Throughout the Bible, God highlights the importance of stewardship. As we learn about stewarding our finances, understand that God is after our money because He is after our hearts. Matthew 6:21 tells us, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” We learned last week that ‘Money Follows Mastery’ and in this sermon, we learn that ‘Money Requires Management’. If we want to see more money in our lives, we must value managing it well. Here’s 7 Secrets to Simple Stewardship: Seek First: Kingdom Thinking Sow Frequently: Trusting Spend Feasibly: Tracking Save Fundamentally: Timing Secure the Future: Transferring Savor Fully: Tasting Set Apart the Forbidden: Tithing By the end of this message, our desire is to stop praying for money and ask God for wisdom on how to manage what we have right now and our mindset around it! #easymoney #FinancialSeries #TransformationChurch #FinancialStewardship Scripture References: Proverbs 11:4 MSG Matthew 6:21 NKJV Matthew 25: 14-15 NLT Proverbs 10:22 NLT Matthew 6:33 NLT Proverbs 9:10 NIV 2 Corinthians 9:10 NKJV Luke 14:28-30 NLT Genesis 41:25-32 Proverbs 13:22 ESV Join us for service online every Sunday at 11am (CST), Monday’s for Monday Night Prayer at 6pm (CST), and Tuesday’s for Rebroadcast at 6:45 pm (CST). If you received Christ through this message, text SAVED to 828282.

hi my name is Amberly and I have the

privilege of serving as one of our

executive pastors here at Transformation

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jump into this amazing message


there once was a kingdom called Albania


thank you


what would you do

for love


anybody excited to be in the house of

God this morning

come on if you’re online let’s just give

God a hand clap of praise

trying to control myself right now we

have guests in the building but I’m

about to act the fool


when we get together it’s just something

special that happens and I’m just

grateful that everybody came to be um a

part of what God’s doing today I feel

like I have a mandate

from God to deliver a message that

changed the trajectory of my life eight

years ago and one thing that I told God

is if he ever gives me a secret or a key

to the kingdom that I would share it

with as many people as I could

so today I need you to go ahead and get

your notes out I need you to go ahead

and get ready

um because today we’re starting week two

of a series we’re calling help me easy


and and I need you to say it with a

little swag on it because some of y’all

when when we start talking about money

your booty gets tight and

you start clinching on this stuff and

you start doing stuff but but culture

and the world has made money hard

but when you do money God’s way when you

do it how he designed for us to do it in

the Kingdom somebody say it’s easy money

say it with a little more Flair it’s

easy money

and as we approach today

um I got a lot of content to cover so I

do not gonna play with you you’re gonna

have to write this down and go back and

listen to it a couple times because this

is going to change listen to what I’m

about to say


how your family

interacts with finances

this message ain’t for you

this message is for your children’s


it starts with you

but it ends with people you’ll never


somebody say it starts with me

but it ends with people

I’ll never meet

now most of you right now when I said

that selfishness rose up in your heart

because like if it ain’t affecting me

why are we why are we even talking about


if it ain’t got nothing to do with me

the whole way God set this thing up is

you get blessed by the way

if you become a river and not a


you get blessed by the way the the even

the the thought of currency


it’s the root word money is supposed to

everybody say flow

if it stops with you

if it stops with you it no longer has a


and the reason that God has not been

able to supply many of his people with

more is because they stop the flow

today I want to unplug I want to put

some dynamite in the area of your life

that’s been damning up your blessing

and I want to bust a hole oh I feel this

thing I want to bust a hole in the

thought process that has kept you in a

place where you have not been able to

walk in the fullness of what God has

designed for every one of his children

when it comes to the area of Finance

stewardship and generosity so I’m gonna

take you to a scripture that I need you

to tattoo on your forehead

Proverbs chapter 11 verse 24. because

anytime greed stinginess

um um only my foreign no more that

attitude comes up I need you to remember

this scripture and I’m gonna read it out

of the message because I like the way it

says it the world of the generous gets

what larger and larger I need everybody

to do that with me this is like play

time like on a kids show the world of

the generous gets larger and larger

everybody didn’t do it what’s wrong with

your arms right over here in this

section do we need to pray for miracles

over there okay I need everybody to do

this even at home all the kids the world

of the generous gets larger


one more time for all the people who who

need help the world of the generous gets


see how you can’t open your arms larger

without it affecting somebody else

you’ve missed it some of y’all was

trying to do larger and larger no no

when I’m talking about my God the world

of the generous gets larger

if you’re around me

the generosity that my king is gonna

trust me with oh God the blessings that

God is bringing into my house it’s not

going to be


what I’m believing for is the blessings

that surround me because I’m going to

live a blessed life is going to get what


if you don’t

start thinking about the kingdom the way

the king thinks about it

you’ll do the second half of this verse

the world of the stingy

get smaller

and smaller


the truth of the matter is

a lot of your worlds are small

because you won’t even consider who

God’s blessing you

what God’s blessing you with and who

he’s blessing you for

I recognize 10 years ago that the

blessing that God would give me was not

for me

oh shoot

you so worried about paying your bills

that you cannot see that the reason he

gave you the raise

is because he was going to direct you to

pay somebody else’s bills

oh you thought it was the stunt and get

a Birkin bag and you thought it was to

tell and show your family that you

actually are worth something because

when you were younger they never treated

you like nothing so you think coming in

Louie and Gucci down makes you valuable

baby I was valuable before I put this on

yeah y’all don’t hear me the worst that

I have on the inside of me because I’m a

king’s kid it’s worth more than any name

brand that I can wear

but the truth of the matter is you don’t

believe it

cause you standing in lines to buy

something with a l and a v on it

and you think somehow that’s going to

increase your value

what I’m saying to you is that God’s

saying would you just do it my way so

your world can get larger

and larger

and some people right now are like why

is he talking about finances in church

we need to talk about the word

the word of God


when when the average of the congregants

that are in this room the average

American household is seven thousand

dollars in credit card debt a hundred

and ninety thousand dollars in Mortgage

Debt 27 000 in auto loans and 56 000 in

student loan debt don’t have a thousand

dollars in Saving and are living check

to check one check you don’t get you’re


that does not sound like Abundant Living

to me

the pandemic exposed

some of y’all made up businesses to get

PPP loans

let’s be honest

let’s let’s be honest

and when I think about it on on this

Earth we have to talk about this from

this platform because whatever the

church stays silent on culture gets to


no pastors should just preach okay cool

but I’ma preach about everything that


the lives of people and I told you last

week the two most crazy stories we hear

all are attached to Something in

relationship with people

and their relationship with money

and then when you think about Jesus for

all of you Bible scholars 16 out of the

38 parables in the New Testament Jesus

talked about possessions and finances

288 verses in the New Testament

possessions and finances there are 500

scriptures about Prayer in the Bible

2350 about possessions and finances

why would God go through such length to

talk about this subject because he knew

that in this culture we would make money


but in the Kingdom it’s what


so write this point down your heart

follows your treasure

I’m just going to tell you right now

your heart and your treasure are


and most people don’t talk about it like

that because ah that doesn’t matter to

me there are people that their cars get

more vast than their kids do


it’s because you put your treasure into

them 22 Realms and you got more Febreze

air fresheners in that mug

Armor All right down every time that you

come in that mug

but the reason that your heart goes

there is because you put your treasure


are some people right now that check

their bank account

more than they check on their marriage

every day you know you get paid on the

first of the 15th

count on the 22nd

you know no money’s coming but wherever

your treasure is

that’s where your heart is

and and I’m saying that and okay because

he was like that’s okay some of y’all

you get that new pair of Jordans or that

new pair of shoes that you’ve always

been wanting I’m gonna take it back to

your before Christ days when you was in

the club


y’all know what this is

and somebody walks over

and steps on your new

and they leave a scuff

you’re ready to fight why cause I put my

track it’s Rubber and glue

but not to you

it’s a place that my heart is attached

to because I put my treasure there

some of your homes that were made out of

brick and mortar

you take care of

better than you take care of the home

the Holy Spirit lives in

let’s be honest

you will repaint your house

every seven years

mow your grass some of y’all

but then you’ll eat yourself to sleep

and why

because that house has a 250 000 note on


and I put I work every so I provide this

house I provide this home and God’s

saying I provided that house in that



because wherever your

treasure is

that’s where your heart will be also see

Matthew 6 21.

can I say something to you very plainly

God is after your money

because he’s after your heart

Pastor Mike is not after your money

I I don’t get blessed because you do

what God says for you to do at the

church that you’re a part of and let me

tell you this we know we have tons of

different churches and different people

listening right now and you may be a

part of something else this is not a

ploy to get money we don’t have a giving

campaign going on we’re not trying to

build something because of the

faithfulness of the people that are

already a part of this church we are

able to give whenever God says to give

this is so that you can get blessed and

get the mindset that unlocks the kingdom

resources for you

I don’t gotta preach this message I live


so today I just want to share with you

that everything that God is saying about

money to you is so that he can get your

heart and some of y’all checked out

because he’s like I have I don’t have


all you have

is all you need you can become a steward

of so much

by being faithful over so little oh my

God you don’t need thousands in the bank

to become qualified in the Kingdom plan

of being a resource to the whole world

the Bible tells us that it is not about

how much you have it’s about what you do

okay with what you have so last week I

introduced this easy money mindset I

want to go back over it because I’m

going to teach you what this looks like

okay everybody say easy money

and I want to make this so simple

because for many years I had to piece

together all of these principles by the

end of this message I want you to be

able to look at a thousand dollars and

know exactly what to do with it because

we made it everybody say easy

so Money Follows what


last week I told you that there is a

skill that you need to start developing

so that you no longer chase after money

but money comes after you because you

become good at something and let me

clear this up you do not have to become

the master we already have one of those

you just have to continue to develop

your mastery

so if you’re good at something get

better at it

if you’re doing something now keep doing

it until there’s another level unlocked

and I just want everybody know and let

me say this one thing doing something

good at this level transfers to the next


because so many people get stuck right

here because I don’t know my purpose I

don’t know if am I doing the exact right

thing just do the thing he gave you

really good

and I promise you the consistency will

transfer to wherever he wants you to be

I promise you being Integris will

transfer to wherever he wants you to be

many times God never trains you in the

place that he’s going to have you reign

ask David he was trained in the pasture

but would end up reigning in the palace

the training and reigning never used and

you mad

because you’re not developing in the

season that you’re in

because I don’t think this is a part of

what God’s shown me my burden is for the


but you can’t be on time for ten

thousand people

if you’re not on time for 10 people

okay I preached it last week Money

Follows what Mass

then money requires management and

that’s what we’re going to talk about

today and then management checks motives

motives determines how much you get for

multiplication and multiplication

blesses many others

so today as we talked about Mastery last

week and we’re going to talk about

motives next week today I got to zero in

on this m word that a lot of people

don’t know how to do well


everybody say it manage

just say I’m management

in most areas of your life we’re not


when it comes to our money

we’re the manager

we’re the one that God trusts with his

resources for us to get his will done on

this Earth and y’all let me tell you

something I figured out about eight

years ago when God warped my mind and

took me out of poverty and changed the

way that I thought about finances write

this down money doesn’t just follow

mastery Money Follows management

I’m gonna teach you something and I’m

gonna have you hopefully by the end of

this message value management more than

you value money

because right now

if I told you imma give you ten thousand


somebody would be like glory to God

he answered my prayer and if I came and

checked on you in one month



that ten thousand dollars would have

been devoured

by the ignorance of not knowing how to

so when I come back and and I’m ready to

give you another 10 I’m gonna ask you

what did you do

with the first 10. well I got this Iced

Out Grill I’ve always wanted

me and my friends went on a boating trip

hold on

in your electricity cut off

hold on don’t you have medical bills



if that’s how you manage what was given

to you

I can’t trust you with no more

talk about being

d u m b ignorant of what the king says

about finances and

what his principles are I want to take

you to Matthew chapter 25 verse 14. and

and this is a story a lot of people use

out of context because this is Jesus

explaining the kingdom

so so in the Kingdom Jesus wants you to

understand finances this is the second

story he says the Kingdom of Heaven is

like and then he tells a parable about

10 virgins and then he tells this

Parable again the Kingdom of Heaven can

be illustrated by the story of a man

going on a long trip he called together

his servants and underlined this word


he trusted them

he gave them something that they did not

deserve but he trusted them with his


to them

he was going to be gone for a while

verse 15. he gave five bags of silver to


two bags of silver to another and one

bag of silver to the last dividing it in

proportion to there what is this word


abilities like gifts and talents no no

no no no

he gave them

according to their ability to manage it

he’s illustrating the Kingdom right here

he said and then he just left he dipped

on him

one two five

how many one how many two and how many

five most of us get caught up

in what they got why he why he give I

I mean look at him

hold on hold on I have a better

education than him


look look at this

I deserve and we’re usually comparing

what God gave somebody else to what he

gave us

which destruction distracts us from

doing what we’re supposed to do with

what God gave us

but I need everybody to understand this

money in the kingdom is not based on


it’s based on ability to manage

you’re missing it

God has enough resources to get

everybody everything they need

like I need you to understand the god

that we serve the Bible tells us that

the whole earth is the Lord’s and the

fullness thereof he owns the cattle on a

thousand hills they make streets out of

gold in heaven

the resources are available


the best ability in this moment is how

can you manage

because I’m not giving you what I got

I’m giving you what you can handle

imma say that again your bank account

reflects how much God thinks you can


based on how you’ve handled what he’s

already given you

in the kingdom it is not about getting

more money it’s about getting more


oh this is gonna be tight but it’s right

right this point down you get more money

when you get more management

some of you will never get anything more

because you do not even have a budget

but she laughing God is too

keep praying for it I can’t release that

to you

okay how many of y’all have ever gotten

to raise a bonus or a gift and at the

end of a month or two didn’t know where

the money went

let’s be honest

let’s be honest

some of y’all ate it

oh gosh

some of us went on a birthday trip


some of us bought clothes we couldn’t


in faith

believing you’re gonna get that jacket

on it is not you should have bought two

sizes bigger

but at the end of the day God is saying

listen I can’t trust you with more cause

even if I give you more you won’t manage


and I’m a good manager

so why I’m gonna trust you with this and

you can’t handle it

part of being a good father

is knowing how much your kids can handle

oh my gosh

my daughter Ava

she’s in this five-year-old independent


well she wants to do everything herself

now the baby don’t realize how little

she is

so she wants to pour all the drinks

herself and I’m like baby let Daddy pour

the drink for you no Daddy three gallon

finger apple juice

the baby cannot even tip it over at the

right angle to not make a mess but for

some reason

she desires to manage what she cannot

yet handle

and it ends up when you manage what you

cannot handle it causes a mess


oh God let me just say it like this more

money without management is misery

because all money does is magnify who

you really are

you a player without money

you flying them out

getting rooms come on let’s talk about


right now all you’re using is face time

and your feet but wait wait till you get

some money


private jets that’s why all the right

people are flying them out getting them

down knocking them down

but you want a family

you want a legacy

what I’m saying is money only magnifies

who you really are

and so what God says they can’t handle



I can’t I saw what they did with 500.

there’s no way I can trust them with 50


I saw what they did with fifty thousand

there’s no way I can trust them with

five hundred thousand

he’s a good father and he won’t give you

what will kill you

okay let me stop

proverbs 10 22 I know this is hard but

when I learned this it changed my I

stopped praying for money

and I started praying for management

I’m giving you the secrets right now

stop praying for money and ask God for

wisdom of how to deal with what you got

right now

ask God how to change your thinking

about what you have right now once you

do that once you get more management

money just comes

proverbs 10 22 the blessing of the Lord

maketh a person rich

and adds no sorrow with it

so it doesn’t matter if you have money

if it comes with sorrow

sorrow is the poison of possessions

so you can have possessions but if

there’s sorrow with it that’s the poison

laced in it that’s why people can have a

lot and still have nothing

and this is where you know in my mind I

it feels like this only applies to

people who don’t have but it actually

applies to people who have a lot too I

looked up some statistics 16 of NBA

players after 12 years go broke

300 million

no no no no no no no no no I need y’all

to think about this a 300 million dollar

guaranteed contract and 12 years out of

the league

you had a payday loan place

because it doesn’t matter the amount of

money you get

if the money does not match the


it will break you

this is a principle that is in the world

whether you believe in God or not that’s

why 78 of NFL players are in severe

financial hardship at the end of their

career and guess what because how many

people think right now my whole life

would change if if I hit the lottery

come on y’all better y’all know what I’m

talking about but we’re a hot Church

Humble and translate a cool 100 million

on the Powerball

God I’ll serve you for the rest of my


I’ll give you what’s yours father and a

little more

come on how many of us done played the

Powerball by Faith

Lord I’m just asking right now

that you would touch these numbers for

the glory of your name


don’t know about let’s be honest don’t

nobody think like

a cool extra 100 million could you don’t

change the game

one in three lottery winners are


after 10 years

how in the world do I have nothing to

show for all that God gave me it’s not

because I didn’t have money it’s because

I lacked what

okay so I’m just walking us through this

what what if I told you the answer to

your money problems is not necessarily

more money

it’s more management

the Kingdom of Heaven has more than

enough resources but now it’s time for

us to get more than enough management

let me ask this question I want you to

wrestle with this all week what can God

trust you with based off of what you’ve

already done

you don’t get a chance tomorrow I’m

talking about what you’ve already done

can God trust you with more based on

what you’ve already done

the Holy Spirit came to me

um and I only can be transparent I’m

living this the Holy Spirit came to me

at a season where I was so

poverty stricken in my mindset

like you know when you so broke that you

go to stuff where they have food and you

make a to-go plate before you actually

make your real plate

okay y’all gonna be fake with me in here

but like you make the to-go plate first

and sneak it to the car put it by your


and then you go back and you’re like

yeah wow

you know how you with your friends and

um they all want to go somewhere and you

know the gas in your car

takes a lot from you

so you volunteer to ride with them

y’all are going hey can I rock

she said yeah yeah

what I’m saying is when God arrested my

heart with this message

I was not whoever you think I am

I wasn’t Pastor Mike I didn’t have

Transformation Church I was a young

person trying to do things the King’s

Way with not a lot of instruction and

the Holy Spirit oh I love the Holy


because the Bible says that he will

teach you

the things you need to know you don’t

need a guru or a mentor if you have the

Holy Spirit

he will lead you into all everybody say


I asked the Holy Spirit to teach me the

truth about finances and this what he

said to me he said Michael up until this

point you have mismanaged millions

say what I ain’t had Millions he said

yes you did

every dollar is an opportunity

for you to manage Millions it’s what you

did with it

that made you mismanage Millions

and I got convicted and today I just

wanted to title the message what the

Holy Spirit gave me the mismanagement of

millions and I want to give you seven

secrets to simple stewardship

over the years that I have walked this

out and God has changed me from being

completely broke

to getting a heart of generosity and

getting a mindset that money is easy in

the Kingdom I want to help you not

mismanage the millions and some of y’all

is like I got tens and 15s

there’s not Millions yes there is

if you do right now with what God has

given you everything you’re supposed to

do he then can trust you with more so

I’m gonna give you seven secrets I’m

gonna run through these real quick and

then I’m gonna camp out at one so that

we can leave here completely transformed

number one Secret

so that you can have simple stewardship

as you seek first

everybody say Seek first

the reason I have to say this to you is

because most people do not see the king

first on what he wants you to do with

the finances so right now we have to

change the principles that we think

about money and we have to make it that

God’s way of doing finances is the

ultimate way that we should do finances

everybody shout at me seek first

this is talking about Kingdom thinking

this is the first thing that had to

change in my mind and my heart I had to

get Kingdom thinking so today everything

that I’m going to give you is Kingdom

thinking this is how the king wants his

government to run as it is in heaven let

it be on

he wants his kingdom established here as

it already is in heaven so the first

thing we have to do is seek first the

kingdom Matthew 6 33 we all know what

seek first the kingdom of God above all

else get his thinking and live

righteously and he will give you

some of the stuff you need

no only the things that look right

everything you need

the biggest example of this in my mind

is Solomon

most Scholars and theologians believe he

was the richest man that ever lived one

of them

and and throughout the Bible I mean

Solomon was a gangster when when it was

customary to sacrifice one bull which

was currency back in the day when it

came time to dedicate the temple he

sacrificed a thousand

when one was required

and that got God’s attention so much

that he visited Solomon in his dreams

and said hey bro

what you want

think about God coming and asking you

right now

what do you want he only can ask people

what they want

who have decided to have his idea about

what resources are for

he comes to Solomon after this and said

what you want look at how gangster

Solomon’s answer is

all I want

is wisdom

to be able to take care of your people

God said oh no you didn’t

oh no you didn’t I asked you what you

want and you could have said a Bentley

you could have said a mansion you could

have said a palace you could have said

power and what you want is the right



angels I gotta do something


I got to change this baby wants the

right thoughts he wants my thoughts

so Solomon I’m Gonna Give You wisdom

but I’m gonna give you everything you

didn’t ask for to

he literally he was blessed by the way

what I’m telling you is if you digest

all this stuff that I’m saying to you

right now and you get your thinking

right if you get this right if you even

if you ain’t got it you get this right

God says now

I can bless you

with what you didn’t even ask for cause

what I asked for is the thinking of the

Kingdom okay so that’s number one number

two so I’ma seek first but then number

two I’m gonna so frequently

it’s not enough to know the principles

of God you gotta do the principles of


and this is where a lot of the church

gets stuck

because it’s like I know God when you I

mean when whenever you Blessing Me Lord

I’ll do what you say he said I already

bless you do it

was the last place you sowed

where’s the last place that you did it

and the reason that sowing frequently is

something we’re having to do because the

central thought around sowing frequently

is I trust you God

so so the first one is thinking the

second one is when you so frequently

you’re saying I’m trusting

I’m trusting you

um this hurts me but I’m trusting you

ah I could use this for some other stuff

I’m trusting you you told me to turn

around and go give to that homeless


it’s a scam God

you you arguing with God

about what he told it’s a scam girl I

see them here all the time he said I

don’t care

What They’re Gonna Do With It

right now I’m trusting you are gonna do

what I ask you to do with it and there

are so many of us that our blessings are

held up because we don’t think where God

tells us to give is Worthy

and obeying God it’s not about the


it’s about the obedience

and that’s why a farmer a good farmer

how many people in this room on the chat

online have ever been a farmer come on

like hands

what what sound was that sound like a

choking uh rooster

okay not a lot of people have been


but but a good farmer does not plant one

seed and hope that that seed is gonna

produce enough fruit for him and his

family to eat off of

a good farmer every day they wake up

I ain’t seen nothing but I got faith

like a farmer

because I don’t know which one of these

things is about to produce but I got

enough out here when I go to the store

when I go to Starbucks when I go to the

family reunion and I don’t like my

family that much and they steal from me

but if you tell


but if you tell me to give

if you tell me that everybody shout at

me so

you say so

if you say so

that’s how I saw

if you say so

there are many times that I don’t say so

but he said so so I say so

oh God

there’s so many times where God’s like

do this and I’m like that don’t make

sense he said it won’t make sense but it

will make a miracle


if you say so

what I’m telling you is when you sow

you’re trusting that God is not giving


what he’s given you

you’re trusting that there is more that

he’s going to give you because you obey

and you manage what he’s given you

second Corinthians chapter 9 verse 10.

now may he who supplies seed to the


and bread for food supply and multiply I

like that supply and multiply the seed

you have

so it has to be in the ground for it to


and increase the fruits of your

righteousness I’m Gonna Keep moving

because I got a lot of them number three

this one gonna test some people number

one is seek first everybody say Seek


that’s the thinking everybody say so


that’s trusting number three write this

down spend feasibly


I didn’t say spin frugally

because some people can do stuff that

other people can’t do

and a lot of times we want everything in

the Kingdom to be fair

but it’s not fair because we manage


so if you don’t manage and you don’t

have enough but I manage and God gives

me more than enough

I might can buy something you came by

this is why Instagram and social media

be playing people

cause a lot of y’all

look at people and be like uh they

shouldn’t be able to and my daddy told

me something he said don’t ever count

nobody else’s money


because what people look like don’t

necessarily mean

that’s what’s what it really is

what I’m asking everybody in the body of

Christ to do is spend feasibly if you

can manage what God has given you and

you can go to Starbucks every day do you

but if you need to make some Folgers in

your cup

because it’s the best part of waking up

there is no shame

get you one Starbucks cup that you got

water and ice because you want it to be

on your aesthetic put ice in your cup at

the house put it in write your name on

it take your picture but don’t pay

I’m trying to teach you how to be


somebody say spin feasibly

for certain people

the Louie and the Gucci is okay because

they didn’t handle their money right

for other people

it is the thrift store

that we have to be and you can still

look good

and either but what I’m saying is I’m

not trying to impress people I’m trying

to impress God with my everybody say the

m word management


that’s why Joseph oh no no let’s let’s

wait on Joseph let’s just go to Luke

Chapter 14 verse 28. it says but don’t

begin until you count up the cost

like like the reason I’m telling you to

spin feasibly because you gotta count up

the cost where’s your budget how much is

it going to cost to do what you need to

do how much you’re how much do you need

to actually go on that trip God is

saying to you right now count up the

cost number four



now most people don’t save money

we we we we use everything we get and

believe that the next thing gonna be the

best thing

but I have biblical precedence

for saving fundamentally and let me tell

you what saving fundamentally is about

it’s about timing

you don’t save money just to save money

some people their savings is their God

no no As Long As I Got This thirty


packed away what if God ask you for it

what if he says I want you to give me

everything before this service I had a

man of God

and his wife travel to this city

to give everything that they had out of

their personal account and their savings


cause God asked for it With Tears in

their eyes Trembling Hands trembling he

said will you pray for me

because God’s asked me for everything

everything in his savings and I’m not

telling anybody to do that you better

only do what God calls you to do

oh hold on let me stop

is that my name that you’re gonna be at

the Holiday Inn begging for a room do

you hear me

you you you can’t do things in

comparison with anybody

you have to only do the things that God

asks you to do but the question is if he

asks you will you have the audacity to


and this is why I say saving is about

timing oh I’m gonna say it like this

because saving is not just about saving

saving is for saving

saving is not just about saving money

saving is for a time that it’s not

looking like it looks right now

that will save me the biblical

precedence is Joseph

in Genesis chapter 41 remember when God

came to him and said hey in seven years

there’s going to be a famine what I need

you to do right now while there’s plenty

is I need you to say

tell everybody to fundamentally save

because there will be a season where

you’re going to need saving and what you

do today is going to save you in a

different season Joseph begins to

command the resources for an entire

nation he wasn’t born into

that then went and blessed his own

family after they betrayed him

because in a season of Plenty he was


I’m trying to make this thing so easy

for you what your parents didn’t teach

why don’t they teach this stuff in

economics in school like I left school

not knowing anything except get in debt

oh it’s because they don’t want you to


it’s because the more ignorance you have

in an area

the more you supply the machine with

what they need

to continue to run your life


so you need to save fundamentally let’s

go over the first four you need to seek


so frequently talk to me spend feasibly

and what save fundamentally okay

and let me just say this we don’t save

out of fear

there are a lot of people that teach you

because you all know when a tornado

gonna hit your house

cause you don’t know when the car gonna

break down you’re gonna be stranded and

you’re gonna be pregnant you don’t have

three kids and they’re gonna be stranded

on the street with no baby daddy and

that’s like what is go like what

the Bible said God has not given us a

spirit of

but of what power love and a sound we

don’t save out of fear we save for other



so number five

now this is the one that the church

don’t talk about at all

secure the future

the Bible says Proverbs 13 22 a good man

leaves an inheritance

for who

the future

you need to be thinking right now how do

I transfer everything that God’s given

me to manage

to children that will never meet me

these are not thoughts we think because


has clouded our principles

and I’m trying to give you Kingdom

principles today to change your life

I need you I’ll just tell you my

personal situation because I’m telling

you I walk this out every single day I

was on the phone with my money manager I

have a money manager

do you know how crazy that is to even


I was on the phone with my money manager

and I told him I said um I need us to do


this month and he was like what I said

I’m about to teach a series on financial

stewardship and generosity and I need to

make sure that I have put this in place

before I stand up there to talk to these

people he said what do you want to do I

said I need you to come up with a plan

for three generations of Todds to be

able to see receive income from me

he said don’t talk like that boy he got

so excited I said no I need I need a


if it’s five dollars a month

that I’m putting away for all Bella’s

kids for all the Ava’s kids for all of

MJ kids by faith for all of Gia’s Kids

and I’m putting five dollars away and

then after them I’m a plan for each of

them to have four kids at least and then

well let’s just plan for five and then

this is the real conversation it was

less than four hundred dollars a month

for me to just start preparing with five


he didn’t say how much it had to be

but he said a good man

a good woman leaves an inheritance

for his children so I’m sitting there

with a closet full of shoes

and my kids may not even wear the same

size as me

I’m here for insecurity reasons looking

at Jordans

that gave me singing he said sell them

put that away for your children’s


so into the everybody say future

what I’m trying to do today is expand

your mind

that in the Kingdom we do not just think

about now we secure the future we are

worried about transferring this church

will be endowed

and most of us don’t even know what that

word means

but what I’m telling you is Banks and

like y’all know families like the

Rockefellers and and the Marriotts

Marriott’s like that’s not just a hotel

that’s somebody’s in that last name

the Marriott family will have money for

the rest of the time the Earth is still


because they figured out a system

to be able to not dress transfer wealth

transfer the first thing I said thinking

and the church we have not figured out

how to transfer thinking

all we want to do is floss and flex

and be like Get Like Me


God is saying I want you to be thinking

right now about transferring okay number

five I’m almost done with all of these

number six oh this is my favorite

Savor fully

have you ever had good food

and it was so good you ate slower

come on let’s like what is that meal for

y’all what is the meal that like come on

somebody said chicken stew porterhouse

steak come on yell at me what is the

food that you say but what’d you say

salmon and spinach mac and cheese what’d

you say

oxtails Jamaican food

okay what what else

come on come on what what’s some food

what’d you say crab legs and

he said keep it going come on give me a

couple more

what’d you say filet mignon how about

dessert cheesecake and pound cake it hey

somebody quickened and got the spirit

for the first time in the service



we heard oxtails you hungry be quiet not

your friend okay what I’m saying is we

have all

eaten something that was so good

we had to take more time to enjoy it

this is something the church has done a

really bad job when it comes to finances

it makes you think that you can’t enjoy


and what I’m saying is when you manage

what God has given you correctly

then you can Savor fully

what he’s given you the Bible says taste

and see


everybody’s supposed to go see the beach

everybody’s supposed to be able to see

God’s glory if you want to see one of

those eight uh wonders of the word is it

eight or seven

which one is it

okay Seven Wonders of the World

somebody’s like hey it is eight

oh it is eight

I believe that you’re supposed to

experience this life

but most people are savoring when they

haven’t saved

they’re savoring when they’re frivolous

with spending

they’re saving and they’re savoring and

they have not done what’s happening what

I’m telling you is when you do this

thing right you can enjoy life at a

different level

oh my gosh last year for my wife’s

birthday Natalie don’t ask for nothing

but she came to me and she said babe I

really want to go to somewhere tropical

honestly we go to Tropical Smoothie if

you want to I mean it’s right up the


hold menu on me

she said boy stop playing and she said

she said I want to go like to Costa Rica

I said oh

but she said I wanna

Mike I wanna I wanna bring my friends

and I don’t want them to have to pay for


and I said so who’s paying for it

I’m fine we can believe God

all jokes aside for the first time in

our lives

we had worked these principles so good

so consistently

so intentionally that when I looked at

the little account where that stuff was

in there

we could be able to savor this moment


without thinking about losing anything

and when I went on that trip

to stay

in a 12 000 square foot mansion

with for my closest friend couples

looking at what God had made and my wife

in the bathing suit every day

oh I savored it fully

y’all playing with me

there was a joy

and a peace and for one of the first

times I understood what the Bible said

it is more blessed to give

then it I didn’t get nothing

I gave something and that’s when I got


I want to let you know as you do things

the King’s Way life becomes easier

better and more enjoyable

to be able to live

okay is this simple enough for everybody

no no no for real is this easy

okay I need just to go over it the six

that I told you number one is seek first

number two is so frequently number three

is spin feasibly number four is say

fundamentally number five is secure the

future and number six is saber bully now

I’m gonna give you the secret

all of those you can do without God

the six that I just gave you are

principles that you can work without

having a relationship with God

and this is why there are people that

have money in the world and you’ll be

like they’re not even saved and they

talking about Make It Clap make a clap

booty tap booty and how

how in the world are they throwing hymns

and doing all this other stuff because

there are principles in the Earth

that work whether you believe God or not

and churches don’t want to tell you this

I’m telling you oh but there’s one thing

what does it profit a man to gain the

entire world

they can have that

but have no peace

it’s not worth it and that’s why I tell

people you can have millions of dollars

in the bank but if your soul is bankrupt

it doesn’t matter

but number seven is the secret and it

really should be around the top of your

page but I saved it because I told you I

was going to give you seven secrets to

simple stewardship this is the one that

everybody has to get

number seven


apart the forbidden

set apart

the forbidden

this one is tithing


hold on Pastor Mike you uh

this has been great up into this point


really practical really biblical I like

what you’ve been saying but you want me

to set apart what’s been what’s

forbidden yeah

God requires all the way back to the


that I will always have something that

I’m going to test you with

can we go back to Adam and Eve what did

he say to them

you can eat of every tree in this Garden


but this one right here

set it apart

the tree of the knowledge of Good and

Evil maybe you’ve never thought about

this it was the garden’s tithe

oh that’s nasty

and why did they get kicked out of the

garden because they ate what was

supposed to be set apart


what I’m telling you

is that in the Kingdom

10 of everything that you get an


God says it’s set apart for me

I don’t like that don’t matter

I don’t think that’s fair

well I thought that was Old Testament

yeah and it’s New Testament and it was

before the law

this is a principle

that is all about

what’s in your heart

and and and and a lot of churches and I

I want to apologize they really really

do a disservice to this because they

misinterpret the heart of God on the

tithe and I’m gonna expose where it gets

misinterpreted and I want to give

Transformation Church who is the the key

to the rise of a holy Rebellion I’m

going to give us the actual right

interpretation Malachi 3 okay

we’ve heard this in almost every

offering time ever will a man rob God

how do you rob God In Time

and off

so don’t Rob God give your time

and your friend

that’s not the spirit in which I believe


is speaking this scripturing

when I begin to think about the let’s

just be really practical

who gonna Rob God

no I just like God’s here you’re here

they practically

could anybody actually like give Lord

give it to me like right now Neil I

ain’t playing with you I withhold My

Worship like like what


it cannot be that will a man rob God of


what is the only way you can rob

somebody who’s in authority

you don’t Rob God

of money

you rob god of the opportunity to bless


how can a man rob God not doing things

his way

and he cannot reward you the way he

wants to reward you because you didn’t

do it the way are you still loved yes

are you still accepted yes are you still

his child yes but this thing that I have

for you I can’t give you because you’re



how did you rob God you rob me of the

opportunity to bless you

if you would have just freaking done

what I said to do with that two hundred


you took that 200 from your side hustle

and you gave it all to the mortgage


and all I ask you to do

is give me 20 of it

cause it’s mine anyway you can’t give it

you have to return it because it was his


and you didn’t know what I had back here

so you make ah I see God over the

balcony of Heaven like God

are you dumb


every first and 15.

hey play me every time and they don’t

know I got all of this stored up

for those who manage what I give them


how can a man rob God

you rob him of the opportunity to bless

you what are you saying Pastor Mike

don’t Rob God

of an opportunity to bless you when I

found this out

tithing became automatic for me

on the first and the 15th at 1201 I got

it set up get out my account


when I say it’s automatic because every

time I honor God in that way

I give him an opportunity knock my socks


do whatever you want to do

open let me just read it oh my God

because y’all gonna see this so I’m

gonna add that little phrase to Matthew

chapter 3 verse 8 and watch this

scripture come alive I love the Bible

will a man rob God of an opportunity to

bless him yet you have robbed me of many

opportunities to bless you but you say

in what way have you have we robbed you

of opportunities to bless us in tithe

and offering


verse 9.

you are cursed with a curse now this is

the part I love to explain because

people will be like uh

I’m not cursed because of what Jesus

Christ did exactly

so when you come into the kingdom you

step over into another level of


but when you step out of the way the

king says for you to do it the world we

live in the Fallen World is cursed


it’s not that you get another curse

you don’t get no no you don’t get

another curse you just step out from

under the protection and you do a

culture’s way and so you in a curse

until you step back into the Kingdom’s

way of doing it

so your salvation is secure

but so money


why because I’ve chosen to do it

culture’s way

and this don’t feel blessed

this feels cursed

so what does he say to do for you to

have robbed me of the opportunity to

bless you even this whole nation has

robbed me

you just think about America

Uncle Sam don’t trust you

Uncle Sam take his before you even get


I don’t trust them at 22 percent

I have to say this the government

doesn’t trust you because the government

doesn’t love you

the reason why God doesn’t take your

money and he gives you the choice or the

freedom to give it because it cannot be

love if there is no choice

and what God is saying to everybody is

you prove what you actually have in your

heart when you actually do what I ask

you to do if you love me the Commandment

says obey my commands

this is not about legalism this is about

love oh God

I wish I had 10 weeks verse 10. it says

bring all the tithes into the storehouse

that’s wherever your local church is

whether it’s Transformation Church food

Church Elevation Church

um a City Church wherever it is wherever

that you are going that’s the storehouse

this is the local church that there may

be food in my house that’s how we’re

able to give to uh Casa Ogar and help

the orphans and that’s how we’re able to

do things for all different people let

me just throw this out here real quick

the Spanish Community God has given us a

burden for here at Transformation Church

like never before and and one of the

things that we are initiating not just

giving to an orphanage in um in uh


um this Friday I’m just letting

everybody know that’s in um my

Spanish-speaking Community we are now

translating all of our sermons into

Spanish oh yeah this Friday TC espanol

is starting on YouTube oh yeah

you can tell all the essays they gonna

be able to hear the word of God

now hear me

now hear me this is generosity

it’s not just giving money when we give

money then we can go and pay translators

and we found a guy that kind of talked

like me in Spanish I think

but the same passion and the same and

and we’re going to start this Friday

with relationship goals

and and the entire sermon series is

going to be translated and by the end of

the year we plan to have many many many

sermons so that we can reach in

generosity with the message of Jesus


like oh God

I’m talking about if we were just

worried about keeping the lights on we

couldn’t be generous

and reach other people with the message

of Jesus Christ verse 10 bring all the

tithes into the storehouse the local

church that there may be food in my

house and try me oh I love this

he says

try me

another translation says prove

another translation says test me oh

it’s almost like you say I dare you

I dare you to honor me with 10 of your

income watch what I do you can’t beat me

giving I bet you you can’t

double dog dare you and you already know

if they double dog dare you what you

gotta do it

it’s like I don’t this is the only place

in the Bible

where God says test me

I bet you I’m good for it

I bet you if you honor me from this day

forward with 10 of your increase you

will never ever be able to say I left

you forsake you imma bless you so big

that people gonna wonder why did you not

start doing this earlier test


and when God talks gangster like that

he always fulfills on his promise then

he goes on to try to show you how big he

is he says try me at this test me and

then it says who’s talking says the Lord

of hosts this is not a pastor this is

not a priest this is God talking if I

will not open

for you

not for your church

not for I will open everybody safe for

me oh I love this the windows of heaven

and pour you out such blessing you ain’t

gonna have enough room to receive it

and I will rebuke the Devourer for your

sake this further convinces me that God

invented giving for our sake so that he

will not destroy the fruit of your

ground nor shall the vine fail to bear

fruit for you in the field says the Lord

of hosts who said it the Lord

and guess what I’ma bless you so big all

the nations will call you blessed

for you will be a delightful man says

the Lord of hosts

I’m just

telling you what changed my life

when I started setting aside what was


he said it’s mine

return it to me and see what I do in

your life

I said God

do you know do you see that number you

know what I could do with that

and he said you know what I can do with


what you got to realize is 90 what God’s

blessing is better than a hundred

percent without it

oh I just said a mouthful so write this

down the tithe is a test

when we tied we give God the opportunity

to bless us Leviticus 27 30. and all the

tithe of the land whether the seed of

the land or the fruit of the tree is the


it is holy or set apart to the Lord

let me give you another one to tie this


now this is where most people mess up



they give

after everything is done

it doesn’t take Faith to honor God after

you all you you know you got it

faith is first everybody say faith

is first I think about the story of Cain

and Abel and if you ever listen to that

story or watch that story

um God could only accept one of their

offerings because it said at the moment

that he got blessed he gave the other

one said in the process of time

he gave and the Lord let me just say

this he is first

so he can’t accept seconds

so so the tithe is not just the test

that we take every time we get increase

on the first and the 15th or or whenever

you get increased the tithe is first

Deuteronomy 26 it says and and it shall

be when you come into the land which the

Lord your God has given you who gave you

the land

okay he’s given you the land as an

inheritance and you possess it and dwell

in it that you shall take some of the

first of all the produce of the ground

which you shall bring from your land

that the Lord God has given you and put

it in a basket and go to the place where

the Lord your God chooses to make his

name abide that would be the church this

is where he chooses to make his name

abide jump down to verse 13. it says

then you shall say before the Lord your

God I have removed the holy tithes from

my house from my bank account and also

have given them to the levite the

stranger the father does the fatherless

the Widow according to all your commands

which you have commanded me I have not

transgressed this one messed me up your

Commandments nor I have I forgotten them

I have not eaten any of them when I was

in mourning or when times got hard nor I

have have I removed any of it for the

unclean use

the crazy thing is there was a season in

my life where I was using the tithe to

pay for pornography

think about it

not just not giving the tithe but what

happens when we take the tithe then we

use it for things that pull us further

away from God


that hits me

nor given any for the dead I have obeyed

the voice of the Lord my God and have

done according to all that you have

commanded me look down oh from your holy

habitation from heaven and bless your

People Israel and the land which you

have given us just as you swore to our

fathers a land flowing with milk and

honey when you set aside the tithe you

can pray this prayer look down from

heaven and bless us

more than we’ve ever been blessed before

the tithe is from could you just bring

me the table real quick and I’m going to

show this and then we’re going to go

home I I I want

um somebody who’s in college raise your

hand if you and call it Sis come here

okay uh um I want your help real quick

okay y’all can clap for something’s like



y’all don’t even know what’s about to


okay what’s your name sis

Amber come here where you go to school

oh are you in the building

all right

all right so I need you to uh yeah come

over here you matching the set and you

got your black and the red on this is

great okay so I need you to do something

for me okay

um I’m gonna give you something this is

ten pennies one two three four five

six seven eight nine ten these are your

pennies now which one is the tithe

because that represents God’s house

so so whichever one is the tithe I need

you to put it in God’s house

which one’s the time

what would this one okay why that one

because it’s the first one

I mean it is the first one that I put


would it matter because they’re each the

same amount no the first one is the

first place you give it

so so take any of them

but the first one belongs to God yeah

yeah just put it it’s to God all of this

is yours

now I need you to work the other six

principles with this

I need you to spend in a way that is

feasible I need you to save

fundamentally I I’m not going to tell

you what to do with this I’m just asking

you to do something with it that it

brings a return

okay but you honor God these nine

pennies are blessed

so now I’m Gonna Give You nine I’m gonna

give you ten dimes one two three four

five six seven eight nine ten I need you

to honor God with the tide which one’s

the tie

go ahead honor God with it and then you

take the rest of it

one two three four five six seven eight

nine ten can you honor God with the ties

just honor them with it


don’t act confused remember that’s yours

one two three four five six seven eight

nine ten could you just honor God with

the tie

oh that’s yours

yours one two three four five six seven

eight nine ten could you just honor God

with the tie oh

which one’s the tide

that one

all of this



the only reason I can give you this

is because you are a good manager

with what I ask you to do with what I

gave you

one two three four five six seven eight

nine ten that’s a thousand one two three

four five six seven eight nine ten

one two three four five six seven eight

nine ten one y’all can Rejoice with

those who rejoice


it takes a minute when you start getting

up in increments five six seven eight

nine ten one two three four five six

seven eight nine



it feels like there’s not enough room on

this table


it’s ten thousand dollars

can can you honor God

with what’s first

can you just honor God with the tithe

I mean do it


all of this is yours

y’all better Rejoice it’s easy money

yo this is easy

it’s easy when you honor God when you do

what he asks you to do it doesn’t matter

if you’re in a penthouse or you’re in

college God says honor me

somebody shot at me it’s easy

I don’t know you

and I don’t know your situation

but God told me to call a college

student up

and to to to distribute let me let me be

very clear this is not the church’s

money this is me and personality’s

personal money okay this is not a

example that somebody’s gonna

this is sacrificial giving

I I don’t know what you prayed for

but what God obviously wanted to display

for everybody else to get how easy it is

is that when you do

what God asks you to do

he will supply

all of your needs

y’all can’t even Rejoice with her that’s



I’m gonna show you something

I’ma just show you something

this is all God required

for all of that

no I want no no no no bring the camera

so they can see it

this is what God asked for

this is what you get afterwards


why did you do an example like this

because I want you to know how easy it


to just honor God

with the wealth he gave you the ability

to get

you can’t purchase a breath

you can’t regulate your arms moving you

can’t everything we have is a gift from


and all he’s asking is when you get this

little green stuff that people put value


honor me setting aside

what I’ve asked to be set apart for me

this don’t even look Fair

but it’s not fair because God don’t play


he wants you to see that you can never

out give him

can I say something to you that you

maybe never thought of Jesus

was God’s tithe

he sent his only and his first son

on a maybe

so that he could get an entire family of


to believe it doesn’t take Faith to

serve to to sow something after you

already know you got it

so for God so loved the world that he

gave his only he gave it first well

y’all give this sister an amazing Santa


where do you go

first thing is why you ain’t got your


like you said where do I go you go

wherever you want to she needs security

Now Scott

can you help her make sure she okay

because yeah

collect your blessing don’t help her Joe

she need to figure out how to

hey this Joy sister moving and wiggling

a little bit huh

one thing I’m gonna say when God starts

blessing you

it don’t matter what anybody think right

now somebody’s trying to be awkward baby

you take your time put it in the take do

whatever you want to do right now I’ma

just keep preaching


so good

you will never be able to afford to

tithe until you start typing

there’s only two testimonies

I can’t afford to tie

that’s one testimony and there’s another

testimony man my whole life changed

when I started typing

last Point tithing is biblical

the reason I’ve given you so many

scriptures is because I want you to see

this because people’s like this is this

this and this this is okay cool this is

the only place that God said test me

I double dog dare you to start tithing

and a lot of people don’t like it

because that Malachi scripture is in the

Old Testament

and that’s why I believe it’s right

where it’s supposed to be because the

principle is a test

it’s a test but what if I told you Jesus

himself told us we ought to tithe

like if Jesus in red

in your Bible said you ought to type

would you talk

the crazy thing is some people are still

thinking about it

some people didn’t even say no I said

would you tell


Matthew chapter 23 23.

woe to you scribes and Pharisees you


for you pay tithes of mint anise and

cumin those are spices you put on your

food and you have neglected the

weightier matter of the law this is

Jesus talking you’ve neglected Justice

and mercy and Faith watch this

these you ought to have done you Auto

tithe off of your increase without

leaving the other undone

Jesus is saying

you need to do justice mercy and faith

and you need to give 10 or return 10 of

everything that you get

Jesus said this and there are people

right now that’s like but does he really

require it all the time

what I’m telling you this is a principle

of managing

I’m going to show it one one more way

because I just want everybody say easy


I hope you never forget this


Scott will uh Joe come up here real

quick and and this is how in Keys you

can come up


because I think this is going to help

people get it


if let’s just say I’m going away on a

trip because that Matthew scripture said

that the master was going away on a long

trip okay let’s say I’m going away on a

trip and I decide that I’m going to

provide for pastor Natalie

um some resources and some extra funds I

already got her taken care of but I know

how much he loved Target and sometimes

stuff gets out of whack and so I’m gonna

I’m gonna provide for her some extra

funds through three people I’m

entrusting I’m gonna send each one of

you will Joe Scott I’m gonna send each

of you ten thousand dollars every month

yes Scott don’t get too happy this is

just an example okay

I’m gonna send each of you ten thousand

dollars a month and all I’m asking you

to do is give my wife a thousand dollars

a month

so that’s it you get to keep the other

nine okay

but I’m providing the funds I’m giving

them to you please give them to my wife

every month so I’m on the phone kicking

with Natalie one night and y’all

remember cake and y’all know nothing

about cake

that just showed my age I was on the

phone caking

what you doing what you doing

what you wearing what you wearing like


and I’ll say oh hey tell me about those

extra funds have they been coming to you

and she was like yeah she was like will

will sends a thousand dollars every

month like clockwork

like the first

the 15 I mean it comes every time it’s

like awkward I’ll say okay I like that

what about Joe

and he said Joe Mike Joseph’s 2000 every


I said I only asked him for one thousand

she’s like I know but every like

clockwork he sends two thousand every


I was like okay

and what about trader I mean Scott


she said well we got to talk about Scott

the first month Scott sent 700.

the second month he sent 400.

and this last month he didn’t send


Scott didn’t say nothing

I gave him the ten thousand

I told him to only give you one

he can keep the other nine

why in the world wouldn’t he give

the resources to my bride right

you know what I’m gonna do

I’m no longer going to send Scott

the ten thousand dollars

I’ma send Joe

what I was gonna send Scott and I’m a

sin will get away from him I rebuke you

and that’s what people try to do they

try to get mad at who God’s blessing

but you mismanaged

All I’m gonna do is funnel it through

the ones I can get it through


could tithing be more personal to God

than we think

because it’s the thing that he gives us

resources to take care of his bride

the bride of Christ thank y’all

this is what I came to the conclusion of

listen to me

I always lose what I mismanage

God told you to give it you just hold on

you see she said I got to get this out

my purse right now here no no no no no

no no this type of reaction

is what has to well up on the inside of

you baby girl what I’m telling you right

now is what you just did was change the

future of your children’s children’s

children uh you miss it y’all better

Rejoice with her something broke in her

mind something changed in her heart she

said imma interrupt all these thousands

of people I got it in my hand I’m gonna

give it right now she didn’t even care

about what you thought about her

because when you understand

what God is asking you to do baby girl

I’m so happy for you

when you understand what God wants to do

then you manage correctly

what he’s given you to manage somebody

say all I have

is all I need

so listen to the point I always lose

what I mismanage

I always lose what I mismanage God would

never do that read the end of the story

of the talents

the one who dug a hole and did not

multiply what God gave him did not honor

God what he gave him he took from him

and gave it to the one who stewarded and

Managed IT properly and then said get

this fool out my face

read it

he says this wicked and lazy servant the

least you could have done is watch this

put it in the world system and got me a

little interest

if you were to put in a kingdom that

mother would have double but at least

you could have put it in the bank and

gained me something

what I mismanage I will always lose can

I say this not just money

your marriage

mismanage your marriage you’ll lose it

your health

oh God

mismanage your health you’ll lose it

oh God somebody say I will always lose

what I mismanage

when I heard Dr Monroe say that it took

me to Luke chapter 16.

so if you have not been trustworthy in

handling watch this worldly wealth

just this money these dollars

who will trust you with true riches

which are people

and if you have not been trustworthy

with someone else’s property if you

haven’t managed what somebody else is

who will give you property of your own

today I just want to tell you we don’t

need to pray for more money

we need to believe God for more what

management what everybody stand


today I’m going to ask you to do what I

did six and a half years ago

I want us to repent

and the word repent means to turn

the day

transformation Nation I need you to hear


I need us to repent for mismanaging what

God has given us

and as of today somebody shot at me


we’re making a change could you just

lift your hands all over the world if

you know this prayer is for you father

in the name of Jesus

today we come

as a body of Believers asking you to

transform our hearts

starting in our minds transform our

thinking God

let us be able to see ourselves

as managers and not owners God you own

everything but you’ve asked us to

partner with you to manage it here on

this Earth and today Father God where we

have not taken that role seriously today

we repent

and we ask you father to give us a Heart

Like Yours give us a heart of generosity

and stewardship God what we have now we

will no longer squander but we are

deciding father God in this place in

this atmosphere father that we will seek

first your principles about giving and

finances father God and then what we

will do father is so frequently wherever

you tell us to sow and God we will be

ones that spin feasibly and say

fundamentally father and secure the

future God and we want to be the ones

father that Savor this life that you

called us to have fully but not before

we separate what has been forbidden God

we are going to honor you with our tithe

from here on out God I thank you that

your word says you give seed to the

sower I thank you that a whale of

generosity would come and raise up on

the inside of your people

God I thank you that this won’t be a

practice for a season

I thank you Father that this will be

ordinary behavior for Kingdom citizens

I declare and decree that the blessing

of the Lord is going to

free broadcast and those watching

because a friend sent it to him those

watching on internet father I thank you

that as we Embrace these Kingdom

principles that you will bless us beyond

our belief

and father it’s not just for us we get

blessed by the way thank you that you

are going to use the resources that you

funnel through us

to bless many others

let us put a priority on managing what

you’ve given us now

because that’s how you can trust us with


today God we repent we turn back to you

we turn back to your ways we turn back

to your precepts your principles and

your thoughts and concepts for the


today have your way

even in this moment right now I want you

to ask the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit what

are you trying to say to me through this


see because I’ve talked for a long time

but the Holy Spirit wants to talk to you

there may be something he’s requiring of

you he’s asking of you I’m not asking

nothing of you I’m asking you ask the

Holy Spirit

what are you trying to say to me


Speak Lord

your servants are listening these are

moments we don’t rush out of this is

surgery right now this is where God is

changing generational habits of poverty

our generational cycles of selfishness

in these moments this is where God’s

changing People

you don’t have to have what your family


you do not have to be locked to what you

were born into God’s saying I can do

exceedingly abundantly above all you can

ask or think

today somebody’s 50 years old and

everything’s changing 60 years old and

everything’s changing 70 years old and

everything’s changing somebody’s 17 and

everything’s changing you are getting

the kingdom Concepts

thank you Lord


let me reiterate to you

money is just the key to your heart

where your treasure is

your heart will be also

let me tell you when God got my money

he got my heart

and when he got my heart

he transformed my heart

a lot of y’all this is the key I tell

this testimony all the time when I

really overcame pornography

and the things that I was dealing with

is when I started tithing consistently

why are you saying that Pastor I’m like

cause every time I got something I say

here’s my heart God

here’s my heart God and he was like dang

the more you put your heart in my hand

the more I can scrape away the things

that culture put on you the more that I

can change I can give you more a new

situation I’m telling y’all what has

practically changed my life

less of me

more of you

this is the key that somebody’s been

waiting for

so I Give Myself Away

not just my money you want all of me

give myself away why

so you

can use me I Give Myself Away

he don’t want your money more than he

wants your heart come on y’all so I give

myself why

I saw you

can you I love the next part my life is

not my own

he’s the owner to you and me I’m the

manager so what do I do

myself I give myself to you this means

something different right now said my

life is not my own to you

wherever you’re out just say it I give

myself I give myself I Give Myself Away


here we are God

you can have everything

give my God is healing God is repairing

his changing thinking right now God we

trust you

can’t use me

if you need to give God your life

it’s the greatest offering you could

ever give him

like like I remember saying God I’m no

longer gonna do

my way

I’m gonna do what you want me to do

and today I believe there’s hundreds if

not thousands of people that are in this

room and watching online that need to

give their life

before you give a dollar a cent a dime

he doesn’t want your money if he does

not have your life

this is true riches you are

and God’s saying I sent my only son

to die on the cross for you for all your

sins for all your mistakes for all your

pain and today cause you give me back

what I gave you

and if that’s you

I’m telling you accepting Jesus Christ

is the greatest decision you could ever

make it took me from being a liar a

manipulator somebody who is addicted to

pornography I had all kinds of really

bad stuff in my head and my heart that

sometimes came out in my hand and God

said with all of that

come here

I’ve made a way

for you to be

right with me

and all you got to do is accept my son


when I see you now I see him

so everything you did I don’t see that

no more I see you what I’m asking you is

if you want to accept Jesus as your

personal Lord and savior today is your

day of salvation

if that’s you in this room

watching online

if you’re here and you’re saying Pastor

Mike I want to be included in that

prayer on the count of three all I need

you to do is shoot your hand up there

are people that are coming there are

people that are already saying this is

me they’re my sister right here my

brother came to the front my brother

right here listen I ain’t even said

three so one you’re making the greatest

decision of your life number two I’m

proud of you but your name is gonna be

written in the Lamb’s Book of Life three

lift your hands all over this building

and watch him online

oh Transformation Church this is why our

church exists this is why we give this

is why

come here

imma touch this brother

and I’ma pray with him

this man before I even made a call

something drew him

I feel this is what God is doing for

many people he’s drawing

he’s drawing you back to his heart

he’s gonna heal you

he’s going to heal you

it’s hard to believe right now but he’s

about to heal you I feel the presence of


there’s healing happening somebody come

stand with my sister right here there’s

healing happening right here there’s

healing happening in this atmosphere in

this place right now

we’re going to pray this strength I feel

the presence of God y’all there’s a

lingering anointing we’re gonna shut the

stream off here in a second but there’s

healing in this room right now

for everybody giving their life to God

right now A Transformation Church we’re

a family nobody prays alone

we’re going to pray this together

everybody say God

thank you for sending Jesus

just for me


I give you my life

changed me

renew me and transform me I believe you


and you die and you Rose again

so I could experience freedom

and today I give you my life

take me

and use me for your glory in Jesus name

amen come on let’s Rejoice with those

who prayed that prayer God’s gonna kill




the enemies had his his arrows pointed

at you since you were as a young boy

and I see there being abuse

I see the enemy literally trying to

ravage your mind

and even speaking things that you are

not trying to know this is who you are

you are not what you did

you are not what you did today

the enemies power over your mind is

broken I need the church to pray father

in the name of Jesus I need y’all to

pray y’all this is serious father I

thank you that in the name of Jesus

the healing that he’s been longing for

is not in my hands father you just said

to touch and agree father God that you

would do the work father God so today

I’m praying for him but father you’re

you’re innovating his heart

and I thank you Father that the pain of

the past is about to become his platform

in the name of Jesus

that he is damaged but he is not

destroyed thank you Father that you have

value that is intrinsic on the inside of

him and today is his day of Deliverance

to God and as I touch him I touch every

person father that’s believing for

healing if you need a healing in your

mind in your heart in your body father

God I thank you that this is a point of

contact but we’re believing you father

God for miracles signs and wonders

have your way

in Jesus name

something is happening in this

atmosphere somebody’s going to stand

with him and y’all need to pray with him

just for a little longer

God is starting this thing with money

but he’s coming for your whole life

right now I feel the presence of God


will come pray with him


thank you

just as our final Act can we sing this


so take my heart

take my mind

just lift your hands and take my heart




I Give Myself Away



I need all my staff pastors staff

ministers I need y’all to come down here


it’s about to happen

can’t use me

I Give Myself Away


don’t tell the prayer team to come into

the building wherever that that prayer

team is tell them to line up against the

back people need prayer in this place

today I

keep myself away

okay this is what we’re gonna do

um tomorrow is Monday night prayer for

everybody that’s in transformation

Nation the presence of God is stirring

right here God started with money and

and he he’s it’s really heart surgery

though there’s something that God’s

doing whether you’ve been in a poverty

mindset or a

Prosperity mindset and God wants to get

you to the place he wants you to be

um on transformation online

transformation Nation tomorrow night I’m

telling y’all this we’re taking prayer

requests all Monday night prayer so I

need you we’re going to create a graphic

whatever you need prayer for we’re

praying by name I need as many people to

get in here tomorrow night we are going

to begin to pray for people’s

breakthrough financially in their family

we’re going to pray for our health we’re

going to pray for any I feel like God’s

just opened up something in this place

and we’re gonna pray with the people who

are in this building there’s not enough

people yet so just linger the team is

Gonna Worship and we’re gonna just lay

hands we’re gonna pray if you need to go

you can go but God is about to do

something I feel like this is going to

be the start oh my god of a real

transformation happening in your life

God started with your money but it’s

gonna affect your entire life so so I

want you to know the atmosphere is going

to keep going in this place and if you

need to leave go get your children we’re

going to be here tomorrow night but

transformation nation start writing your

prayer requests in the chat I want you

all tomorrow and join us right here at 6

p.m tomorrow night we are going to pray

for miracle signs and wonders I believe

that God is about to do a transfer

there’s something about to happen in

here your faith is about to be ignited

in a new way we are not playing with

this wherever God wants to move however

God wants to move we want to be whatever

he wants us to be and there are people

that are coming into this place to be

transformed father we give you

everything we thank you for what you did

today we thank you that we can be

trusted to manage all that you’ve given

us and God we declare transformation

it’s coming to your house come on just

hands lifted all over this place father

God we surrender whoa until the presence

of God we surrender it all further we

surrender it all God whatever you want

to do however you want to do it we

surrender it all father God Have Your

Way father have your way father God Have

Your Way father God

we trust you God

just one more time we’re gonna say take

my heart take my heart so take my heart

take my heart


take my mind


hateful dead




take my heart



say bye bye

take my wish


this is just the start

this is just to start something’s


it’s just a start

don’t let fear keep you

don’t let don’t I feel like some people

you feel that that the thing you feel on

the inside that’s the Holy Spirit

he’s trying to change some stuff on the

inside of you I know what you said I

know what you blogged I know what you

posted and God’s saying but I want to do

something in you

he’s changing you today

father continue to do the work even when

you log off let the Holy Spirit continue

to do the work


Deliverance is happening

healing is happening

God’s changing you

for his glory


I know they don’t pray in church no more

but that Transformation Church there are

people that actually need healing and

deliverance this is a hospital for the

broken this is not a club for Perfect



father continue to do this work

next week we’re going to a whole nother

level God’s about to do something that’s

going to blow your mind

what I’m asking you to do is all this

week be open to what God is going to do

on the inside of you

this is starting something that thing

you feel enough that’s God trying to do

something brand new on the inside of you

next two weeks are gonna be


but let God do the surgery this week I

love you until next time go out and live

a transform life


you so much for watching this message we

pray that it encouraged you our vision

is to represent God to the lost and

found for transformation in Christ and

if you would like to partner with us in

giving you can text give to

828282 or visit us on our website also

be sure to like subscribe and check out

our other sermons as well our service

begins every Sunday at 10 45 a.m Central

Standard Time now go out and live a

transformed life



thank you