Worship is our love expressed to God as a response to His grace towards us. In the first week of our Worship on the Word series, Pastor Mike helps us understand that worship is more than a slow song; it’s about our hearts and how we live our life. As we worship, we may recognize that there are some holes in our hearts that have caused us to leak out the love that God has given us. Yet in His presence, He gives us a new heart so that we can operate out of the overflow of His love. This message helps us to understand why we worship, how it starts with love, and why we can run to worship in our vulnerability. Scripture References Proverbs 4:7 NKJV Matthew 22:37-38 NLT John 3:16 NIV Deuteronomy 30:6 NLT 2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT Philippians 1:9 NLT Ephesians 6:16 NLT 2 Thessalonians 3: 3 NLT Psalm 91:1-2 NLT 1 Corinthians 13:6-8 NIV Psalms 119:9 NIV Join us for service online every Sunday at 11am (CST), Monday’s for Monday Night Prayer at 6pm (CST), and Tuesday’s for Rebroadcast at 6:45 pm (CST). If you received Christ through this message, text SAVED to 82828. We would love to hear how God is touching your life through this ministry! Tell us your story by emailing [email protected]! If you would like to support TC financially you can give through the TC app, or online through our website by clicking here https://transformchurch.us/give/. You can also text “GIVE” to 828282 to give using your mobile device. If you need prayer, email [email protected]! For more information about Transformation Church, visit transformchurch.us or follow us on our social media platforms below. Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/wearetransf… Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/wearetransfo… 00:00 – Intro 06:39 – Proverbs chapter 4 verse 7 NKJV 07:10 – Knowledge definition 07:30 – Understanding definition 07:46 – Wisdom definition 08:26 – Knowledge + understanding = wisdom 10:42 – I will have the wisdom to worship 13:44 – Our worship is the only gift we can give God 22:26 – Worship is not just a song 24:17 – Worship is our love expressed to God as a response to His grace towards us 24:48 – Matthew chapter 22 verses 37 & 38 25:47 – Worship starts with God’s love for us, not our love for God 29:22 – John chapter 3 verse 16 NIV 31:03 – We don’t worship FOR love, we worship FROM love 32:28 – Worship starts with love 35:13 – There will be times you will have to worship when you are weary 36:40 – 1. Love is given 36:41 – Deuteronomy chapter 30 verse 6 NLT 39:12 – 2 Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17 NLT 41:45 – 2. Love grows 43:19 – Philippians chapter 1 verse 9 NLT 46:44 – 3. Love leaks 46:54 – Ephesians chapter 6 verse 16 NLT 49:22 – 4. Love needs protections 50:11 – 2 Thessalonians chapter 3 verse 3 NLT 52:47 – Worship supernaturally changes your present because of His presence 56:00 – Psalm chapter 91 verses 1 & 2 NLT 56:41 – 5. Love never fails because God is love 57:17 – 2 Corinthians chapter 17 verses 6 through 8 NIV 57:35 – How do you worship with a hole in your heart? Hide yourself in Him.

hi my name is Bree and I have the

privilege of serving as Chief of Staff

here at Transformation Church at TC our

vision is to represent God to the lost

and found for transformation in Christ

and we just want to say thank you so

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let’s jump into today’s message


we are starting a series

called worship on the word and I need

every time I say that at the beginning

of the message this is just for me I

need everybody to say wow okay so like

okay okay okay okay today we’re starting

a brand new series called worship on the


y’all fake y’all didn’t even y’all

didn’t even do it over here we’re gonna

try it one more time

today we’re starting a brand new series

called worship on the word

there we go

it seems annoying right now

but by the end of this series you’re

going to be in awe of God

the only reason you say wow

in an authentic sense

is when something literally takes your

breath away


I never seen anything like that

everybody say wow

I’ve never been to a place like this

somebody say wow

I’ve never felt this before

y’all gonna get it

I really do believe that worship is the

one area of our relationship with God

that no matter how you get into his

presence you can leave saying

I didn’t know that this amount of

frustration could turn into that much


I wasn’t sure that my Brokenness and all

those pieces could turn into a

masterpiece but God somehow you do what

nobody else can do

and in this series I’m excited because

your boy is a worshiper

like like like if I don’t do nothing


I’m Gonna Worship God I’m a worship God

until you feel uncomfortable

like I’m the dude on your road that’s

gonna be like he’s doing a lot


it comes out of me because I know where

I was at when I was broken

and I know how much God has done for me

and at the end of this series I believe

there is going to be an eruption of

expression around worship not just in

church services

the weakest Place To Worship

is here

oh God

the entire atmosphere is set we got

amazing musicians the smoke is in is

that the Holy Spirit no it’s Haze it’s

we they sell it it’s Haze it just makes

you be able to see the lights better


the people down the road where worship

gets authenticated

is when you walk into that job you don’t


worship gets authenticated when you are

in your home and your kids are driving

you crazy and your hands go up and say

God I thank you uh oh I thank you for

who you are what you’re doing and where

you got me right now worship is

authenticated in environments that seem


and my question to you is when’s the

last time you Worship in a place that

was not conducive for it

this is why we have to worship god with

understanding and it is my burden in

this series because when I ask people

just basic questions about worship who

go to church love God are saved play on

the band on the platform serve a lot of

people don’t have an understanding of

worship when I ask people like what is

worship how do you worship what happens

because of worship why should we worship

when do I worship who’s qualified to

worship most people I am convinced do

not have a true understanding of worship

Charles get me uh

this the wrong one and I don’t need the

sermon to be able to do this it’s in my

heart so put the thing back up there

we don’t have a full understanding

actually worship God the that’s why we

think it’s the two slow songs at the

beginning of service

oh I can’t miss worship oh

some people think worship is just crying

we can do that

but what I’m saying to you right now is

worship is not what church has relegated

the 15 minutes at the beginning of

service where the lights go low and they

sing a slow song that is not worship

that is an expression of worship

but that is the smallest sliver of what

worship actually looks like in your

entire life and in this series I want us

to worship god with Revelation reveal

truth I don’t want you using some

borrowed version of somebody you saw who

you like the way they sing and you’re

using their version of worship to make

you feel like this is true worship half

the people that sing your favorite songs

is living found


I get the calls

I’ve had to rescue some of them

I’ve had to bring like it’s not about

the singing Only

it’s about what’s in your heart

and how you live your life oh

see the problem is if worship was just a

song everybody would get an A

cause all of us got our favorite worship


but God said could I have your worship


and in this series I want you to have an

understanding go to Proverbs chapter 4

verse 7. we gonna know how to worship

god with our words with our song and

with our mind

oh my gosh proverbs 4 7 wisdom is the

principle thing

therefore get wisdom what are you

supposed to get

I said what are you supposed to get

and in all you’re getting getting under

standing there is a difference between

watch these three understanding

knowledge and wisdom

understanding initiates wisdom so a lot

of people understand

knowledge but they don’t understand


okay let me explain it to you knowledge

write this definition down our facts and


a lot of us have knowledge about random

dumb stuff

a lot of us know like okay let’s be

honest how many know like random facts

about stuff that does not matter in life

okay we got facts and information but

understanding watch this is to perceive

the intended meaning

so when I get actual understanding I’m

like oh those facts and information

actually make sense because I understand

what is actually happening and watch

this wisdom is applied knowledge

now a lot of people have knowledge and

understanding and do not apply it

so they do not walk in wisdom but they

know a lot you ever met somebody who

dumb smart

okay y’all know what I’m talking about


like you really smart

but you don’t know how to do this stuff

you would tell other people to do

some of y’all are like that in

relationships here we go

got advice for everybody

still there with clontavious getting

never let me stop let me I was about to

that was gonna be too personal

write this equation down

knowledge plus understanding equals

wisdom say it with me knowledge plus

understanding equals wisdom let me give

you an example everybody has the

knowledge that we’re not supposed to

text and drive

uh oh somebody got convicted right there

but everybody knows

text and drive

but if you get in a car accident

and wreck your car while texting and

driving now you have a understanding

what what you knew you weren’t supposed

to do now I get the I get it

I’m gonna have to be riding a bus for

the next eight months

I understand now I’m a grown person

calling people for it’s because now you

get it

but after you get knowledge and

understanding you should be walking in

until you start walking in wisdom the

word you read

means nothing

and still you until you start walking or

applying the knowledge you know

your time and devotion is worthless

it’s just an exercise

in religion

I hate religion you don’t do what you


it’s like practicing for basketball and

never playing a game

you do all that

and you never

it’s ritual

it’s routine

it’s religion and may I submit that most

of the church when it comes to worship

is not worshiping with wisdom

we’re worshiping out of ritual

we’re worshiping out of routine this is

the part where I okay this is where oh

this is the part where I okay this is

the part where I ah

and God’s saying I want your worship to

be real

somebody write this down by faith

somebody say I will

have the wisdom

to worship say it one more time I will

have the wisdom

to worship

see when you start walking in wisdom it

changes everything let me tell you a

story with this being Mother’s Day and

I’m Gonna Make It Real personal

um when I started walking in wisdom on a

situation and maybe this will help you

um 2014

um we had our beautiful baby

um uh Bella in 2013 and it was Mother’s


and um at this particular time I was um

I mean I had the knowledge that Mother’s

Day was important and um I had the

understanding that moms like things on

Mother’s Day but I was still um in a

little ignorance because

um I thought you know you had to put

years in the game to really earn the

substance and find the value and the


of being a mother


this one this one’s not good

so me and Nat go to Target to get our

mother something for Mother’s Day Late

the night before Mother’s Day and that’s

just walking by and at Target Every

Woman points at something and says Oh I

like that I thought that was a cue that

that’s what she wanted for Mother’s Day

so she walked by and saw something that

was like eh and I was like oh yes I’m

gonna sneak off and get this for her for

Mother’s Day and tomorrow she’s gonna

look up and think I’m the greatest man

in the world well I gave her that gift

the next day she was devastated

tell us why pastor

she was devastated because there was not

much effort much energy much thought put

behind it and she carried my whole baby

for nine months and let that thing come

out of her and I was kind of treating it

hazardly that baby was so mad she didn’t

want to look at me she didn’t want to

talk to me it ruined the day it ruined

the week honestly you she looked at me

like I gave her a disease do you

understand what I’m saying

and that 2014 Mother’s Day I started

walking in wisdom

some of y’all thought that’s too much

for him to bring her up here that ain’t

about you

that’s about me living this week y’all

don’t hear me I walk in wisdom at your

expense Well that took too long not for



Mother’s Day to me is like her birthday


cause my knowledge had to move to


and then my understanding had to move to

apply the knowledge which is what with I

don’t ever want you to lift your hands

in a service again and not know why

ah I don’t ever want you to be in a

place where your tears start coming down

and you not know


we will worship in wisdom oh I feel this

thing okay

so so so so here’s why worshiping and

wisdom is so important write this down

this is so important because our worship

is the only gift we can give God

I need you to hear me say this

your worship is the only gift that you

can give God

let me help you this Changed My Worship

life my expression life to God when I

thought about this for real think about

it prayer

when we pray

that is not for God

when we pray

ER is to God

for us

so a lot of times like I spend time with

God I spend time praying

he don’t need the prayers

you need the prayers

you need to talk to him you need that

source of life you need to be refreshed

by what he speaks back to you but that’s

why I need everybody to understand

prayer ain’t for God

the end result of prayer is that our God

would speak to us and help us through

our current situation that we would

intercede for other people that we would

supplicate and we would be able to make

prayers and petitions and all those

other things but prayer is to God for us

everybody say to God

for us the Bible

the Bible is not for God

he is the word

he didn’t write it down through men so

that he could remember what he said what

did I say

the Bible is from God to


so when you read your Bible you’re not

giving God what he deserves


oh God I need you to think about it

because many of us check off our prayer

and Bible reading like we did God of


made it to your presence

I’m on a reading streak on my bible plan

God I prayed for seven minutes today

you happy with that like that

that’s not for God

it’s for us let me give you one more


is I gave God what with his it was hard

but I want him to know where my treasure


My Heart is also you think God is up in

heaven like one two three four five

streets are paved with gold in heaven

you think your 37 dollars did something

for like

when we give we give

to God

but it’s for us

nothing makes us more like God than when

we give

when we step outside of our self and

we’re generous

I just want to let you know that worship

is the only gift that you can give God

because worship is for God

from us

every time I say I love you God

every time I wake up and I say thank you

for waking me up again

every time I say father God I hate this

pain but thank you that I can feel

every time

that I lift my hands when I clap when I

don’t like to when every time that’s the

only thing I can give God and this is

the crazy thing about it Angels don’t

have a choice

they were created

to worship him they sing in the same

song in heaven top one hit on

Billboard’s hearts in heaven forever

holy holy holy

is the Lord God Almighty they remix it

put a little reggaeton on it but it’s

the same


the reason human beings are different is

because God gave us a choice

because it cannot be loved

if it is not a choice

and so when we worship God let me tell

you something you have a choice

a lot of people you ain’t got no choice

you better worship God no I do have a


and there’s many times I’ve chosen

if I’m honest to obey my feelings than

my father

I don’t feel like it and so I’ve allowed

my feelings to become my God


what the father

doesn’t require

watch the word

he requests

let me help you understand God not

standing in heaven like worship me

the worship of my people

is now powering me to do he’s not

no I need you to say because somebody

like we we act like God needs to power

up through our worship

he’s God no matter you worship him or

not the Bible says the trees will begin

to cry out the rocks will begin to Cloud

the ocean begins to worship Him He

but as a good father

he’s not requiring worship

he’s requesting it

and many of us because we don’t feel

like it will not listen to our father’s



so so

I think about it because I am a father

of four kids

it would be like


coming up to me

and and being like Daddy she’s five

years old

what can I do for you

what can you do for me

everything you have is mine

let’s think about this the house you

have the clothes you have the stuff you

call yours is mine

get my iPad who’s not bad

I’m pulling up to my house whose house


I want Chick-fil-A who gonna get it for

you like

the only thing that my daughter Ava can

give me

is gratitude

she don’t have to say thank you

a lot of times parents we try to force

it what do you say

y’all doing it

kid’s mouth watering like and you’re

like ah what do you say


way to teach them


now they don’t even care no more like

thank you I ain’t even doing it and they



but when it comes from our heart and my

daughters are so Daddy thank you

what is that warm fussing

that has landed in the middle of my


Bella come up to me dad you’re the best

dad in the world

I just love that you’re my dad

it literally

takes my breath away

to think that everything that I’ve given


they can’t give me nothing they can’t

add to the bills I mean they do have to

the bills they can’t add to paying for

the pills

they they can’t actually do anything to

him but when they Express gratitude to

their father in response to what they

have seen me do

it’s the part of being a father that

make you be like what you want

no no why you acting like this oh this

is just out of your heart

this is just how you feel about me

if my little babies can do that on this


how much more

do you think that God feels when his


red and yellow black and white all

precious in His sight

begin to lift up their hands open up

their mouth make decisions

with their life

how much does that bless him it is the

only thing

worship is the only thing that we can

give to our God so I’m gonna give you a

spoiler alert I said it before but I’ma

just reiterate it so you can write it

down in your notes worship is not just

the song

and the church has done a bad job

at letting people think now we’re going

to worship

get on your feet

let’s worship

put your hands up



and when something is defined wrong for

a long time

then you begin to think that’s what it


and so somebody’s like did you worship

this week I was at church

and some of us know the whole time we

just stood through it

thinking about the cares of life

what we gonna eat after this

why she keep looking at me like that she

know I’m fine

y’all already know y’all being searched


we’re gonna have to pray for scoliosis


everywhere but focused on him

but many times

we have made it about a song and I love

worship songs

but God loves a worship life

more than he likes a worship song

you could never sing another song but

live the way he says to live and your

life would be more worshiped than having

everybody that you like on this platform

they ain’t like that one because I just

messed up your playlist what I’m trying

to give you is the Playbook to live your

life In Worship


okay now we’re going to talk about

expressing through worship and through

song and through all type of different

ways but I just gotta break it right now

worship is not just a song

okay so what is worship Pastor Mike

write this definition down this is the

anchor definition of this entire eight

nine ten week series however long we’re

gonna do it here we go worship is our

love expressed to God as a response to

his grace towards us

worship is my response

to God

as a re is is worship is love expressed

to God as a response to his grace

towards us Matthew 22 verse 37.

Jesus replied you must love the Lord

your God with all your heart all your

soul and all your mind this is the first

and greatest commandment of all the

years I’ve been in church people say

that like it’s easy

that is not freaking easy

I barely could do anything with all my

heart all my mind all my soul


but this

is supposed to be hard so you can’t do

it without God

anytime you feel overwhelmed like how

can you do this the answer is you’re not

supposed to alone

this Christian faith is a faith of

dependency on him God does not want you

to do anything without him

he wants you to be with him and so you

can read the scripture and be like dang

I can’t do that exactly see worship

starts watch this

with God’s love for us

not our love for God

okay let me break it down

if Worship Is Love expressed what is the

key ingredient to that we have to

express love

everybody say love

you cannot worship something without

loving it

you cannot worship something and a lot

of us worship other things than God

because we love them

uh oh

can you name or no don’t say it out loud

think of three things that you love

and I want you to honestly ask yourself

have I expressed my love to those things

more than God

this is a very convicting moment

because I had to be very honest

there have been times where I express my

love to Natalie more than I did to God

and what the Bible calls that is an idol


I have made my children


some of y’all your job

you express I love this job they pay me

more than anybody the benefits the

benefits the benefits

I’ll never lose this job I’ll be here

I’m gonna work my way up I’m gonna do

this I’m gonna forsake all others I’m

not gonna get married I’m not gonna do


it’s become an idol

and God’s saying you love other things

more than me


but I’m asking you to refocus on loving

me and expressing it so watch this if we

need to understand worship Worship Is

Love Express everybody say that worship

is love Express

so when you express your love to God you

gotta understand this you cannot express

what is not there so worship starts with

God’s love for us not our love for God

this is great news for me

because when I was jacked up I wasn’t

thinking about God

people don’t say this but when you’re in

the club like going uh doing it

I was about to act like we was real


when you when you lit has anybody like

lived a wild life or the life that you

know you wasn’t supposed to be living

okay just I know there’s a lot of

perfect people in here but when you’re

doing it you’re not thinking of God

you’re thinking about who

will feel good

what I like

what like

and if I had to start worshiping

with the love I had for God

it wouldn’t be good

because I didn’t have enough

but worship starts with God’s love for


while we were yet sinners

he said I love him

so I’m gonna make an ultimate sacrifice

for them so if they ever look this

direction they’ll see that somebody has

paid more to have a relationship with

them than anybody they’ll ever come in

contact with I’m gonna do this on a


I’mma love them before they even know

they need to love me


and that’s why

we can be confident John 3 16 for God so

love the world that he did what gave his

only son that whoever believes in him

shall not perish but have eternal life

the scripture says for God so loved the

world not for the world so love God

so I need everybody to get in your mind

if you don’t love God now it’s okay

if you don’t if you don’t feel it if you

wonder why are they doing

it’s okay

he already loves you

you don’t have to clean up

you don’t have to present yourself well

with the Black and Mild with the blunt

with the 40.

oh I’m in here with a few religious

people so they don’t even know what to

do right now in the alternate lifestyle

what you’re doing right now God already

loves you

there is nothing you can do to stop him

from loving you you may not receive it

yet you may not feel it yet but it’s

already done he has already proven his

love for you and if there’s anybody in

the room that knows that God loves him

despite what you do oh that God loves

you more than you could ever express why

don’t you give him one shout of praise

somebody just say this I am loved by God

say it like you believe it I am loved by


this makes me excited

so when Matthew 22 says live him with

all your heart your soul your mind

he says all right

that love starts with me so I’ma give it

to you first and then write this down we

don’t worship

for love we worship from Love

I don’t ever want you to lift your hands

say a word give anything ever again

trying to prove something to God

well God I’m here let me just get no no

no no no no you do not worship God for

love another day

you worship God from love you are

backstroking in the love of God right

now the fact that you are alive and you

have half of your mind and that you are

able to stand here and be able to think

you are loved

and it’s time for the church to stop

worshiping God for love

there are days that God would rather you

come to him honest and really be like

God I don’t got nothing

I don’t got nothing for you today

would you do what I can’t do right now

I’m doing what your word says because

this series is called worship on the

I’m listening to your word you said in

my weakness

but you would give me straight so my act

of worship to you is telling you the

truth today

do you know what would happen

if we would actually worship God from

love not ritual not rules it’s not a

down payment for our Salvation it’s not

a brownie point for heaven

it is a response to his love

so write this down worship starts with


worship starts with I’m saying the same

thing because I’m trying to reprogram


I’m trying to get you to understand that

there is nothing you can do

that disqualifies you from worshiping


a lot of people have not worshiped

because they have felt discouraged

can I be honest with you today I wanted

to take this message up

I told my people I was like let’s I’m

worship we’re about to tear the roof off

and the Holy Spirit says but you’ll

leave a lot of people

because most people have not figured out

how to this is the title of my message


with holes in your heart

a lot of people have been discouraged

they have looked at

the layout of the land and how the

trials of Life have come to try to knock

them out

and so there’s like the worship series

that’s for everybody whose life is going


the worship series that’s for everybody

that got a reason to praise

the worship series

I can’t do that

I feel like God’s forsaken me

if if I if he was really good I hate

when they sing good good father

cause he don’t feel good to me

no can we be honest like


we’re singing here’s my worship all of

my worship where you been

where have you been for me

and so sometimes we come into moments

where God wants to meet us and it’s a


you want to get to me you know how to

get to me

I’m telling you what I know

you want me to worship make me

do something

you’ve got a miracles

change my heart

and I have watched people for years


face to face face with the god of the


and the only reason they won’t do what

they really desire to do

it’s because they’ve been hurt

and I have found out in this last season

of My Life

that there is something very significant

that happens

when you learn to worship even with a

hole in your heart

write this point down there will be


you will have to worship when you are


there will be times where you will have

to worship God when you are weary

nobody told me that

everybody told me like you’re gonna

worship God cause you got the victory


and we come into service and we love

having a victory but nobody tells you

about the valley

oh God

how do you Worship in the valley

I’m sick of walking through this

my money ain’t changed yet

why my kids don’t acknowledge what I did

for them why do they keep coming after

me why haven’t I got a promotion yet why

am I still alone

see the church has taught you how to

worship when you’re winning

but they have not taught you how to

worship when you are weary

and today

before we go off on this rocket ship of

worship I didn’t want to leave anybody


I didn’t want us to go up and be

praising God and our brothers and

sisters down here like y’all y’all let

me know how it goes

y’all live a life of worship

five things I want you to know about


because Worship Is Love what expressed


first thing love is given Deuteronomy

30. six I love this this changed my life

the Lord your God

will change your heart

oh I could stop there the Lord your God

will do what

change your heart

and not just you the hearts of your


so that you will do what love him

with all your heart and all your soul

you see how it’s tying back in God gives

you a requirement love me with all your

heart all your soul but he says and I’ll

change your heart

I’ll give you what you need to do what I

ask you to do

I’ll change your heart

see this is what people don’t understand

this is what your heart looks like

before salvation

this is your heart

used abused holes in it brittle jacked

up and what we usually try to do is ask

God to fix this heart

Fix My Heart Lord he said ain’t nothing

I can do with that

Deuteronomy 36 says he doesn’t fix your


he gives you a new heart

today somebody needs to be encouraged

you’ve been holding on to this

when God’s trying to give you this

he said stop trying to patch up the

heart that does not have the ability to

hold my presence would you just allow me

to give you everybody say a new heart


this is why you have to understand when

we come into the presence of God when

your attitude begins to change and you

say stuff like that ain’t me duh

I’d never do that duh

he’s giving you a new heart so many

people deny God’s transformation in

their life because they’ve never been

like that before

but how can you change and stay the same

how can you ask God to take you to

another level but you won’t let him give

you what he needs you to have for the

next level

and what God is saying is if you need a

Heart full of love don’t try to patch up

your old one

let me give you a new one

somebody just say God

give me a new heart

this what happens at Salvation

but you can’t

hold all heart and claim the new one

so the thing you got to know is love is

given okay second Corinthians 5 17. this

means that anyone who belongs to Christ

has become a new person

the old life is gone

and a new life has begun what is the

source of life in a body

the heart

if he’s giving you a new life

it’s giving you a new heart

he’s gonna allow your heart to beat for

stuff you didn’t even care about before

you’re gonna get new feelings I’m

supposed to go serve with kids I don’t

even like kids

that’s not the old heart

many times we’ve declared stuff put

stuff on Facebook made declarations to

people I’ll never get married hold on

you to have a new heart

y’all better stop saying what you’ll

never do

you said that with your old heart I

ain’t never gonna be no Pastor Hold on

said that with my old heart look at me

in a pink suit on Easter

no it’s not Easter what is it Mother’s

Day all the holidays I don’t know

it’s a lot of them

be careful what you say with an old

heart oh that’s nasty

because God wants to give you everybody

say a new heart

okay so when you get Faith In Jesus you

get a new heart second thing you need to

know about love

because love

I love this

well let me just say it like this have

you ever been in a worship service or

around people who really love God and it

seems like they love God more than you

it’d just be like somebody say Jesus

they’ll be like oh

it’s like


am I the only one It’s just sometimes

it’d just be like they’d be like lamb

and they was talking about like food and

it was like Lamb of God it’s just like

like dang

I used to ask people like why does it

feel like they relationship with God

feels like

so much

bigger I’m like what up dog made it to

another day

thanks like it was just

my mom coming oh yeah

hey hey

I’m just being honest

but when I found out

is that love is not just giving

when you get a new heart



God will give you a heart and some of

y’all been at your

let me just say it honestly

some of you have been saved for decades

and you still have your adolescent heart


you just thought because you got a new


you didn’t need to grow

okay we talking maturity right now and

then people start getting offended okay

what you mean in my relationship with

God I’m just me and God nobody should

judge me what is

all I’m saying is you 52 in God and

still acting five

your love should grow let me ask you a


for everybody that has children okay and

maybe you have teenage or adult children

is your love for your children


the same or greater than when you had


it’s greater you love them more you

might not like them more let’s be honest

but you love them more why because the

time spent

because of experience because of being

there what I’m telling everybody is God

gives you love but the more time

the more moments you spend the more

times you just get in his present your

love for God everybody say grows

oh this is important that’s why

Philippians 1 9 look at this it says I

pray oh my God the Bible is nasty I pray

that your love will overflow

when we’re singing that song overflow

I’m not just talking about that you

overflow with money and overflow the

more than all of that I want you to

overflow with the love of God

I pray that your love would overflow

more and more and that you would keep on

growing in the knowledge

and understanding because if you have

knowledge plus understanding it he grows

Bible is smacking us today

what I’m saying to you is

um what God desires for you

it’s for you to have a love

that when he begins

to pour into you

it would be something

that would fill up


that’s just enough for them

so I can put that in environments

where it doesn’t really need protection

because they don’t plan on their love

being able to move Beyond them

it’s about me my four and no more

it’s about me and my family about my

church house

and God’s saying would you let me put

you on display

so that when I begin to pour off on you

that the love I have

could begin to do what

see everything that God wants to give

you in this new heart now listen


My Old Heart

could not even hold half of

what happens when I spend time with him

I can’t tell you how many times God Has

Changed Me In His presence because I was

just there

not cause I did something special he

said just get with me

just spend time with me and some of us

still have the audacity to be related

fill me up Lord

do a new thing in Me God

and the truth is we’re not in the place

of his presence so we’re doing it out


and the closer I get to these


the whole Tech team is like Jesus


what I’m saying is if I pour out

excuse me

that wasn’t pouring out

I was leaking

the reason many people can’t worship is

because your love is leaking

you haven’t let him give you a new heart

so you’re trying to love people from a

leaky heart

and it’s now coming into a place where

it can damage things

and God’s saying would you please let me

let your love everybody shout at me


that’s what I’m praying for you by the

end of this series that you would

understand that the love that you need

to worship God Is Gonna Come From him

but you would not stop it at a little

bitty level that you would allow your

love to grow and it would overflow

I just said it third point you need to

know about love

his love leaks

Ephesians 6 16 tells us that the enemy

our adversary is storing fiery darts at


and I believe he’s trying to allow us to

be discouraged believe lies so that the

love we have for God leaks out

the enemy wants to do this

no anybody got a pen I can borrow you

got a pen let me borrow your pen real

fast that’s what just throw it up here

this is what the enemy will do to us

had a good worship experience didn’t you

she got bills tomorrow

and you spending Mother’s Day and your

kids didn’t call you

oh yeah you thought that you were your

friends but they’re actually trying to


your reputation

how in the world is it Monday

and I just left this amazing worship


and I feel like I don’t even have

the audacity

to worship God

it’s because even the love God gives

can leak out because of the life

we have to live on this Earth

and this is what nobody talks about like

you should praise Him command your soul

to praise I’m leaking

I’m discouraged

I’ve been battling trying to stop

smoking for seven months

and this week


I don’t want

I don’t want to be fake with God

but the truth of the matter is if

Worship Is Love expressed

I don’t have no love in me

and what God is saying is you need to

come into His presence

and you need to have protection

you need to be able to set your heart in

a place of everybody say protection

see the thing about it is when the enemy

comes and I spend my life in his


the same stabs

that would have came


okay y’all don’t believe me okay let me

go to the Bible okay here we go

write this down number four Your Love

needs protection

your heart leads for if I’m Gonna

Worship God and worship is love Express

I’ve got to protect the love

somebody say that I gotta protect the


and the enemy’s trying to steal your

love for God every day

he’s trying to sell you lies he’s

holding something from you he forgot

about you you’re always gonna be in this

situation your marriage will never be

this you can’t believe this shotgun the

hell up

that felt like the most appropriate time

to say it

shut all the lies from hell up

then I have to

worry God is saying and then I have to

put myself in an atmosphere to protect

my heart


second Thessalonians 3 3 but the Lord is


he will strengthen you

and guard you from the evil one

how in the world can I get up and go

into situations that I know are set up

for me to fail in

and still come out loving everybody

how can I go to my family’s house today

on Mother’s day knowing my brothers and

sisters was talking about me before I

got in the room

oh y’all going y’all gonna be fake I’m

trying to teach you how to really


and I leave there actually feeling a

burden to pray for them

how do I go to that job every day

it’s because you have to guard your

heart the Bible says guard your heart

Above All Else

because of out of that place it flows

the issues of I only can express out of

the place where my love is


so protection watch this is found in his


I’m going to teach you something that

that uh you need to adopt right now

if you ever are feeling vulnerable

Run To Worship

because worship attracts God


you can be in the key of Z flat

some of y’all singing it often but you

you can be in that key

that’s why the Bible says Make a Joyful

Noise unto the Lord

you didn’t say notes noise

what I’m telling


the way I live my life

the way I love people the way that I

expressed him it attracts him and

because your love needs protection

whenever you are weary

whenever you are wondering

whenever you have even been watched this

one wrong

some of us have been dead wrong and we

knew it

okay how many people been doing the

wrong thing you knew it was what God did

not want you to do and you was well


even when you’re wrong you can worship

oh my God

it’s the thing that will change your


everybody’s telling people to get fixed

before they come to worship no

I gotta be close to God I need to be in

this presence I need to be around him so

I can change write this down worship

supernaturally changes your present

because of his presence

I can be in the same spot and worship

God and get a brand new perspective

I can’t tell you how many times in this

last year and a half even preparing as I

was writing this book damaged but not

destroyed and battling through the

tensions and my emotions and all this

other stuff and God would just stop me

and say worship me

I don’t feel like that

I feel like worshiping and he said I

don’t care what you feel like your

feelings will follow your faith

I said what worship me I can’t tell you

I begin to worship

express my love to God sometimes it was

just on the piano plan sometimes it was

singing sometimes it was just walking

around saying thank you thank you thank

you that’s a powerful worship praise

right there thank you Lord I’m Grateful

sometimes and I’m telling y’all

supernaturally it wouldn’t even take 10

15 20 minutes sometimes it’d be three

three minutes

and I’m telling you I was a different

person because you’re worship has the

ability to supernaturally change your

present because of his presence

what I’m telling you is Run To Worship

when you have a hole in your heart

when you’re disappointed Run To Worship

when you’re feeling low run the worship

when you’re feeling suicidal


to worship when you feel alone

Run To Worship how do I worship Pastor

Mike with a hole in my heart

you worship


the time

when you just get close

and some of you have needed to make a

step towards God

and that would be the biggest act of

worship that you would ever make

see everybody tries to make it super


it’s about presence

it’s about just being okay

I know when my dad walks in the room

not because I see him

I can smell Tommy Todd before I see him

I can literally walk in the room and say

my father’s been here

it was his


God is saying would you just come close

and get in my


this series is not about explaining what

you’re feeling there will be tears every


there will be people that are crying

there’ll be Revelations that happen

they’ll be but it’s not going to be

because we’re trying to prove anything

to anybody it’s because now we’re going

to start worshiping with an

understanding worship is our love

expressed to God when I cry

God’s being worshiped

when I stand in Ark he’s being worshiped

when I go out and give to the person on

the street that God tells me to give to

I am worshiping God

and some of y’all have needed your love

your heart to be protected Psalms 91

verse 1 those who live in the shelter of

the most high

will find Rest In the Shadows of the

almighty this I declare about the Lord

he alone is my refuge

my place of safety he is my God and I

will trust him

I’m asking everybody who may have a hole

in your heart let God renew your heart


would you just stand all over the

building I feel the presence of God

last point I want you to hear me say the


that we’re saying we’re gonna worship

and worship starts with love is because

Love Never Fails

because God is what love

this seems very Elementary guys

but if we don’t get it here

and start walking in the understanding

plus the knowledge we never can truly

worship God because what we’re trying to

do is prove ourselves no we don’t

worship for love we worship what from


First Corinthians 13 it says love does

not Delight in evil

but rejoices with the truth it always


always trust

always hosts always perseveres love



Pastor Mike how do you worship with the

hole in your heart here’s the one answer

to the whole question hide yourself in


my mom used to tell me that Psalms 119

all the time how does a young man or a

young woman keep their way pure they

hide themselves

in the word of God

Pastor Mike if I have a hole in my heart

what do I do hide

hide behind the one who knows every fear

hide in the one who this is what I’m

saying to you

you can still have a hole in your heart

this oh let me just show you okay

with the hole in your heart

when your heart is in his presence

you can literally have the holes

and nothing leaks out

look look what it’s doing

it’s holding it up

oh no y’all missed it when you begin to

worship God it begins to carry you oh my

God it’s lifting up

how does it keep bouncing


is this what it means for God

to renew our strength

In Worship

when I just get in his presence

with the holes

when I felt like I couldn’t even get up

no more it’s literally Lifting me up

instead of lifting instead of leaking

I’m being lifted

worship is the only place where he can

turn your leaking

into a lifting


hands lifted all over this place oh I

feel the presence of God

if you’re in this room

and you know

that it’s been like gravity trying to

get you to express your gratitude

it’s been like gravity’s been holding

you down

it feels like I don’t I don’t even feel


doing what I know God

requests of me if you’ve had a hole in

your heart and it’s been hard for you to

worship this is what I want you to do

I’m asking you

just to lift your hand right now I know

I just told everybody lift your hand but

if that’s you for real I just want you

to lift your hand if it’s been and I

need this to be a moment where you’re

saying I’m identifying this is the this

is an act of worship right here

okay anybody that feels comfortable

I want you to make your way to this

altar like move these stanchions back if

you’re online just put your anybody that

feels comfortable y’all I just believe

God’s about to do something we’re not

going to ask God to meet us

and then not make time for him to meet


I am no longer gonna let the holes that

have been plagued in my heart keep me

down I will worship

I’m not gonna be silent

I’m not going to stand in his presence

out of Face-Off no more

today I’m gonna surrender come on hands

lifted all over this building whoa I

feel the presence of God today God give

us a new heart oh


give me a new heart

make my heart grow God

fill me in your presence this is this is

not everybody and I know some people are

struggling right now but one of the

biggest Faith steps you can make is

saying I’m no longer sitting here in

silence somebody needs to move now this

is the moment that breaks it over your


if you’re at home hands lifted take a

step towards your screen this is just an

Act of Faith

there’s two groups of people people who

have had holes in their heart

and people who haven’t had a heart


if you’re in this room and you want to

be saved if you want to get a hard

exchange I’ma pray for you first

and then God’s about to do a renewal in

this room ah like I’m telling you I

don’t care how long you’ve served I

don’t care if you are a pastor In a

Different Light life I don’t care if if

you know all the things about God this

is time for you to stop being King numb

and allowing your heart to be callous

it’s been hard

cause you’ve been hit

it’s been trying because you’ve been

going through trials

it’s been frustrating

because you feel like God’s forsaken you


I feel the presence of God

getting a new heart

and you’re getting a renewed heart if

that’s you

and you want to make Jesus Christ your

personal Lord and Savior and exchange

your heart

for his on the count of three I want you

to lift your hands this is why our

church exists this is not for you to

clean up and get your stuff right God is

the only one that if you give him your

heart he’ll help you change your habits

if that’s you I want you to lift your

hands on the count of three one two

three that’s you you want to give God

guys look at the hands going up all over

this world

oh no y’all need to give God praise for

that online just put your head

so proud of you

today is a renewal and nobody at TC

prays alone I feel the presence of God

up here y’all something is about to

change we’re about to unlock something

that’s going to change our worship

forever oh my God I feel you

if that’s you we’re gonna all pray this

prayer for the benefit that of those who

are coming to Christ just lift your

hands and say God

thank you

for loving me

before I knew how to love you

today I give you my life

I Repent of the old

and I receive the new

I believe you lived

you died and you Rose again

for me to have everlasting life

and today

I give you my life

change my heart

change my mind

transform my life

I’m Yours in Jesus name amen now look at

me everybody we’re going to celebrate

everybody here in just a second this is

a holy moment this whole series we’re

gonna flow everybody say flow

God’s gonna speak and then we’re gonna


I’m gonna say it again God’s gonna speak

and then we’re gonna do what respond

because worship is our response is our

love expressed as a response

to his grace towards us for everybody

it’s been hard to worship because you

felt like there’s been a hole every day

you wake up depression anxiety

frustration why God

is about to heal you right now hands

lifted if that’s you I feel the present

I need everybody to be praying

God you said in your word

that you would give us everything that

pertains to life and godliness

father your children have been hurting

and father our love has been leaking I

feel the presence

and for every person father God who has

not had enough

to even say thank you

today I thank you that you’re accepting


today I thank you that you’re accepting


God today I thank you that you’re

accepting our silence but our our heart

lean towards you

today we all stand here saying we need

you to fill us up again God come on you

just ask God fill me up God don’t just

patch me up fill me up God God fill me I

need you to protect me in your presence

father I’m running to the shadows of who

you are I’m running to you I’m running

to worship

forgive me from running away from my


today I’m running towards you


today we’re running towards you

I pray that today is the last day that

we believe the lies of the enemy

father today I believe that you’re doing

heart surgery right now God’s given new

Hearts right now oh my gosh

don’t fight what God tries to do in this

place right now and he ain’t just doing

it right now he’s gonna be doing it all

week long

new marriages are coming out of this new

relationships with Fathers and Sons and

Daughters and mothers


somebody’s getting their Joy back right

now some of y’all looking at me the holy

spirit is here the healer is here he’s

in your home he’s with you right now

just let him do the work


Here’s My Worship

all of my words

receive my word

all of my work

come on just here’s my

it’s what I got to give God


receive my


all of my come on just 30 seconds close

your eyes lift your hands Express to God

here’s my here’s my God I’m gonna live a

life worth




only gift I can give you God

today I take off my callous heart and I

put on what you have for me God they

hurt me but they are not worth them

stealing the praise that I have for you

today I worship you with a hole in my


and you’re the only one that can renew

me and restore me

and I will and die yeah

somebody’s getting their worship back

somebody’s getting their praise back


come on just because I’m breathing

somebody say as long


the healer is here

the great physician is here

we will worship on the word that you

have given us God that you’ll never

leave us you’ll never forsake us today

God we are getting our feeling back God

today we are allowing you to take


we will not withhold our worship



I am




I feel led

for us to close this service this is

going to be surgery for the next 10


we can’t miss one of these because what

God’s doing for many people right now

is he’s taken out what has been hard

some of y’all are going to begin to feel

your heart’s going to begin to beat


I can even see that you’re up here at

the altar like

this is the most

life transforming thing you could do is

say God give me a new heart

I don’t want to be angry anymore

this is a big one that I feel the Holy

Spirit I want Turtle oh thank you Lord I

want to forgive them

some of the pain has been because you

have been literally holding on to


as your card to basically say well I can

be like this and God says your heart

can’t hold that anymore

it’s time to forgive them

the prayer team we’re going to end

service I want y’all to begin to move

throughout here and just begin to pray

for people y’all if you’re online put

your prayer requests in the chat I feel

like there’s some moments that you just

in there’s like go out and live a

transform life this is transplant today

God is doing transplants and so I don’t

wanna I don’t want to rush surgery I

don’t want you don’t want anybody

rushing heart surgery and if God’s gonna

do something in you he’s gonna do it all

week this is not past the right touching

you it’s just being in the presence of


and just saying here I am God come on

just somebody say here I am God

father I just thank you that even as you

continue to do the work and you teach us

how to Worship in understanding

knowledge and walk in worshiping and


father I thank you today

that we’re realizing there’s no more

excuses for us not to give you worship


today I thank you God that you’re giving

us new hearts and we are going to

express our love to you every day this

week I come against every lie of the

enemy that says you’ve done too much you

can’t do that God I thank you that you

are accepting our worship today and

Father I thank you that there is healing

happening right now in this room God I

thank you that somebody is coming alive

again right now father I thank you that

the tears are signs of Life father God I

thank you Father even that it feels

painful it’s a sign that we’re still

here father God I declare and I believe

families are going to be made hold I

need y’all to pray with me I thank you

Father God that you are moving people

out of confusion in the right direction

of their purpose father I thank you that

they may be damaged but they are not

destroyed father I declare right now

that you would begin to move on each of

us let not religion or ritual keep us

from experiencing a brand new revelation

of worship

so today they’re in this service we just

declare here’s my worship somebody

here’s my word

lift it up

come on hands are sit everywhere


not just on Sunday but every day God

the way that I lead the way that I love

Here’s My Worship




father I thank you that this will be one

of the best weeks we’ve ever had

not because everything changed it’s

because your presence is changing our


today God we will not let one day go by

and us not give you worship

we will express our worth

or how much you’re worth to us we will

express our love to you

God I thank you that you will give us a

deeper understanding a deeper Revelation

and bring us back here next week

not just to gather together but to

worship you father God

trust you and we believe you and we

declare that this week will be a

transformative week do in us what only

you can do

trust you we believe you and father for

every mother who has had a hole in their


today Father I thank you that the

greatest Mother’s Day gift that they

could get is your restoration to them

right now we pray that you restore

mothers you will restore relationship

you would bring back hope again father


thank you for what you’ve done in this


if you were one of those people who gave

your life to Christ today

we want to give you resources

at whatever moment you feel released to

do that I want you to type saved to


because we want to give you some

resources to help you this is not a

Sunday thing this is a Monday through

Saturday thing

we don’t want you just oh I’m for God

today we want you to live for him but we

want to help you do that so whenever you

get a chance after heart surgery

text that number and I want everybody to

meet me back here next week

because we’re going we’re going to teach

you how to express your love

to God in different way we don’t gotta

express it the same

we don’t got to do it the same way but

God is going to give us a confidence


to express our love to him in a way that

he created us to

we’re going to walk in another level of

wisdom and worship amen

until next week go out and live a

transformed life let’s give God a shout

of Praise In This Place

thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

we also want to say thank you to our

faithful partners and givers here at

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