Hearing God’s voice is easier and more natural than you think. Bill Johnson teaches that you were born to live in connection with God, and the Holy Spirit is the One who enables that connection and ability to hear His voice. Anyone who is born again received Christ because they heard the invitation of the Holy Spirit and responded. Recognizing how God speaks is key in developing a continual awareness of His voice and the Presence of the Holy Spirit. This is an excerpt from Bill’s message “Walking in the Spirit”. You can find the full message here:    • Walking in the Sp…   Subscribe for weekly videos: https://bit.ly/bjmYoutube Connect with Bill Johnson Ministries: Website: http://bjm.org/ Facebook: https://bit.ly/bjmFacebook Instagram: https://bit.ly/bjmInstagram Additional Resources: https://shop.bethel.com/collections/b… Scripture Reference: Romans 8 Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #HearingGodsVoice #HolySpirit

I I don’t like taking the things that

are just personal and assume that

they’re for everyone but I believe that

this one was broad enough that it

actually applies to everybody in the



you remember the the verse that says

unless a grain of wheat falls into the

ground and dies it cannot bear fruit

something has is occurring in my heart

with this storyline

how about we live life in such a way

that our life impacts people all around

us but we live life in such a way that

even our death testifies

of God

because I I watched it I watched with my

own wife her homegoing

within days and this surprised me I I

know the concept and I say Amen to the

truth but when I saw the effect of her


and the fruit that it brought to the

kingdom I was stunned absolutely stunned

and as long as you maintain the sense of

Eternity and the the beauty of

fruitfulness and loss

it gives you legal reason to celebrate

in the most awkward moments

live life in such a way that even in


there’s a domino effect of how you did

life to bring people into the kingdom

and really bless and prosper people

you take a kernel of corn a planted

nobody would plant the kernel of corn if

it grew back one kernel of corn

you know let’s just eat it

but the fact that it bear bears an ear

of corn an ear of corn has between six

and 800 kernels of corn that’s quite an

increase from one kernel of corn that

died and was buried

and that is really I believe a prophetic

invitation for everybody in this room to

live with eternity in mind

something happens when you live with

eternity in mind

we think in terms of investing for the

big pictures not all just about here

in fact we’re going to read scripture in

just a moment

where Paul basically says you know if if

we if we are living for the Lord

and there’s no eternity there’s no

Resurrection then we are the most

pitiful people around

why would he say that

because eternity is to have such a mark

on how we think and how we live that to

live without it we can’t possibly

succeeded what we’ve been invited to do

so I’m I’m believing that the Lord is

going to upgrade Us in purpose

I’m greatest

living for eternity

amen open your bibles if you would to

First Corinthians chapter 15.

and we’re going to conclude with um

communion and prayer about that but I’m

going to talk to you for a few minutes

actually I won’t be talking a whole lot

I’m going to be mostly reading this

would be a repeat of Friday where we

just we do the public reading of

scripture but open to First Corinthians

15. this is uh uh I’m sure it’s the

in my thinking anyway it’s the premier

chapter on the resurrection the

resurrection is dealt with all through

scripture but this uh from beginning to

end is about the resurrection of Jesus

the resurrection of Jesus is so critical

that there literally is no conversion

without it

the Bible teaches

that there’s not even forgiveness of sin

without the resurrection

I don’t say it offends me like a like I

I’m mad about it it offends me in the

sense that my thinking has always been

it’s the blood of Jesus that wipes away

the power of sin so why is it the

resurrection that gives me


come back next week and I’ll tell you

I’m uh

no it’s it’s like

the cross

where the blood was shed

needed an amen

where Jesus

obtained for me what I could not obtain

for myself

I was faced with absolute hopelessness

no cure no remedy no repair no fix

nothing I could do could repair my

sinful condition

so Jesus became a man and faced my

enemies on my behalf

so that when he won I would inherit the


that’s salvation

and that death of Christ were his blood

was shed to atone for cover Wipe Out the

record of sin and the power of sin when

that was done it still needed one more

voice and it was the amen from Heaven

that said the sacrifice has been


and it’s the resurrection

the resurrection is the crowning touch

that says the offering has been received

you are free

chapter 15 First Corinthians we’re going

to read a number of verses so how many

of you have your Bibles with you I hope

you got them got them open got your

phone you got your Holy Bible on your

phone that’s fine as long as it’s there

I’m good just read along with me because

it’s going to be uh we’ve got a number

of verses to talk through

we’ll begin with verse 3. for I

delivered to you first of all that which

I also received that Christ died for our

sins according to the scriptures

and that he was buried and that he rose

again the third day according to the

scriptures what I what I I’m emphasizing

those two verses because I want you to

take special note of any time it says

according to scripture Jesus did this

often when something was experienced he

would mentioned this was this was to

fulfill the prophets this was to fulfill

scripture here’s something key for us to

understand about the prophetic

prophecy is is not