Bill Johnson teaches from Romans 8 and God’s promise to work all things together for your good. God is committed to fulfilling His purpose in you in making you like Christ through the finished work of the Cross. If God is for you, who can be against you? With both the Holy Spirit and Jesus interceding for you before the Father, how can you fail? Increasing your awareness of who God is and His promise to you is important as you surrender to His work in your life. You can be confident that God is fighting on your behalf and working all things together for your good. Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: Romans 4-7 Romans 8 1 Corinthians 2-3 John 10: 28 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on September 23, 2018. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #HolySpirit

sometimes we pray at a situation

intercession stands in the shoes of and

prays on behalf of as though it was our

own issue you pray for your neighbor

it’s not just praying at them but we

pray as though their struggles are ours

and this is incredible Jesus and the

Holy Spirit both put on our shoes and

pray for us as though our issues were



a man and his wife and his mother-in-law

went on vacation to the Holy

Land while they were there the

Mother-in-law passed

away the Undertaker told them you can

have her shipped home for

$5,000 or you can bury her here in the

holy land for

$150 the man thought about it told him

he’d just have her shipped home The

Undertaker asked why would you spend

$5,000 to ship your mother-in-law home

when it would be wonderful to have her

buried here and spend only

$150 the man

replied A man died here 2,000 years ago

he was buried here 3 days later he rose

from the

dead I just can’t take that



I want us to pray for uh we just prayed

for impossible Financial situations I’d

like for us to pray for another one uh

before we get into the the word um

anyone who’s facing what seems to be an

impossible Medical Health situ situation

I’d like for you to stand if you would

you already did that you did that

too well you can do it again no no you

you you covered it all right I wasn’t

here I was at the other campus we we we

get translated actually it’s a car that

drives us slowly safely all right let me

try one more see if you covered this

one I mean yeah you you’ve already

covered everything I wanted to do did

you cover my message too did we just go

home now or

yeah you open yeah you opened with yeah

that’s awesome all right good

night it again no no no if you if you

covered it that’s it would you say Amen

to it uh but the last thing I wanted to

pray for corporately if it hasn’t

already been taken care of

today those who are facing any kind of

uh family and or

relational impossibility seems

impossible I want you to stand we’re

going to pray for you uh those who are

watching uh by bethl TV we bless you and

ask you to join your faith with us as

well for your own breakthroughs and for

the breakthroughs represented in this

room all right well you guys know what

to do you got people standing around you

that need you to join your faith with

theirs and pray for that relational

Miracle uh for some it’s uh uh family

members who have turned from the Lord

they need to be restored for others

they’ve never come to Faith for others

it’s just uh this confusion this

dividing wall that’s come against people

whatever the case might be just pray for

these folks pray for them out loud right

now pray for that Spirit of breakthrough

to come upon them right

now that God would restore families

family members

relational issues that there would be

healing there

in Jesus

name thank you

Lord yeah we just pray the same for

those who are watching at

home uh over bethl TV we just pray that

the spirit of reconciliation would come

upon your household that there’d be

great healing there’d be great

restoration The God Who restores

everything would restore for every

single household uh represented here we

declare that the God of all peace with

establishing peace over family allons we

pray in Jesus

name Jesus name all right you guys did

good bless them good hug them give them

a high five or


beautiful all right he did well he did

well open if you would open your Bibles

to Romans chapter


Romans chapter 8 before uh we we uh open

this um I want to give you just a a a

brief word and Report Eric and Candace

are uh in Austin they send their love

Eric text me this morning to make sure I

I gave you his love and um they uh

helped to open uh bethl Austin the

Austin in Texas

Beth and I I just guess it went so well

they had a thousand seats that were

spoken for a long time ago so that’s a

good way for a church to start with a

thousand people so that’s pretty amazing

so um that uh that is up and running and

uh I guess they just did really good I

had great reports Lauren valon is there

to help with the grand opening and she

sent me a text she said Eric and Candace

did so amazing Candice just dropped the

Holy Ghost bomb on the place and stepped

in her element it was just so beautiful

so just let you know that uh the family

the family outside of here is doing well

and very very fun uh to hear the

constant reports um you know we for

those of you who may not know we’ve

never taken it on as a primary goal to

create other Beth around the world are

Joys actually serving the existing

church but occasionally uh it becomes

very obvious that we are to plant one

and so we do that but it’s the exception

not the rule but but uh but we also take

great pleasure in the bethl Atlanta and

Austin Ohio Cleveland wherever else they

are they’re there bless them Jesus amen

all right and then we have another uh

spiritual son I was just up in uh

Portland this

week yeah I head to Indonesia tomorrow

but uh Portland uh this week with with

uh chriso Chris over Street and uh it

was it’s just amazing they got this

Auditorium that seats 9,500 people I

think it is and they had

7,000 uh seats sold and they were

leaving 2500 for people to come in from

the community to receive Christ and u i

I spoke uh Friday morning I got there


afternoon uh uh with the TV interviews

and stuff of that nature and then that

night Todd White spoke and Jake Hamilton

LED worship so that’s Nitro and

glycerin it was it was so fun at the end

of the evening Todd gives us alter call

and they literally ran to he wouldn’t

let him walk he told run run they ran

down to the front to to meet Jesus and

oh goodness gracious so so I’m I’m still

buzzing a little bit from that if talked

about it kind of gets reactive it was

very very powerful very fun and uh to be

in a room with with uh our spiritual

Sons and Daughters um most of them half

my age or less uh in this room in a

prayer room before the meeting starts

and to to watch these these guys just

step up to the plate and deliver just so

amazing um the people that Chris o got

for this event my goodness Marilyn

Hickey was there uh Lisa a was there um

Todd White I forget all who was there um

Robbie Dawkins is wife F she were there

and so many wonderful wonderful people

there U speaking and and it was just it

was great it was just great to see Chris

o pulled that off and um he’s he’s had

this heart if you if you’ve been around

Chris over

Street he may have a greater heart for

people to know Jesus than anybody I’ve

ever met I mean it’s convicting to be

with him you feel like you’re not doing

anything if you’ve not LED anyone to


today he doesn’t make you feel that way

it’s just he just bubbles up with his

passion for souls and and um he’s talked

to us for years he’s been on our team

here for goodness I don’t know 16 years

or something like that and he’s talked

to us for years about we need to do

Crusades we need to do Stadium events

you know we need I wanted to get a tent

and take it around the country and I

mean he’s constantly talking to us about

it and so we finally just said

go go and he’s and he’s doing it I mean

it’s just oh it’s just mind bogging I

wish I wish there was some way to

capture some of this put it on film just

to let you see because because everybody

in this room is a part of this family in

some way you have an investment into

this that is happening up in Portland I

was I was floored by the hunger in the


wow I did not expect

it I did not expect that level of hunger

and passion I was I was it was

overwhelming it’s wonderful so it is

Jesus’s time for the Pacific Northwest

so that was very

very I I love you know the Portland and

on up Seattle that whole area I love

that part of the country and I’ve been

there many times and ministered always

enjoyed it but this

time this was

Holy Ghost steroids were in use it was a

little extra umph so all right Romans 8

are you there yes y all right if you’re

not there get there because you’re going

to want to be

there Romans chapter


um Romans 8 could probably be a book A

book of the Bible by

itself maybe you could say that for

every chapter but some chapters are very

dependent on what on what precedes it


follows Romans 8 is just

this I don’t know it it’s just a


package Romans 4 is

this Paul

unveils Abraham as the father of faith

and how his faith and his hope set a

standard for every believer that follows

he actually set the stage he set the

high water mark that everybody inherits

in Christ this beautiful chapter 5 is is

this incredible chapter on our

justification that by faith in Christ we

actually appear before God as though we

had never sinned it’s the most

astonishing thing chapter

six is where we we find that we are

actually buried with Christ and the cool

thing if you can picture what baptism

ISM says if you’re buried with Christ

then you’re also raised with Christ and

so here’s this whole legal basis for not

even considering yourself a

sinner he he he actually says it he

actually says it in verse 11 or 13 I

forget which but he he says don’t even

consider you have to consider yourself

dead to sin you have to think of

yourself in this way I am dead to that

it’s not mind over matter it’s the

reality of the Cross it’s the reality of

the crucifixion of Christ in which we

were con included when we put our faith

in Christ we were actually included in

that act and experienced death to an old

nature and nature of sin chapter 7 is a

mysterious chapter that has confused

many people through the years because

there because in chapter 7 Paul says

what I try to do I don’t do and what I

don’t try to do I do wrong and he just

gives this whole scene he’s describing

his life before Christ and many people

have used that chapter

as a definition of the Christian life

and it’s just not consistent with

everything else Paul wrote so we have

chapter six you’re dead in Christ you’re

raised in Christ chapter 7 is before we

knew Jesus even when we tried to do the

right thing it just didn’t always work

out right Etc and then we come to

chapter 8 chapter 8 to me is the crown

jewel of these five chapters it’s the

Crown Jewel because the Highlight the

emphasis in in this chapter is our

relationship with with the Holy Spirit

the holy spirit is the central person

the central theme in this chapter it’s

not Abraham it’s not it’s not the

crucifixion it’s not it’s the Holy

Spirit who has been given to us in in

this in this chapter it’s important for


reason everyone in this room that is

born again you are born again because he

spoke you listened and

responded none of us found


he found us yeah yeah it’s like it’s

like running from God through this

forest and you trip over a rock and you

look up and he’s looking at you and you

say I’m so glad I found you that’s

basically how all of us got safe we we

we ended up with seeing that there was

only one reasonable option and it was to

give ourselves to him and and so anyway

all of us are alive because we heard him

speak and we responded

the holy spirit is the central person in

our life and every Triumph every Victory

every enablement every bit of grace

everything that we experience in this

life in following Jesus is there and

it’s active because the holy spirit is

in our life the holy spirit is God on


everything about our life either

succeeds or fails because of a

relationship with

him I’m not referring to an

emotion although emotions are

included I’m not talking talking about

feelings although feelings are included

it is a relationship with a

person this Christian Life is a


journey and it is a relationship with

God on Earth who is the Holy Spirit who

perfectly represents Jesus who

completely and perfectly manifests the

will of the

father so when we start in in this

chapter what we’re going to do today is

we’re just going to read a bunch of

verses and uh and I’ll just stop uh and

just talk about a verse or two in a

concept what I’m looking for is I have

one basic

Target um I I’ve been fighting in the

last this is the third service now

I’ve been fighting for an an an adequate

illustration and I’ve not yet come up

with one U maybe I will by next week

when I won’t need it but uh but right

now have you ever you know just going

through life and somebody says Oh What a

Beautiful song you didn’t even know a

song was playing but as soon as they

mentioned that song you could hear it

right I mean wasn’t it wasn’t made up in

your mind you could actually hear it but

you weren’t aware of it you became your

awareness became heightened to that

sound when somebody mentioned

it maybe you’re just going through life

not thinking of anything and somebody

says why do you smell that and then you

you weren’t smelling it before but as

soon as they mention you go


meat or or other things but but meat

primarily yeah barbecue thank you Jesus


right and you and somebody mentioned all

of a sudden yes yes I do smell that you

become you have a heightened awareness

what I’m looking looking

for is for us to have a heightened

awareness of the presence of

God I’ve had certain things happen to me

through the years where I became

unusually aware of of

him and it’s terrifying and wonder F all

at the same

time and I don’t want to live any other

way heightened awareness it’s not IM

imaginary it’s

not it’s not that it’s

oh it’s it’s like Jacob said in uh when

he had he woke up from that dream he

said God is here and I didn’t even know

it sudden heightened awareness to a

reality that existed before he was

aware the Holy Spirit lives in in you

he’s also called pericle the one called

alongside to help so the whole point is

I I would like today to just help with a

heightened awareness of God on Earth

that I have actually received as a down

payment of an inheritance now I don’t

understand that if there was ever a

mindboggling thought is the fact that

God gave us himself as our inheritance

and the initial payment is the Holy

Spirit himself the down payment he’s

called down payment Ephesians the down

payment of our

inheritance Lara Randolph made a comment

years ago he said if God is as big as he

says he is he shouldn’t be that hard to

find with someone that large in my life

should not be that hard to

discern and if he is I must have my

heart and mind anchored in things that

are very inferior that have deadened

what he has created in me as a capacity

to recognize

him all

right amen Bill good point all

right uh he uh Hebrews Hebrews Ephesians

let’s just go through the books of the

Bible Romans Romans chapter 8 I was I

meant it the first time Romans 8 uh

we’re just I’m going to kind of Bounce

Around the chapter so we’re not going to

read the whole thing I actually this

morning as I was reading over this I

thought oh my goodness we easily could

do three or four weeks in this chapter

because it is so pregnant but we’ll just

uh skim over maybe U 78 n verses

something that nature all right verse

one of chapter 8 there is therefore now

no condemnation to those who are in

Christ Jesus who do not walk according

to the flesh but according to the

spirit verse 14 as many as are led by

the spirit of God these are the sons of

God now go back to verse one there’s

therefore now no condemnation to those

who are in Christ who do not walk

according to the flesh but according to


spirit those who are in Christ walk

according to the

spirit that is the testimony of

scripture those who are in Christ the

evidence of my

conversion is that I don’t live

according to carnal

values uh fleshly uh carnal ex

expressions and values but instead by

the Holy Spirit himself my life with

Christ is Illustrated because of a

partnership with God on Earth the holy

spirit it’s Illustrated it is

measurable and he goes on to say that

those who uh are led by the spirit these

are the sons of god um I the reason I

want to hit on this for just a moment we

actually going to spend more time later

in the chapter but the reason I wanted

to hit on this for just a moment is some

there are certain subjects in in in the

gospel that sometimes it feels to me

like they have been elevated so

high that they are they are

unreachable and being led by the spirit

is one of those and it is not it’s your

nature come on SO to be led by the

spirit have you ever have you ever just

thought of somebody you wanted to call

or maybe swing by and visit it wasn’t no

thundering voice from God it’s just you

know you just oh I should call them and

you call them and you find out it was a

it was a it was a miracle moment that

God actually directed you see Jesus made

a statement he said my sheep know my

voice what what does he mean by

that there’s a familiarity to the voice

of God to the life of a Believer so much

so that there are times

where I would have thought it was simply

my desire and I find out afterwards it

was actually the voice of God there’s

such similarity living immersed in

Christ puts us in a place where we

constantly are hearing that familiar

voice I I don’t mean overly familiar in

a in a wrong sense but that familiar

voice it’s not the Thundering voice from

the outside it’s that cry from the

inside and the Beautiful part about this

is the more we learn to yield ourselves

to this work of the Holy Spirit the more

walking in the spirit so to speak is

normal and natural it’s it’s the normal

reaction to a given

situation one of the conversations I’ve

had with people of late has been to re

how do you know how do you know what to

do in a given situation because

sometimes there’s a Biblical principle

that you let’s just say uh a need

sometimes there’s a Biblical principle

of generosity and sometimes the biblical

principle of of helping them uh to earn

what what they have there’s there’s

biblical basis for both how do you know

what to do you you the only way you can

know is is recognize the mood of the


spirit it’s his voice it’s his mood it’s

his H how is compassion leading you how

how is he directing you to express life

and it’s this it’s this relational

Journey where it is our nature to

illustrate faith it is our nature to

illustrate this life with Christ faith

is another one of those exalted subjects

where people just don’t think they can

live by faith when it’s actually your

nature to do so it’s our nature in

Christ so we move on to verse um 20

let’s see

26 it says likewise the spirit also

helps us in our weakness we don’t know

how manyan know you got weakness anybody

aware of those yeah but we probably

wouldn’t have listed the one he listed

for we do not know what we should pray

for as we ought but the spirit himself

makes intercession for us with groanings

that cannot be uttered so he considers

it a weakness for us not to know what to


for verse 27 he who searches the hearts

knows what the mind of the spirit is

because he makes intercession for the

Saints according to the will of God now

I don’t know how you look at this this

is how I look at it God I want a million

dollars and then I pray in tongues and

the Holy Spirit says man don’t give him

a million

dollars to to not listen to that last

request because we’re trying to make him

like Jesus and that’ll only mess things

up he always prays exactly according to

the heart and to the will of God he

knows exactly the tools the elements the

issues that will take us to where we are

all headed we are all we’ve all been

predestined according to scripture

predestined to be conformed into the

image of Jesus so everything that he

does in us he works in us to that end

that the end result was we would


uh adequately represent Jesus well now

look at verse 28 this is a verse that is

quoted uh very often out of this chapter

we know that all things work together

for good to those who love God to those

who are called according to his purpose

look at it again we know that all things

work together for good to those who love

God to those who are called according to


purpose I’m not a cook my job is to buy

cookbooks because I married a cook

that’s my job to inspire


and thankfully she’s easily

inspired I did a fast some years ago

maybe heard me confess my

sins I did a a long fast and during that

fast I bought 29 cookbooks over I even

bought a deep fryer and we don’t eat

fried foods but I was dreaming of sweet

potato fries F that’s the will of God

for my life so I bought a deep fryer and

I love the oneclick thing you

know you buy a book on there and with

just one click boom it’s mine it’s in

the mail and then it says those who

bought that cookbook also bought

these and I look at him and I think and

I see why click that one’s mine too and

C that one’s mine so I’m I’m not a I

suppose I could my wife is encouraging

me to learn with her so we could cook

together so who knows it could

happen but let’s just say we were going

to make some cookies today you need some

sort of

flour you need butter or just a cracker

if there’s no butter it’s I something

else that’s not a


cookie butter you need some sort of

sugar I like coconut

sugar it’s healthier and I I like the

flavor so we got butter we got flour we

got sugar I don’t know you may want

oatmeal I like oatmeal chocolate

chips yeah no no raisins no raisins

can’t make it as a grape we don’t want

you in our cookie yes so I’m sorry if

you like raisins but I just would rather

avoid them it’s

uh I like them in their pre-spoiled form

form a raisin a grape a grape anyway and

then maybe you add some vanilla extract

you ever taste vanilla


nasty nasty nasty but somehow that nasty


enhances this entire

recipe and most everyone in this room

has some nasty ingredient in your

life that when it gets worked into the

entire recipe that testifies of God’s


suddenly that which you didn’t like

takes on meaning it illustrates the

Redemptive work of Christ it models


Grace and a lot of the things that we


remove while he didn’t cause he has

decided I’m going to demonstrate all

things work together for good I’m going

to use every part of recipe and the end

result will be you’ll be like Jesus

that’s his ambition that’s his vision


us verse 31 if God is for us who can be

against us I I love that verse so much I

don’t know why I I guess it’s how many

you know people can be against you

demons can be against you the devil can

be against you he’s not saying nobody

can be against you because God is for

you he’s just saying if God is for you

no one else gets to vote

no one else gets a say in the

outcome they can have their opinion but

the council is comprised of

God if God is for you nobody can be

against you that

counts here’s the verse that would

probably do us well to prayerfully

meditate on for about 20 years verse 32

he who did not spare his own son but

delivered him up for us all how shall he

not with him also freely give us all

things look look at it again he who did

not spare his own son but delivered him

up for us all how she shall he not with

him also freely give us all things

stunning verse stunning

verse uh biblical meditation seems to be

almost a lost art at least in many

circles um Eastern meditation is you the

Mind biblical meditation is you fill the

mind it’s completely different uh

Eastern meditation actually opens you up

to a spirit world realm where you you

can easily come under the influence of

an evil spirit biblical meditation is

joining your mind with the mind of

Christ and considering actually probably

the best illustration of meditation

biblical meditation is a cow chewing its

cud it brings it up to chew over and

over and over again that’s what

meditation is is you take a thought a

verse and you review it you pray over it

you think about it you maybe quote it

you write it on paper put it on the

dashboard of your car it’s just

something you review over and over again

because you can tell there is something

here for me and I don’t want to glance

over it quickly I want to make sure that

the full impact of this verse hits me

this is one of

them how can this father who freely gave

us his son to suffer in ways that are

unimaginable how would he do something


extreme and not also include everything

else that is short of that extreme if he

did this do you think your car payment

doesn’t matter to

him do you think it’s possible for a

father that is that

good to go to this

extreme to do not care about what you


about we make him this religious feature

that cares about spiritual things and

nothing else and it’s just not

consistent with the testimony of

scripture it’s not consistent with the

lifestyle the model that Jesus himself

gave for us and so here’s this statement

a statement that could stand by itself

for eternity

how shall he who gave us his son to not

only die a most gruesome death but to

carry upon his flesh the weight of every

sin of every human being in all of time

the most gruesome death ever experienced

because of

that how could there be anything that

would come up in our life that wouldn’t

matter to

him this chapter chapter is to endear us

to the spirit of

God who models and illustrates this kind

of father who models and illustrates

this kind of compassion this kind of

deep deep deep

concern jump down to

verse excuse me verse

34 who is he who condemns it is Christ

who died and furthermore is risen

who is even at the right hand of God who

also makes intercession for us here’s

the interesting thing verse 26 and 7

says the holy spirit makes intercession

for us 28 says all things work together

for good 34 says Jesus makes

intercession for us I wonder why

everything works

out what does intercession mean it means

to stand in the shoes of another it it’s

sometimes we pray for people forgive me

but i’ I’ve seen this for years people

will pray for a fact at the back door

once lady that was visiting met me at

the back door and said I want you to

agree with me and to curse the city of


Francisco I said no I said I’m not going

to be doing that so she tried to cast a

demon out of me that was interesting she

said come out of him you foul Spirit


yeah just

go sometimes we pray at a

situation intercession stands in the

shoes of and prays on behalf of as

though it was our own issue you pray for

your neighbor it’s not just praying at

them but we pray as though their

struggles are

ours and this is incredible Jesus

and the Holy Spirit both take put on our

shoes and pray for us as though our

issues were

theirs and they’re approaching the

father not because he has chosen evil

and they’re trying to talk him out of it

there’s been that concept for years that

couldn’t be anymore wrong it’s the Holy

Spirit and Jesus that are coming before

the father because prayer is his

assignment it is his will this is how

the econ of Heaven functions there is a

partnership and there are requests and

in this request the partnership of God

and man or the father Son and the Holy

Spirit is Illustrated through perfect

Unity perfect

camaraderie and here they pray for you

and for me and sandwiched in between the

testimony of God praying for

us is the Covenant promise it’ll all

work and it’ll all work for good

verse 37 yet in all these things we are

more than conquerors say this with me

I’m more than a

conqueror I don’t just

win I really really

win more than what is more than a

conquer I don’t know it’s like Victory

on steroids it’s it’s like out there I

am more than a conqueror through him who

Who Loved Us verse 38 I am persuaded

that neither death nor life nor angels

nor principalities nor powers nor things

present nor things to come nor height

nor depth nor any created thing shall be

able to separate us from the love of God

which is in Christ Jesus our lord I

remember early in my walk with the Lord

I remember finding this verse in the

Gospel of John that I just I put to

memory for my

sake that where Jesus said and know one

can remove you from my father’s hand

there’s this picture of the

father it’s in my hand no one can remove

you from my hands and so here it

describes all of Creation The Good the

Bad the yly says there’s not one part of

it that has the ability to create a

wedge and to separate you from the love

of God that means that you and I live in

continuous connection to the expression

of of God’s love

it is good news there’s a strange

connection those of you who like to

study which I would hope would be

everybody there’s this unusual

connection between Romans 8 and 1


2 read them they compliment each other


nothing can separate you from the love


God there is this seamless

connection between you and the Heart of

God and nothing can separate that my

problem is I can live aware of inferior

things and lose the god-given

sensitivities to his for me it doesn’t

mean his love has changed it just means

I don’t live conscious of it you

remember at the beginning I talked about

heightened awareness this this is

it in 1 Corinthians 2 he talks


that that you can’t

hear the promises the richness of God’s

word you can’t hear through carnal means

you can only hear hear through the

spirit so right now in this room there

are FM signals am signals TV signals

shortwave there’s all these different

things that are actually right in the

room if you have a receiver you can pick


up and it’s the spirit of a man that

becomes aware of God and his voice

suddenly I start hearing things that I

didn’t hear before only because I had my

dial turned

to receiving from what God is saying and

doing but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t


before interestingly In this passage he

says at the end of verse 38 he says

neither things present nor things to

come in 1 Corinthians 3 is a description

of our inheritance and he mentions

things present and things to come What’s


things present things to come what’s

missing the

past why because he bought

it he bought it it’s not

yours your past is not

yours the moment is yours the future is

yours the past is not it’s not

yours and the issue the issue of life is

if we if we revisit the events of our

past apart separate from our awareness

of the blood of Jesus then we actually

visit something that no longer exists we

visit a lie when you when you Empower a

lie you empower the

liar so twice Paul says things present

things to come things present things to

come the past has been purchased

I have no legal access to it apart

from the Redemptive Touch of Jesus if

there’s an issue I haven’t dealt with he

brings it up always with Redemptive

purpose never to lead me into shame

because the past under the blood of

Jesus is no reason for shame it is a

reason for Triumph and victory it is a

reason for

celebration if I could pray for

something out of this uh conversation

today it would be the heightened

awareness of the presence of the spirit

of God and the Redemptive work of Jesus

that continues to set us

free those two things stir up such a

courage and such a vision for the

impossible that there’s there’s no more

mediocrity there is no more embracing

the inferior suddenly people become

enraged in the right sense for the

things that God has purpose to do in the

earth there’s this there’s this thing

that takes place in the heart of a

believer that says wait a minute I was

born for more than

this as I’ve said so many times through

the years Jesus didn’t go through what

he went through so we could do

church we I love I I don’t think the

corporate Gathering is emphasized enough

I think he has greater intent than what

we realize so I believe in it a

lot but it’s to set us up to bring

transformation to bring the Life of

Christ the presence of God into this

environment around

us and this chapter right here starts

off with just the pronouncement there’s

no condemnation and it ends

with the past is not yours you ow in the

moment you ow in the future let’s go for

it this partnership with the spirit of

God this that the Holy Spirit and Jesus

are praying for I may pray inaccurately

but he adjusts my prayers so that it’s

perfect I may have a wrong idea of what

happened but he corrects it and in the

relational journey I get my values my

thoughts my memory of my own history

becomes re-calibrated to what he says is

true there’s always a chance when we

have a crowd this size that there are

people here who have never made that

confession of faith in Jesus

Christ I just don’t want to gather

anymore without giving opportunity for

people to come to know Jesus it’s the

most important part of the

day and if there’s anyone in the room

that would just say Bill I don’t want to

leave the building till I know I’ve been

forgiven till I know what it is to be

what the Bible calls born again that’s

where the spirit of God changes you from

the inside because there’s been a

surrender to him we’re not trying Jesus

he doesn’t come in trial


he only comes as

God but he’s a perfect and wonderful

father if there’s anybody in the room

that would just say Bill that’s me I

don’t want to leave till I know I’m at

peace with God till I’ve been forgiven I

want you to put a hand up just where you

are now I want to take just just a

moment for this make sure I oh right

here yes wonderful bless


beautiful anyone

real quick I I see this one here is

there anyone else wave your hand at me

if I missed

you all right beautiful let’s go ahead


stand and this is what I’m going to ask

to this gentleman anybody else who who

uh uh I didn’t see or or have had a

change of heart what I want to ask you

to do is right over here to my left we

have some trusted friends please don’t

move around just yet please hold on just

a moment trusted friends that that uh I

want to talk with you and pray for you

so I’m going to ask this I’d like for

the ministry team to come to the front

and this gentleman here if you would

come right up here and come to my left

we’ve got a group of people that are

ready to talk with you Ministry team

come on

down yeah God bless you God bless you go

right over here thank you beautiful come

on somebody to get happy give thanks to

the Lord

beautiful all right let’s let’s have the

ministry team please we need you up here

quickly I want to pray over you because

I want to pray for this oh goodness I’ve

never heard of an impartation of

heightened awareness but I’m going to go

for it

anyway how many of you have ever had

like a skin condition where just the

slightest touch you could it just

radiated pain and it was just that’s

what I want but in a good sense no pain

just gain all right let’s pray father I

do ask for the in The Wonderful Name of

Jesus that you would give a gift a Grace

of heightened awareness of your heart

especially your

presence given to us as a gift I pray

for this in Jesus name amen amen