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you know when things go wrong in your


and you are wondering where is God God

is working behind the scenes the Book of

Esther the name of God is never

mentioned but in the Hebrew it appears

in acrostic poem and every time it

appears it is a pivotal point in the

story long before the devil plants any

evil against you God has the provision

you’ve got to believe that God is

positioning you God is getting God

getting you ready not to face something

that company will face or whatever God

is behind the scene and you your favor

with God hey when God turns it around

it’s turned my friend

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I want to share with you how when you

know when things go wrong in your life

and you are wondering where is God

where is God in all this where where are

all those things that pass the prince

preach about maybe you have had a bad

diagnosis from the the doctor maybe you

know you have a problem in your family

and things seems to be like where is

that blessing that God promised us where

is that that breakthrough and I prayed


I want to tell you something even when

things don’t seem to be working in your

favor God is working behind the scenes

and sometimes go a position things in

place and then bang at the right time

you see God did not deliver


before the Red Sea

right as they were going towards the Red

Sea God did not deliver them

God waited until they were in front of

the Red Sea they see the problem

the crowd to the Lord

the enemies are

marauding from behind about to attack

them kill them annihilate them and then

God open up the Red Sea so sometimes you

see the the thing about

us is that we take things for granted

many of you you don’t even know that God

protected you from an accident maybe


May the devil plan for you to to die

before this year last year

maybe he sent a disease along your way

that was cut short by an Angel of the


and the Lord delivered you but many of

the times we don’t give him praise and

thanks for the things we don’t do not

know about

if God protected Israel all the way you

know we talk about protection and I

wrote a book on protection so I I I I

believe in Divine protection but many

times we don’t call upon the Lord or we

don’t thank him for a protection or a

Deliverance or a help rendered

we only give thanks for those that we


so in the story here today you’ll find

how God works behind the scene when you

look at the story of Esther are you

ready for Esther

okay how many of you read the book of


the story happened in 483 BC and the man

that she married the king of the story

many of you know the story so I know

that you know the story so I just let

you know the historical background the

the man that she married is a very

famous man in history

all right who fell in the battle against

the grecians against the Greeks and he

is success

success the great

x-e-r-x-e-s right from history and is

Otherwise Known but in the Hebrew as aha


and he’s the one that had the beauty

contest and and yellow story The God use

Esther’s beauty or brother the Bible

says that she obtained favor so she is

beautiful but there are many other

beautiful women in the land but what you

want is favor

and tonight you’re going to get favor

from God Amen every time you hear the

word I want to tell you something about

the word of God every time you hear the

word and and uh I just want to say a

word to all the young people I learned

something when I was young all right


I learned something when I was younger I

learned this that there was a man

who actually filled his grades and what

happened is that he was he was

challenged by a

a leader to memorize the entire Book of


and he took it up

you know what it what happened to him

from failing great he got straight A’s

now does the bible tell you about about

geometry about science about Geography

about history about about uh law or

whatever you’re studying no you know it

may cover all these things but many

times it tells us stories it tells it

talks about the Lord and and and what

the Lord can do and all that and yet it

has a bearing on

on your life whatever profession you are

whether you’re a student

whether you’re you you are

you are taking care of children amen

whether you are a teacher whether you

are a lawyer a doctor whatever you are

the word of God when you touch God’s

word you touch the power to prosper you

there’s something about reading God’s

word and spending time in the Bible

studying the Bible that prospers your

way time and time again God told Joshua

when he had a big pair of shoes to feel

Moses just died and God told him

meditate on my word

you’ll make your way prosperous

in Hebrew you’ll make your way