Bill Johnson speaks about how to hear God’s voice and recognize His Presence. Jesus only did and said what He saw the Father do and say. Hearing what God is saying and seeing what He is doing is key to following in Jesus’ footsteps. You are designed to hear God’s voice and recognize His Presence. Often it seems as though He speaks in mystery, but it is never to hide revelation from us, but to draw us closer to Him through dialogue and trust. Bill’s message follows a time of testimonies and prayer for healing of Lyme disease, as well as autism, Aspergers and other conditions. 0:28 Welcome to international guests 3:58 Testimonies of healing of Asperger’s, autism, and Lime disease 9:19 Prayer for healing 14:43 Message: Living aware of God’s Presence and hearing His voice 51:06 Prayer for open eyes and ears to see and hear what God is doing and saying Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: Psalm 107: 20 John 5: 19 Philippians 2: 6 Matthew 15: 25-28 Proverbs 25: 2 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on March 10, 2019. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #HearingGod

you learn to see and to feel and to

perceive and I don’t consider myself a

very good Seer at all I hear better than

I see but I’m learning just do whatever

you need to do to help me to see but

that’s the journey we’re on and I want

to invite you into another level of

hearing and seeing because he’s invited

us to do what the father’s doing and to

say what the father is


saying where are you from

can Canada all right where

else where Czech







China China


Netherlands Germany


welcome Australia come on Roman ALB

Romania Romania


Israel Israel come

on all right well we’re glad all of you

here all of our International guest

stand and uh the rest of you I want you

to lay hands on them I want you to pray

for them and I want you to pray that

they get so

whacked that they impact their entire

nation honestly pray that they would go

home with more than they thought

possible pray great prayers of faith

that God would impart to

them he would work

out circumstances in their

favor there’d be a Spirit of

breakthrough resting upon

them they would carry presence and power

whole new

dimension if you can’t reach somebody at

least extend your faith extend your

hands and just pray pray that the Lord

would so honor and bless these that have

come so


yeah just declare the word of the Lord

over them as you

pray just declare just declare the word

of the Lord over them as you pray take

just a moment longer I know we’ve got

guests from around the world that are

watching and we honor and bless you and

we pray the same thing for you that it

would be as though you were here in the

house receiving from from our family as

they pray for

you thank you Lord

thank you Lord okay I want you to do

this I want you to pray for the church

they’re part of that there would be a

mighty outpouring of the

spirit if they’re not a part of one that

God would lead them to a place that

would become

home that their local church would truly

be a Revival Center in their

City we declare that Jesus mighty

name thank you Lord amen all right you

did good give Mah do something

nice and be

seated Eric’s been reading uh

testimonies of late it’s been really

fascinating to watch as he’s been

reading testimonies of Aspergers

uh autism dyspraxia different uh brain

disorders dysfunctions that have been

healed and he reads testimonies and

every time he does we’ll have people in

the room who have a relative or a friend

with that condition stand and pray and

uh and then we do give you permission in

that moment to use your phone and text

that family member or friend and just

let them know that we prayed

specifically for them and then to let

you know within 24 hours or so if there

was any change and we have seen so many

many dramatic changes absolute

Miracles um in the area of of autism

I’ve only seen one that was instantly

healed generally it’s over a period of

uh at least a few hours if not uh even a

couple days but absolute complete

miraculous turnaround and uh we

celebrate every one of those the stor

it’s just getting longer and longer

every time he does this any place in the

world uh there is incredible reports of

Miracles well two weeks ago yesterday I

was at an event called the sin which is

one of the more how many of you were at

that put your hands up high yes come on

it was how many of you watched on bethl

TV we had like we had I guess over

200,000 people watch on bethl TV which

is is

extraordinary and


towards the end of the evening uh I was

backstage and one of the uh gentlemen

involved with the circuit writers

Ministry which is Andy bird and and his

entire team uh asked if IID pray for one

of their staff members who has had uh


disease um 38 years of Affliction the

last 10 years has been mostly in

bed and uh just horribly horribly

Afflicted and uh asked if I would pray

for her so a group of us gathered around

as we began to pray prayed I don’t know

maybe 10 minutes or so we just prayed

for her and we just watched the Holy

Spirit literally just flush it out of

her system and in about 10 minutes or

whatever she was completely completely

healed yeah yeah glory to God for

that they uh they even sent a video of

her running around her pool and counted

it was 5 days after the miracle and just

if you can imagine their adult children

are there uh they were able to witness

the miracle themselves and if if you can

imagine being uh you know in your late

20s early 30s never having seen your mom

ever healthy in her life and all of a

sudden all of that changes and now gives

you permission as a family to live in a

way you’ve never lived before and uh so

we just been besides yourself with joy

for them and after uh I don’t remember

now it was either last Sunday or the

Sunday before no it had to be last

Sunday sorry I wasn’t hear the Sunday

before um I mentioned that lime’s

disease was healed and we prayed I don’t

remember if we prayed for people in the

room I think we did and um and a friend

of mine from Nashville was here Rebecca

Williams and she um sent me this text

after she got home she writes me she

says my friend just text me this morning

she was watching bethl TV last Sunday

night when you got the word about God

healing Lyme disease it’s what it was I

gave the testimony and the testimony of

Jesus is the spirit of Prophecy anytime

you hear a testimony there is a covenant

from God to duplicate the miracle and

it’s important for us to adjust our

thinking to step in line with what God

is doing and uh so uh when I got the

word about healing limes disease uh she

was in the uh Rebecca was in the room

she texted her friend and said she would

stand in for her and and who and her two

girls both her daughters age 8 and 11 of

debilitating limes disease she herself

has almost died from the disease her

girls have been bedridden for days could

not move she was watching on TV when

Rebecca stood up in proxy for them I

recorded the prayers of everyone around

me for her and her two daughters she

said her 11-year-old daughter started

balling because she said she felt God

saw her when she heard the prayers she

started to move her hands and said it

hurt less and less every time she moved

by the end of the service the pain in

both little girls was completely

gone yeah the

next the next morning uh they were doing

jumping jacks with their mother and uh

they uh this gal Sarah text Rebecca that

morning and announced that her girls are

fully recovered they’re going to send us

a video clip of of their healing so I

read this to you because it’s good news

but also there’s somebody watching

online on bethl tv that needs this

miracle we’re we’re just going to open

up the floodgates right now if you have

limes disease or you have a relative or

close friend with that disease stand

right now because we’re going to pray

over you I believe the Lord is going to

release the power of the test testimony

literally two young girls 8 and 11 were

healed simply because the testimony was

declared and they stood in line of that

decree and so what I’m going to ask you

to do is we’re going to pray over you

but as soon as we’re done I want to give

you a moment I want you to text them now

how many of you have the disease in the

room let me see because I want to make

sure we okay those who have their hands

up I want you you that are around them

please notice that these need uh

specific attention themselves all right

somebody way in the back as well all

right and then the rest of these are

standing for friends uh family members

and we’re going to pray I believe we’re

going to see uh this Spirit of infirmity

broken off of people’s lives it is an

illegal assault on government property

it is it is

vandalism it it

is no trespassing and they’re

trespassing and so we’re going to pray

how many of you are ready to join your

faith with these that are standing that

a miracle be released we have seen now

just people standing in prox this is a

new on a new level for us in the last I

would say year uh of God releasing that

Miracle anointing through somebody

standing in proxy we’re going to do that

right now so all of you who are standing

if you’re sitting by somebody please

stand and uh and just maybe get the name

of the person and then I want you just

to join with them join your your faith I

want you to

rebuke those of you that are praying for

those with Lim’s disease in the room I

want you to pray that the presence of

God flushes that out of their system

completely entirely flushes that out of

their system who is standing a proxy for

someone and nobody is standing with you

wave your hand because I want to make

sure we get somebody to

you everybody has somebody okay church

pray up a storm come on let’s go after

this thing break it

off Psalms 107 ver 20 says he sent his

word and healed them

those of you that are standing in proxy

I want you right now declare the word of

the Lord that heals that person you’re

standing in for just declare their name

Gracie is delivered and released from

lime’s disease in the name of Jesus make



Roger freed and delivered from that

Affliction that tormenting Spirit we

declare an end to lime’s disease and

these people’s bodies right now in Jesus


name those of you that are praying for

those that have the Lyme disease in a

room specifically I want you to pray

Holy Spirit come in Mighty presence and

flush it out of their system really I

it’s like a flood would just flood it

and carry the flood waters would carry


out it’s it’s a strange picture but I

believe it’s it’s a God

picture thank you

Lord yep thank you thank you

Lord all right just give a moment of

thanks for the testimonies we are about

to hear Lord we give you thanks we honor

you that your word is true your word is

true amen go ahead and and uh find your

places uh those of you that uh stood in

for someone else grab your phone send

them a text and uh just let them know

that we specifically prayed we’ve had

four people healed in the last 15 days

of Lim’s disease we had another one

yesterday another one

yesterday somebody who came in great

distance and uh found out we were having

our in-house family time together and uh

some of our healing team attacked

him and after an hour or so all all

symptoms everything was is gone so thank

you Lord Jesus for that yeah we thank

you we thank

you the key for everything that Jesus

did was that he he did what he saw his


do living

aware of a Heavenly

plan a heavenly presence Heavenly

voice Jesus said what he heard his

father say did what he saw his father do

the point was is he chose to live as a

man surrendered to God even though he’s

the Eternal Son of God never stopped

being God he didn’t live from that that

place scripture says he didn’t count

equality with God a thing to be grasp he

didn’t he didn’t grab hold of what was

available for him he chose to live

instead as a man

surrendered and we see examples through

his life that have never been repeated

or rarely repeated throughout any time

in history where there was such well

let’s be honest everyone he prayed for


healed That’s Unique right there

everyone he ministered to was always

left in a place where they could make a

decision that would affect

eternity it was that significant he knew

how much to say to one person for

example somebody would come and say what

is truth and he say what is it to

you it was a great time to preach his

great sermon but he chose not to because

he knew when to speak and when not

to person says what is truth Jesus says

what is it to you he quotes a few

commands Jesus says do that and you’ll

be fine what was he doing turning his

attention back to what he already knew

but wasn’t

living he didn’t need new information he

needed to return to what he knew and

Jesus discern that by knowing the voice

of the

father every one of us in this room were

are designed by God to recognize the

presence of God and the voice of God I

consider them two different

manifestations of the same thing the

voice and the presence I hear people say

I don’t hear what God is saying but I

feel it’s is

peace that’s what he’s

saying because his pre he is the word so

his presence speaks but he doesn’t

always speak here he speaks here what we

have to learn to do is adjust and

accommodate that presence that comes to

bring peace because it’s in that

presence that we find the heart for what

we need the courage to

do I I’ve told you before I I get

jealous of Jesus when I see what he did

his his tenderness towards the Father

the the fact that he could know in a

situation a woman comes to him and says

would you heal my daughter and she’s a

syop phenician woman he was sent by the

father to the Jew first not the Gentile

he already instructed his disciples you

know our assignment is to the Jew first

there’s a long biblical reason for that

I’m not going to go into it now it

wasn’t Jesus rejecting the Gentile it


timing and the this sarap phenician

woman is before Jesus and she says would

you please heal my daughter he says I

can’t give the children’s bread to dogs

I mean churches have split over less

than that I mean that was that was you

know to refer to you are a dog is not

the most kind thing ever spoken but

please don’t be offended by that because

Jesus will often put a barrier of

offense between you and the Miracle you


because the strength needed to overcome

the offense is the strength necessary to

maintain the

miracle the strength needed to overcome

the offense is the actual strength that

is needed to hold on to the miracle and

not lose

it in the mercy of God it’s not because

he hates despises or punishes none of

that is true but he knows what’s needed

and he’s willing to take that position

and offend my mind as Paul Cain I think

was the one who quoted God will offend

your mind to reveal your

heart and he’s done that to probably

most of us I know he’s done it to me

more times than I care to talk

about so he says to the woman I can’t

give the children’s bread to

dogs and the woman says but even the

dogs eat the crumbs from the table that

the children

drop and

Jesus saw faith in her now she can’t get

Faith anywhere but from the father so

how does he know what the father’s

doing he saw faith in

her you need to see this because

sometimes we’re waiting for an external

voice an external impression instead of

seeing something on the countenance of

the person you’re talking


I just read a story uh either this

morning or last night I forget which by

Dr about Dr Charles

price he was an extraordinary man he uh

he was actually a pastor down in loai

California and he was a great

orator um he was uh he would he he

wanted to he he would preach against

Miracles and all the stuff that was

going on he would preach against Amy

simple mcferson

and uh and he snuck into one of her

meetings once because he wanted to get

more information to expose her as a

fraud and somebody recognized him I

don’t know if he had one of them big

rubber noses and mustaches and glasses

but he was trying to hide in the back

you know and somebody recognized him

came and told her and she stood up she

says we are so honored today I

understand that Dr Charles price is in

the room now here’s here’s this guy who

preaches against her she just wants to

celebrate the guy you know and and he’s

just is embarrassed to tears and

somebody spots him they lead him up put

him up on the platform he ends up

getting whacked by God he’s laid out as

I understand under the piano forever and

he gets up this Mighty Man of Faith

perhaps the great if you can find the

book it’s an old classic called the real

faith I think the new one uh they

retitled it but that’s the original name

the real Faith it’s probably the

greatest book about faith you’ll you’ll

ever read and but anyway Dr Charles

price was uh uh I I read this little

note about him he was doing a healing

Crusade and the Miracles that would

happen were just absolutely



and if you’ve ever been in these

meetings you you you pour out your life

and then you end up praying for a couple

hours and there’s just there’s an

exhaustion that if you’ve not done it

you don’t comprehend and he’s at that

point when a woman comes up to him and

says uh I forget who it was a relative a

friend was dying in the hospital could

he come and pray for her well typically

that’s not something you can do just to

be honest with you you just can’t do

there’s not a slot in the day because

the days are usually filled with

everything for this Crusader conference

or whatever and the this story says he

stopped for a

moment and he said yes I’ll come and

when he came he told them she will be

healed we’re not going just to pray

we’re cuz she will be healed and then he

said why so I’ve come to recognize when

I stopped for a moment the spirit of God

his presence his power Came Upon me and

I knew that was the witness he’s done

that before and that was the witness to

me I am being sent because she will be

healed and she was the point was is you

have to know how he manifest to

you you have to know William brandom had

a certain thing that would happen to him

or Roberts I forget what hand it was I

think I think it was his right hand

demonized people wouldn’t come to the

right side of his

body because if they touch the right

hand the demons would manifest why I

don’t know you just work with him he

he’s the mysterious one you know you

don’t you don’t try to control him you

cooperate and that just happens to be

the way that God used him so the point

really is that everybody in this room

you were designed by God to recognize

his voice you were designed by God to

recognize his presence everything about

you sometimes I can feel physically when

he’s come upon me but there are other

times where I can recognize his presence

because of inspired

thought I was in a meeting a couple

weeks ago where during the worship I was

getting so much download I haven’t been

in that zone if you will of Revelation

uh knowledge at that level in a long

time and it happened during the worship

I I had to I I was I was stunned I was

overwhelmed by his presence but it was

because of inspired thought I’m just

trying to mention a few of the kinds of

ways that he shows up to let us know

that he is present that he’s about to do

something for a number of years I would


um I would have this this like a fire

this is feeling strange now I’m starting

to feel a little self-conscious so I I

have something else I’m going to I was

going to teach right now I don’t know

what I’m going to do except just feel

self-conscious and just tell you some of

my personal Journey so I think that’ll

have to be good enough for

tonight um I would have this thing

happen where I would feel this fire it’s

like a fire rest on my right shoulder

and I would I wouldn’t tell anybody

about it I that’s not true I told my

personal staff I had three or four

people that work for me and and I would

be sitting there in a C i’ say put your

hand right here and they would and it

would just be hot as could be and and

because this presence fact is coming

there right now this presence would come

and just rest there and I thought this

is weird I in fact I was in a I was in a

banquet once and I’m sitting up in a

front table and I kept moving my face

into the fire because I was trying

to I’m I’m I’m sorry I was just trying

to figure this out you know cuz my right

ears burning my shoulders burning so I

put my face into it then I put back

after the banquet was over somebody in

the table behind me said do you have

problems with your neck we’re we’re

happy to pray for you I started laughing

no I’m sorry this one’s rough to

explain but then it helped me so much

Bob Jones explained to me what that is

he said that’s the dove that

remains if you remember in Jesus’s

baptism says when that when he begins to

manifest in that way it’s because he’s

positioning you with confidence in your

Authority to do

something so what do you do when you

hear a veteran talk to you in that way

you make a mental note I’m not going to

try to imagine it because I don’t want

to try to make something up but I do

want to cooperate if he speaks in a

certain way he speaks in riddles often

I’ve had uh I’ve had great fun trying to

trying to decipher interpret the riddles


God I I have it’s been it’s been just f

fascinating to me um how he

speaks sometimes it’s very clear i’ I’ve

had twice he’s woken me up with his

voice there was a a a season where I was

praying a lot about writing I didn’t

have the education to write didn’t have

the training but I had a desire in my

heart and I and at that time I didn’t

have the confidence to even try uh and

unless he told me it was he was in it

and uh I I would approach it differently

today but at that time that’s that was

my understanding and I remember praying

for extended period of time I just if it

God do you want me to write it’s in my

heart to

write and one night middle of the night

he spoke and he woke me up with his

voice and I’ll tell you exactly what he

said he said Isaiah

30:8 that was it I woke up and I thought

that was


and I waited and nothing else

came so when I opened my Bible to Isaiah

30:8 it says now go and


write all right no more excuses no more

excuses but he speaks that

way and uh I had written my first book I

got buried into conference life and

what’s going on here here thrilled to

pieces with what God’s doing but just a

crazy schedule I got up to where I was

traveling 185 days a year and plus

pastoring and the school and all the

stuff we do and uh and I checked into a

I took a team from here to Texas you’re

all right with just rambling right all

right CU because this is weird so I I

check into a hotel room in Texas I’ve

got maybe 1520 students with me and I

check into the hotel room and the gal

behind the counter says uh you’ve got a

room your room is 308 and I thought

that’s a good caliber of a

rifle my most accurate rifle is a 308 it

for those of you that are into this 90%

of you won’t even know the language I’m

talking but the 10% of you will about to


blessed that gun will shoot under

quarter inch groups at 100 yards three

shots Center to Center under a quarter

inch that is

accurate glory to Jesus Jesus so when

when uh when she gave me room three 38 I

thought yep it’s a good caliber of a

rifle and I just laughed it off went to

my room went to the next city 308 I went

this is confirmation I need to go

hunting you

know and then uh that morning I woke up


3:08 and I went all

right what’s what’s up I’ve had these

things happen before and I just simply

ask him a question and he speaks but

this time he was silent he was silent

several days later I’m home I’m in my

office and I remember I asked him if I

should write and he said Isaiah 30:8 and

I have just filled my calendar and there

is no time to

write why does he speak in mystery

because then you’ll linger longer in his


why does he speak in mystery because

he’s wanting you to engage in dialogue

what did you mean by this what do you

want with me because of this he’s

wanting the

exchange he’s wanting the sense of

purpose embracing

Journey we are not robots commanded to

fulfill a commission we are people in a

Rel Rel ational journey and it requires

exchange it requires dialogue some

things he’s made clear to me other

things they just remain mystery but

they’ve lingered we had a

situation how many of you have heard the

story of the Road

Runner put your hands up how many have

never heard the story of the Road

Runner or my story of the Road Runner

I’m not talking about the

cartoon how many of you have never okay

all right all right I’m going to I’m

going to this is very strange for me I

want you to know I just watch me squirm

and enjoy it as much as you

can I uh back at the beginning of the

outpouring here we back where the dining

room is here that’s where our prayer

room was we didn’t have this Wing over

here at

all and we’d go in there the dining area

we’d pray before services and I remember

one uh Sunday night I I would like to

get there starts at uh prayer meeting

starts at 5 but I like to get there a

little early I got there I think about

20 to 5 or something and wanted to pray

so I I was walking through praying and

and it has uh glass doors and glass

windows kind of a wall of glass windows

and a Road Runner came up to the window

with a big old lizard in its mouth and

would just dance up against the glass it

hit the glass and come back hit the

glass and I’m standing like this far

away I’ve never seen a Road Runner in my

life now those of you that are from

parts of the country that’s normal you

know I’ve seen them since since I’ve

been in Arizona and so Phoenix uh some

of these places uh down in Texas and

Dallas I saw some but I’m standing this

far away he’s jumping towards the glass

he’s got a lizard in his

mouth and I’m thinking this is too weird

to not be prophetic

this is so strange I hunt I spent a lot

of time outdoors I hunt I fish I’m in

this country I’ve never seen one I’ve

never heard of one seen one and is a

Road Runner in reading and it’s not a

cartoon and I look at him eventually he

goes away and then other people start

coming to the prayer meeting so we’re

walking around praying and and uh I’m

walking around and Don mayor uh walks in

he goes oh the Road Runner’s back and I

look over and there he is again I said

what do you mean back he said he was

here last week I went he came he came to

the per meeting yeah he was here at the

prayer meeting last

week you’re kidding he he he came last

Sunday now he comes tonight yep came to

the prayer

meeting all right so I could hardly wait

till the next week next prayer meeting

same thing he shut up again he didn’t

come to any of my sermons but he came to


me and he would come to the per and he

would almost always have a big lizard in

his mouth or a big Nightcrawler or

something and he would dance at the

window trying to get in so I would call

all my prophetic friends saying you know

I don’t want to spread this you know I

don’t want any people already think


weird they accuse me of all kinds of

things talking to the Dead who knows


else which I don’t


we’ve got this road runner that’s been

coming to our Peay

meetings and they would give me you know

some stories about road runners and

stuff but nothing ever clicked and

finally I found that road runners are

one of the only animals that will kill a

rattlesnake and I thought all right

you’re now my best friend cuz I’m I’m

not a real fan of snakes

especially the kind that can kill you I

we don’t get

along and uh and so a a Road Runner will

actually dance around the snake will

strike it’ll move out of the way use its

Peck to hit the back his Peck or hit the

back of his head and and then kill it

and then eat it he’ll walk around for

days with this long snake out of it out

of its mouth until he just slowly dis

digests the snake I thought well it’s

weird but it works for

me so I thought well snake is devil you

know Road Runner you know is

is good and then I found is’s related to


eagle who knew that we started having

our intercessors start praying into it

and doing research for me so they would

quietly send me emails with information

because this went on for

months and banning came to me one one uh

one day he said he said Bill last night

Wednesday night the youth pre-service

prayer the Road Runner came so he would

come to their pray he added their prayer

meeting to his schedule as

well I thought this is so strange I kept

asking God what are you trying to say

because they’ always tried again he’s

already tried again and could never get

in what are you trying to say and I I

had all kinds of interpretations but

none of them satisfied to be honest with

you after this went on for a long time

we started building the prayer housee

over here and if you’ve ever seen out of

one of the windows looking East there’s

a rock that that if you look at us from

from a certain angle it almost looks

like a the beak of an eagle and while

they were building the Road Runner would

go over there and watch them build the


house I’m just reporting I’m not making

this stuff up I’m not embellishing he

would show he would just stand there and

watch them build the prayer

house so this went on for quite a while

and and um he’s almost become like a

mascot you


and one day one of our janitors came to

me crying just really broken and he said

Bill I said what’s up he said I killed

the Road Runner I said what and he he

said this is what happened he says I was

upstairs the Road Runner got in he was

in the building and he was up up

cleaning the upstairs room up there and

uh he said the Road Runner is there and

and uh so I turn on worship music go sit

in the middle of the floor the Road

Runner would come right in front of him

and they they would worship together I

don’t know I’m not saying I’m not saying

he took his wings

and I’m not saying


that is this story weird it is don’t

repeat this cuz you won’t be accurate

just don’t but he yeah no he I’m not

saying he did that but he he would

honestly come right in front of the guy

and they he’d worship for a while then

he’d start feeling bad about not working

so he’d get up in vacuum some more and

then he would just be curious I wonder

if he’d do it again he turn the music on

sit in the middle of the floor the road

come sit right in front of him and

worship some


strange and he said I I needed to clean

rest of the building so I went down the

hallway and the Road Runner followed

came down the stairs Road Runner came

down the stairs came down this hallway

out here this wide hallway was walking

along and somebody was in a classroom

and opened the classroom door behind

behind them it spooked the Road Runner

he flew to the end of the hallway into

the plate glass window and

died that’s just that that can’t be the

will of God that’s what I figured so he

told me I says where’d you put him he

says I’ll show he’s out back I said well

you know let’s go raise him from the

dead cuz we this

this this can’t possibly be the will of

God right there’s no dead Road running


heaven it it was it’s it was a weird

experience I I know what anointing a


is and I would have all this confidence

as we’ walk towards and I actually

experimented I would get about 8 feet

away and it would

lift it was on me that would live I

prayed anyway because I don’t I don’t

want to just reduce things to what I

discern because I know that I see in

part so I put my two fingers on his

head spoke life the best I knew how and

nothing happened I went to my office I

went you’ve been trying to talk to us

for months and I still don’t get

it what’s what’s up with

this and he spoke to me

he said what I am bringing into the

house has to have a way of being

released from the house or it will die

in the

house what I am bringing into the house

that which God is pouring out upon us

has to be taken out of the house to

people or it will be inbred and die in


house he talks in strange

ways but he had my attention for 6

months because there was a bird that

would show

up and it just confused

me but he enjoyed the

dialogue he doesn’t mind confusing you

if you’ll come to him with

questions see the scripture says in

Psalm Proverbs

25:2 it’s the glory of God to conceal a

matter but it’s the Glory of Kings to

search out A matter

do you understand that you are according

to both Peter and the Book of Revelation

you are a royal priesthood you are

royalty our royalty is never more

clearly seen than when we know we have

permission to ask for the Mysteries to

ask for the secrets to ask for the

hidden things he has hidden them for us

not from us

so everything I was going to talk about

just got dumped and I’m just going to

invite you to be a hearer of God in new

ways he talks uniquely he talks

sometimes I see this happen a lot now uh


coincidences there are times where I’ll

call out a disease and I’ll see three or

four of them sitting right together that

tells me they’re going to be healed

because it’s an unusual

coincidence learn to

recognize the unique things that he

speaks through he speaks


riddles unusual

coincidences strange experiences a


bush he turned aside then he heard and

got Clarity the Lord puts these things

all through our life it doesn’t mean

every leaf on the ground has a prophetic

message but if you see the same unique

thing happening over and over again just

ask the question are you trying to talk

to me I’ll mention one more thing and

then we’re going to we’ll pray together

which we’ll end this we’ve we’ve been

here for three or four days already

so some people

who think everything is prophetic they

make me

nervous because they just get weird I

mean somebody’s holding a broom and it’s

prophetic you know somebody’s somebody

drives a Chevy and it’s prophetic and

it’s just it just it hurts my brain I I

don’t want to think that much just leave

me alone I want to drive to the store

without interpreting the road I’m on you

know and and so I’m I am about to step

into their

world that’s my

disclaimer there are times where the

Lord just puts something in front of me

over and over and over again and I tend

to be a little bit on the slow side and

I just had one of those situations in

October of 2003 I have it written in one

of my

journals this will sound rather simple

to you but I for an extended period of

time had constantly run into the number

555 it’d be an address it’d be a license

plate it would be you know I don’t know

maybe a room number of a hotel it just

always something it’s just for a period

of time it was day after day after day

and finally I met this International

healing conference in Minneapolis and I

go to bed well I always go to bed late

in those things and hopefully get a

chance to sleep a little longer in the

morning and I wake up and I look at the

clock and it’s

555 thankfully Benny stayed home on that

trip so I could be out loud and uh and

not wake her so I woke up I looked at

the clock it’s 555 and and I said out

loud what are you trying to tell

me I’m I wanting explanation but that’s

what he wanted from

me he wanted

dialogue he wants me to draw near he

wants me to to enter

conversation he wants me to put on my

royalty hat and ask for ask for

explanation of mysteries the things that

were hidden for me

because they weren’t hidden from

me and I said whatat are you trying to

tell me it’s hard experience to explain

but it was though I was instantly asleep

and he spoke

audible I don’t know how that works I

just know what

happened he said the anointing for the

day of the cancellation of debt is upon

you and then I woke up the anointing for

the day was is as clear as my voice the

anointing for the day of the

cancellation of debt is upon

you I know that whenever

anyone talks about strange things like

this different ways of hearing from God

it gives the weirdest people among us

permission to get

weirder I have to take that risk because

it also gives some people that would

never stop and ask the question what

does this mean I’ll take the risk

because you may have him speak audible

you may have him open an opportunity you

may have him give you a faith for

something there are times where I know

what I’m supposed to do because I’m

looking at three options and I look at

one of the options and out of nowhere I


God I have a faith for

this faith is a gift from God it’s the

product of his


I’m convinced there were times where

Jesus knew what the father was doing

because he KN he had a faith for

something and he looked at the sarap

phenician woman and he saw an unusual

dimension of faith that he’s never seen

even among all the Jews and when he saw

it he knew that was his assignment

that’s what the father’s

doing I want to be good enough in my

perception that I can see faith in

somebody else’s eyes

I don’t mean what they say because we

know enough to say the right

thing a lady came up to me years ago she

said tonight’s my night she’s hooked up

to uh uh some kind of a a pump pumps

directly into her heart I forget how

it’s been so long but I think it was she

could go seven minutes without

medication then she would die it

literally kept her

alive and she walked up to me and she

said I I believe that tonight’s my night

and I I did I I’ve never done this

before my before or since but she’s

standing right here she said I believe

that tonight’s my night I could feel

Faith on her so strong that it was

visible I actually did this I I was a

little embarrassed afterwards I stepped

back and I looked at her head to toe and

toe to head the reason is I wanted every

cell of my being to never forget what I

was now seeing cuz I was seeing

something I had never witnessed before

and that

was faith on her was

tangible and I stood back and I looked

and I wanted to take a moment to let

literally every part of me to become

awake of what was on her because I never

wanted to forget

it I walked up and prayed for she went

on the ground she was there for 20

minutes or

so when she got up I talked to her I

said what’s happening she said there’s a

something to do with with her heart and

the lungs she said there’s this heat in

my in my Chester in the lungs and as she

walked away I said your faith got you

that one she came back the next night

every morning at 7:00 she would change

the bag of medication that was had

electrical pump that would pump into her

heart and changed the bag and she went

to change it and the Lord spoke to her

and said you don’t need that anymore

I me know you got just a few minutes to

find out if you heard from

God I mean it’s it’s either it’s either

I’m Healed or oops I’m here I’m here a

little early you

know so she came that Sunday night and

she’s there I said how are she said she

said I took off the bag of medication I

haven’t had it all day I’m I’m totally I

brought her up had her give testimony to


it was you learn to see and to feel and

to perceive and I don’t consider myself

a very good Seer at all I hear better

than I see but I’m

learning I’m facing the right direction

right I mean I may need the remedial

reading kind of vision but I’m good just

do whatever you need to do to help me to

see but that’s the journey we’re on and

I want to invite you into another level

of hearing and seeing because he’s in

invited us to do what the father’s doing

and to say what the father is saying why

don’t you

stand that was weird but it was it was

good that was that was


fun I love hearing the stories of people

who hear from God differently like the

story I told you about Charles price he

felt the Holy Spirit coming across his

shoulders I I took a photo of the story

in my my iPad put it in my file because

I I want to come back to that because I

want to I want to recognize how others

perceive him so fire cross the shoulders


ready thundering voice is

easy now go and write

there’s not much follow-up

conversation you just go and

right but when he

says there’s another road

runner he’s got something in his mouth

I’m bringing a harvest into the house

that you have to be ready to release to

impact the city and the nation or

whatever you gather will

die he spoke

once it took six months of exchange to

find out what he was

saying how many you ready for

that let’s put your hands out let’s

pray the bottom line father is we just

love your voice we love your will

everything about your will is

just it is overwhelmingly wonderful


wonderful you’ve declared of yourself

you only do wondrous things it’s all

you’ve ever done is wondrous

things we’re so deeply impacted by the


things and we want to be more

connected to what you’re saying and what


doing I ask that you’d Open the Eyes of

our heart to see in ways we’ve never

seen open our ears to hear in ways we’ve


heard that we would perceive more

of your heartbeat in every situation


us help us to be more courageous in

hearing from you than we are fearful of


wrong help us to be more

courageous in responding to

you than we are afraid of being

wrong help us to demonstrate your

kindness your wonder your

beauty your peace your joy your love

your spirit of breakthrough to person

after person around us I ask for all of

this that Jesus would be

exalted now here’s what I want you to do

I want you to take just maybe two

minutes I want you to pray for yourself

for the next 30-day period if you know

you’re going to a city you’re going to

be with family you’re going to be at

work whatever it might be recall it to

mind bring it before the Lord just say

God I want you to speak to me

here I want you to prepare me for this

I’ll be at work this week I would like

to be a Fountain of Life to people

around me I’m going to be with relatives

that are difficult to get along with

Lord I’d like to come to them with

compassion I’ve never had before just

put it on your lips pray it out loud you

don’t have to be loud but pray it out

have the courage to pray out loud and uh

and then we will uh open you up the

front here

in our own homes

Lord in our own

homes expand our capacity expand our

capacity in fact put your hand hand on

your head again I know we already did it

once but God release the

dreams teach us with the dreams you know

why he gives us strange dreams is so

we’ll stop and have dialogue he wants us

just to draw near with our stuff so Lord

I pray for that I pray that you would

you would you would speak to us in the

night in the night in the night so that

we can draw near yet again to find your

heart and that that you’ve spoken to us

I ask all of this in the name of

Jesus amen amen amen