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of Faith you don’t have to beg another

person for another thing say Amen to

that your days of begging are over your

days of toiling are over your days of

worry are over your days of being

without are over

all things are


yours here’s Adam and he’s putting Adam

in the earth and he’s blessed

him then he said be fruitful now Adam is

going to produce

something from the superior by the


method of the spirit

realm now what is he going to produce

he’s going to produce something in the

earth that came from Heaven Jesus said

thy kingdom come come on thy will be

done in earth as it is in heav so he’s

going to do

that now I had to do it

too let me give you my we needed an

airplane and Lord we don’t have an

airplane I need

one so he had a man come here and speak

on a Wednesday night from Africa

and he said pastor Winston your airplane

is in Ecclesiastes chapter 10 well what

do you think I did I thought

looking because I need some

seed see God already knew I needed the

airplane but I got to bring it

forth and I’ve got to bring it forth

starting with a

seed I’ve got to get a seed Luke 8:1 the

seed is the word of God I’ve got to get

some seed first yes sir Adam I’m giving

you every herb bearing seed amen and I

got to start with some seed first so I

get some seed from God from a man who

carried it from


Africa and I look at verse 20 a bird of

the air shall carry your voice that’s


seed so God gives seed to the

Ser so i s that

seed now Mar Matthew 12 and verse 35 a


man out of the good deposit of the heart

he said out of the good what do he say

up there out of the good what treasure

let’s substitute the word deposit

osit a good man out of the good what

deposit of the heart what is he going to

bring forth good things so God is making

it so no man can keep me from my

airplane because my airplane is not in

their hands it’s in my

heart do you hear what I’m saying see

nobody can keep you from your business

no come on nobody can keep you from your

rent money nobody can keep you because

it’s not in their


hands it’s in your

heart and the s sth the

word and over in uh the Mark 4 verse 26

he goes on down souro the word and he

sleepeth night and day and the seed

Springs come on and grows up keep going

keep going he doesn’t know how you don’t

need to know how he coming forth that’s

right you don’t know how this come forth

and if you don’t know the devil don’t

know that’s right that’s right and I’m

saying God may have you to do this do

that stand on one foot got shout you

don’t know how it’s coming forth but

he’s going to bring it forth and the

seed carries the

instructions for manifestation glory to

God so it doesn’t matter you don’t have

to beg anybody for anything because your

your blessings come from home your

blessings come from another realm I’m

talking about a spiritual realm that

nobody can stop it it’ll come up through

concrete it it nobody can touch it

nobody can have it so you’re you’re

black you’re white you can’t do this you

can’t none of that has cross your table

you don’t even need none of that all you

need is a mouth and some


soil hear what I’m saying doc all you

need is a mouth and some

soil God’s got your seed he knew you

were going to need that before you got

there and he’s got plenty of seed for

you if the devil’s trying to stop you

from your seed God will bring it through

a person from Africa God bring it from a

person from Australia there somehow

y’all will meet up and he said God told

me to tell you that their seed is in

Ecclesiastes and chapter 10 verse 20 all

you got to do is believe once you

believe and so it you sleep and Rise

night and day the seed Springs and grow

up you don’t know how but the

instructions are in the


seed this airplane came from California

I didn’t know this airplane from

anything but I do know this at a point

of that seed development the instruction

said to me pick out your interior what

you want it to look like on the inside I

took it and I thought looking online and

I said this is too complicated let me

just get a picture of one I like I got

the picture of the one I like and do you

know what happened the one I like came

from California I didn’t know it was in

California but God doesn’t it don’t make

no difference cuz all the Earth belongs

to God

right for I’m preaching


B well y’all pulling some out this

time you don’t have to beg another

person for another thing say Amen to

that your days are begging are over your

days of toiling are over your days of

worry are over your days of being

without are over all things are

yours my Lord my Lord now this

truth he said God let God be

true so when they came back from spying

out the land of Canaan in Numbers


13:33 they said wait a minute

we’re like

grasshoppers in their eyes and so are we

in our

sight now notice what the the two spies

said over in numbers chap

13:30 let us go up at once keep going

for we are well able to overcome them

was that the truth y because God said

over in Joshua chapter 1 and verse 5 no

man come

on no man will be able to stand before

you all the days of your life whether

you’re young or whether you old they

ain’t going to be able to stand before

you that’s right is that the truth see

if I stand on the truth everything got

to change it’s got to change in me it’s

got to change outside of me it’s got to

change do you believe


now let’s keep

going so one of them gave a fact and the

fact was what he could reason in his

natural mind they’re Giants they’re more

experien than we are we’ve been in

slavery they they’ve been fighting Wars

uh there all the things that look

right and then they eventually said well

let’s make a decision let’s go on back

to Egypt

and and because if we Face these guys

they’re going to kill us take our women

children so forth all that sounded

reasonable didn’t it sound

reasonable and that’s what they can see

with their natural eyeses you I’m

talking about the X-ray you can see it

with your natural eyes you you can see

it but God said by his stripes come

on that’s

it that’s it I’m not saying that the

doctors are not good I’m just saying

that there’s a reason why God has spoken

the truth because only the truth is

going to make us what free see you look

at that TV enough it’ll tell you who you

are God said that are you not

Gods what he are you not gods that

you’re being gods some th this is the

this is the uh the foundation of the

supernatural in your life to know that

you’re not a natural person yes

sir all right let me keep going

here y’all with me so

far all right so now the lie all right

so the devil just tells a lie he just

tells a lie all right now let’s take an

example somebody born they’re born a


okay now God says he created two

denominations over in Genesis 12 127 he

created them male and female all right

now that’s the

truth but now here comes somebody and

they going to use these uh

hormones and they going to change their

sex now I’m not talking about people I’m

I’m hearing in love say I’m in love in

love and they going to change their sex

now now notice what’s happening now a

fact is taking place that’s right

because that’s what you’re telling

people now I’ve changed my sex I’m not

him anymore I’m her now understand that

this sit this poses the real

situation because in Psalm 139 that’s

right and verse

16 God said now from the beginning I

wrot your members in a

book I wrote who you are from the

beginning no better than that he sent

Jeremiah to say something in Jeremiah

1:5 he said before you even came into

the womb I knew you I knew what you were

I knew what you going to die being I

knew everything about

you now somewh you done listen to some

voice that was not the voice of truth

and you done took a fact and trying to

change yourself but here’s the good news

first John 3:8 says that yet the devil

sinth from the beginning but the reason

why Jesus came was to

undo the works the devil had done that I

don’t care how far gone you are God can

turn it around I I’m saying I don’t care

what has happened in your life

God can reverse

it proof of that is you sitting up in

here right now giving God praise that

was one time you was running away from

God say

Amen now I’m saying I don’t care what

the enemy has done to you I’m that he

had messed with our minds people had

abortions here and had this this but I

got good news for you if you can’t to

Jesus any man that’s in Christ any woman

is a brand new creature all things are



away now all you got to do is renew your

mind to What God Says and let God be

true and every can be a

liar you don’t have to carry around

guilt and shame and all of that because

God can make it so that you never did

what you did he he can cover you he can

make it so that the blood of Jesus

cleanses your mind cleanses your heart

and you say I’m free I’m free


is anything too hard for the Lord no no

no no no we all messed up why cuz we

were listening to the wrong

voice the Devil comes to kill steal

destroy that’s what he

does so I can’t you can’t be hard on

people who are listening to that voice

in the world to win the

world we all had some crazy

stuff but God is good matter of fact his

Mercy is new every morning yes sir every

morning you get up and say Lord forgive

me for going off on him Lord forgive me

for that God say I’ll forgive you let’s

go come

on say I’m

forgiven in the name of Jesus


now last

thing the last thing

is fear

not say fear not


fear the Bible says God has not given

us fear the spirit of

fear but of




you you can fear


because God is with you

sir here’s what David said the Lord is

my shepherd I shall not

want he maketh me to lie down in Green

Pastures he leadth me beside Still

Waters he restoreth my soul he leads me

into path of righteousness for his

name’s sake yay though I walk through

the valley the shadow of of death I will

fear no evil for thou art with me thy

rod and thy staff they comfort me thou

preparest a table before me in the

presence of my enemies thou anointest my

head with all my cup runs over surely

goodness and mercy shall follow me all

the days of my

life and I shall dwell in the house of

the Lord

David knew that nothing could separate

him from the love of

God he said

if I make my bed in

hell there you

are if if I take the wings of the

morning you see he experience missing

God but it’s good

news his Mercy is

new every

morning so what would fa fear do

fear came on

job job said the thing that I feared

Moses come upon me job 3 and: 25 watch

this took my health and my wealth it

took my family this is

job this is what fear can

do the next thing fear will stop a

person from

increasing he said in First Kings

chapter 17 here the

woman and the prophet said feed me and

she said I only have one more meal left

one meal

left and then he said

oh feed me with that one and fear

not fear not feed me

first see fear not can’t you see what

I’m saying it’ll keep you from

increasing because if she would just

feed him then the oil the food would

start to multiply I’m saying if you just

give your

tithe can’t you see what I’m saying fear

got you

blocked it’s not a man it’s not about

somebody’s tricking you it’s

fear he said I’ll open up the windows of

Heaven I’ll pour you out of blessing

your name will be known all over the

world but fear says you better not do it

and I was at that crossroads with this

shopping mall God said soow

400,000 fear tried to come in on me as

one person what shall I do he said don’t

do it another person he said obey God I

said okay fear get out of the

way I’m going for it 1 2 3 4 and look at



fear can keep you from your

destiny oh they were going over the

other side on the ship but look what

happened here comes the wind and here

comes this this storm coming and the

Bible said they woke up Jesus and accus

him that he didn’t care about him he

rebuked the wind said to the Sea peace

be still and then he turned to them and

said why are you so

fearful how is that that you have no

faith fear can keep you from being all

God called you to be and fear is from

the devil that’s

right I’m saying David’s men they call

him mighty

man they came to him broke busted and

disgusted or something like that but

look what David did he turned them into

such Fearless men that one of them could

slay 800

men I’m telling you your potential is

locked up and we going to unlock

it you going to unlock

it no it’ll it’ll keep you from

receiving your healing that’s what fear

does it

paralyzes but the biggest thing fear

will keep you from is your

Miracle it’ll even keep person from


saved if Satan could work it in

somebody’s life and try to hold them in

fear see being saved is the biggest

miracle in the

book but I declare it will not hold you

amen say no fear here no fear here in

the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus

here’s what David said I sought the

Lord and he heard me and delivered me

from all fears see getting getting old

can bring fear come on not knowing what

tomorrow might bring could bring fear

huh poverty brings fear there’s a lot of

some things that bring fear some people

don’t like to swim because it brings


fear but David said all my fears say I

want all my fears gone I want all in the

name of

Jesus so the last

thing here’s

fear and fear can be cast out in the

name of

Jesus God fear can be eradicated by

Revelation over in 2 Kings chapter 6

when gesi could see the

Angels around him amen fear left yes

amen you can get rid of fear by knowing


vengeance vengeance is where God moves

on your

behalf and he taught


Vengeance he taught

him where Sarah he told Sarah don’t tell

them you’re my sister because they may

kill me but God had to show him that the

judge Judgment of God would come and

protect him say Amen to that am and also

fear perfect love cast out

fear and what am I telling you your days


fear that fear has run your life for the


time that

today you are being totally delivered

amen oh have mercy of


fear well I trusted you were blessed by

that teaching now this is offering day

on the broadcast it’s a time that we

have those who are listening Partners

whatever to se a seed into the work that

we’re doing now here’s a scripture that

I want to bring to mind it’s found in 2

Kings chapter 4 this is when a woman uh

her children were about to be taken to

put in bondage or to work off a debt

that apparently her family owed they

couldn’t pay it well you may be like

that you may have something that you

want that debt cancel or you can’t pay

these debts or what are you going to do

well God is a debt cancelling God and

what happened is she cried to the man of

God the man of God begin to give her

series of steps that she could do to be

able to get enough accumulate enough to

be able to pay off that debt and so what

happened he said now what do you have in

your house she said well I don’t have

anything except a pot of oil little oil

now that was burial oil which is very

expensive they tell me it’s about worth

about a Year’s wages and so she had this

oil he said okay now take that go borrow

some vessels don’t borrow a few come in

and shut the door with you and your sons

in Port out and the Bible says she did

that and went back to the man of God

said what do I do now he said go sell

the oil and pay your debt and live you

and your children on the rest well first

of all God is a god of increase Psalm

115 and verse1 14 says the Lord shall

increase you more and more you and your

children now isn’t it interesting how

you put children in there because she

called her kids in then shut the door

and then watch the miracle take place so

in this offering message I want you to

know that God is a dead cancelling God

secondly know that Miracles can take

place any time meaning that as you put

that pressure on that Covenant that

Miracle will break loose and the third

thing pass on faith as a legacy get your

kids involved in the things that you’re

believing for and watch them grow up

operating in faith just like you praise

the lord well if you have your offering

ready praise God just think in mind or

write out a check or have your you know

whatever you text or whatever you do

have it ready let let me pray over it

right now because I’m I’m your Prophet

right now let me pray over that gift as

you seow that seed I’ll pray over it

right now father I pray in the name of

Jesus that those who are sewing I pray

for a multiplied return increase right

now in Jesus name father we thank you

for it and call it done in Jesus name

amen glory to God I want to thank you so

so much for your giving we’re able to do

so much because people like you are

sewing seed glory to God this is Bill

Winston saying we love you and until

next time keep walking by

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