Do you need God to work a miracle in your life today? How about every day? Then listen to this powerful sermon by Joseph Prince and see from the Scriptures what causes miracles to flow in your life. Hear inspiring testimonies of believers receiving miracle after miracle and understand how such a blessed life isn’t dependent on self-effort, but on being conscious of your righteousness in Christ. Learn also how you can live free from the curse and experience the Lord’s provision and protection daily. Whatever miracle you need today, hear this message and receive your breakthrough with renewed hope and faith!

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Church, I’m trying to tell you church, that
we live by the Spirit.

The Spirit will tell you in every situation.


Now, when it comes to the laws of the land,
the road and all that, your taxes, you obey.

You just obey.

But laws cannot change your heart.

That’s why in a country, when there’s anarchy,
there’s no more government and all that, people

are out in the streets demonstrating and throwing
things and smoke you know… grenades and

all that kind of thing being thrown and all
that, and there are riots and all that.

Notice that the law doesn’t control anymore?


They are manifesting their hearts.

So the law is only curbing their outside.

Gospel doesn’t curb, the gospel transforms.


You understand?

So the gospel transform.

So the only hope for America, for Europe,
for Asia, all over the world is the gospel

of Jesus Christ.


So the Bible says, O foolish Galatians!

Who has bewitched you that you should not
obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ

was clearly portrayed among you as crucified?

Drop down to verse 4, verse 5 excuse me.

Therefore God who supplies the Spirit to you.

You know the word “supplies” here in the Greek
is “constantly supplying” present tense.

Constantly supplying.

Do you know right now God is constantly supplying…

Grace is supply.

Law is demand.

Grace is supplying.

Do you know God is constantly supplying the
Holy Spirit to you?

When this revelation became so strong… let
me finish off.

Therefore God who constantly supplies the
Spirit to you and God who constantly works

miracles among you, and that “works” is also
in the present tense in the Greek which means

God is constantly supplying the Spirit, and
God is constantly working miracles.

Imagine if we are conscious of that the whole

Whole day we are conscious, we are not leaking…

I remember years ago when I was attending
another church, they taught us that now you

ask God for the Holy Spirit ok?

But when you sin, you leak.

LIke a car would leak oil, you are leaking.


So the more you sin, the more you leak.

And then you got to get refilled again, you
got to get refilled again.

So, one day I start…

You know everyday I’ll be asking, asking,
confess, asking, asking, confess, confess,

asking, confess… very very tiring.

Then I discovered this verse.

I was very young, I was only about nineteen
years old, or twenty when I discovered this

verse, that in the Greek it was “constantly

So I went to… when I discovered God is constantly
supplying you know, I’m not leaking.

Even if I’m leaking, God’s supply coming.



And guess what?

If you take a dirty glass, and below is dirty,

And you switch on the tap water full speed.

Alright? it rushes out against the glass.

Matter of time, don’t even have to put your
hand and wash it.

Just leave it alone, guess what?

The water constantly being supplied washes
out everything.

So what our people need, with all the dirt
in their lives, is not telling them, “Remove

the dirt, remove the dirt, remove the dirt.”

Supply the Spirit.

So let’s be conscious that the Holy Spirit
is being supplied right now.

You are being constantly full of the Holy

If only you realise it, faith has a part to
play because it says that, does God do it?

Does He do it by the works of the law, because
you kept the law?

Does God supply you the Spirit and constantly
work miracles among you because you are keeping

the law?

Or by the hearing of faith?

That’s why right now you are having the hearing
of faith.

And guess what?

Your heart is open.

Now many of you are more joyful.


Now your heart is open, your hearing of faith
is helping you to receive the supply that

is flowing!

So our faith has a part to play because God
is always supplying.


And the key is here.

Are you doing by the works of the law, now
what is happening is that unfortunately many

people still get this idea when they pray
for you know, someone to receive the Spirit

and all that, they will say, “Have you received?”

Then you say, “Oh no.”

“Oh because you know why?

You know, I think you have that ring.

What ring is that?

Is it occultic ring?

Let me see, let me see, you got to remove
that ring.

Alright, what else do you have on your body?”


Everything from the law ok?

So it’s like alot of questions, alot of..
instead of saying that you know, “Jesus..

you know, friend are you saved?”

Alright before you pray for them.


“How do you know you are saved?”

“Well I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.”
Well now your sins are forgiven past, present

and future.

The blood of Jesus has washed you clean amen?

Your faith is in Christ alone and there’s
no reason why you should not receive the gift

of the Holy Spirit.

It’s a gift.

It is not a work.

And then you start saying, “Yeah yeah here
is the ten commandments…”

By the way they did this to me years ago.

I won’t mention the name of the church, they
had good intention, they were trying to help


Alright but they gave me the ten commandments
and the pastor read one by one when I was

a student.


I can tell you my experience…

Read one by one…

“Have you done this?

Have you done that?”

At the end, you know what he told me or not?

“You’re not saved.”

“But,” I said, “I have been attending the
church for sometime and I think asked Jesus

to come into my life before.”

“But you are not saved, because you broke
all the ten.”

He said.

(audience laughs)

He told me that.

That’s how God was preparing this gospel preacher
for the future, and I was so crushed.

He said, “you need to be saved.”

By the time he went through all that I had
no more faith.

In other words, before you can receive, you
got to make sure you’ve kept the law.

Isn’t it amazing when Peter preached in Cornelius’
house, I’m sure they had symbols of… the

guy’s a centurion.

His house has Roman emblems.


I’m not asking you to purposely get emblems
that are satanic and evil and bring it to

your house, and say it’s ok.


Why touch the things of the devil?

I’m talking about…

I’m sure that when God visited them at the
time their house had all kinds of Roman emblem,

and worshipping the god of Caesar.


Even his sword… and yet when they believed
Peter’s preaching they all spoke in tongues.


They all received the Holy Spirit immediately.

So was it by the works of the law or by the
hearing of faith?

That’s where we are missing it!

That’s where the church is missing it!

And the church wants to pray for more miracles,
asking God to supply the Spirit, give more

miracles, and in the Greek, God is supplying

The problem is your side man!


God is saying, “Are you trying to receive
it by your works?

By your obedience?

By your… and obedience is important you
know, when you are in love with the Lord Jesus

you want to obey Him.

But you are not conscious of your obeying
Him even.


You will do even more what He asked many a

It’s not the point people.

The point is that you cannot receive by the
works of the law but by the hearing of faith!

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Peter reminds me of all of us.

Impulsive, boisterous, engage the mouth before
you engage the brain.

I know some of you… you are self-righteous
you go, “I know someone like that.”

No no this is about you.

And me.

Jesus was in the mountain, Mount Hermon I

And the Bible says, “His face shone like the
sun in its strength” Wow

Can you imagine?


Jesus’ face is shining, Moses appeared, Elijah
appeared, Peter answered.

Nobody asked him anything!

If Moses could have blushed he would have

Peter looked at Jesus and began to do what
Jesus did.

Walking on the water.

As long as your eye is on Jesus you can do
amazing things.

As long as he put Jesus between him and the
circumstance he puts Jesus..

He’s ok.

And you will be ok as long as you put whatever
you are beset with right now.

Sickness in your family, financial downturn,
a bad habit, addiction, as long as you put

that thing alright?

Not between you and Jesus, but put Jesus between
you and the thing, you will be ok.

You will conquer the thing.

What is the greatest thing to His heart?

Before He leaves to go to the Father? His
sheep. And who did He entrust His sheep to?

To a man who fell denying with cursing and
swearing that He knew Jesus.

Of all the disciples it was Peter who preached
a sermon.

Not afraid of the Jews anymore.

These are the people.

Some of them, they were there when he denied knowing Jesus.

He preached to them and said, “You killed
the Messiah, the Prince of life whom God has

raised from the dead.”

And they were cut to their heart the Bible
says and three thousand people were saved

at Peter’s preaching.

He became a pillar.