This is “If You Can’t Reach God, God Can Reach You”. In this message, Pastor Jentezen Franklin will share the story of one of God’s chosen who turned to witchcraft out of desperation. As you’ll soon learn, it’s a sobering story. But take heart—Jesus entered the darkness (death) and came out alive so that you and I can enter the light! This is an excerpt from “Saul’s Last Supper.” Click here to watch the full message:    • Saul’s Last Suppe…   To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit… & subscribe to this channel: Tell us more about what’s going on in your life: Let us pray with you:… Share your testimony to encourage us and others:… See our outreach programs:… Stay Connected to Jentezen Franklin:… Donate to help us share the gospel around the world through Kingdom Connection broadcasts and other humanitarian outreaches:… #jentezenfranklin #faith #reachingod

was placed there and I’m standing here

preaching to you right now with that in

the backdrop

and then he chose that Hill called

Golgotha and he carried the cross and he

died and

conquered death hell the grave

and all that life can bring us is not

powerful enough to defeat the blood of

Jesus Christ

I want you to know today that this

nation of Israel is unique because the

whole history of this nation is foretold

in Prophecy there’s no other nation that

is in the Bible about you know this the

whole their whole history is found in

prophecy through Prophets this is the

only nation that’s ever existed that its

whole history is wrapped up in Prophecy

in the Bible as a matter of fact there

were 16 major prophecies about the

formation of the nation of Israel

predictions about Israel

for example they were prophesied that

they would come out of Egypt it was

prophesied that when they came out that

they would come out with deliverance and

have the wealth of Egypt all of that was

prophesied before it ever happened

and then the possession of their own

land and I can go on and on and on the

destruction of the first temple this

destruction of the second temple

when you understand that when you look

at those 16 prophecies out of the 16 13

have been fulfilled that’s 81 of the

prophecies about the nation of Israel

have been fulfilled with the exception

of three only three have not been

fulfilled here’s what they are number


the Gathering of Nations for war against


that has not happened yet all nations

the Bible said will come to war against


and then there is going to come the

revelation of Messiah to the whole

nation of Israel that prophecy has not

taken place

and the only other prophecy that hasn’t

taken place is the return of Jesus


to that area right over my shoulder the

Mount of Olives I want you to think

about if somebody predicted over

hundreds and hundreds of years before it

ever happened

and they had 13 prophecies that were on

and only three have not been fulfilled

that’s 81 accuracy do you think those

last three that haven’t been fulfilled

are not going to be fulfilled that’s why

this nation

is unlike any other nation in the world

and when you stand and you pray for

Israel and you call on God and you link

yourself and you begin to bless the

nation of Israel speak up for Israel

pray for Israel support Israel when you

do that God’s hand of blessing and favor

comes upon any church

any business any home any family that

will love and support Israel we must

teach our children we must teach our

young people we must teach our churches

that God loves this nation of Israel and

he loves the Jewish people

and that when you are fulfilling and

doing what you can do to stand with

Israel and God help America to never

turn its back on this nation God help

our leaders in our nation and God help

our citizens to not elect people who are

not friends of Israel a lot of people

talk today like they’re a friend of

Israel but they write policies that are