in the agreement that God has with men

today we have different kinds of

agreement in the Garden of Eden all

right the first covenant God says the

only agreement for men to live forever

in paradise is that every tree you can

eat except for one the day you eat of it

you shall surely die right what tree was

that knowledge of good and evil so what

if I’m ask you a question what if Adam

kicked the dog will leave forfeit

paradise well he dies physically no what

if he and Eve had an argument all right

and he says something he should have

said to Eve will he forfeit paradise

well he died physically no so what’s the

only agreement back then there’s no Ten

Commandments nothing in the garden

only one thing don’t eat from the tree

of knowledge of good and evil which is a

very thing mended and if forfeited

paradise as a result whenever you see a

funeral whenever you look at the

newspapers you see obituaries whenever

you hear of children dying of cancer you

see this nothing no this God is not at

fault man is God never want these things

to come in to earth but sin brought

these things in to earth okay you need

me to tell you how despiteful how

terrible how awful sin is and you look

at the cross of Jesus Christ all right

God did not spare his own son when he

took our place look at how he suffered

on the cross because sin in order to

appreciate the extra vegan love of God

you must know the severity of sin our

grace message is not a message of

universal grace Universal love God love

everybody you know God love the flowers

the trees the birds the end the

cockroaches the stones and I got love

everybody you know it’s not that kind of

love it’s not it’s a responsible strong

love where he sent his son because he

God is also justice on one side God is

love and God is justice in one because

God is justice the whole universe is

still in place because every time he

says something it stands and when God

says the soul that sins must die

God cannot back up and say boys will be

boys sweep everything under the carpet

if God is a God of his word he must be a

god of justice he must

punish sin but then God is love he

doesn’t to punish you he didn’t want to

punish me he they don’t punish our

children so it seems like God has a

dilemma isn’t it but the wisdom of God

God sent his son and on the cross Jesus

Christ fulfill God’s justice all right

in other words Jesus Christ took our

sins he who knew no sin he who did no

sin in him is no sin became sin on the

cross with your sins and my sins and

then God punished Jesus for all our sins

amen on the cross every lash of judgment

every stroke of condemnation every

stripe of disease fell upon Jesus stroke

after stroke stripe at the stripe lash

at the lash after lash after stroke

until finally Jesus cried it is finish

and the last stroke felt finished and

all heaven he satisfied listen carefully

our sins were they punished or not were

they punished are we forgiven because we

escaped the punishment of our sins

no our sins were punished but in the

body of another our sins were punished

that shows God’s justice but in the body

of another that shows God’s love because

it was God who sent Jesus he was God who

planned this he’s not the kind of love

God loves everybody universal grace

universal love everybody going to heaven

no hell no such thing there is a heaven

to gain and a hell to shun and God’s God

sent Jesus because Jesus preached about

hell more than any other person in the

Gospels he told us there’s a place where

the woman does not die and the fire is

not quenched hell I mean sin is horrible

cinema tell there’s sin destroys

relationships it brings diseases sin

caused people to die you’re going to

have a a hatred towards sin Amen you can

never appreciate God’s grace until you

hate you know have a kind of hatred

towards sin then can appreciate God’s


and for you to have a true estimate of

sin it’s not just saying I hate sin look

at across that’s how terrible sin is it

put even God’s Son to die such a

terrible death for you and I but the

fact he did die now if you got is a just

God and God look at you and you sin and

God says never mind

I am love never mind all of your going

to heaven what kind of God is that there

is no justice and none of you can enjoy

life if you know it God can change its

mind tomorrow today is a by my mercy I

forgive all of you let me tell you this

we’re not forgiven by God’s mercy God’s

mercy sent his son we are forgiven by

God’s justice we are forgiven by God’s

righteousness the the Bible lingo is

righteousness it’s God’s justice do you

understand when somebody took our place


it does not just this there’s no rules

there’s no fun amen

I’m looking at the laws of Moses here

I’m talking about about justice because

of God’s justice the whole universe is

moving in His perfect cosmos in its

order I love God’s justice you don’t got

to be an unjust you won’t got to be just

so our forgiveness is not based on

because it’s oh you know what I pity all

of you sinners so I just forgive all of

EULA know there is a reason why he

forgave us and the reason was provided

by him he sent his son his son was

punished because sins cannot go


his son was punished at the cross for

all our sins until every sin of your

entire life is punished alright and God

looks at you in got this from now on I

cannot punish you if you believe in him

why your sins have been punished

that is God’s justice and that gives us

rock-solid foundation for our faith in

Jesus do you understand