Bill Johnson teaches on the authority we have when we use the Word of God as our weapon to fight and to build. Authority and leadership are never for the purpose of ruling over or controlling others, but to serve and empower. Through our authority in Christ, we have the responsibility to serve and fight on the behalf of others and to co-labor with God and see His Kingdom established in the earth. Whether you need strength for a battle, or wisdom for the things God has put in your heart to build, God’s Word will sustain and lead you, and carries the power for every breakthrough you need. Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: Romans 12-13 Nehemiah 4 1 Peter 2: 14 Genesis 4: 9 1 Timothy 1: 18 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on April 29, 2018.

the sword that we fight with is that

word this is what God says over this

household you may say it over your own

as for me in my house we will serve the

Lord this is not optional and there’s no

exceptions you get into that situation

with the word of the Lord you and I are

no match for the enemy but we are more

than a match when God is with us the

point is get the word of the Lord and

use the


decree I do have something important to


it’s actually one of the first ones I

read years ago but I just like

it after having dug to a depth of 10

feet last year New York scientists found

traces of copper wire dating back a 100

years they came to the conclusion that

their ancestors already had a telephone

Network more than 100 years

ago not to be outdone by the new New

Yorkers in the weeks that followed

California archaeologists dug to a depth

of 20 ft shortly after headlines in the

LA Times read California archaeologists

have found traces of 200-year-old copper

wire and have concluded that their

ancestors already had an advanced

High-Tech Communications Network a

hundred years earlier than the New

Yorkers one week later in a local

newspaper in Texas they reported the

following after digging as deep as 30 ft

in his 2,000 acre pasture near

Montgomery County Texas Bubba Rathbone a


archaeologist reported he found


nothing Bubba has therefore concluded

that 300 years ago Texas had already


Wireless how many Texans are in the room


you’re welcome you’re

welcome I’m really excited about this

book you guys thanks for for doing this

this is so

cool love love love what you guys are

doing all right you ready uh open your

Bibles going to look at two portions of

scripture the first one we’ll read is in

Romans chapter

12 the second one is in Nehemiah 4 so

put a piece of paper in Nehemiah 4 it’ll

take me a while to get

there Romans chapter

12 and then Nehemiah chapter


for several weeks now I’ve been working

on uh on a

book and when you spend week after week

writing on one thing you tend to get so

absorbed in that one thing that you

can’t think of much else outside of that

and that’s kind of the position I’m in

today I’m I’m writing on parenting on

raising kids and uh I I think I

mentioned to you last week or week

before sometime uh the title of the book

is Raising giant killers and uh I

figured e either go big or go home so

we’re just we’re going to go for the

juggler on this

one um but the the whole uh the whole

point the thing that got me stirred up

for this morning was something I’ve

mentioned to you on several occasions

and that is the purpose for all

government all government has two basic

functions number one is is to provide

protection number two is to empower

protection and to empower and it doesn’t

matter if that government is the

government of a Nation like this nation

or a mom and dad in a household a pastor

a church CEO of a corporation doesn’t

matter what it is those two basic

functions are transferable to every

responsibility that carries

Authority one of the most interesting

things about Authority in scripture is

that Authority is never used for one’s


benefit Authority is never used for

self-promotion Authority is not used for

um for the Bene of benefit of the person

in other words it’s not used to increase

our self-esteem it’s not used to

increase our our sense of responsibility

before people and before God it is not

self-serving government Authority in

scripture is basically the ability to

speak on behalf of those who have no

voice and when you think about the

nature of Kingdom government it was the

reason Israel uh God didn’t want Israel

to have a king as they weren’t ready

because he knew that the king would be

self-serving and yet the Lord did say

that isra that through Abraham’s loins

there would be Kings and so he had the

intention of fashioning Kings after his

own kingship which Jesus as the King of

Kings stood and washed the feet of his

disciples so it’s a unique posture that

biblical kings are supposed to have back

to our role of authority authorities to

be used for the benefit of

others when we come to Romans chapter 12

we’re going to look at two very distinct

and different passages of scripture when

we come into Romans 12 Romans 12 is

basically a pastoral chapter it is where

um you show Mercy you show kindness you

respect respond gently you people who

deserve uh retaliation you don’t give it

instead you show mercy and then in

Chapter 13 I’m glad they’re next to each

other because chapter 13 basically

announces that government has been

anointed by God with a sword to bring

Justice and these verses are like three

or four verses apart it’s like God

wasn’t confused when he put them

together because it’s in the contrast of

the two the problem that we have

especially now with social media on such

an insane level of inviting just

anybody’s opinion we have we have

leaders who make difficult decisions I’m

so glad I don’t have to make some of the

decisions that our our our nation our

congress senate president governor these

people have to make I’m so glad that

that I don’t but I pray that God gives

them wisdom but here’s the point is

often times they will make a decision to

bring about Justice and there’s whining

and complaining in the church about the

absence or lack of mercy and there are


where it’s just not what God has

ordained and we’ll read the scripture in

a moment for you the Lord has actually

anointed a sword to bring about Justice

and why Justice is one of the

cornerstones one of the foundation

Stones if you will of society without

Justice there is absolute chaos it is

necessary it is essential it doesn’t

erase the need for Mercy it doesn’t

erase the need for kindness thankfully

we still have both but but the whining

and complaining that goes on in the

church when justice has been applied is

really uncalled for we’ll read it in a

moment what’s necessary is that the

church responds to need with mercy and

then we pray for our government leaders

to be able to use Justice

appropriately both

and let’s let’s just take a look at the

scripture and that’ll that’ll help to

let you know that’s not my

opinion all right um let’s start with

verse 17 of chapter 12 did I did I tell

you Romans 12 yes all right if I told

you 13 just back up Romans 12:17 repay

no one evil for evil have regard for the

good things in sight of all men if it is

possible as much as depends on you live

peaceably with all men

beloved do not avenge yourselves but

rather give place for wrath some

translations say leave room for the

wrath of God for it is written vengeance

is mine I will repay says the Lord

therefore if your enemy is hungry feed

him if he is thirsty give him

drink in so doing you will Heap coals of

fire on his head that verse is so funny

to me show kindness because when you do

that you’ll just burn their brains out

you just you just you just pour coals on

their head that’ll teach them that it’s

kind of like the sneaky way of getting

justice as as I understand I’ve I’ve

heard this story told before as I

understand uh biblical culture what

would happen is there would be a a a

community would have a fire in the in

the center of that community and that

Community would that fire would be

tended throughout the day

and there would always be coals on that

fire so that when it came came time to

cook a meal people from every household

could come they could get the coals they

could take it back to their stove and

they could actually cook a meal but

those who lived on the outskirts of the

city would come to the city Square they

would get the coals but by the time they

would get home often times those coals

would have burned out so what this is

saying is that person who’s going to the

outskirts of their home what would

happen is people would see them hurrying

trying to get home knowing that their

coals are burning out and they would

look at their own fire and say well I

have enough to share so they would take

coals and put it into the container that

was on their head as they were going by

to go to their own home it’s not a

sneaky way of afflicting people it’s

it’s a way of sustaining people it’s a

way of feeding people it’s a way of

sustaining providing life for people

when the Bible says don’t take Vengeance

on yourself but leave room for God’s

wrath it’s it’s it’s not saying God’s

not saying get out of the way I want to

destroy people what he is saying is this

is if you use your authority to

vindicate yourself and to pay someone

back then God is called to defend that

per person because you’re misusing your

Authority your Authority has been given

for the benefit of people not for their

destruction and if we use our author

Authority for the destruction for the

demise of individuals then God defends

that individual but here’s what he says

he says leave room for the wrath of God

what does this mean this means that if I

as a person refuse to vindicate myself

but instead I stand as the encourager

the one who supplements strength for

this individual then God can come with

wrath and bring discipline because

they’ll survive the discipline because

they have someone to care for them they

have someone to love them they have

someone to refurbish and to rebuild them

up so God can go for the issues of the

heart knowing that they have strength

around them so that the discipline turns

them into

righteousness does that make sense so

when the Lord says leave room for the

wrath of God he’s saying leave room for

my discipline don’t you do it you stand

there as the lover as the supporter as

The Giver of Mercy because if you’ll

take that posture you’re using Authority

correctly it’s for the health well-being

building up sustain staining of Life For


Individual Justice is an essential part

of uh of life so let’s go into chapter

um chapter 13 and let’s go right to


three rulers are not a terror to good

works but to evil do you want to be

unafraid of the authority do what is

good and you will have praise from the


for he is God’s minister to you for good

but if you do evil be afraid for he does

not bear The Sword in vain now listen to

this phrase he is God’s Minister an

Avenger to execute wrath on him who


evil put that one on your

refrigerator claim that

promise God

anoints individuals in governmental

roles to avenge wrath and establish

justice again that does not mean Mercy

cannot or should not be shown it’s just

Justice is

essential people say well you can’t


morality yeah in part that’s true but

how many you think there would be more

murders if murder was

legal if it was legal to cheat on your

taxes how many of you think might

be more people would yeah nobody here

but others would for sure outside this

room yeah yeah you you get the point the

point is is that Justice enforced helps

to hold the standard for those who don’t

know how to live with the internal

standard God has written in their hearts

those who live under the rule of God

live under grace those who live

unrighteously live under

law it’s

true now notice what it says here it

says punishment on the wicked Praise on

the one who does

good in 1 Peter 2 we have a a similar

passage uh let me just read it to you it

says Governors are those who are sent by

God for the punishment of evildoers and

the praise of those who do good what’s

the point government has two functions

to empower and to protect everybody in

this room carries some measure of

authority where God is looking for you

to implement to use those two basic

tools as I said earlier it doesn’t

matter if you’re a parent in a home if

you’re the CEO of a country company

doesn’t matter what it is we all have

responsibility but now we have another

area or element of responsibility and

that is that we are actually members of

one another when Cain killed Abel God

came looking and spoke and Cain had this

classic response am I My Brother’s

Keeper well the answer is

yes because we are members of one

another we actually have responsibility

outside of

ourself it doesn’t mean in a sick way

carrying you know undo weightiness of

burden uh you know that that’s

devastating to to carry burdens that

that are not yours in an unhealthy way

to to feel responsible for everything

that goes on around you that’s unhealthy

but it is healthy to be moved by the

difficulty of a friend of a relative of

somebody that you care for what Nehemiah

did is very very profound we’re going to

read it in a moment

Nehemiah Nehemiah was released by The

King to go back to Jerusalem to help

rebuild the city

70 some years

earlier Israel started rebuilding the

temple in Jerusalem they had uh let me

just back up on the story Israel had

been taken captive by an enemy Nation

because of the Rebellion against God and

so God after the period of time was over

God released them to go back and to

rebuild what was destroyed so they went

back and the first thing they did is

offer sacrifices to the Lord

and after they offered the sacrifice

they rebuilt the temple what happens in

your life in my life when we come to

Christ the first thing that happens is

we say yes we sacrifice our will we give

an offering to the Lord and we say yes

to being saved yes to being forgiven yes

to Turning from sin and following after

him the first thing he does in that

response is to rebuild the Temple in our

life in other words he takes up

residence in in us and our body

literally becomes a temple of the Holy

Spirit but what he’s looking for is to

build up walls of strength walls of

Integrity walls of morality around an

individual life picture this in in

biblical days a city’s strength was

represented by its wall in other words

if it was tall and thick it was a

stronger City there were some cities the

walls were so wide that on top of the

wall they could actually do a chariot

race so they would have houses sometimes

actually built into the wall they were

so thick they were so uh uh powerful and

so when you’ve got how many you know if

you’ve got in this room we’ve got four

walls you have walls on three sides and

you don’t have a wall on one side

where’s the enemy going to attack and

that’s the point that’s the picture is

we want strength on all sides all issues

of the heart for there to be strength

because in that Integrity in that

discipline of personal well-being

there’s actually safety picture living

in a city like that with these massive

walls you could have your biggest enemy

on the outside of the wall throwing

rocks shooting arrows throwing Spears

cursing doing all this stuff at the wall

and you’re on the inside you don’t even

know you’re under

attack because the wall actually in in

many cases in insulates you from knowing

the adverse conditions that exist

outside the

wall it’s absolutely true there is a

place of personal integrity and strength

where you can you can exist in the

middle of a conflict and have it not

affect you at all I’m not trying to

imply that if you’re affected by things

you’ve got a broken wall I’m not trying

to apply that but I am saying the

purpose for these walls is to create

place of safe and personal strength now


chapter 4 turn there if you

would I’m I’m reading these verses only

because they emphasize these two


of of protection and


verse 13 of Nehemiah 4

by the way Nehemiah his name means

comforter and he’s really a picture of

the Holy Spirit Israel tried for at

least 72 years it may have been 76 I

don’t recall right now we’ll just say 72

72 years to rebuild the walls around

Jerusalem 72 years and what would happen

is they would build some during the day

an enemy Nation would come in at night

and tear down what they built so they

it’s it’s a lesson of futility what they

built was torn down overnight 72 years

of this nonsense Nehemiah comes

comforter comes and he rebuilds the wall

completely in 52 days they completed in

52 days what they couldn’t do in 72

years in an entire lifetime they

couldn’t do it and yet they could do in

a couple months under the guiding the

leadership the empowering of the

presence of the holy spirit all right

now chapter 4 verse

13 therefore I position Men Behind the

lower parts of the wall at the openings

and I set the people according to their

families with their swords their Spears

and their bows and I looked and arose

and said to the Nobles to the leaders to

the rest of the people do not be afraid

of them remember the Lord

boy do not be afraid remember the Lord

you’ve got one of two ponds you can

drink from fear or remember the Lord

you can’t do both you can’t consider him

and be afraid on

good do not be afraid of them remember

the Lord great and awesome and fight for

your brethren your sons your daughters

your wives and your

houses and it happened when our enemies

heard that it was known to us that God

had brought their plot to nothing that

all of us return to the wall everyone do

his work last verse so no excuse me a

couple more so it was from that time on

that half of my servants worked on the

construction while the other half held

Spears Shields bows and wore armor the

leaders were behind all the house of

Judah those who built on the walls those

who carried burdens loaded themselves so

that with one hand they worked at

construction with the other they held a

weapon every one of the builders had his

sword gted at his side as he built

what’s the point these two concepts of

of uh protecting and building or

empowering these are the roles of all

government and it doesn’t matter to me

if you’re a brand new disciple of Jesus

you’ve been saved for one week or you’re

the president of a Nation you have

responsibility by God to be a protector

and an empowerer a builder we have we

have interesting pictures here that

Nehemiah describes of his own servants

on one hand the work they were doing in

building required all of their both of

their hands all of their attention so in

that case Nehemiah would release that

person to build but then he would give

that person a soldier that would stand

by them with sword spear armor

everything and they would work to

protect this one who is doing the work

so there’s that

role the others they could carry a load

up the wall but they could carry a spear

too and so they would carry a load and

they would have a spear so we have

individuals that did both at the same

time there were others that were able to

do work but have a spear at their side

and they were ready the point is these

two roles are very dis uh

distinguishable in these Builders of the

wall and they are marks of

responsibility and privilege for every

believer in this room every person who

watches by bethl TV the privilege

responsibility we have is that we’ve

been called by God to build and to

protect to protect and to build to build

and protect sometimes sometimes we have

a friend that’s just In the Heat of the

battle and they are in there just trying

as best they can to to get something out

of their life maybe maybe you have a

friend that’s pouring themselves into an

individual that’s just going through

hell and they’re there counseling and

praying you the soldiers stand in a

place as a Watchman to watch and to pray

and to contend God just we draw a circle

around these two the one who gives the

counsel the one who needs the healing

the deliverance and you stand there as

the one just protecting other times

you’re the person carrying The Sword and

the trial you’re working on building

you’re bringing encouragement you’re

looking for the promise of God for an

individual but you also have skin in the

game you’re ready to fight notice

Nehemiah positioned people to the wall

the part of the wall that was closest to


home they they they’ve got personal

investment yes they’ve got personal

investment they they’ve got this wall

that they are not only going to benefit

from but more specifically their

children their grandchildren their

spouse their sister their brother their

a all these people that are in this

family unit I’m working on this wall why

because I’m building a place of safety

for my family all those that matter to

me and I realize not everybody in this

room have children or grandchildren but

we all have friend friends we have

people that we’re connected to people

that we’re willing to fight for we get M

we get rocked when we see oh man I hate

what this person is having to go through

right now so we pick up the sword we

pick up the trial we say God give me a

word for this person give me the a

promise that I can fight with

interestingly the sword that we fight

with is the word of the Lord the

building material that we fight with

that we build with is the word of the


the sword that we fight with is that

word this is what God says over this

household you may say it over your own

as for me in my house we will serve the

Lord this is not optional and there’s no

exceptions as for me in my house we will

serve the Lord you get into that Fray

you get into that situation with the

word of the Lord you and I are no match

for the enemy but we are more than a

match when God is with us the point is

get the word of the Lord and use the

decree and so here we have interesting

two roles protection and building

protection and EMP power both use the


tool both use the same tool the sword

that works that destroys powers of hell

here builds up and edifies here it’s the


word so

good I I I think this morning if I I’m

not into making wishes

I I’d rather pray but if I could have

one wish this

morning it’ be that everybody in the

room would hear a word from

God it’s just when God has spoken every

every other

voice every other voice loses its power

loses its effect it’s it’s the need of

my heart

every I I think I can say it absolutely


close most every situation that I get


the first thing I do is what has God

said or what is he saying I’ve got to

know what he said I will review tapes I

I mentioned to you a week or so ago I’ve

I’ve got my uh my

iPhone I have so many things in here

I’ve got a lot of music I’ve got I’ve


prophecies you know Bob Jones

prophesying to me I I I just I put it in

my car and it just plays randomly

whatever is recorded I could program it

but this is more fun to have the Beatles

singing Yellow Submarine one

moment and then have Robin McMillan

prophesying over me in the next I mean

I’d rather have that combination it’s

just it just seems healthier to

me I I love sitting there re hearing oh

yeah that’s right Benny and I were

ministered to by Mike ble about 10 years

ago and he and his team began to

prophesy they made make these CES over

over me and i’ I’ve heard them a couple

times this week it makes me just want to

drive around

town keep looking for another prophetic

word to randomly play I I had a weird

experience last week I had an

appointment with somebody and uh a

friend of mine that flown from out of

the area to to meet and on my way to the

appointment literally a lady I’d never

met before or since I recorded a

prophetic word and she described this

individual that I’d be meeting and so

here she gave me this word like 5 six

seven years ago and I’m driving into the

restaurant hearing her prophesy about

this this me so I I


Siri and Jesus work together that’s all

I know that’s all I know they they

they’re working together and they they

work hard to bring me the mind of the

Lord in any given situation so sorry for

the Apple commercial I’m sure yours will

do the same all


it’s fascinating though that the the


material that you can build in the child

that you’re fighting for that friend

that you’re fighting for is the fact

that you heard from God is you just take

what he says and you just you you you

administer this is what the Lord is

saying if you can’t find what he’s

saying find what he

said just use what use his word as the

building Block in that in that broken

situation but the same is also true in

in the

battle Paul said to

Timothy fight this fight of Faith with

the prophecies previously made


you Timothy you’re in the middle of a

war grab hold of what’s been declared

over you and use those like a sword make

your decree make your pronouncement

you’re not a wimp waving a straw you’re

a soldier waving the word of the Lord

and it is the Lord himself who backs up

and supports the decrees that he has

made it’s best for us to take the

posture of the word of the Lord so we’ve

all got friends that are that are facing

different things and it doesn’t mean I

take ownership if I have your problem

but what it means is is I pay attention

to that tender place in my heart that is

so moved when I hear oh someone has gone

through this oh this crisis happened

here this promotion has happened here

there wisdom to gather together the

building blocks of my own life begin to

release through decree this is what the

Lord is saying this is what I’m willing

to fight


what I like to do is when I’m with my

kids or my grandkids

or any the younger people that I fight

and contend for when I’m with them I


build but when I’m a lord well

alone I pull out the

sword you’ve got to know you’ve got to

know when to fight when I’m with them I

just I just build but when I’m

alone I pull out the

sword this is what God says over this

household this is what the Lord says

over this family over this

individual you know we wear two

hats we’re con construction workers

we’re contractors we’re Architects we’re

Builders but we’re also military agents

representing the King of Kings and the

Lord of lords bringing about the in

influence of his will his purposes into

the Earth don’t ever downgrade the role

that you play it’s not about

you it’s about him being known for who

he is in the earth do you know that

every time you and I represent him well

his majesty is released and his name

becomes revealed the beauty of who he is

as a perfect father becomes known by

many this is the great privilege of

every believer is to make him known what

do he like they don’t know they don’t

know they think he created cancer they

think he just created disease to teach

people a

lesson they don’t see him as a father

that heals that disciplines but he heals

and he brings into

strength you and I have that

privilege we’re going to have we’ve got

a little bit of time left we’re going to

have uh just a little bit of ministry so

I’m going to ask if I could get Ministry

team to come quickly up to the front

everybody else to stay seated for a

moment this will we we’ll make this

transition quickly but I want I want our

ministry team up here real fast if you

can make your way up that would help me

out we could to have everyone else just

kind of hold your place for a moment

that’ll really be a great great help to


beautiful there is nothing more

important this this

morning there’s nothing more

important than the greatest Miracle of

all and that is the

Salvation of a soul that’s an individual

being being forgiven of God brought into

his family he’s the great reconciler

he’s the great Redeemer he’s the adopter

he’s the one who chooses and brings into


household and this greatest Miracle of

all is available to anybody either

watching on bethl TV or here in this

room or in one of our overflows this is

available to every person I want you to

consider with me anybody in this room

they would just say Bill I I don’t know

what it is to walk with God I don’t know

what it is to be forgiven I don’t know

what it is to turn from from the way I

do life to follow Jesus but I want to I

want to I want to make that turn I I

want to give myself completely to him

and it may be somebody here who has

walked with the Lord but for whatever

reason you’re going this way he’s going

that way and you wouldd say this has got

to end I don’t want to leave the

building till I know I’m right with God

if if there’s anyone in those two

conditions right now I want you just to

raise your hand by doing so you’re

saying bill I don’t want to leave till I

know I’m at peace with God put your hand

up real high real quick we had a couple

on the first service way back here is

two two people right here bless you it’s

wonderful Amen to that anybody else real

quick anyone else real quick if I if I

sometimes it’s hard it faces hands melt

into faces I can’t see all right this is

what I’m going to ask you to do if you

would stand with me very quickly we’re

going to call out certain conditions to

pray for I want everyone to stand I want

to ask for the two and if there were

others that put your hand up I want you

to come right up over here to my left

come up here real quickly and I have

friends that we know and trust that will

talk with you pray with you and it’s

going to be wonderful it’s going to be

glorious come on up here Church bless

them as they come this is beautiful

greatest Miracle of all greatest Miracle

of all

we bless you

guys yep there is no greater


Miracle now anyone here that has a

terminal disease of any kind you may

have six months to live you may live 10

more years but the point is you have

something that will end up taking your

life and I don’t want to have you come

forward for prayer I want you to come

forward for a miracle I I just feel like

we’re supposed to draw a line in the

sand and say let’s go after this thing

so if you have any kind of terminal

condition come quickly come quickly

right now to the front come to one of

the team members here they will pray for

you anyone with sugar diabetes uh for

some reason that thing seems to be

spreading and what you tolerate

dominates we want to draw a line in the

sand on this one and just declare no

more uh digestive issues it may be food

allergies it could be um um Crohn’s

disease uh some those digestive

conditions now you have any kind of need

at all I want to encourage you to come

forward as soon as uh as soon as you’re

release but these folks I want to come

right now just come on up to one of

these folks here and they will minister

to you their their

healing all right digestive issues food

allergies whatever come up quickly Tom

why don’t you come and wrap this up for