sword it cuts off wrong

things it’s

discipline it may you may have felt

wonderful while it was happening it

doesn’t mean you’re standing in a corner

with your nose you know on the wall or

something it’s not it’s not it’s not a

punishment oriented activity it’s a

refining process which is what we’ve

asked for to represent Jesus well and

the endgame of the Journey of becoming

more and more like Jesus is that

that is the thing that touches Nations

it affects the destiny of Nations so

when he says in

Peter judgment begins with the household

of faith it’s because in that process we

more accurately represent Jesus impurity

in power and in passion it’s by accident

there’s three PS but it works for the

message Purity power and passion so we

more accurately represent who he is what

does that mean his grace is irresistible

to anybody who sees it so we are

actually invited into this journey of

becoming more like Christ that awakens

in the Nations their appetite for God

and they look at you and they say man

you’re blessed of the Lord they

recognize the hand of God the favor of

God the blessing of the Lord on your

life all right let’s go to the end of

chapter 3 and let’s uh study a couple

verses here


verse uh 16 of chapter 3 very very

interesting verse says Those Who feared

the Lord spoke to one another and the

Lord listened and heard them so a book

of remembrance was written before him

for those who fear the lord who meditate

on his name look at it again those who

feared the Lord spoke to one another and

the Lord listened and heard so a book of

remembrance was written before him for

those who fear the lord who meditate on


name um

again biblical prophetic language the

Lord often speaks in a language that

helps us to connect with a part of his

nature when he talks about a book of

remembrance it does not mean God forgets

stuff it doesn’t mean a book is written

because he’s just just got a bad memory

and he needs help he’s he’s talk he’s

talking to us in a way that we

understand and he says listen what you

are doing matters so much to me that I

have engraved something in the

heavenlies that speaks to me about your

faithfulness and what is it that the

Lord has acknowledged

here it’s interesting because right

previous to this the Lord talks to the

priests and the people he says you come

to me with offerings Tears In Your Eyes

giving these sacrifices to me and yet

you treat your wife badly so your

sacrifice means nothing to

me I can kneel before him bow shout

dance sing cry if I treat my wife

badly none of us means

anything the point is relationships are

the context that make our offerings

significant an offering whether it’s a

financial gift to the rising build or

the guy down at the grocery store that

has no food regardless of what it is the

financial gift becomes supernaturally

empowered when it’s in the context of I

am doing everything I know to do to make

sure my relationships are healthy and

they are right they are the context in

which I give myself to God so here’s

this passage he says a book of of

remembrance is being written about you

you would think he would be writing down

great Noble acts and Moses extended his

Rod Over the Sea and it parted it’s not

that You’ think it would be the Noble

acts of of where Peter says Silver and

Gold Have I None but such as I have I

give to you rise stand up and walk but

it’s none of those the book of

remembrance was written about



Fellowship member to

member he’s not always looking for the

noble things he’s looking for the simple

things that illustrate transform life

illustrate these are my vows anybody can

psych themselves up to give a big gift

anyone can psych themselves up to have a

conversation with somebody about Jesus

but it’s the ongoing daily life that

leaks Jesus is what moves him it’s the

ongoing daily life that says people who

feared God got together and they spoke

to each other so I wrote a book to

remind me about this it reminds me of

Hebrews 13 in Hebrews 13 there are three

sacrifices mentioned that are new

testament sacrifices we know there’s no

animal sacrifices but in Hebrews 13

there are three sacrifices mentioned

that are in a new testament context the

first one it’s praise it’s the fruit of

the lips that gives praise to his name

the first one the second one is

fellowship and the third one is good

works good works the maybe you have a

neighbor their home burns down and you

gather clothing and maybe kitchen wear

and things of that nature to help them

to rebuild their lives that’s good works

those are valuable applauded by heaven

and they are considered a sacrifice and

we’re to push into those areas of good

works until it costs us something but

the thing that maybe has escaped our

notice the most is the middle one the

second in that list of three and it’s

Fellowship Fellowship is at its purest

when it costs me

something it means not running out when

the meeting is

over so I can be the first to get lunch

at the

restaurant it may honestly it may mean

staying after for five minutes just to

connect with a friend have a

conversation it may mean that busiest

day you’ve got and yet somebody’s on

your mind and you just work to make it

work to have lunch with that friend it’s

it’s the point that there’s conversation

doesn’t say what they talked about it

doesn’t describe it as bold uh Noble uh

things accomplished in this conversation

God was moved because he saw Fellowship

that cost people and he wrote about it

in a book you want to move God there are

several things that move him faith move

him Faith moves him bold Faith bold

decrees move God but another thing that

moves him is to Value another person

enough simply to have

conversation Fellowship is at its finest

when it enters the realm of s sacrifice

that means it cost me something and

that’s a Hebrews 13 uh concept that’s

important for us now move on down to

chapter 4 verse

one you guys all

right you guys still all

right I figure if I keep asking there’ll

be more of you responding just to get me

to be

quiet verse one chapter 4 behold the day

is coming burning like an oven all the

proud yet yes those who do wickedly will

be stubble the day which is coming shall

burn them up says the Lord of hosts that

will leave them neither root nor

Branch this is a word of incredible

judgment talking about the day of the

Lord a specific

day uh historians um theologians uh

often refer to this particular day as

the Judgment That Came Upon Israel and

Jerusalem in the year 70 AD whether

that’s true or not I don’t I don’t know

and it even matter to me what I do know

is that the Lord often refers in

scripture to a day approaching that that

terminology a day approaching usually is

a day of great

severity but don’t just see it

negatively severity that brings with it

the greatest opportunities for

breakthrough let me describe it this

way in the intensity of a shift in

Seasons which we are in right now in the

intensity of the shift of seasons the

rewards are

greater and the cost for ignoring are

greater it’s got the best of both

worlds the

reward of being there in that day of

great difficulty standing in

faithfulness and Faith doing what we’re

supposed to do is

actually brings the greatest

reward it reminds me there’s a theme

throughout scripture and this uh it

reappears in Hebrews 10 where he

says don’t neglect the assembling of

yourselves together as is the habit of

some and do so all the more as you see

the day approaching so what’s the point

the day the challenging day the shift in

Seasons the intensity of the hour is

supposed to drive us to community not

supposed to drive us to Independence to

drive us into Fellowship not to drive us

to do our own thing and make sure you

know we we survive it’s the intensity

the intensity of the hour is supposed to

strengthen the resolve of the people of

God being together and honestly

sometimes it’s two or three over coffee

it’s not just corporate Gatherings

although I believe in that so much it’s

not just corporate Gatherings it’s it’s

the fact that we do life together with

people and I prioritize that the more

intense the day seems to be the more I

make sure that that becomes a priority

of my life why there’s safety in numbers

and there’s wisdom in the Council of

many it’s just an environment where

Health remains Health remains simply

because we’re together so here is verse

one is this day of of great dealings of

God verse two but to you who fear my

name the son of righteousness shall

arise with healing in his wings and you

shall go out and grow fat

like stall-fed Calves that should just

don’t ever say that to your spouse by

the way don’t don’t ever say honey you

just stall-fed calf is what comes to

mind don’t don’t do

that yeah just don’t do it trust

me to you who fear my name the son of

righteousness shall arise with healing

in his wings you will go out and grow

fat like stall-fed Calves honestly old

test language what is he talking about

here you will grow fat fat is the sign

of abundance it’s the mark of blessing

so what do we have in verse one we have

a very challenging day great difficulty

what do we have verse two Jesus shows up

with healing in his wings there’s a

Redemptive purpose in the difficult

season and the end result is you grow

fat let me make it more appealing to you

your anointing


the abundance of God the presence the

anointing the wisdom the inside all the

things that we pursue and long for in

our in our walk with Jesus is wrapped up

in that and you will grow fat like stall

fed calves look at the result of being a


calf I know you want to see it it’s

verse three you will trample the wicked

they will be ashes underneath the souls

of your feet on the day that I do this

says the

Lord again Old Testament to New Old

Testament wars were fought against

people against Nations Paul switched the

focus in Ephesians 6 when he said we

don’t fight against flesh and blood our

fight is not against people so every war

analogy of the Old Testament is now

transferred into a new testament concept

context that our fight is not against

people it’s not the boss that treated

you wrong it’s not the neighbor that has

a barking dog it’s it’s the reality of

of the Demonic realm that has sought to

kill steal and destroy in our lives and

our life gets together we come into a

place of safety we then have the

responsibility to extend the boundaries

of our own life of safety to Encompass

the life of another person and another

and another where people begin to live

under that blessing in the favor of God

it comes out of verse two that says the

son of righteousness Rises with healing

in his

wings I don’t know if you know this but

when it says the son of righteousness

will arise with healing in his wings

wings can actually be translated Hem of

a garment

wow and Jesus came son son of

righteousness introduced himself as the

light of the world remember this is

figurative light language and so as the

same way that the sun rises and casts

its healing Rays all over the planet in

the same way the people of God would

rise in this hour because of what Christ

has done to represent him well there’s

actually we on on his behalf if you will

trample on Powers of Darkness this

passage here in uh in Malachi 3:3

trampling the wicked is uh one is spoken

of by Jesus in different language

in Luke 10: 19 he says I give you the

authority to trample on serpents

scorpions over all the power of the

enemy and nothing will by any means hurt

you that is the New Testament

translation of what was stated in

Malachi chapter 4 here’s the deal all

the dealings of God in our life they all

are unto something they’re always with

purpose make me more like Jesus why

because there’s Nations that waiting to

be brought into the kingdom it’s about

the Nations it’s about the Nations he

works on me to see what measure of

blessing I can survive under without it

fracturing or or uh uh ruining my my own

walk with the Lord some people can’t

handle L you know it’s I’ve I’ve asked

you the question before how much money

is too much money for a person and it’s

there’s not an amount because it’s

whatever amount replaces trust that’s

that’s how much is too much for one

person they don’t they no long they no

longer pray if they have $1,000 in the

bank their prayer life ended because

they don’t they’re not in crisis anymore

for another person may be100 million the

point is it’s not an amount the issue is

always the heart and it’s always an

issue of trust and abandonment to the

lordship of Jesus that’s the focus of

this entire Journey the end result is

Nations being brought into the

kingdom the last verse we’ll

read is verse five and six behold I will

send you Elijah the prophet before the

coming of the great and Dreadful day of

the Lord and He will turn the hearts of

fathers to the children the hearts of

children to their fathers lest I come

and strike the Earth with a

curse I will send you Elijah the

prophet Jesus pointed to John the

Baptist and said he is the Elijah to

come these things that are described

have happened the son of righteousness

came the Elijah to come has

come but the impact of their coming has

not been fully realized

yet number one grow fat like stall fed

calves trampling powers of Darkness the

momentum of that word word continues to

this day this other part is the

prophetic with John the

Baptist the end result of the prophetic

Ministry of verse five is the Turning of

the hearts of parents to their children

in the hearts of children to their

parents what’s the point true New

Testament prophetic Ministry is about

reconciliation of relationships and a

restoration of families everybody in

this room whether you realize it or not

carries a

blueprint that will impact a

city the blueprint for a transformed

city is in a healthy

family all the stuff that could be

listed as world changing moments in this

book were pushed aside to talk about a

husband and the way he deals with his

wife the believer who has conversation

with another believer the parents who

turn their hearts to children and the

children to their parents it’s all a

relational context that says here we are

burning ones and we have determined to

do life together and we have determined

that we’re going to continue to press in

to the healthiest relationships we know

how to have because that will be the

context in which Jesus the king of glory

shows up and summons the Nations to

their Destiny to their purpose the

blueprint for a transformed city is in a

healthy household it’s in a healthy



so Malachi did US

good why don’t you stand we’re going to


do delayed

answers to

prayer gain

interest but they also ensure that we

are in a moment of refinement and Purity

so that the blessing doesn’t injure us

and instead establishes

us I believe this to be year of unusual

and I do mean unusual

breakthrough is not going to come always

as we think some of it will surprise us

completely we’ll pray for this and he’ll

answer it this

way but I do believe with all of my

heart that we are in one of those uh

first service Chris uh talked about in

prayer time as uh the difference spe

Kronos and chyros chyros moment a

divinely orchestrated moment in which


changes and I can I can feel in the air

I can feel that what’s happening in the

church in recent weeks is is really

quite quite extraordinary I had kind of

a challenging time in first service

today just to find my bearings because

there was such presence and power

functioning in the

room you know when you let’s just say

the power of God knocks me under the

ground and I’m trembling under his power

for two hours that’s awesome but the

goal isn’t to get that to happen in

Starbucks or

Costco the goal is to learn how to

translate what happened in that Divine

moment so that I I become the courageous

person in a public moment that can serve

well communicate well unhindered by the

opinions and pressures of people it’s

unto something and the inability to

translate Revival has caused revivals to

end in the house instead of to transform

the city it was born in

W I just pray for that I pray for that

wisdom of God you know we we share this

life together as burning ones and I am

moved constantly by your sacrifice your

affection your love for God your love

for people I’m moved continuously by


example but I feel like there’s a

reminder right in front of my face today

for me and I’ve been waiting through

this in the last several weeks and I can

feel I can feel to be honest with you

there are several things I thought in

just my personal life I thought would

happen by now they have not and in the

last week or so I’ve been giving thanks

that they haven’t because I can tell

he’s refining the heart if he would have

released that to me earlier it might

have caused a greater

fracture I don’t know if that makes

sense to anybody it makes sense to me

and I’m actually I’m actually doing what

he said to do to give thanks in all

things but it’s sincerely thank you God

that you did not answer that the day I

asked because I I didn’t have the

refined Focus that I have in this

moment this is the moment we’re in we

were born for such a time as this and

God’s created a momentum of faith in

this house blueprints it’s the first

time I’ve ever said it but I I became

convinced this morning that God has put

the blueprint for a transformation of a

city in the heart of every believer but

it’s boils down to healthy relationships

value for people so father we pray these

things over this house right now we pray

this over everybody in this room all of

our friends that watch on bethl TV we

pray that there would be such an

anointing for break breakthrough that we

would understand how to prioritize life

that we would truly value the person The

Stranger we truly value the member of

our own household that just needs extra

attention that we truly would give you

occasion to write a book of remembrance

about us a book of remembrance based

upon the fact that we’ve actually chosen

to sacrificially do life together I pray

for this in The Wonderful Name of

Jesus before we leave there’s always

a chance every time there’s this many

people in the room there’s a chance that

there could be people here someone here

that does not have a personal

relationship with Jesus you don’t know

what it is to be born again to be

forgiven of sin and to become a follower

of the Lord Jesus Christ and if there’s

anyone here that would just say Bill I

don’t want to leave until I know him at

peace with God till I know what it is to

have God as my father Jesus the one that

I follow explicitly if that’s you I want

you just to acknowledge with an upraised

hand just saying bill that’s me I don’t

want to leave until I know what it is to

be forgiven of God way over here yeah

wonderful wonderful over here anybody

else put your hand up

high there’s another one back over here


wonderful W wave it at me if I don’t see

you wave it at me if I don’t see you

that’s wonderful we’ve got at least two

people that responded and Jesus is about

to raise up some World Changers in this

in this place and I I just pray for the

two of you I’m going to ask this I want

to ask Ministry team come quickly to the

front all of you please hold your places

except for Ministry team and the two

people that raised your hands please

come over here to my left we have some

friends over here that I want to talk

with you and to pray for you just come

on down over here to my left people that

we know and trust that will talk with

you Church bless them as they come bless