Have the faith of God and move the mountains in your life by simply speaking! Get ready to operate in mountain-moving faith as you hear this powerful, revelatory message by Joseph Prince. Discover from Scripture how the spirit of faith works and what stops you from flowing in it. Learn also what faith with works—putting corresponding action to your faith—really means, and how to use the power of your tongue to see God’s provision and blessings manifest in your life. Begin to speak out by faith the promises of God and win every battle in life!

when you exercise faith you overcome the

devil the flesh and the world

start saying christ is my righteousness

christ is my holiness

don’t try trust

pastor prince i got very bad habits i

can’t help it i feel all this emotion

say christ is my holiness even in the

midst of your anger and impatience say

christ is my holiness

don’t have to scream it

just believe and speak it

are you listening church you see there

are two kinds of righteousness

there’s one kind by performance in

romans 10 it says christ is the end of

the law for righteousness to everyone

who believes now watch this moses writes

about the righteousness which is of the

law the man who does those things shall

live by them in other words there’s a

righteousness by the law based on what



but the other righteousness but you got

christ came to give us the righteousness

of faith speaks

all right it takes what it tells you you

don’t have to go up to heaven to bring

christ down at the from the father’s

right hand you don’t have to go back two

thousand years ago in a time machine to

be where christ was

drop down all the way what does it say

verse 8 the word is near you in your

mouth and in your heart that is the word

of faith which we preach just speak what

you believe

in your heart

when fear comes say for god has not

given me the spirit of fear

but of power of love and of a sound mind

when the world says you can’t do it say

i can do all things through christ who

strengthens me say it

say it in spite of what you feel say it

it’s first in your mouth the word is

near you in your mouth first then in

your heart even when you say it you

don’t believe it in your heart keep on

saying because as long as you put it in

your mouth it will go into your


and then it it’ll come out in your mouth



are you learning church

the devil is so afraid of you picking

this up of all the things that you learn

he doesn’t want to learn faith he will

tell you learn holiness as much as you

can by his performance holiness and

performance holiness doing and speaking

are antithesis

give me the galatians galatians says

this yet the law the law is based on

what the man who does them performs them

all right you can say this the law is

not a faith you can say doing is not of


but the law says what the man who does

them performs them shall live by them in

other words it’s a life of performance

it’s a life of working it’s a life of

speaking hey i’m not referring to your

career if any will not work neither

should he eat okay i’m talking about sp


all right to get a miracle of performing

to get a blessing performing to get

god’s acceptance god is saying

performance is not the righteousness i


i want the speaking righteousness

i want you to believe and speak

and this is what god said to me last


you can write this down i’m telling you

i wrote it down my notebook is so

precious god says

all right

as long

as you are doing

or performing as long as you are doing

the devil is winning

then is it as long as you are speaking

the devil is losing

i repeat as long as you are doing

the devil is winning

as long as you are speaking

the devil is losing

that’s why he will have you think what

i’ve done so much like the prodigal sons

brother i’ve done so much for you father

you i never get anything good from you


he’s focused on his


and yet god gives to the one who

speaks faith

the woman the issue of blood she says if

i touch his floats

i shall be well

she spoke it before she touch it

that’s always needed

jesus donald says your faith made you


are you listening church

the law is not a faith it’s entities

listen it’s like these two hands



the more you do

the less you speak

this old testament

god’s way is what


speak speak


more and more

don’t try to get a thing by performance

speak it

i believe this week i’ll be at the right

place at the right time

well how do you know

i speak it

i know

are you with me

god said something else to me yesterday

and this one is a parable you can look

at your life and the life around you


it’s illustrated everywhere god said

this to me

the higher you go up in rank

the more you speak

and the less you do

isn’t it true


ceo only have to speak

give directive people do

do you know who you are child of god

you are seated on jesus throne

you are seated on christ’s throne

you are a king and a priest

from the in the eyes of god we have such

small ambitions we want to be a

multi-millionaire you god says give up

your small ambitions you want so much

gold we walk on goal

in heaven

god saying i’ve called you to be a king

you are seated with christ only strong

be careful what you say

so when we say to you

all right partake of the communion

it’s not just the communion per se the

pastor down here says confess not that

yeah okay you know i don’t want to

follow everything you know just take

it doesn’t work it doesn’t work by


just because you attend a good church

you know

any more than you going to mcdonald’s

make you a big mac

doesn’t happen that way

all right you gotta you gotta mix faith

in your communion when you take

communion all right you say lord i thank

you your body was broken so that my body

is healed by your stripes i’m healed

thank you lord my body is renewed i’m

young again

and that’s why we young people

we’re shout when the message has been

preached we say amen hallelujah we don’t

like some people like

30 40 already

all right we young people

amen we are full of life

amen and we’ll be like this until jesus