Want to receive God’s prophetic vision and be supernaturally led by His Spirit? Child of God, it is your heavenly Father’s heart to show you His faith pictures for your life that you might walk in a greater measure of His blessings and supply! In this eye-opening message, you’ll learn practical ways to lean in and receive these visions from Him.

Hazon is the Hebrew word
for prophetic visions from God.

When God speaks to you in picture
form, that’s the hazon vision.

And the difference from
the visions that are of the world

or from the devil, is that the
results are all God-like.

If God speaks it, if God shows it,
it will come to pass. Amen.

And usually, when the devil
gives a vision—

the devil can also give a vision,

but usually, the vision will be
something catastrophic,

something evil, and then he
sort of devastates you.

You feel dejected and you
feel forlorn just thinking about it.

Or if you have a nightmare,
just know, when you wake up,

in the name of Jesus, bind it!

If something causes fear
in your heart, you have a

nightmare about yourself
or your family being in danger

or something negative,

just bind it in the name of Jesus
when you wake up.

The devil can prophesy
the devil’s plans.

But the devil is not omniscient.

Only God is omniscient.

In the upper room, Jesus said:

“When the Holy Spirit comes,
not only will He teach you all things,”

“guide you into all truths, but
he will show you things to come.”

That’s the future!

Let us not disinherit what is
our rightful inheritance!


I want to teach you how to see
God’s hazon vision.

When you ask God, get ready!

If you ask God for something, remember this.

In James 1, it says:
“If any of you lack wisdom”

Or direction, or even a vision.

All this is inherent in that word:

If you lack direction, you want
God’s wisdom,

what do you do?

“Let him ask of God that
gives to all men liberally”

“and upbraideth not,”
He does not scold you out for it.

He gives you liberally.

“But let him ask in faith, nothing
wavering, for he that wavers”

“is like a wave of the sea driven
with the wind and tossed.”

You see, the Bible
is full of pictures!

“The one that wavers is like
a wave of the sea driven”

“with the wind and tossed.”

Don’t be like that man.

“A double-minded man is
unstable in all his ways.”

So when you ask, ask in faith.

Bring out your notebook
and ask the Lord:

“How do you see this situation?”

If you have a problematic
situation that you want

God’s answer on,
ask God to speak to you!

Now, if the vision doesn’t come
then and there, many a times,

I find that when you
have a pen ready,

and your book in front of you,
you write and you journal,

God will begin to speak to you.

Now, listen.

In the occult world, in the
new age, they also have this.

It is what they call
automatic journaling.

Don’t do that!

What they do is that they
make their mind passive,

their will passive,
they open up an exercise book.

You see, the devil always
copies God’s method.

Except for this.

God never overrides your choice.

God wants to cooperate with you.

He doesn’t make you passive
and then He takes you over.

That’s what the devil does.

Even in the case of speaking
in tongues, we have to speak

as the Spirit gives us utterance.

If we don’t speak,
nothing will happen.

So God always works
with man’s will.

Man’s cooperation.

We are co-laborers with God.

So likewise, in the world,
in the occult world, what they do

is that they just let themselves
loose and then an evil spirit

takes over and then
they start writing automatically.

Now I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about you having
your full senses about you,

the way God made you.

That’s how God speaks.

You have your full wits about you
and you have full possession of

your mental faculties.

And you don’t surrender your mind
to some unseen force.


You can just ask the Lord
a question and then just pause

for a while, pray in the Spirit.


And listen and see.

Watch to see!
Remember what Habakkuk says?

“I’ll watch to see.”

Watch to see these floating
images that comes up.


And remember this principle.

In the New Testament,
if an image is from God,

a vision is from God,
a dream is from God,

a prophecy is from God—because
it all comes through prophecy!

When you prophesy, you
usually prophesy visions.


You prophesy visions.
Just like Habakkuk, the prophet.

He prophesied visions.
Samuel prophesied visions.

You give a faith picture to the
one that you’re prophesying to

or to a group or nation
that you’re prophesying to.

So it’s imparting the vision.

But in the New Testament, listen.
It is not like the Old Testament.

In the Old Testament, they
prophesied usually,

many a times, especially
before Nebuchadnezzar

and Babylon came to
take over in order to invade

Jerusalem and the land of Judah,
notice that a lot of visions

that he saw were visions of
national crisis, war, and bloodshed.

Okay. Now, would that
be true today?

Listen carefully.
Unless you are a prophet

and called to write the book of Revelation.

But even then, the book of Revelation
is the revelation of Jesus Christ.

But unless you are called to the
ministry of a prophet,

don’t deal with world events.

You’re not called to things
that are higher and above

your pay grade.

There are prophets who
prophesy about world events.

Those who try to attempt to
do that without the anointing,

they fall flat on their face and
everyone can see that

it didn’t come to pass.

So don’t overstep your boundary.

The simple things that God
speaks to us, today, like I said—

what was isolated for the ministry
of the prophets in the Old Testament

is now for all of us to enjoy,
but enjoyed within the confines

of our life, our ministry, our area
of responsibilities and assignment.

That’s where God will speak to you. Amen.

So get ready to ask the Lord
and watch to see that

floating image on the inside.

But you say: “Pastor Prince,
I expect an angel to appear”

“in a hazon vision. I expect the Lord
to appear before me.”

Now, this is not the norm.

For some reason, people always
feel like having a vision means

someone appears before you,

either it is an angel
or the Lord Himself.

And if someone is in the room,
they will also see

the same thing that you see.

That is not true.

When Saul was on the road
to Damascus, he had a vision.

The Bible says the people
around him did not see it.

They did not see the
same Lord speaking.

They heard words but they
did not see the Lord.


Same thing for Ezekiel.

Ezekiel says he received a vision,
but the people around him

did not receive a vision.

But we have this idea that if the
Lord appears, everybody will see.

Everybody in the same room
will see the Lord.

And that is not true.

We have ideas about all these,
which is sensational and spectacular,

which is not in the Scriptures.

God’s way—listen, my friend.

God’s voice is not in the
earthquake, nor in the thunder.

It is the still small voice and
that floating vision that comes up

as you prepare and ask the Lord.

I was sharing with my music ministry
people to be ready for new songs.

And where does a song come from?
From within.

Because why?

God has taken His dwelling in you.

“I will walk in them,
I will dwell in them.”


You are the temple of God Himself.

The temple of the Holy Spirit,
a living, breathing temple of God,

going somewhere to be
a blessing to.


God dwells in you!
He is no longer outside you.

In fact, if it is outside you,
you can rest be assured that

if it is fearful images and all that,
it is not from God.


That peace on the inside,
that, the devil cannot imitate.

It’s from inside.
So if you receive a vision,

it can be a warning.
But still, there is a peace.

It can be a dream that you wake up
to but it’s a warning for you

to take heed to. Amen.

So do I believe in dreams?

I have had a number of dreams
down through my life,

in my ministry and recently,
I just told you last week that

the very morning that I was
supposed to be preaching,

that very morning, I had
a dream of a tsunami that hit

where I was dwelling, where I
was staying, not just my place,

my habitation, but also all the
houses and all the places around.

And there were 3 tsunami waves
that came and I’ve asked the Lord

and it all came from
one particular source.

And I only shared a little bit of
what I shared last week

in regards to what
I’m able to release.

But I saw that and it’s very clear.

I’m accustomed to having
visions like this every year.

And sometimes, it can be
very specific about the church,

about the ministry,
about my life.

Sometimes, it can be very
general as well.

But one thing you can
rest be assured.

If you are in the New Covenant,
it is no more in the vein of

fearful visions with fearful results.

It can be a warning, but it
always has an edifying,

positive, comfortable result.

And that’s why you must keep
this verse in your heart always.

The New Testament kind of
prophecy or vision is like this.

1 Corinthians 14:3 tells us:
“But he who prophesies”

Now how do you prophesy?
In what form?

Usually in visions,
in picture form,

not just in words.
The words are describing a picture.

He who prophesies,
prophesies Spirit-inspired words.

“He who prophesies speaks”
Now watch this.


Look at this.

“exhortation and comfort to men.”

It is always edifying.
It always builds up.

It always exhorts and
it ministers comfort.

So when you receive a vision
or a dream, when you ask God

to speak to you and you wait.

As you wait for the Lord to speak,
remember this.

When you ask in faith, many a times,
you’ll find a fleeting image comes.

Do not doubt.
Just write down what you see.

In fact, when you write down,
you have a chance later on

to look at it, to see whether
it is scriptural, whether it is

in line with God’s Word or not.

That’s one of the greatest benefits
of writing down what God shows you.

But it must always be,
under the New Covenant,

it must be unto edification,
unto exhortation, and comfort.

It must always produce that result.