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I do what I do because I’ve seen God’s

power transform my own life and he will

do it for you the key to everything is

found in God’s word I’m Joyce Meyer and

I believe that God can heal you

everywhere you hurt running


here’s an interesting thing about


I’ve got a whole message on this that I

don’t have time to do but

there’s a number of cases in the Bible

where when people ran from something no

matter how many years it took eventually

God made them go back to that place they

ran from

Moses ran from Egypt

he got a little bit of ahead of God’s

plan and

he felt this sin saying that God wanted

to use him to deliver the Israelites

you know sometimes you feel a call on

your life but you get a little bit ahead

of yourself

and it don’t work out quite so well

so make sure you got God’s timing to the

best of your ability


he killed this


another one saw him

started blaming him and was going to go

tell somebody and so the Bible says

clearly in Acts 7 29

at this remark when he heard the man

Moses fled and became an exile in the

land of medium Midian where he fathered

two sons

40 years

he needed 40 years out there in the

desert to be prepared

for what God had for him to do everybody

wants to do something for God but

but let me know you are

you are in preparation

I said the years

you remember

the two boys whose mother went to Jesus

and said I’d like for my sons to sit one

on your right hand and one on your left

and his answer was so

he said

you don’t have any idea what you’re

asking for

are you able to drink the cup that I


see it’s easy to want something it’s

easy to want a position

but there’s always a lot of hard work

that goes with it and a lot of changes

in our life and a lot of doing things

that we may not necessarily want

to do and I’m not trying to to paint

a nasty picture I just think that we

need to be honest with people and tell

them that it’s not all going to be fun

and games

I don’t have enough time left in my life

to tell you what it took for me to get

from where I started 42 years ago to

standing here today

I don’t have enough time to tell you the

tears the pain the crying the millions

of times I wanted to give up the hard

work and on and on and on

but it’s it’s the best it’s been the

best life the best opportunity

that anybody could ever have I was

sitting and thinking the other day about

some of the things that God has let me



so I’m really trying to say to you today

if you think that there’s something God

wants you to do

then don’t let anything stand in your


don’t don’t run away from anything run

to it I love the part of the David and

Goliath story where it says that after

he had this conversation with Goliath

and Goliath and I’m going to kill you

and David said no I’m going to kill you

it says that David ran quickly toward

the battle iron

and I love that you know sometimes if

you stare at your Giants too long

sometimes you stare at them too long

you’re going to get too scared to go

after them

a lot of times we just got to move if

you’re going to move with God you’re

going to have to move by instinct

they’re going to have to move by this is

not a pretty word but by your gut

you do what you know is right in here

because you can think something to death

there are people already here that you

have not done what God has

given you opportunity to do because

you’ve thought about it too much you

thought about the sacrifice too much you

thought about what other people were

going to say too much

you thought about the Judgment the

criticism and you will get all of that

and more

if you want to work for God

but it’s worth it

there were other things I had to


God told me the time would come when I

would have to confront my father

all the years that he abused me

nobody ever talked about it abuse is the

stupidest thing sexual abuse and

especially back then

nobody talked about it

yeah I think I might have been one of

the first

people as far as a Ministry person who

actually got up in the pulpit and

started talking about this kind of stuff

and it happens to so many people

and somebody needs to talk about it

and I’m very glad that I did but I had

never confronted my father

I had never said we need to talk about

what you did to me and I did not want to

because he controlled me with fear all

those years and to be Point Blank honest

I was just afraid of him

but God put in my heart first the time

is going to come when I’m going to ask

you to go do it says not yet but be


when I tell you

you got to go I told Dave about it I

said it’s not yet

but when I got to go

I’m gonna need you to go with me

well one night God just said it’s time

I didn’t have no time to think about it

and if I would have

I’d still be sitting back there thinking

about it

so I went and just sat down on the floor

right in front of him and I said

it’s time for us to talk about what you

did to me

my mother ran around she was running

around the house and running into other

rooms and you know

people get comfortable hiding from their


and so

I said what you did was wrong

it hurt me very badly

but God’s using me now

and I said one of the things that I’m

going to tell you

is I’m going to be going on television


I tell the story of what happened to me

and I just want to let you know that

the word’s going to get out

I’m not going to keep it a secret any

longer and um

you know what long story short

when he was 83 I got to lead him to the

Lord and I baptized him and so


it all ended up


I had to do a lot of things in my life


just because you feel afraid

doesn’t get you off the hook of obeying


I’m afraid I’m afraid I’m afraid

well courage is Forward Motion while you

feel afraid

you do it afraid you don’t run from

something just because you feel afraid

that’s when you need to run to it

so you don’t have to run from it the

rest of your life

come on let’s say that again

when you’re afraid of something that’s

when you need to run to it get it over

with because if you don’t you’ll be

running from it the rest of your life

if I got anybody in here today that

needs to deal with some issues in your


how many of you have a person that

you’ve let use you way too long and it’s

time for some confrontation

need to do it

nope they won’t like it

I don’t know them and ever speak to you


be your only responsible to God


now we got to learn in life too if we’re

going to have breakthroughs how to shake

off some stuff

acts 28 1-5

after we were safe on land

we found that the island we were on was

called Malta

and the natives showed us extraordinary

kindness and hospitality

for they candle the fire and welcomed us

all since it had begun to rain it was


but when Paul had gathered a bundle of

sticks and laid them on the Fire

a Viper which is a snake

crawled out because of the Heat and

fastened itself onto Paul’s hand

when the natives saw the creature

hanging from his hand

they began to say to one another

undoubtedly this man is a murderer

and though he’s been saved from the sea

just as the avenging God has not

permitted him to live because what they

always saw was that if a snake bit a

person they died

then Paul simply

shook the creature off into the fire and

suffered no ill effects

so from that I’ve made a whole message

which you’re only going to get a little

tiny bit of

just called Shake It Off

and you know shake it off just means

that when the devil bites you in any way

shape or form whether it’s through

rejection or somebody hurting you or

some kind of abuse

when he puts his fangs into you

you don’t have to let that do you in you

can shake it off and what I mean by that

is you can simply just make your mind up

I’m not I’m not going to let this stop


I’m not gonna let this do me in

I’m not going to there’s another example


Paul gives about the disciples

that I think

is very interesting

in Luke chapter 10

verses 10 and 11 and 16. whatever city

you enter and they don’t welcome you

go out into its streets and say even the

dust of your feet which clings to our

feet we wipe off one translation says we

shake off

in protest against you breaking all ties

yet understand this that the kingdom of

God has come near you and you rejected

it the one who listens to you listens to

me and the one who rejects you rejects

me and the one who rejects me rejects my

heavenly father who sent me now

a reality check

look at me and face this fact

no matter what you do no matter how hard

you try

no matter how good you are

everybody’s not going to like you

and so the ones that you run into that

don’t you got to learn how to just shake

that off

come on let’s practice a little bit

today Shake It Off

see we’re going through life when we get

hurt and we let it stop us

and then we either sit there and we

bleed for months or we let it affect us

in some way and so we we carry that

around with us

the moment you get hurt

the best thing that you can do is say

hurting people hurt people I’m shaking

that off I’m not going to take it into

myself God you can heal me and make this

thing right

come on

I wonder how many people are here today

that have been rejected a few times and

it’s been painful and so now you don’t


you won’t even get out and live life the

way you want to live life because you’ve

let the fear of being rejected again

control you

well you know what

they rejected Jesus and he made it

and they said when people reject you

they reject me

so really if I’m trying to help somebody

and they reject me they’re not really

rejecting me they’re rejecting the one

who sent me

don’t let the fear of people not

approving of you control your life

you’ll never have the breakthroughs that

God wants you to have if you care so

much about what people think that you

become Frozen in fear


wonder how many people there are in here

right now today

who wanted to step out and try something

for God

and you started getting the little


well if you do that then we’re not gonna

have anything to do with you

and you backed off

when God called me to do what I’m doing

women did not do what I’m doing

I mean if you think it might be hard as

a woman now to minister

you should have been trying it 45 years


so literally and I’m not joking

I was asked to leave my church

and that was big because our whole life

revolved around our church

our social life our kids went to school

there everything

and so when I made that decision I not

only made it for myself but I made it

for all my kids

and it’s been

hard on them over the years


a lot of people we lost friendships

people just thought I had lost my mind

and you know people people don’t want to

be associated with anybody that is going

to be looked at as being anything other

than totally normal

well you know what I am normal it’s just

a new normal


you’re normal are the world standard of


and the devil kept trying to tell me

that I needed to settle down and be a

regular woman

I don’t know what that is

I’m not it I’m pretty sure of that

so I come on woman of God don’t ever try

to be a regular woman


be the person God wants you to be


can be used by Satan

even people who really love you

can be used by Satan

to keep you

from your destiny

don’t let it happen

don’t compare yourself with other people

who in the world wants to be like

everybody else

one of a kind is more unique and more


Paul said had I been trying to be

popular with people

I would not now be an apostle of the

Lord Jesus Christ


don’t miss the miracle that God has for

your life

because you are addicted to wanting

everybody to like you

come on

you you know any

any Christian that goes full on with God

you’re probably going to lose some


but they’re not the kind of friends you

want anyway

then they’re going to be there for you

when you really need them if somebody

insists that you be what they want you

to be to be your friend then they’re not

a true friend and the sooner you get rid

of them the better off you’re going to



learn how to like yourself and then

you’re never lonely there we go


I love spending time with me

I do I get along good with myself

shake off a fence

the minute somebody offends you say nope


negative attitude complaining self-pity

treat them all like Paul treated that

little snake

shook it off come on try one more time

acts 7 20.

it was at this critical time that Moses

was born and he was lovely in the sight

of God

for three months he was nourished in his

father’s house

then then when he was set outside to die

Pharaoh’s daughter noticed and claimed

him for herself and cared for him

as her own son

Moses was educated in all the wisdom and

culture of the Egyptians a man of power

and words and deeds

when you reached the age of 40 came into

his heart to visit his brothers the sons

of Israel

he saw one of them being treated

unfairly and he defended the oppressed

man and Avenged him by striking and

killing the Egyptians now here’s what I

want you to see verse 25 he expected

his countrymen to understand

that God was granting them Freedom

through him assuming that they would

accept him but they did not understand

you know I expected people to understand

that God was calling me to teach

I was not expecting them to

have a big fit because I was in a female


I was honestly just trying to do what I

felt like God had called me to do none

of that stuff even I didn’t I didn’t

even know women supposedly couldn’t

preach till people started telling me

they couldn’t

by then it was too late I was already

doing it


I thought they’d understand I wasn’t

expecting to lose all my friends I

wasn’t expecting to be put out of my


I mean I thought people be happy for me

I thought they’d be excited

have you ever had a situation like that

where you thought people were going to

be really happy for you

you just I mean the reaction you got was

like weird

why can’t you just be happy for me

because people are jealous

period jealous

so let’s talk about jealousy for a


don’t be jealous

of what other people have

are covet what they have now

my husband got a word from God one time

which Dave is not

Dave doesn’t go around saying I have a

word from God so even when he does say


it’s good to listen

but he actually this came to him in a

meeting that we were doing he basically

had this message for people that

until they can be happy for people

who had what they wanted and didn’t have


they would never get their own

they’re good enough

so let’s just say that you’re unmarried

you want to be married

three of your best friends have gotten

married in the last two years

you got so many bridesmaids dresses you

need a new closet

now your very best friend

comes to tell you that she’s engaged

and truth is is you’re just downright


you’re not happy for her you pretend to

be I’ll praise the Lord

but you’re not

you know what Paul told the people he


I know that you’re spiritually immature

because as long as there’s jealousy and

strife among you

are you not still in the baby stage of

Christianity see what God wants us to do

is trust him enough

come on trust him enough to give each

person including us

what is right for us in the right way at

the right time and not expect that we

should always have it the way somebody

else has it


that you are going to stop comparing

yourself with other people


thank you

I wonder how many times in one day

just out and about in society that we

compare something about ourselves as

somebody else and it happens so fast we

don’t even realize

that we do it

how freeing it is to not have to be

jealous of what other people have

and to not even get into the judging why

God gave it to them

they don’t deserve that God why why’d

you give it to them why didn’t you give

it to me

that’s none of our business a lot of

times God will bless somebody right in

front of you and give you give them what

you want and he’ll make it somebody that

probably doesn’t deserve it just to do

an attitude check for you


to see if you’re ready to handle what

you’ve been asking God to give you

the biggest thing that we need to do is

learn how to think like God thinks and

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