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I consider this one the most tragic

sections in the portions in Scripture

deuteroni 31 verse 16

verse 16 begin reading the Lord said

unto Moses behold those who sleep with

thy fathers he’s telling your days are

ended your coming

to the end and the Lord said to Moses

behold thou so sleep with thy fathers

this people will rise up and go on

warring after the gods of the strangers

of the land whether they go to be among


they’ll forsake me and break my Covenant

which I’ve made with them then my anger

shall be tendered against them in that

day and I will forsake them and I will

hide my face from them and they shall be

devoured and many evils and troubles

shall befall them so that they will

stand that day are not these evils come

upon us because our God is not among us

now we’ll surely hide my face in that

day for all the evils which they have

wrought that they have turned unto other

gods now look at me please you say

that’s Old Testament that’s Old

Testament but Jesus is building a house

these last days and in Hebrews the third

chapter we have the same warning

we are warned explicitly and clearly

don’t fall into the same sins of

unbelief that the children of Israel

fell into that’s what I’ve just read to

you here in Hebrews the third chapter

Peter said that you and I are living

stones and of these Living Stones he’s

building a house

in which he can inhabit where he he

finds pleasure where he can live and

enjoy our presence

he also as living stones would build up

a spiritual house and a holy priesthood

to offer up spiritual sacrifices to God

by Jesus Christ

and the Bible makes it clear that there

will be a people in these last days

who absolutely live by faith

they are not going to have unbelief in


they they are going to be able to stand

against any onslaught of the devil it

doesn’t matter what happens it doesn’t

matter if everything and everybody

around them fails they’re going to be so

attached to Jesus have the eyes focused

on him and the faith is going to be so

settled and strong his house is not

going to fall

I beheld no great multitude which no man

could number of all Nations and kindreds

people and tongues stood Before the

Throne and before the lamb clothed with

white robes Palms in their hands these

who were washed with white those washed

these have washed their robes and made

them white in the blood of the Lamb he

talks about multitudes which no man

could number so there is going to be

according to the scripture of people are

redeemed people who represent the house

of Jesus Christ in the last days

who are not going to fall

but it is to this people remembrance to

these who are now washing the robes and

those who are getting ready and

preparing as a bride

these are the ones that the Holy Ghost

comes to and says today if you will hear

his voice

whose house you are if you hold fast to

the confidence and the rejoicing of Hope

firm unto the end

then he adds this

will make partakers of Christ if we hold

the beginning of our confidence

steadfast to the end


I put a hard question to my soul

when God was dealing with me in this

message I I put a hard question in my

heart I said God

I want you to examine my heart am I

preaching this to others and do you see

any unbelief in me is there anything

that is uh wounding your heart

am I indulging am I slipping back

occasionally into unbelief when I get

into a difficult place and when things

uh pile up

Lord Jesus are you satisfied with my

confidence in you are you satisfied I

ask myself that hard question and we’re

to examine ourselves in that area

you should do that even while I’m


you should be doing that right now Lord

you see any unbelief in me have I been

indulged have I been talking unbelief

have I been sharing a belief with other

people with my husband with my wife

am I going around saying why why why

and when when when

the son of man come with surely find

faith in the Earth

evidently going to be a lot of people