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when they got to kadish

people gave up hope completely

this was a report of the spies and eight

of those ten spies brought back an evil


their Giants their High walled cities

they’re too strong for us we’re not able

to go up against these people for

they’re stronger than we and they

brought up an evil report in all the

congregation cried and they wept that


and the Lord saw this weeping people and

his anger was kindled against them and

he cried out to Moses All Of Heaven

cried like thunder how long is it going

to be before these people believe me for

all the Wonders that I’ve shown them

when will I find a people on the face of

this Earth that will believe me

folks if if you go to numbers the 14th

chapter just quickly please the 14th

chapter of numbers you get a little good

idea how what God thinks of his children

when they indulge in unbelief


begin to read verse 26 the Lord spake

unto Moses and Aaron saying how long

shall I bear with this evil congregation

now folks he’s called them evil not for

adultery fornication idolatry right now

he’s calling them evil because they have

no confidence in their father no

confidence in God it’s their unbelief

they how long shall I bear with this

evil congregation which member against

me I’ve heard the murmings of the people

of Israel which they murmur against me

say unto them as truly as I live saith

the Lord as you spoken in my ears so

will I do to you your carcasses shall

fall in this Wilderness and all that

were numbered of you according to your

whole number from 20 years old and

upward which have murmured against me

no go to chapter verse 32. but ask of

you your carcassus you’ll fall in the

wilderness your children shall wander in

the wilderness 40 years and bear your

wardens he said your kids are going to

have to put up with all of your talk

they’re going to have to put up with

your horrible example

40 years and bear your wardens until

your caucuses be wasted the Wilderness

at the number of days in which you

search the land even 40 days

each day for a year so you bear your


even 40 years and you shall know my

breach of promise

verse 37 even those men that did bring

up the report before the Lord land died

by the plague before the Lord I believe

those men died within the year

and and folks here’s the tragedy of it

there’s here’s a whole Young Generation

had to look at Paris who were always

down always sad always under fear and

always bound not a day of joy and folks

it was 40 Years of funeral after funeral

after funeral one by one two by two

dying thousands and thousands of

funerals every year it was nothing but


and folks I’ve seen Christian lives

these are examples these are types and

shadows there are many Christians and

their homes are just like that there’s a

death a pail of death that hangs over it

there is never any life there’s no joy

there’s no happiness everything is wrong

everything is out of order because

there’s no confidence in God there’s

nothing but murmuring and complaining

and doubt and fear

God doesn’t take timely to it God says

all right you’re not going to believe me

I turn you over to your unbelief God

left them they he said your carcass will

die in your wilderness

and there are multiplied multiplied

numbers of Christians who even now some

of you that are in this building

listening to me now you’re in a

Wilderness a dry empty Wilderness you

have no joy

you’re never you really don’t know


you don’t know peace

everything in your life goes wrong

now I’m not saying that

everything that’s wrong in your life is

a result of unbelief sometimes the Bible

makes it very clear that The Godly are

tried many of the afflictions of the


but God delivers them one Deliverance

after another he starts pulling you out

and he restores your joy I’m talking

about people who don’t even know what

Deliverance is about people live in

constant dread

you just don’t like to be around them

I mean they pull you down

folks I have literally

walked into homes with

when we first came here and occasionally

when I’ve had to go to to look for staff

Apartments I could walk in and sometimes

I’ve had to walk in and walk out because

there’s a spirit in that house there is

a spirit there’s a Darkness there’s a

demonic thing that hangs over the whole


I know when somebody’s into devil

worship when I walk in immediately I can

sense it

and there’s some of you right now

your home is not a very loving place

there’s a spirit in your home a Darkness

it is because of unbelief

it is unbelief God sees I don’t care if

you say a word it’s what God sees in

your heart

when God

gives Moses a notice that he’s not done

into the Promised Land

go to Deuteronomy with the 31st chapter

of Deuteronomy if you will please