Welcome to Week 1 of the Easy Money Series! When it comes to lessons on finances, many people have heard about the Prosperity Gospel and the Poverty Gospel. However, we are introduced to the Purpose Gospel because all money in the kingdom has a purpose! Pastor Mike taught us that money follows mastery. Mastery only happens when you focus! This lesson encourages us to not just secure the bag but to secure our craft. We never have to follow money when we focus on the Master and our Mastery. #easymoney #financialseries #transformationchurch #financialstewardship Scripture References: Deuteronomy 28:12 NLT Matthew 6:33 AMP Proverbs 11:24-26 MSG Hebrews 12:2-4 NLT Matthew 17:24-27 NLT Colossians 3:23-24 NIV Join us for service online every Sunday at 11am (CST), Monday’s for Monday Night Prayer at 6pm (CST), and Tuesday’s for Rebroadcast at 6:45 pm (CST). If you received Christ through this message, text SAVED to 828282. We would love to hear how God is touching your life through this ministry! Tell us your story by emailing [email protected]! If you would like to support TC financially you can give through the TC app, or online through our website by clicking here https://transformchurch.us/give/. You can also text “GIVE” to 828282 to give using your mobile device. If you need prayer, email [email protected]! For more information about Transformation Church, visit transformchurch.us or follow us on our social media platforms below. Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/wearetransf… Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/wearetransfo… 00:00 – Intro 12:40 – Paper without purpose is pointless 24:08 – Get Ramsey+! 26:00 – Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 12 NLT 29:09 – Matthew chapter 6 verse 33 AMP 30:00 – Easy Money Mindset 30:42 – Money requires management 31:20 – Management checks motive 32:28 – Motives determines multiplication 32:50 – Multiplication blesses many others 37:45 – Proverbs chapter 11 verses 24 through 26 The Message 01:05:03 – The master teacher can expedite your mastery 01:09:33 – Before you invest finances, invest your focus 01:10:30 – Hebrews chapter 12 verses 2 through 4 NLT 01:11:20 – Where you focus now will cause fruitfulness or frustration 01:15:23 – Money follows mission 01:15:56 – Matthew chapter 17 verses 24 through 27 NLT 01:21:00 – Mastery is preparation for a miracle 01:22:30 – It’s still takes crazy faith to get the coin 01:23:15 – Mastery gives you something to manage 01:24:30 – Mastery connected to the master always gives more than enough 01:25:10 – Never follow money. Focus on the master & mastery.

right get your notepads out

get your smartphones and dumb phones


because this series is about to change


and and most people be like because I’m

like you always say that

because I always believe it

because anybody that has an expectation

for something

actually receives in the direction of

what they’re believing for

so I always believe that the last thing

God gave me is the best thing God gave


cause God gave it to me

and and truly honestly this is a topic

that most people stay away from because

they do not want us to offend anybody

when it comes to the thing that has

their heart

and the crazy thing is most people their

spouse doesn’t have their heart as much

as money does

the truth of the matter is

a lot of people value finances resources

money more than they value the people in

their lives and I just want to let you

know that’s out of line in the Kingdom

and so today I want to start a journey

everybody say Journey

I want to walk us through what it looks

like to actually live a blessed life I

want you to write that down on your

piece of paper I will live a blessed


somebody confessed it so I want you to

confess it with him somebody say I will


a blessed life

a blessed life is not just tied to

finances But it includes it

it includes what does God say about me

having resources how do I handle

resources who do I help with the

resources and how do I reach Purpose

with what God has called me to do

somebody just say it by faith I will


a blessed life

and I know that’s hard for some people

to even think about right now because of

the life you’ve already lived

how many people in this room were a

humble open and transparent Church how

many people in this room are watching

right now have had a

sketchy Financial past let’s just look

at that that keeps it real why real wide

and open okay

okay the truth of the matter is

some people didn’t raise their hand just

because they’re in denial

I want them to know what I got I look

like I got it but what does it matter

that you look like something that you

don’t have

like like at the end of the day let me

ask another question how many people

could use more resources to do what

God’s called them to do

okay all right so today we’re gonna have

to talk about what God or the king says

about finances

generosity and stewardship write them

three words down finances

generosity and stewardship these aren’t

words that you see on Instagram or


this is not in everybody’s everyday


but these are words that are prominent

and preeminent in the word of God he

talks about money almost top three

subjects in the Bible Jesus talks about


yeah the church don’t

all they do is ask you for it


y’all ever seen the building fun thing

in the old churches that they tell you

how much was raised for the building

fund it’s been 16 years that we’ve been

raising for the building funding the

number don’t change and we ain’t got a

new building

there’s a lot of distrust when it comes

to the church and finances

so let me go ahead and pop the bubble

right now


everybody just take a deep breath in

real quick let it out now say relax

because some of y’all booty cheeks just

got tight when I told you we’re going to

talk about money because you’re like

what are you gonna do

what building did they dumb about now

what they gonna ask is there a building

campaign is there a fundraiser where to

fish dinners none of that

none of that

is a part of this presentation in fact

if you’ve been around Transformation

Church for any length of time actually

when we talk about generosity we do the

opposite this is a month of Miracles and

this is a month where we want to see God

bless people that ain’t even expecting

it so we in the month where people think

we gonna ask for something we give it


let me say it like this in this month

we’re going to give over a million

dollars away to other organizations you

can go ahead and clap your hands for


oh we come in for some of the things

that the Bible tells us to help with

as a church because people have already

bought in to the principles that I’m

going to share with you we don’t got to

raise an offering

because people are actually living a

blessed life

and so today it’s really an opportunity

for all of us to walk in the blessing

that God has provided for us when we

understand principles and really let me

just be completely transparent with you

the reason for the last eight years that


I’ve done this series every single year

is because the two things that people

struggle with

most outside of their relationship with

God is relationship with other people

and relationship with money

I can’t tell you in the week how many

times we’re dealing with a money issue

or a people issue

that’s what pastoring is Bishop lied to

me he didn’t tell I thought I was just

going to be able to preach

I didn’t know people was crazy

and usually those two issues are at the


of something and I said how do we change

this God said you have to teach my word

it is the remedy for every problem in

life today is found in the word of God

and so as we have decided that this year

we’re going to learn about the kingdom

and we’re not going to be king dumb

we’re not going to be ignorant of what

the king says I want to approach this


um from the lens of what Kingdom

currency and Kingdom finance and Kingdom

stewardship looks like everybody shouted

me Kingdom

okay so the reason I’m qualified to talk

to you about this is because eight years

ago when I became a pastor I was broke


like I want to let everybody know

because people see this splattered paint

jacket I don’t even know what this is uh

do they see this and they’re like easy

for him to say no

you don’t know my story

yeah boy has six months of TCC education

right up the street

and when I left that I became a producer

who had to get money from anybody who

would actually pay me

to produce their music

I was broke broke

I had thousands of dollars of debt

I had a poverty mindset with Rich taste

okay uh okay okay

y’all know you got the dollar menu


but the roof Chris appetite you know

can’t pay for that steak

I was raised by MTV Cribs

are y’all gonna leave me out here by



but I still

needed nurturing like I was in a crib

I didn’t understand finances I didn’t

know how to budget a checkbook I didn’t


was illiterate

in finance

and I was trapped because I was old

enough to know but never was taught

so I stayed dumb in an area I needed to

ask questions about

and so many people are here are trying

to hold it together

trying to act like you know but you got

all kind of car you paying for stuff

with Walmart cards


you can’t even use a bank account no

more cash app saved you

okay all right you and overdraft in four

okay I’m in too many people’s business

right now you’re an overdraft in four


and you just said maybe it’ll disappear


some people on the other side of the

spectrum you have so much that you’re


that you actually think you’re better

because you have zeros in the bank

but your heart is nasty


you walk into rooms with people that are

less than you to feel better about


the whole spectrum is here today

people that may have been raised with

the silver spoon in their mouth and

maybe people who stole the spoons from

the gas station y’all know let me take

some of these for the house

oh y’all gonna play me in the room today

we got people who went on family

vacations every year

headed to Destin

Florida again girl I’ll punch you in the


Florida again

mom and dad wanted to go to the Bahamas

I grew up with boats and

only boat we have is in the tub like


glory to God

what I’m saying is wherever you come


today I want us to humbly approach this


like I want you to take your crown off

whatever it is and I want you to put it

at the feet of Jesus and let’s go back

again and see if there’s something that

he wants to teach us about the kingdom

way to handle finances and

let me just say it like this

um many of you

are suffering that have been in church

for a while

from the pop Prosperity Gospel

naming and claim it

ain’t got to do nothing

God is a jackpot God

if I position myself right


666.72 cents because the word says and

Page 660 like we do all of these

gimmicky things

that maybe I’ll hit

you might as well go down to the Osage


because that’s not our God but


but on the other extreme

and they have been

indoctrinated by the poverty gospel

God don’t want me to have none

want me to ask you around the mouth I’m

martyred for him

how can you lend to many nations

how can you be the the lender and not

the borrower

if you don’t have nothing to lend

so if you’re on either one of those


or been turned off to the whole subject

because you’ve been on one I want you to

meet me in the middle somebody say meet

me in the middle

we’re going to teach you the purpose


that all money in the Kingdom has a

the reason that God is giving me more is

because I have a purpose

and so we’re not going Prosperity Gospel

and we sure ain’t going poverty gospel

we are going the purpose God when my

finances have a purpose God can trust me

with more than enough so write this down

this is just a thought to be able to get

this thing rolling paper without purpose

is pointless

having money resources finances

influence without a purpose from Heaven

is pointless that’s why the Bible says

stuff like this what does it profit a


to gain the whole world

but lose his very

he said it’s pointless

for you to have m’s in the bank

making it rain more cars than you can

drive in a week taking vacations

everywhere and he says you can still

have no peace and have all the paper

there are people that killed themselves

with millions of dollars in the bank

why would you do that because you think

money solves problems God solves

problems I’m about to I feel my health

coming on

you think that money solves the problem

no money is a tool to help mitigate what

we do on this Earth but it don’t solve

the problem Jesus

solves the problems

and just by the amens you don’t believe


because some of you are still operating

in the spirit of Mammon

and I don’t even have time to break this

down right now but there’s a Spirit

Alive on the Earth today that basically

says this either I need God to come

through or I need some money


and whichever one of them answers for

first I’ll serve them

that’s why you will disobey when God

tells you to wait

but you get a job offer for more money

it was like I have peace about it

he told you to wait

but they put the zeros in front of it

only like three hundred more dollars

and you’ll get out of the will of God

for some Starbucks coffee every week

if you’ve ever said I need God to come

through or I need more money

and you chose to more money

the spirit of Mammon still has control

of your heart

it’s the spirit that says

I can do it without God cause I got


see this is why I’m I’m uh

like I want everybody to have more than

enough but then I’m scared for some of

y’all to have more than enough

because you would stop praying if you

had okay

the only thing that makes you desperate

is what you need

but most of us would not be devoted

Christians if we did not have a need

uh oh

if you could pay not if this ain’t

everybody but it’s a bunch of y’all

if you could pay for everything you

wouldn’t be in church today

and what God is saying is money just

magnifies who you really are

it don’t change you it just magnifies

what’s in you and today I need you to

understand through this whole series I’m

gonna teach you Kingdom principles

everybody say Kingdom principles

that are going to help you live a

blessed life okay so so paper without

purpose is what okay so now that that’s

established every year when I come to

this series I try to figure out how to

package it a new way because it’s the

same information and let me say this

this year I feel a different swag

preaching this

and I just need to be honest with you

because this is not a test

where I started from

and where I am today is because I

actually applied the principles I’m

about to tell you if you do not get this

or want it I don’t care

no I need you to say this because this

year I got to teach this Kingdom thing

not trying to convince people

I need I need to preach this thing for

people who are already committed to what

God is saying and so I’m telling you

this right now because we don’t got a

lot of time usually I got six weeks for

this series I only got four so I got a

cram a bunch of the principles that has

transformed my life into four weeks and

so I ain’t got time to tiptoe around

your feelings to get you this point okay

so today I’m just look at my life and

I’m gonna tell you stories but people

who know me know that God has changed


oh God I can’t even

he has generationally changed

the ability of my family to be generous

to the kingdom of God and to anybody he

tells me to not because I’m a pastor

I need everybody to hear me say this

not because I’m a pastor because I

worked the king’s principles

so today tomorrow next week and the next

three weeks after that I want you to

listen to these principles and I want

you to put them into practice and I

promise you you’re going to live a

blessed life okay so watch this I was in

the gym and I was thinking what am I

going to call this series and I’ve been

on a transformation journey and what

ended up happening is confession I don’t

like lifting weights okay so let me be

very clear about this it is scary and

brings me anxiety to think that my neck

okay some of y’all are really strong but

to think that my neck

is underweight that I don’t know if I

can press up

and to think that if I let it go like

that would be the worst way for me to


so so ever since I started working out

my trainer Vic he would tell me he said

Mike we got to get under that weight and

I’m like yeah

let’s jump let’s jump

I gotta get this fat off me so I was

like let’s jump let’s do cardio he’s

like yeah but we got to get you stronger

and I was like yeah but you know the

thing about stronger is you need weights

and he’s like yes and I said waist is

heavy and he says until you lift them

and I was like what you mean he said The

more you lift the weights the more you

get under it what seems hard becomes

and so then one day we was about to hit

a new level and he would always say to

me all right coach he would call me


and you the coach but why you calling me

coach he was like putting responsibility

on me and he was saying all right coach

easy money

what you mean easy this is not easy

do you see all these plates that you

don’t put on here

he said no no no no no no no no no

anytime you get under anything hard

to it and tell it tell yourself that

it’s easy

and I was like all right so I’m like

Easy Money Easy Money easy money

and and the more that I did this I found

myself getting confident

because there were many times I would

get underweight that looked like it was

too heavy but I haven’t counted up all

the times that I had lifted it

and it had made me stronger

and it was the simple practices of doing

the same mundane thing did weightlifting

is not rocket science

it’s the same stupid thing over

and over and over and over again but

then when more weight was put on what

was hard became easy

and I was in the gym about a month ago

and we were going for a record

and he was not there

the coach wasn’t there it was just me my

wife and a few of my workout Buddies

and they’re all women

so they called me big dog and I’m

sitting under there like like

he wasn’t there

and I just looked at myself I said Mike

this is hard

but not too hard for you

you’re strong I’m talking about you


and all I said was easy money

and I said

and I went down yeah

I don’t even know what noises I was I

farted three times I said

didn’t matter

it didn’t matter what had to come out of

me for me to get that up


there’s a word right there right now


but what was once hard

now became easy

and when I started to think about the

kingdom of God everything that culture

makes hard

the word of God and the kingdom makes


so I said you know what I’mma call what

most people find hard about finances

I’m gonna call this whole series

everybody say easy money

I need you to say it with an attitude

somebody said easy money

put your swag on it at home everybody

say easy money

by the time we end this series what has

been hard for you I’m believing by faith

this thing about money it’s gonna be

what easy

it’s gonna be easy

and as a matter of fact

I want to do something I want to start

this series out in generosity

because a lot of people

um when they get to this point it’s like

Pastor Mike you don’t know how hard my

finances are

and you don’t know I’m on a fixed income

in government assistance and and there’s

stuff that I’m lying about right now

no come on I know the real situation

there’s I’m robbing Peter John and Paul

to pay dequante


like I’m like

I need everybody to say help

so what we did at Transformation Church

is we partnered with the people over at

Dave Ramsey and if you’ve never heard of

him he has a program that helps people

understand finances he has a program

that helps people understand where their

money is give them a one two three four

guide of how to get to a place where

they have at least a thousand dollars in

savings and be able to pay off your debt

and all of that other stuff so what we

did is we called up Dave and we said

Dave I got like 20 000 people that want

to do money right and Dave was like okay

what you want to do I want to buy your

program for everybody

and and Dave said for everybody and I

said for everybody

and he said okay

so for everybody that’s watching this

right now Transformation Church if you

want to learn educationally how to get

your finances in order we have partnered

with Ramsey plus and for the entire year

you didn’t hear me for the entire year

you get to go through all their coaching

programs and have financial assistance

for your personal finances

now watch now watch now watch now watch

if I would have gave everybody a hundred

and thirty dollars in the service

they would have shouted

but because now I gave you the tools


so so everybody not for just the people

in the building this is how generous we

want to be for everybody watching this

on rebroadcast

I want you to say this and there’s more

than 20 000 people last week’s sermon

160 000 people watched it


that wants to change your financial


you can go to transformchurch.us this a

message all in itself

you can select Ramsay plus the code is

already in there fill out the

information it’s like four like little

things and you will have access for free

for an entire year now don’t see me next


looking like you sucked on pickle juice

because now you have a practical step

what do I do from here Pastor Mike

go get your finances in order

that’s too practical for them okay

preach at me yell

at we could leave right now

why because now you got something to


many people don’t even have a budget

don’t know what their numbers are

don’t know what you

faith without works is

somebody said that’d be me

I said faithful that works is what

if you want to see something different

you got to do something different I’m

asking you

I don’t care how old you are and if your

kids are in a different financial

position than you get your finances in

order amen okay so that’s the the first

thing that we’re going to celebrate

Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 12.

it says the Lord will send rain at the

proper time everybody say proper time

from his treasury in the heavens and

will bless all the work you do everybody

say work

that is not a cuss word

I’m talking to a lot of different


for Millennials and z

a lot of times we think work is a cuss


mom be quiet

my mama said that’s the right

but the truth of the matter is we think

that work is I’m supposed to do all of

this and

the people that are exers boomers and if

any of the uh

the Baby Boomers I see you Mama Chloe

okay if they if they still kicking

okay this is true okay


is an idol

work is an idol

it has taken the place of God

so people will work I just want to show

you the Spectrum

people will work

religiously to provide for a family they

don’t know

while over here they won’t work at all

because they don’t know if this is worth


and the Bible tells us

that God will bless from his treasury in

heaven the work you do

okay let me just say this because I got

to set this all up


was given to Adam before Eve was

I’m not gonna let you read too deep into


but if you are funding a man that has a

PlayStation addiction

and don’t have a job some of y’all knows

two girls in the front but was like oh

my God the rain


before you get a woman

all men had everybody say word

work was not a punishment in the fall

it was a prerequisite to being in the


and if you do not become acquainted with


you will miss out on the destiny that

God has for you and a lot of people are

allergic to work or have made work their


and we got to get the right relationship

in the Kingdom with work okay

and then it says you will lend to many

nations I love this part you will never

need to borrow

it doesn’t even say you won’t borrow

it’s just like I don’t have to if I

don’t want to

it literally says you will never need to

borrow from them and so so then when I

read that then it takes me to Matthew 6

33 okay we’re talking about the kingdom

okay but first I’ma read this from the

Amplified version it blessed me this

week but first and most most importantly

aim at and strive after his kingdom

somebody say his kingdom

and his righteousness his way of doing

and being right the attitude and

character of God and then all of the

other things that you need will be given

to you also

when you do what God asks you to do in

seeking the kingdom he takes care of the

finances in it as well so then I said

all right if I’m gonna teach people

about how to have a easy money mindset I

need to give them some principles so I’m

gonna give you all four weeks in just a

short synopsis so you can know what

we’re gonna do every week everybody say

Easy Money mindset

write that on your paper I’m just

teaching you today I’ma preach to you in

a little bit but I got to teach you

first Easy Money mindset this is the

mind of somebody in the Kingdom that

understands that money is not hard

anymore when I do money the King’s Way

it’s easy money and I have an easy money

mindset everybody needs money put money

on your page everybody need money

I don’t care

where you’re living what you’re doing if

you need a lot if you need a little but

everybody needs money but in the Kingdom

watch this

money requires there’s your next m word


the only way that God gives you more

money you can see the parable of the

talents is if you manage it properly

and God will take away from you as his


when you don’t manage properly

don’t listen don’t look at he literally

took away from his child that dug a hole

and put his opportunity in the ground

and he took it away from me and gave it

to the one that would actually do the

right thing with it what I’m telling you

is money requires management I’m gonna

talk to you about management next week

okay and then the next thing I’m gonna

talk to you about is motives

because management how you manage your

money always checks your motive

man ain’t nothing exposed My Heart Like


say somebody your friend

and they don’t pay you back

I just come on my best friend yeah let

me loan me six hundred dollars


when you pay me back in a month in a

month I got you bro

you see that person

and it’s been one year

16 days the 13 hours

in four minutes

you like yeah that ain’t even your

friend no more that’s

that’s Bobby

who owe me

you start describing him as


who oh why it’s because what’s in your


gets exposed

when you actually start having to manage

it and God wants to check our motives

because watch this motives determine


I’m giving you y’all this is gonna seem

too easy but I’m telling you if you

listen to these principles It’s Gonna

Change Your Life

money requires management management

checks your motives motives determine

multiplication and then watch this

multiplication blesses many others

what happens when you don’t need to pray

for something

you can be the answer to the prayer

too many of us are praying for things

that we should be able to solve

oh no my

my electricity got cut off

and I don’t know what I’m gonna do and

they’re about to repossess my house how

much is it

fourteen hundred dollars

let me talk to my husband let me talk to

my wife

I’ll call you back


you know that account we we have seven

thousand dollars in

to bless people with

I felt tugged on my heart to give to

this person fourteen hundred dollars

there seems like there’s a little

irresponsibility there I saw on

Instagram showing her new Gucci shoes

real conversation she could Pawn their


but I don’t think she’s their maturity

wise I don’t think we’re supposed to pay

the whole thing but I think we’re

supposed to give her five hundred


how do you feel about that okay hey sis

I know there’s a couple of things that

you could be doing to get in the right

place financially but me and my husband

felt led to just bless you

with five hundred dollars

to help you on this journey and whatever

you use it for it’s from us if you use

it towards the thing it’s but we just

know you’re in need right now we want to

bless you

not now you get paid when

no no no no no no hold up

the first or the second

what I’m saying to you

is there some things that God wants to

bless others with and he the only way

he’s going to do it is through you

and many of us are not even prepared

we don’t even care they’re

okay I’m gonna just give all the secrets

right now

I carry money with me

in a specific place that is on my

security guard because some of y’all is

about to come come and try to fleece me

forget you

Scott hold my money and he holds

something else too

just be clear I just felt the spirit of

the person might get

but I wanna I’m Scott am I telling the

truth I go to the bank every week

in in preparation

to bless whoever God tells me to

not watch this not bless every moment I

want to

cause it’s not my money oh God

I’m the manager of it but he owns it

and I have been places where it is let

me just tell you something it is an

inconvenience to give

giving’s hard

do you know how much how much red tape

you have to go through to give a car


signing the D

giving someone the answer the tag the

this that that and yet

God placed it on my heart

and he may be placing on your heart he

said I want you to do something and it

doesn’t matter what it costs you

I need you to be ready to be generous in

all seasons

and I’m trying to prepare the church for

the blessing you think you want

because right now everybody think if I

had it I’d do it

Pastor you know me

I give you the shirt off my back

the truth of the matter is you have

something right now you can give and you

don’t give it

you have something right now that God is

requiring you to practice the muscle of

generosity and you will not do it

and God’s saying I’m watching how they

manage what they got

why would I trust them with more and why

would I trust them with true witches

which are people

see the money is just play play for the

real thing that God cares about people

and when you handle money right

then he knows you can handle people


and when he lets you start handling


watch out

because then you get to actually

experience what it is to live in your

God nature

okay let me stop I’m too deep for some

people right now okay so so so right now

I gave you what we’re gonna do the next

few weeks okay and and this is the thing

if these become your precepts your pre

thoughts they’ll turn into your

principles principles turn into

disciplines and disciplines turn into

your culture

I want you to have a kingdom culture but

it starts with thinking the right things

that’s why Proverbs 11 24 this is one of

my favorite scriptures that got me out

of poverty

the world of the generous

gets larger and larger

the world of the stingy gets smaller and


this is a universal principle in the

earth if you are generous and don’t even

love God your world gets bigger

oh my gosh they don’t even believe me

you think you got to be speaking in

tongues God said there’s principles I

be is a principal in the Earth

he said the another principle in the

earth is sowing and reaping you don’t

gotta believe in me you plant some seeds

I have made it a principle that

something’s gonna come up

when you are generous it is a principle

this is easy money be generous your

world just expands

do you know

that I have over the past eight years


so generous to the point that it raises


and people who love me

have you ever been so generous that

somebody like are you sure

what you gonna do

but that’s our last

I have become so comfortable

in generosity and I’m so grateful to do

it because I know where I was I was


I was lost I was addicted to pornography

and addicted to Poverty oh

see people talk about

some of y’all are forcing your kids to

eat food that they don’t want


oh God I just I crossed the cultural

line right there I felt it I felt the

ancestral demons coming to get me

but the truth of the matter is because

in your family you were told don’t get

up from that plate until you eat all

your food

that was fueled by fear and poverty

and so now your kid is a glutton

so they eat when they’re full

and you’re teaching them that this is

proper stewardship of the food instead

of their body

oh God

and so now they get older and anytime

they go to a buffet they load up

and take the taco box and do all the

things because mama said don’t waste no

food but it was based on fear because we

may not have enough

and so now they have a problem expanding

somewhere else

because it was based in a poverty

mentality based off of fear but God has

not given us a spirit of

but of power love and a sound mind what

I’m saying is there’s all of these

things weaved into our lives

that we don’t even understand that God’s

saying that is not even how I want you

to live in the Kingdom

I want you to be able to have more than

enough and that’s why I need you to

start with being generous with what you

have everybody say this with me what I


is enough

you can be outrageously generous with

what you got

how many parachutes do you need

oh I just oh

how many hoodies do you need

come on y’all how many cars do you this

is going to offend or or offend


and that is my goal right here is to

make you understand that all you have is

all you need to start being generous

right now

so so so so where did God start with me

he started telling me empty your closet

and I said Lord I want I want a new

wardrobe before I empty my closet I need

you to

bless me indeed

before I bless somebody else he said

that’s not how I work it’s seed



he said find them young boys that like

your style give them the clothes

yeah no no no no no no no no not even

the ones that you just want a lot the

ones with the tags on

well Lord that’s just a little

it’s a little much

and and I’m telling you my real story

when I was in debt I would go through my



and guess what else I gave not money


Bishop you remember when you had lost

all that weight and I said Bishop I’m

gonna take you shopping

and I took Bishop to the suit store when

I didn’t have no suits

and God had me by Bishop four suits

that cost as much as my whole closet

and he said I want you to sow into this

man I wasn’t in line to be the pastor


and I wasn’t trying to be the pastor

let me just be very clear this was not

on my wish list

but I knew I had to start with what I


and I started being General I just

started okay I’m telling you something

you can give your treasure but you can

give your time or you can give your


see some of y’all are thinking well

Pastor might talk about money I don’t

got money no no no no no but you got a


that you could use your hands to show

your heart and start doing something

right now you see people in need and

don’t make them pay for it what’s your



so you didn’t make them pay no money but

you made them pay I’m on time where

y’all at


is this the level of expertise I’m

working we get y’all

what I’m saying is what you have now

is enough to make your world larger

what if in March our world got bigger

not because of what we got but what we

gave oh my God

think about a world where a church could

actually be the place the giving center

of the world

I’m gonna just throw stupid Vision out

there what if every need in our


could be answered

within the people

that are in this room right now

and the people who are watching online

and transformation Nation they won’t

even clap for it it’s crazy they won’t

even clap for it yup

Evan what if we could end homelessness

in Tulsa

not because of the government

because the church took a stance and

said no we’ll build the community we’ll

get them housing they cheer for the

Miracles but they won’t cheer for

helping somebody all I’m telling you is

the world of the generous gets larger

and larger

and the world of the stingy

your world been shrinking for a decade

today I’m coming to open you back up

I know it’s been rough on you I know the

pandemic tried to end you

I know that the business shut down I

know that you are supposed to get a

settlement and it didn’t come through

but God is saying but in the Kingdom

we’re on a different economy

yeah it might be a recession here not in


oh I just felt that not in heaven for

the Kingdom Kids

whatever is happening on Earth do not


what God can do with me when the

pandemic shut everything down God so

orchestrated my first book ever being

released in the middle of a pandemic

I I was in this back room crying

and I had one of my friends call me and

encourage me he in the room right now he

said bro this is the greatest thing that

could ever happen to you I said why I

can’t go on the book tour I can’t do

nothing he said God has captivated the

whole world

and giving you an audience

and this message is gonna go like


I will call that man a prophet cause as

soon as that book dropped

that thing went everywhere if it was

dropped today it probably would have

done good but it wouldn’t have done what

it did

and I’m not I’m not ashamed of this and

I give glory to God because I obeyed his

steps every step of the way that one

book changed my family’s financial

future forever

no y’all we don’t even Rejoice with

those who Rejoice that is crazy

I don’t gotta go speak nowhere

I don’t gotta I don’t got to do no and

it’s a message that’s Evergreen I didn’t

ask for it God gave it to me

I was just faithful to work it it

changed everything

my daughter we got a book about to come

out with my daughter a cup of love me

and Bella wrote a book all for

relationship goals then

we gonna help kids understand it it’s



but why did it change everything because

I worked in a season where it might not

have seemed worth it

okay so somebody say easy money

okay I’m just trying to get you ready

okay so many remember put the put the

things back on there because they got to

get it this is Class come on put it put

it back up there money requires


management checks let’s say it together

okay class this is I’m gonna be your

professor today let’s start at the top

money requires management

checks motives motives determines

multiplication and multiplication

blesses many others

does that make sense

is that easy enough

okay so now

I got to tell you I forgotten one

and this is what I got to talk to you

today about because this is what I’ve

taught every year but the Holy Spirit

convicted me he said Michael you’re

teaching this assuming that people have


and so today I need you to go back and I

need you to teach them the kingdom

principle of watch this mastery

that’s good I think

what are you about to say okay good


I found all throughout the Bible

that there was nowhere

that people of God went after money

nowhere find it

there is nowhere where people that God

called was like Hey I gotta get on my

grind though

I gotta hustle I gotta move there’s

nowhere you find the disciples

setting up chicken dinners

before they go into town to keep the

ministry afloat

there’s y’all find it

there’s nowhere because in the Kingdom

write this point down if you don’t get

nothing else


follows mastery

there is a Biblical precedence that you

need to master something on this Earth

and we have been teaching the church to

pray and not get a skill

oh my God I’m about to be in your


I’m just over here praying you need to

read something too

and you need to practice something and

you need to try and fail and you need to

ask for help we have gone away from

Mastery searching for miracles

oh I’m about to preach this thing and

the Holy Spirit came and to me and said

Michael stop asking them to manage what

they ain’t got

you’re assuming they got money and they

got something but they don’t got nothing

because they have not mastered anything

and Mastery only comes when you watch

this F word Focus

Money Follows Master just think about it

Noah started off as a novice boat maker

but after years

of putting this boat together that

nobody had seen even when there wasn’t


515 feet

of boat and getting animals on it and

the biggest Miracle is convincing his

family to still work with him

there was a level of mastery

to what Noah did to build something that

actually floated

I’d have done some science fair projects

that didn’t float

and he built a 515 foot boat everybody

say mastery

think about Daniel

y’all remember Daniel it said that

Daniel in a captive situation was seven

times better than everybody that was

born into that situation

him Shadrach Meshach and Abednego they

were so much more excellent they were

Masters at the language

Masters at Excellence when they came in

the room you didn’t have to respect

their God but you had to respect their

skill oh my God oh my God I can’t wait

to the day where Believers are so good

that you ain’t gotta believe what I

believe but you got to believe the

results oh God

there is

something in the Kingdom that is

developed in people who will commit to


I think about David

was a master at getting the Shepherds to

do to getting the Sheep to do what he

wanted to do he’s a master Shepherd

but he wasn’t just oh one dimensional he

was multi-faceted

he was such a good guitar player that

when the king needed somebody to torment

the Devils that were coming to haunt him

they said Jesse’s boy he called on that


and he got

to the position of the palace before he

would Reign not because of his spiritual


oh my God

what if God wants to take you into an

area that you will want you

King in but he wants to take you there

in the disguise of your skill


you not good at nothing

or you’ve decided to be subpar

because for many of us it’s a decision

you could be better but this job don’t

pay me enough my Bible says

that we’re supposed to do everything

that we do as unto the but you’ve been

doing it as unto your boss

and you’ve been doing it as until your

paycheck and what you have done is cut

the preparation that God is trying to

give you in Mastery and that’s why your

money low

you can literally be good and become a

master at anything

and somebody will pay you to do it




I see I’m gonna have to work this a

little better all right let me just give

you I didn’t finish with David Shepherd

guitar player then he was a sniper

he was a sniper

that baby took

some smooth stones

and a slingshot

the whole Army was out there

sniper he was skilled he had Mastery

with insignificant items

what people are calling insignificant is

just my little Administration gift what

you’re a sniper

there’s somebody looking for a sniper

I’m looking for us I’m looking for a

bunch of snipers

was just I just make a little art on on

my my

do you know how much people pay

for people who do just a little art

but but we’re discounting what God is

counting on

you have stopped going at all you’re


all your life is over

well I’m 56 what

what do you know Quincy Jones

wrote Thriller with Michael Jackson at

age 50.

he literally said his career did not


until he did that at age 50.

mastery what was the other 49 years


oh my God

it was preparation

for a moment to work with an artist who

would do all styles

uh everything if you go study Quincy

Jones history and this is me because I’m

a producer he he did stuff in jazz he

did stuff in pop he did stuff in rock he

did stuff but it was all the preparation

so that when Michael Jackson started to

give a vegetable give her a festival

like what is he okay

like he knew what to do with that



and money


okay Jesus

what was Jesus other than our savior



would our example

give us

his life as an example of ministry and


to give nobody an excuse

I don’t care how skilled you are you

still need to do ministry

and I don’t care how ministerial you are

you still need to have mastery

we literally see Jesus at 12 in the

synagogue oh I’m feeling my help coming

on now

and he’s doing the ministry stuff

he don’t

know where he going he didn’t put his

GPS on

she finds him he he says I’m doing the

father’s business he said but I’m about

to bust you up

we don’t see Jesus again for 18 years

but could it be that the 18-year hiatus

was there so he could develop mastery

in the dark oh


not on a platform not in front of

everybody we don’t hear they just always

say that he was a carpenter that he

built things that that was Mary’s son

the carpenter they always were he was so

good that it was a part of his title

oh my God

what happens when people don’t have to

use your name

they know your skill

okay this only for half the church

because some of y’all just gonna be

y’all just do it do it for Me Lord kill

him she’s asking you to do it he said do

it for yourself

I put inside of you the ability to

produce wealth I this is the Bible I

need you to do something with what I

gave you you need


um Malcolm Gladwell says in his book

outliers that it takes ten thousand


devoted to something specifically to

become a master at it has anybody ever

heard that before okay and and a lot of

people like ten thousand hours that

might just be able to be a million hours

I don’t know I promise you you’ve given

ten thousand hours to movies

I promise you you give in 10. social

media is a new invention I promise you

if you haven’t you’re close to have

given ten thousand hours

to Instagram Facebook Myspace some of

y’all might face freaks I know y’all


I know you’ve given 10 000 hours to


I I just want everybody to take in


how many hours we’ve given to something

and it said you literally could become a

master at anything I want everybody to

think about this right now Caleb where

are you at tell Caleb to come here I

need him to come and get on the piano

real quick okay

um because I want you to see the

difference between somebody who’s

messing around

and somebody who’s a master


um um I’m I’m gonna show you me messing

around turn the keyboard on

yeah come on yeah come on up here and

I’m gonna show you

okay so I I got I got I got the title


a pastor at this church yeah bring me

over here where the camera hello okay

here we go

so okay so I get I can fake you out

hold on one second okay uh



now as soon as you asked me to go to

another key

I’m gonna have to move to the side

because I perfected

something very specific

in one level

okay look could you get on the piano

please and make me look very bad

Caleb if I just Hummer know I say

um foreign


who cares

take it up two keys

thank you

okay stop stop you’re making me look

very bad

um if I just start humming a random song

that imma make up right now

you can follow me right

because you’ve spent hours

focusing on them white and black keys

while I was playing video games

and chasing booty

I’m gonna tell the truth anyway


he was sitting here


and so literally this is how we write


I get with a master

and I just start humming stuff


yeah yeah so do that again





one more time


this is how I made all my babies I want

everybody to understand this right now




nahida made a song Lord I love you now

and Lord I love forever

Lord I love you now

and Lord I love you foreign


like okay y’all I don’t know how far you

want me to push this I’ll come back next

week with verses I promise you



what I’m saying is

when I got with a

what was hard for me


but it was the years of focus

away from the lights

and I know everybody want to be famous


once they Instagram account to go up now

wants everybody to know what they do now

but God in the dark season developed

Mastery and if you’re gonna have money

to actually manage you need to focus on

mastering something right now okay okay

okay okay okay

so Jesus

is our example

they said that if you commit ten

thousand hours

to a craft you can become a master but

then I saw this other study that my

friend sent me this week by Anderson

Erickson a professor of psychology at

Florida State University and it turns

out that spending 10 000 hours to become

a master is not the fastest way to

become a master

they found out that it depends on how

good your teacher is

y’all when I heard that

if we have Jesus who is a master teacher

it actually makes up the difference for

my efficiency my deficiency

and I can actually become a master at

something quicker

submitted to the King of Kings

and the Lord of Lord write this down as

a point the master teacher can expedite

your mastery

I’m telling you today that if you decide

to actually start working and focusing

on something the Holy Spirit leads you

to do and you do it with God’s help

I’m a living witness I don’t have no

business degree

yet I run hundreds of millions dollars

of business

now I know most pastors won’t ever say

that but I am because I actually went to

school with the master teacher

Tammy can do Tammy our business letter C

uh we was broke when I took over the


like y’all everybody in the room see her

shaking her head we were broke I read


I went to conferences I came back and

gave her books to read I said we gonna

figure this thing out and the master


took what I was deficient in

oh God but because I put my focus on it

said God I’m gonna learn how to get out

of debt myself I’m gonna live the

blessed life and I’m gonna teach a

generation of people how to be the

lender and not the ball I’m gonna teach

us how to own something they want the

government to bring back Black Wall

Street the church is going to buy up

everything in Tulsa y’all don’t hear me

I said we gonna do it ourselves I need

the rise of a holy Rebellion but we

cannot do it

without mastery

stop being okay with the middle of the


every promotion they look you over

it’s not because you don’t have the


you haven’t applaud yourself


the master teacher wants to teach us

for every okay let me say it like this

I’m making a declaration here like I did

when I was overweight

y’all I live completely transparent

almost 270 pounds I told you I was gonna

get my body in order because the the

Holy Spirit told me that he only could

bless the ministry at the level my body

could take it

that wasn’t a prophetic word for

everybody though you could take notes

but in the dark the holy spirit said get

that in order

now he’s been challenging me to do

something I will be able to play the

piano like Caleb plays the piano

no no no no I don’t need you to clap

you’re gonna see

because God prophesied over me when I

was one years old

that I would a day old yes Mom thank you

a day old that I would listen to the

word the prophet said I would master

several instruments

and because I mastered the drums

thank you Mama Chloe

because because I mastered the drum I

can play the drum I can go on tour with

anybody on the drums I can do that okay

but when it came to that

because I was good at that

I thought that was enough

so I settled for one tool

settled just for one thing when God

wanted to give me multiple things y’all

get ready

it may take me 10 years it may take me

20 years that Caleb’s gonna teach me I’m

gonna be with a master teacher

but but what I’m saying to you is the

same way I applied myself in this area

it’s the same way I’m about to apply

myself in this area y’all are gonna see

I mark my words over the next 10 years

of me Pastor they’re gonna be days where

I’m gonna pull a piano out here y’all

thought we worship now

wait till I get these Keys unlocked

I’ll I’ll be imma be um

what I’m saying you it’s not too late

I don’t know I just feel that Spirit

like just starting to like sit on people

like uh

no you got the master teacher

but like everything that you thought was

gonna take you a long time to do but you

have to start focusing okay so so this

is what I tell everybody we’re going to

talk about money next week but we got to

talk about Mastery this week because you

got to start something this way somebody

said I got to start something

why do you got to start something

because before you invest finances

invest your focus

oh that’s nasty

you would see a better return on your

investment if you just would invest your


I don’t know nothing about the the stock

market and the Dow Jones and you don’t

have to you know something about your


and wherever you put your focus has the

opportunity to be a seed that you sow

that will show back up in your future I

want everybody to find something this

week that the holy spirit is leading you

to and it don’t have to be the forever


do y’all know how many things lead to

the thing

God is a progression God

he doesn’t give you the end of the

journey and say this is it he leads you

to where he wants you to go so you may

be doing something that don’t even seem

like it applies with the thing that he

told you to do but I promise you all


are working together you need to put

your focus in an area how do we do this

Hebrews 12 2. we do this by keeping our

eyes on who Jesus

what I want you to do is keep your eyes

on Jesus and focus on something

Master something

if you’re good at something become

better at it

if you’re so good at that you don’t got

to work at that no more if it’s easy

learn some become a student again

who are you learning from right now

where are you investing for your skill

to be better

and most people are just working a job

that they hate

to survive a life that they can’t wait

to get out of

that’s why we’re dreaming of heaven and

God said I want you to come here yet

I want you to bring Heaven where

that’s the Kingdom so watch this where

you focus now

will cause fruitfulness or frustration

Wherever You focus everybody shot at me


I’m telling you the rest of 2023

wherever you put your focus is either by

this time next year won’t make you very

fruitful or make you very frustrated

that’s all you got

well God I don’t say nothing you don’t

see nothing when you plant a

us the next day

but there is a principle at work there

is seed time and what it’s coming back


show something now Brooke sow something

now David sow something now Sarah sow

something now trenice so something

don’t secure the bag secure your craft

oh shoot

waking up to secure the back secure your


get better sharpen it it don’t matter if

you’re better than everybody around you

they’re all Lanes but now go after

something okay

oh God I shouldn’t have said it like

that but you’re in

you in your small fish tank talking

about look at me

go to the ocean

some of us won’t even put our stuff in

places to get critiqued

you so Christian you can’t handle


oh God

I’m not letting no negative words come

in my life

if you’re gonna do anything great it’s

gonna be critiqued

and true artists are usually

misunderstood in their lifetime

oh God I can’t even

I gotta kill these things that because

we’re Christian that means we’re good at


you’re not good because you became a


you’re good with God

you still can’t sing

oh God

I was thinking about joining the person

please don’t

you’re still okay

this may be too much for people because

we want everybody to get a trophy

don’t try but get a trophy

I mean Make a Joyful Noise into the Lord


but the people God uses he requires

Excellence from

you don’t go to the kingdom and get poor


you don’t go to the kingdom

and get people who not on time you don’t

go to the kingdom and get people it’s uh

it’s five o’clock

ill you came 45 minutes late

but you leave right

I mean you at the door with your bucket

and your lunch and your everything at 4


just you know just want to be Integris

computer was shut down

35 minutes before


yet you came in late

you represent the king

you the one we supposed to follow

you’re the state oh you’re representing


it’s time for the church

to commit to another level of mastery

Don’t Make It Rain discover your lane

that don’t I don’t make it rain no no no

no discover your way

get in that thing and just run there

there’s a race set before you the Bible

says in the New Testament run your races

one that wants to win and finish and

endure to the end don’t hustle and grind

seek the kingdom and find

I’m trying to let everybody understand


because money watch this follows a


in the Kingdom you get a mission from

God you will never have to worry about


I’m just telling you right now I am a

living witness I did not have any money

to do this mission

so I doubled down on the mission and God

brought the money

and oh God

this principle works everywhere sell out

to the mission

God brings the money okay so I’ma show

you in the Bible and then we’re gonna go

home this scripture jacked the uh

Matthew chapter 17 verse 24. I’m talking

about Mastery somebody shouted me easy


I can’t wait I’ve been holding this all


Matthew 17 verse 24. this is the story

when there was a temple tax that had to

be paid and Jesus was on Mission and

they came to collect the money so watch

this oh I love how Jesus handles money

verse 24 on the arrival in Capernaum the

collectors of the temple tax came to

Peter and asked him doesn’t your teacher

pay the temple tax

yes he does Peter replied

then he went into the house but before

he had a chance to speak Jesus so

gangster he already know what’s

happening Jesus asked him what do you

think Peter

do kings tax their own people

or the people they have conquered

they tax the people they have conquered

Peter replied well then Jesus said the

citizens are free however

we don’t want to offend him I could turn

this whole thing out right now but we’re

not going to cause these problems today

so go down to the lake

and throw in a line go fishing

open up

the first fish you catch and you will

find money or a large silver coin

take it and pay the taxes for both of us

oh this nasty Bible

let me break this down everybody say

easy money

Jesus is now faced with the opportunity

to come off of his mission to start

worrying about money

they’re there to minister and they’re

like hey y’all got to pay taxes when

y’all pull up on this port

and Peter is like yeah let me go ask

Jesus and Jesus said what you want to do

we gonna actually not cause a Ruckus

today we’re going to pay the taxes well


who gonna pay it you got some money I

got some money this is what I’m gonna

ask you to do go down and go fishing and

I’m gonna put the money in the most

unlikely place

when the last time you saw fish with

money in their mouth

but what I want to do is create a

miracle so I want you to go


the first fish

oh my God

the F everybody say first

the first one is gonna have the money in


if I’m

Simon Peter

I’m like



you want me to go fishing

I don’t know if the miracle is going to


but fishing

I can do why

could Peter

go fishing

what was his profession

before he became a disciple

he was a fisherman

Jesus asked him to go to his space of


oh my God he didn’t ask Luke because

Luke was a doctor and if he would have

asked Luke he would have said get your

stethoscope because I need you to go

find it in somebody’s heart but because

he asked Simon Peter

what was his instruction go go do

what you’re a master at already

and when you do what you’re a master at


the resource

is right there


this messed me up

because it was easy for Simon Peter

to go get a miracle

because he was used to the Mastery

before the miracle showed up

the reason you gotta focus in this


is because God’s gonna call on something

that’s familiar

he’s not gonna ask you to scale a

mountain or to be so close and you can’t

even sew up your own crotch if something

comes he’s not asking you he’s going to

say to me Michael take the message I

give you

and put it in book form

what I got to do to that get with a

master writer

you speak it because that’s your lane

get with them they translate it into

book form and then you go through it and

then it’s a number one New York Times


he didn’t ask no y’all you’re not

hearing me

he did not ask me to come out of my Lane

of mastery to produce a miracle

and if you don’t give God something to

work with

he can’t do the miracle

okay all right this too much for y’all

today okay

write this point down Mastery is

preparation for a miracle

the reason I work

on what God has told me to work on right

now right now as a pastor as an author

as a producer I’m working on stuff that

I feel dumb at

because God is preparing me in this

season for other seasons

I’m sowing right now in the dark

and trying to become a master at things

honestly I don’t have to do

if you would look at my life and be like

you don’t got to do that

I’m not doing this for you

or anybody else when the Holy Spirit

tells me to focus on something

I owe him

my life

so I begin to focus on whatever he’s

asking me to master

and I’m gonna keep doing it until it

turns into a miracle look at this

oh my gosh thank you Lord Mastery is

preparation for a miracle he literally I

want you to go back to that scene he

said catch the fish and then watch this

he tells him to do something else what’s

the next instruction open the mouth of

the first fish you catch and you will

find a large silver coin now I bet Simon

Peter was thinking man I done fished a


but usually when I open up the fish’s


ain’t nothing in there it took Faith

even though he was in an area of Mastery

it still took faith for him to see the

miracle write this point down it still

takes crazy Faith to get the coin

I don’t care how much mastering you have

in something you need God to walk with

you so that when he tells you to do the

unconventional thing y’all I wrote down

37 days after I became the lead pastor

of this church that this building would

be our church

that was me opening the fish’s mouth

and putting my hand in there oh that

feel weird

oh are they looking at me

oh what is going on and it still takes

crazy Faith to obey God it’s gonna take

crazy faith and this watch this watch

this and then it says and you we

everybody say will

and you will find a large silver coin

watch this write this point Mastery

gives you something to manage

it was because in a season

that he didn’t even know Jesus

he was working on a skill

when Jesus required it of him he had

enough Mastery to go catch the fish when

he caught the fish he had crazy Faith to

put his hand in the mouth

and when he got the coin now

he had something to manage

that man could have took the coin and be

like I’m out Jesus

I just got a Payday and I ain’t even put

nothing in I’m out and that’s what a lot

of people do they take the blessing they

forget about the blesser

and they go live it up with the coin

but what did he do he had something to


what did Jesus tell him to do take it

and watch this pay the taxes for

both of us


hold up was there enough

in his Mastery and obedience to the

master to not just provide for him

but it provided for somebody else

somebody shutting me overflow

last Point Mastery connected to the

master always gives more than enough

it was his ability to fish

and obeying God that paid for both of


to not have to go sell fish dinners

the Savior did not have to sell fish


because he stayed in his Lane and he

developed somebody in their area of

Mastery Pastor Mike what are you saying

to us never follow money

focus on the master

and mastery

that’s it

from now on y’all

we’re not following money

we’re following the master

and Mastery what is it that the holy

spirit is saying work on that a little


start doing that start reading about


start start

go pay to take a class from them

walk up to them and ask them how much

would it cost for an afternoon

I’m paying for that okay

but remember a master teacher can give

you what it took them 30 years to learn

in 30 minutes

Bishop is my witness I started off not

knowing anything about money budgets

anything I got Bank presidents on text


last week I can’t even tell you what

happened to me last week I ended up in

somebody’s house last week that if I

told y’all y’all would flip out I woke

up in the morning not knowing god was

going to make this connection by that

afternoon I was sitting in the largest

compound I’ve ever been in in my life

having a one-on-one conversation with

somebody who has changed the world

all I can do is look into this camera

very deeply

and let you know this was not

anything but God

that man gave me his cell phone number

and he said you call me anytime

you need anything

hold on there are some people that say

that and they can’t give you anything

let’s be very clear some people can say

call me if you need anything it’s like

yeah never mind

this person

when I say I could call him

if I needed anything

but why could God trust me with that


why could he bring me why did he why

she said because Michael you’ve you’ve

developed the key to the kingdom


in relationships

Mastery in communication Mastery in

getting in this Bible that’s why the

Bible says study

to show you to prove that you’ve been in

this thing

if you’re a graphic designer design

if you’re a singer Singh if you’re a

dancer dance if you’re administrator



to another level of Mastery with the


if you do sign language sign

if you guys

if you organize


from all this week we just gonna say the

same thing twice

if you taste food

taste y’all got it y’all got what I’m

saying like do you understand

like if you do fashion do fast

if you braid hair braid

like like I’m going to another level of



if I teach

no matter what the school system says it

doesn’t matter what the principle what

they think and how they’re limiting the

kids and all that stuff you could be the

teacher that changed that child’s life

if you’re a teacher teach


commit to another level of mastery

because money


Mastery and when you do money the King’s

Way it’s not hard it’s what Easy Money

standing everywhere

today I hope you feel


to go back and look at it again

you weren’t meant to just

weren’t to survive

can I say that again you were not

created by God to work to survive I need

everybody to focus in on me just for a

second you were meant

to thrive

and to expand the kingdom of God not in

heaven but right here on hands lifted if

you know there’s another level of

Mastery that you need to go to in an

area of your life I want you to lift

your hands today I’m just going to pray

over you

yeah at home right now this is a fresh


to whatever God wants to place your

hands on father in the name of Jesus

I pray for your people here I am leading

the charge God I’m asking you to give me

another burden

to come back again to you to ask you

what do you want me to put my hands to

today God I thank you that we’re

learning the kingdom principle of

Mastery father God whatever we have done

before it has been great and some of us

has not been that great but today we’re

making a fresh commitment we are turning

away from the way culture thinks about

this father God we’re not just trying to

scrape by we want to represent you and

your kingdom so today Father God I thank

you whatever our hands find to do we

will do it as unto you father I thank

you that there will be uh uh the the the

the the burden to be able to learn

father God the literal fire this one I

feel like the fire of God coming on us

to be a student again father God I thank

you that you would stir up the gifts on

the inside of us father God those things

that we have let lie dormant because it

didn’t seem like it was going to create

financial gain I thank you in the name

of Jesus that passions would come back

to people father that you would give us

fresh Vision whoa I feel God right here

fresh vision for where you want us to

spend our free time father I thank you

that you would teach us the

responsibility as well as father God the

Mastery father let us not leave

everything to go find this thing but

Lord teach us the tension of being

responsible for our family and our kids

and all of those things and working on

whatever you’re telling us to do father

give us the courage to downsize if we

need to

for a season

to be able to learn what you have for us

to learn

God I thank you that we only come to you

today in humility


father no matter if we have enough money

or we’re just barely getting by God I’m

asking you

to give every one of your children

the ministry of mastery

father we want to be able to manage what

you give us your way but father God many

of us need more to manage

so today we realize and recognize we

change our mindset we change our


father God we are going to be

transformed by the renewing of our mind

work is not a bad thing it’s what you

gave us father God so touch our hands

give us the ideas father God show us who

we are to be on this Earth and let us

not just need to see a prayer answered

let us be the answer to prayer

father I thank you that you’re changing

us from the inside out and we will be

Kingdom ambassadors to expand your

kingdom we give you glory we give you

honor and we give you in Praise And what

culture has made hard with money God

today we are declaring by Faith from now

on when it comes to us stewardship

generosity and finances it’s easy money

in Jesus name we agree if you believe it

would you shout all over this place come

on if you’re going to another level if

you’re my your mindset is changing let’s

give God some praise


somebody got it

generationally listen to me two minutes

generationally this message is going to

change your life

watch it back

now you have a resource

with Ramsey plus go look at that go

watch all the other series I am Autumn

package this thing wait till I get my

money right ducks in a row uh uh what’s

another one uh what is a paper chasers

go back and listen

the transformation starts here

it don’t start here

where does the transformation start

if for the next four weeks you lock in

with me I promise you

what’s been hard is about to be what

easy money

if you’re watching and you’ve never

given your life to Christ let me make

your whole life easy

not easy like there’s nothing bad that’s

ever gonna happen to you easy like you

can know who’s with you no matter what

today I want to give you Jesus do you

know what

everything about my life changed when I

gave my life to Jesus see this series is

all about giving generosity when when


came the Bible says John 3 16 for God so

loved the world that he did what

he gave

and right now when he gave he did it on

a maybe but he was hoping you would be

here watching this in this room today

so that you could have an opportunity to

give back to God what can I give God

your life

I’m telling you it seems so

counter-cultural and it is because it’s


but when you give your life to Jesus he

takes all your mess

and he turns it into your message

he takes all your pieces and he turns it

into a what masterpiece

today if that’s you this whole message

has been prompting Your Heart by the

Holy Spirit today is the day of


and there’s a group of people in this

room that are praying for you

and there’s a group of people that are

in this room that need to make this

decision for Jesus if that’s you and you

want to make Jesus Christ your personal

Lord and Savior today is the day on the

count of three I just want you to shoot

your hand up religion would tell you

tell us everything you’ve done come

confess your sins to us so we can use

them against you later


it’s not what you got to do in here this

is an inside job first we believe one

day you will find your belong group and

you will find the people that you rock

with and that’s where you’ll get heal

healing the Bible says confess your sins

one to another not to me as the pastor

not to the pope just one to another it

can be a plumber or a beautician

and he said then you pray for each other

and that’s when healing comes I’m

praying for your people

so that you can do that but right now

Jesus said just invite me in and then if

that’s you today is your day

you want just a blessed life I’m telling

you how you get that is invite Jesus

into it if that’s you say Pastor might

include me in that prayer I want you to

just shoot your hand up on the count of

three one you’re making the greatest

decision of your life two I’m proud of

you but more than that your name is

going to be written in the Lamb’s Book

of Life for all of eternity three just

shoot your hand up I see you right there

brother I see you right there sister

come on there’s people yes sir yes sir

come on this Transformation Church this

is why we do this online Hallelujah

Hey listen for the benefit of those who

are coming to Christ right now I see you


Transformation Church is a family this

is why we exist and nobody prays alone

here when everybody just lift your hands

and just pray with us say God

thank you


your life

your son

for me

today I repent

I turn from my old way of living

and I Turn to You

I believe you lived

you died and you Rose again with all


just for me and today I give you my life

change me renew me

Transform Me

I’m yours in Jesus name amen can we

shout out for all the New Kingdom

citizens y’all can do better than that

our world is getting bigger


next three weeks everybody say lock in

buckle your seat belts next week I’m

coming for the throat

invite all your friends and listen if

you need prayer

for anything and you’re in this room we

have an entire prayer room for everybody

right outside some of us need prayer to

break some of this stuff off of our

minds and our hearts or you’re going

through something else I didn’t even

talk about today and you need agreement

right outside the door there’s a whole

prayer team that has been trained to

pray with you and what we want you to do

is stay locked in because God’s about to

do something special if you just gave

your life to Christ I want you to text

828282 I want you to text save to the

number on the screen and we’re going to

give you some resources and for

everybody else this week I want us to be


to what God wants us to master and next

week we taking it to the whole Next

Level we’re going to learn some

management amen until next week go out

and live a what transform life I love

y’all so much