Is it possible that behind what is taking place in America and the world lies a mystery that goes back to the gods of the ancient world…and that they now have returned?

the united states appears to be

racing from a judeo-christian nation

back to


and it’s happening so fast

rabbi jonathan khan new york times

best-selling author has the first

reasonable explanation

and supernatural solution

i have heard

it’s explosive hang on to your seat

belts next

jonathan this is your very first

interview on your brand new book

return of the gods with a small g

this is the most intense

fiery and explosive book in my opinion

you’ve ever written

tell us about it i said imagine if there

was a mystery behind everything that’s

happening in america in the world our

culture the transformation that goes

back to the ancient tablets of ancient

mesopotamia imagine if the gods we heard

about these things called the gods and

they’re as fiction but that there

actually is reality to them that act

imagine what would happen if the gods

returned and they came back to america

what if they were the unseen movers of

these transformations who are the gods

what are the gods what does the bible

say about them and what if we could

identify them and is it possible that

they actually have manifested

for instance one in the streets of new

york city if they have actually

determined what the supreme court does

and when it does it

this is the this is really what’s

happening all over it’s affecting

everyone who’s watching right now and

what’s the future what is their mission

what is the plan and what are we to know

to do about it the return of the gauze

is this is exposing or taking the veil

away from what is affecting all of us

and also what do we need to know and

what do we need to do

and the thing that is so fascinating in

my opinion about this book is he shows

what these

gods with a small g caused to happen in

israel which cost israel their nation

and their relationship with god

horrible horrible what happened to

israel and they have personalities and

they do certain things how does this tie

in with what’s going on in america yeah

yeah to set to understand the mystery

you have to kind of put it together gods

were all over i mean all over the

ancient world and and the bible says

that says that behind the gods in the

hebrew scripture says was something

called the shedding shading are spirits

in the in the new testament paul says

behind the gods are these beings called

the demonia we get the word demon from

it so these are spirits these are not

just figments of people’s imagination

and so the thing is that that back then

if all these cultures were given to the

gods it means they were given to the

spirits it means they were possessed it

means western civilization was possessed

by that but now what happens is messiah

happens he comes into the world and he

has the power over of course over the

spirits and so when he sends his gospel

into the roman empire and western

civilization it starts it starts ending

the gods the gods flee

from the temples they’re emptied out

that means the spirits were cast out

this is the greatest exorcism in world

history what the gospel did and so

western’s our civilization is unique

it’s been a exercise civilization

however there is a warning and remember

when messiah spoke about the man who had

the demons come out of him right and he

says they goes in the wilderness that he

says i will return to my house comes

back finds it swept and clean and says

okay you know what i’m going to bring

back my friends comes back with seven

others so now it’s he’s more possessed

they’re repossessed people hear them

they think he’s talking about a man he

uses a man but he says no he says this

so will it be with this generation he’s

talking about something much massive if

you take that principle apply it in the

biggest way here’s the warning our

culture has been exercised when god came

in they went out okay but here’s the

warning if the house or if our culture

if america

ever turns away from god

then the doors are going to be open for

the spirits to return to repossess

the culture

that the door will be open for the gods

the ancient gods who be or behind the

spirits or the spirits or behind them to

come back and to repossess our culture

and so when you look at what’s happening

the craziness of what’s been happening

in the last 50 years in america it’s

because the gods have come back

and one of the things i noticed in your

book that i am

fascinated with and i never thought this

was possible

is when

school prayer was removed yes you say

yeah that gave them legal access

well that when you look at where you

know as america was beginning to turn

from god when they started removing this

what’s what happened with israel started

removing prayer early 60s the word these

are all these things that cast the gods

out so if you remove them then what’s

going to happen you’re opening the door

for the repossession you’re opening the

door so it’s the house is not going to

stay empty something else is coming in

if you take this out of school well

something else is coming into the

schools something else is coming to the

children that’s what we have been

witnessing and now the first god or the

first principality the one who always

begins it his name his name actually

means the possessor in the book i call

him the possessor in the bible it says

means the possessor yeah you know

he is the president so the first thing

his job what he did with ancient israel

is he calls them to forget their god and

he caused them to start driving god out

the spirit of baal in america in the

west has been driving god out so we said

the schools we have we have from culture

literally the bible says he calls them

to turn away from the commandments

literally in america we have actually

cast down the ten commandments same

thing so what we are watching it’s the


of america his job or his mission of

this prison is to take a christian a

quote christian nation or

judeo-christian nation and turn it into

a pagan nation and that is exactly what

has been happening and he is the first

spirit it says the spirit comes and says

let me get my friends so from there by

the way said we’re just touching on it

of course there’s so much to this but

it’s affected everything in fact there’s

one thing the bail actually man i won’t

go into it actually manifested in new

york city the sign of baal massively we

won’t go into it but the thing is that

he is the first spirit and so he’s the

one who says now the other gods are

going to come in through that and that’s

what exactly what has happened

i’ll tell you what

the possessor

yes the hell

paved the way

for two more ancient sinister spirits

the enchantress

and the destroyer

what would happen in america

if those ancient false gods return

be right back

right back to it’s supernatural

is it possible that the gods lie behind

everything from what appears on our

computer monitors our television movie

screens the lessons given to our

children in their classrooms the

breakdown of the family the wokism to

cancel culture children’s cartoons to

every force and factor that has

transformed the parameters of gender is

it possible that behind all these things

are ancient mysteries going back to the

ancient middle east

we now return to it’s supernatural



you have another false god in your book

this god is called the enchantress

yes what what is the name in in the

bible in the bible she’s called

ashtorath she in in mesopotamia she’s

called ishtar when she went into the

greek land she was called aphrodite and

then venus she is all over and she’s

mentioned specifically there now in in

the canaanite mythology she’s actually

the wife of baal so bale has a wife okay

and so so when baal comes the next one

to come it says in the bible says baal

then it says ah

then she’s coming in so what this means

is once the door is open she is the

goddess of sexuality of sexual

immorality she’s the god she’s actually

called a prostitute she’s a goddess who

who her temples were filled with with

sexuality all it was made it public so

if she returns what would happen if she

comes back it means that america is

under going to undergo a sexual

revolution that is that that is the sign

of the possession of ishtar or this

goddess and the thing is so sex comes

what she did what a prostitute is she

she actually

she actually damages marriage she

actually weakens marriage that’s what

that’s what happens bring sexuality into

the culture in ancient times in israel

she in the middle east she put her

images of naked people all over the

culture so so we’re not dealing with a

brilliant strategy of man no that has

concocted a plan that things are moving

so fast

into paganism

we are dealing with something stronger

than man

principalities and powers of darkness

have you ever wondered why things are

turning dark so fast

it’s because

too many people have yielded to these


yeah it is to quote on it is truly

supernatural and that’s what’s happening

and so not only she was in her greek

form she gave birth to a to a child

named eros we get the word erotica so

erotica starts flooding america she the

word for prostitute which is what she

was in her greek incarnation is the word

pornae we get the word porn from it so

there’s an explosion of pornography all

over the culture so what bale does in

one sense she’s re-paganized she’s

overturning biblical standards of

sexuality and marriage and she is

paganizing our culture through sexuality

and through possessing it and she’s also

the goddess of spells and witchcraft so

she casts her spell on america and we

are still in it to this day and and

that’s what we’re seeing yeah we are

seeing people that should know better

that should not be making decisions like

they’re making they’re going against for

lack of better words they’re going

against science

they’re go of course they’re going

against the bible but they’re even going

against science

it’s because there’s a witchcraft

maze haze if you will over them fog it

makes no sense to someone that doesn’t

have that fog

yeah it’s irrational it’s not natural at

all yeah and it goes further sid because

because something strange about the

goddess and that is that has to do with

gender because what she also did let me

tell you this in her ancient

inscriptions i’m looking at these

ancient scriptures she says i am a woman

i am a man. it says this is it said in

her in her hymns it says she has the

power to transform a man into a woman

and a woman into a man so so what’s

going to happen what’s going to happen

if she comes into the culture you’re

going to start seeing what she’s going

to do is she’s going to start she’s

going to start masculinizing women

de-feminizing women and feminizing men

that that touches everything i mean

touches our culture touches our the

roles touches radical feminism and

sexuality and so so all this stuff that

we’re having how could this happen this

is all the goddess this is all it’s all


when how in the world did you figure all

of this out well well i don’t i don’t

take any credit for figuring it it’s

just something god shows me one thing

and then the next thing next thing i’m

like i’m the first one to be blown away

by it and and and and sydney even goes

further she had a priesthood her priests

listen to this in her temples were they

were men who dressed up as women

and they they they acted as women

dressed up so what’s going to happen if

she comes back what’s going to happen is

as she possesses a culture is that men

will start dressing we’ll start seeing

that in our culture which we do these

are her ancient priesthood also they

were involved in same-sex sexuality we

see that explosion as well also it says

remember she says she turns men into

women transitions them and women into

men her priest many of her priests were

actually surgically altered she called

these surgicals i never knew that i

thought that was just something of our

gender well we do it more sophisticated

but this is why i wrote this book this

is to reveal and arm believers and to

know what’s happening and she especially

all the gods but she goes after they go

after the children because if you have

the children you have the future and so

that happened in nature times happening

now and so you think what would possess

an adult to do this to children well

what would possess it the spirit this is

what this the spirit of the goddess

and i’m gonna go even far farther

because this later mind-boggling and

that is that the god is was in charge

which he was a goddess of parades she

had parades happening all over and when

i looked at the ancient inscriptions of

the parades it describes them and it

says it says in the parades the men

would dress up as women in the parades

the women would dress as a man it would

be a parade of gender bending and that’s

exactly what when you see this happening

now that’s the sign of the goddess and

sid it’s even like more mind-boggling

because i’m looking at this and i look

at the ancient the ancient observers and

they said when did this thing happen

they said it happened even st jerome it

happened in the month they called it in

in latin junium june was the month of

the goddess she claimed a month june and

she was the goddess of pride so we have

now a pride month it’s all come back

this is going to be through these things

through these festivals she possesses a

culture and that and that’s the sign

that she has come back

now you say the gods are even

influencing the rulings of the supreme

court yes and they’ve determined the

exact timing yes those rulings yeah this

blew me away yes yeah since these things

happen there’s been three landmark cases

that have to do with gender and you know

all these things same-sex and and

marriage the first one was in 2003 had

to do with legalizing it happened in the

month the ancient month of tamos that’s

the lover of ishtar that’s her month

that’s her month it happened happened at

the exact time happened an exact date of

the goddess the next one happened in

2013 struck down the defense of marriage

act that happened same month same exact

day month of the goddess time of the

summer solstices all these pagan things

the last one which struck down marriage

we all remember that that happened month

of the goddess days of the goddess same

time same date june 26 and sid remember

remember when marriage was changed

remember when that happened we all

remember it that night all of america

rainbows appear and one of them appears

on the white house you remember that

well that that night on the ancient

calendar i looked this up about was the

night that is a is a point is the 10th

of tamil’s appointed appointed to cast a

spell to cause a man to love a man on

that day

it all was determined by the mystery of

the god no wonder you got blown away

when god shows you these revelations

these patterns

is what israel went through

when they

legally gave access to these demons and

the u.s has legally given access to

these demons

when we return jonathan will reveal the

third spirit of the dark trinity the


be right back



we will be right back to it’s



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the mystery involves the gods who are

they what are they

is it possible that these beings whose

origins are from ancient times are the

unseen movers of modern culture

could a sign that has appeared all over

america and all over the world be linked

to the gods of mesopotamia and if so

what does it really mean

could the gods have returned to new york

city and an ancient myth played out on

the streets in real time could this

mystery have even determined the exact

days on which supreme court decisions

had to be handed down

what is the dark trinity who is the


who is the enchanter

the destroyer

and the transformer

is it possible that the gods lie behind

everything from what appears on our

computer monitors our television movie

screens the lessons given to our

children in their classrooms the

breakdown of the family the wokism we’re

seeing the occult addictions to cancel

culture children’s cartoons to every

force and factor that has transformed

the parameters of gender

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our coffee mugs to that which is at this

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we now return to it’s supernatural

jonathan you say the mystery of the gods

with a small g

is behind everything

everything i can’t even we can’t even

begin to tell you in this time of how

much it’s behind us i mean everything i

know i’m ready

why is america so important well america

is the head of nations right now

whatever happens to america is going to

touch the world and america think about

it america sid was founded after the

pattern of ancient israel from the

beginning for the puritans so it’s been

blessed as israel was but the warning

even goes back to john winthrop the

puritan he said if you ever turn away if

we turn away and go after the gods then

the curses that came on israel are

coming on us you know the great people

of god they always dealt with they dealt

with gods you know moses elijah we’re in

the same boat right now the apostles now

let me let me give you an example of how

it’s been everything what we just spoke

about in the last part about how this

whole thing about gender is so crazy

what’s happening in our in our world

well it all began in a there was an

event uh in new york city in the summer

uh which is called the stonewall riots

we we’ve heard of it that that’s where

all that’s all this came from this is

the destroyer well well before we go

into the story

but this goes to that but this was this

is the all the gender and the goddess

and the thing is that that that night

all these signs of the goddess appear in

new york city they they converge even

from her mythology i’ll just i’ll just

touch on that well the one of the signs

which goes to battle is a sign of a

lion’s head a lion’s head is there that

night in new york city one of the signs

is called the dance of ishtar during

that whole riot they start dancing and

they start they start singing words that

go back to the tablets of mesopotamia

with a goddess the word stonewall is in

the writings of the god as it says she

breaks the stone wall it’s all there and

there was one woman who actually

triggered this whole thing though what

we see today one woman she triggered and

that woman was embodying the goddess and

actually in the ancient tablets the

goddess is called storm they call her

you’re the storm the woman’s name was

storm or stormy started the whole storm

and so we see right now and i’ll give

you just a little taste without going

into what it is we see the sign of the

rainbow all over the all over all of our

place that goes back to the goddess

there’s a mystery there if anybody had

an idea of what this really meant it

doesn’t mean what people think it means

they would never raise that

well a lot of people that are viewing

right now don’t even know these

particular issues but what jonathan is

saying not only do many people not know

what he’s saying that were actual news

events in the newspapers they don’t know

what’s behind this from from the ancient

records yeah yeah this is and even many

and most believers don’t realize the

full extent of what we’re dealing with

that’s why we need to know you know and

i’ll give you example of the the

destroyer the the other one the god who

comes in there at the end of this is the

is i called the destroyer we know him as

molek and that is he causes israel to

actually lift up their own children to

on the altars of his altars and kill

them well that’s a pagan thing never in

america but the warning is if america

turns away from god

that moloch’s coming in and we’re going

to start offering up our children so

that’s exactly what happened starting in

the the late 60s earlier just when this

one god leads to the next and so and i’m

going to say something about now even in

when i looked at the ancient things of

the ancient tablets of malik it’s that

he also they also particularly lift up

they they sacrificed the poor children

and that’s exactly what’s happening in

america too why didn’t we say that it

was it why do you say this well because

it actually says the historian said that

the portugal they’re actually sold to be

sacrificed so to this day it’s the

minorities and the poor who are actually

molex focus so now i want to say

something that’s they’re hearing

encouragement here that there’s

something about the book i knew i had to

write it you’re asking and it was the

day it was finished was june 24 just a

little while

the day was finished was the day the

supreme court overturned roe versus wade

oh and so today


we see the opening

we see the opening for these false gods

he’s saying there has just been an

opening for the god of abraham isaac and



yes and and said if you look in the

bible look in the bible when there was

revival the the righteous kings would be

they would break down the altars

remember they would break down they

break down well what do we what’s the

altar date it’s the altar of malik he

god just began breaking it so there’s an

opening now there’s an opening and it’s

just like the opening that caused these

demons to come in which is the little


when school prayer was taken out

this may look little but no no no

it’s big big big yeah

yeah and this is why and this is why

believers have to rise have to be strong

and this is why i have to be aware of

this there’s something at the end i

speak about the war of the gods you know

one of the things sid about these of

these principalities they’ve come back

that every knee would bow to them and

they’ve actually end game yeah that’s

the end game and they’ve come back with

vengeance remember who was it who cast

them out believers they have their eyes

on believers too but

here’s the thing i won’t go into it but

here’s the thing we are we are living in

the the incredible days because these

are the days of the apostles they were

dealing with the gods again elijah moses

the the maccabees all that but we have

the power we have the other god and so

there’s a whole thing about this about

how to stand and this can be our

greatest hour but we have to know we’re

dealing with the gods


let me ask you something is there


yes i’ve never written a book without

hope yes there’s hope and the hope our

god is so much more powerful you know

and we have him but if we don’t rise in

that power then we won’t see it god you

know and often when the revivals come

and when glory comes it’s when the gods

are broken when they are cast out and

that is what and we have to make sure in

our own lives we are casting out

anything that has to do with these

things that we can rise in the you know

the spirit of god casts out the spirit

of the gods and so we have that power

but we have to rise to it yes well it

looks kind of bleak

but i tell you

it is god’s greatest hour for america to

be called once again

america the beautiful

the god of avraham yishkak and yaakov

is not finished with america the best is

yet to come

rabbi jonathan khan

heard a riddle

and the riddle went like this it came

from god this is what the riddle said

the removal of false gods

brings the glory of god

and the glory of god

removes the false gods of the world

what does this mean jonathan well

a lot of believers don’t realize how

prevalent this whole thing is between

god and the gods it’s throughout the

scripture i mean this we were called out

of babylonia over this to this this is

what’s actually what separated the

jewish people and now which separates

believers is that we are against the god

we don’t we we say no to the gods if you

look at the the the ultimate thing is

that that if you look throughout the

bible you see this again and again and

again look at look at egypt and the

exodus the greatest i mean you know the

power of god there he said i will

execute judgments on the gods so every

one of those plagues was actually

casting out or judging some of those

those gods of egypt but then once he did

then the glory of god comes down then

the pillar of fire comes a lot of people

don’t know these each god is responsible

for something to do with these plagues

so he was coming right and the last one

was the son of pharaoh what did that

mean well that’s right well well the

last one and and the lamb is the

antidote think about that but yeah the

yeah the uh from the nile river which is

a god that’s the first one to the death

of of that that’s his own that’s his own

god that’s it you know and so so all

these things where the judge being

judging of the gods then

only then comes the presence of god

comes down that’s when the pillar of

fire comes that’s when the smoke comes

that’s when the tabernacle comes that’s

where the red sea parts so and then by

doing that the lord further drives out

the gods and you look at the what the

word of god comes all that which casts

out the word so you see it there you see

with elijah you know look what happened

with elijah you have you have a culture

that’s been given the new god but then

turned away from god like america and

now turn to baal and now notice what it

says when the when the gods come to


it’s not about tolerance anymore first

it’s do your own thing and accept that

once they come to power is every knee

will bow to me so they said bow to bell

bow to bail elijah refused he stood up

and he stood on mount carmel with the

gods you know i mean with the the priest

and with coming against baal and so

notice how powerful he was and notice

how strong he was with this and so what

happened is he says yeah you know you

know they’re crying out to baal and what

happens is nothing happens and so elijah

says you know what maybe he’s asleep

shout louder you might wake him up you

know but he it shows it’s something holy

and he’s sarcastic but it’s a holy thing

that he doesn’t reverence the gods he

knows about him but he reverences god

and so then he calls out then god comes


with a with with a fire and the people

say they repent they say the lord he is

god and then what happens then the

plague is over then the famine is over

then the heavens open up and three all

this it comes so each thing leads to the

next i’ll give you another example the

maccabees you know this is not in the

bible but it’s in between the bible and

it’s god used it the maccabees they were

told by the greeks now the gods come

back they keep coming back they come

back and they say you have to bow down

to us you have to you will kill you if

you follow god so everybody’s doing it

until one until this this righteous

courageous family rises up and they say

you know what no more no more i don’t

care what happens even if it’s my life

and that’s the spirit we have to have i

will stand up so they stand up and they

they repent of all these things they

leave the the gods and god gives them

victory and victim what happens at the

end they come to the temple so here the

repentance brought the power of god when

they come to the temple they cleanse the

temple of the gods so so it it keeps

going god always honors it one other

example is the apostles we don’t realize

this when paul remember when paul went

to mars hill he’s grieved he’s seeing

all these gods all the you know all

these things well the the gospel led to

repentance the repentance opened up for

the for the power of god the spirit of

god the spirit of god drove the gods out

to where we have been this day so you

see this again and again and again and

one more thing to to keep in mind when

we said the beginning with passover when

passover the power of god goes against

what was the car it was the lamb of god

you know the lamb of god the power of

god worked against the gods through that

lamb on that last night who was the lamb

of god messiah is when did he die on

passover so what does that mean the

power of messiah is the power to cast

out any god in in any life and it’s the

power that actually he’s the only one

who we know who even has that power to

he gave it to us as well so so you see

that this is part of our faith we have

to stand against the gods of this age

by the way at passover

i love it because at every traditional

passover we sing from the psalms and one

of the songs we sing from is the 118th

psalm which says the stone

that the builders

my jewish people rejected

has become

the chief


the chief



and we and we read that every passover

jewish people all around the world read

that every passover so so from the very

beginning of our faith it was against

the gods and the fact that we’re dealing

with this now we just may not realize

what they are but we’re dealing with the

same thing and the same voice this whole

cancel culture that says be quiet don’t

speak you can’t say anything that’s

bowing down to the gods you know they

want you to pray and say we have to

stand like we have the spirit of elijah

people why have you noticed people that

are believers are muzzled by their own

family you can’t bring that subject up

that’s part of these principalities yeah

it exactly it’s not rational and that

now that people even pastors are

censoring themselves instead of standing

up to the gods and and that’s the thing

so but the power of god is stronger so

that so with all you know i want to we

we mentioned this on the program but let

me give you more detail for for this uh

that is i’ll just say this i’m going to

say this that there was there’s i won’t

go into a detail with it but someone

just gave me a word that when with this

book coming out they didn’t even know

what they didn’t even know it was about

that it’s going to

it’s going to break all the altars of

the gods now now and so on so that we

said on the day it comes out and i

didn’t plan it this way i get i finished

the book i said finished i get the news

that roe versus way has been overturned

this is the altar of the gods this is

the altar of abortion it was now it’s

not all over but it’s going to happen

because those states those states that

are saying no those altars are going to

be finished you know and when you look

at particularly josiah josiah was used

of god to bring revival to bring his

power and he was used to come against

the gods it says he went from one place

to the next and he tore down this altar

he cried he cried he destroyed this

altar he defiled this altar so they

couldn’t use anymore so now we have for

the first time in our history actually

probably the first time in westminster

we’re actually seeing an altar of a god


cracked cracked cracked and so and this

is the sign of revival so this is one of

the biggest things god has ever given us

and the fact the fact i think i believe

that the fact that he did it you know he

just works everything together on the

day that we’re talking i’m finishing

this word about the gods is a word for

god’s people we have to stand now

because there is hope there is glory

that can come but it’s we have we have a

we have a job to do god’s people have to

be courageous do not you know i was once

on capitol hill to speak to the leaders

of congress and i was led to say listen

we will not bow our knee to baal we will

not bow our need to tamale we will only

bow our need to one god the god of

abraham isaac and jacob him alone we

have to have that spirit if we’re going

to see the power of god be bold because

this is our hour

when jonathan said this is our hour he

meant it

this is america the beautiful

greatest hour do you know why

because in deep darkness

the prophet isaiah said in isaiah 60

in deep darkness

the glory

or the manifest presence

or the goodness of god will fill the

whole earth

and that’s where we are right now

wouldn’t you agree this is deep darkness

and here’s where we are


i have had

maybe a little compared to many

throughout history of experience with

the glory of god

uh it started when as a

year old jewish man

that the only thing i would not believe

in is jesus

with having an encounter with him

and there’s only one way i moved from

where i was there was no other way

jonathan no other way to move from i was

stuck you could have told me isaiah 53

and proven it conclusively and i’d laugh

at you

but when god showed up he showed up with

his presence


i have found the presence of god is the

game changer

it’s not a game changer it is

and i was

i have to tell you

i as radical as i was for the devil

that instantly you asked my wife she

said i didn’t marry that guy

the one thing i knew is i didn’t want to

marry a minister what happened to sid so

tell you that

but immediately i was telling everyone

everywhere before i read the new

testament i was a guest

on a woman’s television show that many

of you have heard of catherine coleman

and the glory of god jumped on me on

that show

i mean i

i hadn’t even read the new testament i

was witnessing all over the world

about the reality you know you know you

don’t even have to read the new

testament all you have to i mean you

should but all you have to do is know

jesus is real and tell the world don’t

you wait till you get all these degrees

open your mouth now now is the

acceptable time

but i’ll tell you and then i started

speaking for jewish outreaches i had

some of the brethren uh not the brethren

church and the brotherhood jewish

brethren when i started saying a

thousand jews in

moscow are coming to know have just made

public professions of faith when i said

a thousand jews in israel have just

stood up and made public they said

impossible well i agree it’s impossible

but in the presence of god

guess what

all things are possible


it’s a two-edged sword the presence of


if you have lived

a constantly repentant life

and even if you haven’t

now you can get it

now you can repent

i’ll tell you as jonathan there are

things i repent of now

that i didn’t even think were sin as a

new believer

but i i do why the closer you get to god

the more you will repent you know some

people say i have to preach a strong

message to repent in the glory

god does the


hey the greatest jewish prophet at his

time was a prophet by the name of isaiah

he went to the throne room came into the

presence of god this is what the most

holy man uh not my rabbi who thought he

was one of the 10 most holy men in the

world but a traditional rabbi but this

particular rabbi isaiah

this is what he said the holiest man in

israel at that moment

i’m an unclean man

the holiest prophet of israel

i have unclean lips

because he came into the purity of a

clean god

that’s what’s about ready to happen

we will see

a billion i tell you billions of young


come to the lord and be as radical as i


and let me tell you something the devil

can go after two or three or thousand

men a guy or women of god but what’s he

going to do with a billion he’s going to

go meshuggah that’s a hebrew word for

crazy that’s what he’s going to do

and by the way don’t you dare put god in

the box of previous moves of his spirit

because he’s going to do something he’s

never done before

you can say they don’t do that at my

congregation well they probably don’t


is god not bigger than every move of the

spirit he’s ever had of course he is and

is god not ready to return to earth

based on the signs we say see

of course he is

and is god not ready to have the

greatest outpouring in history of his


to be the game changer that’s that

riddle that you had jonathan

that is that riddle we it this i but

it’s a two-edged sword

it’s like


the outpouring of the spirit except much

more much more

and it’s it’s like

being a sinner

and coming into the presence of a holy

god because when he comes if you are in


if you are in known sin you say well

maybe i am and i don’t know it

holy spirit will tell you when you’re

ready to know it that’s what he did with

me he’s he’s gentle

he’ll tell you but right now you already


if you’re in known sin you know if

you’re addicted to pornography

you know if you’re dabbling in

the new age or a cult you know if you’re

in homosexuality

you know if you’re going into seances


communicating with the dead

you know

you know


there’s no better time than now you know

why the bible says you don’t know when

your end will come i don’t know you

don’t know it

that’s the one thing you don’t know

you don’t know when your end will come

it could be today

it could be 10 years from today

so i am going

to say a prayer

because not only

not only do you want to repent

you want to be ready for the presence of


you want to be used

i’m telling you it’s all hands on deck

it’s not just a few anointed men and

women of god it’s all hands on deck

this is god’s last effort to save the


and god loves the world so much

that he’s

saved his best

for last i want you to say this prayer

for your own experiential knowledge with

god it’ll start with a decision it may

not even be a feeling

but you will experience


in hearing

in feeling in every one of your five

senses you will experience this presence

of god there will be fire coming from

many of you there’ll be a pillar of fire

over your head

many of you

wherever you walk the presence of god

will fall on people beyond anything

we’ve ever seen you’ll go into school

where they say no school’s prayer and

the whole school group including the

principal and the teachers will be on

their face repenting and you don’t have

to say a word


let’s be like moses

moses prayed a prayer

lord show me your glory

yes lord show me your glory

lord show me your glory


and by the way

that glory came on moses so much so so

much i have to i have to get light right

now he was the first person that wore a

covert mask because the glory was so

bright out of space people were afraid

but there was something else that

happened in the glory of moses

he lived to 120 and the bible records he

was strong at 120 as a young man and his

eyesight was perfect

that’s what happens when you live in the


and not only that he only died at 120 as

a young man and that was a young man

compared to living in the glory and how

long you can live

he died at 120 because he sinned if he

hadn’t sinned only god knows how long he

would have lived and this glory has

already descended on earth and it’s

going to do nothing but get stronger and

stronger to a point where the world has

never seen eye has not seen ear has not


all that has god has in store for you

i want you to say this prayer

and mean it to the best of your ability

out loud yes

out loud wherever you are

repeat after me

out loud

dear god

i’m so sorry

for every mistake i’ve ever made

i believe

jesus came

and lived as a human

god in human form

and died


i was buried

but rose from the dead

and paid the price for my sins

and i believe

the blood of jesus

washes me clean

and today

is the first day

of the rest of my life

and lord

whatever strongholds are in my life

whatever addictions are in my life

i ask you to remove them

i thank you for your grace

which is your enabling power to overcome


i ask you to live inside of me

i asked you to become real

i make you my savior from my sins

but i also make you my lord



last couple of things yeah well

we shared about something that that you

said you need to to say this and um when

i was when i went to india um

on a mission i mean it was to be

i was standing this is hard to believe

what you’re about to hear hard to

believe but it happened

i’m i’m standing in front it’s night i’m

standing in front of a crowd about about

a hundred thousand indian people robes

and all that muslim had never seen a jew

never saw never saw a jewish believer

and at the end and interesting one of

the things i was allowed to say was that

scripture you just said just triggered


rise and shine you’re like deep darkness

but light comes you know and at the end

i said we’re gonna i’m gonna i’m gonna i

had a shofar the shofar is a is the

power of god the shofar is a weapon of

god so far is used of god to show his

power so i had to show and i said we’re

going to sound this for freedom i’m

going to sign up for release we’re going

to sign up for


i sounded the shofar

and all of a sudden we didn’t know what

happened it was almost like we were

back all of a sudden it was like

blood curdling screams of a hundred

thousand people coming over or so it

just just it was it was it was and i did

it again it was again we never heard

anything like it we actually captured

this on on the recording we had no idea

i went back when i when i went back home

i look in the encyclopedia of judaica it

says when the shofar is sound jewish

tradition is the enemy has to flee

so you’re saying to me

if you were to blow a shofar


right now

and maybe put a toll lead on a prayer

shawl is that a problem right now

i believe

that demons are going to flee and just

as though it looked like a little thing

it looked like a little thing

when school prayer was taken out because

you know you you’ve got inside of you

you can pray anytime you want

but it was a crack

it was a crack

in what god was doing that gave an

opening to the enemies

of god

and it is a crack

when the supreme court

opened up and said the states now have

to decide on abortion

it may have looked insignificant

but god took notice of that and it gave

god legal permission i’m believing

prophetically when you blow this shofar

it’s a little crack

that is going to set people free and

give god legal

permission for the greatest outpouring

of god’s glory in history


sid has asked me because he wants the he

always he just loves anything of the

power of god to do it here so i’m going

to blow the shofar but i’m going to ask

and this is for everybody watching as

well you know you prayed for yourself

and prayed for having repentance people

at home did but now let’s pray for god’s

power around us on america on the world

on everything in our life let’s pray for

that power now to go forth i would ask

is it okay sid if i ask him to stand is

that okay that is okay but you better

tell him who gave you that tally

this this talit is is very special

because it’s just we didn’t plan this

sid just showed it to me yesterday this

is the talib of sid’s father

from from poland

from poland that was kind of that he

used and so this is a very special

moment even from an honor for me to do

this so if you can why don’t you all


and let’s believe the power of god and

and i um i could tell you so many things

that have happened and it’s not about

that it’s that this is a symbol that god

chose to show his power and this is the

first time what we just shared i know i

told you the first time i’ve ever shared

this message with people what we just

this is going to go forth please pray

for it because it’s explosive but let’s

pray for god’s power from this moment

from everything that happened right now

to god have his power with the word with

the way and also to cast out anything

that is not of him so i’ll ask if you


if you can lift up your hands

to receive

and believe and when you hear this i

want you if that’s okay i want you to

shout and just go with the lord whatever

the lord does okay whatever needs to be

done lord we praise you to this hour we

thank you that you have called us for

this hour lord and we thank you that you

are mighty who is like you among the

gods there is none oh lord

you are there is none like you lord you

are more powerful than any stronghold

any darkness any wall any evil you are

stronger in our world in our lives and

in america so father we now join

together with everyone here and everyone

at home lord we join together and we ask

let your power go forth lord let your

power of release of jubilee of freedom

of restoration of reconciliation of

casting out of bringing in

bringing in the glory of walls come

tumbling down father lord we ask your

power be known and father we come before

you now and we receive and we pray lord

let it be done in the name above every

name that is named the name of yeshua

hamashiach jesus the messiah adonolam

the lord of all

and the lion of the tribe of judah

now received father we praise you and





shout for the


lord of great and mighty things we no

longer father have your way freedom


revival and glory be to you yeshua jesus

mighty name amen

and amen