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Is there a supernatural

a world beyond the one we know?

Is there life after death?

Do angels exist?

Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven?

Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural?

Are healing miracles real?

Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of

the supernatural.

Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural!

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here.

Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural.

All of us have prayed and
sometimes felt, God, I don’t

think my prayers getting beyond
the ceiling.

I’m praying.

I’m moaning.

I’m groaning.

I’m doing everything I know to
do and my prayers aren’t getting


Well my friend has a revelation
from God that the devil is a

legalist But he has found the
game changer where you win every


I want him to teach you this

You know Robert, I
am so excited to release

this revelation to our
audience throughout the world.

This is a major game changer for

But I want to find out a little
bit more about you.

Your church has got signs and
wonders, and a tangible cloud

comes in.

Tell me about that.

Robert: Yes.

I travel now full time.

But I raised up and led this
church for 15 years.

What happened was one Sunday
morning I’m up preaching and

suddenly in a 1500-seat
auditorium, I cannot see the

back wall because there’s smoke
in the room.

I mean, I literally physically
seeing the smoke.

And I’m thinking in my head,
it’s like February in Texas,

someone left the door open.

Sid: Right.

Robert: And someone is burning
leaves outside and smoke as

drifted in.

I mean, that’s what I’m thinking
because you don’t expect to see


And suddenly I realize I didn’t
smell smoke, and that’s when I

realized this is the Glory of

The Glory of God has come in
this room.

And from that point on it would
come in as smoke.

It would come in as a cloud and
you can feel upon you.

Sometimes when it’s like a mist
you could feel it on your skin,

just tremendous things happening
as we were just in the presence

of the Lord.

Sid: Now Robert, you found a
legal secret to answer prayer.

What is that?

Robert: I found out that
everything is legal in the

spirit realm.

That’s why, for instance, when
Jesus died on the cross it’s the

greatest legal transaction of

And when he said, “It is
finished,” he met ever legal

mandate is now met.

That’s what he did on the cross.

So we take that legal mandate
and execute it into place.

In other words, a verdict has no
power unless it’s executed into


This is why a judge can render a
verdict, but if there is no

officer of the court to execute
it into place it doesn’t

accomplish anything.

We are the officers of the court
are anointed, deputized,

authorized by the Holy Spirit to
take what Jesus did on the cross

and execute it into place until
there is a practical function

connected to what he did.

Sid: You talk about that our big
mistake is we try to execute in

the battlefield.

Robert: That’s right.

Sid: Rather than the courts of

And you believe that’s like a
real court.

Robert: Absolutely.

Daniel 7 in Verse 10, the Bible
says, that the throne of God,

and describing what Daniel saw,
John saw in the Book of

Revelation, Ezekiel saw, Isaiah
saw, and the Bible calls that

the court.

It says, “And the court was
seated and the books were open.”

And books are full of the
destinies of people all the way

up to nations.

So what is in the books, it
takes courtroom activity to get

it into reality on the earth.

Every person in this room and on
the planet has a book in Heaven,

according to Psalm 139:16.

We have to know how to step into
the courts of Heaven and deal

with every legal thing the enemy
is using to stop us from getting

the destiny God ordained us.

Sid: So can the devil, who goes
after those little foxes, if you


Robert: Yes.

Sid: Those legal things, if he
has that, that can literally

block your prayers being

Robert: Yes.

Sid: Your healing, your
financial provision, your peace.

Robert: Absolutely.

Sid: Your family being coming
into the Kingdom.

This is important stuff.

Robert: Absolutely.

When Jesus, Jesus put prayer in
three dimensions.

In Luke 11 and Luke 18, he
talked of approaching God as

Father, approaching God as
friend, but then approaching God

as judge.

And so, and that’s the judicial

We understand going before God
as Father and as friend, but we

don’t really know a whole lot
about coming before him as judge

into the judicial systems of

Because whenever he talked about
the unjust judge, he was

obviously not saying God is an
unjust judge.

His point was if this widow
could get a verdict from an

unjust judge, how much more can
we come before God the judge of

all the earth, the righteous
judge, and see God render

verdicts on our behalf.

Sid: When you say we go before
the Court of Heaven, do you

really mean that’s where we go?

Robert: Yes.

The Bible says we’re seated
together with him in heavenly


And then when you read Hebrews,
Chapter 12, it says, “We have

come to Zion, the city of the
Living God.” And then it talks

about the judge, the mediator of
the new covenant, the blood when

it speaks of the things of the
spirits of just men.

Those are all voices that are in
the courts of Heaven, that are

speaking that we come into
agreement with.

So when the Bible says that we
seated together with him,

Hebrews 12:22-24 actually
explains somewhat what we have

come to in that place of being

And that from that position we
have tremendous authority to

present our petitions, which are
legal issues before the courts

of Heaven and see God render a
verdict to have them done on the


See, when I come into the courts
of Heaven, I’ll put it this way,

“Everything is naked and open
with the one with whom we have

to do,” it says in Hebrews 1:34.

But the point is, is that when I
cannot fake the spirit realm

out, the spirit real knows all

I mean, the demons knew who had
authority and who didn’t have


And so we have to come in, in a
realm of holiness, repenting,

but actually understanding that
the grace of God doesn’t give us

license to sin.

It empowers us to live above sin
so that we can take our rightful

position in the courts of Heaven
and see God’s will done.

Sid: Now that’s a big

That was a mouthful.

I hope you heard what he said.

But this is an idea that God
wants exposed right now for what

is about ready to happen on
Planet Earth.

It’s not the worse time on
Planet Earth.

Robert: That’s right.

Sid: It’s the best time on
Planet Earth.

Robert: Amen.

Sid: And that’s why God wants
you to understand this


I’m supposed to be a detective
of the supernatural.

I’m curious.

I want to find out.

When we come back I want to find
out how God showed you this

revelation and how the first
time you used it what happened.

Would you like to find that out?

We’ll be right back.


We’ll be right back to
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We now return to
It’s Supernatural!

Sid: Robert, when we’re trying
to advance the Kingdom of Heaven

or we’re trying to do the
destiny that God has put on our

life, why is there such a

What allows it?

Robert: There’s two things that
allow backlash, because

realizing everything is legal in
the spirit realm.

See, the devil cannot do what he
wants to do, just do it.

In First Peter 5:8, the Bible
says, “He is the,” the devil,

“our adversary who goes about
seeking who he may devour.” He

can’t just devour at will.

The word “adversary” is the
Greek word, “anti-decos”, which

means one who brings a lawsuit.

That’s what the word means.

Sid: Yes.

Robert: And it comes from two
words: anti and decos.

Anti means against, decos means

So the purpose of the lawsuit is
to deny us what is rightfully


See, people wonder why am I not
getting what the Bible says I’m

supposed to have, everything
Jesus bought for me, is because

the devil has a case against us
in the courts of Heaven.

And so when we rush to battle
and don’t understand I have to

go to the courtroom first to get
legal things in place, when I

rush to battle, before I deal
with the legal issues that the

enemy is using to resist me
with, he’s going to backlash

against us.

He has a legal right to.

Sid: Okay.

Let’s talk about the first time
you went to the Court of Heaven.

And by the way, you were talking
about the unjust judge and you

were telling me the interesting
thing is the woman didn’t go to

the devil.

She went to the judge.

Explain that.

Robert: That’s right.

When you read, see, first of
all, when you study Jesus’

teaching on prayer, he never
pictured prayer on a


That shocks people.

We are so taught it’s on the

He never puts prayer on a
battlefield, but he did put it

in a courtroom.

Because we’re in a conflict, but
there’s a difference of the

conflict of a battlefield the
conflict of a courtroom.

So when the widow went before
the unjust judge, she never

addressed her adversary.

She didn’t yell, scream, bind,

She didn’t do any of that.

She actually asked the judge for
a verdict that would render her

adversary, her anti-decos, same
word there, that would render

him unable legally to operate
against her.

And once that is in place now we
have the right to stand up and

rebuke him, and he will have to

It’s really what James 4 said:
“Resubmit yourself to God then

resist the devil.

He’ll flee.” Sid: So we get the
order wrong.

Robert: That’s right.

Sid: Okay.

You talked about something that
we could talk the whole show

about and that’s because most
people aren’t even aware of it.

The books that have our entire
life in Heaven and it’s not just

for the people that are
household words that you see

their names are on television.

It’s for everyone.

Robert: That’s right.

Sid: There are books, every one
of us, which has our destiny in

it, and that’s what we’re
contending for.

Robert: That’s exactly right.

Psalms 139:16 says, “All my
substance yet unformed.” I

believe that’s our DNA.

It’s what makes me who I am, my
interests, my gifts, my likes,

my dislikes.

We all have different ones.

God made us different.

And then he says, “And my days
yet unfashioned.” So before I

ever lived any of them, it says
they were written in a book in


Sid: And the devil is trying to
detour us from that destiny.

Robert: That’s right.

Sid: God wants us to fulfill
that destiny and it’s all found

out legally by going to the
Court of Heaven.

Robert: That’s right.

Just one quick thing.

Luke 22:31, this will blow us
away, it says that Jesus said to

Peter, “Simon, Simon, Satan has
a desire to have you that he may

suit you.” The word “desire”, he
demanded you be put on trial.

So Satan had an awareness of
what Peter’s destiny and his

strategy to stop him from
getting what was in his book was

to take him to court and say
he’s disqualified because of

these issues in his life.

But Jesus said, “I went to court
for you.

I’ve stood for you and you’re
going to get the destiny God

ordained for you.” Sid: In other
words, Jesus is our advocate.

Robert: Yes.


Sid: Okay.

Your son.

Robert: Yes.

Sid: You had a serious problem
with your son and this is where

you first understood the whole
going to the Courtroom of Heaven

rather than fighting in the
battlefield, having it settled

before they fight.

Robert: That’s right.

Sid: That’s wonderful.

So tell me step by step how this

Robert: Well what happened was
my son Adam went through a very,

very serious place in his life.

He went through a divorce, is
what he went through.

It devastated him.

His wife decided she didn’t want
to be married or be in the

ministry, or anything.

So for two years he was in a
depression and I couldn’t get

him out.

I tried to encourage him.

I tried to speak vision into
him, everything.

He just felt like he was
worthless, useless, and that’s

not Adam by personality.

He’s a very upbeat person.

Adam: Dad, it’s over.

My life is over.

God’s not there for me.

Robert: What happened was I
bound, I loosed, I cried, I

whispered, I shouted, I yelled.

I did everything I knew to do in

One day I just started seeing
this about the courts of Heaven.

I went to prayer and the Lord
said to me, “Bring Adam to my

courts.” I heard him as clear as
a bell.

Sid: I’ll tell you what.

Hold that thought.

What you’re about to understand
works in every arena of your


And because my guest is a
teacher, a God ordained teacher,

he makes it so clear, line upon
line, it’s not complex.

It’s so clear that you need the
devil to get confused.

We’re going to get it totally
clear when we come back.

Don’t go away.

We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural!

We now return to It’s

Sid: So as a father you must be
devastated because your son was

in such deep depression.

Everything you knew, it wasn’t
working until you heard a word

from Heaven.

Robert: I was watching my son
give up on what he had been made

for, and he knew he had been
made for, because he felt

everything he had failed.

So the Lord said, “Bring him to
my courts.” And I began to

understand a little bit just
enough to start.

And so I began to repent for
Adam because he was in no place

to deal with this.

I repented.

See, I tell people intercessors
do for others what they can’t do

for themselves until the can.

Sid: But you also needed
authority to do it as his

father, you did it.

Robert: I was his father.

That’s right.

That’s exactly right.

And so I began to repent for
him, and I repented for any

failures he had as a father, as
a husband.

I repented for him believing the
lie of the enemy.

I repented anything I felt,
anything I understood, anything

I thought, anything I imagined,
I repented.

It took me about five minutes.

And then I heard the Lord say
something really powerful and


He said, “Now you repent of the
things you have said negatively

about him to his mother,” my

He said, “Because the accuser is
taking your words and saying

even his own father says this
about him.” Now I never said

anything to Adam, but I had said
some things to his mother.

I don’t understand why you did
this, did this.

I don’t understand why he won’t
stand up.

I don’t understand why he won’t
shake free from this.

And I just spoke negative

Sid: And that was binding him.

Robert: And that was binding

My words were being used by the
accuser because as his father,

the accuser could take my words
and say, his father, this is the

testimony of his words
concerning him.

And so I repented.

Although now I’m repenting with

As soon as I got that done, it
took about five minutes, the

Lord said to me, “Now I want you
to prophesy his destiny.

Adam is nowhere.” And so I
started off, I said, “Lord, I

declare according to your word
how beautiful up on the mountain

are the feet of those that bring
good news.

Adam will carry the Gospel of
Jesus Christ.

He will walk upon the high
places.” And then suddenly the

Spirit of the Lord said, “Now
rebuke the spirit of

depression.” You see, what I
didn’t realize I had done, I had

dealt with every legal thing so
that now I could righteously and

legally attack the devil.

So then I said, “Satan, I rebuke
you.” And I still remember.

I said, according to Ephesians,
Chapter 5, I say, “Awake thou

that sleeps and cries will give
you life.

I rebuke you, you spirit of
depression and I command you to

leave my son now in Jesus’
name.” It took about 15 minutes

to do that after two years of

And I got up and I thought, that
was really different.

One and a half weeks later, my
phone rings and I look at it

says Adam.

And I punch it, and I say, “Hey
Adam.” He says, “Hey Dad,”

verbatim, “Can I talk to you?”
And I said, “Sure.” And he said,

“I don’t know what happened but
a week and a half ago suddenly

all the depression left.” Sid:

Isn’t that great?

Robert: “And I am now ready to
do God’s will.” Adam is now

pastoring his own church as a
senior full time pastor, taking

the church and has probably seen
at least 300 percent growth in

the last nine months, just the
gift of God working through him,

having tremendous success.

But it’s all traced back to
dealing in the courts of Heaven.

And this is what I tell people,
what I have not been able to do

in two years on the battlefield,
I accomplished in 15 minutes in

the courtroom.

Sid: You can do something better
than anyone else.

It’s all written in the book.

And some of you have missed your
destiny, and some of you have

lost your destiny.

But as long as you are alive you
can achieve that destiny and

you’re not going to lose a step.

Would you, I don’t, can you pray
for people that say, I think

I’ve lost my destiny.

Robert: Absolutely.


Sid: Would you pray for them
right now.

Robert: Absolutely.

So Lord, even as we just are
here, we just want to thank you

that you’re our father, you’re
our friend but you’re also


And we just want to come before
the courts of Heaven by faith,

and we want to ask, Lord, that
verdicts would be rendered.

You created each person with a
book, with a destiny from


Lord, I want to ask that every
legal issue that’s being used

against person, any family life
that, Lord, that legal issue

would be removed.

So what I want you to do is just
say this: Lord, in Jesus’ name.

Sid: Lord, in Jesus’ name.

Robert: I repent.

Sid: I repent.

Robert: For any sin.

Sid: For any sin.

Robert: Transgressions.

Sid: Transgressions Robert: Or

Sid: Or inequity.

Robert: I claim Colossians 2:14.

Anything against me.

Sid: Anything against me.

Robert: Any accusation.

Sid: Any accusation.

Robert: Anything that’s contrary
to me.

Sid: Anything that’s contrary to

Robert: You took it out of the

Sid: You took it out of the way.

Robert: And nailed it to your

Sid: And nailed it to your

Robert: Lord, that accusation is

Sid: Lord, that accusation is

Robert: By the blood of Jesus.

Sid: By the blood of Jesus.

Robert: And Lord, we grant you
as judge.

Sid: And Lord, we grant you as

Robert: The legal right.

Sid : The legal right.

Robert: To render a verdict.

Sid: To render a verdict.

Robert: That I can have the

Sid: That I can have the

Robert: That was written in the
books about me.

Sid: That was written about me.

Robert: In Jesus’ name.


Sid: In Jesus’ name.


I’m going to tell you something.

You’ve been wondering for a long
time why your prayers haven’t

been getting through.

You’ve been wondering for a long
time why there’s this blockage.

It’s about ready to be removed.

You are about ready to walk into
your destiny, and what a great


We’re coming into the greatest
move of God’s spirit in the

history of mankind.

And God created you to enter
this move.

He wants you free.

He wants you whole.

He wants you sold out to him.

He wants you to make him Lord.

Say, Jesus, I repent of my sins.

Be my Lord.

Sid: Next week on
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need the rest of his life and

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