When you’re in a state of unbelief, it blocks you from your own blessing.

since the devil cannot prevent God from

blessing you his only alternative is to

put you in a state of spiritual siege so

that you cannot access the blessing that

God has freely given you sometimes we

are starving not because of something

that God did not supply but because of

something he supplied that we cannot

cease when the enemy puts you in a state

of unbelief it blocks you from your own

blessing and kingj ahora m– had the

wrong people around him at this time we

saw it in the text the officer verse 2

on whose arm the king was leaning

sidenote for all the students be careful

who you lean on he was leaning on a man

who would not believe who would not

connect to the prophecy by faith and

when you lean on people who insist on

dragging you into their dysfunctional

way of thinking this might be only for

five people but sometimes something you

lean on in one season that props you up

can paralyze you in the next season and

sometimes we build in our lives support

systems that are unable to accommodate

the weight of what God is speaking to us

so be real careful who you lean on ask

somebody can I lean on you because see I

don’t want to get in the middle of a

famine and be leaning on someone who

doesn’t have faith for the life that I’m

trying to live I can’t just be

surrounded by people who refuse to

believe that better days are ahead and

that greater things are in store so

sometimes I have to restrict access and

I can’t just be around anybody and I

can’t just listen to anything and I

cannot believe everything I see and I

certainly cannot believe everything I

think so sometimes I’ve got to shut it

down and sometimes I got a mute some

people and sometimes I got to spend some

time in the presence of God because

my signal-to-noise ratio has caused me

to miss the provision of God because I’m

leaning on the wrong people and

listening to the wrong voices this is

the word of the Lord

I’m not saying be mean to people just

don’t lean on them

lean on the everlasting arms lean on the

promises of God build your house on a

solid foundation not the shifting sands

of people’s opinions and the man on

whose arm the king lean said could this


look how Elijah responded he said you

will see it with your own eyes but you

ain’t gettin none of it that’s the new

New International Version no no I was

just thinking how sad that was that it

was a day of deliverance and the top

adviser to the King starved to death a

matter of fact he’d even get the chance

to start because look when the people

went into the enemy’s camp and plundered

the enemy’s camp in accordance with the

word of the Lord verse 17 says now the

King had put the officer on whose arm he

leaned in charge of the gate question

who have you put in charge of your gates

what regulates your thoughts what

regulates your belief what regulates

your self-image look he put the man in

charge of the gate there’s a lot of

Revelation in this message I’m gonna

give you all of it I can’t but you will

need to lean into this message because

sometimes you have put a past experience

in charge of the gate to your future

listen and when you let your past

experience regulate access to your

future you will always be stuck in a

stage of life that can no longer

accommodate what God is speaking in this

season not gonna happen but what if I

had listened to him we wouldn’t get to

hang out today what if I had listened to

him I would have built me a little white

church with some little white people and

it’d be about 50 of us and we would just

preach to the choir and we wouldn’t

change anything and we wouldn’t touch

anything and we wouldn’t have a fan

watching all over the world the devil is

a liar is happening and it’s gonna

happen with or without you you might as

well get richer my watch off my wrist

chef somebody say it’s happening and

what a horrible thing for it to be

happening right in front of you but you

don’t experience it the man on whose arm

the King leaned stood in the gate and

while the people were running to the

victory the Bible says they trampled him

in the Gateway he died in the gate of

what was possible now give me a minute

I don’t really know what to do

it’s on to me somebody say get out of

the gate

until twelve people suck in happen pile

of time come on twelve people get out of

the gate nobody coming to help me either

I don’t need you I don’t need you

and do this myself I started with week

one I was saying get back in the gate

but I heard the Lord saying this time

get out of the gate I said what is it he

said make a move you hear all this

teaching you hear all this excitement is

good but you got to get started and he

died in the gate way he blocked his own

breakthrough he saw it but he did not

experience it because he would not

believe it it is our unbelief that

blocks our blessing not others some of

us we block ourselves by blaming others

and so we stay locked in prisons of

offense and we miss blessings because we

would rather blame somebody else than

believe God say let me bridge this you

cannot believe God and blame them at the

same time you can’t believe God and

blame others either you believe that

what people meant for evil God means for

good or you don’t if you believe God it

means there’s nothing life can do to you

there’s nothing people can throw at you

there’s nothing they can say about you

think about you or lock you out of that

will keep you from receiving what God is

assigned to your life

so here’s the announcement Elijah you

can have your breakthrough or you can

have your blame but you can’t have both


when the king came to Elijah he said

this is God’s fault that we’re in this


it wasn’t the Lord’s fault it was the

fault of the leader and sometimes we

will not lead our own lives and take

initiative for our own repentance so we

block our blesses voice do you hear me

we block our own blessings we not not

the devil our disbelief God’s gonna do

it the other day I’m a great man of God

was encouraging me great man of God if

you made a list of the top five people

in the world he would be in my opinion

somewhere in the top 10

but I respect him so much now why I

respect him he has longevity and

ministry and he was introducing me to

speak he had invited me to speak and he

got up to introduce me and the things he

was saying about me they were they were

so nice and encouraging I thought he was

talking about someone else it was a kind

of introduction where he wasn’t just

speaking like he wrote a book or he

pastored a church he was saying things

that he saw in me and how God had called

me and our ministry and a voice to the

generation a bridge to reconciliation

just things that are while he was saying

them at the same time that he was

affirming me watch this

there was another there was another

voice not on the stage but inside my

soul you ever had this happen like

somebody is trying to affirm you trying

to love you trying to validate you but

you cannot receive it because your gates

are blocked there is something in the

way called you that will not allow you

to receive the love that God is trying

to give you through someone else and

while he was saying these things about

me it’s almost like the more he said

good about me the worse I felt because

what I thought is he doesn’t know me the

problem with you is you’ve got too much

dirt on yourself

and the problem with you is you think

you know yourself better than God does

the moment the revelation hits your life

that the only one who knows you

completely is the same one who loves you

unconditionally you will be unstoppable

in the kingdom of God and while he was

sitting there affirming me and saying

things about me the devil that will

slithering serpent that came crawling up

the eave talking about that God really

say he was placing limitations it was my

own limitation it’s hard for you to take

on Giants when you see yourself as a

grasshopper it’s hard for you to come

out of a famine when you are living in

the depths of your own frustration and

even when I preach sometimes some of you

play me off and hold me off and cross

your arms and close your heart and you

lean back and it is your way of shutting

the gates but you are missing the

miracle because you feel unworthy but

God never predicated his blessing on

your worthiness perfection is not the

price of admission to the kingdom of God

north to the great works and mighty

thinks that he has called you to do in

the earth

I feel anointed to tell you today

imperfection has never stopped God from

blessing anybody the only thing that

blocks your blessing is unbelief but I

dare you to shout right now loud enough

where that devil can hear you

I am the righteousness of God I need

y’all to shout my voice inspired shop


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