After Tim Devon finds out some shocking family news, he uses his high school graduation money to leave Los Angeles in search of his father, armed with only a name and the city of Amsterdam as clues. When his meager funds run out, Tim begins to spiral until he has an encounter with a single caring person.




so now





you make problems Moira

you keep running away

haven’t we Taken good care of you

you want to fly Moira is that it

must your wings are beautiful and strong

Paris is Straight Ahead Lash



you’re free the door of your cage is

open go home you can do it


no respect from the lady

they’re waiting for you out there team I

think you will do some business today


thank you








thank you



from the West Coast California boys just

hoping to find a friendly face how can

you be lonely this is Amsterdam and you

must be one of the the official greeters

huh you do this for a living yeah no my

uh my father’s exhaust movie star I mean

no really I dropped his name he’d

probably squeal and he pulled my

allowance and you know included me over

to Europe to learn a little bit about


Hey listen I’ve uh I’ve got some really

great hash cocaine anything you want

guaranteed to make Amsterdam memorable

you’re in luck to buy from me stuff this

time pretty dirty

tough price for the scumbags so I’ll be

back in a minute all right

what’s up

excuse me


excuse me can I take your picture

don’t go it’s just a test

thank you






thank you

separations now London Gatwick but for

sure to Melbourne

Amsterdam 86 participants please be

seated over this way

thank you



hello brother good to see you

so how are you

how was your trip

it’s not too heavy for you




I am the guest of the icie


let me soar like an eagle

high in the sky and then



thank you

hey them

he’s up man


hey Vader how’s it going you got a plane

to catch we got time for a beer

business I got a sale going down

stay away from them tonight

too many knocks in leather jackets okay

thanks I’ll uh catch you later


if you see Jacques don’t tell him you

saw me all right


no but I I’ll owe you one okay




thank you



I’m sorry I’m late hun I closed the

Riverdale property today and the office

insisted on hauling out the champagne

you know my commission will cover your

first year at USC

not bad for an old lady huh


what is it right yeah I just found out

my mother is a world-class liar

maybe you’d better start at the


you can’t make it something dirty I

won’t let you Tim

talk to this picture when I was a kid


all this stuff I couldn’t say to you

where’d you come up with this guy she

cut him out of a magazine

he was just a friend

someone I admired it was such a long

time ago we’re not not what Janet

we’re not the same people

maybe that works for you

but I don’t know who I am anymore


I wait for heaven sleep on soft bed

Lord must give me new back first you’re

in the west now brother Abraham

it is the custom

you have camera

I like your picture to my people


only Richmond live in Palace my country


do you have friends to ring up in

Amsterdam oh no brother

oh yes

good morning to you

who am I calling please


the hotel operator which is a very good

morning oh

my friend Ibraham and I do not know

anyone in Amsterdam to call

if you need the telephone please be so

kind to take it

she says they do not need the telephone

the hotel has many

hey the West




shop but

I already


namaskar a greeting from my country

which means good wishes to you

hey pardon please

I’m seeking the right center I I was

told it was exactly a five minutes walk

from my hotel look if I retrace my steps

I could be late for the opening session

of the great Conference of itinerary

evangelis and that would clearly be an

insult to my host I am Prasad

my country is India hate to be in your

beautiful city it’s proof that With God

all things are possible man can you

spare some guilders last night these

guys jumped me and uh they could clean

me out my wallet and my traveler’s

checks it works oh you’re American yes

yeah I’m Tim Devon

so hungry that my guts and Knots man

well thank God they didn’t take your

beautiful guitar

well I tried to hold these guys up but

there were six of them you know I once

played the guitar myself at school

it was my favorite instrument I learned

a popular song from the United States

Homeland on the Range just 10 guilders

all right and I can pay you back I’ll

bring it to your hotel room all right

I never dreamed to find anyone hungry in


I have no gilders but I will go in

search of food for you shove it man

I will return to this very place of the

first possible moment Timothy

it’s a synonym

Amsterdam conference

ladies and gentlemen if I may have your

attention please we are just about ready

to begin will you please find your

places quickly and be prepared for the

opening session of our Amsterdam 1986


thank you


come on


come on

come on


I’m gonna get off to the next stop all



tambien is Christo


American boy needs some food will you

help me to get some oh sure brother oh

don’t worry yes

thank you

thank you


I can prove it’s mine man I can prove

it’s mine now there’s pictures my

girlfriend they’re all over the inside

just open it up

what’s up

hey man come on

I’m gonna kill you

thank you

goodbye man

locked down below



said he was from Albuquerque had to exit

down to a T

you know it came time for the buy

and I’m like Naomi going over this

bridge and cowboy was driving leather

jacket me in the back seat and that’s

kick open the door I jumped off the


I guess that’s where I hit bottom

from the police

they didn’t want to get wet I mean

they pulled over and looked around

I just hit under the bridge till they

were gone

totals 422 and it’s challenged you for

last night’s loss charging arcs 24 hours

that should be enough for you to play

this up you know passport please

it’s my backpack

looks like

with your looks you can make

50 guilders ago for 10 or maybe 15

minutes well

of course you have to shave but you’ve

already had a bath last night wasn’t it


forced to see that the police get this

they won’t be so tolerant

serious problems for you in getting back

into the states

your very best opportunity

ah maybe you need a little help

tell them you’ve never done it before

they just might believe you the price

goes up


thank you


excuse me



excuse me would you like something to

eat sandwiches I have plenty of life I’m

not hungry



thank you


oh hi I’m Tibby

don’t stand here I can’t compete with

those boots


we have come from more countries and

territories than probably any event in

the history of the world


countries are represented here which is

about 10 countries than have ever

gathered before in any event in the

history of the world

now many of you are weary from the long


your minds and your bodies may feel like

they’re in different places right now

but I believe that your hearts are here

and that’s what counts now an evangelist

must be many things to many people

the preacher for this work must have the

heart of a lion

the patience of a donkey the wisdom of

an elephant

the industry of an ant

and his many lives as a cat


we are like school boys again a friend

many good messages here for my people

it makes your heart burn to preach in my

district in the north 25 churches I am


you must not exaggerate too much brother

this can be seen

spirit of God convinces me 25 churches

it’s good yeah

are staying in the bush

to three months

one sermon for me good 25 times

then I come home I’m most welcome

you have family waiting for you

my wife eight children

I’m told all gospel in this small book

many English words make difficult for me

shall we read it together

oh yes brother

steps to peace with God

in all of life there is nothing more

wonderful than discovering peace with

God Amen

step number one

to this discovery is realizing God’s


for God so loved the world

that they gave his one and only son

that whoever

believes in Him should not perish

have eternal life

step number two we must acknowledge our

problem of separation

God did not make us robots to

automatically love and Obey him but gave

us a will of our own and the freedom of


choosing our own way is separation from

God oh yes

and that makes for our difficulty

step number three

when Jesus Christ died on the cross and

Rose from the grave I mean you’re a

young man he paid this penalty for sin

and bridge the gap from God to all

people everywhere


step number four we must trust Jesus

Christ and receive him as our Lord and

Savior Jesus said


I stand another door and knock

if anyone hears my voice and opens the


I will come in



hey hello welcome hello


all right




I’m Ellie you look you could use your


you can tell me everything I’m a good


you’re out early Ellie farm girl early


so how about it

no no thanks

okay you are lost cheerio

hey Tim

how did you find Rembrandt’s plan

very good very good

assume they did better



passport my gear

of course that was the arrangement

I’m Susan

rembron’s plan is not your style

Tim how else can we straighten out your


the town is jumping with American kids

with travel shacks and their jeans get

out there I make the most of it

an incentive I like you Tim a man of

your world

this stuff is outrageous


hi I’m taking a survey welcome to


where’s your lawyer I gotta fight she

insisted on the Hilton and I thought the

lobby was a geriatric work which is

after Venice

how about doing the town

what did you have in mind oh one of

those night Canal rides

I need a guide to show me the territory

okay we’ll deliver pasta restaurant to

Tim devil

you’re from Los Angeles


a movie star is called Devon what movie

star uses his real name


is it from him


I just remembered an appointment okay

maybe another time

hey how about later

the boat ride

I can’t be sure you’ll ever read this

but it keeps my hopes going just to try

and find you this way

I found this book on Holland at the


but it only made me miss you more

life is funny huh

is this what being an adult means

we had so many plans this summer

tan just dumped I

kept telling her I had to get going on a

passport she gives me this bull about

misplacing my birth certificate

I almost took on that nerd at the hall

of records I’m standing there like a

fool he’s got the computer


nothing come up for Devin on my birthday

it was like a Twilight Zone now I keep

yelling at me you don’t know the code so

finally he says you know maiden name oh

that’s when it all spit out I mean she

was on there

my birthday

Saint Francis Hospital




turkey turns around he has his tight

smile on his face

tells me oh that’s how they do it when

the mother chooses not to name the



five bucks will turn your life

doesn’t change who you are

not to me


grew up with a ghost for a father

maybe he’s alive

look I’m taking off

my graduation moved

what am I supposed to do

wait I guess

if you want to


feel so jumped around

I’m scared

me too


right from the start

you held my heart

you help me find

feelings I didn’t even know I had

if I found out tomorrow

it was all over I never only one desire

that your love lift me up again

let me soar like an eagle

high in the sky and there

Let Your Love Lift Me Up


I don’t want nothing that loves you

trying to find myself

but I can’t think of tomorrow

and you and me till I find out who I am

find out

who I am

I can’t feel for someone else

Let Your Love lift me up again

let me soar like an eagle

high in the sky


Timothy Timothy

thanks God I found you this day

I owe you a meal

I’m inviting you brother


and he said you’re most welcome


it is not stupid to search for your

father mine was lost to me many years


he died huh

he lives this day the time no longer his

son how’s that

in India there is the Hindu religion do

you know of it you wear turbans right

sometimes not always my parents are

devout Hindus

it was my upbringing

are these two hot have some yogurt to

cool down the fire


when I was 12

my father sent me to the Mission School

I would be the first in my family to be


my parents warned me to ignore the

Christian God

these things about cow eaters you know

they had no respect for karma very


I thought I was strong enough to resist

missionaries worked you over huh very

little was said

it was perhaps the quality of their life

in my third year

I borrowed the Bible from the desk of my


Hindus spend their lives trying to get

close to God

and the Christian Bible I was astonished

to learn but God wanted to get close to


that he sent his son to show us the way

my mother would be shamed to serve such

a dish

but for Amsterdam

why couldn’t you just believe what you

wanted to I mean keep it to yourself

avoid the hassle and I experienced the

love of Jesus

if you want me such a way it was an Open


my father declared me dead before the


and only the heart of God was strong

enough to receive my pain

hey folks you never saw him again


as if I had not been born

I’ve never seen my dad

I will help you find him

we can do it together

I ran out of leads

you said his name was debay

that’s an American spelling the closest

a Dutch comes is to be

I look through every to be in the book

write it down for me please

need some tea service is very bad here

great food

put me out

why you take off

Timothy I’m most fortunate to have at

this moment a hotel room with two empty

beds my business will keep me away for

hours please

why are you doing this

the hotel people are most generous it

will please them if the room is occupied

they are always tidying up but it’s even

a telephone



Tim is that you

don’t hang up please



his name was Peter Dubay

we saw each other on and off for six


we were at San Francisco State in our

senior year money was tight

he was on a foreign scholarship I worked



we talked about living together you

shacked up with him Tim it was the 60s

it seemed natural

to graduation

found out I was pregnant

it didn’t seem fair to ask him to change

his his life

his whole life was in Holland

novel of you

carrying me the bastard that’s an ugly

stupid word you were mine I built a life

for us I love you Tim you’ve never given

me cause to regret never


why didn’t you just get an abortion

I didn’t want to miss you

hey too much so soap is very expensive

how much do you pay your dishwasher when

he’s not sick huh never mind it’s much

faster than you


at the prince

may I suggest reminding reuting the

aubergine party

silence you I’m working the addition of

Ginger who finally grounded

my mother received much honor for her

aubergine body


oh for a thousand thanks to sing by


singing customers stay paid



thank you



good morning brother I go now rice

Center I’ll be with you I must change

I spend the night with friends





someone who




love him






can I help you at all

I’m most pleased to be informed of your

me to the Dutch program

I observed the sign in your window

thanks God my steps were directed to

this very place it has proved quite


long friendships are often established

over a casual dinner

shall we go down to my office

can I have your name r a j a m rajum

p-r-a-s-a-d Prasad rajam Prasad


thank you Mr President

you’re visiting from the great country

of India and you would like to be a

guest in a typical Dutch Hall

very good Indie oh yes thank you

his name is DB


I became

I will write it for you


sir it is quite impossible to request

for a specific individual our program is

a list of recommended homes willing to

entertain foreign visitors

all invitations must be by Mutual

consent I’m certain Mr DB will not deny

me when he understands the purpose of my


I’m afraid we do not speak the same


I seem to enable to express myself

properly believe me I would not concern

you if it was of not great importance

you may tell Mr dubi that the matter to

be discussed happened during the time he

lived in the United States

or perhaps 18 20 years ago

how much time will you require to be to

be is not on the list I seriously doubt

he ever will be

and why is that

you can read Mr Prasad

let me suggest you the local telephone

book the post office is just outside

around the corner I have already tried

the local telephone book I have already

been to Europe post office

none of the piece already

excuse me for your time




you will surely have helped with your

search brother

I have made my request known a search

give me for my dad

look I’m do-over and license plane okay

I can walk you there

I have time

the script is declared that the Lord is

interested in everything that concerns


now there is a mine for details the

world’s pretty screwed up


if he’s the only real one

why doesn’t he Wipe Out the competition

set himself up


you’re a theologian

Okay so

where did God get a son


could he not sit

I cannot respond to such a good question

without thinking



scriptures say that

before anything else existed there was

Christ with God

perhaps Jesus called himself son

because he knew it would help us to

understand that he was part of his



just as we are a part of our fathers

here on Earth


Jesus Christ

by his death and Resurrection

came the gospel

mysterious sounding


but Timothy

I am a witness to that light

and Beyond history and outside the Bible

he is as real to me as any living person

that is why I don’t argue about him

I only say seek him

try him

how else can you be sure

you talk to him

oh yeah a part of me is talking to him

right now

what does he say

that he is glad

that we are friends


are you hungry

I had a good day

I made some gilders

what is your business

sell maps to the tourists guide them


help them take in the sights whatever

they want he knows so much about this


for sure you are American

hey capitalist thanks Raj hey the meal

and everything you know but I have to

get back to work

this is goodbye look I just can’t spare

any more time all right

if I ever get over to India I’ll look

you up




thank you

hey how about something

you’ll think you stumble down to a cloud

hey cowboy

this place stinks

it holds it out every morning campsites

a follow-up


I have to go outside and get rid of this


what do you have

something good


best you’ll get in this town

be made to buy it to them

got so thin with soap oddly adverse we

were cheated

not from me

it’s the cleanest it gets Mexico maybe

you do better but you’re a Long Way From


your price


25 for a snort 50 per packet

180 to 200 per gram

okay Supply and quantity leave tomorrow


what’d you have in mind

I’m not friends


can you get in with that match why not

can you connect for us sure

it’s no problem


you should go outside

my children know not where can be


and while I fix map

each night before sleeping

the touch map

and send love and prayer to me

your family

they prayed good for you here


and the narcs won’t come here it’s okay

tends to be a famous doctor make some

cultures by Nature

‘s place


okay you know uh rembrandtling

















over here

I have to hide to find me I’m dead

then jump me physics this time but he’s


two guys

and I had to where can I go if he finds

me I’m dead

let me suspecting for you

forget it all right

you’ve called me

and now I should forget it yeah

you’ll be safe at the hotel

I mean you can be barefooted

it is expected

no one will notice



good morning to you dear sister

Nobody’s around yet

I’m just into some sorting is there

anything I can do for you I am told that

Samaritan’s Purse is providing clothing

for those attending the conference

where the need is great well we’re

especially trying to help those

evangelists from the third world

countries you know the remote places

where shopping’s a problem and money

that too we’re open every day right

after lunch

I assume I am third world I keep hearing


although how we achieve this position is

not clear to me

I am hoping to be blessed with shoes

fine you come back right after lunch


what size do you wear whatever you’re

kind enough to share with me

the heck to more or less stiff

you can try anything on these tables


the gift of the smartest person must be

of your choosing



with these two

my feet are insignificant

somewhat wide

this condition comes from not wearing

shoes until I was 10.

she’ll little

surely they will stretch yeah God’s gift

to me this day

thank you


thank you

okay it’s okay oh look look look hi hey

brother brother brother brother brother


greeting my friends

we have come to personally thank the

general manager for opening the great

city of Amsterdam to the conference of

itinrude evangelist

this brother here is a former Chief of

the Maasai in Kenya he has killed three


brother was this the very spear

would you like him to demonstrate how

this great feat was accomplished of

course there are no Lions here

but he has a good imagination yes please

no demonstrations

we will not be wrong

God bless you brother

troubled young man’s Soul hangs in their


I don’t think

20 years ago

you are not offering much in a way of


we are entirely in need of your help yes



I’ll be in touch with friends at The


perhaps some office there will have

records of exchange students that went

to the stage during that period


I have followed your conference with

great personal interests

perhaps because I joined you in your


it’s good yeah thank you very much

this joint claims to be first class I

want a bucket of ice it just brought you

coffee to me well now I need ice

when you want to do something to help me

I’m taking these pills for the pain the

hotel operator informs me that she can

call the doctor no no he he won’t do

anything I know what to take there’s

some capsules this guy at the damselves

I mean his name is Valor now you give

him 35 guilders tell him it’s for me I

do not possess 35 gilders Timothy

you pray with me yeah I asked the Lord

to shovel 35 guilders my way you’re so

tight with him


I will bring ice brother get out

hold your bluff man






no no no no no no no no no no no no no




in my country a spiritual path is most


same here in the west oh all people the


pride and sin

be of high walls of stone

Jesus Waits other side for us Timothy

should not be made to feel guilty

he carries more of that dark burden

than he can manage

sin like heavy Stone and heart

only Cross of Christ can lift this

sadness I would lead him to that place

of rest brother but

I cannot make him stay only God can do


don’t worry son okay





oh Lord

I know you do not fail even if I am not



forgive me

for placing too much value on myself




you keep it now remember the guy who

tried to hustle you for breakfast

Tim Devon


a letter in the case

please mail it before you leave

Amsterdam thanks



this is Mr Prasad

I’m speaking

excuse me please

I have an address for you

are you there



















needs something

you know what I just gotta get kicked up

just a hit

what you want I’m just saying I’m just


you’re hooked no man I’m not hooked I’m

sick I just

need some time to get my head together


shock is looking for you I see him I

know that I gotta see him

which is not like this man come on help


kind of question

you just carried me for a little while

I’ll make good okay

rip off some clothes get me a couple of

pairs of jeans something I can turn over

fast look

I watch man look at that

hold on to it

used give me that crap man

it’s graduation I got this 200 bucks

it’s worth

I only got it two months ago

all right


you yelling at me

it’ll bring you up for a couple of hours

work the Metro snatch some purses if

you’re not back by four

I go to shark

I got the kid working the Metro sent him

to snatch from old ladies purse let’s

put some sweat on him










excuse me


thank you




Sean I was gonna be there I’ll get the

money no police this time Tim I met

these guys they were after a really big

buy 100 Grand no Canal to jump into


























thank you

make good job

I can go to Rembrandt’s plane every

night I can do it

I’ll make plenty of guilders for you

I never adopted it


am I supposed to fly home

you’re not about to die Tim

it’s more like uh


you gain the honors without having to be




won’t have the worry of looking for you

just good for business



who the hell are you

I’m far from hell

I recognize you sir

the prince of darkness is your master

big talk for a [ __ ]

you cannot have him

the police will find you in some alley

with Heroin swimming in your veins

do not go without you Timothy we make a

little blood test

it’s my wish to live peacefully with all


all right

thank you


where’d the karate come from I have much

to confess this day


okay now just let me walk when we get


somewhere around here

what can I say to it

truth brother oh yeah hi there by the

way we’re related

aren’t you coming

California to Holland accompanied by


it could give him a headache

well I hope he’s had a good day so far

you do

I’m an American sorry yes

um what is it

I would like me see

Mr Devine

is this for an appointment

the doctor is quite busy

are you selling something

oh no we just biked out from


the young man brings greetings from a

friend in America

I was just about to say that




is Doctor to be here

good morning

you’ll have to come to me I’m running



have we met


not exactly

please State your business

my schedule rules me today




just wanted to bring you this

somebody decided to sue me

I wouldn’t take you for a prosperous


but then perhaps you’re incognito


because where did you find such a thing

it was prowling in the

flea market in the city and there it was

there’s only 10 guilders

and somebody said it was you

but why are two pictures Circle

the young lady

Janet Carson she recognized as well

she’s my mother

and she informed me somewhat reluctantly

and I am your son

he lived together in San Francisco

during the 60s

that’s where I came in

well you’ve got the pictures

I’m tired of carrying him around


wait what do I call you

you don’t



did you expect him to invite you to tea

after such news how do I know what I

expected or to God tell you that too I

think it is too fast Timothy he needs


yeah he needs time sure great

how about another 18 years of my life

after all we’ve only got a you know a

slight misunderstanding here

I’ll go with you we’ll talk to him

you’re out of it now you got it Swami

I know your plan man you’re set on

claiming me for Jesus you want my scalp

hanging from your belt so you can make

points in your God Squad back at the Rye


you just forget about me man

oh yeah


home on the ring

where the deer

on the Auntie low play

with seldom is coverage


thank you

thank you




checked out of room 311


I’m not sure I haven’t got this

departure listed but there’s been much

confusion so many conference

participants have left this morning

what if you knew Christ would return in

one minute and you were the only one in

the world that knew it

you’ve never really known him

suppose you were the only one that knew

that Christ would return in 30 seconds

would you run out into the street and

scream at the top of your voice Jesus is

coming repent and believe repent and


supposed it was 20 seconds

and you realize that you’ve not lived a

holy life you’re not ready to seek

Christ and you’re now desperate

10 seconds








and you’re not ready

God has entrusted to people like you and

me redeemed Sinners the responsibility

of carrying out his Divine Purpose he’s

given us the privilege the high and holy


to Proclaim his message of the Gospel of

the Kingdom let us therefore ask God to

give us a fresh vision of the world that

is outside Christ a world for which

Christ died a world which is filled with

fear guilt chaos and spiritual emptiness

how many of us have loved people for

Christ so much that we’ve shed tears

do you see people every day and do you

look at them as lost people

separated from God

with empty hearts searching for

something they don’t know what it is

that something is God

I do not believe any of us are here by

chance God has brought each of us here

for a purpose

and may each of us go from Amsterdam

with a new commitment to do the work of

an evangelist

there’s one word that all of us can say

in every language I want us to say it







till the work of an evangelist

build the work of an evangelist

there’s a work of an evangelist


now unto him that is able to keep you

from falling and to present you

faultless before the presence of his

glory with exceeding Joy to the only

wise God our savior be glory and majesty

and dominion and power both now and

Evermore amen


thank you



God keep you son


and you such strong meat our days here

needs it alone to take it in

will not meet again till


I pray for today









thank you


well I mean you know I suppose I decided

to later on shift to your side

I’d be hassle looking up in India

all right from what I hear it’s that’s a

pretty big place

shift to your side

this expression is not known to me

but it

what you said uh


I mean the only sure way is to try him

right and

that he says real you as any living


and I decided to make a

test for myself

I want to see if you’re you know


you’re asking to be a Christian I’m I’m

feeling my way through this thing



I’ve got a lot of garbage in my life to


it’s like that the only street sweeper

in my country

he will take it all away

if we confess our sins to him

can be dependent upon cleanses from

every room

and then

you must ask him to be Lord of your life

see I don’t know what that means

to you

Raj says you already know about me Jesus

not much since I’m repeating myself


it’s hurt a lot of people

including myself

oh I really know that



please make it right

I want to believe in you


I guess I’m opening the door


my heart is singing

I can barely hold this in place



here just hit


thanks God he’s inside waiting for us I


well Timothy is Timothy well thank you

for coming




so I always

mom we go through customs in New York

she really wants to talk to you

he’s waiting okay

okay just a minute

yeah you too

thank you

mom she really wants to talk to you


you still like ice cream for breakfast

because I remember

and it’s been 20 years Timothy

I told you he was here

what are you doing here you can talk

Timothy you left it at the hotel I told


it was yours

he’s a musician most professional no no

it’s yours but I want you to have it

you dude

this suspect I’m a Smuggler you’re

required to take it there’s been a

misunderstanding I gave it to him

you want to look inside again

we must go better finish this off

you think I have difficulties here

wait till they see my beautiful guitar

in New Delhi

I have 13 hours to work up a good story

I wish I could be there Aaron


he’s rash for being my friend man

let’s go




but I’d like to write you do okay

perhaps we should try again next summer


all right


it’s yours okay














thank you




good morning


um foreign


I have to tell them about Raj and his 8

000 friends he showed up in Amsterdam

when I think about each of them out

there somewhere

doing what they do

I kind of get a good feeling you know

like something’s something exciting is

happening way out in the Deep Pockets of

the world

but that always brings it right back

home to my own life

because it works

you know Christianity is not something I

shove down anybody’s throat all I can

tell them is what I know

after that they got to make their own


or maybe that prayer I pray will help

somebody right now

I’m opening the door for you to come in


it’s not the easiest thing I’ve ever

done in my life


thank you


held my heart in the

home of your head

you help me find my feelings




Let Your Love lift me up again





and you and me