David Hernandez became friends with the Holy Spirit at 13. He’s 27 now and says the most important thing you can do is be friends with the Spirit of the Living God. Better than that, he can help you do it.

Is there a supernatural

a world beyond the one we know?

Is there life after death?

Do angels exist?

Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven?

Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural?

Are healing miracles real?

Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of

the supernatural.

Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural.

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here.

Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural.

As a young Jewish believer in
the Messiah, I came to know a

woman that walked in one of the
greatest miracle ministries I

ever saw.

Her name, Kathryn Kuhlman and
she used to say, “Please don’t

grieve the Holy Spirit.

He’s all that I have.” My next
guest started a genuine

friendship with the Holy Spirit
at 13.

He’s 27 now and he says the most
important thing of the hour is

for you to have a friendship
with the Spirit of the Living

God and he would like to help
you develop this.

I want this.

Do you?

Now I’ve been really looking
forward to interviewing my guest

David Hernandez because of the
relationship he has with the

Holy Spirit and everyone is
supposed to have this type of a


But your family was sabotaged
generations ago with the occult

and how did they get free?

David: Well they got free when
my grandparents were filled with

the Holy Spirit.

And my grandparents actually
attended a church that looked

down upon people who had the
infilling of the Holy Spirit.

So they get kicked out of their
church and they go find a church

plant locally that was actually
enabling them to move in those

gifts, but it was since that
moment that they were filled

with the Holy Spirit that the
things that the enemy had tried

to do, because you know, even if
you break something he tries to

get back in.

The scripture talks about how
demons return.

And so in my family those things
that tried to come back in even

all the way down to me, on the
other flip side of that is when

my family is filled with the
Holy Spirit, as is true of any

believer, we experienced the
supernatural in our lives.

Sid: And at 11, you got born
again and you had an encounter

in which the Lord showed you
your future.

Tell me about that.

David: Well when I was 11 years
old, that’s when I gave my heart

to Jesus and when I say I gave
it to him, I truly do mean that

I understood the ramifications
of that commitment and whole

heartedly I said, “Lord, I am in
and I just want you.” And when I

did that the Lord showed me that
he would use me in ministry he

showed me not just the ministry,
the type of ministry I would be

in, but the Lord also showed me
which, funny enough, the

administrative, the back end,
the different steps it would

take logistically and
practically, and that happened

after I prayed, Lord, I read it
in James here, where it says,

“If any of you lack wisdom.” I
was 11, so I needed some wisdom

if I was going to do anything.

Sid: Well as a 75-year-old, I
know I need some wisdom.

David: So at 11 years old, I
said, “Lord, I’m going to stand

on this with childlike faith.” I
said, “Lord, I believe that I

can have that.” And it was
almost like I just knew the

information, just a download.

And even to this day, now I’m
27, been in the ministry

officially since 13, but even to
this day we’re still living out

that plan that I received when I
was 11.

So I said, “Okay Lord, after
these next couple of steps

you’re going to have to show me
another download because we need

to know the next step of the

Sid: Well you know, at age 13,
he starts preaching the Gospel.

He has such a close intimacy
with God, such a close intimacy

with the Spirit of the Living

But then panic set in.

Guess what happened?

All of a sudden that presence

What did you think?

David: At first I thought, Lord,
did I do something to offend


Did I say something?

Was I preaching something that
wasn’t necessarily scriptural?

And so as you can imagine, I
became very fearful.

I started panicking, like you

I said, “Lord, I was enjoying
just this beautiful fellowship

with you.” And I felt there was
this flow spiritually and

something just blocked it and
disrupted that flow.” And so I

said, “Lord, I have to
understand what’s happening

here.” And so I just pressed in
further and I determined within

me and I said, “There’s got to
be more.” Because I know that

I’ve walked with Jesus, but I
feel as though I’m missing


And I’m looking back now.

The Lord had withdrawn not
because of anything that I had

done, and when I say he
withdrew, he didn’t do so

literally, he did so in relation
to my emotions.

I learned that when God
seemingly withdraws he’s not

doing it to push you away.

He’s doing it to draw you

Sid: Now did you literally lock
yourself in the room and say,

“God, if you don’t come here I’m
not going out.” Did you really?

David: I went in and I made that
ultimatum and I said “Lord,

until I receive something fresh
from Heaven, I’m not leaving


You need to touch me.” And so I
remember on my face was pressed

into the carpet, the carpet
became tear-drenched.

I was praying with so much
passion that I remember even

tensing my whole body and
everything in me just hungered

for the presence of Jesus.

And I said, “Lord, I can’t leave
this place until you touch me.

I’m not leaving this place until
something from Heaven comes in

here.” And I remember I was just
praying for several hours, about

four hours in that moment, and
then something amazing happened.

And what had happened in that
moment was looking back now what

is called the baptism of the
Holy Spirit.

I didn’t speak in tongues at
that point, but I received what

I call a flood from within.

You see, at salvation you
receive the Holy Spirit, but at

baptism you release him.

You receive him into the rest of
your being.

Jesus said, “Out of your belly
shall flow rivers of living

water.” So the scripture talks
about that river being deep


That flood touches from the
spirit and it goes from the

inside out so that the baptism
of the Holy Spirit, you can

receive him, even though, people
ask, well I already have the

Holy Spirit.

How do I receive him a second

You received him in your spirit
the first time when you got

saved, but he overflows the rest
of your being at baptism.

They say, Lord, I want more of
your presence.

That’s not the point.

The point of baptism is not you
getting more of God, it’s him

getting more of you.

And when he is released from
deep within he begins to

overflow and that’s what
happened to me.

I felt just this, I felt like I
was living in a little piece of

Heaven on Earth in my room.

The ordinary plain surroundings
of my room changed dramatically,

not visually, but the sense of
his presence was so strong I

remember I felt like this heat
descend on my body, like

currents of electricity moving
up and down.

I’m crying, I’m praying, I’m
worshiping, and I close my eyes.

My eyes were closed at that time
and I said, I remember Jesus had

become so real, the Holy Spirit
had revealed him with such

intensity that I felt if I move
my hand I might feel it brush up

against his robe.

I was frozen.

I didn’t want to move because I
didn’t want to disrupt what was

happening and that real
experience was the well I still

draw from today.

Sid: But that sparked you to
even more passionately have

intimacy with God.

You would spend hours and hours
seeking God.

Tell me about that.

David: Well I mean, even seeking
out mentors and even seeking, I

would go to the conferences, I
would read the books and I would

spend my time in prayer, spend
my time in the Word, so much so

that when I would read the Word
my Bible started falling apart.

I heard this old quote that
says, “A Bible that’s falling

apart usually belongs to a
believer who isn’t.” And so I’m

looking at this and I remember
just reading it, and when I read

it I wasn’t, I’m younger, so it
wasn’t in my mind I want to

preach a sermon or I want to get
a revelation.

It was simply, Jesus, I want to
see another facet of who you


And seeking the Word who is
Jesus, as I read it from

Scripture, the Holy Spirit would
take that Word and bring it to


And I sensed the drawing, I
sensed the closeness.

The more time I spent, the
scripture describes that “we’re

changed as we behold him.” You
know, there’s not too much work

to it, but we do work toward
holiness and we do enact

disciplines that cause us to
walk the way God wants us to


The truth is that there’s not
much you can do to transform


But it was in the presence of
Jesus that I received the


Acts, Chapter 4 talks about how
the Pharisees and the Sadducees

knew the disciples had been with
Jesus because of the time they

spent with him.

And so the presence of God will
transform you.

And as you spend time looking
and gazing into the lovely

countenance of Christ, the
majestic, beautiful countenance

of the Son of the Living God,
you’re looking in the scripture

and you’re being transformed as
you’re looking into the Word.

You’re being changed into his

You’re becoming more like Jesus.

For every moment you spend in
his presence, you’re becoming

more like him.

You’re being transformed to be
more like Jesus.

Sid: Now speaking about being
more like him, he starts going

to school and this fountain of
God’s presence starts coming out

of him on all of the students.

When we come back I want to find
out what happened at school.

We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural!

We now return to
It’s Supernatura!!

Sid: So David, you

received the baptism of the Holy
Spirit, but you just didn’t

manifest speaking in tongues.

But one day you go up to the
altar and what happened?

David: So I’m at the altar to
see an evangelist had come to

our church.

He’s praying and he talked about
this gift of speaking in


Now I understand that that’s the
flood overflowing and touching

the mouth.

And I said, “Lord, I want that
gift because I know that if I

can operate in that gift I can
more clearly hear your voice, I

can be drawn close to you.

It will advance the prayer life

And you know how they do rows
behind the different prayer

people, and so we had two rows.

I’m in behind one very tall
gentleman who had a sleeve that

was hanging off of his elbow.

And he’s so tall that when he’s
rocking back and forth, every

time he walks back his sleeve
keeps tapping me on the


Sid: That’s pretty annoying.

David: It was very annoying.

So I’m praying and I remember I
just kept feeling his sleeve

touching my forehead.

But I was so hungry for the
presence of God that I said, I’m

not going to move because I want
the evangelist to lay hands on


So I’m standing there and my
hands are lifted, and I’m

saying, “Okay Lord, I’m ready to
receive all that you have for


I’ll surrender to the gift once
I receive it.” And the

evangelist, I didn’t know at
that moment was laying hands on

the tall man who kept annoying
me with his sleeve.

And so when the evangelist
touches that man, this time when

the sleeve came back and hit me
I felt a jolt of electricity

shoot through my body.

So it moved through the pastor,
through that man, through his

anointed sleeve and it touched
me on the head, and I felt it.

And I remember it’s like
something just broke loose, and

I start praying in the Holy
Ghost, and I mean I was praying

loud in the Holy Ghost.

People were looking at me and I
was surprised that I was praying

in the Holy Spirit with that
much passion I had.

It was like this is it.

This is what I’ve been praying

And that led to several other
things in the ministry.

Sid: Tell me about what goes on
with someone your age that is so

passionate about God, so filled
with the Spirit of God, so

yielded to the Holy Spirit.

Tell me what was going on with
you in school.

David: Well as you know, all
true ministries are birthed out

of a love for Jesus, cultivated
in the secret places of prayer.

Private prayer is always
revealed in public power.

And there was an overflow that
started to happen and I got


You know, when you’re filled
with the Holy Spirit you don’t

have to try to work yourself up
to evangelize or work yourself

up to worship.

Everything in you has to do to
subdue it.

You’re saying, okay, I might be
getting a little carried away

with this because it’s so

And the Holy Spirit’s
friendship, because I started

spending time with him,
everywhere I go now I’m aware of

the fact that he’s with me, even
at school.

And so I start telling people
about Jesus and it got to the

point where at lunch, kids would
start to come to just hear about

Jesus and I would start praying
with them.

We saw people get healed of

We saw people take off their
glasses, able to be healed and


We saw people with broken bones
be healed, swollen ankles that

would go down right in front of

Sid: Would they mock you?

David: There was one, yes,
especially who I remember would

mock us.

And one of the things that
manifested in that place is as

people would come to the group
there were a couple of times

where people didn’t know what
they were walking into.

They just kind of saw people

And as they would approach the
Glory was so manifested on the

place where we were praying that
kids would have trouble standing

as they approach the prayer
place and not even know why.

And so I had one guy, he had his
arms folded, he’s watching.

I’m talking to somebody.

I’m saying, “Okay, we’re going
to believe God.

We’re going to believe for your
healing.” I said, “Repeat after

me.” I’m praying, as I’m praying
for him, I hear him behind me

saying, “This is fake.

He’s using psychology.

He’s using power of suggestion.”
And I wasn’t angry.

I wanted to try to explain that
this was the real deal.

This was the power of God.

So I turn.

I remember I had my, held my
hand out like this.

I turned to go to tell him about
what God was doing and the

moment I turned to talk to him,
he goes out under the power.

And he gets up.

This was so funny.

He gets up and he goes, “I don’t
believe that.

I don’t believe that.

I don’t believe that.” I said,
“It just happened to you.

What do you mean you don’t
believe that?” So the Glory of

God hit him and he, I mean, I
think it was just a matter of

months later he’s at our church
now at the altar praying.

He had been giving his heart to

It was because of the Glory of

It was because of that
friendship that overflowed and

manifested into everyday life.

Sid: David, you’re a forerunner.

What you just heard David say,
it’s going to happen in schools

all over the world.

It’s going to happen in colleges
all over the world.

I’m telling you we’re about
ready to see such an explosion

of the Holy Spirit.

You use the term “glory”.

What does the word glory mean to
you and explain that a little.

David: Well the Glory is the
full weight of the person of


You know, John, Chapter 1, Verse
1, it says, “In the beginning

was the Word and the Word was
God.” Jump down to Verse 14 and

it describes it.

“He was the Glory of God.

He was full of grace and truth.”
And Jesus is the, see, we use

terms sometimes, and I know I
used to think this way and the

Lord helped me with it, we use
terms like “glory” and “the Holy


And in our minds we imagine it
to be some type of esoteric

force or some type of power, or
substance, when in reality it is

the very person.

So when I talk about the Glory
I’m talking about walking in an

awareness and you can walk in an
awareness 24/7.

This isn’t just for me.

This isn’t just for Sid Roth.

This is for everybody.

This is the way the early church
did it where they walked in an

awareness of Jesus to where he
was able to touch people any

time of any day because they
were surrendered and yielding to

his voice because of that

I like to say that the only
distance that can exist between

the believer and the Holy Spirit
is their unawareness of his


It’s only because we’re unaware
of what God is doing that we are

able to participate in it.

Often people will say, oh we
prayed and we worshiped, and the

Glory of God came down.

It’s not that the Glory of God
comes down, it’s that we become

aware of the Glory that is
already there.

And when we walk in that Glory,
when we walk in that awareness

of the Glory of God 24/7, what
begins to happen is we begin to

see opportunities that would
otherwise have been missed

because we think in a mentality
where God is far from us.

The scripture says he’s not far
from any of us.

He’s near to us.

He’s just a whisper away.

And if you feel like you’ve
fallen away from that, as far as

you think you’ve run, a single
moment of repentance can cover

that entire distance and bring
you all the way back home,

because he’s the one who’s
interested in connecting with


Sid: So there are people
watching us right now, you’re

watching us and you feel very
distant from God.

There is no one like our God, no

There is nothing impossible.

There is no one that has gotten
too far away from God.

I want you to lead someone to
Jesus that’s watching right now.

Would you do that?

David: Yes.

So in this moment now, say, Dear

Sid: Dear Jesus.

David: I come before you now.

Sid: I come before you now.

David: And I put my trust in

Sid: And I put my trust in you.

David: I turn from this world.

Sid: I turn from this world.

David: And I turn to you.

Sid: And I turn to you.

David: Forgive me.

Sid: Forgive me.

David: Save me.

Sid: Save me.

David: I believe.

Sid: I believe.

David: You are the Son of God.

Sid: You are the Son of God.

David: I believe.

Sid: I believe.

David: You rose from the dead.

Sid: You rose from the dead.

David: And I believe.

Sid: And I believe.

David: That you’re saving me

Sid: That you’re saving me now.

David: In Jesus’ name.

Now I want to pray for you to
receive the, all you have to do,

just right where you are, just
lift your hands and receive all

that God has.

So Father, you said that if we
would ask we would receive and

you being the good Father, Lord,
if we ask for bread you’re not

going to give us stone.

So Father, I pray in Jesus’ name
that Jesus the baptizer will

pour out his Holy Spirit on that
one who is receiving it now, for

that one watching who’s saying I
want that.

Lord, I pray for an infilling
with power right now in Jesus’



Now you may say I didn’t feel

Some of you did feel something.

But whether or not you felt
something is not the issue.

The issue was that God keeps his
promises and if you ask for the

Holy Spirit and you trusted that
God would give it to you, no

matter what you felt if you did
praise God, if you didn’t, I

want to encourage you, you
received it.

Just allow that river to flow
from in to out.

Sid: I know something.

I know when we come back there
are going to be words of

knowledge released.

I know there’s going to be major

Don’t go away.

We’ll be right back to
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We now return to
It’s Supernatural!

Sid: You know what I think is so
amazing, you talk about Peter’s


I believe that when you pray for
people the shadow or the Glory

of God falls on them.

And the same thing that people
were healed under Peter’s

shadow, tell me about what you
see in Peter’s shadow.

David: Well what I saw when I
was reading that scripture about

Peter’s shadow is I noticed that
the Bible doesn’t actually say

that the people were healed
because of Peter’s shadow.

The Bible says that, “People
brought their sick that his

shadow might fall upon them.” In
other words, the people had it

in their minds that if his
shadow can just touch them they

could be healed.

And I thought, what would give
rise to such a belief, to such

an odd belief that a shadow
could heal someone.

Well it wasn’t that Peter’s
shadow was healing anyone.

It’s that the healing presence
of Jesus was so heavy upon his

life that everywhere he walked
miracles happened by him just

being there.

And I believe believers can step
into that.

That was one of the things I
prayed for about the gift of

healing was that gift.

But then I realized that there’s
the gift that God places on

certain individuals, as we talk
about in First Corinthians 12.

But then, according to Mark 16,
every believer is to flow in

this operation and every
believer is to walk in the

healing presence of Jesus.

And when the healing presence of
Jesus comes on our life you’re

going to see miracles and
there’s not going to be really

so much effort that you have to
put into it.

You just have to believe.

Sid: I’m going to start right

God has told me several times
there are people with pain in

your neck.

If you move your head if you
have pain, you’ll see that that

pain is gone and backs are being
healed right now.

Anything wrong with your back, I
would like you to pray as the

Holy Spirit directs right now.

David: So I want to pray if
you’re believing for a miracle,

I believe that the Holy Spirit
could make the Jesus the healer

more real than anything you’ve
ever experienced, and that’s

really the key.

When the Holy Spirit takes a
revelation from the Word and

causes it to become something
that becomes a reality for you,

everything changes.

He’s going to cause Jesus to
become so real to you right now,

right where you’re watching
this, wherever you’re watching

this, your whole atmosphere is
about to shift.

And when Jesus becomes more real
than your sickness, you’re going

to notice that your sickness

So let’s believe God for, first
of all, the presence.

Sid: Now that’s a very different
way of praying, I want to tell

you, but I love it.

Go ahead.

David: I’m going to pray right
now that the healing presence of

Jesus would fill that room where
you are.

So precious Lord, we know you
are faithful to your Word and we

know that it is by the Holy
Spirit that you establish your


So in the name, there is
somebody watching me right now,

there is a skin disorder that
has just been healed.

You noticed there’s been a skin
disorder all up your left arm

like a rash of some sort.

If you’ll look now you’re going
to notice that the rash or

psoriasis is completely gone in
Jesus’ name.

Lord, we thank you for that.

Jesus, we give you the Glory.

Come on, let’s believe and pray
right now in Jesus’ name.

Father, I thank you for your
Holy Spirit’s presence now


Lord, I rebuke sickness right
now in Jesus’ name.

I rebuke heart disease in Jesus’

Lord, we come against arthritis
in Jesus’ name.

I rebuke cancer right now in the
name of the Living God.

In the name of Jesus we come
against and we break the back of

the enemy right now and we
destroy the works of the devil.

And Father, I pray that that
atmosphere of faith would be

electrified right where they are
in Jesus’ name.

Lord, let your presence become
so intense, so real that they

not only get a sense of you, but
that it be done in their body.

In the precious name of Jesus we


Sid: Amen.

I pray that you cultivate
friendship with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit’s purpose is to
make Jesus so real, as David

prayed that the reality of Jesus
is stronger than any problem in

your life.

I pray in Jesus’ name you become
a friend of the Holy Spirit.

Sid: Next week on It’s

My guest had cancer three times.

He went to Oral Roberts.

Oral prayed for him.

His cancer went away, but he got
something new, the supernatural

gift of faith and he wants to
impart that to you.

Anyone want it?