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Grace is always seen like:

“If you believe in grace,
if you preach grace,”

“then you are someone who is
compromising on holiness.”

“You don’t believe in holiness.”

Now, friend.
That is not true, friend.

Because only grace can
teach you to be holy.

The Bible says
in Titus 2 that:

“The grace of God that
brings salvation”

“has appeared to all men,
teaching us that, denying”

“ungodliness and worldly lusts.”
Now notice that?

Now, people will say:

“Well, we need to teach that! To
deny ungodliness and worldly lusts.”

No, friend. Listen carefully.
It says: “The grace of God.”

What’s the subject?
The grace of God.

“The grace of God that
brings salvation”

“has appeared to all men,
teaching us”

It is grace that teaches us.
Grace is an amazing teacher.

If we’ll put people under grace,
grace will teach them.

Yes, we teach them grace!
Praise the Lord!

We teach them grace and
grace will teach them from within.

Grace is an amazing teacher.

And when we put people
under grace,

the Bible says clearly
in Romans 6:14—

“Sin shall not have dominion
over you because”

“you are not under law,
but you are under grace.”


Now friend, just take
the Word of God as it is.

This is the Word of God!

Nothing can be more clear and
certain than this Scripture verse.

Praise the Lord.

It says: “Sin shall not have
dominion over you because (for)”

“you are not under law,
but under grace.”

You are not under who
you are before God.

You’re under what
God is to you.

You are not under
your efforts, your works,

but you are under
God’s finished work for you.

Praise the Lord.

You are under unmerited favor.

And it seems like people
try to divide holiness from grace.

I have a message I preached
in the 90s called:

“Where Is Holiness In Grace?”

Because I saw even back then,
people were confused about

why that is so.

Yet, the results of being
under grace is actually holiness.

So the thing is this, when
we talk about holiness,

it’s not just the talk.
It is the effect.

Is the result holy?

I want to read to you a testimony
that just came in from

a brother from Great Britain.

And this brother says:
“I have been addicted to”

“watching pornography
for more than 35 years.”

“It was something
I did every day.”

Wow. 35 years,
more than 35 years.

So he didn’t tell us how old he is
but he’s watching pornography

for more than 35 years.

“It was something I did every day,
seven times a day on average.”

“Seven times a day on average.”

“I tried for decades to end it, but
I just got deeper and deeper into it.”

“One day I listened to
Pastor Prince’s sermon,”

“where he encouraged us to
declare our righteousness in Christ”

“all while trusting the Lord for
deliverance from our addictions.”

“At first, it didn’t sit very well
with me, especially when”

“I said it during and after
I watched porn.”

So in other words,
while he is watching—

and people say: “You cannot be
saying that when you’re watching.”

Listen friend, they will still watch.
They will still watch.

It’s more important that they
proclaim their identity.

Even though at that moment,
they might not feel it.

They might not believe it,
but start proclaiming it

because the spirit of faith says:

“I believe and therefore
have I spoken.”

“We also believe and
therefore speak.”

That’s how the spirit of faith
operates. Start speaking.

Start speaking and it will
affect your heart.

“The word is nigh thee,
in your mouth and in your heart.”

It is first in your mouth
then in your heart.

And this is reality.
It is who you are in Christ.

You are the righteousness
of God in Christ.

If you put your trust in Christ,
God sees you righteous in Christ.

And when you agree that

you are the righteousness
of God in Christ,

the Holy Spirit in you is
called the Spirit of truth.

The Holy Spirit of truth will
bear witness with the truth.

Every time, if you are
testifying a lie, you say:

“I’m a sinner. I am so sinful.”

Instead of proclaiming: “I’m the
righteousness of God in Christ.”

Just like when you are sick,
you proclaim:

“With His stripes,
I am healed.”

“As Jesus is, so am
I in this world.”

You’re calling things that are
not as though they are.

And that’s what your Father
in heaven does, my friend.

In Romans 4, it says:

“God calleth those things which
be not as though they were.”

God looked at Gideon
and God says:

“Hail, thou valiant man!”

God looked at Peter, who
was like a reed and God says:

“You are Peter,
a rock.” Amen.

And friend, this is God
calling those things—

God looked at Abraham, who
didn’t even have a child yet.

And God says: “You will be
a father of multitudes.”

“Your name is Abraham, father
of many, father of multitudes.”

And it’s God’s way of
expression of His faith.

He calls those things that
are not, alright?

Not in experience, by sight,
experience, feelings.

It is not there yet.

But God calls those things that are
not as though they were already,

And this person did that.

Oh, hallelujah.
That’s the teaching, my friend.

Now, do you think for one moment
that this person is confessing:

“I’m the righteousness of God
in Christ” because he’s a hypocrite?

No, hypocrites don’t even want to
mention or think about God

while they are doing
these things. Amen.

While they are involved in sin,
they won’t even want

to think about God.

It is someone who finds that
he has this bad habit and

he can’t break this habit.

And friend, until we see that
sin is an addiction.

Sin is a habit that we in
our strength cannot break,

we’ll never rely on
God’s way of deliverance.

And God’s way of
deliverance is always faith.

Anything you do, no matter
how sincere you are

in that effort, in that ritual,
in whatever you’re doing.

If it’s not based on faith,
it will never work.

“And this is the victory
that overcomes the world.”

It is the victory that overcomes
the lust of the eyes,

the lust of the flesh,
the pride of life.

“This is the victory that
overcomes the world,”

“even our faith.”
And friend this is faith.

This is what he is doing.

He says: “One day I listened to
Pastor Prince’s sermon”

“where he encouraged us to
declare our righteousness in Christ,”

“all the while trusting the
Lord for deliverance”

“from our addictions.”

“At first, it didn’t sit well
with me, especially when I said it

“during and after I watched porn.
But after doing this for some time,”

“the chains of addiction
that have plagued me”

“were miraculously broken.”

I’ll say it one more time.

“After doing this for some time,
the chains of addiction”

“that had plagued me were
miraculously broken.”

“And I’m well and truly free.”

“John 8 says: ‘And you shall
know the truth and’”

“‘the truth shall make you free.’”

“I found the truth.”

“through what God’s
promises says about me,”

“despite the facts of my situation.”

There he is. He’s a preacher
already! Praise God.

“Truly where sin abounds,
grace superabounds.”

“Keep preaching,
Pastor Prince.”

I believe I’ll do just that, brother.
Praise God.

The Scripture begins with,
not from man’s perspective,

from earth’s perspective,
upwards to God,

but God’s perspective to man.
What God has made us.

God has made the finishing post
our starting post.

In a race, you start from
the starting post

and then you go to
the finishing post.

But actually in Christ, what
Christ has done in

His death, burial, and resurrection,
He has actually brought us all,

straight away, even
the weakest babe in Christ,

is brought straight away to
the finishing post.

The finishing post is now
our starting post.

It says: “You are
complete in Christ.”

You are complete in Christ.
Now walk out that completion.

You are seated in heavenly
places in Christ.

Now walk out that position
of rest.

We think that: “Oh, now that
we are righteous in Christ,”

“well, by grace through faith,
you have been saved.”

“That is your ABC,
that’s your starting position.”

“But you need to progress
through holiness.”

And we think of holiness
as the university,

whereas grace and
righteousness by faith

is actually kindergarten.
Friend, the Bible doesn’t say that.

The Bible actually tells us
as long as we live on

this side of heaven, while
we wait for the coming

of our Lord Jesus Christ,
we will always

be pursuing after righteousness.

Pursuing after righteousness
is how we flee youthful lusts.

And righteousness in the
New Testament is always a gift.

Righteousness is always a gift.

Yes, I believe in progressive holiness,
progressive sanctification,

but righteousness is complete.

Once you are born again,
you are born righteous.

You were once a sinner,
but once by grace

through faith, you are saved.

You are righteous in God’s eyes,
holy and blameless.

You are the righteousness
of God in Christ.

The Bible says.

And it’s important that
we remember this.

And when we hear voices
that tell us otherwise,

that take the assurance away
from us, that tell us

that we are not complete in Christ.

“We need to pursue!”

“There is a goal out there,
a finishing post and”

“that goal is for us to
come to know God”

“or to come to
maturity in the place—”

Friend, maturity is
to realize,

continue to realize we
start from God’s position.

God’s viewpoint.

God sees us complete in Christ,
seated in Christ, in heavenly places.

From there, we proceed to earth
from heaven’s perspective.

We walk out our completeness.

We walk out our position of rest.

In the way we love our wives,
in the way we submit

to our husbands, in the way
we obey our parents in the Lord.

But first of all, we need to
know our position in Christ.

Like I shared just now,
in everything that we do,

the more we rest.
And that is true holiness.

The holiness we want to
produce must be

the fruit of the Spirit.

Love, joy, peace, gentleness,
goodness, faith, and self-control.

All of them is the
fruit of the Spirit.

And have you noticed where
in the New Testament

the fruit of the Spirit appears?

Would you say that this is
progressive sanctification?

Would you say that
this is holiness? Amen.

The fruit of the Spirit.
And holiness is not a face

like you look like you are
baptized in lemon juice.

You know, grumpy and:
“Oh, I love Jesus.” Amen.

How about notifying your face?

It’s not that kind of holiness.

Notice the first word: “love”?
What comes after love?

“…joy, then peace.”

This holiness is not like
what man makes it out to be.

When man’s efforts are involved,

it is always morose
and depressing, right?

It is not like that.

It is love, joy, peace, gentleness,
goodness, faithfulness.

Self-control is a fruit,
it is not an effort thing.

Self-control, which is in
the fruit of the Spirit.

It is a fruit.

And he contrasts that
with works of the flesh.

Works of the flesh.
What’s the works of the flesh?

Friend, what’s the
works of the flesh?

And the fruit of the Spirit.
Works of the flesh.

He goes on to list the entire list
down there,

all the works of the flesh,
all those yucky stuff. Amen.

But notice, he calls it:
“Works of the flesh.”

He doesn’t call it fruit.
Fruit is the result of life—grace.

The works of the flesh
is the result of effort.

Man’s efforts.

And notice where you
find the fruit of the Spirit.

In the book of Galatians.

And what are the first chapters
before Chapter 5,

where it talks about the
fruit of the Spirit,

all the previous four chapters.

What is it talking about?
Law and grace!

How the Galatians have
allowed some teachers

to come in and promote
the law among them,

telling them it is fine,
believing in Jesus is fine.

Believing what you are believing
from Paul and all that.

Paul has left them at that time
and they come in and say:

“What Paul says is fine
and all that.”

“But you need to add circumcision,
you need to add human effort.”

“You need to add this, add that.”

And straight away the
joy was gone.

Paul asked them: “Where is
the joy that you used to have?”

“Where is the sense of
blessedness that you spoke of?”

“I remember you, when
I was beaten black and blue,”

“And I came to all
of you, Galatians.”

“You know what?”

“You had such a sense of
blessedness, you would”

“pluck out your eyeball and
give it to me because”

“my eye was all swollen.”

“That’s how much love you had,
that’s how much”

“a sense of favor
was all about you.”

“You really love without
even being conscious of”

“fulfilling the new commandment.”

“You are fulfilling the new

“loving one another
as I have loved you.”

“Wow guys, where has that
sense of blessedness? It is gone.”

Now, listen. It wasn’t gone
because they did something sinful,

because they went and
deliberately broke

the 10 commandments.

It was gone because someone
added the law.

Someone told them
it is not enough.

You need your contribution.
You need your effort.

When actually, grace is
all about celebrating

and enjoying the favor of God,
where you are,

seated in heavenly
places in Christ.

When you pray, you don’t pray
to get near to God.

You pray because you
are near to God.

Therefore you don’t pray for victory. You
pray from victory! Hallelujah.

And all that goes out the window,
the moment someone says:

“You’re not there yet.
Hey, here’s the finishing post.”

“Alright. Do your best. And
you will reach the finishing post.”

If I want to see love, joy,
peace, and self-control,

I preach grace and the fruit,
the result, the effect of grace

will be love, joy, peace,
plus self-control. Hallelujah.