This is “How to Be Blessed from Israel”. Are you looking for the secret to being blessed and seeing the hand of God in your life? This week Jentezen Franklin teaches the key is to connect what you do with what God is doing. When you begin to favor what God favors and bless what He has blessed, the blessings will come pouring in.  By connecting yourself, your business, your home, and your family to the nation of Israel and the city of Jerusalem, you, too, can experience the favor of God in a magnificent way. Don’t miss out on this life-changing message recorded in Jerusalem in the Holy Land. By blessing what God has blessed, we are not only receiving His favor but also playing a crucial role in fulfilling His purposes on the earth.  To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit… & subscribe to this channel: Tell us more about what’s going on in your life: Let us pray with you:… Share your testimony to encourage us and others:… See our outreach programs:… Stay Connected to Jentezen Franklin:… Donate to help us share the gospel around the world through Kingdom Connection broadcasts and other humanitarian outreaches:… #jentezenfranklin #faith #howtobeblessed


hello and welcome to a very special

edition of Kingdom connection as you can

see I’m not in a studio and what is

behind me is real it’s the beautiful

beautiful city of Jerusalem and while

I’m standing here are friends over at

TBN were so kind to allow us to use

their Studio

but literally behind me is is the

Western walled over to my left you can

see the temple Mound you can see the

Dome of the Rock where the Holy Temple

used to be where the Ark of the Covenant

would have been it’s just amazing I

never get used to coming here and

ministering here and today I wanted to

talk to you about the uniqueness the

uniqueness of the nation of Israel

you hear me a lot if you listen to me

preach you hear me a lot talking about


we support Israel and I want to just

kind of take a few moments and I don’t

want you to let your mind straight

because what I’m going to share with you

today the secret to being blessed the

secret to see in the favor and the hand

of God on your life is when you begin to

connect what you do with what God is

doing and when you begin to favor what

God favors and when you begin to bless

what God has blessed

then the blessings will find you the

favor of God will come back on you in a

magnificent way I know that our ministry

started giving to the nation of Israel

and the people the Jewish people and

when we did we went to another level

something happened to our ministry that

I cannot even put into words and it’s


it seems to be no limit on what God will

do for people who will

connect themselves their businesses

their homes their families the work of

their hands to the nation of Israel and

to the beautiful city of Jerusalem where

so much happened

and has happened and will happen

in Second Kings 21 and 4 it says in

Jerusalem I will put my name

that’s where I’m standing right now I

it’s so important that you not take

nonchalantly the nation of Israel that

you not take commonly and consider it to

be something that really you’re not

concerned about because you love the

Lord and this doesn’t really matter

but the Apostle Paul said can the branch

say to the roots and the branch meaning

the church the New Testament Church can

the branch say to the roots of the tree

I don’t need you the Apostle Paul taught

that lesson and he said certainly not

and he said has God Cast Away the Jews

and does God no longer has he replaced

Israel with the church and the Apostle

Paul said you know

has God Cast Away the Jews and the

scripture he answers his own questions

by saying certainly not

Psalms 137 verse 5 and 6 said if I

forget the old Jerusalem this really

touches me saying it where I am standing

right now if I forget the old Jerusalem

let my right hand wither

and then we’re commanded in Psalms 122

and verse 6 to pray for the Peace of

Jerusalem this beautiful city behind me

God commands the church the Christian

Community to pray for this place and he

said if I forget you I mean it ought to

be on our heart it ought to be a part of

our faith it ought to be part of who we

are as a people as a church as a

ministry as families As Leaders if I

forget the old Jerusalem let my right

hand with her it’s really a remarkable


I want to take a few moments and I want

to just tell you some of why this place

is so powerful and so unusual

and I particularly want you to notice

what the scripture says about this


he says in first Chronicles chapter 17

and verse 21 who is like you

who is like your People Israel listen to

listen listen to the wording the One

Nation on Earth

whom God went to redeem

for himself as a people to make for

himself a name

by great and awesome Deeds by driving

out nations from before your people whom

you redeemed out of Egypt

he said this is the one nation I love

that wording he says who is like unto

Israel the one nation the Earth

in the earth whom God himself went to


when you understand that concept God

said that there is a One Nation out of

all the nations that I chose

then he went even deeper and he said

there’s one city out of all of the

cities that I choose

and it is the city of Jerusalem

and then it was in Jerusalem that Jesus

died it was in Jerusalem that Jesus

healed it was in Jerusalem that Jesus

taught many powerful sermons it was in

Jerusalem that he prayed in the Garden

of Gethsemane until this sweat became

drops of blood he was arrested he was

beaten in the city of Jerusalem and led

to Golgotha and there he was crucified

and so he chose this city

and he chose this land the Holy Land

and he begins to list in Exodus 19 and

verse 6 God said to Moses you shall be

to me speaking of the nation of Israel a

holy nation and a kingdom a priest

God is saying I choose this land and I

bless this land in Genesis chapter 12

God told Abraham I will bless those that

bless Israel I will supernaturally bless

and favor

those who bless and favor what my hand

and my word and my purpose is connected


the Apostle Paul said in Romans 9

he gives some distinct

features of Israel and the Jewish people

and he says to whom God has adopted

to whom he has shown his glory

who to whom he has given the Covenant

all of this in one chapter to whom he

has given the law

to whom he has

given the Priestly Services the

priesthood to whom the promises of God

have been given all of the Patriarchs he

concludes come from your stock the

Jewish people

through the Jewish people