There’s a difference between fashion and style. You can have the nicest clothes, but still not know how to put them together. The same thing works with what the Holy Spirit gives us. In week 5 of our new series KingDUMB, Pastor Mike teaches us how we can let the Holy Spirit tailor what was given to us in a way that is attractive to others and draws them to Jesus. Let this message empower you today! #KingdomSeries #KingDUMB #tailor #style Join us for service online every Sunday at 11am (CST), Monday’s for Monday Night Prayer at 6pm (CST), and Tuesday’s for Rebroadcast at 6:45 pm (CST). If you received Christ through this message, text SAVED to 828282. We would love to hear how God is touching your life through this ministry! Tell us your story by emailing [email protected]! If you would like to support TC financially you can give through the TC app, or online through our website by clicking here You can also text “GIVE” to 828282 to give using your mobile device. If you need prayer, email [email protected]! For more information about Transformation Church, visit or follow us on our social media platforms below. Instagram-… Facebook-… 00:00 – Intro 00:37 – Matthew chapter 3 verse 2 AMP 07:16 – 1 Corinthians chapter 13 verse 1 through 3 15:20 – Matthew chapter 22 verses 1 through 14 NLT 27:27 – There is a standard in the kingdom: righteousness 32:12 – Job chapter 29 verse 14 NIV 34:27 – Everything needed to meet the standard is provided 43:35 – In the kingdom, one size does NOT fit all 45:26 – The Holy Spirit is a tailor 46:16 – Tailoring takes transparency 51:14 – Tailoring takes time 55:24 – Tailoring takes talking 01:01:36 – Change clothes 01:01:49 – Tailoring takes trust

hi my name is Bree and I have the

privilege of serving as Chief of Staff

here at Transformation Church at TC our

vision is to represent God to the lost

and found for transformation in Christ

and we just want to say thank you so

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let’s jump into today’s message

today’s message may be the most

important message in the series because

I have to teach you something that you

need in the Kingdom for you to succeed

um so I’m just going to go right into it

Matthew chapter 3 verse 2 this has been

one of our anchor scripture scriptures

in the series along with Matthew 6 33

read this this is Jesus’s first message

and I’m gonna read it out to Amplified

because it just touched my shondo in a

really good way today


change your inner self

your old way of thinking

regret past sins

live your life in a way that proves


hear what I just said

live your life in a way that proves I’ve


the word repent just means turn

to God he said I don’t want you to do it

at the end of service in a prayer and

then live like you have not repented I

need you to live in such a way that it


you have turned to God

it says seek God’s purpose for your life

for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand

another translation that Jesus says is

the Kingdom of Heaven is everybody say


and over the past five weeks we have had

a very simple syllabus for this entire

series for the foundation because this

is the last sermon in the beginning

session of this Kingdom series all I

wanted you to do is everybody say see

the kingdom

seek the kingdom

share the kingdom

serve the kingdom

and shout out to all the hundreds of

people in Atlanta that came to serve

Atlanta yesterday y’all

homeless shelters food banks we packaged

over 10 000 meals it was phenomenal we

have to serve

what God wants us to do in the sphere of

influence he’s given us to be a part of

the Kingdom but this week I want to give

you one more s

and this one I kind of like because it’s

a it’s an affinity of my mind write this


today I’m going to teach you how to have

style in the Kingdom

no no no no now everybody says style in

the Kingdom

now this is something that I’ve noticed

um in 2023 that a lot of people do not

know the difference between fashion and


I’m going to give you an edumacation

real quick just so that you can

understand there is a complete

difference between fashion

and style

you ever seen somebody that has money

and they walk into a store and they buy

Louis everything Gucci Everything Prada

everything uh Michael Kors everything

and they put everything together head to


we see

that you spend a lot of money on that


and you have the right fashion

but it still don’t look right

like I know that was made out of the

same material but for some reason it

looked like you trying

that looks very reachy

I haven’t met the Richie people like



if you’re not laughing it’s you

it’s you

got my Abercrombie and fetch sweater and

I got Abercrombie if it’s had it like

I’m abrac James and I got my Abercrombie


you have fashion but you don’t have

but where are my people that can go to

the thrift store Ross Marshalls oh come

on how many people can hit a sale rack

I need to know where my people are

how many people can go to Target Walmart

the whole outfit may cost 19.99.

oh y’all don’t know y’all I need to know

where my people are at


it don’t matter how expensive it is

yes this shirt was 99 Cents and worn by

somebody else

but when I put this shirt

with these pants

with that jacket when I step out

I don’t have fashion what I have Style


and the truth of the matter is

that this same thing applies to our

Christian faith

that a lot of people got prayer

got prophecy

got all the worship songs all the Bible

scriptures got all the Judgment got all

the repenting that you need to do they

know everything the Greek the Hebrew

they got all the theological theological

degrees and they got all the titles

Bishop deacon



yet when they put it on


that’s all the right stuff

but it’s

you don’t wear it well

you you’ve been fashioned in faith

but you haven’t been styled by the



you’ve been fashioned we see you got it


but it still look a little prideful


we know you go to church

but you won’t talk to me at the job

it don’t look good on you

you you’re talking about political

parties and what’s right for abortion

and what’s right for being woken what’s

right but you don’t have love

you judge everything but you don’t have


you got fashion

you don’t got no Style

let me prove it to you in scripture

because somebody would give me the Bible

Pastor like

where you say that in the Bible okay

First Corinthians 13.

if I speak in the tongues of men or of

angels but do not have what love which

is a fruit of the

if you ain’t been styled by the spirits


but you got ready


you got all that

but you don’t have love

you got fashion not Style

if you do that but don’t have love you

are like a resounding gong

or a clanging symbol what what I wish I

could do the MLT version it would just

say if you do that and don’t have love

you’re annoying

a symbol or a Gong just going off that

is what an

painful it’s annoying I want to get away

from it

believers who do not rap all that God

has given them in the fruits of the

spirit guess what you are annoying

nobody wants to be around you

because you have not been styled by the

it says if I have the gift of Prophecy I

see you

in the future



you have prophecy and can fathom all

knowledge you know you real smart

and if I have the faith that can move

mountains but I don’t have love

Watch what it says I am nothing

folded up

get out the prayer closet

you’re wasting time if you don’t let the

spirit style you in love

if I give oh because here it comes what

I’m one of the largest givers

in our church

good good good you give with your hands

but you have given nothing with your


if you give all your possessions to the

poor and give over your body to hardship

I’m a martyr

persecuted for the gospel

when people say that in the western


somebody commented on your Instagram


like there’s people in Asia that if they

hold the Bible

you’ve got several of them

but if they hold the Bible they can be

thrown in jail or killed

but if you suffer any hardship that I

might boast but I don’t have love I gain


what I’m saying is what good is it for

us to gain all of these fashionable



and not like let the Holy Spirit style


to where they actually look presentable

and watch this attractive

see I don’t know why Believers don’t

think that the whole reason we’re

supposed to bear fruit is because we

want people to want to get to take a


taste in

that the Lord is good when we look at

your life though in the kingdom it

doesn’t look appetizing

y’all ever seen somebody’s outfit that

you know you can’t wear but the way they

went wore it made you think like I need

to figure out how to get my body into

the shape

they weren’t that so good

that it makes me want to and that’s why

uh uh uh undergarment Spanx and and uh

people be squeezing all their little

guts in just

why because I desire

to put something on that I may not be

fit to wear yet but whoever wore it it

was so attractive

it was styled so good that it made me

want to make a everybody say this word

change oh this is going to be a key word

today everybody say change

what I’m telling you is

um when Jesus came to the Earth to

present the kingdom

he was style different

they were in a season in a time where

they wanted a religious leader to come

and overthrow the Roman government

and Jesus was like yeah

pretty much gonna do only what I see the

father doing I’m aware this different

and y’all want me to come and and like

just start chopping people out no no no

no I’m a love people

imma do the up oh you don’t want me to

heal somebody cause it’s the Sabbath

no I’m gonna touch them and heal them

oh oh kids aren’t supposed to come to me

let the children come

he was styled

what I want you to know that the


in our faith have to be styled by the

holy spirit so that we can actually look

different than culture

and right now all of our actions and

reactions are the same as the people who

don’t believe in our God

and you actually think it’s good and you

say stuff like I’m just being me

in the Kingdom you give up just being


because you don’t just represent you

you get the kingdom fit to you in a

brand new way

and that’s why as we end this series I

decided to go to one of the

most complex

um parables in the gospel that talks

about the kingdom because if we can

understand or get knowledge or or get

light on what I think is probably the

hardest or most complex

um um idea of the Kingdom that Jesus

lays out all the other ones are going to

be super simple because you’re going to

go back and study these because there’s

this little phrase I want everybody to

remember in your personal Bible study

throughout the week and I want you to

find everything that it says in the

Bible after that and really absorb it

the kingdom of God or the Kingdom of

Heaven is like

every time you hear the Kingdom of

Heaven is like I want you to think of

the king of kings Jesus trying to help

you understand what he wants the kingdom

to look like so I just wrote down a few

of them just so you can get it in the

Bible I want you to look for these the

Kingdom of Heaven is like a seed that is

sold the Kingdom of Heaven is like a

mustard seed the Kingdom of Heaven is

like yeast the Kingdom of Heaven is like

bread you need to read the parable the

Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure

hidden in a field the king of the

Kingdom of Heaven is like a man looking

for a fine Pearl the Kingdom of Heaven

is like letting down your Nets in a lake

the Kingdom of Heaven is like the little

children there’s all of these ideas

where it says the Kingdom of Heaven is

like and then it goes on to give you

this thing and it’s God trying to for

everybody who wants to seek Him uncover

truth that is sitting in plain sight

through what we call a parable parabola

a truth hidden along with the story I’m

going somewhere

this is probably the hardest Parable for

me to understand

in the scripture and I thought if we

broke it down together because God has

given me Revelation

then you would no longer be king dumb

and all the rest of them would be super

easy Matthew chapter 22 verse 1-14 this

is a lot of Bible

and it’s going to be shocking when you

hear how some of this stuff goes down

don’t turn the channel yet

I’ma explain this whole thing all right

Matthew chapter 22 verse 1. Jesus also

told them other Parables he said the

Kingdom of Heaven can be illustrated by

the story of a king

who prepared a great wedding Feast for

his son when the banquet was ready he

sent his servants to notify those who

were invited but they all refused

to notify um they all refused to come so

we sent other servants to tell them the

feast has been prepared the Bulls and

the fat and calf have been killed and

everything is ready come to the kingdom

I mean come to the banquet

but the guest he had invited ignored


and went their own way one to his farm

another to his business others seized

his Messengers this crazy and insulted

them and killed them and coming to your

banquet die what

it’s a little extreme

the King was Furious

and he sent out his army to destroy the

murderers and burn their town and he

said to his servants the wedding Feast

is ready and the guest I invited aren’t

worthy of the honor

now go out to the streets

corners and invite everyone you see who

did he say to invite everyone

what was the qualification that they’d

be able to come you see them

not that they’re good

not that they’re bad

the only qualification is invite

everyone you what see okay all right we

going somewhere

invite everyone you see so the servants

brought in every one they could find I

love the Bible this is how the kingdom

is Illustrated bring in everyone good

and bad alike

that right there messes most people up

because the king is inviting the people

you don’t like to the kingdom

oh they’re about to get nasty

and the banquet hall was filled with


but when the king came in to meet the

guest he noticed the man who wasn’t

wearing the proper clothing for a


friends he asked how is it that you are


without wedding clothes but the man had

no reply then the king went very extreme

and said to his age bind him up

get him tied up by his feet and throw

him into the outer Darkness where there

will be weeping and gnashing of teeth

for many are called but few are chosen


let’s be honest there are some passages

in the Bible that you read and you’ll be

like all right I did my 10 minutes for

the day

don’t understand okay y’all gonna leave

me out here by myself there’s sometimes

you read your Bible I’m like don’t get

that all right

I have read that Passage so many times

and been like all right maybe when I get

to heaven this the first does anybody

gotta when I get to heaven question come

on listen if if you have a when I get to

heaven questioned like

where are the dinosaurs in the Bible


like just we all have these like when I

get to heaven I’m gonna ask Eve why baby


period you’ll get it later I

what I’m saying

what I’m saying is

like this is one of those passages that

if you don’t understand the framework

the context as well as the culture it’s

set in you will miss the illustration of

the what kingdom

so I want you to go back and walk

through this with me in the next 40

minutes so you can get this Revelation

that changed my life

the king throws a party the people he

wanted to come to the party don’t come

he says I don’t already spent the dough

paid the price set up the food the

sacrifice has been made Jesus

the kingdom is ready for you to receive

if they don’t want it

imma find somebody who does

I’m just breaking it down

go tell these other distinguished people

that the food is ready oh they’re too

busy with the blessing

that the King has provided

that they don’t go to my farm I’m gonna

work on my car my kids got soccer


so what ends up happening is I’m about

to get ignorant with this message

what ends up happening is the king says

I’m trying to invite you into the

kingdom because I made you with a

purpose in the Kingdom not a purpose

that you’re trying to discover in the

universe to make sure that your your

your your Vibes are fulfilled so that

you can be at Center and peace with all

that is that’s not why you were born the

Bible says before you were in your

mother’s womb I knew you I had a plan

for you I had a purpose for you I had a

reason you were supposed to come here

and it was to fulfill a spot in the


so I want you to come sit with me as the


I want you to learn my character

I want you to get used to eating at a

certain level

they too busy


hold on

and they killed Messengers

They Crucified the people I just sent

to tell them

that I made a sacrifice


they’ll get consequences but just go to

the streets

today this message is for the streets

this is for all the people who don’t

think they’re worthy to be in the

presence of the king

and I know some of y’all are fighting

just to be in the room right now and to

actually be online right now because of

what you did God is inviting you to the

kingdom no matter what your PR prior

history looks like God is invite y’all

some of y’all need to be clapping

because if you put on the screen where

you were this time last year or where

you were this time 10 years ago matter

of fact this time yesterday if it had

not been for the grace of God


he literally says go to the streets

and find everyone that you see

not everyone that

acts like a Christian

the kingdom is not a club


that’s why there’s no members in a



a lot of us grew up in churches where

there were members how many members you


membership doesn’t matter because

memberships just means you hold a spot

but it doesn’t mean you have to be

active because many of us have Jim



so on your keychain

you go to Crunch yeah

only crunch that you’ve been doing is

the bar you ain’t


let’s be honest how many of us have been

members of something we were not active


the Kingdom’s not a club for members

it is an association for ambassadors

you don’t get into the kingdom unless

you plan on representing the kingdom

we don’t come to church to just get

something we come to church to get

something to give it away

and this is the difference between

members and ambassadors

and the king is saying I need good

people and bad people I can convert

people in the Kingdom

you worried about what they look like

before they come sit at my table

but bring them all

everybody said bring them out bring them


I don’t know Eddie some of y’all too uh

to save for that but there was I think

it was T.I

yeah you know what I’m saying it was

like bring them out bring them out

I just feel to bring them out energy

because so many times we’re worried

about cleaning up people

that need to meet the king

the king doesn’t matter if they’re clean

because he already has everything they


to be at the banquet

because of your insecurity

and what other church people would think

we keep people away from the kingdom

because we don’t want to be


but he says matter of fact go get


the hood people you don’t like

go get them

well her dress is too short


well they’re still addicted to you know

I know

that they’re I I don’t know how I know

but I know

that they’re still addicted to some


well I don’t know I mean they have ADHD

and I don’t know if they’ll be able to

sit and you go stand in the back



the king is saying that I want everybody

to come into the kingdom

and watch this don’t you get in the way

don’t you get in the way of them meeting


so he tells them bring everybody

and when they come in everybody like

dang yo how’s nice

y’all know how you ever been in

somebody’s house that’s like levels up

from your houses

I don’t even know what’s up there but I

just think it’s how high the ceiling is


is this Crystal

light and everybody’s coming in and what

you don’t understand if you don’t have

context of the period now watch this

this is a huge distinction

that any time a king threw a party in

that day and age

he had clothes

custom prepared for everybody who was

coming to the party

so when he sees the gentleman

that does not have the clothes on

it was not because clothes hadn’t been


there was a standard

in the king’s presence

that he did not expect you to come in


but he would provide for you everything

you needed I’m about to preach this time

when you got into his presence oh

so I gotta let you know as we are

inviting people into the kingdom and

having you come into the kingdom Point

number one there is a standard in the


everybody say there’s a standard

and this is where most people get messed

up in the church because they want to

hold the standard

that God’s not holding


God’s standard I’m going to tell you

what it is watch this one word


right standing with him

everybody say there’s a standard in the



okay when you come into the king’s

present certain stuff ain’t allowed

and this is where most people get

defeated because it’s like who can be


like how do I get righteous

I thought I was righteous but then I

wasn’t righteous no more

and that’s why some people get saved

every Sunday

that is an act of being Kingdom

once you put your faith and Fidelity

into Jesus Christ your eternity is

secure forever will you mess up probably

that’s why he tells you to repent and

turn back to him but praying every night

before you go to bed Lord forgive me for

all the stuff I did today and if I’m

dying Lord let me see you in heaven

tomorrow Lord I Thank You Lord that you

will keep me and Lord I am playing in

the Sin tomorrow but Lord because I’m

praying right now I thank you Lord

these are things grown people do y’all I

I I you’re laughing but you some of

y’all did it this week

something I do every time you get on a

plane Lord I just ask you

forgive me

I don’t have time to talk about it right

now but Jesus was the perpetuation of

all of our sins

he took on our burden

he paid the price for effort

so when we put our faith in him

our eternity is secure but there’s this

little word that I want to teach you

it’s called sanctification

now we don’t use this word no more and I

know it’s going to offend some people

but sanctification is the act of being

made holy

so it’s like God Will Take Me As I Am

but he will not leave me

as I am and most of us are salty because

you thought God was going to leave you

alone after you said I’m saved

and the rest of your life is the tension

between what you want

and what he wants

and today I want to let you know if

you’re coming to the kingdom everybody

say come on

come on come on we want you to come but

there is a standard

everybody say there is a standard

okay so since there is a standard and

the standard is righteousness

I mean

it means

let me just say it like this

nobody can meet the standard

I just want to point Blake tell you all

your good works will never meet the

standard of righteousness the Bible says

it like this all have sinned

and fallen short of the glory of God

so what you have to do is receive


by accepting Jesus Christ

when you accept Jesus you get his


so when God looks at you he don’t see

your mess

he sees this Jesus says sacrifice

so it’s like having somebody’s ID badge

in a restricted area

you don’t got access

but as long as you have the badge of

somebody who does have access

you can walk into places and spaces that

you are not qualified I feel this thing

that you are not qualified for not on

your own merits

not on your own identification but for

what you are carrying and what you have


you get access because of somebody

else’s sacrifice

okay I’m just trying to explain this

whole thing to you

so he’s saying because you can’t hold

the standard

imma provide the clothes of repentance

for you

okay that’s why all through the Bible

it’s a good study I don’t got the time

to go through it but look all the places

in the Bible where righteousness have

some type of correlation with clothing

Job chapter 29 verse 14 I put on


ended it clothed me

my Justice was like a robe and a turban

he said I need you to take off what you

came in here with

and I need you to watch the title of my


change clothes

today God is asking you to make a


keep on your fashion

or get styled by the Holy Spirit


clothes I know that helps you get

through your trauma traumatic childhood

but now you have been invited to the

presence of the king

your attitude

the way you handle grief

the way you snap up and judge people I

need you to change clothes

and too many Christians are sitting in

here with a high school Letterman on

talking about victories you want in

different seasons

y’all still sitting in here in your

wedding dress buttons popping

meat hanging out everywhere

it no longer fits but you would rather

be nostalgic

in a season of religion

I want to go back to the good old days

where we just

but you’re still mean you were mean then

you’re me now

you have not changed clothes

no weed was the thing you had to go

through for peace

to get through a season of your life

but now you’ve been invited to the


and now it’s not that you can’t stop


I really just don’t want to


can we be honest there’s some stuff that

we could give up

but just because we want our will and

not his

we don’t change


and in the Kingdom everybody say there

is a standard

but watch this write this down

everything you need to meet the standard

is provided

may this freed me

because I did not know that my Works

were not the thing that were attract was

attracting God to me

I thought I had to pray 15 times I

thought I had to wake up at 5am because

Prophet Brenda Todd woke up at 5am to

pray no no no no no no I thought that I

had to fast every so often I thought

that all of those things were dead works

because they were coming from a place of


I wasn’t serving the king because I

loved them I was serving the king

because I didn’t want to go to hell

and the and and the hair the hail scare

tactic will keep people at the altar

which makes the preacher feel like he

was effective and the truth is you

didn’t even study so you just tried to

scare people

the altars were full you scared them

if if lightning struck the building

right now

and we were all

taken up to Glory

where would you spend eternity

I don’t know

well you need to come to the altar here

I am again Lord

no no

but the truth of the matter is God said

like hold on you can live in a way

that you accept what has been provided

this king would have had somebody at the


telling everybody here’s your garments

here’s your robe of righteousness

here’s everything that you need to live

a life that is pleasing to the king

and there was one man

that was in

the banquet so I want you to understand

where he was I’m trying to help you

unpack what the kingdom of God is like

he was at the banquet he was in the


but he decided to take the clothes but

not put him on

so I want you to think about what that

is a metaphor for

that God tells you how to live and what

he wants you to do but you willingly


to deny what he’s saying

it would be the ultimate sign of

disrespect for you to come to the

banquet and somebody paid Monies to have

a tailor or a seamstress make you a

garment and you decide to not change

clothes in that atmosphere

so the king walks through and he’s

looking at everybody pleased with

everybody that’s wearing the clothes and

he comes up to this one man

and he says um sir

look I want you to see the word he

started out with look what he said he

said friend

he was not mad at this man

he was actually concerned that something

may be wrong

God will always approach you in the

Kingdom with friend first

he’s not trying to lay down to have a


hey why are you still doing that

why are you still sleeping with that


hey why are you why are you still doing

business with Shady people

friend it’s not like what are you doing

well do that no


why are you lying and then getting on

the platform and leading people in



why are you judging and not loving


and look what the Bible says the man had

no reply

he ain’t had nothing to say

which tells me

that he didn’t even have a good reason

why he wasn’t wearing it

he just didn’t want to

today I have to talk to the people who

have been immature

and not doing the things that God wants

for no other reason

then you just don’t want to

he been telling you to leave that friend


and you just don’t want to

he’s been telling you to be focused on

his word and you just don’t want to the

the series on Netflix are are more

important to you than what the king is

asking you to change into

and what I’m telling everybody and y’all

this has convicted me up and down as the

pastor God said you better change into

what I’ve provided

or you gonna be kicked out this party

he said but there is a standard


and I’m coming to you as friend

and I’m saying to you stop using that as

an excuse

change clothes

but if your only thing is because I

don’t want to

because it might be hard to

because that means I’m gonna have to

change some things that’s not a good

enough excuse so I’m going to tell you

something that happens when people come

to the kingdom and they get um a garment

put on them and it doesn’t fit yet

because this is what ends up happening a

lot of people get um a garment and it’s

it looks too big it actually matter of

fact Holy Spirit Could you um come up

here and and help me what I found out in

the Kingdom that that that God gives us

a tailor

and his name is the Holy Spirit

and the Holy Spirit is the one that is

supposed to lead us into all truth could

you bring me the Garment that that that

you said was made for me this is many

times how the Holy Spirit does it he

gives us something that he has prepared

for us a garment that we’re hold on

what you want me to do with that

put it on

that’s not my size

that doesn’t let me just turn on the



I’m not wearing nothing that don’t fit


I just told you I wasn’t wearing nothing

holy spirit that don’t fit me

I’m not serving people who don’t pay me

this don’t fit I don’t even like


so why would you call me look at this

this doesn’t fit yet

and we take off


what the Holy Spirit wants to fit to us

because it doesn’t fit immediately

and the Holy Spirit has been telling

some of us put it on

and you complaining the whole time this

doesn’t fit

he said you don’t know my skill set

so now we stand in here mad

ain’t gonna even take off what we had on

give me this I can’t believe you got me

out here serving people you done took

away all my little swag

and you gonna tell me to come into your

presence do you know who I was in the


do you know what people say about me

do you know how much I mean to other

people and you’re gonna tell me to put

on something that don’t fit

Holy Spirit I’m up here looking stupid

oh you want me to pull it back up

want me to serve God love my enemies

you want me to represent you in the


look how dumb I look you want me to go

outside like this

you want



fit me


see the thing that the holy spirit is

saying when you come into the kingdom

I’ma give you the tailor called the Holy


and what I need you to do is if your

garment doesn’t fit everybody say yet

keep seeing the Taylor


there’s a standard in the Kingdom

everything provided

for you to meet the standard is already


he if your garment didn’t fit I brought

the Holy Spirit

Jesus even says to the disciples it’s

better for you

that I go

so that you can get the tailor the Holy

Spirit to come

because he’s going to lead you cut off

what don’t need to be there change what

don’t fit yet he said I need you to come

and this is the thing I need you to know

about the kingdom in the Kingdom one

size does not fit all

see the problem is I’m comparing my

outfit to somebody else’s

and mine hasn’t been fitted yet


I’ma come

to the secret place

imma come to prayer

I’m gonna come to the place that’s


and holy spirit

take my measurements

hold on hold on hold on nobody’s

actually seen this before

nobody knows

how much

how much weight I’ve picked up


could you tailor this a little bigger

so that people can’t see where I’m

actually at

no no this is for me like I just matter

of fact

do you think this will ever fit me

do you think this calling will ever fit


do you do you think that I can actually

live pure and holy like do you actually

think that I could stop cussing people


I don’t have faith that these clothes

will ever fit

and many people leave the kingdom

because they don’t think

that it’s worth letting the Holy Spirit

make them

in this parable

saying change clothes

everybody say change clothes

but let the Holy Spirit

be your tailor write that down the holy

spirit is my tailor

this man

decides to defy

the king and doesn’t wear the clothes if

I’m watching this in the room

I’m like I’ma put it on

because I don’t want to be bound at and

thrown out the party nation of teeth

seems very evil

but in the Kingdom

a lot of us feel like what God’s called

us to do doesn’t fit

so now you’re gonna have to get tailored

and why do people not stand on the

tailoring block

I’m gonna give you four things because

somebody’s gonna change clothes before

the end of this service

the reason why people don’t stand on the

tailoring block

is because tailoring by the Holy Spirit

takes transparency

John is my actual stylist Ann Taylor

so as as some of you know I was um 53

pounds heavier this time last year okay

all of my clothes actually fit like this

around me

and one thing that I had to understand

about a tailor is no matter what it

looks like in the moment

he has the skill set to fit it to me

so one of the things that was very

uncomfortable uncomfortable to me at the

beginning of this journey of tailoring

is when the tailor had to actually

measure my inseam

now many of you don’t know what that is

but the holy spirit will get down into

vulnerable areas

hold on

no I want to make this very plain

the Holy Spirit wants to get the exact

measurements in the places that nobody

else actually goes

John got down one day to measure my


and I said brother what are you actually


I’m a married man I don’t go like that


and he began to explain to me that if he

doesn’t get the exact measurements of

where I’m at everybody say today

not where I think I’m at not what where

the genes I wear are it’s not custom fit

to me if he doesn’t measure me today

and I believe that there has to be

another level of transparency when we

come into the kingdom for God to measure

where I’m at everybody’s safe today

the Holy Spirit wants to come in to the

places that are vulnerable and measure

you another vulnerable place for me is

my gut

because um for years to hide my gut I

would just wear big hoodies

but the one thing about John is he would

say stuff like you’ve been eating huh

vacation was good to you huh

and I would be like what are you talking

about he said I’m trying to fit this

suit but I can’t go based off of the

measurements we had last time

based off the last time you worshiped me

today I got to measure you a new

and afresh

and God is asking everybody when you’re

coming into this party I want you to

invite the Holy Spirit to come and get

all dang

could you just Pin It Up

because I

this is frustrating now at this point to

try to live how the king wants me to


and every just at least could you Holy


could you at least

make what looks bad

stay up

could you at least let and the Holy

Spirit is telling me for every person

that’s out there right now

he’s saying stay

in the place to let me work

I don’t know who this is for but

somebody is about to walk and take off

the Garment that is going to fit you

it just doesn’t fit you everybody say


stay in the place where the Holy Spirit

can lead you into all truth why are you

telling this you can’t understand the

kingdom without the Holy Spirit

and most people think the holy spirit is

a Feeling

he is a person

and if you’ve never watched the series

called the upgrade I need you to go back

and watch a series called the upgrade

because I want to introduce you to the

Holy Spirit the holy spirit is supposed

to lead and guide you into all truth I

don’t know how to be what God wants me

to be in the Kingdom unless the Holy

Spirit leads me helps me walks with me

he’s the paraclete remember I said

Parable the one who comes the the uh

truth alongside of a hidden a story

alongside of a truth dwell paraclete is

the one who comes alongside you to help


the Holy Spirit wants to help you

go ahead and pin me and start making

this feel better

and I got an attitude

don’t stick me Holy Spirit

and now I’m standing here

and the the holy spirit’s trying to

style me

but people don’t stay in this place

watch this they don’t get the tailoring

watch this because tailoring takes


if you are gonna be everything that God

has called you to be in the Kingdom this

will not be a quick work

this is gonna be a work that takes

do you know how long it’s taken me

to get that lustful thing that was

planted on the inside of me as a young


to get that thing out of my life to the

point to where I can see it from a mile

away and resist that Temptation it has


time of the Holy Spirit saying stuff

like this don’t turn the TV on right now

well God this is how I unwind I said

don’t turn

the TV on right now

change clothes let me tailor you

what nobody else has to do this I am not

making this garment for anybody else

I’m specifically making for you don’t go

see that movie

but Michael B Jordan is in that movie

I’m just telling you

don’t go eat at that restaurant but the

food is good there he said I’m tailoring


I’m trying to fit

what your purpose is in the Kingdom to


but you got to give me everybody say



that’s why I told you that this Kingdom

message this is the last sermon in the

foundational series but I’m telling you

this is going to take


because as I unfold these messages the

holy spirit says I’m about to keep

working on

this garment on you

until it fits you like a glove

and the Holy Spirit says if you run from


no I’m my old self it’s my birthday

don’t look don’t look at the God thing

around my knees

but I’m a businessman I’m gonna be a

shark in business

I’m listening to all these people don’t

mind that I have a calling still around


that no matter how much I want to run

towards something else I’ve been marked

because I’ve got something on and people

are looking at me and it stopping

because of the call of God on your life

many can but you still cannot

is there anybody that’s tried to while

out tried to do all the wrong things

tried to be what everybody else is but I

have been marked by God

why everybody else didn’t get caught

it’s because there’s something around

your life oh my God

there’s something that trips your steps

up everybody else running in sin but you

stumbling in sin you don’t even look


it can’t even cuss right


email the wrong person tell your boss

how you email your boss

it’s because there’s something that the

old folks saying that are is on your

life that just won’t leave you alone

it’s that calling

and at some point enough will happen

hey what’s up Holy Spirit

he said welcome back

they caught you with your pants down


and what do you do you start the process

over again because I’m I weigh different


and some of you are so frustrated if you

would just stay in the place he told you

to stay in

if you would just let him keep doing the

work on you well when am I going to get

married when he finishes

okay let me stop


and most people won’t stay on the

tailoring block because tailoring takes

transparency somebody this is never

going to leave you ever again

tailoring takes time

watch this one tailoring takes talking

hey um

I just want to let you know um

my arm I just don’t want to be

constricted in this you got me

yeah but but I don’t know I’ve seen some

other people with it cuffed like double

cuffed let’s try it

no I like the no matter of fact

do what you think

I’ve never designed clothes before

I’ve never made a purpose before

I’ve never formed or fashioned anybody

this is what you do right

so how long have you been doing this

all day every day since the beginning of


how many people have you helped reach


as many as would let me

it’s in the relationship the talking to

the Holy Spirit

that that it it turns less into

something that he’s cutting and poking

it turns into a relationship

one of the things I’ll tell you about me

and my Taylor were actually best friends

because we spend so much time in

vulnerable positions together



this man has been with me through all

the transitions

he he he hold on hold on hold on

that’s good I’ll punch you Holy Spirit



he transformation

he’s walking me so now it’s no longer a

job for us

it’s time we get to spend together

most of us we actually enjoy

our time together I get off the plane

last night John says call me when you

land I mean holy spirit says call me

well John says call me when you land

okay you just switch back your role play

okay he says

call me when you’re not I call him he

shows up on my house and we talk

for longer than it took

to actually get my measurements

because now it’s not about just getting

the job done

it’s about spending time with my friend

the Holy Spirit wants to tailor make

your Kingdom Purpose to you but he wants

to do it from an area of not just

religion or regiment he wants to do it

through relationships

and that means you’re gonna have to talk

to the Holy Spirit practically what does

that look like Pastor Mike I talked to

God all day

Lord help me

not go in here and say anything in this


that doesn’t represent


Holy Spirit put a bridle on my tongue

so that I can represent you well Lord

Natalie’s mad at me and honestly I’m mad

at her

Holy Spirit help me not cause Strife in

my marriage

and the Holy Spirit begins to talk to me

walk with me teach me or what the Bible

says lead me into all what truth

Holy Spirit you got your measurement so


could you take

what you say is gonna fit me

and could you start

I might have to take something off

could you Holy Spirit I really like


they were kind of expensive too

but I’m gonna have to take off something

well this messes up my outfit now holy


and now I have a choice this is


just take it off take it off it’s more

uncomfortable to keep it on while you’re

trying to work on me

how did my pants get so long

when I was dressed how culture wanted me

to dress they looked right

but as I start to take off

who gave me

Kevin Durant’s pants

I didn’t even realize

because it was fashion

that these actually don’t


when the Holy Spirit starts working on


there are things that you may think

make you who you are

that no longer fit

and I look like a fool up here

until the Holy Spirit calls me back

to tell me I have something prepared for

you let me tell you the last reason why

people don’t get tailored I hope you get

this in your mind right now the holy

spirit is coming to tailor make your

purpose in the kingdom and the king is

asking you to do two words change


tailoring takes transparency tailoring

takes time tailoring takes talking last

one tailoring takes Trust

I gotta believe he knows the design

I gotta believe however he gonna fit

that to me

it’s gonna work

I could be worried all night

that I’m a disappoint somebody and I’m

not going to be able to do what I want

to do and the Holy Spirit is saying this

what I do

trust me with your life

I want you to change clothes I’m going

to be very practical at the end of this


I was trying to think how do I

bring all of this Kingdom stuff down to

just a very simple truth

the king is inviting you to a party

and he’s saying the holy spirit is here

to make it look like what you need it to

look like

that you got to give me time


talk to me and trust me

this this year the holy spirit is going

to start cutting

off things that you think you need

it takes me to John 14 where it talks

about we are the vine or he is divine

and we are the branches and that we have

to be connected to him and then there’s

this part that you go down it says that

he cuts

on the vines that are producing fruit

so make sense to me

the reason he starts Tailoring on that

vine is because he wants it to produce

even more fruit

when the Holy Spirit cuts the sleeve off

of something that somebody’s going


I don’t need anybody in the church to be

judging because they outfit is not ready


we need to be worried about what God has

placed on our lives and this is what I’m

saying to every Kingdom citizen don’t

judge people who are missing pieces from

their garment

Pastor Mike why are you saying this

because me as the pastor of this church

I’m still getting tailored

the holy spirit this week cut some stuff

off of me that I thought I was good with

the Holy Spirit challenged me this week

to love my wife in a different way to

honor her in a different way this week

guess what the tailor is not making you

just one outfit


he’s available at all times

to make sure that you are ready to go

into any atmosphere

that you have been called into

and when the tailor gets done making

what he’s making for you this is the

last part I need y’all to understand

there will be a season

we’re in the Kingdom

he asked you

to go and change where nobody can see


Holy Spirit

I’m ready

this feels like isolation


feels like

hold on

I don’t want to do this


am I relevant anymore

nobody can see me

this is uncomfortable

why is this happening

this is awkward for the people out there

Holy Spirit

make my name great

give me a platform

don’t let them forget me

this is real awkward

I want to say something

I want to defend myself because they

don’t understand what happened


let me clap back one time

or two times


could this happen faster

don’t touch that


have you still called me

am I still important to you


I don’t know if I even want to go out


I don’t know if I want to try again

I don’t know if I want to forgive again

Holy Spirit I don’t think this is going

to fit

did I mention this is awkward

Holy Spirit you’re working

Holy Spirit you’re with me

Holy Spirit you love me

Holy Spirit you have a plan for me

Holy Spirit you knew me before I was in

my mother’s womb

Holy Spirit you desire to change me into

the image of Jesus

Holy Spirit what I’ve seen

is not


I’m ready

you’re not ready for me to come out yet

no I got a website

and a podcast

and a mixtape


what you’re doing in my life

is private

less of me

more of you

not my will

but yours be done

Holy Spirit help me change


now watch

all I’m thinking about right now

is how long it took me to change

all I’m thinking about right now is how

uncomfortable everybody else was

while God made something custom for me

and there are some people in this room

right now that the Holy Spirit has been

doing a work on you

that instead of letting him finish the

work you’ve been worried about everybody


and I came to tell you that what God

wants to do in your life this fits me


but it took time



and talking to the Holy Spirit

I can teach you everything that I can

about the kingdom

but if you don’t change clothes decide

to change clothes and let the Holy

Spirit tailor this to you

you will spend the rest of your life

in something that doesn’t fit until you

get frustrated

and the reason why people are

deconstructing their faith

and running away from the the word of

God is because they wouldn’t let the

Holy Spirit

do the work that only the Holy Spirit

can do can I tell you something the

pastor cannot give you the revelation of

the Kingdom

all I can do is tell you to seek it

all I’ve been trying to do for six weeks

is say this is what Jesus preached this

is what he wants us to study this is

what he wants us to go after Stop

Believing for this that and the third

the Bible tells us in Matthew 6 33 seek

first the what kingdom

and his righteousness which is the robe

he’s already given you

and everything else you need everything

else you need everything else you need

will be added but me saying that as your

pastor I’m pleading with you that’s not

going to be enough I’ve always had a

pastor and I never sought the kingdom

today I’m asking every person to make a


change clothes

there’s a standard here

and if you’re going to be everything

that God has called you to be take off

the garments you came in here with

take off

all of the guilt and the shame and the

pain and the hurt and the frustration

and the anger and the rage and all of

the impure thoughts and all of the lust

and all of the things that you thought

fit you

and receive what the King has provided

for you

change close today I’m going to close

service a little different

if you know there’s some things that

you’ve been still wearing


the king is walking towards you

about to ask you why you still got that


and you know it’s time for you to change

clothes I’m not going to ask you what it


but today I want you to decide everybody

say decide

I want you to decide to change clothes

and let the tailor the Holy Spirit

fit your kingdom calling to you

I was scared to become a pastor because

it didn’t fit

when I got called

to be a youth pastor it was by a fluke

it’s because my parents started the


and my mama said you’re supposed to do

something with the youth

at my in that time I just thought it was


it was just clothes in the Kingdom that

didn’t fit yet

he said let me work on your attitude let

me work on your lust let me work on your

transparency let me work on those areas

that aren’t right and God kept giving me

garments that didn’t fit all the way to

where Bishop Gary said I think you’re

supposed to be the pastor of the church

and I said I think you miss God

I I did not tell you I literally told

him I was like Bishop I don’t even like

people that much I was just wearing a


that didn’t fit yet

but as I keep letting the tailor cut on


on my attitude

all my habits

on the way I talk to people on the way I

love people

started to change me from the inside out

if there’s an area in your life that

you’ve still been wearing old garments

garments you came into the kingdom with

and you’re ready to change clothes in

Atlanta in this room watching in

transformation Nation I want you to

stand right now this is not for

everybody but there are some people in

this room that know today is the day

this is a decision-making day I’m going

to put on what the King has provided oh

I feel the presence of God and if that’s

you wherever you are right now I want

you to begin to lift your hands there’s

Deliverance in this house the king

has sent the Holy Spirit I feel this

thing right now to help you change


I’m about to pray for you but what the

holy spirit is about to do is he’s about

to start taking off those things that no

longer fit you the attitudes the ideas

the principles the precepts those things

that have been keeping you almost tied

to what you were before you came into

the kingdom

today there’s deliverance and healing

happening for you

God we’re here come on hands lifted


you’re right now

help us change clothes

father I thank you that in this moment

right now there are people that have

been in the same garments for too long

and today Father you have provided

through your son Jesus Christ a brand

new robe of righteousness for us to wear

today Father God we are deciding to

accept your will your way your

righteousness for our life no longer

will we run away from the Holy Spirit

but today

this will be a martyr in our lives

that we are saying take my life

take my life father God oh I feel the

presence of God there is things that

have been with you for years that God is

saying this is the last day that you’re

wearing that garment you’re about to put

on righteousness you’re about to put on

Joy love the fruits of the spirit are

about to be your portion Holy Spirit

we’re asking you all over this world

from Atlanta to Tulsa to every place in

this world father God

help us to change clothes


and just together as a prayer we say

take my life


come on lift it up

transform it

said take my wheel

conform it

to yours to yours we want what he wants

us to wear come on let’s put on the

garments of the Kingdom so take my


and take my mind


transform it


take my will

oh something’s happening

to what I want



oh come on lift your hands and tell God

and more

take my mind

God we want what you want for us

we want to be everything you want us to

be in the Kingdom


said to yours

to yours


my burden of this message and I need

everybody to listen to me

I spent too much time around the king

without putting on what he provided for


God told me to tell every person


today is the day

that you accept your kingdom calling

not what you studied for not what people

have told you today is the day

that it doesn’t matter if you feel like

it doesn’t fit yet

the holy spirit’s gonna help you

if you’re in this room right now or in


or watching on rebroadcast

you want to be clothed in righteousness

today I need you to accept Jesus

he’s the only one that just how I had on

all black

when Jesus came in

the father sees me in all white now

this is how he sees me because Jesus

is the one that meets the standard of

righteousness for me and you

if you want to live your life clothed in


today I want you to give your life to

Jesus in this room I’m telling you it’s

the best decision I ever made I went

from being a liar a manipulator addicted

to pornography somebody who had a lot of

bad stuff in their heart and God said

uh-huh imma use all that submit that to

me bring yourself to the king’s table

and it’s full of grace and mercy put on

these clothes I have for you and I’m

going to allow you to fulfill your

purpose and that day changed everything

for me today is your day of salvation if

that’s you

and you want to make Jesus Christ your

personal Lord and Savior if you want to

change clothes right now in this moment

it’s your time on the count of three I

just want you to raise your hand in the

room in Atlanta online wherever you’re

at one you’re making the greatest

decision of your life I feel the power

of God right now two I’m proud of you

but your name is about to be written in

the Lamb’s Book of Life if you want to

give your life to Jesus just lift your

hands three right now I see you my

brother I see you my sister I see all

y’all better Rejoice I see you I see you

I see you I oh y’all come on I see

glory to God


a Transformation Church we’re a family

in Atlanta I see you

I want everybody to pray this prayer for

those who are coming to the kingdom


would you just lift your hands and say


thank you

for preparing a place for me

at your table


I Repent from my old life

and I turn to you I believe you lived

you died and you Rose again

with all power

just for me and today I give you my life

you are the Lord Of My Life

changed me

renew me

transform me I’m yours


I change clothes

in Jesus name

amen can we give God praise y’all better

act up oh come on we got new family in

the Kingdom

thank you

Just prayed that prayer I want you to

text save to the number on the screen

in Atlanta I want you to know we’re

walking with you and there’s about 300

of y’all that are about to get baptized

hear me everybody before we dismiss

listen to me

this is the start of this Kingdom


but the end here

do not put those old clothes back on

no no no this week you’re gonna have an


to put back on

what no longer fits you

and the Holy Spirit is going to whisper

to you

he’s going to speak to you he’s going to

give you a sign he’s going to give you a

watch this friend

he’s going to give you a family member

he’s going to let something pop up on

your Instagram screen listen and let the

tailor do his work father I thank you

that this Kingdom message is going to go

down into our hearts and we’re going to

be everything that you’ve called us to

be I declare that this is going to be

the best week of us following you in the

Kingdom that you’re allowing us to take

up our space and have the character to

walk in full Dominion father let us

never again put on those Rags we used to

wear when we did not let the Holy Spirit

lead us this will be your kingdom in us

we give you glory we give you honor and

we give you praise in Jesus name we

agree somebody say Amen until next week

go out and live a transformed life I

love you

thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

we also want to say thank you to our

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