In this highlight video of 2024’s vision Sunday sermon, hear Pastor Prince share a timely and prophetic word for the church. In this “Year of Living in the Upper Room,” learn about how the biblical upper room is a place that has been fully prepared for you, where you can enjoy the Lord’s provision for your life without having to strive for it. See from many other scriptural examples how the upper room is also the place where you can receive healing, practical wisdom, resurrection life, and so much more! — To watch the full message, sign up for a Gospel Partner subscription, purchase the sermon, or wait for the message to be released on YouTube on 1 Feb, 2024. Visit:

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This year is going to be a year

where we hear and

look into the secrets of God’s heart.

Mark 14: “Jesus sent out
two of his disciples”

“and said to them,
‘Go into the city.”

“and a man will meet you
carrying a pitcher of water.”

“Follow him.”

I’m just telling you
whichever place you find

that you are drinking
and your thirst,

your spiritual thirst is
being quenched…

follow that ministry.

Follow the Holy Spirit.

Follow the man
who has a pitcher,

the earthen vessel
full of refreshing waters.

Then he will show you
a large upper room

and how is it described?

“Furnished and prepared.”

In other words, you are
entering a finished work.

This year, get ready.

You’ll experience things that
you didn’t work for.

God will bring you into places
where you will eat from

vineyards you did not plant.

You will live in houses
full of all good things

which you did not fill.

If God opens the door,
no man can shut.

If God brings you,
you are brought, brother!

You are brought!

And when He said
this to me,

He’s telling me:

“Everything to do with
the upper room is”

“what I’m going to do
this year for my people.”

Sit back and watch.

The Year of Living In The Upper Room!

This Upper Room became
the place where

He (Jesus) shared the
secrets of His heart.

It’s called the Last Discourse
of our Lord Jesus.

No one calls it
“The Sermon on the Mount”

but do you know that
this mountain,

upper room is actually
on Mount Zion?

Every word He says there
is spoken to the church.

It’s spoken to you.
It applies today!

In the upper room
is the first time

the Lord instituted
the Lord’s Supper.

I don’t know how the
church has forgotten

the importance and significance
of the Lord’s Supper.

As a result, we have
been robbed.

Look up here.

Your number one concern
besides the fact that

you need to be saved
is actually your health.

So it’s the place,
the upper room is the place

where the disciples were staying.

And the inauguration of the
New Covenant was established.

And this is where
God poured out His Spirit.

Come on! This is the
birthday of the Church!

Can I say this?
You are royalty.

In Luke 22, He says:

“I vest in you kingship
as my father vested in me.”

The secret of the upper room is this.

It’s a picture of the third heaven
where God’s throne is.

And you know something?
We are all there!

And for those who can
receive this,

this is actually the fulfillment
of the mystery of verse 1

of Psalms 91—
the psalm of protection.

He who sits in the secret place,
all the protection of God is on him.

Because why?
You are seated with Christ.

But sitting down means what?

And how does a king exercise authority?
He speaks!

We’ll learn more this year,
amen about our kingship.

Let me just tell you
something else.

That in the upper room,
it is the place of

light and illumination.

But this year specifically,
we got to master—

at least spend most of our time
reading the Pauline revelation.

And then we are able to interpret
all the rest of the Scriptures

even the Old Testament.

Elijah brought the boy
in the upper room on the bed.

The mother did the same
years after,

in the story of Elisha.

Not only that, later on,
he embraced him,

prayed to God
and God raised the boy.

It seems that it’s (the upper room)
is a place of resurrection.

That means your
sons and daughters

are coming back!

There’ll be a lot of salvations,
especially of young people.

I will not discount even
raising the dead physically.

I won’t discount it because
I won’t put a limit to God. Amen.

This is what God’s going to do this year.