This year, God wants to restore your mind from forgetfulness! See how God’s heart is for us to have healthy and sharp minds, and supernatural wisdom beyond natural reasoning.

while I Was preparing for this message

knew your message I asked the Lord what

does he have on his heart for you for

you people and this is what he said I

want to heal their minds because in the

beginning when I made man their minds

were not forgetful

but what has happened he’s going to show

me that many of us we have accepted our

forgetfulness as normal

we hear reports we watch uh you know

around us at other people and all that

and they laugh and people make jokes

about it you know people joke like this

man went up the stairs and he turned to

his elderly wife and he looked up and

they looked down again looked up and he

says now I don’t know where I’m going

down or going up

you know and people joke about that and

you know we have moments whereby we we

enter into a room and we ask ourselves

why am I in this room

what did I come here for don’t put up

your hands we call this a senior moment

right but we accept it as normal people

even make jokes about it but what the

Lord said to me is there is a curse

it’s a curse that came in because of

Adam’s fault

and Christ has redeemed us from the

curse of the law on that cross amen so

at the cross Christ redeem us


uh spiritual death that’s our spirit

Christ redeem us from disease and

sickness that’s our body

and you’ll find all these curses listed

in Deuteronomy 28 then Christ redeemed


in our souls and that is our mind is the

mind that gets depressed is the mind

that gets forgetful it’s the mind so

does God just bypass you know your

spirit uh God bypass your mind for your

spirit and then for your body and ignore

the Mind part no God made man try


see God is one God but God Is triunity

Right three Divine persons father son

Holy Spirit one you can’t you don’t say

three Gods you say one God amen but

remember when God said let us make man

this words you’ll find your King James

Bible let us make man

let us make man so the Divine person is

involved the father plan the son

executes the Holy Spirit


and manifested amen


try Unity

the Divine tree Divine persons in one

God Amen or one God we don’t say three

Gods okay always remember that it’s a

Divine mystery so God made Man In His

Image we are tripartite

amen if one part suffers we suffer if

your mind is restless the body says all

right produce disease produce sickness

and and doctors will say like stress can

cause sickness in your body

you keep on hearing watching the news

you keep on hearing the news you keep on

looking at Men’s report okay you accept

that condition

but don’t say things like I’m getting

old I’m being forgetful

the other day I was I woke up early and

uh you know when you’re when you when

you when you just walk up usually your

mind Go in different directions right

so my direction was awesome and old

friend an old person came to my mind

someone that quite some time ago and I

said what’s his name

I know his name

but it just didn’t come to me then I

told myself I’m not going back to sleep

until I know his name you ever had that

you know you ever had that all right

it’s like it’s a sleep of my tongue you

know but who is what what’s his name

that I struggle and struggle and the

name never came

but I didn’t accept I’m getting old

all right I said I have the mind of

Christ and that phrase by the way is the

New Testament I have the mind of Christ

Paul says we have the mind of the lord

we have the mind of Christ I have the

mind of Christ and I know his name and

like this pop it came up his name

amen so listen doesn’t always happen

that fast

but if you learn to accept instead of

saying I am forgetful

speak God’s word I have the mind of


amen and the mind of Christ never


amen it may not come immediately but it

will come it will manifest the more you

say it the more you see it is not so

much you it’s you are just

releasing faith

it is God’s word

but we appropriate God’s promises

through faith

and faith is released like this belief

in your heart speak with your mouth

believe in your heart speak with your

mouth we are made in God’s image in the

beginning the Bible says God created the

heavens and the earth and the Air Force

without form and void and darkness was

upon the face of the deep and God said


notice God’s sore Darkness at first but

God didn’t say wow

so dark

you become docker

notice God saw darkness and what did God

say light be and there was light and God

saw the light that it was good now

listen we are made in God’s image

all right we are supposed to operate by

faith but because of man’s fall they

want to go everything by sight they want

to go by everything actually a lot of

things that is real you can’t even see


in the spirit realm whereas now we think

that the Physical Realm is more real

when we can see that it gets old it gets

decrypted it gets broken down

there’s expiry date

but what is other Spirit never grows or

Never Dies

Jesus when he was growing up all right

didn’t have a Bible does that shock you

all the Bible knowledge he had was in

his hometown Nazareth every Shabbat

every Sabbath day they were all as a

community go to the local church like

their local synagogue

and the only one that had the scroll the


only the Old Testament was the synagogue

the synagogue had the whole scroll but

houses don’t have the scroll it was too

expensive for them to have

all right so imagine they every step of

Jesus is listening and listening all

that he learned amen and he memorized

and thought it’s just

by hearing

he didn’t have like Adam a smartphone

to record down then later when he grew

up at 30 years old he was tempted by the

devil in the wilderness

like Adam the first man was tempted

when everything was good around him

everything was luscious and beautiful

everything was was was brilliant for men

everything was saying

it’s for you your benefit yet his sin

Jesus was tempted by the devil in the


like a desert place

and when everything outside seems to say

everything is against you yet he obeyed

the second man obeyed

amen now watch the devil came if you are

the Son of God turn these stones to

bread Jesus says it is written man shall

not live by bread alone but by every

word that proceedeth from the mouth of


there was no hesitation nothing he knew

the word of God now imagine some of us

the devil come you know if you are a

Christian you’re a new creation do this

or do that all right do this and then

you say it it is written

something like this

you cannot always live on bread

sometimes you must eat rice

or something like that

I mean Jesus voted word for word

amen his mind is amazing and the Bible

says that today he gives us his mind

confess I have the mind of Christ

and by the way if you say Jesus Pastor

Jesus Is God what in human flesh yeah

but he grew up as a man listen carefully

he is God blessed be the Eternal truth

forevermore amen he is God but when he

came he came and became a man

all right he didn’t function as a god

you understand that he came to be the

Prototype as Adam was a prototype of the

first man the first man is a prototype

of man Jesus came to be the second Adam

Paul also lived during a time that

there’s no recording and there’s no like

emails or no a planner to jot down a

right to remind you and there’s no

smartphones right

yet he prophesied over Timothy some

prophecies and many years after that he

reminded Timothy he says to Timothy this

church I commit to you son Timothy

according to the prophecies previously

made concerning you that by them you may

wish the good Warfare remember the

prophecies I spoke to you when I laid my

hands on you remind yourself constantly

of the prophecies

amen that by these prophecies you’ll

fight a good Warfare

against the devil


so imagine then then

Paul received another email

from a distance can you tell me again

the prophecy is because

I forgot

you can’t imagine that right those in

that time

they’re amazing it’s a simple

sentence but when you meditate on it you

think yourself get amazing memories

and then we try to memorize

by reading you know or listening to

courses on memory and all that and they

say that to memorize things all right

memorize people’s names and all that

make it as absurd as possible

I’d want to introduce myself to you you

probably make me absurd as possible to

help remember right that’s how you

remember things make things as absurd as

possible so we can help you remember

imagine the approach to God’s word you

memorize God’s word and make it as

absurd as possible so you can remember

no this is again the natural way I’m not

knocking it I’m just saying it’s a

natural way

not God’s way what is God’s Way Pastor



meditate on God’s word take a verse chew

on it the whole day

amen as you drive to work chew on it

chew on it they are life to those who

find them

Health to all yes from Top tomatoes

I just made it

and you memorize no evil shall befall

you with long life will I satisfy you

happy is the man who finds wisdom let

your friend all run the rat race you win

the race number one rep

don’t get into the rat race

let God bring you

to where he wants you to be and his

Supply will be there the favor will be

there and best of all you come smelling

good looking good

no stress

that’s God’s way amen let this be the

year 2023.

let this be the year

hi I hope you are blessed and encouraged

by this video if you were impacted by

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again real soon God bless you