This is “Miracles Are Knocking At Your Door.” What do you have in your home? The New Testament is filled with stories about miracles, blessings, and the power of God being poured out—in people’s homes! There are Christians all over the world who are unable to congregate at “church.” Not because of COVID-19, but because it’s forbidden. Yet it doesn’t stop them from experiencing powerful moves of God. It’s time to have church in your home! In this message with Jentezen Franklin hear about the miracles knocking at the door!

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connection I want to preach for a faith

building experience right there in your

home I told them that I wanted to do a

series on miracles in your home because

when we got quarantine I felt that it

was so important that people not limit

God to a sanctuary or a church or a

church service where they’re gathered

together all kinds of believers but that

God actually can can do and has done

some of his greatest miracles in

people’s homes I love that story in

second Kings 4 where the Prophet asks

what do you have in your house the woman

needed a miracle

the woman needed God to do something for

her family because her sons were being

taken into slavery to pay a debt that

her husband had died and left her with

and in Bible days they could arrest the

children and enslave them if the parents

didn’t pay the bill and she went to the

prophet and the Prophet said what do you

have in your house it tells me that

what’s in your house can hinder revival

or it can help revival and it’s amazing

to me that we’re living in a time where

the emphasis is on our homes more than

our church it’s something how that the

Bible commands us to bless one another

and to be there for one another but

there’s 18 times in the book of Acts it

talks about the church but listen to

this there’s 39 times in the book of

Acts where it talks about in

as the word home our house our present

situation of being quarantined would not

have stopped the New Testament church it

would not have stopped and does not stop

the persecuted Church in China in Muslim

nations that are radical and forbid

Christians to have services they can’t

go to a building to have Church they

have to have Church in their home with

their family the New Testament is filled

with stories not of miracles in churches

or synagogues but it’s filled with 39

times the book of Acts says that

miracles happen blessings were poured

out Holy Spirit power was poured out in

people’s homes and in their houses it’s

a good time to check our version of

Christianity if you stop praying and put

your prayer life on hold until church

goes back to normal then you’re in a

crisis if you stop reading the Bible if

you stop giving if you stop with

witnessing if you stop worshipping

waiting on church to come back together

you’re in a crisis because we don’t know

when that’s going to end I want to ask

you how much church do you have in your

house how spiritual what our church be

if we measured it by the depth of

spiritual power in your home the Bible

said in Acts chapter 2 when the Holy

Spirit was poured out perhaps the most

famous church scripture the the

beginning the birthplace of the New

Testament church was Acts chapter 2 and

it was not poured out the Holy Spirit on

the day of Pentecost was not poured out

in a sanctuary it was poured out in a

man’s home in the second floor of that

home called

the Upper Room

been in that room I’ve been in where

they think that is and I assure you it’s

not very big

did you know that God could pour out the

Holy Spirit on your living room right

where you are their spiritual their

spiritual proof of that in the Bible in

Acts chapter 2 it started the outpouring

of the Holy Spirit started in a home in

Acts chapter 9 Ananias was told by God

listen to this in acts 9 and 11 go to a

street called straight and you’ll meet a

man there named Judas and he has a he

has a person in one of his rooms by the

name of Saul of Tarsus and you are to

lay hands on him and I’m gonna heal him

he’s a chosen vessel and I’m gonna use

him now I want you to think about this

we know that Saul of tour Tarsus became

Paul the Apostle after hands were laid

on him and he was filled with the Holy

Spirit where did that happen it did not

happen in a sanctuary a temple or a

church it happened in a man’s home where

God said I know what Street that man

lives on is called straight street I

think God had Paul in a house on

straight street cause he needed to be

straight now he was trying to kill all

the Christians and God was about to

radically change him but think of what

I’m saying the greatest apostle in the

world the man who wrote half the New

Testament God said go to a street called

straight in a certain house where a man

lives I know his address and I’ve got a

chosen vessel that I’m going to use do

you know God knows your address and God

can do the most incredible miracles in

your house in Acts chapter 10 one

chapter over there’s a man who is a

Gentile not a Jewish man but a Gentile

by the name of Cornelius and he loved

God and he was praying and God sent

Simon Peter to his house an angel said

follow me to this man’s house and when

he gets to

the man’s house this Gentile the Bible

said and while Peter this is in acts

10:44 and while Peter spoke these words

the Holy Ghost fell on all them who

heard the word where was the word being

taught in their living room

he brought his whole family in he was a

Gentile I want you to understand that

none of us Gentiles I’m a Gentile unless

you’re Jewish by descent you’re a

Gentile and none of us would be in the

kingdom of God had it not been for an

outpouring on a house it failed the

Bible said the Holy Spirit fell on the

house and well Peter was teaching the

Holy Spirit was poured out in the living

room and they heard them they were all

filled with the Holy Ghost this is in

acts 10 and they spoke with tongues and

magnify God and they heard them

glorifying God that happened in a house

the Holy Ghost can fall on your house

the great power of the Holy Ghost that

filled the Upper Room that was not a

church but a house can feel the room

where you are and heal your body and

break the power of bitterness and anger

off of your family unforgiveness and

heal every wound and bring revival bring

the backsliders bring the alcoholics the

drug addicts the depressed that defeated

the worried those that are confused and

at the point of hopelessness the power

of the Holy Spirit can reach you in your

home he knows your address let me show

you another one in Acts chapter 12 and

verse 12 the Bible said Peter had been

imprisoned and there was a woman named

Rhoda who was having a prayer meeting in

her house and because the church was

praying not in a sanctuary but in her

house they were praying did you know

that God doesn’t just hear prayers of a

preacher prayed in a sanctuary for

people but God hears prayer

that are prayed in a person’s house

because Rhoda and all of the believers

had gathered in her living room and they

got down on their knees in the living


they said turn the TV off turn the

internet off except for that preacher

turn everything turned Facebook or

whatever it is that’s distracting us the

the ringing of the phones

turn it off we we’ve got a desperate

situation and they got down on their

knees this is right in your Bible in

Acts chapter 12 and verse 12 and while

they were praying Simon Peter was

released from prison from chains and

bondage to come to the house where they

were praying and he started knocking on

the door

can I tell you that miracles are

knocking on your home right now they’re

knocking on your door

God knows where you live and he says I

can bring miracles not just in

sanctuaries and Crusades and mighty

gatherings of believers and conferences

I can bring a miracle to your door and

when they opened the door there was a

miracle standing at their door

miracles are knocking on your door in

the book of Acts chapter 16 the Bible

said that Paul and Silas in the midnight

hour sung their way out of the darkness

sung their way out of Chains and bondage

they begin to sing and praise God in the

earthquake hit and the chains fell off

of them and they were released from

prison and the Bible said the jailer

said what must I do to be saved and I

love the answer that’s given in acts 16

in verse 31 believe on the Lord Jesus

Christ and you shall be saved

and your house Wow that today every one

of you can claim that promise believe on

the Lord Jesus Christ and not only will

you be saved but your whole house is

gonna get saved I believe

God has us own location all together in

our homes and he’s saying get in touch

with your parents get in touch with your

family get in touch with your brother’s

your sisters your mom’s your dad’s your

sons your daughters couples pray

together families pray together I want

to save the whole house I want to save

your cousins I want to save those on

drugs I want to save those who haven’t

been to church in decades I want to save

moms and dads and sons and daughters and

I will I want to save the whole house in

acts 20 Paul said this in verse 20 I

taught you publicly and listen to this

house to house you know we think of

these great preachers their great

Apostle Paul you know we see him up on

the platform with tens of thousands of

people coming out to hear him and he’s

sitting in one of those big preacher

chairs like we used to sit in in days

gone by you know and now we’re going to

present the great Apostle Paul and he’d

come up and and grab a microphone in a

Bible and stand like Billy Graham and

preach but notice what it said in acts

20:20 I taught you publicly and

house-to-house in acts 20:1 in verse

eight it said that there was a man by

the name of Philip the Evangelist and

when Samaria needed revival God sent

Philip down to Samaria and the Bible

said an amazing revival happened in

Samaria and they brought their

witchcraft and they brought their

curious arts and they burned them and

they just had a revival in the whole

city the Bible said tens of thousands

were filled with the spirit and the

whole city was filled with joy but then

you read something else and we we only

think of that great revival there but

listen to what else happened he was an

evangelist not only to a whole nation in

a whole city of Samaria but he was an

evangelist in his own home because the

Bible said this about Philip the

Evangelist it said in acts 21 in verse 8

which is called the house

ah Philip the Evangelist and years later

the Bible said he was at home after a

citywide revival with his daughters I

think it said he had four daughters and

they were all filled with the Holy

Spirit and they prophesied and his wife

we need people who be like Philip and

evangelize their home we need people who

will become evangelists to their own

family gifted to reach people in their

own family his home became a center for

evangelism God can do miracles in your

home start sharing Jesus start talking

about Jesus start speaking of Jesus

start reading the scriptures in your

home since you’re there

God wants to visit your family become an

evangelist to your own family God can do

miracles in your home I remember when I

was growing up my granddaddy granddaddy

stone was an amazing man he had 28

children and he was an amazing man but

the most powerful thing that I remember

about granddaddy’s house had a beautiful

home but I can remember pulling up at

Thanksgiving pulling up at Christmas

pulling up on Easter Sunday sometimes

and we would heat my god we would eat

like horses you’ve never seen so many

cakes I’m talking about hundreds of

people in my family I have I’m still

meeting cousins that I didn’t even know

I had but when we would pull up my

granddaddy in his living room you’ll

love this he had a piano on one side is

a big room you could get you could get

in that room it was it was about the

size of this stage and we would cram in

there and those who couldn’t get in

would be outside and outside on the

outside and up on the staircase I’m it’s

hard to describe it it’s a massive room

he had a piano

one side of the room and he had an organ

you know like the old church organs yeah

hammond b-3 on the other side right in

his living room that’s how I grew up and

when I started to learn how to play the


my uncle Michael was a was a concert

pianist and a professor in a university

and played music and and and it just I

grew up around music when I started

playing the sax my brother dole played

the trombone my brother Richie played

trumpet and we would bring our horns to

Grand at his house for Easter or for

Christmas or for Thanksgiving and we’d

begin to play those horns in the living

room I’d start playing my socks and my

smile my Aunt Sue played the organ and

she would be over there playing and

Michael would be playing and we’d get to

singing I’m not making I’m telling you

my brother and Ritchie and I really

believe our ministry started we started

evangelizing after that sometime but it

really started I think and my

granddaddy’s living room because there

were times where we didn’t plan it but

we’d just start singing because

granddaddy would not let any family

gathering take place granddaddy and

Selma my grandmother they wouldn’t let

it take place without you’re not leaving

children and grandchildren until we have

Church in my house you go eat my food

you’re gonna run around here ride these

horses and ride these four-wheelers and

all this blessing you gonna remember who

gave it to me and we’re gonna have some

worship in this house and we play

football we had football out in the

front yard like you wouldn’t believe

but he wouldn’t let us play football

until the service was over

would go in that living room and I could

remember me and my brother would start

singing some him sometimes he touched me

oh he touched me

the power of the Holy Ghost would fall

on that living room I’d look over my

uncle would be weeping my uncle Ted my

Uncle Tony my Uncle Jack they would be

weeping I would see ants and my mother

my father my dad would get up and preach

and they had so many preachers in the

family that it would become a preacher

thon and one after another would get up

I just got to say one word but before it

was over they were prophesying the power

of God was moving and the children were

captivated by the presence of God not in

a sanctuary in the home in the family in

the living room would you get on your


would you just join me if you can

physically would you just get on your

knees right there and your living room

and your bedroom and your kitchen you

just get down if you physically can and

just throw your hands up and say lord I

I would love for you to pour out your

spirit on my house I want my family

saved I want my children saved I want us

filled with the Holy Ghost I want to

worship you in this house you gave me I

give you my house

I give you my family I give you my


I give you my children I invite your

holy presence into this room now right

where I am just say that I dare you to

open your mouth and say I invite you now

into my home show us what it’s all about

it’s not about what the world makes it

into it’s about how much Jesus do you

have in your life and they’re back

sliders that are listening to me right

now you can’t let this crisis just come

and go because this is your wake-up call

this is your moment right there in that

room to say Jesus wash me say it Jesus

cleanse me Jesus forgive me Jesus I’m

coming back to you in my home I want

every parent to lay your hands on your

children and your grandchildren and I

want you to speak the blessing of the

Lord over them I want you to plead the

blood of Jesus over them I want you to

ask God to fill them with the Holy Ghost

right there in your living room because

when my parents and my uncles and my

aunts started worshipping God it was a

holy noise in that house that I can

never get away from I can never erase

from the from front from its forever

embedded in my spirit and it happened

not in a church service but in a house

our time is almost gone but I want you

to just take a few moments in your home

maybe have some singing maybe have some

worship maybe have some time where you

just reach around and lay hands on one

another and pray for one another and

hold one another and love one another

because when it’s all said and done

all of us no matter is Jesus and your

family so worship him right there in

your home and we’re gonna go out

worshipping God

gonna go out just lifting Jesus high

today let’s glorify Him and now may the

Lord bless you and keep you make his

face shine on you be gracious unto you

lift up his countenance upon you give

you peace and protection and blessing

and help provisions in the anointing on

your house you know in our closing

moments together I want to say thank you

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the nation of Israel and you’ve been a

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your loving car

this told me your chin your mother see I

see day after day


yes you are

oh great is your mercy


you’re loving



day after day he’s never left


they declared your home

claire’s over always great is your mercy


bless your name tea bless your name

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you go on trips like this it’s a form of

blessing Israel it’s a form of saying

I’m blessing you God and I’m blessing

your land and I’m blessing the people

and when you do that there’s a blessing

that comes back spiritually and in every

other way can’t wait to see you get on

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