2023 is the Kairos Year of Right Time and Right Place! It feels so good to finally be able to release this burning word on my heart to our church during our Vision Sunday service.

I just want to tell all of you

that you are in for a great year!

So fasten your spiritual seat belts.

We are in for a ride!

Let’s go to Ecclesiastes 9:11.

“The race is not to the swift,”

“Nor the battle to the strong,”

“Nor bread to the wise,”

“Nor riches to men of understanding,”

“Nor favor to men of skill;”

“But time and chance happen to them all.”

The word here “time” in the Hebrew

is the word “eth.”

And the Hebrew word for

“happen” there is “qarah.”

“Qarah” is all about right happening!

We want this right happening

to happen to us because

we know that finally, the one

who wins the race is not necessarily

the fastest one.

It’s not a matter of—

favor goes to the one with skill

or riches to men of understanding,

a wise man, right?

But time (“eth”) and “qarah”

happen to them all.

Okay, so what is this? What is this?

It’s got to do with the Theme Of The Year.

Okay, so now sit back, and watch.


The Kairos Year of Right Time, Right Place.

“Right time” in the Hebrew

is the word “eth.”

In the Greek, “eth” is “kairos.”

Now, “kairos” is right timing.

In fact, Thayer, who is a Greek scholar,

he defines “kairos” like this:

“Kairos” is an opportune,

seasonable time, the right time.

When you say opportunity, for example,

it comes from the word “opportune.”

That means there is a great

door of favor open,

a moment of favor, amen.

That’s kairos.

Can we, with our smarts,

with our intelligence,

position ourselves in such a way that

things can happen for us and

we are aware of the right timing?

People try that all the time, you know,

they want to get involved in an investment

at the right time,

or even encounter their life partner,

even averting tragedy, for example.

You cannot control your right time

and your right place so

more than ever this year,

we need the Lord.

God will give you the best.

You just pray, let “qarah”,

“right time right place”

“happen to me, Father.”

“Today” and God will orchestrate everything.

Abraham’s Servant, let’s follow his prayer.

Then the servant prayed:

“Oh Lord God of my master Abraham”

“please give me success.”

Do you know what’s the Hebrew word?


“and show kindness to”

“my master Abraham.”

See the word “kindness” there?

It is the word “hesed”, the word for “grace.”

Grace is tied up with qarah,

which means unearned, undeserved favor.

Only God’s grace can put you

at the right place at the right time!

Listen carefully, many of them happenings

this year will be you meeting someone

that turns out to be someone

who needs Jesus.

Don’t forget that’s the right timing, right place

is not just for you but for that person.

And if God uses you like this,

let me tell you this…

You are very blessed!

You know why? He trusts you!

If you don’t see your manifestation,

you don’t see your harvest,

don’t lose heart! Don’t give up!

We shall reap!

When? “In due season we shall reap.”

Due season is “kairos.”

Sarah, even when she was young,

she was barren and now they are—

she’s 99 and Abraham is 100 years old.

And God says: “You’ve been waiting for 20 years.”

God says:”Your kairos moment is here.”

“For this is the word of promise,”

“at this time (“kairos”), I will come”

“and Sarah will have a son.”

But what I want you to see is this.

When “kairos” happens, manifestation happens.

The long-awaited manifestation happened!

This is the year of your manifestation.