Bill Johnson teaches on the power of unity in this special compilation. When we recognize the price Jesus paid for unity, we will learn to value it as He does. Unity in the Body of Christ is powerful, and is the very thing that Jesus said would define us as believers and reveal Him to a broken world. Unity is not uniformity, and is only possible where there is diversity. Bill shares on the importance of holding firm to foundational truths, and how to overcome disagreement to preserve the unity of the Spirit. Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Unity

Jesus values his value for Unity doesn’t

mean that we compromise on beliefs

doesn’t mean we compromise a person’s

values but it does mean I will die to my

vision on this to protect

the city values


Unity is only possible when there is


Unity without diversity is uniformity

and that’s not the same

it’s it’s not good that we all look

alike act alike we want to have the same

Kingdom values but there’s unique

expression through every gift through

every position through our history our

our our backgrounds are our upbringing

our nationalities all those things are

to be celebrated and protected that

uniqueness is uh is not a problem unless

it conflicts with Kingdom values then we


to what God is saying what God is wrong

but the point is is that we were

designed to be together you know it

would be horrible if my entire body was

one big toe

it’s not supposed to be it’s supposed to

be unique every member but here’s the

crazy thing is every member contributes

to the next member in other words in

fact the Bible says there’s life in

which every joint supplies so there’s

actually the release of Life at every

point where there’s a connection

and the body of Christ is designed that


many years ago in Weaverville we had

some dear friends who ran a small little

little farm and I don’t remember what

happened or why but somehow they needed

help with a little lamb and Benny

volunteered to babysit this baby sheep

and so this baby sheep lived with us in

our house

like a dog except it was a sheep

and uh this little sheep this little

lamb would follow Benny all over the

house because that thing thought she was


and it was just the cutest thing I don’t

know if that lamb was destined for

dinner or what its purpose was but

we did we did we did it was just a

little lamb to us I did not you probably

knew this but I didn’t know sheep had

long tails

I didn’t know that so we get this we get

this lamb and it’s got this rubber band

real tight little rubber band you know

about halfway down the tail

and uh and they said oh yeah that’s uh

that will just it just cuts off life to

the rest of the tale So eventually it

just rots and falls off

well that’s kind of gross but that’s

what you do with sheep I guess I don’t

know if you get that in the shoe owner’s

manual or what but you got you got to

get rid of the long tail not sure why

so I put this little rubber band on sure

enough it just uh finally turns gross

colors and then falls off

anytime we separate

people from the flow of life

we actually sentenced them to experience

things in life they were never designed

to experience

we’re supposed to keep the flow of Life

One member to another it’s a

responsibility and a privilege

crazy that little rubber band if if you

know halfway through the process of

getting the tail to fall off if you take

the rubber band off

there’s enough poison in that tail

to now be released back into the Sheep

to actually kill it’ll actually kill the


and so there’s there’s this whole

concept if you will of making sure that

we keep connections on us keep the

connections open and and in a way the

way we reign in life is to navigate

relationships well I you know you don’t

get to just decide all right I’ve

decided I’m not going to be criticized


if if only that were possible or or we

could say you know what I was betrayed

but it’s never going to happen again

I’ll never now you don’t get to choose

that you can choose to have it not

affect you but the only way you can do

that is to protect yourself from love so

if I if I insulate myself so much where

nobody can hurt me well then nobody can

love me either and so to be vulnerable

in life to experience life together

means I will experience pain so the way

I demonstrate reigning in life is how I

navigate disappointment and laws it’s

how you navigate it I don’t get to

choose whether or not I’m going to be

criticized or rejected or embraced or

love I don’t get to choose that I get to

choose how I navigate what’s been thrown

at me

I use the illustration a couple weeks

ago the whole adverse winds a sailboat

by attacking by using the sale in the

rudder can actually Advance Against the

Wind and oftentimes our destiny is in

the direction of adverse winds and the

Lord is simply inviting us to navigate

relationships in a way where no matter

what comes at you you actually are

making progress

and sometimes a strength is developed by

making progress in adversity

that gives us the maturity to live in

The Promised Land once we enter it to to

live in it with maturity in other words

we don’t handle it carelessly and lose

what God actually released to us


and he says in verse one he says when

the day of Pentecost had fully come they

were all with one Accord in one place

again here’s this one Accord concept one

Accord not not a car not the Accord one

Accord 120 people in one Accord that

would be a lot of people all right one

Accord they’re in unity Unity is not


now listen carefully

most people’s understanding of unity is

the fight for uniformity

true Unity

requires diversity

and a man shall be joined to his wife

and the two shall become one they are

not the same diversity is required for

biblical Unity

Unity does not tolerate

diversity it celebrates it

it’s what makes it so beautiful

the second thing I would say about Unity

is it’s not something you and I can


most human efforts for Unity

as Noble as they may be

are simple attempts for agreement and or

understanding not evil not bad just


the scripture says in Ephesians chapter

4 I think it’s verse two he says

preserve the unity of the spirit

in the bond of Peace Preserve

the unity of the spirit and the bond of

Peace tells us a couple things about

Unity number one preserve I can’t create

it it’s already in existence

how did it get there it’s the unity of

the spirit

true biblical Unity

is is seen wherever the Holy Spirit has


anytime you see in a relationship a

husband or wife a church family

a nation

anytime you see real true Unity not just

we’ll agree for this season

true biblical Unity

it is the result of the holy spirit’s

influence and those individuals lives

Jesus prayed a prayer that they might be

one but what did he join to it he said I

gave them my glory that they might be

one what is the glory the glories the

manifested presence of Jesus seen as the

Holy Spirit comes upon his people I gave

them my glory I gave them the

manifestation of the presence of God

upon them why that they might be one

you never see where there’s a mighty

outpouring of the Holy Spirit let’s just

take some of the things we’ve seen

happen in this room I’ve watched this

for years when the spirit when the power

of God shows up in a room I don’t mean

just for miracles although I’m I’m all

in for that when the power of God shows

up in a room it’s hard to find anyone

who’s mad at somebody else

there’s something that takes place in

that in that environment where all the

hostilities all the objections all the

stuff you know the love remembers no

wrong I’m not keeping an account why it

just all lost its importance in the


my challenge my challenge to you is

Pentecost yes it’s about the

demonstration of power

but the basis if you if you consider the


for this manifestation of the power of

God the Resurrection The testimony of

the resurrection of Christ through Power

the platform was

they prayed together in one Accord they

were they were United in heart so much

so if they saw one of their own brothers

or sisters in need they would sell a

position possession to take care of that

need the point is is it was it was Unity

to the point of self-sacrifice in other

words I’ll pay any price to maintain

this what does it look like to preserve

the unity of the spirit it means I am

willing to invest I’m not just going to

price something and then to ease my

conscience and and move out of doing


I’m not just going to

check check the box that I prayed for


in chapter 2

verse 14 it says Peter standing up with

the eleven raised his voice and he said

men of Judea o who dwell in Jerusalem

let this be known to you and heed my

words these are not drunk as you suppose

since it’s only the third out of the day

that’s a strange argument

I want to convince you that they’re not

drunk like you think they are how can I

say that it’s nine o’clock in the


strange argument but then he begins to

read and I want you to see what he reads

what he declares he quotes this out of

the Book of Joel The Prophet Joel

and it shall come to pass in the last

days I will pour out my spirit on All

Flesh okay stop for a moment

when the Holy Spirit is poured out

where the spirit of God is working in a

group when he is truly free to do as he


he breaks every barrier that we create

I want you to look at them right now I

will pour out my spirit on All Flesh All

Flesh every race

when the spirit of God shows up it’s a

Level Playing Field there’s not haves

and have-nots there’s not this race

versus this race this class versus this

class all of that stuff is is

obliterated in the presence of God

that’s why we can say preserve the unity

Unity is the fruit of his working in and

through us so look at it again I will

pour out my spirit on All Flesh

your sons and daughters will prophesy

sons and daughters

the gender barrier and there’s only two

the gender barrier is broken in the

outpouring of the spirit

your young men will see Visions your old

men will dream dreams the age barrier is

broken in the move of the spirit

on your men servants and maidservants I

will pour out my spirit in those days

the class barrier

those who are the wealthy those who are

the poorest those who are the Servants

of others the claspberry is broken

what’s the point when the Holy Spirit

shows up in power it’s a Level Playing

Field it’s critical for us we see even

when Jesus would multiply food we’ll see

that he multiplied the food with the

four thousand the five thousand but

you’ll notice

a note in that number it will say and

five thousand besides women and children

women and children were oh yeah see in

the culture of that day they counted a

Crowd by the number of men in the crowd

and then they mentioned and women and


it’s interesting

than in

one of these stories

the one who was ignored

the child

is the one who had the

seed for the miracle

the Loaves and the fishes

the ones who

nobody counting counted

Jesus counted

and brought him into the place where his

lunch became what seated the cloud for

the multiplication of food

you see in Old Testament in the culture

of the day New Testament the gospels

what you see is you see a crowd counted

by the number of men

but all of a sudden something happens

the Holy Spirit shows up there’s 120

people in an upper room praying how many

men how many women

doesn’t say why because they’re treated

the same

see Jesus destroys

he destroys the power of division now we

have to live in it he destroys the power

of division that exists

between All Flesh

he’s the one who destroys that barrier

between men and women what men are

qualified to do what women are qualified

to do he’s the one who destroys that

barrier that dividing wall

he is the one who destroys the well

God speaks through the Aged or it’s just

the young people that have the real

spark for Revival he’s the one who

destroys that dividing wall he destroys

it and calls it foolishness

he’s the one who comes and he touches

the lowest of the low in this context

the servants the slaves of another


and he gives them access to the same

wonderful and glorious outpouring of the

holy spirit that is offered to all we

have to be careful that we don’t return

to a cultural standard that exalts one

group above another

we have to protect our heart to make

sure that we don’t move to

cultural values

sometimes good

sometimes very corrupt

that we don’t return to cultural values

instead of Kingdom values in the

outpouring of the Holy Spirit Jesus said

it I gave them my glory

that they might be one


the unity of the spirit


John 17 is this

it’s the Priestly prayer of Jesus

this is just

right before he’s taken

before he’s betrayed he

taken to pilate ends up being crucified

so this is his

final recorded

in fact it’s the longest prayer of his

in the Bible to my knowledge

and in this prayer he does several

things he he’s before the father now

remember he was sent by the father to

represent the father so he stands before

him and he he brings an account of his

own life to the father

he said I manifested your name

he said I displayed your


he said I performed your word or I

displayed your words performed your

works and he goes through four things it

actually did so he’s giving an account

to his father on what he did with his


and then he concludes this Priestly

prayer with this cry

that would be hard for us to

I don’t know if we were to have actors

and actresses on the stage or Cinema

film it would be difficult to portray

The gut-level Cry of Jesus in this

moment because he’s actually asking for

God to do something in you and in me


that has only been done between the

father and the son

a supernatural dimension of love and

affection that the father Son and Holy

Spirit enjoy would actually be the model

or the standard for how we would do life

is going through all this suffering all

this stuff is going to end up on the

cross be resurrected and it was to make

this possible

it’s that big of a deal

so here verse uh we’ll start with verse

20. of John 17. I do not pray for these


that’s the the 12. but those who will

believe in me through their word that

they may all be one even as you father

are in me and I in you that they may be

one in us that the world may believe

that you sent me stomp right there there

are two basic credible Witnesses in the

Earth to the resurrection of Christ

one is Unity two is the miraculous

we live in debt if you will we live in a

sense of indebtedness to the world

around us

to model Unity now Unity is expensive

Danny would say Danny would say

something he said something like this he


I love the part of you that reminds me

of me

it’s it’s so funny it’s easy to be

United with people who think just like

us is the point

Unity isn’t seen there

camaraderie is common in the church and

outside of the church

this Unity is different

it goes beyond the obvious

things that we have in common

it actually moves in to this sacrificial

love and care for people that cause

Luke chapter 9 has this a storyline that

that is uh to me it’s very funny it’s a

series of experiences the disciples had

and and they had been commissioned they

came back with great reports of Miracles

and and and so Jesus here’s him talking

and they’re actually arguing as it was

the greatest you remember the story

and so Jesus corrects that part of their

storyline there is it’s not who have

used the greatest the least is the

greatest you know so he corrects that

and the next moment John comes to Jesus

with a report Now understand if John is

coming to Jesus to tell him some news

it’s because he thinks it’s good news

right he’s not coming to confess his

sins he’s coming to confess his success

so he comes to Jesus and he says we saw

some guys over here uh trying to cast

out demons in your name we told him to

knock it off because they’re not with us


it’s just funny it’s like John is saying

all right we got it down we’re not

better than each other but we are better

than them

we are we are on the inside of this

demon casting out group we are being

trained by Jesus himself they don’t know

obviously don’t know what they’re doing

and so we told him to knock it off and

Jesus made this amazing statement to see

if they’re not against us they’re Forbes

perhaps we’re accustomed to thinking if

they’re not forced they’re against us

but in this situation

he he said if you count people out that

are not holding stones to destroy you

then you’re going to miss your

opportunity a partnership at a level you

would never experience without having

that sense of devotion and commitment to


Paul pushed the same

even farther

in First Corinthians chapter 6

he talks to the church at Corinth who

has all kinds of issues and one of the

issues they had

as they had

one group of Believers taking other

believers to court because they were not

treated fairly in a given situation so

what are they after Justice

your pursuit of Justice my pursuit of


is only blessed by the Lord in the

measure I have died to my own desires

because my pursuit of Justice outside of

personal yielding to Christ

pursuit of Justice outside of that will

almost always end up with me trying to

vindicate myself

and so Paul

now again this is for other people that

you know that need this it’s not

I’m sure it has no application for your

life but uh I’m just trying to help you

to be able to preach to your neighbor


or your Christian relative or whatever


Paul pushes this point and he says all

right you’re being taken to court

what you’re losing is greater than what

you could ever gain

what’s being destroyed the concept of a

body being members of one another

and he pushes the point and he comes to

the this conclusion he says why not

rather be wronged


because it’s just not right

I don’t want to condone their sin

Jesus values his value for Unity doesn’t

mean that we compromise on beliefs

doesn’t mean we compromise on person’s

values it does me mean that love is

greater than offense

it means love covers a multitude of sins

it means that I have to overcome my

personal stuff so that I can demonstrate

the love of Christ to another person

we are about to experience something in

the earth that you may or may not know

anything about

in Portugal

on August 4th

there is a gathering

of tens of thousands of people filling

the newest most modern best Stadium I

think in all of Europe

Lisbon Portugal

and it’s a combination

of Catholics and Protestants that are

joining together to see people born


it has

it has never been done in two thousand

years of church history

I I was in dialogue with a dear friend

and really a father who helped us Jack

Taylor who who uh just as a dear dear

friend he’s home with the Lord now

but he I remember we were in this

dialogue it was actually over emails and

texts with a particular situation

and there was a healing there was

actually healing and a very very

challenging relationship

and in fact he told me he says it’s the

greatest Miracle I’ve ever seen it was

that significant

and then he wrote me this note he said

Charles Wesley if you remember John


John Wesley and George Whitfield were

two of the great great revivalists in

The Awakening and Charles Wesley would

take John’s Theology and write it into

songs because it’s easier to learn

song easier told in theology that’s

written to music

and uh in fact I’ve told our worship

teams what do you want the church to

look like in five years or ten years

write songs about it now and we’ll sing

our way into it

yeah because it we actually we we learn

on a different level so anyway so

Charles Wesley wrote George Whitfield

a letter

and they were they grew up together in

their early years and then they had

theological differences and they grew


one real cool quote that came out of

George whitfield’s camp

is that one of his assistants said asked

him do you think we’ll see uh John

Wesley in heaven

and George said no

and he said that’s what I thought

he said no he’ll be so much closer to

the throne than we are then we won’t be

able to see and where we’re standing

from which is very positive obvious


so John Wesley excuse me Charles was it

writes George Whitfield a note and in

this note it said this

we loved more

when we knew less




I have watched it my entire life where

people who are in love in life in

Ministry doing stuff together and the

more they grow into their own gifts the

more they grow apart because we tend to

love more when we know less

it doesn’t mean we Embrace ignorance it

just means we come face to face with the

cost of unity what does it look like to

live it means it’s going to cost me

it means I have to lay down some of my

own rights my own ideas doesn’t mean I

compromise truth but it does mean

I will die to my vision on this to


the city values

he values Unity so much

that he was willing to endure everything

he went through to make it possible that

we would experience a supernatural

presence and gift that the father Son

and Holy Spirit enjoy themselves and

that we would taste of that reality in

How We Do life together

and that’s the ambition of the Lord

and it actually gives a credible witness

to Jesus Christ

it says


that they may be one in us that the

world may believe


no wonder the enemy would work so hard

to move us from one offense to another

because it robs The Voice

that this gospel is real

it robs the volume it robs the evidence

it robs it takes away from us all the

things that actually illustrate the

power of this wonderful gospel


how do you reconcile relationships in

your life and Ministry when you have

very conflicting doctrines and

it might be a personal

conflict going on here but also might be

we tend to walk with Ministries we don’t

have complete you know yeah agreement

with our doctrines I actually

intentionally bring people in to speak

as you know

bring people in that that we don’t agree

with but they’re good people the people

of prayer they’re abandoned to the Lord

and it just doesn’t hurt us to be

exposed to other segments of the body to

where we learn how to eat meat

throughout bones we learn how to

celebrate who people are and it comes

down to you know they have a specific

thing in mind usually when that question

is asked but it’s a general question so

I can miss it all together but if it’s

an essential thing you know like the

blood of Jesus you know they deny the

effect of the blood of Jesus or the

Virgin birth or whatever it might be

that’s different then you you have to

draw relational boundaries yeah and

you’re not gonna you haven’t had those

folks into our uh our congregations I

have not yes

all the majors we agree on it’s the

miners yeah yeah yeah exactly it’s the

you know the role of Angels or yeah you

baptized in the spirit you speak in

tongues when you get it

you know those things you know there’s

opinions that are very diverse and we

have our convictions what we feel are

right that we live by but I’m not going

to exclude people that think differently

and they’re just you just have to get to

a place where you can celebrate who

people are without stumbling over who

they’re not that’s what we that’s kind

of the one of the Mantra of the the

culture of honors is to really celebrate

what God is doing in a person you know

Wesleyan Whitfield is I think it’s a

great example they were so diverse and

they were at odds for a season as I

understand it I wasn’t there but I hear

they’re at odds for a season and one of

whitfield’s uh Associates or friends

said yeah I don’t think we’ll see Wesley

in heaven and Whitfield responded yeah

yeah I think you’re right he’ll be so

much closer to the throne than we are

that will be hard to see him from where

we are and he was responding obviously

in honor wanting to honor one that he

had really grown in affection for

so you know part of it just comes down

to that if it’s an essential area if

it’s a family member that’s one thing

with family it doesn’t matter what

anybody believes you’re together yeah

you just you know I just I’m not going

to touch on touchy subjects there’s

enough other things to talk about in

life without offending or hurting people

you know if it’s a board member or staff

member or a church member or a pastor

down the road you know there’s all

there’s different degrees of

relationships and you just learn what

wisdom is you know when when do you

bring the subject up do you at all is is

it an essential part of life

um you know I need we need wisdom for

that because it’s it’s so easy to you

know to to lose a lose a war and win a

battle so to speak you know to well I

won that argument but I lost a friend

forever well that’s that’s that’s not

right that’s not healthy and the value

of people is is huge and even even if

they’re wrong because all of us in my

Approach is that every one of us

believes something that’s not right yeah

and we’re convinced we’re right

you know we are we’re just we’re all in

process and

um so we just need to give each other

that whole gracing show Mercy because

you’re going to want it later yeah yeah

we have that phrases on one of our

visitor documents in in the you know

Majors unity and the the miners uh

Liberty yes and and uh but in all things

love yeah absolutely yeah that’s right

and that came out of one of those guys

that right after Luther passed and

Calvin passed they were all just trying

to kill each other over getting Doctrine

right yeah you know they were just lots

and lots of separations and church

splits and Theological schools and

finally this guy Rupert something or

other uh he came he came up with that

phrase and we’ve seen that just in our

lives as a congregation in our lives

even on our own team we have we have

some different understandings of of

certain doctrines or end times that sort

of deal and people are often surprised

by that like there’s no standard they’re

like What’s this Bethel standard you

know Viewpoint here I’m like I’m not

sure there is one I know Bill’s got one

Chris has one I have one yeah yeah and

um we just enjoy each other and you know

draw the strength from each other and

and uh you know oftentimes learn

something new from each other yeah

absolutely absolutely yeah it’s I think

it’s it’s a huge part of life I think

that’s what we’re supposed to learn to

do you know because it’s in associating

with people of diverse gifts and diverse


that we get healthier you know we don’t

become ingrown and that happens so much

by only hanging out with people with the

same opinion yeah you just you become

fortified in opinion but not necessarily

in maturity yes

we’re working on the doctrinal statement

you know of the church and partly by

design it was a big tent it was lots of

folks could find comfort and go I agree

with that yeah you know in the way that

we did that and and so many times that

in denominations we’ve just they’ve

parsed things so clearly that as far as

end times are I guess the spirit that

they’re just they’re the belief

statement actually separates and divides

maybe too much yeah yeah I think the

thing that Chris has been uh I really

started pronouncing here several years

ago was

is that when you come together based on

agreement then you have to divide when

there’s disagreement yeah but when you

come together around fathers around

mothers and it’s it’s you know in a

family Thanksgiving meal you can have a

republican daughter and a you know a

democratic son and a Libertarian cousin

yeah you can have all and you’re all

together and thankful and yeah and if

they value each other they’re going to

treat each other exactly with Grace and

stability and respect exactly


gossip creates misinformation

how many of you ever did this in in like

grade school or whatever where the

teacher would line up 20 or 30 40

students and and Whisper a secret to the

first one and they would tell it to the

second one and to the third one the

fourth by the time you get to the end

it’s a completely different story yeah

yeah that by itself should make us stay

as far away from Gossip as we possibly

can because it creates misinformation

I mean you could start with

Julie bought a white horse wrote it to

church and and her hair was all messed


and by the time you get to the 30th

student she bought a white Mustang

convertible as she sat in the parking

lot because she was embarrassed for her


and she and that’s what gossip does is

it creates it invites misinformation

because it’s interpreted through the

perspective and values of the individual

that hurt



is a coward’s way of dealing with a


if there’s a problem you go directly

at minimum you go to somebody

who is involved in a solution

not someone you think should be involved

in the solution

because then you’ll come to me stay away

I had somebody come to me once they

unloaded all their stuff about somebody

else and I listened to everything I just

I milked it

and they just gave me all their stuff

and I said now have you gone to them the

person is no I can’t they’re uh whatever

they’re too hard to talk to or whatever

it’s usually it’s usually a spiritual

excuse I just didn’t discern you know

whatever whatever

so I said well

um I will give you seven days to talk to

them because in seven days I’m going to

go to them and tell them what you told


it really cuts down how many people want

to confide in you


which I I felt tremendously inspired of

the Lord when I shared that

gossip in essence devalues relationship

connection and Trust

we attract the words we value

Luke says in fact the gospel of Mark and

Luke both have this concept that teaches

um be careful what you listen to because

whatever you listen to whatever you

value whatever you whatever you let

through come through your quality

control more will be given to you


so in other words what I receive will

attract more and that really is a

principle of the Kingdom for life

so if you constantly have people that

come to you with gossip

it’s not a moment for shame it’s just a

moment to make a decision

if you value it you will attract

if God inhabits praise who inhabits




uh I don’t know if entities is the right


words are that

which hosts presence

and it depends

what presence we host is determined by

what we say

Jesus taught that he only said what he

heard the father say but in John 6 he

said my words to you are Spirit

gospel is always is often forced excuse

me gossip is often used to force someone

to change their conduct and or position

on a manner through manipulation

and as I stated earlier both

manipulation and control are expressions

of witchcraft


gossip perverts the Beauty and the


of the power of the tongue

in the same way prostitution perverts

the beauty of sexual intimacy in a


that which was given to us as a gift to

use for building up and creating is then

used to kill steal and destroy

gossip is the preferred tool of the

enemy to destroy the life of a believer

it’s a two-for-one deal

I want to read one more portion of

scripture to you and it’s out of

Ephesians 4.

beginning with verse 29.

let no one wholesome word proceed out of

your mouth

but only such a word as is good for

edification according to the need of the

moment so that it will give Grace to

those who hear

I’m going to come back to this verse

do not grieve the Holy Spirit notice

what comes what’s it what is in the

context of our speech towards one

another do not grieve the Holy Spirit by

whom you were sealed for the day of

redemption let all bitterness wrath

anger clamor slander be put away from

you along with all malice gossip is the

hiding place for unbelief gossip is the

hiding place for unforgiveness

kind of one another tenderhearted

forgiving each other just as God in

Christ also has forgiven you

here’s where I want to end I want to end

with verse 29 just talk through this

verse with you

I I would say

you know the concept of Ecclesiastes 10

verse 1 and 2 about the fly in the

ointment so we’ve got a perfumer who

makes this beautiful perfume and one fly

gets in it and ruins the entire batch

and that’s what happens in the anointing

is the Lord has given us a Grace a call

something extraordinary that he’s

imparted to us but through our words we

can actually plant small things called


that which is attracted to death


we can put that in the ointment and the

entire thing is affected

and we have been given something

as Dan mentioned earlier it’s obviously

it’s not the only thing going on in the

world but we get to be a part which I’m

glad we get to play we get to we get to

be in the game and I’m happy about that

but in such a crucial moment if there

were anything that I would say Bethel

family let’s be careful for this it

would be this right here be careful for

this because

in the Zeal of life it’s easy to

misspeak misrepresent and to say things

out of a conviction of

being right out of a conviction or

whatever and and misappropriate words

that create damage

and actually become the fly in the


and in this case he says let no

unwholesome word proceed out of your

mouth I’ve had a couple unwholesome

words two or two or three in my lifetime

yeah yeah

forgive me for lying right there

let no one wholesome word proceed out of

your mouth but only such a word

as is good for edification

so the target of my words is to be


not my chance to vent

a large percentage of people talk to


not talk to redeem

that it might give edification according

to the need of the moment now the need

of the moment means I have to be present

if I bring this problem this conflict

this situation into it it will tarnish

and taint what I have to say to you

but if I am with you literally for your

welfare for your benefit

I will speak edifying words according to

the need of the moment

it will be a timely word Proverbs talks

about the The Beauty And The Wonder of a

timely word in season apples of gold and

settings of silver it’s this beautiful

picture of what timely words look like

but then the last phrase of that verse

is that it may give might give Grace

to those who hear