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excerpt from Joseph Prince calm

hello I’m Joseph Prince and right now

you can see the sea of galilee behind me

because i’m standing in the vicinity of

the area the Sermon on the Mount

if you a pen towards my right you will

see the area where the people sat in

fact where I am is where the people

would have set all all across this

valley here looking to the Lord who set

on top of the mountain where the

building is right now and the acoustics

here is amazing you know if you to stand

up there I can hear you when you speak

from there

so they could hear him preach every

single word right around here where they

were seated I thought this this is a

perfect place for me to share something

that I’ve been wanting to share from my

heart regarding a prophecy about this

whole area because our Lord Jesus deep

food thoughts of his miracles behind me

here in this coastal areas and this

mountainside in the valleys in the towns

of Galilee two-thirds of his miracles he

did more miracles here than he did in

Jerusalem and I believe it’s because

Jerusalem is like a religious center and

self-righteousness always obstructs the

flow of His grace of his miracles Grace

and self-righteousness is like oil and

water economics in fact when grace meets

with sin it forgives sins when grace

meets with needs it supplies that knee

the only thing they were obstruct grace

we find that in Galatians chapter 5 it

says that you are fallen from grace when

you sin no when you are trying to be

justified by the law if you’re seeking

to be justified by the law you have

fallen from grace now when when you fall

into sin you actually fall into grace

and grace will pick you up and restore

you know people have this idea that when

you fall into sin you know you wallow

there no no no people who fall into sin

when they ain’t

counter God’s grace and the most

important thing is to introduce God’s

grace into their lives they rise up

because Grace has this uplifting power

and friend I’ll read to you a prophecy

of Isaiah about this region Isaiah 9 and

I’m reading from the Old Testament

prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 9 he says this

in Isaiah 9 nevertheless the gloom would

not will not be upon her who is

distressed as when at first he lightly

esteemed the land of Zebulun and the

land of Naphtali that’s the region we

are in now the land of Zebulun and the

land of Naphtali and afterwards more

heavily oppressed her by the way of the

sea beyond the Jordan in Galilee of the

Gentiles the people who walk in darkness

have seen a great light those who dwell

in the land of the shadow of death upon

them a light has shined now this

prophecy was quoted in the Gospel of

Matthew in Matthew first chapter 4 verse

12 now when geez

now when Jesus heard that John had been

put in prison the next verse and leaving

Nazareth Jesus came and dwelt in

Capernaum we just right down there on

the other side of this mountain he came

and dwelt in Capernaum which is by the

sea in the regions of Zebulun and

Naphtali that he might be fulfilled

which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet

saying the land of Zebulun and the land

of Naphtali by the way of the sea beyond

the Jordan the galilee of the gentiles

because there’s so many Gentiles here

and that’s not a reason why the law was

able to do many miracles because

Gentiles they do not know about the law

they are not self righteous you know

they know they are sinners but the

moment they encounter God’s grace the

power of God and the miracles of God are

able to flow let me continue the

prophecy quoted in a Gospel of Matthew

Isaiah’s prophecy the people who said in

darkness have seen a great light and

upon those who set in the region and

shadow of death light has dawn so he

tells us that

this place because of the Gentiles they

had they had a evil worship idolatries

and all kinds of new age and

superstition and and yet Jesus performed

many of his miracles here just like you

know there’s no counter the Lord casts

any demons out of anyone in Jerusalem

because although they are religious they

will not permit any idols in Jerusalem

and I believe that that’s the reason why

people are demonized and their problems

with demons and all that because of of

New Age practices that have allowed to

come into their house alright so but

over here Jesus did a lot of miracles

because these people were in the but the

Bible use the word to shadow of death

there in the regions of death this whole

area the Galilee of the Gentiles is full

and upon this shadow of death a light

has come like a great light upon those

who set in their region and shadow of

their that reminds me of some stony tree

yeah do I walk to the valley of the

shadow of death

David States our fear no evil for you

are with me

amen that’s a prophecy again of our Lord

amen even though is the declaration of

truth all right it’s also a prophecy in

that verse that the Lord Jesus will come

into Galilee and he’s that great light

that came into the shadow of death if

you feel like there’s a shadow of death

over you you’ve received a bad prognosis

from the doctor I want to tell you in

your life you’re not watching this by

chance the in your life a great light

has come his name is the Lord Jesus

Christ and He loves you friend he loves

you this excerpt is brought to you by

Joseph Prince calm to get the full

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I’ve got good news for you God is

getting ready he’s rolling up his

sleeves and he’s getting ready to

blessed you with something greater in

2015 this year is the year of his

restoration everything that was robbed

defrauded cheated taken from you beaten

man or devil God will restore

these are the main areas restore to you

the years the wasted years restore to

you your soul a right the includes a

broken heart

he restore to you your health and heal

you of your chronic wounds and

conditions when man restores is never

the same as the original something is

gone when you repair a jacket is no more

the same as original you look carefully

the stitches out you know but when God

restores it is always greater in quality

or quantity

God can restore that saying restful amen

Fagan state again the Lord restore