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to the safety into the

nation and the people of Israel

but this ministry has been called of God

to be a friend to Israel to stand with

Israel to support Israel

and I want us today

to remember that the Bible said that our

God is a God

who through Abraham has established a


and when we support and bless Israel

Genesis 12 I will bless those who bless


right now I want to pray for you

what Jesus did on that cross in this

city of Jerusalem

has secured the victory eternal life

forgiveness of sin healing

health strength Comfort peace it’s there

for you and it’s all in one name the

name above every name the name of Jesus

he loves you

he loves you today he had such a

magnificent purpose in plant all of it

was so that you could be forgiven you

could be healed you could be helped you

could be lifted you could know you have

eternal life you can know that you don’t

have to dread the grave he came out of

the tune in this city and he said

because I live you shall live also do

you have that peace do you know him as

your savior pray this prayer with me

say Lord Jesus

I believe in you

and I stand today in all of your love

for me you did love me because I was

awesome I was good I was Worthy

I am a sinner I have failed but you love


and I praise you because

you love me and you make me valuable

because you love me

I praise you for the blood you shed on

the cross and I receive forgiveness I

receive healing I receive blessing from

the hand of the Lord through that shed


in Jesus mighty name

Hallelujah I want to encourage you

support Israel pray for Israel

make up your mind you’re going to stand

with the word of God and watch what God

will do the blessing is going to come on

your life when you begin to honor the


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