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Faith every belief system believing that

you got a wait believing things can’t be

done for you because your background is

not such and such believing that you

can’t come up with Solutions because you

haven’t been to the engineering program

believing every every tree in

you that the father didn’t plant Jesus

said I promise you I’m going to dig it

out yes sir I’m going to get it

rooted all of the guilt and shame you

have about your past I’m going to root

that tree

out your Born Again spirit is able to


immediately I want to be able to produce

right now what do I need I need wisdom I

need the answer I need healing I need

deliverance and I can get it right now

say Amen to that amen now I know this is

getting a little technical for some of

y’all well I thought I was going to he

about you know he went up on the

mountain and so forth you’re hearing

about it right now see if I don’t give

you this you can never move up into a

place where you can stop the devil’s

takeover we we got to stop the devil

from taking your

kids there is an answer to stop the

carjacking in

Chicago and watch this that that that

God is depending on you cuz he put you

in this earth and sent you to Chicago

and want you to take this word and that

I’m preaching and apply it to whatever

situation in your life and get

results it’s time for the church to take



lead you don’t count on the World to

deliver you the world can’t deliver you

the world can’t deliver

themselves well they got some money well

you better go get it because it doesn’t

even belong to them right now don’t St

me on

that when Jesus stripped Satan he


them they just holding it for

you the wealth of the wicked is laid

up for the just say

Amen it’s it it’s really good reason for

you to never be broke another day in

your life money cometh into you now see

I’m I’m giving you this cuz I want you

to do something that other folk can’t do

I I want you to be able to transfer

money out of this account into your

account somebody pulling over here bab

y’all thank you Z

I want you to Envision angels with bags

of money watch this fly to your

house one of them talking to the other

one and said what’s what’s the address

again they still fly what’s the address

79th Street 79th and what 7 and9th in

cottage it is billi


W money comth to me

now no the days are over for you doing

it in 3D those days are over you’re

going to do things on another level say

amen amen now this is going beyond your

natural mind your natural mind ain’t

inherit nothing like this they going to

come up with things going to move stuff

around in this earth look at Jesus do

your master pay taxes yeah we pay taxes

Peter listen what I want you to do is go

fishing the first fish you pull up look

at his mouth and you’ll see 20 grand get

that out and pay the taxes come on

now you might not go fishing but you

might go to a fashion show

and you know wherever you go God can get

ready for foolish thoughts say Amen to

that all


right no


learning look what it says over in John

7 and verse 14 and 15 ready

read of Jesus went into the temple

how does he know so much he never went

to MIT come on he come on he never went

to this big school how does he know so

much yes so I’m saying to you you’re

going to have a whole different level of

learning I’m not saying don’t go to

school but he said over in Daniel

chapter 1 he said that you’ll know more

than all your teachers God is is

expecting the

church to be at a level where the church

can answer the problems of the world

let’s move to the next section it’s

called planting the heavens okay all

right now you know where that’s found

Isaiah chapter you’ve gone over this

before Isaiah 51 and: 16 I put my words

in your mouth and covered you in the

shadow of my hand that I may plant the

heavens and and lay the foundation of

the earth and say to Zion Thou Art my

people okay

planting the

heavens all

right here’s the first thing I think

about in planting the

heavens look at Philippians chapter 3

and verse 20 all right I’d like you to

read that with me ready

read we are

of the


stop where is your Homeland in heaven

got it but God’s going to plant you on

the earth come watch this not just

anywhere on the earth God has planted

you in

Chicago and he purposely plants the

righteous among the

wicked can we can we keep going here he

purposely well those people at that job

use too much bad language he purposely

plants the

righteous among the wicked amen Amen on

purpose well I’m going to quit that

thing I’m going just go work for the

church no you are the church you don’t

need to go anywhere God has planted you

right there and giving you what it takes

to transform

it do you every place he puts you the

soul of your foot to tread upon he’s

given it to you he’s given it to you to

manage it to transform it to clean it


out so I’m saying to you right now that

you’ve got things inside of you that

perhaps you don’t even not even aware of

that there’s power in you he said you

shall receive what power that’s Miracle

working ability that wherever you go

Miracles can take

place all right you with me so you’ve

been planted there for a purpose and for

a reason now look at this scripture John


17: 14 and 15 I’ve got it all laid out

for you

I’ve got it all L see the one thing you

can’t do with me is you can’t argue with

me cuz I’m going to show you the

scripture so if you got any argument

tell Jesus you want to see

it but don’t argue with me I’m the

messenger look what it says Ready read

I and the

world because they not

world stop right there we’re going to

read the next but stop right there oh

they don’t seem to like me down there

well come read the verse again cuz you

got a lot of Jesus in you and the

devil’s trying to make them make you

feel bad because of the Christ that’s in

you but what you need to do is Shake It

Off and understand that God’s got you in

a place they can’t stop you they because

they don’t promote you he said your

promotion doesn’t come from the east or

from the West your promotion comes from

the Lord so you don’t have to kiss up to

the supervisor open that the supervisor

like you you can just keep walking keep

talking keep decreeing


you going to speak the invisible and

decree The Impossible I’ll try it again

you’re going to speak the invisible and

decree The Impossible are you with me


here you’re going to get right in the

middle of that place and start decreeing

the word of

God watch this and everything must must

change if you don’t change everything

around youve got to change Satan’s job

is to get you to step out of faith and

get mad at somebody when God’s telling

you stand in faith and stay in love and

if you keep decreeing it everything




GL to God everything must

change nothing stays the same all right

now that second part of John John

chapter uh 17:1 15 I want you to read

that one too ready


read all right he’s saying wait a minute

father don’t take him out of the world

but leave him in the world now why look

at Matthew 5 and verse4 why leave you in

the world watch this right here ready

read stop you are the what where does

the light shine brightest dark in

darkness the darker it is the brighter


light I said the darker it is the

brighter the light

God put you here to convert the world

and you’re going to do it cuz they going

to watch you and they going to see how

your God is blessing you how your God is

promoting you how your God is keeping

you how your God is giving you wisdom

and they’re going to sometime want to

know whose God you serve and you sit

down and say his name is Jesus will you

sit down for a minute and let me tell

you about him and once he tells you

about you tell them about him they going

to want know your God say Amen to

that now the Bible says no weapon that

is what formed against you shall prosper

and every come on tongue that shall rise

against you and judgment shall be

condemned for this is the inheritance of

the Servants of the Lord and my

righteousness is of you say the Lord now

God is waiting on you because you got to

be the one that going to change the

system from what it is to what God’s

planned for it to be all right let’s

look at Daniel’s life real quick we look

at Daniel then look at Martin Luther

King and then we out praise God all

right look at Daniel first Daniel

chapter 3 verse 17 here is Daniel he and

his uh three Hebrew Brothers uh guys

came and now they’re taken into Babylon

and Babylon is trying to give them some

of those uh brains and eggs and so so

what they’re saying is wait a minute we

don’t eat any pork here oh so that no I

got if you eat brains and egg and you

pray on it and it don’t bother you then

go on and eat it uh but pig feet brains

and eggs all of that slave food I don’t

eat anymore now now don’t get mad at me

look here don’t get mad at me this is my

choice you eat what you want to eat I

know them pork chops you got some right

now in the freezer

ready ready to bite down on them I

know got some hog head cheese that there



you I used to eat all that and I got

saved now let me let me say this let me

say this come on come on see somebody

going to get mad well I ain’t coming

here no more with your pig eating self

you need to go come here so I can so I

can get this word in your mind all right

now watch

this watch this side here this dangerous

side let me come back over here e chill

over there woo they CH over there okay

they don’t call them CH they call them

wrinkles all right I used to see I used

to eat some wrinkles now all right and

I’m still here all right now let’s see

where was I all right okay so Daniel now

look what happened Daniel 3:7

they tried to make Daniel see eat their

food they tried to make him bow down

they tried to make him serve a false god

but Daniel said no we’re not going to do

that and what is he doing he’s saying

I’m resisting that he said the God that

I serve he’s going to deliver me now

even though you threatening me that your

threats are not going to work because

I’m not going to bow down and what did

King do he said turn the fire up what

seven times hotter I’m talking about at

the job it gets hot at the job but

that’s CA you about to break through

something the enemy is trying to get you

to leave Jesus come on now and rely on

your own ability no no you keep Jesus

and his name being in your heart and in


mind next thing you know next thing you

know he threw them in the fire did they

burn no no and then next thing you know

come on up verse 29 I want you to look

at that because this is the end game in

game is that you’re going to be able to

change leaders and change laws look what

it says Ready read please


there every people nation and language



is’t that

powerful is’t that

powerful I’m telling you God put you in

that place and they can’t get you out

what they going to have to do is bow to

your God because your God is greater

than all God say Amen

how about Dr Martin Luther King notice

he came in there next thing you know

there are people uh that have

segregation uh in their minds and they

standing in the door of the school and

and and and nobody could come in

University of Alabama wherever it was

and no blacks could come in and go to

school King says I’m going to change

that I’m going to change that all his

meetings he had he did not have it in a

secular Place only time he went secular

is when he went to Washington and had

the big meeting he always had him in

churches because it’s scripture he was

standing on and amamos 5: 24 is where he

stood ready


and he wasn’t letting up till Justice

roll down like wat and I’m telling you

what did he do they put him in jail but

couldn’t touch him they did this

couldn’t touch him now you got to

understand that Dr Martin Luther King

thank God for him he got assassinated

they did say I may not get that with you

I’m not telling you I may not get that

with you I’m telling you I’m taking you

oh in the name of

Jesus are you ready to

go give God your best

shout cuz we


out thank you Jesus take your


seats so you’re not waiting on

God God is waiting on you miracles

when you don’t wait hallu don’t let the

devil talk you in Waiting come on now I

said you don’t wait you don’t even have

to wait for a raise give yourself a

raas you don’t have to wait on Ed

McMahon that’s right that’s right that’s

right call it in now you don’t have to

wait on the dentist

appointment get some new

teeth you don’t have to are you f what

I’m saying here let’s get this in our

spirit why new trees say new trees new

trees he said to to us

in Matthew chapter

15 he said

this every

tree in

you that the father didn’t

plant shall be with it

up that means every belief system

believing that you got to wait believing

things can’t be done for you because

your background is not such and such

believing that you can come up with

Solutions because you haven’t been to

the engineering program believing every

tree in

you that the father didn’t plant Jesus

said I promise you I’m going to dig it

out yes sir I’m going to get it

rooted all of the guilt and shame you

have about your past I’m going to root

that tree

outy to God you’re in the right place


sir he sent you here hallelujah cuz he’s

going to use you to change

everything he’s going to turn gang Lords


preachers he going to turn jails come on

into boarding

schools I’m just telling you right now

that you the church is about to

experience its finest


Jesus said my hour has not yet

come but your hour is

here no more

delays that transfer of wealth must come


now why there’s babies crying cuz they

don’t have enough

food there’s young people young 16y old

going to jail because they had no


the time is now

Saints you don’t have to wait so God use



now well praise the Lord now this is

offering day on the broadcast and what

we do is give our partners and those who

are being uh blessed by our program just

an off opportunity to sew a seed now I’d

like you give you a word for your

increase because God is a god of

increase this word comes from the Bible

it’s talking about when Adam sinned in

the garden of what he lost he lost his

relationship with God he lost his

assignment but one of the biggest things

he lost he lost his ability for God to

provide for him and that’s what Born

Again gets back for you but a lot of

people get born again but they never get

back to that place where God can provide

for them they’re trying to work two jobs

or long double shifts and so forth and

so on there’s nothing wrong with that

but if you’re doing working for a living

God has a better way for you to live and

that’s basically what God has provided

through Jesus Christ it’s the good news

it’s that God wants us to rest in his

provision that’s a powerful concept he

wants us to rest in his provision a

story when Peter was fishing he has

fished all night caught nothing well

here comes Jesus Jesus is preaching on

the shoreline he asked Peter like to use

your boat Peter gave him permission he

got in here and he told Peter push out a

little from the land he did and Jesus

sat down and taught the people once he

finished speaking turned to Peter and

said Now launch out into the deep let

down your nets for a draw draw means a

great increase God wants you to increase

and so Peter said well I’ve toiled all

night and taken nothing nevertheless at

Thy word I’ll let down the net and when

he did it he enclosed so many fish to

the net popped and now he called for his

Partners they came and fill up their

boats and both boats began to sing

that’s how much God wants to give us an

overflowing amount and then Peter ended

up throwing himself at Jesus’s knees

saying away from me I’m a sinful man oh

Lord why cuz he’s astonished and all

that were with him at the draw of fishes

they had taken what did it do it brought

him to his knees because he saw that God

would provide for him a lot of people

don’t know God will provide for them

they’ve never found that out God has a

way of meeting your needs it’s through

your seed Peter’s seed was his boat you

have to se something sometimes well God

bless those who gave and bless those who

wanted to give but didn’t give that

sounds good but for you to get God’s

blessing and increase you’ve got to se a

seed he made it that way himself the

Bible says when God had lost his son or

lost the Earth and lost Adam and Eve and

so forth he SED God so Lov the world

that he gave so his son and when his son

came up we came up isn’t that something

so there might be some things you’ve

lost that you want to recover s a seed

so here’s the broadcast this is good

soil as you seow your seed let’s pray

this prayer right now in advance because

we know that you’re going to get a good

big increase of Harvest father we come

before you in jesus’ name thank you so

much for those who are not only faithful

in terms of supporting our ministry but

those Lord who are getting blessed by

our ministry we thank you for them all

Lord as they sew their seed into this

ministry we pray that you’ll measure it

back to them good measure pressed down

shaken together running over you’ll meet

their needs into their bosom we thank

you for it and Lord we thank you for

increase in every area of Our Lives we

bless you Lord in Jesus name amen well

it’s done praise God as you’ve sewn that

seed and whatever you have in mind Let

It Go sew it good ground it’ll be

measured back to you as the Bible says

3060 and some 100 fold well this is Bill

Winston saying thank you so much for

supporting us we love you and until next

time keep walking by

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