Bill Johnson teaches on the importance of stewarding a continual awareness of the Presence of God. There is nothing more important in our lives than becoming host to God Himself, and hosting His Presence well. God is always with us, but learning to recognize and become aware of His Presence in and upon us is key to intimacy with Him and co-laboring with Him. Everything about us is designed to recognize and host the Presence of God. Subscribe for weekly videos:

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0:00 Introduction 0:30 Stewarding a Continual Awareness of the Presence of God 15:02 Safety in the Presence of God, It’s More Than a Theology 21:02 Experiencing the Presence of God 31:40 You Are Designed to Recognize the Presence of God 36:40 A Desire for Fellowship with God Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Presence

I’ve had certain things happen to me

through the years where I became

unusually aware of of him and his

terrifying and wonderful all at the same

time and I don’t want to live any other

way heightened awareness it’s not

imaginary it’s like Jacob said when he

woke up from that dream he said God is

here and I didn’t even know it sudden

heightened awareness to a reality that

existed before he was aware


a Catholic priest from many many years

ago called father Lawrence wrote a book

called practicing the presence and and

his whole ambition was to stay conscious

of God 24 7.

he never claimed to have arrived to that

but his point was is that whether he was

washing pots or pans or he was in the

prayer house praying his awareness of

the presence didn’t change

and there’s something about the the

presence if you can look at it this way

there’s nothing in heaven that is

separate from the presence of God yes

so in essence God himself is the person

of Heaven

and we are seated in Christ it is a

foretaste of Eternity

it is a foretaste

I’m not saying he leaves us I’m not

saying we leave him I’m just saying

there are times where my affection my

thoughts are anchored in things that are

very inferior

and it doesn’t mean he’s left me it just

means I have I have I’m it seems that

all the things that I am born for are

Out Of Reach In This Moment until I

repent and deal with these Wayward

thoughts and these wayward affections

stepping back into that place it’s not

it’s not guilt and shame that doesn’t

get me there in fact I I had a thought

this last week that that I’ve got to

work on but

um the thought is this we experience

guilt and shame in the same measure that

we over emphasize our role in our own



we are susceptible to guilt and shame in

the same measure that we over emphasize

our role in our own conversion

well I found God yeah yeah you actually

didn’t he found you first

but I put my faith in Christ that’s

right but he gave you the faith to

believe him with

everything the Stager said he called my

name I responded to his invitation he

initiated I love God yes I do but he

loved me first

right and anytime we over emphasize our

role in this equation we are much more

susceptible to Gilton shame because it’s

a product of not being enough doing



this will sound kind of dumb but I I

just in some way wish that

that we were just known as the Church of

the burning hearts

you know

it’s a dumb name but I sure like the


I’m already in trouble I don’t want to

change anything

burning burning hurts

but the burning ones the the people who

know how to just in that place of deep


I remember back

how many of you remember the energy

crisis of the 70s when there’s the long

gas lines and all that well before that

so it’s this goes way back


I remember

listened to a man speak

he said his home

he lived in a second his he and his wife

uh their master bedroom was in the

second floor uh Second Story of a home

that they lived in

and he said it just took forever to get

the hot water from downstairs water hot

water heater up to their bathroom

and so what he finally learned to do was

right before going to bed he would just

turn the hot water on just a little bit

so that it would just constantly stream

water just very little bit all night

long so that when he got up in the

morning he could just turn that thing on

and he had hot water instantly

that’s what a Burning Heart of affection

is like you don’t have to work your way

into the presence to pray effective

prayers you’re you’re there you’re there

why because you carry a Burning Heart of


there’s a there’s this continuous stream

of presence continuous stream of being

one that burns for the Lord

it’s it’s not it’s not a Works thing

although Works come from it it’s it’s

not performance thing it’s it’s not just

singing the right songs and all that

stuff it’s just being conscious it’s

it’s you do that for a week and you’re

homesick when you miss a day

that’s all that’s all I know to say is

you can tell you can tell because things

aren’t as clear in your mind things

aren’t as clear in your heart your

understanding of scripture is not as

sharp why because

it’s not something you did wrong it’s

not punishment it’s not sin it’s just

we were born for the glory we were born

for heaven that’s what we’re designed


there’s this crazy idea that

the church is made up of Mary and

Martha’s and nothing would ever get done

if it wasn’t for Martha’s

I mean remember that story Mary sat at

the feet of Jesus Martha was anger of

America she wasn’t helping with the work

so I’ve heard people say nothing would

get done if it wasn’t for Martha’s

and I’m pretty confident it was a Martha

that made that up


I’m pretty confident a Martha made up

that statement to justify their

reasoning for making sandwiches Jesus

never ordered

see something happens in the glory

this is absolutely true

in the glory

things happen at such a higher level and

a higher pace and greater efficiency and

Effectiveness that you get done in one

hour what might have taken days

otherwise outside of the glory

there’s something about being a people

that cultivate awareness of presence

this glorious one

that changes everything I know of

situations with that Glory has shown up

with that presence because of the

affection the Adoration of worshipers

that affection just comes crashing in

around a crowd of people that are

literally surrounded my friends to kill


they are there to kill them

and then that Glory comes because

there’s these yielded surrendered hearts

of lovers of God

and that Glory comes and this Army that

is surrounding them to kill them fall on

their faces every one of them get up

born again every one of them get up

healed every one of them get up speaking

in tongues every single person in this

group why because something happened

they could preach for 20 years and not

get that conclusion but when the

presence comes and that measure

everything changes and it’s the ambition

should be the ambition of The Burning

Heart the Church of the burning Hearts

changing the name here it is right now

too that’s just between you and me

Church of the building hearts

Saint burning Hearts no no

something happens

in the hearts of those who

anchor themselves in that glorious

presence I want to read a couple verses

and then we’ll wrap this up open to

Matthew 14. I’ve literally got just a

couple minutes but

all right Matthew 14.

it might be good to take a look at what

impresses Jesus

do you remember the story of the

Centurion in the Bible

he had such clear understanding of

Kingdom Authority

and unusual faith that Jesus stopped in

his tracks and acknowledged his wisdom

in his faith

remember the syrophoenician woman

who was refused to be offended at

Jesus’s comment that he couldn’t give

the children’s bread to dogs she

overcame a fence and stepped into great

faith Jesus stopped and acknowledged

that faith

do you remember when Jesus was ascending

to the father

his resurrection he was ascending to the

right hand of the father to be forever

with the Lord on his way saw Mary out of

whom seven demons had been cast

was that the tomb weeping and Jesus was

on his way to the father and he was so

moved by her love that he stopped the

procession and went and communicated

with her for moments before he went to

the father what moved him that love

and John the Baptist Jesus was moved by

the faithfulness of a man

that would pour out his life

for Jesus

to come on the scene

and he said he’s the greatest of all the


when John the Baptist

is killed

it’s in chapter 14 of Matthew

it says Herod sent in verse 10 and had

John beheaded in prison

verse 12 his disciples came took away

the body buried it and they went and

told Jesus look at the next phrase

when Jesus heard it he departed from

there by a boat to a deserted place

we don’t know what Jesus is processing

but we do know he had the same emotional

framework that we have the Bible says he

was tempted in all points as we are yet

without sin so there must have been some

sort of a challenge emotionally mentally

to this that he was facing that he saw

this man that he had just praised three

chapters earlier as the greatest Prophet

greater than all of them in the Old

Testament he acknowledges his

significance and now he hears that John

the Baptist has been beheaded

it was so challenging that Jesus the son

of God sought for a place to get by


the very next scene he’s with a

multitude and he multiplies the food

they are all fed what does he do after

that it says in verse 23 when he sent

the multitude away he went up on a

mountain by himself to pray

what’s the point

in crisis

get along with God

in Victory

get alone with God

the very next story

is it says

every person that came to Jesus that was

able to touch his clothing was healed

the very last verse of this chapter

what’s the point

stewarding our moments

we all know how to pray when we’re in


we pray instinctively when there’s a


people that don’t believe in God pray

instinctively when there’s a problem

if you’re up there right

but not all of us

get alone after a great victory

and it’s it’s in those moments

the metal that we are made of so to

speak is formed

and the great breakthrough came

following that second time

praying get along when there’s Victory

it was in that next moment


anybody in the crowd that just touches

cloth is healed

it was such an extraordinary anointing

that anyone that just bumped against

them had access to a miracle

it followed not prayer and trouble it

followed prayer in Victory

I believe this heart of adoration that

the Lord is I believe wanting to impart

for us today as a church family I know

I’ve made reference to this for years so

I I understand it’s not new

but I do believe there’s an impartation

today I I believe he he brought this to

my mind because in declaring it there

would be burning Hearts all over this

room that would find would find it easy

to just turn affection towards him to

Anchor into that place of Glory of

presence in that place to draw from this

wonderful wonderful God and from that

place see effective prayers

I want to shape the course of history

with my prayers like you do

but sometimes the strength of our prayer

is actually determined by the place I

pray from

so father My Cry

for us as a church family my cries that

you would impart a Grace for this right

now that we would find our hearts

burning for you at the most unusual and

sometimes awkward times

sitting on the plane in the hotel at our

neighbor’s home wherever driving to get

groceries just that we would be a people

that just knew how to cultivate The

Burning Heart of affection that refuses

to be offended that refuses to embrace

resentment all the stuff they’re just a

people Teflon people because our hearts

are burning for you nothing sticks

nothing of the inferior sticks to a

Burning Heart nothing of the inferior

sticks to a Burning Heart

God I pray that you impart this grace to

us today



verse 1 of Psalms 91.

he who dwells in the secret place of the

most high shall abide under the shadow

of the Almighty

I will say of the Lord he is my refuge

and my Fortress my God in him will I


surely he shall deliver You From The

Snare of the Fowler from the perilous

pestilence he shall cover you with his

feathers under his wings you shall take

refuge his truth shall be your shield

and buckler you shall not be afraid of

the terrible night nor of the arrow that

flies by day nor of the pestilence that

walks in darkness nor of the destruction

that lays waste at Noonday

a thousand may fall at your side and ten

thousand at your right hand but it shall

not come near you

only with your eyes shall you look and

see the reward of the wicked because you

have made the Lord who is my refuge even

the most high-year dwelling place no

evil shall befall you nor shall any

plague come near your dwelling

for he shall give his angels charge over

you to keep you in all your ways in

their hands they shall bear you up lest

you dash your foot against a stone

you shall tread upon the lion and the

Cobra the Young Lion and the serpent ye

shall trample Under Foot because he has

set his love upon me therefore I will

deliver him I will set him on high

because he has known my name he shall

call upon me and I will answer with

answer him I will be with him in trouble

I will deliver him and honor him with

long life I’ll satisfy him and show him

my salvation

this is a is a a wonderfully well-known

Psalm because of its the element of

safety the element of protection the

elephant element of of vindication in a

sense uh throughout this Psalm so I want

us to go through this because I believe

there are some specifics that the Lord

would want us to take hold of today

especially in light of this that is

going on all over the world and uh

today is supposed to be the day where we

start the Revival series I am

I am

but we’re going to restart but I am this

is what I’m doing this is just this is

this is Revival flavored anti-virus

software is what it is all right but he

who dwells first one this we’re going to

go through verse by verse all right so

please follow with me in your Bibles

he who dwells in the secret place of the

most high shall abide under the shadow

of the almighty stop right there

he who dwells you remember the scripture

talks about abiding in Christ if we

abide in him his words abide in us when

it talks about dwelling in the shelter

of the almighty we’re not talking about

a point of theology we’re talking about

a lifestyle in other words it’s not just

a verse you’ve memorized it’s supposed

to be the developing of an ongoing

lifestyle of a Consciousness an

awareness of the abiding presence of the

Holy Spirit


many people stop short of a Divine

encounter because they’re satisfied with

good theology

come on

the word is the invitation to meet the


this is not supposed to be just a verse

I quote that’s valuable

it’s supposed to be the Endeavor of my

heart is the discovery of the Manifest

presence of God upon me as a surrendered

son upon me as a yielded vessel

he says he who dwells in the shelter of

the almighty shall abide Under The


of his wings the shadow of the Almighty

the shadow is a dark place

I’ll never forget I my grandmother my my

mom’s mom she was losing her eyesight

and uh and so many of us would read I

would take turns reading to her from the

scripture she would memorize entire

Psalms and my uncle would memorize books

of the Bible they were just in into that

memory thing which becomes contagious

after a while you know and I would sit

down I remember she wanted me to read

her a particular book by Corey ten Boom

and in this book it was as I recalled it

was some sort of a of a devotional uh

book that she had written and in this

book she talked about dwelling under the

shadow of the almighty and she made this

statement and I’ve never been able to

shake it thankfully she made this

statement that sometimes it’s dark

because he’s so close

sometimes it’s his nearness

that causes things to be out of focus

it’s that shadow of presence and

sometimes we we mistake the moment that

we’re in by by natural interpretation

instead of the realization of what

scripture says scripture says you’re in

the shadow of the almighty so the people

who turn their affection towards the

ongoing manifestation of the abiding

presence of the spirit of God those

people dwell in a habitation that even

when it’s dark it’s only a testimony of

his nearness


I just read a story either this morning

or last night I forget which by Dr about

Dr Charles price

he was an extraordinary man he

was actually a pastor down a Lodi


and he was a great orator

he was

he would he he wanted to he he would

preach against Miracles and all the

stuff that was going on he would preach

against Amy simple McPherson

and uh and he snuck into one of her

meetings once because he wanted to get

more information to expose her as as a

fraud and somebody recognized him I

don’t know if he had one of the big

rubber noses and mustaches and glasses

but he was trying to hide in the back

you know and somebody recognized him

came and told her and she stood up she

says we are so honored today I

understand that Dr Charles price is in

the room now here’s here’s this guy who

preaches against her she just wants to

celebrate the guy you know and and he’s

just embarrassed to tears and somebody

spots them they lead him up put him up

on the platform he ends up getting

whacked by God he’s laid out as I

understand under the piano forever and

he gets up this Mighty Man of Faith

perhaps the great if you can find the

book it’s an old classic called the real

faith I think the new one uh they

retitle it but that’s the original name

the real Faith it’s probably the

greatest book about faith you’ll ever


and but anyway Dr Charles price was uh I

I read this little note about him he was

doing uh healing Crusade and the

Miracles that would happen were just


extraordinary astounding


if you’ve ever been in these meetings

you you you pour out your life and then

you end up praying for a couple hours

and there’s just there’s an exhaustion

that if you’ve not done it you don’t

comprehend and he’s at that point when a

woman comes up to him and says I forget

who it was a relative or friend was

dying in the hospital could he come and

pray for her well typically that’s not

something you can do just to be honest

with you just can’t do this not a slot

in the day because the days are usually

filled with everything for this Crusader

conference or whatever

the the story says he stopped for a


and he said yes I’ll come and when he

came he told them she will be healed

we’re not going just to pray we’re going

because she will be healed and then he

said what so I’ve come to recognize when

I stop for a moment the spirit of God

his presence his power Came Upon me and

I knew that was the witness he’s done

that before and that was the witness to

me I am being sent because she will be

healed and she was the point was is you

have to know how he manifests to you

you have to know William Branham had a

certain thing that would happen to him

Oral Roberts I forget what hand it was I

think it was his right hand demonized

people wouldn’t come to the right side

of his body

because if they touched the right hand

the demons would manifest why I don’t

know you just work with him he he’s the

mysterious one you know you don’t you

don’t try to control him you cooperate

and that just happens to be the way that

God used him

so the point really is that everybody in

this room you were designed by God to

recognize his voice you are designed by

God to recognize his presence everything

about you

sometimes I can feel physically when

he’s come upon me

but there are other times where I can

recognize his presence because of

inspired thought

I was in a meeting a couple weeks ago

where during the worship I was getting

so much download I haven’t been in that

zone if you will of Revelation knowledge

at that level in a long time

and it happened during the worship I I

had to I was I was stunned I was

overwhelmed by his presence but it was

because of inspired thought

I’m just trying to mention a few of the

kinds of ways that he shows up to let us

know that he is present that he’s about

to do something

for a number of years I would have


I would have this this like a fire this

is feeling strange now I’m starting to

feel a little self-conscious so I I have

something else I’m gonna I was going to

teach right now I don’t know what I’m

going to do

except just feel self-conscious and just

tell you some of my personal Journey so

I think that’ll have to be good enough

for tonight

I would have this thing happen where I

would feel this fire is like a fire rest

on my right shoulder and I would I

wouldn’t tell anybody about it that’s

not true I told my personal staff I had

three or four people that worked for me

and and I would be sitting there in a

car I’d say put your hand right here and

they would and it would just be hot as

could be and and because this presence

in fact it’s coming there right now this

presence would come and just rest there

and I thought this is weird in fact I

was in a I was in a banquet once and I’m

sitting up in a front table and I kept

moving my face into the fire because I

was trying to

I’m I’m sorry I was just trying to

figure this out you know because my

right ear is burning my shoulders

burning so I put my face into it then I

put back after the banquet is over

somebody in the table behind me said do

you have problems with your neck we’re

happy to pray for you I started laughing

though no I’m sorry this one’s rough to

explain but then it helped me so much

Bob Jones explained to me what that is

he said that’s the dove That Remains

if you remember Jesus’s baptism he says

when that when he begins to manifest in

that way it’s because he’s positioned

you with confidence in your authority to

do something


so what do you do when you hear a

veteran talk to you in that way you make

a mental note I’m not going to try to

imagine it because I don’t want to try

to make something up but I do want to

cooperate if he speaks in a certain way

he speaks in riddles often I’ve had uh

I’ve had great fun trying to trying to

decipher interpret the riddles of God

I I have it’s been it’s been just

fascinating to me


how he speaks sometimes it’s very clear

I’ve had twice he’s woken me up with his


there was a a season where I was praying

a lot about writing I didn’t have the

education to write didn’t have the

training but I had a desire in my heart

and I and at that time I didn’t have the

confidence to even try uh and unless he

told me it was he was in it and I would

approach it differently today but at

that time that’s that was my


and I remember praying for

extended period of time I just if it God

do you want me to write it’s in my heart

to write

and one night middle of the night he

spoke and he woke me up with his voice

and I’ll tell you exactly what he said

he said Isaiah 30 verse 8.

that was it I woke up and I thought

that was clear

and I waited and nothing else came

so when I opened my Bible to Isaiah 30

verse 8 it says now go and write

all right no more excuses

no more excuses but he speaks that way

and uh

I had written my first book I got buried

into conference life and what’s going on

here thrilled to pieces with what God’s

doing but just a crazy schedule I got up

to where I was traveling 185 days a year

and plus pastoring and the school and

all the stuff we do

and uh and I checked into a I took a

team from here to Texas you’re all right

with just rambling right all right

because because this is weird so I

checked into a hotel room in Texas and

I’ve got maybe 15 20 students with me

and I check into the hotel room and the

gal behind the counter says Ah you’ve

got a room your room is 308 and I


that’s a good caliber of a rifle

my most accurate rifle is a 308. for

those of you that are into this 90 of

you won’t even know the language I’m


but the 10 of you will about to be


that gun will shoot under quarter inch

groups at a hundred yards three shots

Center to Center under a quarter inch

that is accurate

glory to Jesus

oh well when uh when she gave me room

three three way and I thought yep it’s a

good caliber of a rifle and I just

laughed it off went to my room went to

the next city

I went this is confirmation I need to go

hunting you know

and then uh that morning I woke up at


and I went all right

all right what’s what’s up

I’ve had these things happen before and

I just simply asked him a question and

he speaks but this time he was silent

he was silent

several days later I’m home I’m in my

office and I remember I asked him if I

should write and he said Isaiah 30 verse

8 and I have just filled my calendar and

there is no time to write

why does he speak in mystery

because then you’ll linger longer in his


why does he speak in mystery because

he’s wanting you to engage in dialogue

what did you mean by this

what do you want with me because of this

he’s wanting the exchange

he’s wanting the sense of purpose

embracing Journey

we are not robots commanded to fulfill a

commission we are people in a relational

journey and it requires exchange it

requires dialogue

everyone in this room that is born again

you are born again because he spoke you

listened and responded

none of us found God

he found us yeah yeah it’s like it’s

like running from God through this

forest and you trip over a rock and you

look up and he’s looking at you and and

you say I’m so glad I found you that’s

basically how all of us got saved we we

ended up with seeing that there was only

one reasonable option and it was to give

ourselves to him and and so anyway all

of us are alive because we heard

him speak

and we responded

the holy spirit is the central person in

our life and every Triumph every Victory

every enablement every bit of grace

everything that we experience in this

life and following Jesus is there and

it’s active because the holy spirit is

in our life the holy spirit is God on


everything about our life either

succeeds or fails because of a

relationship with him

I’m not referring to an emotion

although emotions are included

I’m not talking talking about feelings

although feelings are included it is a

relationship with a person

this Christian Life is a relational


and it is a relationship with God on

Earth who is the Holy Spirit

who perfectly represents Jesus who

completely and perfectly manifests the

will of the father

I’ve been fighting for an an adequate

illustration and I’ve not yet come up

with one maybe I will by next week when

I won’t need it but uh but right now

yeah have you ever you know just going

through life and somebody says Oh What a

Beautiful song you didn’t even know a

song was playing but as soon as they

mentioned that song you could hear it

right I mean it wasn’t it wasn’t made up

in your mind you could actually hear it

but you weren’t aware of it you became

your awareness became heightened

to that sound when somebody mentioned it

maybe you’re just going through life not

thinking of anything and somebody says

why do you smell that and then you

weren’t smelling it before but as soon

as they mentioned it go yeah


or or other things but but meat

primarily yeah barbecue thank you Jesus

all right

and you and somebody mentioned all of a

sudden yes yes I do smell that you

become you have a heightened awareness

what I’m looking for

is for us to have a heightened awareness

of the presence of God

I’ve had certain things happen to me

through the years where I became

unusually aware of of him

and it’s terrifying and wonderful all at

the same time

and I don’t want to live any other way

heightened awareness it’s not imaginary

it’s not

it’s not that it’s


it’s like Jacob said in uh when he had

he woke up from that dream he said God

is here and I didn’t even know it sudden

heightened awareness to a reality that

existed before he was aware

the Holy Spirit lives in you

he’s also called paraclete the one

called alongside to help

so the whole point is I would like today

to just help with a heightened awareness

of God on Earth

that I have actually received as a down

payment of an inheritance now I don’t

understand that there was ever a

mind-boggling thought as the fact that

God gave us himself as our inheritance

and the initial payment is the holy

spirit himself the down payment he’s

called down payment Ephesians the down

payment of our inheritance

Lara Randolph made a comment years ago

he said if God is as big as he says he

is he shouldn’t be that hard to find

with someone that large in my life

should not be that hard to discern

and if he is I must have my heart and

mind anchored in things that are very

inferior that have deadened what he has

created in me as a capacity to recognize



this concept has been very real to me

for probably close to 20 years

but I feel like I’ve just barely

scratched the surface and I ache

I ache for what Jesus

taught I ache for what he was

the ascended Lifestyle the living in

that place of fellowship with him


again it’s not some ecstatic emotional

place it’s it’s literally a part of the

journey where he lets you see through

his eyes he lets you feel what he feels

in his heart and we become so so one

with him that he can trust us to ask



I don’t have an ambition to have my way

with God where he does whatever I want

him to do I

that’s terrifying I I don’t I don’t I’m

not interested in that but I am

interested in being the Fulfillment of

his dream

he actually designed it

to where

I can live in the felt realization of

his presence

I could host his word in my soul as the

greatest of treasures and the end result

would be

and things would happen

I’m not looking for some


some self-gratification I I’m

my gratification is his Delight over me

pleasure his Delight

everything else pales by comparison



and you’re here on a Sunday night

because in some measure you ache for


as much as I do

we’re not here just trying to spend time

we’re not we don’t need any more


but we’re looking for the reality of

Christ that which he has destined us for

to become a felt reality and actual


part of our life