Bill Johnson teaches on how to correctly discern the word of God and recognize when God is speaking to you. Every word you receive from God attracts opposition from the enemy, and you must determine to stand strong in God’s word. It’s in the opposition that you discover the strength of that word, if you do not give up. When Jesus was tempted by the devil in the wilderness, the first words of the enemy were “If you are the son of God..”, right after God had spoken at Jesus’ baptism “This is My beloved Son..”. Don’t be surprised when the enemy challenges what God has spoken to you. Do you recognize when God is speaking to you? Do you discern when His Presence is resting on and wanting to move through the person next to you? Discernment is not only for discerning evil spirits, but also for recognizing when God is speaking. Breakthrough comes as you discern the word of God and His Presence, and stand firmly in it. Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: Luke 3: 21 Luke 4 John 5: 19 1 John 3: 8 Hebrews 11: 6 Mark 6: 5 Hebrews 11: 3 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on October 29, 2017. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #WordOfGod #Discernment

let’s just say somebody uh gave this

word it was verified as fully the Lord

that God had put an anointing on you

similar to Smith Wigglesworth exciting

day you pray for some people that get

healed you pray for a good friend and

they die and you begin to question

whether that word came from the


Lord Eric sends his love he’s suffering


Hawaii but

now Eric and his two daughters are

actually speaking at the Y wom BAS and

cona and uh you know if if you got to


somewhere let’s go to Hawaii I mean come

on that just sounds like the will of God


me and uh Isn’t that cool about uh the

boat with Iris you know you guys helped

to buy that thing we made a commitment

to them oh a year and a half ago maybe

now and uh and help them to purchase

this boat they had two others before

this and those two

sank so you don’t want to have a boat

that sinks it’s not any fun and oh crazy

stories behind those in fact there’s

probably more than two boats if you

count the rowboats and rafts and

everything else Heidi has tried because

there’s islands all over that part of

Africa that have never heard the gospel

and so they just have this passion to

get the gospel to these islands and uh

so anyway thanks you you you helped uh

us us together we helped them to to buy

this uh this boat and I can hardly wait

she I was with Heidi just a few weeks

ago she was so excited because the boat

was almost to mosm Beek at the time we

talked it was like going to be there in

the next week or something and and she

was just so so thrilled because a dream

was coming to they finally uh were able

to get the kind of boat it would have

been nice in hindsight to get in the

first place um so anyway thank you Jesus

for that and I have a story to read to

you but you cannot be easily offended if

you’re a

blonde if you are I just apologize in

advance my wife is blonde my daughter is



often but with the change of the moon

comes the change in hair

color and uh and I don’t remember what

she is


cuz because Gabe is preaching in Hawaii

too wait a minute there’s

something Eric Hawaii gab and Leah

Hawaii we should be going to Hawaii

yesen all right well anyway my daughter

is blonde

sometimes and I’m getting more blonde

all the

time two blonde girls were working for

the city public works department one

would dig a hole the other would follow

behind and fill it

up they worked one side of the street

then down the other moved down to the

next street working furiously all day

without rest one girl digging a hole the

other filling it

up an onlooker was amazed at their hard

work but couldn’t understand what they

were doing so he asked the whole Digger

I’m impressed by the effort you two are

putting into to your work but I don’t

get it why do you dig a hole only to

have your partner follow behind and fill

it up again the whole Digger wiped her

brow and said well I suppose it probably

looks odd because we’re nor normally a

three-person team but today the girl who

plants the trees called in




sick that’s just wrong on so many

levels but but

is it it is redeem myself I don’t think

I can I think I think I’m already lost


another I don’t think I


anything Kathy wants me to redeem

myself I don’t think it can

happen unless I read about the Texas


joint Mount Vernon Texas Drummond’s bar

began construction on expansion of their

building to increase their business in

response the local Baptist Church

started a campaign to block the bar from

expanding with petitions and prayers

work progressed right up to the week

before the grand reopening when

lightning struck the bar and it burned

to the ground after the bar burnt To The

Ground by the lightning strike the

church folks were rather smug in their

Outlook bragging about the power of

prayer that is until the bar owners sued

the church on the grounds that

ultimately the church was responsible

for the demise of his building either

through Direct or indirect

means in its reply to the court the

church denied all responsibility or any

connection to the building’s

demise the judge read through the


complaint and the defendant’s reply and

at the opening hearing he commented I

don’t know how I’m going to decide this

but it appears from the paperwork that

we have a bar owner who believes in the

power of prayer an entire church

congregation that Now does not


all right that’s all that’s all that’s

all all right why don’t you open your

bibles if you would to Luke chapter

3 and I actually uh uh felt early this

it just this doesn’t happen to me very

often we many many many days ahead of

time I I have a sense for what the Lord

wants me to do on a

particular uh Sunday but I really felt

earlier this week that I was to review

uh something that I had uh a word that I

brought to you in its entirety about I

think three years ago I’m guessing now

and I’ve used parts of it um off and on

for the last several

years so we’re going to we’re going to

begin in Luke chapter 3 but before I do

I want to take a a before I even start

we’re going to take a detour we’re going

to take a diversion and I want to read

to you phrases out of Matthew 14 and

it’s going to it’s going to be about I

think four phrases maybe five out of

about 20 verses because there’s a

there’s a story line that I want you to

catch because there’s a um Jesus how

many of you remember Jesus was tempted

in all ways as we are yet without sin so

he experienced every emotion every every

opportunity for failure that any of us

would experience and yet none of it was

ever appealing to him because he didn’t

have the value system so he made it

through that without any problem without

any issue but this is one of those

moments John John the Baptist dies John

the Baptist was beheaded John is the

prophet that Jesus gave the greatest

honor to in Matthew 11 he declares John

the Baptist to be uh the greatest

prophet of all Old Testament prophets

but John was also his

cousin and so it says

this Herod sent and had John beheaded in


when Jesus heard about it he departed in

a boat to a deserted

place when the multitudes heard about it

they ran ahead on

foot Jesus was moved with compassion

when he saw them and he healed their

sick when he sent the multitudes away he

went up to a mountain to pray here’s

what I want you to notice he gets the

news his cousin the Forerunner to his

own life and Ministry John the Baptist

was beheaded the first thing he does is

he separates himself from all other

activities when crowds begin to pull on

him he moves in compassion but there

comes a limit there comes a a point

where he draws the line he sends the

multitude away and he goes up on a

mountain to pray what’s the point every

time we experience some of the greater

challenges in life uh we always have

issues going on but some of the greater

challenges that really could derail us

really could undermine our confidence in

a given

situation it’s in those moments we are

supposed to refine our Focus there are

certain times in our life where we can

manage you know six plates spinning at

the same time and can do it quite well

you know we can be involved here we can

be involved there we have this activity

going we have that activity but there

are other times where things shift and

it’s a real challenging season and

sometimes we deaden the challenge can I

use the word pain we deaden the pain

through business and in doing so fail to

refine our focus and we don’t ever

capitalize on the severity of the moment

getting it to turn to where God

vindicates his own name in and through

our life because every challenge to our

faith is an opportunity for

Vindication see he a god of vindication

I I I like the movies where the bad guy

loses and the good guy wins I love those

movies I I’ll sit there for two hours

and wait what I don’t like are those TV

shows where there’s no closure you got

to watch an entire season and then they

leave you hanging for the next season I

don’t have five years I don’t have I

don’t have five years to get this issue

settled in my heart I need the bad guy

to suffer now or repent I’m I’m good

with both but they don’t usually have

them repent in the TV show so I I like

the Justice thing get get this thing

settled right away at least by the end

of two or three

shows if I got to wait multiple Seasons

I just it just makes me angry I get to

the end of the season you did it

again but I like I like to show

her guy gets what’s coming to

him that axle

honestly that cry for justice now I mean

I don’t mean that against people but

that cry for justice in the earth is a

natural desire for a Believer if you do

not long for Vindication against the

powers of Darkness you don’t know who


are it’s not about

you it’s not about you it’s about the

king and his kingdom it’s about the name

that you and I bear that we car people

say Bill the devil’s just so mad at me I

go he doesn’t like any of us you know we

we remind him of Jesus he’s really angry

about that he it’s not you it’s not

about you it’s never been about you it’s

it’s that you remind him of Jesus and he

hates Jesus and wants to destroy every

representation of Jesus that he can on

the earth it’s not about you the

Vindication isn’t so that you and I feel

good about ourselves it’s because the

name of the Lord is once again

demonstrated is superior to every other

name and whenever there is an attempt

can I I don’t want to read too much in

this into this picture with Jesus uh

because there’s not enough dialogue

there to give us but let’s just say for

a moment that this was a a moment that

he had to sort

through he decided to go up to a

mountain to pray why because he heard

John was dead he was beheaded so he REM

removed himself one knowing he was going

to be facing a brutal death himself but

number two the one that he loved and

honored above all other prophets that he

also loved

was dead and he gets up to a mountain

who knows what he did but if he was

tempted in every way as I would be I

would need to sort through this issue to

make sure I was trusting the father in

the midst of this mystery I don’t want

to put my weakness on him that would not

be fair because he was eternally God but

he was also

man regardless he goes up to the

mountain he refines his Focus steals all

the other activi

when he comes down from the mountain it

says they brought all the sick to him

and as many as could touch him they were


whole everyone that could get just close

enough to touch clothing received a

miracle when did that happen it happened

after refined Focus up to the mountain

met with the father and he came down the

glory can I say it this way the power

the glory the anointing was so prevalent

on him that anyone who got close enough

to him was automatically

healed that’s

Vindication when you’ve suffered loss

challenge to your faith grab your moment

don’t do pity party stuff grab your

moment look redemptively into the moment

what is it that God wants to do in this

situation it’s not about me it’s not

about you it’s not about this ministry

or the ministry across town it is about

the name of the Lord Jesus that has been

assaulted in the eyes of the church and

unbelievers alike and the Lord would

vindicate his own name and by you and me

re recognizing Our Moment all right I

got to normally I can do this normally I

can do that but but this month I’m just

going to do this I’m going to refine the

focus extra time with Jesus extra time

in his word and let’s pray into this


Vindication all right it is in the

kingdom and I believe Solomon models

this Kingdom lifestyle

um uh when something was stolen or lost

they had to ROR seven times restore

seven times what was

stolen the day before two days before my

dad died I talked with Rick Joiner on

the phone and and he was he just

mentioned to me he said this is going to

give you access to a seven times greater

anointing I don’t ever want to imply God

causes a conflict or disaster but we

live in a broken world and if you live

in a broken world you might as well take

advantage of what the enemy wants to do

to steal and let it be reversed for the

honor of the name Jesus so Luke chapter

3 Luke chapter

3 um this part we’ve actually talked

about goodness so many times but I I

need it to set the stage for the next

one all right so verse 21 all the people

were baptized it came to pass Jesus was

also baptized while he prayed prayed

Heaven open the Holy Spirit descended in

bodily form like a dove upon him a voice

Came From Heaven which said you are my

beloved Son and you I am well

pleased I teach on that portion enough I

don’t need to do that now that’s um I

need to conserve the time verse one of


4 Jesus being filled with the Holy

Spirit returned from the Jordan was led

by the spirit Into the Wilderness

okay stop right

there Jesus being filled with the Holy

Spirit when did that happen I’d like to

suggest to you that Jesus came with all

authority because he was commissioned

from the father but he did not have all

power now obviously as God he did but he

chose to not live out of that he chose

to live out of human restriction so

restraint a limitation so that he could

set an example that could be followed

and so he chose to live with limitation

that’s why he said the son of man

pointing to himself he would address

himself as the son of man the son of man

can do nothing of himself I only do what

I see the father do only say what I hear

the father say so he’s given us the

context for his entire life on planet

Earth so he comes to Earth with

authority because he was commissioned by

the father he embraced the

mission 1 John 3:8 says that he was he

came to Earth to destroy The Works of

the evil one so he was sent from Heaven

to Earth to destroy the works of the

evil one so he already came with a

commission that he said yes to so he was

carrying Authority but Authority comes

in the commission power comes in the

encounter so when he was baptized in

water came up out of the water the

spirit of God Came Upon him and that’s

when he was filled with the Holy Spirit

in a way that would be similar to our


amen verse one again chapter 4 Jesus

being filled with the Holy Spirit

returned from the Jordan was led by the

spirit Into the Wilderness how many of

you want to be led by the Holy Spirit

that’s good it wasn’t a trick question

but it but it

was we want to be led by the spirit

absolutely because those are the sons of

God that’s the what the scripture

teaches us but one of the vital things

to realize is that the holy spirit will

sometimes Lead You Into the Wilderness

but he will only lead you into a

Wilderness when there’s a promised land

on the other side he doesn’t lead you

into a Wilderness to stay he leads you

into a Wilderness to obtain a measure of

strength and victory so that when you

get into the promised land you have the

Integrity to stay


there see character is not formed apart


choices the character is not formed

separate from

options if you have no options you know

as long as you stay away from people

people you can actually think you have

the fruits of the


spirit I can think yeah I’m the most

long-suffering person I know I just

don’t hang out with

anyone and so you live under the

illusion of what you have when you

distance yourself from where you

actually have to make hard choices it’s

in the context of choices that character


formed verse three devil the devil said

to him now this is the the Wilderness

that where the devil was the devil said

to him Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit

Into the Wilderness not to fail but to

Triumph and you can’t Triumph without a

battle That’s the Truth

Listen next time you’re in spiritual

conflict remember the scripture he

prepares a table before me intimacy

Jesus me he prepares a table before me

in the presence of my

enemies the enemy wants me to con be


conscious and as long as I’m devil

conscious I don’t know I am in the most

intimate moment of my life here is the

opportunity for a depth in Christ that I

have no access to outside I don’t have

this measure of access to outside of the

problem devil said to him if you’re the

Son of God command this Stone to become

bread in verse 99 the same he brought

him to Jerusalem set him on a pinnacle

of the temple and said if you are the

Son of God throw yourself down from here

all right Adam and Eve and Jesus is

called the last Adam so we have the

first Adam and the last Adam the first

adom the Temptation that came to the

first Adam was has God said yeah that if

you eat of this fruit I’d like to

suggest that the first Temptation really

wasn’t the forbidden fruit it was to

question what God

said I would like to suggest to the last

Adam that the the first temptation to

him was

not to turn Stone into bread but it was

to question his identity if you’re the

Son of God what was the last thing Jesus

heard from the

father you’re my beloved Son what was

the first thing he heard from the devil

if you are the son so there’s two main

lessons we’ve got to get the first one

is is the reality that in the kingdom

when a word is spoken over your life it


conflict if you don’t understand that

then you’ll think you’re doing something

wrong if you do understand it then you

position yourself for

Vindication there’s a huge different

difference in the outcome of those two


in Matthew 13 it talks about the parable

of the seed and the SE and when he talks

about rocky soil he

says and when tribulation or persecution

arises because of the

word persecution tribulation persecution

opposition tribulation difficulty I’m in

a broken World things go

wrong when these two things arise

because of the

word many don’t have the depth or the

strength to maintain or to hold their

position in the middle of that kind of

difficulty there’s not the root system

that is needed there’s not the depth in


relationship whenever the enemy opposes

a word over your life it’s because he’s

afraid of your


and there are two things that I’m that

I’m aware of there’s probably dozens but

there’s two things I’m aware of that

happens when the Lord releases a word

over our

life that word must be opposed for two

basic reasons one is I need to discover

the strength of the

word otherwise I can live in this make

believe world not really

realizing what am I willing to take a

bullet for this that God has spoken over

my life yeah if you if you live in that

pretend world where I never hang out

with people so I’m sure I’m filled with

all the fruits of the spirit if you live

in that in that pretend world then

everything’s always okay and you never

fully realize what God wants to

reconstruct what he wants to restore

what he wants to rebuild what he wants

to demolish and build over again you

never know because you’re you’re not

involved deep enough into life itself

and so here persecution tribulation

arises opposes the word over your life

let’s just say somebody uh gave this

word it was verified as fully the Lord

that God had put an anointing on you

similar to Smith Wigglesworth exciting

day you pray for some people that get

healed you pray for a good friend and

they die and you begin to question

whether that word came from the

Lord see he makes

sure he makes sure that we always have

two trees in our

garden one you can eat from and one that

if you eat from it you you empower the

inferior until it dominates the infer

the the

superior I said that

right God’s word has all authority all

power the devil’s word has no Authority


power I have authority if I listen to

the wrong word I empower the wrong word

to the point it can undermine the most

powerful thing in the universe which is

the word of the Lord over my

life so the word of the Lord comes this

healing anointing somebody I pray for

dies it must not be God the prophet must

have been wrong I must have been

emotionally just too expectant and

unrealistic this just simply not true

what happens is I feed myself on the

wrong word and that which has unlimited

power now becomes powerless because of

what I have done with the

inferior this would be an interesting

study sometime just to see how often in

scripture the inferior beat the superior

two are better than

one unless they’re

divided and when they’re divided two are

less than

one sorry just get get rid of that let’s

just move on let’s move on so we have

this concept A word of the Lord must be

opposed to discover its strength number

one but number two is if I don’t have

options choices there’s no basis for

reward people say well I’m not

interested in reward I just want to

serve Jesus oh stop

it are you better than Jesus he endured

the cross because the joy set before

him that was a very good point bill it’s

excellent it’s it’s written into the

nature of Faith it’s not it’s not a

glorify me or get for me Club it’s it’s

this is the way his economy Works he’s a

father with sons and with daughters

looking for opportunities to celebrate

right choices to celebrate sacrifice to

celebrate these things that we do in

surrender in yielding to Christ he

honors he celebrates that he’s the great

encourager he’s the great rewarder and

he rewards those in Hebrews 11 it says

if to believe God I must believe that he

is and he’s the rewarder so half of the

subject of faith is connected to the

issue of reward so a a word must be

opposed to


reward yep

amen verse 14 Jesus returned in the

power of the spirit to

Galilee the news of him went throughout

all the surrounding region

interesting he went into the Wilderness

filled with the spirit he came out with

power sometimes

conflict brings to the surface what God

has put in


all right this one’s free be no charge

for this

one Israel came into Egypt Jacob dwelt

in the land of ham he increased his

people greatly made them stronger than

their enemies and he turned the heart of

their enemy to hate his

people that’s

weird did you hear what I just

read God made his people strong strong

strong strong strong and then he stirred

their heart to come in opposition

why because he wanted his people to


Victory if he ever lead you into a

conflict it’s not with people it’s with

with demonic Realms that would lie and

deceive and if he ever leads you into a

conflict it’s only because he’s prepared

you to Triumph


all right that went over pretty well

let’s keep

moving verse 16 he came to Nazareth

where he had been brought up as was his

custom he went into the synagogue of the

Sabbath day stood up to read he was

handed the book prophet Isaiah when he

opened the book he found the place where

it was written the spirit of the Lord is

upon me he has anointed me to preach the

gospel to the poor sent me to heal the

brokenhearted Proclaim Liberty to

captives recovery of sight to Blind set

at Liberty those who are oppressed

proclaimed the acceptable you of the

Lord he makes this declaration in front

of the people inoc synagogue in Nazareth

the people he grew up

with he closed the book and sat down and

said today the scriptures is fulfilled

and you hear it let me give you a

description of what’s Happening


Israel has been without

dreams Visions prophets for 400 years

there’s been silence 10

Generations Jesus explains something to

us in John 6 he

says my words are spirit and that spirit

gives life so here he’s describing that

whenever he opens his mouth he only says

what the father’s saying so we have to

assume it was the father that led him to

this scripture as he read Isaiah 61

words became

Spirit the presence of God was actually


through his words so imagine this you’ve

got 10 generations of Silence longest

drought in history longest spiritual

drought from heaven in history people

are sitting there they have never

experienced presence they have never

sensed that internal WI witness of the

presence of God they’ve never had that

sense atmosphere of peace that you draw

in at this very moment they’ve never had

that Jesus begins to read and you can

just imagine everybody in the room

goes do you feel

that and he it continues to read you go

yeah what is it I don’t

know and then it says in verse 3 22 it

says all bore witness of him marveled at

his gracious words New American Standard

which is a favorite of mine says all

spoke well of him look at the original

language it actually says they testified

of him or they bore a witness to him

yeah what does that mean you know

they’re sitting in a synagogue they’re

there every Sabbath going through their

routine doing the best they know how to

honor and to serve God Jesus reads out

of Isaiah 61 something starts happening

inside they’ve never experienced

before in their heart of hearts they are


thinking we’ve been praying for the

Messiah our entire

lifetime this could be

him they all have this internal witness

of what’s happening right in front of

their eyes

yeah they all are perceiving something

with their heart that they could never

wrap their head

around they all bore witness of it

and then somebody said look at the verse

isn’t this Joseph’s son yeah and you get

to see everybody in the room

go of course it is you’ll never believe

what I was just thinking oh I’m

embarrassed to say it but I actually

thought this was the Messiah for a

moment but thank you that’s right it’s

Jesus Joseph’s son Shez we grew up with

him I don’t know why we didn’t recognize

him when he stood up there that’s

crazy and they talk themselves right out

of a Divine moment that would mark them

for the rest of their

life now Jesus recognizing what just

took place I remind you it says

elsewhere it

says Jesus could do no Mighty works

except lay his hands on a few sick

people and heal them what does that mean

this is in this room right now this

synagogue he couldn’t do any Mighty

works let me use my language here their

unbelief shut down the corporate

anointing but no one could shut down the


anointing and so he ministered oneon-one

with a laying out of hands and still

brought healing but the corporate

anointing is where you have exponential

increase a moment is become becomes

pregnant and it explodes imp possibility

because now it’s not just through laying

enough hands or through addressing one

individual something begins to take

place in a room where it’s actually

multiplied I’ve seen that happen here

and and in travel several times where it

just all you had to do literally was to

call out a condition and there was a


yeah it happened here one Sunday I I

felt the healing presence of Jesus come

right through the door I can’t tell you

how but I I knew that I knew that I knew

I stopped I said the healing pres of

Jesus just came to the room and a guy

right back here prostate cancer left his

body went to the doctor that following

week it was completely gone a woman in

the second row had a tumor and her

breast dissolved disappeared Miracles

began to happen around the room and all

it was was he came you say well he’s

here already yeah I

know but he came he came different he


more he did he came more and and there

wasn’t an unbelief in the room to shut

down corporate

anointing in this particular

case Jesus goes into a sermon that if it

were given today it would be probably

thought cruel

says in verse 24 he said assuredly I say

to you no Prophet is accepted in his own

country in another gospel he says it

this way a prophet is not without honor

except in his own his own

country so the the context the subject

here is honor he says I tell you truly

many widows were in Israel in the Days

of Elijah when the heaven was shut up 3

years and 6 months

there was a Great Famine throughout all

the land but to none of them was Elijah

sent except is zerath in the region of

sidon to a woman who was a widow many

lepers were in Israel in the time of

Elisha the prophet and none of them was

cleansed except non the Syrian this is a

bizarre message that Jesus is bringing

now remember he’s bringing this in

response to a people who intellectually

just talk themselves out of the

experience that God was given not true

Faith leads to Greater

understanding it is not

wrong looks

right when the worldview is

Twisted immorality looks like

morality people say we have a right to

our own opinions I I you may I don’t

want my own opinion I it only gets me in

trouble I only want that which is

influenced by the presence of God the

Breath of God his word I want that

shaped I I want I I’m so thankful for

the life of Liberty in the context of

Grace amen it’s the empowerment to do

the right

thing some have decid defined Liberty as

the ability to do whatever you want no

Liberty is the ability to do what’s

right Francis schaer said that so many


ago so here Jesus brings this message

and he uses two areas he says he says

financial provision the Widow uh during

famine and then he uses leprosy so we

have healing so we have provision and

healing and he comes to them with with

this word he says all right in your


Israel God although there were many of

you your forefathers who had great


needs because there was no honor just as

you’ve shown no honor for me the Messiah

Jesus I’m using all my own language to

paint a picture because there was the

absence of Honor in recognizing the

spirit of God resting upon me as I

announc the word of the Lord to you the

spirit of the Lord is upon me because

you did not recognize it you could not

give honor to what God was doing and

because you did not give honor to what

God was

doing in Israel’s history he actually

went to a widow outside of his Covenant

people and he prospered her because he

needed to demonstrate who he was yeah

and what he was like there wasn’t

sufficient honor within his own Covenant

people to demonstrate his heart to

provide so he went outside and then to

push the envelope a little farther he

says there’s a lot of lepers in

Israel but there wasn’t the honor to

recognize the spirit of God that rested

upon Elisha and in the absence of honor

God actually stepped outside of his own

Covenant people and he brought healing

to the general of an enemy

army people say Well that’s God’s heart

of evangelist evangelism now that’s

stupid it’s not his heart of

evangelism to heal somebody from another

Nation he he did something because his

own people didn’t value the spirit of

God that rested upon the people around

them here’s the deal it’s easy to

recognize we’ve got Kon Andrew White

coming here tonight wonderful wonderful

man it’s easy to recognize the grace

that is on his life he comes from some

distance but it’s the person sitting in

front of you may have the anointing that

you need for your breakthrough and the

inability to recognize the spirit of God

resting on somebody you know well is

actually what keeps us from the

Breakthrough you you you’ve heard the

joke I’m sure the the guy who’s in a

flood and he’s sitting on a rooftop

saying oh God please save me and a boat

comes by and he says nope I’m waiting

for God to save me and the helicopter

comes by drops a ladder down I’m waiting

for God he drowns he appears before the

Lord he says how come you didn’t send me

he says I sent the boat I sent the

helicopter and often times we are this

far away from our break God we need

healing we need breakthrough and he says

why that friend of yours has an

anointing that you need for this

breakthrough but because of your

inability to recognize and give honor to

what I have done in them even though

they’ve been within reach it’s as though

they don’t

exist that’s not a shame word it’s an

inviting word to say Paul said the

Discerning of spirits was a gift we

needed for a reason when he talked about

the discern of spirits I grew up

thinking it was recognizing when demons

were involved in somebody’s life yeah it

includes that but that’s not it it’s not

Discerning of evil spirits it’s

Discerning of the

spiritual it’s Discerning the spiritual

because it it it means that I

recognize when there’s this Grace this

anointing this gift this presence

resting on a person and when I give

honor to them for saying yes to God and

to him for resting upon them suddenly I

honor the prophet if you will in the

name of a prophet suddenly I have access

to what that gift brings to the table I

have access to it why because honor


access it’s the reason we see Pro I

think is the reason we see

probably oh goodness I would guess 90% %

at least of the Miracles and healings

that we see throughout a week here is

through you guys not through the staff

why because the sh the focus has to

shift it’s way too easy to honor the

guest that comes in town or the pastor

that you never spend any time with and

I’m fine with that but I’m telling you

that anointing rests on the person next

to you often times God has brought a

close friend to you with a real burden

for your breakthrough but because we

don’t give proper estimate to who they

are in God and who God is in them we

allow them a token prayer but there’s no

confidence that there’ll be a

breakthrough let’s go ahead and stand



think I think that learning this

one would help I think it would

help I think it would help I think it

would help

because I don’t know if you can

imagine there’s so many different ways

that the holy spirit moves

and when you are confident in only one

way you restrict how much you get to

experience of what God is doing that’s

right sometimes impartation for example

comes to the laying out of hands but

sometimes it just comes because you’re

hungry and you’re sitting in the

room I’ve had some of the most dramatic

things happen in my life just by being

in the

room I love the other stuff but he just

works differently

most profound encounter I ever had was

by myself I was

alone actually Benny was in the bed next

to me but she was sleeping I think I

think the Lord knocked her out so she

wouldn’t interrupt what he was doing in

me CU he was digging rather

deep but the point is is he uses

different tools different methods and

it’s not up to me to dictate how he’s

supposed to touch me and there are times

he will use the Randy Clark January this

coming year it’s going to be

extraordinary again the Miracles that

will happen and God will use him

powerfully but between now and then he

actually wants to use

you and some of you have needs you’ve

prayed for yourself a thousand times

nothing’s happened why don’t you

recognize the anointing that rests on


else who doesn’t have a name and hasn’t

written a

book do you hear what I’m trying to say

I’m saying sometimes Jehovah

sneaky it’s one of the names that didn’t

get into the book but I I think I think

it could have sometimes Jehovah sneaky

puts that anointing for breakthrough

upon someone we wouldn’t have

expected we’re going to pray over that

in just a moment I want to First give

opportunity for any

anyone here that has never

made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ

is the absolute Lord and Master of your

life going to ask especially at this

point let’s not have anyone moving

around the greatest Miracle of the

day would not be the cancer being healed

as much as I love to see that it’s the

salvation of a soul it’s a person being

forgiven a person turning from

a way of sin a way of self-centeredness

to follow Christ and I want to give

opportunity for anybody here who would

just say Bill I I don’t want to leave

until I know I’m at peace with God until

I know I’ve been forgiven of sin I’ve

been brought into his family I’ll turn

from everything to follow

you if that’s you put your hand up just

by doing so you’re just saying bill I

won’t leave till I know I’m right with

God put your hand up real quick I want

to give just one minute to be able to

recognize anyone in the room they would

say Bill that’s

me okay I’m going to assume you’re all

in oh there is somebody here I didn’t

even see I bless your heart wonderful



beautiful anyone else real quick just

wait wave it at I some of you are

shorter than others so I don’t I don’t

see your hand just you know you don’t

have to stand up and yell or anything

but just at least wave till I see you

okay I’m going to assume that’s it then

all right what I want to ask is I want

to ask you who put your hand up we’ve

got friends that we know and trust right

over here to my left they’re putting up

a banner so they’re easy to spot I want

you to come down it’s not about

membership here it’s simply about a walk

with Jesus for you to know what’s

happened I want to encourage you come

down to the front somebody can walk with

them uh down to the front and I want

Ministry team to come to the front right

now and then I’m going to pray all over

all of you and we’re going to head on

out all right so come on up but let me

pray for you first Ministry team come


beautiful thank you

Jesus all right yeah make sure that yeah

the one who raises hand just come right

right over here you introduce him to our

team I’ll pray with him beautifully so

glad for that bless him

you all right

let me pray over you father I ask that

you would awaken within every person the

grace the

gift to recognize the spiritual to see

what rests upon people around them that

you would fill us with such a heart of

admiration for the work of the holy

spirit that we could recognize that

anointing that Grace even Upon a Child

and celebrate give place to that we just

ask ask Lord God demonstrate your

purposes your power and we pray

specifically for provision the Widow and

for healing the leper to be released

through this body at a whole new level

all for the honor of the name Jesus

everybody said amen