Service Date: 12.12.19 8PM

listen it is good to be back home it is

good to be back home

y’all got the best pastors on this side

of the hitter hemisphere PT and Pastor

Sarah and and they told me that tonight

was the night for the city to be

activated now what’s so interesting is

that when you and I get a car or a phone

before we can use it we’ve got to

activate it because if we don’t actually

activate it it will not work according

to its design I need you to know that

praise is the first part of activating

your blessing for tonight and if you

can’t praise Him now you might miss your

blessing later so why don’t we just take

60 more seconds

to activate your blessing for tonight

the Bible says here 19 break a deal for


praise Him

right now


we’re we’re about to take our seats

but God asked me to do something quickly

can we fast forward one year from now so

right now we’re in the future we’re one

year we’re we’re in December of 2020 go

ahead and thank him for the premiere of

your movie go ahead and thank you for

what he’s already done thank you

that you can see yourself on Netflix

thank you that the job went through

scholarship winner by him that you

weren’t where you used to be thank you

2020 was amazing

perfect vision

I don’t know who I’m talking to but can

we come back let’s come back into the

present wasn’t it exciting to live in

the future what God’s gonna do now if

you believed that you were gonna have to

live next year


with that belief amen here’s why this is

so important because so often we allow

what we see with these eyes to

misinterpret what’s really going on but

we can get out of this and we can get

into this I’m here to tell you I’m here

to tell you if you came to be

entertained you came to the wrong place

they are exits behind you they are exits

on the side of you but if you came for a

word from the Lord you are in the right

place do me a favor high-five your

neighbor as you take your seat high-five

your neighbor and say neighbor I’m glad

you’re here


I feel anticipation in the house I feel

that somebody in here is is in a place

of of anticipating some things yeah yeah

God has had me on this one idea this one

topic this one subject that every time I

try to escape from it

he just says this is where I need you to

stay because this is where God tells me

that most of us and I say us even though

my position may be elevated physically

don’t mistake that my life is elevated

from yours we all in this together

Amen somebody we all in this together

right can we just have an honest moment

light can be a little hard faith can be

difficult am i right that’s why

sometimes when people you know when I’m

walking in faith I can’t return every

phone call I can’t return every text

because you know you talk to that one

friend that plants that one seeded out

and you in a fragile moment and it

messes up your whole situation when you

said RR and faith you got to stay

focused and so what I’m noticing and

realizing is that one of the reasons why

we aren’t receiving all that God has for

us is because we’re not believing all

that God has for us and and and no

matter how good of a word you get

consistently no matter how often you you

pray no matter how often you listen to

the word no matter how often you try to

elevate spiritually if you fundamentally

don’t believe what

God believes about you it’s gonna be

very challenging to receive what he has

for you so so as I started to get into

this I said God I really need you to

show me how we handle this he said I

will but do you believe and so often

when I thought about belief

I thought about belief intellectually

yeah I believe I believe Lord but then

my behavior did not align with my

intellectual belief I need y’all to know

if you don’t know me and you don’t know

how I get down if you don’t want to be

convicted tonight you might want to go

ahead and leave because I love you

enough to tell you the truth

and then somebody alright so so so

here’s the thing as I was really getting

to this idea of belief God said do you

believe and when I began to look at my

behavior and how I was living life there

were certain things that I was doing

that were working against what I said I

was believing and so what was so

fascinating God said look up the

definition of belief and I looked up the

definition of belief and do you know

what it means to accept something as

true amen

they didn’t know what was going up to

accept something is true now here is the

question and here’s the challenge how

many things are we accepting about

ourselves that aren’t true so often in

life we have allowed our upbringing and

our childhood to program our belief

system about who we are and what we

could do and I have to just pause before

I get into the scripture and just ask

you a question who have you allowed to

program your belief system about you and

why have you accepted things about

yourself that just aren’t true so often

people growing up they would tell me

davonne you could ever make it in the

industry you can never make it in

Hollywood you’re a Christian you you

know you can never preach and do all the

other things and part of me when I

started out began to believe that and I

accepted as truth that I had to choose

one of the gifts that God put within me

so then what would happen is as I

accepted that truth and I only lived in

that one area of gifting to see my

initial idea when I got to this town was

to only produce now it doesn’t matter

that I preached my first timer when I

was 15 it doesn’t matter that I’ve been

in the church all my life doesn’t matter

that I’ve always had the gift of public


none of that matter I only saw that I

wanted to produce and make it in

Hollywood now I said okay that’s cool

but I was only accepting one area of

truth that I had to choose just that and

as I began to choose that one area what

began to happen is I could only receive

in that area am i saying too much oh boy

so here’s what began to happen God

speaks to all of us

about who we are but what happens is in

my experience as he begins to reveal who

we are we begin to look at our life we

begin to remember the programming and

what he shows us doesn’t align with what

we see so we begin to take the fullness

of the vision he gives us and narrow it

but then as we’re on that path something

in us says there’s more can we just

pause for a moment is there anybody by a

show of hands that something in your

spirit says that there’s just more for

you come on raise both hands you know

let’s just get it there’s more waving

how come on you may be watching online

go ahead and wave in front of your

laptop or your iPhone or your iPad or

your Android just there’s something in

your spirit that says there’s more

hey there’s more what I began to

discover in order to receive the more I

had to believe the more and I had to

stop accepting something about myself

that was not true I’m the middle child

of three boys any middle children yo we

gonna just start a support group of

Facebook group right cuz it was hard for

the middle children I know come on we

had it a little bit harder alright but I

grew up with these beliefs that I was

not necessarily worthy I wasn’t worth

much and so I would find my value in

doing not be I gotta just pause right

right right here for a minute because so

often we allow our performance to then

indicate our value this is why this is

why this is why this –n I’m not gonna

get in you and your business and tell

you how to live but this is why you got

a monitor social media because are you

posting for performance or are you

posting because of purpose and I’m

guilty this too how many pictures do you

gotta take in order just to post one

because you’re concerned if you post

what you really want nobody will like it

or they’ll talk about you how often do

we we we post for performance I gotta

talk to somebody it’s time to lead the

performance-based living in 2019 and

begin to switch to purpose to guide us

into 2020 who am I talking to right now

it’s exhausting to tie up our value and

what we do but I have to admit I was

guilty of that I didn’t feel like

nothing unless I did something

now that was okay when what I was doing

was cool

but what about when I did one thing and

got praised did it again and got no

praise then who I was in my mind began

to diminish and what I began to realize

is that I was accepting something about

myself that wasn’t true that I had to do

in order to be and then I wondered why I

was unhappy and I wonder why I wasn’t

receiving all the things God had showed

me because I was allowing a belief to

stay in my spirit that was not true I

had to learn doesn’t matter about the

doing first I first have to be do I feel

like I’m a child of God do I feel

forgiven do I do I accept the fact that

I’m blessed and highly favored do I do I

understand that that no matter what I do

no matter what I may write no matter

what I’ve may produce I’m still Devon

Franklin not because he this is one of

the things we get so caught up in

position and title we only know ourself

relative to what we do but I need you to

know you are who you are whether you do

that thing or not you are who you are I

got to get to this scripture in a minute

but here’s why this is so important

because in order to receive we got a

look at our belief and begin to say why

do I believe these things about myself

that are limiting me why do I believe

these things about God that are not true

God loves us he has every intention for

our success God said I sent my son Jesus

to die on the cross that you may have

life and have it more abundantly so why

do we allow ourselves to believe less

than and here’s what I know how many of

you there’s some things you’re asking

for God from God that you have not yet

received there’s some things you’re

waiting to receive okay the area that

you’re waiting to receive

is the area where your beliefs have to

change yeah what do we got we got 35

minute okay okay okay i’ma get in I’m a

giddy don’t worry I’m getting to the

scripture but but here’s the thing how

many actors in the house how many actors

in the house right now you notice I

didn’t say aspiring either you are your

honor you know what I mean like either

you are or you’re not I aspire what does

that mean it’s like no I am

how many directors in the house how many

producers in the house

how many executives in the house how

many just you or anybody else in the

house here’s here’s the thing

if you believe that you are that you

must do an inventory of your life does

everything in my life reflect that and

if my life does not reflect that it

means I’m not really believing that okay

let’s go to the word watch this you

about to see it mark chapter 10 I’m

gonna start at verse 46 then they came

to Jericho as Jesus and His disciples

together with a large crowd we’re

leaving the city there was a blind man

named Bartimaeus he was sitting by the

roadside begging we don’t know how long

he was there right we don’t know how

many other blind men there were in this

particular area of the city but history

chose to record Bartimaeus because of

his belief you’re about to see why when

he heard it was Jesus of Nazareth he

began to shout Jesus son of David have

mercy on me there are possibly thousands

of people around Jesus here is one man

blind Bartimaeus begging like he

probably normally would do but all of

Sutton he hears a shift in his

environment that tells him today is not

like every other day there’s something

in the atmosphere that’s different today

than any other day I’ve been in position

to babe hmm when he hears probably by

asking why is the environment different

why are people making so much noise we

assumed somebody said oh that Jesus you

heard about he is in the environment now

we have to pause here blind bartimaeus

had a choice a choice to make

am I going to believe that this is the

day I can get healed or am I going to

say this is the way I will always be and

as a result my belief that it will never

change will be the level that I receive

that it will never change had a decision

to make some of y’all got some decisions

to make

I guess I got to give you a commercial

break I’m gonna come right back to our

regular scheduled program see see see so

often so often we are some of y’all

you’re dating somebody that is well

beneath your level of a belief but

what’s happening is because you keep

dating down you keep receiving down I

don’t know who I’m talking to right now

next year you gotta say I’m taking my

belief up and if they can’t come up I am

NOT gonna receive down and if you’re

tired of receiving what’s beneath you

then stop accepting what is beneath you

who am I talking to right now

I’ll be listen I’m sorry

some of y’all listen you might be with

that person right now it’s okay no it’s

alright like hey after the service say

hey I love you you you my brother sister

in Christ but I got to go a different


why because you have to believe that you

are worthy of the best you got to

believe that you you are worthy of love

on this level because if you don’t you

only accept love on this level and

you’ll never truly be happy or have

peace because you will always be aware I

know that I’m not where I want to be in

dating at the level I’m supposed to so

many times people come to me for dating

advice well why do I keep getting the

same person because you keep accepting

the same person if you want what you’re

receiving to change stop accepting what

you don’t want and I’m not Callisto I’m

not talking about anything that that

sounds good I’m telling you what I know

recently I was in negotiation you know

y’all my family I’ll tell you I was in a

go she ate with a big studio a major

studio to produce a film they want me

produce ville I said okay cool no

problem and I told my attorney here’s

what the deal needs to look like because

I have a belief about myself about my

value as a producer they came back and

they offered me a third of what I

thought my value was I didn’t get mad

stop getting mad because people don’t

see you the way you see you the only

thing that matters is that you see you

and you don’t change how you see you

because of how they see you what am I

talking to right now

stop adjusting your belief or you

because they don’t see it yet trust me

you keep believing in you and one day

their level of belief will get to your

level of belief but stop making yourself

smaller so that people see you and stop

fighting with people about your

greatness stop it if they don’t see it

hey god bless you one day I’m gonna get

you some contacts so you can actually

see who you’re talking to

come on now you you’ve gotta start

talking about it and believe in it no

matter what anybody says so

so I said um okay y’all I said in my

attorney I said um go ahead and counter

and I’m gonna hold in these areas he

held in those areas they came back they

went up just a little bit I said okay

let’s pass my attorney said man you you

be real difficult today I said oh I said

oh so so so okay let me explain

difficult to you difficult is accepting

a deal that I know it’s beneath me

difficult is having to go across the

world and produce a movie and be on set

for six months in a deal that I know is

not my word you wanna talk about

difficult difficult is accepting

something and living with something that

I knew at the very beginning I should

have said no Who am I talking to right


you want to talk about Jessica let them

call you difficult yep I’m gonna be

difficult and I’ma be on purpose

i’ma being destiny yeah I’m difficult

and he loves me anyway with my typical

spell cuz I know my value and I know my

word homie typical I don’t care what you

call me I’m talking to somebody right

now I’m talking to somebody right now

gotta get back to the work so watch this

so watch this so so I said listen pass

and I said oh by the way I’m not being

difficult I just got to keep my standard

cuz if I don’t believe if I don’t

believe that I’m one of the top

producers in Hollywood I can never

receive what top producers in Hollywood

were saying if you don’t believe that

you are that one of the greatest actors

on this planet you can never receive

what great actors received if you don’t

believe that you’re one of the greatest

directors on this one you can never

receive what great directors receive if

you don’t believe you are God’s favorite


you can never receive what his favorites

received who am I talking to right now

you’ve gotta believe ah

see watch to see what see here’s the

thing here’s the thing here’s the thing

here’s the thing uh so many times we get

mad at people for what they believe a

lot down if that’s what you believe

about you god bless you my opinion ain’t

got nothin to do with it

the only thing that matters is what I

believe about me so stop getting mad and

then well how could they think let them

think what they want what do you think

about you so we passed major motion

picture studio one of the biggest in


we passed pass

some of y’all need to get a pass in your

spirit uh uh next time they approach our

I’ll pass no no no I’ve been there

before I have to teach her in the hat

from that kind of experience passing on

that one I got to pay no no no let it go


you got to have courage to pass all

right turn today because you gotta ask

the courage all right because in the

moment the enemy will trick you and say

you crazy you just gave up a lot of

money and the opportunity to work one of

the biggest studios and you are

offending them and upsetting them see

the enemy is going to attack your belief

system hmm

this is what’s been happening to some of

you all year long he’s been attacking

your belief system no no it ain’t gonna

happen you know you’re too old no no no

it’s you don’t have the reason that’s

just the enemy trying to get you out of

what God is trying to get you into so

guess what because I had a belief they

call back see what was the problem

buddy what do you mean you’re passing

you know no I realize I said I said

listen I love you all I want to do it

but I can’t do it for this I said the

reason why you want me in the first

place because who I am

yeah listen listen we gotta have

confidence in who God created us to be

it ain’t Harrigan it’s just confidence

because if you don’t if you don’t have

the confidence for you and now I’m gonna

pound it for you hello I don’t have my

own confidence

no one’s gonna have the confidence for

me to make up the difference so you

gotta start talking up your confidence

you are worth it you are valuable you

are valued you do create value you are

creative who am I talking to you right

now you got to talk yourself up to

yourself so they call back and said okay

so what do we got to do I told you what

I was worth and I say it in love do you

know they closed the deal they came back

closed the deal at the level of my

belief about my services


in order to receive we must believe and

if we don’t like what we’re currently

receiving we have to change what we’re

currently believing blind Bartimaeus had

a belief that today was going to be the

day where everything changed and he was

going to believe that Jesus is who he

said he was and could do what he said he

could do so he yells out son of David

have mercy on me

which means deliver me from my pain

delivery from my affliction and here is

the very interesting thing he did not

care who in the public judged him he was

willing to say yes I am in pain and I’m

asking for help there is too much pride

in the church this is truly an emergency

room stop acting like you got it all

together stop acting like you don’t go

through no pain listen I love the Lord

and I hurt too I love the Lord and I cry

too it’s okay to admit God if you don’t

intervene today I don’t know how I’m

gonna make it let’s get the vanity out

of our victory and let’s start being

honest about what we’re going through he

said Lord deliver me from my pain

deliver me from my affliction I’m blind

deliver me please now here’s where it

gets real interesting he’s shouting as

soon as he begins to shower as soon as

he begins to believe for himself on

another level conflict enters the story

verse 48 many rebuked him and told him

to be quiet see here’s a here’s of truth

when you and I start to believe


it starts to sound like noise to

somebody who’s not believing the same

way and have you ever started to change

things in your life have you ever

started to make decisions for your

better self and the people that were

used to your lower self begin to say

well who do you think you are well what

are you doing you think you better than

us no I ain’t thinking about you I’m

thinking about Who I am I’m thinking

about what God called me to do ah ah

now here’s a but here’s the temptation

here’s the temptation he called out they

were built him shut up you’re yelling

too loud

he ain’t gonna hear you stop it you’re

getting on our nerves okay you’re making

us sick

okay now blind Bartimaeus had a choice

do I listen to the rebuke and stop do i

lower my belief or do I keep it high who

are you lowering your belief for I gotta

tell y’all I’ve been in LA for 23 years

23 years just in September of this year

a lot of opportunities to lower my

belief and a lot of different things to

listen to the rebuke and when I chose

not to it was lonely I just got to take

a minute and talk to the lonely in the


yeah yeah if you’re feeling a little

loan I need you to stand up right now I

need you to stand up right now I need

you to know that even though you’re

lonely because of your walk ooh you’re

right where God needs you to be because

God has to sometimes take you away from

those that mean you no good to God I

take you away so as he takes you away

he’s trying to build you up don’t let

the enemy break you down just because

you’re by yourself you got God the

Father God the Son and God the Holy

Spirit so you you trust me you got a

party going on you just don’t know it

it’s okay don’t worry about being


focus on being purposeful amen I’m here

to tell you as someone who has spent

many lonely days God worked it out and

every sacrifice you make for him he

absolutely will return to you the people

around Bartimaeus were sick told him to

be quiet I also thought I’ll give you

all notice if they sick of you cuz what

God is doing now you might want to go

ahead and get him some health insurance

because what God’s gonna do for you next

year it’s gonna put him in the hospital

if they’re sick now they gonna be able

to make it through 2020 what God’s

getting ready to do through you go ahead

say if you sick now you ain’t gonna be

able to handle me later if you don’t

like the sound of my voice now wait till

you hear it coming out of every

streaming service wait till you can’t

turn on the TV without seeing me

who am I talking to right now if you

can’t handle me now you better take some

Dramamine because it’s about to get real

blind Bartimaeus it says that he didn’t

take the bait

he shouted all the more son of David

have mercy on me let me tell you


they ain’t gonna understand your stand

doesn’t matter you got to keep saying

consistent you got to keep being

persistent you got to keep showing up

listen to me you got to keep showing up

you got to keep saying oh I believe I

believe I believe and my belief will be

seen in my behavior watch this watch

this watch this Jesus stopped and said

call him there are thousands of people

potentially at this event in this in

this particular scene bartimaeus is one

person they said he ain’t go here you

stop he didn’t stop and Jesus said call


you may think that your prayers are

going unanswered you may think that your

sacrifice in public is not mere private

is not being seen but what you do in

private will be rewarded in public

that’s the Word of God you think that

your discipline is not taking you where

it needs let me tell you every sacrifice

you make for him he will honor you and

I’m a living testimony of it



he hears you he hears you you’re cutting

through the clutter you just don’t

realize it and what’s so interesting is

the way that sometimes this looks in the

natural is that you’ll be staying

consistent you’ll be staying in belief

and God will put you on the mind of

somebody that you don’t even know knows

you but your discipline your positive

attitude your kindness your consistency

is like the yellow Bartimaeus it

reverberates and you don’t even realize

that when you step into environments

you’re making a sound to your sound of

belief will help you receive what it is

he has for you so watch this Jesus they

call him and I love what they say they

say listen

cheer up on your feet he’s calling you

throwing aside his cloak he jumped up

and ran to Jesus that’s interesting

he’s blind

but he throws aside his coke and he

jumps and runs to Jesus what that

implies is that he he didn’t care what

was in front of him he didn’t care what

he looked like he didn’t care what he

was where he didn’t care how many times

he stumbled he knew that now is his time

and he was going to go after what was

rightfully his you got to stop worrying

about how you look you got to stop

wanting to just be cute on your way to

victory don’t worry if you gotta wear

the same shoes every day don’t worry if

you gotta wear the same shirt every day

let me tell you something keep on moving

in the direction of what God has already

ordained for you to have listen don’t

get me wrong I say it’s okay to look the

way you want to look but too often we

want to look the part but we ain’t

believin the part cuz we’re too worried

or we were gonna say blind Bartimaeus

that I don’t know what’s in the way but

I’m ain’t gonna worry about it

why cuz I’m called whoo turn to your

neighbor say you sitting next to

somebody who’s cold

turn to your other neighbor say yep I’m

cold you got to watch out I’m cold come

on somebody jesus said what is it you

want me to do and blind bartimaeus says

rabbi I want to see Jesus says what is

your request Bartimaeus says rabbi I

want to see he had to know what it is he

wanted he had to know what it is he was

believing in order to get into a

position to receive he you got to study

to show yourself approved this is why

your preparation in this season is

critical because as God brings you in

front of people that have the potential

to bless you if you are not prepared you

will squander what is already yours this

is why this is why this is why no matter

what it is you’re aspiring to do right

you have to believe you already are it

and say okay if the thing that we’re

going that I want to happen we’re

happening now how would I act let me

start that way now oh well if I had a

movie you know I will be up at 5 o’clock

I’d be running my lines you know I would

be in the gym well guess what start

running some lines don’t matter start

memorizing something go get yourself in

the gym if you’re a movie star be a

movie star come on somebody who am I

talking to right now if that’s how you

would live

live that way now turn to neighbor say

now now now now last thing I’m gonna say

it we’re done man listen which man the

way this thing is flowing we could go

for til Sunday but we ain’t gonna do


50 to Rabbi he says rabbi want to see

and then 52 verse 52 Jesus says go your

faith has made you whole and immediately

his sight came back okay so this is very

interesting he had a belief that he

could live life with sight he could not

see it in the natural but his belief was

the only thing that gave him the vision

to pursue it in order to receive the

vision he saw he had to believe at first

sounds like faith to me so two points I

want to bring up and then we’re gonna

close the first one is this we go back

to the beginning of the text it says

when blind Bartimaeus heard it was Jesus

he immediately went into action can you

imagine if blind Bartimaeus was high on

that day

now listen I’m not gonna tell you how to

live but I am gonna challenge oh well no

you know you know getting high takes me

closer to God oh really

the Lord not give us a spirit of fear

but of power love and a sound mind a

sober mind all I’m talking about can you

imagine the blind bartimaeus was drunk

can you imagine if he was tipsy hurts

and Jesus came in the vicinity one you

may not have heard him – he may have

said it’s all right

he’ll come back are you allowing

whatever substance you’re consuming I

told you if you didn’t want to be

convicted to go if you’re still here

it’s your fault because we you know we

just say oh well well all this stuff is

natural and it doesn’t matter if you do

not have clear facility of your mind

can you really hear what it is he wants

you to do and is it possible you’re

missing out on opportunity because

you’re not practicing sobriety I don’t

know who I’m talking to right now yeah

sorry I gotta tell you what God is

telling me to tell you now now that was

really for the casual users in the house

if you have a serious addiction I want

to pray that that it gets broken right

like I wouldn’t want to pray if it’s a

behavior you don’t want to do I’m gonna

pray over that tonight when we do our

altar call in a minute right but if

you’re just thinking oh well you know

does it matter

think about it blind Bartimaeus made

that decision didn’t matter he would

have never received the very thing that

could change his whole life I want your

perception of what God is doing to go up

and the way to get that perception is to

be clear of mine now listen now people

ask me you know to drink all the time

they all the time nobody want to give me

the money but they want to give me

plenty of drinks

and then funny how that works come on am

i right you ask somebody to borrow money

they’re like I ain’t got none oh you got

a drink oh yeah here I got the whole

bottom now I choose not to do it why

because because here’s why I want to

stay clear god what you saying what you

want me to do

what do you want me to go what you want

me to that’s my choice I’m gonna tell

you how to live I’m just asking you to

think about how you’re living and if

it’s not aligning with what you’re

believing maybe it’s time to change how

you livin here’s the second point and

we’re done even been to the movie

anybody been in the movie before by show

hands you’ve been in movies in a second

okay great so so so before the movie

starts what happens the previews right

there played okay so how many times when

you go to the film and the movie and you

see a trailer of a movie you want to see

do you get excited why because you know

what’s coming so when you close your

eyes and God begins to play the trailer

for your life on the screen of your mind

why do you get discouraged you should

get excited because you know what’s

coming who am I talking to right now why

don’t you go ahead and thank the Lord

for what is getting ready to come in

your life blessings are coming if you

believe power is coming

if you

salvation is coming if you believe

acceleration is coming if you believe

who am I talking to in the house tonight


now here’s what we got to do if you need

your belief tonight to be fixed changed

if you are making the decision that yo I

gotta take my belief at the level that

God wants I need you to get down to this

altar right now down to this altar right

now down to this altar right now if if

you know there’s some things in your

belief system that have to shift now is

the time I need you to get down here

right now you you’ve got to make a move

why because moving out of your comfort

zone is a sign of belief one of the

things I gotta ask if you are dealing

with an addiction to a substance I’m not

asking you what the substance is and you

you are saying I need deliverance and I

need prayer right now for that substance

I’m asking you to raise your hand I’m

asking you to have the courage no matter

what it may be it may be food it may be

alcohol it may be a form of drugs

whatever it may be

Amen keep your hands raised thank you

for your courage we see you heaven sees

you I want you to know that you are

gonna I want to talk right now and pray

right now for those that are dealing

with this addiction I want you to know

that that God has you not the addiction

having you I need you to know you got to

stop beating yourself up stop beating

yourself up because the guilt and the

shame is perpetuating the addiction so

I’m praying right now that that

addiction will be broken over your life

and that you would begin to seek help

because some of these addictions can get

worked out through professional help so

I’m praying this prayer would be a

catalyst for you to get the help you

need to overcome the addiction that may

be holding you back I need you to know

that no weapon formed against you will

prosper even the weapon of addiction it

will not prosper in the mighty name of

Jesus now if you have come down here for

your belief to go up I need you to hold

your neighbors hand right now grab your

neighbors and do me a favor raise their

hand right now raise it this is the

International sign of victory and as you

have helped them guess what happened

your hand went up ha you will win if you

do not quit

I believe that 2020 will be the best

year of your life I believe you’re gonna

begin to believe on another level

they’re gonna accept the truth about who

you are you are blessed and highly

favored you are valued and valuable you

are worth something you have what it

takes to make it you are creative you

are talent I don’t care what your

parents spoke over you you have what it

takes I don’t care what your family sent

against you God is speaking for you and

is for you but you have to know it and

believe it in your spirit so I’m praying

right now the my name of Jesus that

everyone with their hand raised were

begin to receive the power of who you

are and you would begin to know that God

has already gone before you to prepare

the way I speak life I speak power and I

speak Jesus over you right now in the

mighty holy matchless name of Jesus why

don’t you give God a hand praise right


give him a break

let him know you receive what he is

giving you tonight

your site is coming back

powers coming back