Bill Johnson talks about how to reignite your relationship with God and position yourself for revival. Sharing an example from the movie, ‘Rocky 3’, Bill teaches the need to go back to the ‘old gym’, remembering the sacrifices and ‘training’ that brought you into the favor and breakthrough you walk in today. Remember your first love and refuse to level off in your relationship with the Lord. Breakthrough brings favor, but with favor can come the temptation to become complacent and comfortable in your relationship with God. If you will keep your heart yielded to the Lord and hungry for Him, you will be positioned and ready for revival. Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: Luke 10: 38-42 Luke 11: 1-13 Matthew 6: 22 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on March 28, 2021. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Revival #FirstLove

we hunger for not just routine and

formula we hunger for the reality of

presence the glory of God the days that

are directly ahead of us if we’ll yield

to it will be demonstrations of the

glory of God unlike anything we’ve ever

seen or heard of before it will rewrite

our understanding of God’s intentions in


Earth all

right is it still morning yes it is good

morning nice to see you

guys it is just wonderful to have humans

in the

room it’s it it is amazing I I’ve told

you in recent weeks I have discovered I

am addicted to

humans and it’s a very serious

addiction it’s uh it’s so good to be

here I

uh how many of you remember when you

were kids and they would sing that

little song liar liar pants on fire

anybody remember that I saw a meme again

this week that I thought was worth

repeating it said if Liar’s pants really

caught on fire the news would be more

fun to


watch that’s one I wish I would have

made up I wish I could take credit for

that one all right in fact i’ record


I better stop right there before I get

in any more trouble why don’t you open

your Bibles

to the Gospel of Luke chapter 10 and

then uh we’re not going to read the poem

uh Sunday the the story although it

would certainly be worthy of our time

it’s just the the time that we have and

and what I feel I needed to do but what

I want to do is just take you on a

mental Journey Back to the Gospel of

John so just just walk through this with

me in chapter

11 Lazarus is

resurrected the beginning of chapter 12

Mary takes the costly ointment and pours

it over

Jesus following that is the triumphal

entry where people lay down clothing and

palm branches as Jesus enters the city

don’t ever never underestimate the value

of Abandonment in your worship and how

it affects and impacts the atmosphere

and climate of an entire

city it was following that Priceless act

of worship that we have people crying

out hosana passion translat passion


says Jesus be our savior hosana be our

savior an entire atmosphere of City

changes I’d like to suggest in response

to an offering of one person because it

was everything it impacted the

atmosphere of a

city we’re going to move from that into

the subject of prayer which has been um

been on my mind a lot just from what the

Lord’s doing here I had somebody say to

me I I want Reformation not Revival

of course you

do we always want a resurrection without


cross Revival is where we experience the

Holiness of God the power of God and

it’s costly to live in it it’s where you

die it’s where I’ve watched as people

have said yes to what God was doing in

them and it cost them everything I

watched years ago 25 years ago last

month when an outpouring began here and

family members left in some state it

cost them everything they had to make a

decision whether or not they wanted the

more of God or they wanted something

else I don’t say that to in any way

point a finger criticize anyone who

would have left because that’s that’s

not the intent and and a lot of really

good people left for whatever my point

is is that Revival is expensive moves of

God are expensive they are

costly it requires people to

die and see what Revival does is it

introduces you to the Holiness and the

power of God where

Reformation introduces you to the mind

and heart of

God and what happens in Revival in

Revival you’re yet yes is so significant

significant and so big that you obtain

favor with God at a new level now I

understand everybody has favor but do

you understand that favor grows it can

grow or decline and well-used favor is

the way you increase favor but here’s

the point the Lord said that when we

have found favor with God he makes even

our enemies to be at peace with us the

point is is that the way you get you

obtain favor with man is by first

obtaining favor with God when you pursue

the favor of man instead of the favor of

God you get neither you get political

agreement you get social interaction but

you don’t get favor the kind that shapes

history if I pursue the favor of men and

I’ve watched people compromise their

testimony in order to obtain favor with

man but it’s not the kind of favor that

will change the shape the course of

history what the Lord has called us to

is honestly to be a people that

experience the ongoing fires of Revival

the costly experience of saying yes to

God Chris shared a word with us uh

couple months ago and it’s it’s been

echoing in my heart and mind for quite a

while in fact Andrew Mason uh sent a

little video clip it’s of the Rocky 3

movie and uh I’m not even Danny silk and

I’m talking to you about movies I of

course if I were as good as Danny I’d

have the clip up here for you

but um it it really is a moving scene

it’s really affected me uh deeply this

scene Let Me Take You Through It Rocky 3

he’s wealthy he’s powerful he’s

successful he’s had 10 fights where he’s

fought young guys coming up and he beat

them all and he wants to fight this one

guy that he’s heard of this upand

cominging fighter who is so hungry and

he goes to his trainer he says I want

you to train me for one more fight and

he says I won’t do it I quit and he says

what do do you mean says you’ll lose

what do you mean I’ll lose I beat all

these 10 people he says they were

handpicked he says you mean those fights

were raed he says no you beat him but

they were handpicked and he goes on in

this dialogue and he

says he says well I want to fight this

guy and I want you to train me again he

says he’ll kill you to death which is

the worst kind of death is to be killed

all the way to death but that’s what he

says in the move he says he’ll kill you

to death you will lose and so the Scene

goes on and on they have this exchange

finally the music dials down into this

this very mellow uh score and they sit

down on a couch together and the trainer

turns to Rocky because Rocky asks him

how come how come you say I won’t win

and he says this one

line the trainer says we’ve become too

civilized we’ve become too civilized you


favor gives you opportunity to

settle and it’s not that the favor is

wrong it’s not that the favor is isn’t a

gift from God it’s just it serves a

purpose different than what we are

accustomed to what typically happens is

people pay this great price for Revival

they experience the move of God they see

the Miracles I tell you what I would

have come today for that

song in fact as far as I’m concerned we

can start with that and end with that I

just for two hours Let’s just sing that

song I’m already a mess I cried my eyes

out first service and I’m still a little

bit damaged I’m damaged merchandise from

that song so good wow don’t tell me he

can’t do


it don’t don’t tell me he can’t do come

on you know


back east and just two weeks ago week

and a half ago and a gal who worked at

the hotel behind the desk one of the I

think managers or

whatever she

said I’m

concerned I fear she said for the people

who who listen to

you because that we were talking about

what God is doing and and I I believe

that God is still doing in fact don’t

tell me he doesn’t do that stuff that’s

that’s what I’m saying and she was

saying that he doesn’t do that anymore

and she said I fear for you and I said

well I fear for

you and so when I checked out she

followed me she says why do you fear for

me I said because You’ made it spiritual

to disobey Jesus he’s the one who said

heal the

sick raise the

Dead cast out

Devils cleanse the LEP

so what if you stink at it you don’t

have the right to change the

assignment our conversation was

hospitable so I well when you hear one

side it it and and I don’t I don’t mean

to do that it wasn’t dishonoring but it


honest what happens is

people die so to speak they say

no to everything in their life and yes

to God and something takes place where

things happen that you’ve only dreamed

about things that I I never knew I’d get

to see my lifetime and yet I get to see

them and and I’ve seen just in the last

couple weeks hundreds and hundreds of

people been completely healed set free

from so many different things hundreds

of people seeing what I never know i’

never knew I’d get to

see but what happens is it opens up

favor which is a a gift from

God the challenge is favor opens up

doors that you’re not supposed to go

through I know it opens right doors too

so anything I say today you will have

the opportunity to completely

abuse I I I say just enough to give

permission to people to be weirder than

they already are so if that’s your bent

I will give you permission today but

it’s worth the risk because maybe

somebody will get it right

so here favor brings you into this place

of blessing of breakthrough of things

happening that you’ve never seen happen

before suddenly start moving into

Reformation which is what it’s where

Life Works people want their families to

be healthy they want their businesses to

succeed they want the educational system

to actually function well they want

children to grow up with dreams and all

these things are a part of reformation

well what happens in Reformation you get

favor why cuz life

works but what happens as we

forget that in that season of favor it’s

easy to become too civilized and forget

what got you there forget that it was

the painful yes it was the yes to

everything else it was the willingness

it was the willingness to be ostracized

criticized abused all all the stuff I I

hardly ever ever ever talk about this

stuff but I’m I’m I’m feeling something

so strong in this season not just today

but in this season we have we have

prayer meetings out

there cold oh goodness a couple weeks

ago how did it get so warm all of a

sudden I somebody’s prayer

worked I’ll I’ll call you next time

we’re in need I’ll tell you man one of

the last ones I was in was so cold fact

that was in the school of ministry

teaching I was freezing wrapped up I

should have had a big old goose down

blank uh Sleeping Bag around me mummy

you know talking out the top of it just

freezing but you know what I kind of

like it I I I’m not into self-punishment

self-abasement call it

spiritual but something’s happening

right now where I feel like I I really

don’t want to make anything easy for

anybody I’m not into punishment I’m not

into any of that stuff but I just I

remember Weaverville we had a prayer

meeting it started at 11: at night

because I didn’t want to make it

easy if you wanted to pray starts at 11:

show up

and I’m I’m sorry but I’m in that mood

again I just feel like I feel like I

know what it’s like to work out in the

old gym and I also know what it’s like

to stay in the five-star

hotel and I’m thankful for the

journey but I fear what happens if we

forget what got us

here and sometimes you just need to

train in the old gym

sometimes it’s just it’s just the

hardcore inconvenience it’s the it’s the

no to everything but what God’s doing in

this absolute moment is worth my entire

life because what happens is Cy Keith

gave us an example years ago how many

how many of you were here when cledy

Keith was here oh not very many oh well

well blame cledy if you don’t like the

example I’m not a gambler and he used a

gambling example so I’ll just blame him

he’s such a great man but he talks about

you know you you start with so little in

life these chips and you put them all to

the middle of the table and then you win

and you got this pile of chips well it’s

time to put them all in the middle of

the table again and you keep winning and

you don’t ever want to find that place

where you level off and live off of your

most recent breakthrough but you

continue to invest in what might be

possible that the world has never

seen think about this the Lord has

promised to do a new thing is it


he is actually thinking of a new

thing is it possible that he’s actually

thinking of something that’s not been


before see the way things work

throughout Revival history is he pours

out his Spirit upon people who usually

don’t know anything they don’t know

enough to resist I mean it’s true you

read history it’s true just a bunch of

young people just started praying

they just started walking the street

they didn’t know enough to know how God

moves they just got so hungry they were

unwilling to live without it and they

began to pray I remember when I was

teenager here my late teens early

20s I remember about 18 19 years old

we’d asked for the keys to the church

just so we could come and pray all night

we just get people together just pray we

didn’t know what we were doing our

prayers were pretty

pitiful you know I I we didn’t know the

the effect of worship we didn’t know the

effect of anything of that stuff but we

had seen caught a glimpse of what might

be possible In Our Lifetime and we just

meant to pray we just did the best we

knew how we stayed there all night we

prayed we asked God to do something

significant we’re in that moment

again in Luke chapter 10 I almost

forgot I’m going to blame it on the

song don’t tell me he can’t do


it it happened verse 38 it happened they

that they entered a certain Village

certain woman named Martha welcomed him

into her house she had a sister called

Mary who also sat at the feet of Jesus

and heard his word this is the one who

really in some ways ushered in a

movement in Jerusalem through her


worship she said at Jesus’s feet and

heard his word but Martha was distracted

with much serving say that with me

Martha was distracted with much

serving you know you’ve heard the

statement that good is the enemy of best

and if ever there was an illustration

for that it was here Martha was

distracted with


busyness is artificial

significance it gives you the

illusion of

importance some of our greatest

accomplishments actually come out of

rest if we knew that we’d fight for it

more Martha was distracted with much

serving I’ve heard people say

if we didn’t have Martha in the church

nothing would ever get

done that statement was invented by a

Martha who needed to

legitimize her labors that Jesus never

instructed dick Joyce our dear friend

dick Joyce who’s in heaven now would say

Martha was making sandwiches or tacos as

he would say tacos that Jesus never

ordered she was distracted with much


and she was wanting to pass her gift of

distraction under her

sister most people who have dysfunction

want to

share okay let’s just read it you can

see it for yourself verse 40 Martha was

distracted with much serving she

approached him saying Lord do you not

care that my sister left me to serve

alone therefore tell her to help me

that’s awesome I just thought first

service this morning wouldn’t it be good

to do a bible study on all the bad

counsel that people gave

Jesus like when Peter said man don’t die

that’s not a good plan don’t die here’s

another good one right here tell her to

help me Jesus answered and said to her

Martha Martha you are worried and

troubled about so many things but one

thing is needed Mary has chosen a good

part which will not be taken away from

her my goodness I’d like to suggest that

it was that one thing right there that

impacted the climate the atmosphere of

an entire city that brought in what we

celebrate today Palm Sunday chapter 11

verse one it came to pass as he was

praying in a certain place when he

ceased that one of his disciples said to

him Lord teach us to pray as John also

taught his disciples to pray stop right

there for just a moment we’ll read

through it you’re very familiar with the

prayer but just walk through this with

me for a moment the disciples I don’t

know of any other thing they asked Jesus

to teach

them now let’s put ourselves in their

shoes if you see him multiply food if

you see Jesus walk on water if you see

Jesus raise the dead if you see Jesus

Cal Storms there probably would have

been a lot of things on my list I would

have had him teach me but for some

reason all that stuff in their mind they

could trace back to this one thing wow

and the only time they asked for Jesus

to teach them was in this verse where he

said teach us to

pray there’s a place where John the

Baptist is beheaded he’s

killed and they uh they come and report

it to Jesus and Jesus is impacted

remember he has all the same feelings

and temptations that we as as people

have although his was without sin but he

still experiences the disappointment the

loss those kind kinds of things to deal

with I I personally think uh that Joseph

probably died

prematurely um because you don’t see him

in the picture later in life uh it was

something that Jesus had to walk through

but at least in this case we see John

the Baptist dies Jesus looks for a place

to Pray by himself he searches for a

place to Pray by himself but the crowds

follow him and When the Crowds follow

him he’s he’s torn and so he’s moved

with compassion he ministers to the

crowd but then he comes to the place

where he has to go pray and he sends

them away the crowd and he goes up to a

mountain to pray what the disciples

noticed is when he came down from the

mountain every single person that was

sick in the crowd got healed so they are

seeing the Miracles but they’re not

asking teach me the Miracles they’re

asking teach me to pray because in their

observation there was one source for all

the stuff they achd for there was one

source that Drew the crowds there was

one source that set the standard for

Everything Jesus was and everything that

Jesus did and taught and it was prayer

and so they said teach us to pray and so

Jesus taught them a prayer that is

commonly called The Lord’s Prayer not

real accurate title because it’s not a

prayer he could have prayed because in

it is the confession of sin and he had

none but go through the prayer with me

in verse two so he said to them when you

pray say our father in heaven Hallowed

Be Your Name Your Kingdom Come your will

be done on Earth as it is in heaven give

us this day our daily bread forgive us

our sins as we also forgive everyone who

is indebted to us and do not lead us

into temptation but Deliver Us from the

evil one okay stop right

there sometimes familiar

arity almost creates a resistance to the

freshness that God has

on a particular

passage sometimes I’ll get a different

Bible so I see it on a different part of

the page often times I’ll get a

different translation I’ve got to do

something to jar my my sense of oh I

know it’s here I I’ve got to I’ve got to

change that sense that I actually know

what he’s talking about and come back as

a child to relearn again I I think it’s

I think it’s one of the safest ways that

we walk with Jesus is to do whatever we

can to stop at the heart places

re-examine have the word examine us and

so here we have this incredible prayer

this prayer if you can look at it this

way is a

template that reveals the values of God

if there would be some way that we could

take this prayer and put it as a

template over our thinking what would

happen is it would shape the kinds of

values that are natural for us to have

stirred up inside of us it’s like this

this template this pattern anything that

doesn’t survive that template shouldn’t

be in our life in the first place he

gives us this prayer and this prayer I

like what Jack Hayford says about this

prayer he said he said this prayer is

not a formula for

repetition worship is to be longer than

a sentence petitions are not confined to

bread forgiveness is to be requested in

specifics not

generalities prayer for the entry of

God’s Kingdom into present earthborn

situations is not accomplished in a

momentary utterance the whole point is

is this is much more than a prayer that

is recited it is a template it is a

pattern for prayer yes but for values


thinking because our our it’s it’s our

if you could look at it this way this

pattern for Thought gets where the mind

of Christ becomes evident in us and out

of our own Christlike nature we think

think what he thinks and we pray what he

would pray if he were standing in our

shoes not just religiously so we know

enough to make ourselves dangerous we

know for example there’s no cancer in

heaven so automatically there shouldn’t

be any cancer here is that true it is

absolutely true but how do you pray to

get rid of it it’s the part that’s not

asked as as we we come out of just guns

blazing thinking that we know exactly

how to deal when we don’t always because

Jesus every situation he handled

differently because he’s paying

attention to the father it wasn’t that

he needed to figure out is it the

father’s will to heal this blind person

that was a given that’s why he healed

every person who came to him he just

needed to know how ah this one I spin in

the dirt I put mud in the eyes and then

I tell him to go find this

Lake sounds like the most cruel way to

get a blind guy

healed but he he never does anything out

of Cruelty he always does stuff to build

something in us and and in this guy who

had to rely on other people who knows

the issues of his life but he had to

rely on other people to get to that pool

of silom so he could cleanse his eyes to

discover he could see it was a process

that built a man and the Lord has

invited us into a relational Journey

where his value system as revealed in


prayer kingdom of God come fact Jack

Taylor taught us this years ago he said

it’s not actually a ition the original

language isn’t uh you know God we want

your kingdom to come it wasn’t a

petition it’s a decree it’s kingdom of


come will of God be done it’s the

absolute confidence that this is the

heart and mind of God and living with

that that template over our thinking

changes our options changes how we

approach any given problem kingdom of


come it’s the the absolute cry for the

expressed realized felt discovered

measurable lordship of Jesus in any


situation when we pray for the kingdom

to come we’re not praying about heaven

we’re praying about the reality of the

lordship of Jesus to be felt and


here the rest of the prayer various

petitions that are all important


but what I’m feeling in this particular

day is I’ve I’ve I’ve watched now this

is we are soon to be going into my 48th

year in

Ministry and I’ve seen the waves of

prayer I’ve seen the waves of

breakthrough and I’ve seen the

settling into to the favor that


provides and the biggest

danger to

Me Maybe for

me is to settle

into the

favor that breakthrough

provides see see the problem is is

Revival you get opposed you get used to

it Reformation you start getting favor

you get used to

it and it’s just easy to

forsake what got you here what got you

here it was the fire of God’s presence

what got you here it was the risky

obedience what got you here it was the

fasting the cries the all nights in

prayer what got you here it was that

stuff but now we’re in breakthrough I

know but I feel like I’ve got to get

back to the old


I it it feels like it feels like I’m it

almost feels like I’m not allowed to

function out of what I’ve

learned that’s probably not 100% true so

just take it as a thought it it it feels

at least in measure that I’m not allowed

to live from what I learned up to this

point it almost feels like a child that

for the first time has picked up a

baseball bat again a child who for the

first time has picked up a tool or

whatever it might be and the point is is

relearning things his way

because the fires of Revival were never

meant to be abandoned for the greater

thing because when the fire is abandoned

for reformation the Reformation is

shortlived it’s the cross it’s the it’s

the willingness to to to withstand

whatever comes whatever comes I’m I’m

going to obey Jesus it doesn’t matter

what I’m going to be kind I’m going to

be honoring I’m going to do whatever I’m

supposed to do I’m going to make sure

that I protect and guard my

relationships but bottom line

is I’ll do what he says

yeah and I know what it is to pay that

price I know what that one looks


and I don’t want to have the t-shirt

that says been there done

that the

way I don’t know if this is making sense

to anybody else it it’s I I may be

talking to me this morning I had about

three things I felt to talk about and

I’ve been confused all day

so sometimes you get it right sometimes

you just you know it’s just goulash you

just take everything in the kitchen put

it in a

pan and heat it

up yeah thanks I’m I’m not looking for

but thank you I’ll I’ll take I’ll take

whatever I’m I’m processing Chris’s

thing is jumping on me I’m processing

out loud so I’ll blame I’ll blame Chris

here I got to get on this side over here

maybe maybe D say help

me I don’t want to externally no there’s

several things I do not want externally

process I said I saw I saw one thing he

said you want to walk in my a mile in my

shoes that would be

boring spend 30 seconds in my head

that’ll scare you to

death not me that’s uh somebody else

that’s so here here we’re repositioning

for a next season it is different it’s

just different I don’t know what it’s

going to look like I mean I I believe

that all the things we’ve been able to

experience expence and see and witness I

I just believe they continue I’ve not

seen any slowdown anywhere where I’ve

been going it’s only

increasing but I also have this sneaky

sense that

um the simple is

better simple is



if your eye is single your body will be

full of light Jesus said if your eyes is

single the word singles is the number

one the word Voyage if your ey is set on

one reason for being alive it’ll affect

everything about you and I feel like the

Lord’s L us Taste of so many wonderful

things and I’m thankful for every one of

them but it just feels to me like at

least for me I have I’ve been finding my

way to the old gym


just yeah the

tears cried my eyes out for service of

that song don’t tell

me don’t tell me he can’t do it

gez I it couldn’t have had a better song

for me

today I probably should have just sat in

the front row and just had them sing

that for about 45 minutes and that would


been clear clear enough

message I want you to stand because

we’re going to pray and talk as we pray

and wrap this

up I

guess I feel somewhat like a broken

record and that it would

be pretty redundant for me to emphasize

prayer again we’ve been hearing that for

weeks and weeks and weeks and probably

months actually and

so I know that I how many of you have

felt really challenged in your own

personal prayer life but for here’s

here’s what my prayer life looks like if

I have 10 minutes to

pray I’m probably going to spend about

six or seven minutes in worship if I

have an hour it’s going to be probably

40 45 minutes in worship I the heartfelt

connection the awareness of God and the

heartfelt intimate connection is more

important to me than any of the things

on my list as valuable as they are

that’s where I live from is

that and I I’ve been having this sense

that uh I talked to you a couple uh

weeks ago about the the war that’s

involved in

prayer and um I’m I’m becoming more

painfully aware of the atmosphere and

climate that we live in things that are

happening in our nation at such a

dramatic Pace that um I’ll tell you

what to not pray is to be stupid

and prayers of authority prayers of

absolute abandonment to the purposes of

God are essential in this in this

season uh they always are but I I feel

it so deeply and so strongly that I I

it’s it’s going to

take you know any time in my life for me

to say this nation would be saved it

would take a miracle it would have

always been true but it’s never been

truer than

today it just got multiplied

and uh but don’t tell me he can’t do

it so that’s my that’s right that’s my

new t-shirt right there don’t tell me he

can’t do it that’s

right you know I don’t think there’s

probably not a person in the room that

would question what he can do where we

question is what he wants to do what

he’s willing to do

what he’d be willing to do through me


you so father I ask that you would cause


Vision the willingness to go back to the

gym the old

gy the simple ways of just deep

affection the simple ways of crying out

in the

night the simple things that just

it’s it’s all laid out in front of us

cuz all we want is for Jesus to be

exalted Lord I Thank you I pray for our

online community I pray the same thing

that there’d be a mighty visitation of

God in our online community or Believers

all over the world that join with us day

after day God I’m asking that you would

teach us how to pray that you would

teach us how how to come off the

mountain and to see everyone impacted in

the same way that Jesus did we hunger

for that we hunger for not just routine

and formula we hunger for the reality of

presence the glory of God the days that

are that are directly ahead of us if if

we’ll yield to it will be demonstrations

of the glory of God unlike anything

we’ve ever seen or heard of before it

will rewrite our understanding of God’s

intentions in the earth God I pray that

you would actually teach us by the glory

by the Manifest presence of Jesus you

would show us your heart and that this

template for prayer would actually

filter all the things out of our life

that have no value and empower the

things that do I pray this in Jesus name

I know there’s always a chance when

there’s this many people in a room that

we could have somebody here that doesn’t

have a personal relationship with Jesus

and that’s important it’s the most

important reason for our being here

today is that anyone who can cannot say

I am a true disciple of Jesus I am a

true disciple of Jesus I’ve been born

again and forgiven of all sin if there’s

anyone that’s outside of that and you

would say Bill I don’t want to leave the

building till I know I have peace with

God and I have truly been changed and

transformed anyone here in that shape

all I want you to do is to put a hand up

and just say that’s just that’s me and

I’ll just acknowledge you right where

you are I just want your eyes to catch

mine and we’ll just come into agreement

together online uh we have bunch of

people online we’ve had so many people

saved online lately it’s just been

amazing so I encourage you put it in the

chat box we have teams of people that

will be there to pray with you to talk

with you we’ve had extraordinary

Miracles online yeah crazy Tom last week

in our prayer meeting

here our prayer meeting Sunday afternoon

we had we had two guys that were



they were

professionals they were not Church brats

they were professional sinners from

another city they heard that something

was going on in a tent up here and they

drove from another city they came here

they sat to a two-hour prayer meeting

and at the end Tom had the courage to

stand up to a bunch of Christians and

say does anyone need to get saved and

these two guys said that’s me that’s me

so we prophesy that online over here I

just encourage you listen I don’t know I

don’t know how this works but time is


shorter somebody asked I Verna Tomkins

is this the last generation she said I

don’t know but it’s my last generation

so that’s probably what we ought to

remember is that uh we really need to

use this time well so Tom why don’t you

come on up are you wrapping it up come

on up

and Bless yeah you’re welcome y