In his recent sermon on 16 Feb 2020 (Anointing Oil For Healing And Protection), Pastor Prince screened an excerpt from a sermon he preached on 19 August 2018 (Draw The Blood Line Of Protection) in which he prophesied a new strain of flu-like virus that was to come. He also shared how God has already released a new “strain” of healing among His people.

The year has been thrusted upon us with this
crisis of this virus.

But God is always ahead of the devil.

In fact, 2 years ago, in one of my messages,
I actually— sometimes when I preach, it

is in the Spirit of prophecy— I’ll prophesy
about the future.

And you know this virus happened towards the
end of last year, which was still 2019.

That’s why they call it COVID-19.


But in 2018, I prophesied and talked about
a new strain of virus that was coming.

Sit back, watch.


So obviously, God has done something in the
Spirit world.

God has released a healing anointing, a new
strain of healing that would perform such

feats that we have never seen before.

The devil is afraid and he is playing catch

He’s trying to create a new strain of virus
that is like Ebola and a strain of flu that

is virulent against medical treatment.

But, I want you to know that we are in the
best of generations.

The rapture can happen anytime.

We are a generation that believes that we
don’t have to depend on the ways of the world.

We are that generation that delights in God’s

That is why you are all here!

You are here because you delight in God’s

You delight in God’s word.

That’s why you are here, amen?


That’s why you are here.

And that’s why we are all here.

We are here to listen to what God has to say
about this and what is God’s answer.

God never plays catch up.

The devil plays catch up.

So even 2 years ago when I prophesied— I
prophesied about it in other sermons as well—

I mentioned that there would be a new strain
of virus.

It is a flu-like virus which would be virulent
against medical science and what they can

handle in the natural.

Something unseen can cause such devastation.

During this time, God wants us to look to

And it is a time where even as believers,
we have to ask ourselves this: “What do we

really believe?”

We can do all we can, but only God can protect

Do you know what I’m saying?

Be wise.

By all means, be wise.

You know the devil came to Jesus and said,
why don’t you jump down?

You know the Bible says it’s the only time
the Bible says that the devil quotes the Bible.

The only time he quoted the Bible, was in
the testing, in the wilderness, where he told

Jesus to jump down, alright from the pinnacle
of the temple, and he says that the Bible

says, “The angels will be bear you up in
their hands lest you dash your foot against

the stone”.

There are two things about the devil when
he quotes the Bible.

He never quotes accurately.

He left out the word, “to keep you in all
your ways”.

God wants to keep you.

Number two is this, if you meditate on God’s
Word, you know it says, “the angels will

bear you up in their hands, lest you dash
your foot against the stone”, it talks about

normal life.

When you walk normally, you don’t see the
dangers around you, but you know something,

God will keep you from even hitting a stone.

But if you jump down, that is not walking.

That is stupid.


When you jump down, you won’t hit your foot
against a stone.

You will crack your head on the stone.

The revelation is so simple!

The Lord is telling us to not be afraid during
this time.

There are dangers all around us all the time,
not only during this virus attack!

There are all kinds of dangers around!

We are just more aware of it because it is
more conspicuous.

It is a daily walk.

A daily walk, and if you don’t see a rock
in front of you and you stub your toe against

it, the Bible says, the angels will bear you

It’s like if I have angel Gabriel, Amen,
would you come real quick.

Pastor Joe, will you come, will you come real

Alright, ok let’s get a light person, Brian,
come, Brian come.

Brian is really light, look at his, no muscles
at all.

By the way, this is called wings ok.

Now, watch this, alright.

Left and right, ok left and right, you are
in the centre.


So you are walking, the angels, and there
is a big rock, ok, let’s pretend this is

a rock, you all both carry him right over

Let’s say he is walking, he’s walking,
he’s walking, he’s walking, he’s walking,

ok walk, walk, walk.

He don’t see the rock, ok, he doesn’t
know what happens.


This is what it means, they shall bear you
up in their hands, lest you dash your foot

against a stone.


This guy’s body is ripped, I am telling
you, that’s why he is our security guy and

breathing hard?

You need to exercise more.


Alright, so Jesus said in Luke 10:19, I love
this verse, “Behold I give to you authority

to trample on serpents and scorpions and over
all the power of the enemy.”

God will always make sure the devil is at
your feet.

Amen, and then you just trample him without

In other words, go by your own way, walking
with God and don’t worry about the devil.


Some people are always conscience of the devil,
don’t have to be conscience of him.

Just go your way and then if he is in your
way, you will trample on him.

You will trample on the serpents and scorpions.

This reminds you of Psalms 91, right?

Am I right?

What does it say?

“You shall tread on the lion and the cobra,
the young lion and the serpent you shall trample



And I love this verse, it says, notice that
it says, I give you authority to trample on

serpents and scorpions.

Jesus is talking, and over “all”, over
how much?

Over all the power of the enemy and nothing,
no-thing, no thing, nothing, zero, no-thing,

nothing shall by any means hurt you.

In the Greek, by any means is a double negative,
and very seldom we use double negative.

But when double negative is used, like for
example, the Lord shall not, “blessed is

the man whom the Lord shall not,” (is double
negative), “impute sin to him.”

The righteousness of faith that David described
that all of us.

Now same thing, nothing shall by no means,
in any way hurt you.

When are we going to believe that?

You know it does not happen automatically,
it happens to those who believe, because faith

is the currency of heaven.


You go to China, renminbi is the currency,
you go to Singapore, it is dollars.


You go to some place in the world, it is yen.

But you know what?

God’s currency is faith.

Without faith, it is impossible to please

And the devil wants God’s people to be in

All God’s people say this right now, for
God has not given me the spirit of fear, say

it like you mean it.

For God has not given me the spirit of fear,
but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Like I said before, you can’t tell if you
are protected from a virus because the virus

cannot be seen.

It is not palpable, it is not visible.


But guess what, we’ve got a testimony already
from our church.

Listen to this.

In early February, I received a call from
my sister-in-law, informing me that one of

our relatives tested positive for the Coronavirus
Disease (COVID-19).

My family was in contact with that relative
during the Chinese New Year period.

During the celebration, this relative of ours
was going around and chatting with us.

After he was diagnosed, my family and relatives
(some of whom are believers) were informed

by the Ministry Of Health that we needed to
be quarantined for 14 days since the time

of our first contact with him.

As it had already been 12 days since we met
him, my family and I only had another 2 days

of quarantine order to serve.

During this period, the devil began playing
mind games with me, making me feel condemned

for being out and about with my children,
and possibly passing on the virus to others.

My husband encouraged me to trust the Lord,
and not overthink.

During the 2 days, we partook of the holy
Communion daily and declared Psalm 91 together.

The verses encouraged us greatly.

During one of the Sunday services, Pastor
Prince shared on John G Lake’s testimony

during the bubonic plague, when the virus
would die the moment it touched his body.

When my husband heard it, he started to claim
the same for our family.

Last week, we were all released from the quarantine
order without contracting the virus!

The infected relative got better and was recently
discharged from the hospital after multiple

tests came back negative.

God is so good.

He protected us and kept all of us safe!

The battle is truly the Lord’s.