In these days of danger, trouble, and evil, you, as God’s child, can have total round-the-clock protection! Find out how you and your loved ones can enjoy 24/7 protection from terror, viruses, and any kind of danger seen or unseen as Joseph Prince expounds in three powerful messages the all-comprehensive psalm of protection, Psalm 91. Learn the simple keys to being in the secret place of the Most High and under the wings of the Almighty, where no evil can even come near you. You’ll live unafraid and with boldness as you allow the certainty of your heavenly Father’s love and the sure promises of His Word to guard your heart against every fear!

In the last days

there will be numerous earthquakes,

famines, plagues, terror

and great signs from heaven.

In the world we live in today, if there is no terror, there are plagues;

if there is no plague, there is also destruction in the air and in the food we eat.

More than any other time in history, we are in dire need of divine protection.

And here, church, is where Psalm 91 comes into play.

God has promised that in him you will find that place where “you will not fear the fright of the night”.

There will be no plague that will approach your home.

I will say of my Lord,

“He is my refuge, my fortress.

“” My GOD, in whom I trust. ”

We need not be afraid because the Bible says that “God protects us.

– God, whenever you see danger, put me in the right place at the right time. I need you. –

This is a declaration of faith.

Psalm 91 works when you declare it by faith.

He will command his angels

to guard you in all your ways.

While you are driving to your work, or returning from work

, going here or going there,

while you are working alone,

you are simply walking around not knowing what danger lies ahead,

“” so that your foot does not trip over any stone ” ”

This is the picture of His protection from dangers you don’t even know about

and are about to run into.

You will not fear the fright of the

night nor the arrow that flies by day.

And this is your promise from God:

“” A thousand will fall by your side, and ten thousand will fall to your right

but you will not be hit. “”

Praise him, church, Hallelujah!