Bill Johnson talks about how to move from discouragement into hope by changing the way you see. Exposure to miracles and the supernatural are supposed to change the way you think and see. When the disciples argued about bread, Jesus reminded them of the miracle He had just performed of feeding 4000 people. He challenged the disciples “Can you not see? Can you not hear? Can you not remember?”. Though you may not always be able to see or hear what God is doing and saying, remembering the testimonies of what God has done, not only for you personally but for His people throughout history, is a choice that is always available. Remembering the testimonies will position you in a place of hope as you anticipate how He will come through in the situation you face. God wants to heal your place of pain and bring you into victory. Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: Mark 8 Romans 12: 2 Matthew 6: 10 2 Corinthians 4: 18 Romans 14: 17 Ephesians 2: 7 John 3: 3 Psalm 119: 111 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on May 30, 2021. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Hope #Pain

it’s not that we pretend those things

never happened or that they never

existed it’s that we bring them into the

relationship with the Lord so he can

heal the place of pain and turn it into

a place of strength every loss is

supposed to be a place of Vengeance not

your Vengeance not mine but where God

shows himself strong why build a life

formed around the disappointment of loss

when you could use it for the place of

promotion for

breakthrough today I want you to go if

you would to Mark chapter 8 and uh and I

want to talk to you out of this chapter

this uh is one of the most important

chapters honestly in my life uh that’s

uh in no way an exaggeration I had a

unusual experience probably going back

20 years it seemed that every time I

opened my Bible it just opened to Mark 8

I could be wanting to go to the Psalms

and it would open to Mark 8 I’d want to

go to you know the book of Jude and it

would open to to Mark chapter 8

and it doesn’t do that anymore so it’s

not a crease in the Bible it’s not a

broken spine it just went open to Mark 8

over and over and over again and after

probably a half a dozen times I thought

this is weird maybe I should read it and

so I did I I tend to be real systematic

in my reading I I’ll read like the Old

Testament or new testament or gospels or

book of Law and I I take sections maybe

the Epistles the Minor Prophets and I

just read over them sometimes I read

them over and over again I did the the

gospels once constantly for 10 years

just continually reading and rereading

and I discovered it’s actually all about

Jesus that was probably pretty good that

I that I read that I read the gospels um

but but what I do for my recreational

reading which is like it’s like going to

a cabin on the weekend uh I I have

certain places that I like to go and

feed and Mark 8 is one of those and

there’s about eight or 10 verses that I

Feast on and the reason because these

verses cut me me they literally pierce

my soul every time I read them it’s a

two-edged sword it heals where it

cuts so we need to welcome that cutting

of the word of the Lord into our soul

because it actually imparts and shapes a

perception of reality that you don’t get

any other way and I remember dick Mills

a wonderful friend of ours that had this

message once if you could imagine uh a

guy standing in front of me you know 4T

away he’s got this big sword and the tip

of the sword is at my chest and then

that guy says come here and it was a

picture of literally walking into the

sword of the Lord and that’s what we do

when we open up the word we open it with

him and um not just to learn about him

but to engage with him Mark chapter 8 is

this uh fascinating story about uh for

me it’s about the renewed mind in fact

what I plan to do throughout the

throughout the summer is on several

occasions talk to you out of the Gospel

of Mark because for me the gospel of

Mark illustrates the renewed

mind again for me better than any other

part of scripture the renewed mind is

essential to our

faith every single day of our life the

holy spirit is working on us for the

renewing of the Mind the reason is

because it is God’s heart to invade this

world with his

will why the renewed mind it’s heart to

invade this world with his

will what does it say about the renewed

mind in Romans 12:2 don’t be conformed

to this world but be transformed by the

renewing of your mind that you may what

prove the will of God that which is good

acceptable and perfect what is the will

of God best definition for me is found

in the prayer that Jesus taught his

disciples your will be done on Earth as

it is in heaven pray that that with me

your will be done on Earth as it is in

heaven say it again your will be done on

Earth as it is in heaven so what does a

renewed mind do then it proves the will


God we see the miraculous through

faith we see the miraculous through

presence the most consistent way to see

the miraculous is through the renewed


there’s no cancer in

heaven he said on Earth as it is in

heaven and it’s through the renewed

mind the renewed mind is not the source

of Faith the mind uh excuse me Faith

doesn’t come from the mind it comes from


heart faith is not the product of

striving it’s a result of

surrender that’s why it’s a heart issue

but the renewed mind creates the context

for Faith like the banks of a river the

renewed mind creates a context for Faith

to flow

him so we see Jesus talking to the

Centurion and he’s stunned by his faith

when he gives an explanation on how

Authority works it was his understanding

that was renewed came only by Revelation

understanding of authority that was the

context that gave evidence that he had


Faith so the Lord is I I

working on us for the renewed mine now a

couple weeks ago I likened it un a truck

driver and I’m going to do it again

because it it fits my illustration best

a truck driver will take off with his

load and after driving a while that load

begins to settle and so the truck driver

often will pull over to a truck stop and

they tighten down the load because

things have shifted and settled how many

you think maybe in the last 18 months

we’ve had a few things settle and we we

need a little bit of cranking down

tightening of that load and that’s kind

of what I feel like we’re doing over

these next number of weeks uh here in

the summer Mark chapter 8 let’s begin

reading with um with verse

13 and he left them getting into the

boat again departed to the other side

now the disciples had forgotten to take

bread they did not have more than one

loaf with them in the boat then he

charged them saying take heed Beware of

the leaven of the Pharisees and the leav

of Herod and they reasoned among

themselves saying it is because we have

no bread but Jesus being aware of it

said to them why do you reason because

you have no bread do you not yet

perceive nor understand is your heart

still hardened having eyes do you not

see having ears do you not hear and do

you not remember when I broke the Five

Loaves for the 5,000 how many baskets

full of fragments did you take up and

they said him 12 also when I broke the

seven for the 4,000 how many large

baskets full of fragments did you take

up and they said seven then he said to

them how is it you do not

understand this is the portion that I

read over and over again in fact quite

honestly there are times I’ll open to

this chapter and I will just read and

Ponder verse 17 Jesus being aware of it

said why do you reason because you have


bread and any thought process that

begins with what we don’t have will have

to be repented

of because you can’t build anything

substantial on that

thought it makes a poor foundation for


reasoning that went over pretty

good so Jesus gives them instruction and

he warns them he warns them about leaven

the leev of Herod the leaven of the

Pharisees there is a third leaven in

scripture in Matthew 13 is the leaven of

the Kingdom so we know leaven is yeast

you work it into dough we lived in

waville we only had wood heat and not

even a little space heater for 17 years

and Benny would make uh homemade bread

and she would uh work that yeast in work

the dough and sometimes the house was

just too cold where the kitchen was so

she put it right next to the wood stove

and the fire would activate the yeast

and it would rise fire always activates

whatever yeast is in your

mind it always activates it reveals it’s

a revealer it reveals what’s been

planted so Jesus warns of two different

kinds of Leaven and leaven represents

worldview ways of

thinking he warns against the Pharisee

mindset and on the political or herod’s

mindset herod’s is the political

Spirit it doesn’t mind you having a

belief in God just don’t bring him into


equation which sounds very familiar in

our political climate doesn’t mind a

belief in God just don’t bring him in

where that’s a determining Factor on


Etc the religious system has God at the

center of everything but he’s impersonal


Powerless is figurative not

relational and the kingdom is opposite

of both of

those he’s at the center of

everything and defines everything by his

own person his own presence everything

is defined by the person of the Lord

Jesus Christ every value everything in

him we live and consist and have our

being so Jesus warns about these value

systems that could and will persuade you

out of the reality of the kingdom of God

which is the greatest reality in

existence Paul told us what you can’t

see is eternal what you can see is

temporal the kingdom of God is Not meat

or drink it’s not here in the physical

it’s righteousness peace and joy it’s in

the Unseen it’s a superior reality but

thinking from that place gives you a

different approach to a problem in the

natural thinking from the natural at

best makes you a beggar hoping to uh to

to invade your

situation we leave the posture of sons


daughters when we pray only from Earth

to get him to invade a

problem and yet what he’s trying to

build in Us in is an awareness of

identity and purpose so that we can

effectively use his name his authority

to accomplish his purposes it’s not

about our kingdoms it’s not about our

you know fame or success or any of those

things it’s not about my fulfillment of

Dreams that’s always a byproduct of


his if God’s not listening to your

prayers maybe talk to him about what he

likes to talk

about just PS all right both of these

realities the political Spirit the

political Spirit and the religious

spirit both have one overlapping common

denominator if you study the gospels

you’ll see this repeated over and over

again both of them are heavily in

influenced by the fear of

man the Pharisees wouldn’t answer a

question because the crowd would turn on

them they refused to answer Jesus’s

question the political system refused to

make this decision because of what this

group pilate ended up crucifying Jesus

because of the

political environment they’re going to


Caesar the motivator for many decisions

in these two realities is the fear of

man and the crazy thing is that they all

think it’s

wisdom fear masquerades is wisdom

whether it’s fear of a

disease fear of man doesn’t matter what


is fear will always attract whatever

information is needed to legitimize its

existence fear reinforces

itself I personally believe this a

little side note here I personally

believe that we this everybody I’m sure

would agree with we all have

strength but those strengths can be

turned into weaknesses would you would

you agree with me the boldness of

Peter didn’t always work so well all

right but it really worked well once it

was under the lordship of Jesus are you

with me all

right the fear of man I think starts out

as a tender heart that has compassion

and care for other people but the enemy

Works to manipulate it so that we are

actually governed by the gift instead of

we govern the gift for Kingdom

purposes he turns he works to turn our

place of perception from compassion and

concern for the condition of people

around us to a place where we become

imprisoned by the opinions of people


us back to the subject so Jesus talks to

these guys and let’s go to the end of

the story first he says when I fed the

5,000 we started with Five Loaves how

many baskets did we have left they said

12 he said when we fed the 4,000 we

started with how many loaves seven how

many baskets were left over

seven so you mean to tell me when he fed

the most people he started with the

least amount of food and he had the most


starting with more is not an

advantage starting with more that’s wall

Street’s perspective that’s not

Kingdom you were chosen not because of

your strengths but because of your

weaknesses you were


why all of eternity will be spent by us

looking at each other’s lives in honor

in celebration but giving thanks to God

because it was all by

grace we’ll see it clearly it was all by

Grace nobody got here on their own

marriage everybody got here by

Grace it will be actually the

inspiration for praise es for all of

eternity Ephesians 2 says it’s going to

take the ages to come to unravel The

Mystery of the surpassing greatness of


grace so here we are he says when I

broke the 5,000 five low of the 5,000

how many baskets did you have left they

said 12 now go back to verse 17 let’s

take a look at this and let me talk to

you for a few minutes about it why do

you reason because you have no bread do

you not yet perceive nor understand is

your heart still hard

this is interesting because conversion

gave us the capacity to

see John 3:3 unless you’re born again

you cannot see the kingdom of God the

implication is your conversion gives you

the capacity to see now in this passage


says okay you can’t see is your heart’s


hard now never does he do that in shame

it’s never to rub our nose in something

it’s never to make us feel hopeless it’s

always an invitation to maturity it’s

always an invitation to growth so he’s

pointing out some weaknesses in their

perception what’s the problem here they

just if you read through this chapter

you notice they just were used in

multiplying food a second time for the

4,000 they go from multiplying food to a

boat where they don’t have enough food

and they’re afraid of not having food



why do you reason that you have no bread

why did you start your thinking with

what you locked with what you don’t have

all right let me ask you the question

how many of you have had honestly

Supernatural provision of God you’ve had

God provide for you Supernatural how

many of you after that Miracle of

provision you had another financial

problem how many of you were as afraid

the second time as you were the first

time all right that’s the issue right

there is our experience in the

Supernatural is supposed to train us how

to think and how to

see when he asked the question why do

you reason he never asked that to them

in their beginning stages of

discipleship he never would have

expected them to have that awareness the

god of the impossible Unlimited Supply

is with us he wouldn’t have expected

that but now that they’ve experienced

multiplying food twice see Miracles are

expensive because they require

change Miracles that are just observed


applauded but doesn’t shift perspective

have not had their full

impact they’re supposed to actually

change the way I deal with the

situations of my

life once you’ve seen Supernatural

Supply you’ve lost every right to start

any thought process with what you don’t

have as I heard somebody say

recently once you’ve seen Supernatural

Supply you’ve lost all rights to begin

any thought process with what you don’t

have see Miracles are expensive because

they require shift they require

change any thought process that I start

with what I don’t have will have to be

repented of because anything I build on

it is built on

Sand it’s built on that weak

Foundation people around you will

applaud you they’ll call it common sense

common to what

world what kingdom is it common


why do you reason that you have no

bread don’t you understand can you not

perceive and then he goes on then he

asks three questions he says having eyes

can’t you

see I don’t know about you but often the

time I’m in that situation


nope I cannot

see I know it’s me but it’s real I don’t

I cannot see and he goes on he says

can’t you hear you have ears do you not

hear I I do hear better than I see but

there are times I’m in a situation where

I can’t see I can’t perceive it’s seeing

from the heart you understand we’re not

talking about open visions of angels and

all that that’s all wonderful but that’s

not the normal everyday seeing of the

heart of a

believer I’ve had situations I remember

praying for this uh this guy who had a a

issue with his back and I couldn’t see

it with my eyes but I could see it

clearly from my heart there was a black

substance on his back that was clinging

to him I know it sounds weird I didn’t

make a big deal of it I just the person

I was praying with I said pull that off

his back and we had worked together long

enough they they knew just to do what I

asked them to do so they just went as

though they could grabb this black mass

and pulled off his back and he was here

it’s a seeing it’s a

perceiving here’s here’s what I’ve

learned he says having eyes can’t you

see having ears can’t you hear and do

you not remember the first two most of

us would attribute to somebody connected

to their

gift that person really Chris for

example has an unusual ability to see he

see he can see with his naturalize what

what uh uh sometimes what uh what I

can’t even see by faith you know he sees

it with is naturalized it’s a gift so

sometimes seeing we would relegate to

somebody who has that unusual gift or

they’re hearing they just have such an

ability to hear from God I love whenever

I love whenever they share something

because they’re just they I tell they

can just start hearing from God but

remembering has never been attributed to


gift see I may not have what I think is

a qualified gift to see and I may not

have in this particular season of my

life an ability to hear well but I can



Psalms 119 verse 111 says this the

testimony of the Lord is your

inheritance forever say that with me the

testimony of the Lord is your

inheritance forever let’s make it

personal the testimony of the Lord is my

inheritance forever now what’s

interesting about that is that verse

does not

say your

testimony is your inheritance

forever it says the test Tony of the

Lord which then opens it up to

everything God has ever

done in all of time in his affair with

people in his activities with

people that then means that when the

water came out of the rock for

Israel that’s my

story that’s my story it’s part of my

inheritance now there are sometimes

people don’t

enjoy their inheritance they don’t use

their inheritance they leave it where it

is you know they they inherit a home but

they never stay

there and a lot of us have inheritance

in God some of you never knew they were

yours but these are your stories when

Jesus walked upon that funeral and a

dead child was being carried to be

buried and the mother was weeping and

Jesus with the Father’s Heart was so

deeply moved with compassion he raised

the child up that’s your story that’s


story why why is it important because

prayerfully meditating on the testimony

of the Lord equips us with an ability to

see here’s what happens for me I get in

situations where I’m trying to see and I

I can’t see I there times I can’t I

can’t perceive what he’s saying what

he’s doing I’m trying to hear and I’m

trying to you know I’m trying to I’m

trying to prime the pump you know I’m

reading the scriptures and do I’m not

hearing at all but I can remember and

I’ll stop and this is what I’ll do I’ll

stop and I’ll say all right

two weeks ago we got a testimony of

pancreatic cancer being healed one of

the most horrific kinds of cancer

anybody could ever have and right after

that I saw a woman with ALS healed two

of the most horrible

diseases this is the season for going

after horrible diseases this is the

season where where did you get that we

got it from the testimony it shapes how

we think I remember flying back from New

Zealand I just spent some time several

years back I just spent some time with

winky pratney he’s a a wonderful friend

and a hero of the faith for me and he um

he had had a stroke and it literally

blew up like a quarter of his brain and

he he through literally through the

renewing of the Mind the Lord had healed

his brain and I had just been with Rand

Baker who had a disease that was eating

his brain they have x-rays it was his

brain was dying so here I’ve got the two

smartest men I know Winky

pratney and Rand Baker are the two most

intelligent guys I think I’ve ever met

and here they both had brain issues that

were going to take their life and

they’ve been healed I came back here

thinking on the airplane thinking about

this is

interesting God must be healing Minds he

must be healing Minds we’ve got to

Target this God’s going after trauma of


brain so in here out of that not out of

a word of knowledge not out of sometimes

he’ll speak to me something or I’ll see

a picture of it sometimes um he just

puts it in my heart I I can tell there’s

a faith for something it wasn’t this


was seeing what he’s

doing so I called out brain trauma we

had one of our own staff guys that had a

horrible horrible fall and has not been

able to do anything with his children

any kind of activity with any kind of

movement he couldn’t be in the room when

a difficult subject was being

discussed he would just it would just go

into panic mode he couldn’t

function he was in here when I called

that out he went into the men’s room and

he just he literally just calmly put his

head against the

wall as his Act of

Faith and he was completely healed a

woman sitting right over here 2-year-old

child had had uh grown up with an


husband Abus abusive father and that

child was beat as an infant a misshaped

head disassociated wouldn’t associate

with parents with people and some of our

students right over there just laid

hands on this

child the next morning the child walked

into the to the mother’s room which

never happened

would when associate walked into the

mother’s room and said Mommy I’m okay

now see it’s supposed to be that feeding

5,000 and feeding 4,000 become the

lenses through which you see an empty

boat without food is supposed to be the

way I see the present


it’s supposed to affect

perception because it it causes me to

look at things differently by the well

that child’s misshaped head by I believe

is by the next morning was normal



how different

lenses see to pray for miracles to look

for God to do what only he can do and

then not be changed ourselves and how we

think and how we see challenges problems

is to miss the point and so Jesus has

got his disciples cornered they’re on a

boat they can’t go anywhere and he says

can’t you

see is your heart still

hard if I’ve ever lived in a season

we’ve got two things going on we’ve

we’ve got the residue or whatever you

want to call it from the last 18 months

and we have these ongoing testimonies

that are being handed to

us that are some of the most

extraordinary Miracles we’ve ever seen

some of them are happening pancreatic

cancer a student stood in proxy for her

mom fourth stage they were going to run

scans on her to see if she could survive

three 16-hour surgeries beginning in the

month of June and the scan came back

there’s zero cancer left zero canc the

mother excuse me the daughter just stood

in proxy long distance it’s supposed to

be one of the primary lessons of this

last season of having to do things on

zoom and and online and all that stuff

the amount of Miracles as it is right

now we have an a great number of people

that are becoming born again literally

through the declared word online the

Miracles empty wheelchairs out of uh out

of Comas uh I have one friend he’s seen

two resurrections from the dead all

through online all through Zoom

extraordinary Miracles taking place what


it it’s learning to think and to see

from God’s history with people see for

many their history is is works against

them I’ve been prayed for a thousand


nothing’s ever

happened yeah we prayed for my mom and


passed what is

it it’s not that we pretend those things

never happened or that they never

existed it’s that we bring them into the

relationship with the Lord so he can

heal the place of pain and turn it into

a place of

strength every loss is supposed to be a

place of

Vengeance not your vengeance not mine

but where God shows himself strong uh

somebody wrote a book years ago don’t

waste your Sorrows don’t don’t

experience tragedy and then let it just

sit there and haunt you use it against

the enemy use it why build a life formed

around the disappointment of loss when

you could use it for the place of

promotion for

breakthrough pancreatic cancer I just

mentioned to you what did my dad die of

pancreatic cancer

two two days before he died I talked to

Rick Joiner on the phone and he said

God’s going to use this to give you

seven times greater anointing against


disease you you have to you have to

bring this stuff before the Lord I can’t

make anything happen you can’t make

anything happen but I can be available I

can I can find myself leaning in the

right direction I may not be moving fast

but if I’m just moving in the right

direction there’s hope it’s it’s you

bring this stuff before the Lord say let

your name be exalted God you take you

have the last laugh you have the last

say in this

matter and then suddenly you start

attracting these stories you start

attracting this this news of what God

has done and what he’s doing you will

always attract whatever you

value any per we did this two weeks ago

any person who values gossip you put

them in the middle of a business with

people they will naturally attract every

person in that business that values

gossip but the same is true with

testimony the same is true with words of

Faith you will attract what you

need having eyes can’t you

see having ears can’t you

hear can you at least remember so he

takes me through that list I go yeah I’m

not seeing well oh my hearing stinks

sorry but I can

remember the first two are attributed to

gifts the third is attributed to

willingness what am I willing to feed my



so I pray that in this next season

everybody in this room every one of us

would would literally be a

magnet to Hope and to Faith and to

testimonies of things that reinforce the

why why we’re

alive the purpose for our

life that it would not be void of the

supernatural intervention of God it

would not

be occasional it wouldn’t be that

Russian Roulette thing or maybe it’s

God’s will but one out of 10 times no

not that this is the heart this is the

nature of God it is for the people of

God we come with the the violence of a

John the Baptist who lays hold of that

which has been

promised I pray for that father I pray

that you put a Grace over every

family that we’d find ourselves

mysteriously running into the very story


needed and that you’d help us to wear

them like

lenses and see through your

history awaken for us in the scripture

the very report of the Lord that we need

in the season we’re in I’m praying

father for every part of our family


family local family that you would equip

us with the eyes to

see what’s been in front of us all this

time see if this story is true and it’s

from Jesus so obviously it

is this could represent the greatest

spiritual reality in my

life but Hardness of Heart can make me

blind to what’s right in front of me and

so often we’re praying God how come how

come you haven’t provided God how come

the miracle hasn’t happened yet how come

how come how come when right in front of

us is the reality that requires a

response but we’re too hard to see what

he’s put in front of us so Lord we turn

intentionally away from all those things

that would build that crust in our heart

to what you’re saying and to what you’re

doing and help us to be unusually tender

to your voice to your presence for this

next season I pray in Jesus name the

Bible says Jesus made this statement I

was reading it this morning

morning what will profit a man if he

gains the whole world and he loses his

own soul what does a

profit what would profit a person to

have every dream you’ve ever had every

thought every ambition fulfilled and yet

you lost your own

soul in that moment every person would

trade every experience every blessing

everything they ever had in life for

that one sound of him saying well done

good and faithful servant there’s

nothing a person wouldn’t give in that

moment for that very

word I believe that the Lord brings us

together we have oh goodness I think

it’s eight to 10 people a week are

coming to Christ just in our online

service but I want to make sure that

everybody in the room knows what it is

to be forgiven that’s right to be

brought into the family of God and to be

a follower of one his name is Jesus and

anybody that would be in this room and

just say Bill I don’t want to leave the

building I don’t want to leave the

property till I know I have found peace

with God I’ve been forgiven of sin and I

truly become a follower of Jesus if

that’s anybody in the room just put a

hand up real quick where you are give

just a moment to look around the room

wave it at me if I miss you because I

want to make sure we give full

opportunity for everyone here to make

that confession of Faith towards

Jesus all right

online put in the chat that you want to

surrender your life to Jesus and we have

pastors that are there that are ready to

talk with you to pray with you and we

believe this can be the absolute

beginning beginning of a whole new life

for you bless you why don’t you go ahead


stand Tom them come on up and tell them

what they’ve