Bill Johnson teaches on how to live from Heaven’s perspective and walk in authority. Seeing our lives from Heaven’s perspective positions us to pray effectively, with authority. Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing, always responding to Him, rather than reacting to the problems that came up. As we set our minds on Heaven’s realities and take on the mind of Christ, we will see from Heaven’s perspective and live from Heaven towards Earth. Subscribe for weekly videos:

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0:00 Introduction 0:30 Anchoring Your Mind In Heaven 11:50 Developing A Greater Awareness of God’s Word Than of Your Problems 15:50 Obtaining God’s Heart and Co-laboring With Him 22:44 Abiding in God and Living In Seamless Connection With Him 36:40 How the Renewed Mind Parters with Heaven Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Heaven #Perspective

the Lord has made it possible to live in

Heavenly Realms towards life towards

circumstances in life for most of us our

walk with Christ Is Us trying to

persuade him to invade Earthly problems

and repair them but Jesus didn’t

Minister that way and that may be the

reason the son of man everyone he prayed

for was healed


or Paul says in in Colossians set your

mind on things above because your life’s

hidden there

and if you you anchor your your your

awareness of God in his world his plan

his purposes

then you will find yourselves living

from that reality towards the broken

conditions of this world but if you

don’t you will always have a prayer life

that begs God to invade the middle of

the problem that you find yourself in

all right that went over well

there’s a difference between being

seated in Heavenly places with Christ

Living from the heart and mind of God

towards a problem

there’s a great difference

between that and the person

who is in the middle of a problem and is

begging God to come and fix it

we all start there

but it’s tragic to serve God for 20

years and still use that as your

platform for prayer

because he’s wanting us to live aware of

who he is what he’s like and what he has


live from that reality towards the

issues and situations of life

if I live in a reaction to problems

let’s say let’s say it’s a it’s a let’s

say it’s a conflict it’s a relational

conflict if I live

in reaction to that if I become

overwhelmed by the size of this conflict

I will live in reaction to the devil’s


here’s the problem

people do this all the time and they

they live in reaction to a problem they

call it intercession

let me have a drink


if you can feel bad enough about

something you just give it a good name

that protects it

if I live in reaction to a problem

then the author of that problem

has had an influence on my thought life

and my behavior

you say well my behavior is rebuking

that’s fine he still influenced you

the devil has no

right to influence my agenda

you never see Jesus living in reaction

to the devil

he only lived in response to the father

there’s a world of difference between

the two

living in reaction to the devil is the

nature of some

of parts of of Church Life

I’m not saying nothing good can ever

happen I’m just saying it’s depressing

it’s depressing

because what motivates you is the devil

not the goodness of God

it’s a far inferior motivation to see

good things happen

so here is Jesus says


ought to always be praying

but never be

in evil not a part of it in overwhelmed

by the evil and the bad that surrounds

them more than they are aware of God’s

nature and then he takes them into an

understanding of the heart of a father

who has intimate personal care for his


any contrasts listen if you get this

kind of a reaction out of an evil judge

who has no fear of God and doesn’t even

like people

and you can get a good response how much

more here’s the contrast how much more

can you get a response from a loving


who is moved by your heart’s cry

what did he do there he’s not just

sowing a trait of God he’s revealing

what keeps us fueled for endurance and

prayer it’s the overwhelming awareness

of God’s nature

how do you cultivate that

I’m glad you asked

I’ve talked several times now in the

last month or so about biblical

meditation so I want to run at it just

for a few minutes again and we’ll wrap

it up with this with this theme this


look how meditation


is different than Eastern meditation

Eastern meditation is to empty the mind

uh Western meditation is is it’s

intellectual in nature only it’s the

power of concentration

Eastern meditation is dangerous

because it opens you to evil spirits

because you’re you you’re

you’re proper thinking actually

insulates you from spiritual warfare

it’s it’s true and you won’t know the

truth and the truth will set you free

what you know insulates you from this

demonic stuff that happens to dissuade

and distract

what you know something going on in here

actually protects you some of you you

have the mind of Christ has been so

established in you that you can be in

the middle of intense spiritual warfare

and not even know it because the wall

around you absorbed the fiery doors

the wall around you absorb the comfort

you’re living inside the walled sitting

going man this is party time this is uh

we got food we got family we got friends

this is great outside the enemy Stone

rocks at you all you don’t even know

it’s hitting your wall he’s shooting

arrows at it all kinds of junks going on

but you’ve become so insulated by the

mind of Christ that there’s very little

if any effect on your life does not make

believe that’s a reality you will know

your mind will be anchored and shaped by

the knowledge of God

and that thing will set you free and

that Liberty and freedom will insulate

you from the from the the things that

the enemy throws you away

so this

biblical meditation is different it’s a

word that means to murmur it means to

mutter means to speak to yourself it

means to repeat a verse over and over

again the illustration they used a few

weeks ago

um was um out of Psalms 127. it’s a

great verse I found many many years ago

when I was just really praying for

breakthrough financially and I I

remember taking this phrase it’s in The

New American Standard uh version also in

the passion they both they both got it




and he provides for his beloved even

while they sleep

he provides for his beloved even while

they sleep

so here’s biblical meditation is you

take something we’re supposed to

meditate on three basic things all right

three distinct realities one is the word

of God

second are the works of God

third are the ways of God

so I’m talking right now about the ways

the scripture but eventually I want to

get us into the Luke 18 where he’s

revealing the ways of God to shape how

we think

God’s ambition for you and me is not

being able to equip us to successfully

answer questions in a Bible quiz

the goal is not to give you the right

chapter and verse for a puzzling

question it’s a good start but that’s

not his ambition his ambition is for his

word to become flesh in us again in

other words that word becomes so

intertwined with our thinking our

emotions through biblical meditation our

thinking our emotions that actually

becomes an expression of our personality

and so you’re facing a financial here’s

here’s what I would do this this word

meditation actually is Illustrated

you’ve seen uh the Jews at the Wailing

Wall and other believers at the Wailing

Wall rocking I’m not saying you have to

rock but it’s actually the the rocking

motion of a Jew at the Wailing Wall is a

physical act of meditation

it’s it’s a repeated action it’s

you said you provide for your beloved

even while we sleep

God I give you honor I am your beloved I

I’m the apple of your eye

I’m overwhelmed by your kindness God

that you would you would call me your


I qualify for this verse because you


I’m your beloved

and you provide for me even while I


God I give you praise you are my


even while I sleep I’ve dedicated my

work to you

but you’re bigger than my work

you release resource to me even when I

can do nothing for myself you’re the God

who provides

you provide while I rest you work while

I rest and there’s this reciting of who

God is and what he has said what happens

is then you get awakened in the middle

of the night your first thought is oh

we’ve got this bill due tomorrow and the

second thought is and he provides for

his beloved even while they sleep and

you find yourself literally going back

into a place of rest to sleep because

you’re resting in who God is

it’s not a mind over matter it’s not

just some intellectual exercise it’s

taking that which is eternal which is

the word of God that which he has

highlighted to you and is holding it so

near and so dear that you Ponder you

consider you quote you mutter you speak

you declare you confess that which God

has said to you

over and over again

see that word is to become as Lance

walnut would say is to become Cellular

in us it’s actually to become a part of

Who We Are


when I listen to the voice of a problem

more than I listen to the word of the


faith will always be an uphill battle

if I receive my counsel from the

difficulties of life

my heart will be shaped by inferior


oftentimes we receive our counsel or

input our values our sense of urgency

all those things are often shaped by

problems without the Breath of God

showing us his heart his mind

God has a solution for every challenge

every problem every difficulty

and learning to

not only read the word but to meditate

on the word to meditate means it’s a

word that actually is best illustrated

by a cow chewing its cud it brings it up

and chews on it over and over and over

again to extract all the nutrients

possible from that item of food

and meditation on the word is different

than uh Eastern meditation the other

meditations that are are promoted by

various religions

all of those want you to become empty

God wants you to become full

their ideal is nothingness

his ideal is Kingdom

word voice


and he tries to bring us into a place

where through biblical meditation we

literally extract the very things that

God is thinking

not just saying

it brings us into connection with the

one whose heart is perfect

brings us in face-to-face reality with

the one who actually paid a sufficient

price to settle every broken issue that

exists on planet Earth

there’s not one situation that is

outside of his reach or outside of his


it is all settled

the difficulty for us is we are

bombarded with information almost 24 7.

and it’s inferior information some of it

is overtly evil corrupt some of it is

just a distraction

and learning to Live From Heaven towards

Earth learning to live from the word of

the Lord the heart the mind of God

towards situation is our lifelong


it’s what you said yes to

people come and they say I’m so confused

of the situation that I’m facing of

course you’re confused

you listen to the problem more than you

listen to God

you can’t expect any other outcome

if listening to the difficulties of life

has actually shaped my perception

then of course faith is going to be an

uphill battle

doesn’t mean I can’t get there it just

means I have to return to what God is

saying I have to return to his nature I

have to return to his Covenant

the big challenge for us is living

conscious of the heart of God living

conscious of the spirit of God living

conscious of the will of God

what is his will in this situation

we oftentimes settle for things that are


they’re not what Jesus would have done

where he’s standing in these shoes

it’s difficult for me to still The Voice

of the inferior

if I’m not replacing it

with an affectionate


of the voice that changes everything


now the purpose of Prayer

you know we could probably make a list

of a hundred things and still fall short

so I don’t want to over over simplify or

or Rob the part of prayer that is the

most important to you

but let me try to summarize at least

from my perspective here tonight the

purpose of prayer is not merely for me

to talk to God about doing stuff

it’s really about obtaining his heart

because the more I obtain his heart the

more I pray

not parrot prayers

but the product of relation

of relationship

relational product called prayer

see it says in John 15 servant does

doesn’t know what his master is doing

the friend does

the servant is accustomed to responding

to commands

and that’s not wrong

the most basic part of our our initial

time of learning to walk with Jesus is

responding to command

but what he’s what he’s looking for

is an interest in us about his heart so

we’re not just waiting for command we’re

looking for his values his intentions

those are the things that move us

see when you pick up his heart you start

praying what he would have prayed if he

were in his shoes

that is that co-laboring the goal of

prayer is to co-labor where his heart is

revealed in the earth not because he

commanded us to reveal it or gave us

recorded prayers to recite

but instead becoming a people who in

seeking him not just prayerful outcomes

but seeking him

we mirror his heart and his nature in

our prayer relationship and our

co-laboring relationship

see touching the heart of God gives us a

unique advantage that I’m hoping in this

next phase this next season of our life

as a church family we can move into more


and I’ll illustrate it more in a in a

moment let’s just take a look at the

fact what we’re going to do is we’ll go

to acts 12 after this one

second Kings chapter 6 verse 8. now the

king of Syria was making war against

Israel and he consulted with his

servants saying my Camp will be in such

and such a place

and the man of God sent to the king of

Israel saying beware that you do not

pass this place for the syrians are

coming down there

then the king of Israel sent someone to

the place of which the man of God told

him thus he warned him and he was

watchful there not just once or twice

therefore the heart of the king of Syria

was greatly troubled by this thing and

he called his servants and said to them

will you not show me which one of us is

for the king of Israel and one of his

servants said none my Lord O King but

Elisha the prophet who is in Israel

tells the king of Israel the words that

you speak in your bedroom

it’s the advantage of knowing god he

knows stuff ahead of time

and if we’re listening we could pray in

advance to prevent a disaster

or to pray so that things are in place

for the disaster

when we don’t use that Advantage we have

to respond or react to things as they


I remember one of our

her couples uh

in in Weaverville uh there there are two

kids young kids were in the back seat

kind of whispering together and and the

mom turned around and said what are you

doing they said nothing

she said what did you do

and they said nothing

she said tell me what’d you do

said nothing

she said okay

I’ll ask God


and she turned around she said you were

playing with matches

and they freaked because they had

started a fire that they had to put out

close to their house

it’s cheating but it’s not

you have the advantage to pray in

advance of something or to to know where

to step into place to aggressively prior

to serve how many of you have had just a

subtle just impression you wouldn’t you

wouldn’t you wouldn’t have glamorized

the moment by saying God spoke to you

it’s just a thought I’ll call somebody

and happen to be exact moment they

needed a phone call so the Lord’s voice

so it sounds so much like ours that


because he speaks most often for us

internally internal thought internal


inspired thought

and learning to lean into him is a huge

part it’s a huge product of effective

praying is that you pick up his

heartbeat without trying it’s not this

groaning and travailing to have the

heart of God it’s just simply you’re all

I want you’re what I’m interested in I

want your heart to shape mine and that

really is the outcome of prayer Jesus

said come to me you are weary and heavy

laden and I will give you rest

the real point of prayer is prayer is a

time of exchange come to me with your

weighty stuff I will give you my light

stuff there’s an exchange

and if you come to Jesus and you leave

feeling the way you came in you weren’t

praying you were complaining

prayer makes an exchange

prayer takes on the heart of God and

sees a matter from his perspective

that’s the whole purpose of prayer and

it’s not just to leave us there in that

problem with his perspective it’s so

that we can pray as co-laborers to see

things changed effectively change


if I were to choose one verse out of the

whole Bible

that best summarized or addressed my

walk with Christ it would be the verse

we’re going to read today

or read it in a minute but it’s abide in

me and my word abides in you ask

whatever you will and be done

I don’t understand

how this happened or why it happened

but the Lord actually


everyone in this room to be a co-laborer

with God to actually partner with him in

the dance so to speak so that his

purposes are accomplished in the Earth

and he Jesus the Eternal Son of God

never stopped being God

Eternal Son of God

chose to live with limitations while in

his Humanity

we know that because he said it he said

referring to himself he called himself

the son of men the son of man can do

nothing of himself

but what he sees the father doing or

here’s the father saying so the point is

is Jesus himself lived with self-imposed

restrictions we have to ask the question

why as God he could have performed

anything but he chose to set an example

for us of what life could be like to

anyone who was forgiven of sin number

one number two empowered by the Holy

Spirit he modeled that lifestyle

and then he invites us into that

specific Journey

there’s a secret that he gave you know I


you read you read the the gospels and

you see what Jesus did he would speak

and people would say

he speaks different than anybody we’ve

ever heard speak before he speaks as one

who has Authority not as the scribes and

Pharisees which is a real

punch under the belt so to speak the uh

the the people would just point to the

fact that he speaks with authority what

he speaks things change atmosphere


Jesus revealed what actually happens

whenever he spoke in John 6 I think it’s

verse 60 63 where he says my words to

you are spirit and they are life in

other words when I speak to you my words

become presence and that presence gives


Jesus at the beginning of his ministry

before he had performed any Miracles

picture this

he’s just one of the citizens of a

community Nazareth

Nazareth he um as a citizen of the

community is given the opportunity to

read in the synagogue on their daily uh

reading of scripture their weekly

reading of scripture he stood and he

begins to read out of Isaiah 61. now

remember he’s not multiplied food he’s

not healed anybody’s nothing’s happened

it stands to read it’s his turn and it’s

he says the spirit of the Lord God Has

Come is upon me

to preach gospel to the poor to release

captives recovery of sight to the blind

so he’s making this decree over himself

and because when he spoke he only said

when you heard the father say words

became presence so here’s a group of

people they are the tenth generation of

people who had not had a prophetic word

or a dream no encounters with prophets

nothing of the living presence happening

among them as was in their history and

is now common for you and me today they

were void of that so ten generations of

nothing Jesus stands up and he says the

spirit of the Lord God is upon me and if

you can imagine everybody in the

synagogue goes

because something just happened

something was just released in that

moment over them that they’ve never

experienced before in their life nor do

they know anyone who’s ever experienced


because all the generations before them

10 Generations nothing 400 years

so he speaks and suddenly there’s this

atmospheric shift presence fills the

room and he announces what he will be

doing with his life

thank you

if Jesus made that kind of a confession

that kind of a decree over his own life

as the Son of God perhaps maybe

it might be useful if you and I took on

the same thing and started making

decrees of what God Said is supposed to

happen in our life making the decrees

the spirit of God is upon me say that

with me the spirit of God is upon me to

release captives

recovery of sight to Blind

set captives free

prisoners free that’s what we were born

for we were born for this and Jesus

makes this decree before anything ever

happened which is extraordinary

but he gives us a secret

he gives us a key it’s tucked away in

one little verse I’ve only been able to

find it one time in the whole new


it’s in John 3. we won’t look there now

but I believe it’s verse 13 where Jesus

basically says I Ascend into heaven

to be with the father

can I just think with with me on this

this is early in his Earthly Ministry

he’s got three and a half years of

Earthly Ministry this is early

in that season

and here he announces no one has

ascended to Heaven except he that


that is the son of man who’s in heaven

so he makes this very unusual claim

that he actually spends time in Heavenly

Realms with the father while standing on

planet Earth

teaching on this gives opportunity for

people to get really weird

but it’s worth the risk because if I get

12 of you to get it right it’ll be good

we’ll shape the course of history with


the Lord has made it possible to live in

Heavenly Realms towards life towards

circumstances in life for most of us our

walk with Christ Is Us persuade trying

to persuade him to invade Earthly

problems and repair them

but Jesus didn’t Minister that way and

that may be the reason the son of man

everyone he prayed for was healed

everyone the father directed him to was


every situation of a a funeral was


even his own

every situation turned out differently

and I think it’s because he’s given us a

secret and he gives it in this one verse

he ascends

into the realm

of heaven with his father while standing

on planet Earth

it’s not something you sweat and groan

for something you you ask for

it’s not the result of Labor it’s the

result of surrender

it’s already in the purpose of God for

us to experience Heavenly Realms while

on Earth

later Jesus would die

he was resurrected

he ascended to the right hand of the

father and he was glorified

later he would ascend

but this tells us

I’ll put in my words because he was


he could appear before the father as the

son of man

the disciples watched his lifestyle

you know they had to be overwhelmed and

floored by the extraordinary Miracles

the creative Miracles the walking on

water all the things he was not afraid

when there was a life-threatening storm

and they were scared to death he was not

intimidated by the need of a of a 15 20

000 people crowd that were hungry and

they had no food none of those moments

ruffled him he moved in such confidence

and faith

they saw the Miracles they saw the

walking on the water they saw him speak

and this is one of the things that

really arrested the heart of a nation

was that whenever he talked

everything was different

was different suddenly people who didn’t

believe now believe

people were resistance are now hungry

extraordinary thing whenever he would

speak so the disciples the 12. they all

saw that but there was only one thing

they asked him to teach

them to do

said teach us to pray they watched him

go to the Mountaintop spend the night

there come down the next day knowing he

had prayed all night and watched

everybody in the crowd get healed they

watched the result of the mountain they

watched the result of the encounter they

watch the result of him spending time

with the father he came down and was

able to implement the heart of the

father in the Earth

I remind you

Jesus’s main purpose in coming to Earth

was to reveal the father

you say well he came to die and that’s

true but that was to reveal the father

he came to destroy the works of the evil

and that’s true but that was to reveal

the father he came to make an open

display of the foolishness of the powers

of Darkness but that was to revealed

father all of those things were had one

Target in mind and that was to come to a

planet of Orphans

and reveal the ache of their heart

although they lacked the language for it

and he revealed the father

his absolute seamless partnership with

his father made it possible for him to

anything he prayed for

was done

John 15 verse 7 and 8 two verses that

we’ll read

thank you

how did I end up in John 16. it’s a real

good chapter it’s just not what I wanted

you to go to so let me see if I can find

it here

what’s that

yeah yeah John 15 is

but I ended up over actually I was in

17. all right

sorry about that I’m back I hope you

missed me I I missed you

verse 7 if you abide in me

and my words abide in you

you will ask what you desire and it will

be done for you

by this my father is glorified that you

bear much fruit

so you’ll be my disciples verse 8.

I believe

because of the context

he’s saying the father is glorified

through answers to prayer

and that the fruitfulness of the

believer’s life is answers to prayer

let me take it a step farther

I believe

you and I owe the father

answers to prayer

it’s awkward to put it that way because

we think that he’s the one

who is going to answer what he has

already determined to answer and we need

to step into the river if you will the

flow of what he’s already accomplished

and that’s what answers to prayer are we

step into the flow of what he’s already

intended to do

answers to prayer are actually

the most practical one of the most

practical evidences of an ongoing

relationship with God

it’s an Evidence of his involvement in

me and my surrender to him

So In this passage he says if you abide

in me my words abide in you you will ask

whatever you want so what do we have in

this verse we have the three main parts

of our life number one abide in me it’s

the presence number two

your word abides in my heart the value

of scripture

so the presence scripture and number

three is purpose

our purpose is revealed in answers to

prayer we were actually designed if you

can picture it this way

every person in this room was created

once forgiven of sin

created to live in a seamless connection

with the Holy Spirit

you were designed for him

Everything About You from personality to

unusual gifts perceptions everything

that’s not defiled by sin

is actually a part of the design of how

you relate to him some of you relate

through Concepts and insights others

through tangible Sensations that you

feel in your own body he works so

differently and so diverse and by the

time you get it figured out he changes

the lesson you know so you get to learn

that whole new one but the whole point

is is he is discipling training us to

respond seamlessly to this holy spirit

so that he can be re so that he can

enable us to reveal the father in the

Earth how is it done it’s through

answers to prayer

the renewed mind

enables us to usher in the miraculous

and let me explain how

it says through the transformation of

our mind

we prove

what the will of God is

best definition of the will of God

is in the prayer that Jesus taught his


your kingdom come your will be done on

Earth as it is in heaven what’s the will

of God on Earth as it is in heaven

what makes that possible renewed mind

Faith doesn’t come from the mind we know

that faith comes from the heart

but the renewed mind is like the banks

of a river it creates the context for

Faith to flow in

the renewed mind will always work in

cooperation with faith

Faith sees



and the renewed mind will always

function in the perception of what faith

sees and cooperate with that very thing

that God has designed

so number one

the renewed mind makes possible

or gives occasion for the miraculous

you know your mind’s renewed when the

impossible looks logical

there is a reasoning available to us

that is not hype

it’s not sweaty

it’s not through human effort

it’s actually the mind of Christ it’s

revealed in scripture page after page

after page

and the renewed mind anchors into what

God has said above every other voice the

Bible says let God be found true in

every man a liar

if I spend more time receiving input

from mainstream media then I do the word

of God then my depression is


that’s right

if I believe a lie

what I do is I create I create a play if

I embrace a lie I create a place for

that seed

to Germany

through time of thinking and my

confession I water that seed until it

shuts down a Roots into my personality

and actually affects the way I affect



that kind of lie is only removed through


we know that repentance it means to

change the way you think but the part

that I don’t always emphasize that I am

purposing to emphasize from here on out

is that the scripture says Godly sorrow

produces repentance

repentance is not a mental exercise

it is not mind over matter it is not I

just choose to think differently about

this it’s different than that it comes

from a place of deep Soul let’s say that

you entertain thoughts of self-doubt now

I I get it it’s easy to spot the devil’s

suggestions of immorality of stealing of

uh lying of those kinds of things those

are easy to find that’s the devil

wearing a red rubber suit easy to spot

it’s when he comes looking like Jesus

that we have a hard time

he said angel of Light scripture says he

comes as the angel of Light

and when he comes with a suggestion that

is actually self-doubt

but because it has the feeling of

humility it’s embraced by believers


in the name of humility

is just a quiet Pride

self-absorption is the issue

if I embrace that lie let’s just say of

self-doubt where God has said I’m going

to be doing this to obey the Lord I need

to go in this direction and I’m filled

with self-doubt I just don’t think I can

do that I don’t think I can I’m just not

that kind of a person I don’t have that

personality I don’t have that gifting I

don’t think I don’t have the right

training I don’t have whatever that kind

of self-doubt is actually feeding into a

lie because it is contrary to what God


and because I well I don’t think too

highly of myself I fall for the lie that

that is humility and it’s not humility

at all because it’s arrogance and pride

because it Wars against what God has


that kind of of sin that all of us have

fallen into

here here

is only uprooted through repentance

and that his father I have chosen to

believe the opposite of what you said

forgive me Godly sorrow produces what

Godly sorrow positions us to change our

perspective on reality it’s what

produces actual repentance so I know I

see the life for what it is

later we found find that the scripture

says we take these lies and we cast them

down it’s actually a violent Act

it is not something we just passively

resist and move on to other greener


there must be an acknowledgment the

enemy is Ward against my soul with this

lie and he will not succeed I take I

apprehend this that has been raised up

in my heart and mind against the

knowledge of God I violently throw it

down I acknowledge what it is and God

this will no longer have an effect over

my life I refuse to allow roots to be

set down into who you made me to be

because of this lie

Godly sorrow produces the change


the first thing that the renewed mind

does for us is it positions us to

partner with God to see the

impossibilities of Life bow to the name

Jesus the the renewed mind the miracle